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Applied Surface Science, Vol.359 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 TiS2 transformation into S-doped and N- doped TiO2 with visible-light catalytic activity
Lin YC, Chien TE, Lai PC, Chiang YH, Li KL, Lin JL
7 - 13 Tuning the optical reflection property of metal surfaces via micro-nano particle structures fabricated by ultrafast laser
Fan PX, Zhong ML, Bai BF, Jin GF, Zhang HJ
14 - 20 A DFT study of phenol adsorption on a low doping Mn-Ce composite oxide model
DiAlessandro O, Pintos DG, Juan A, Irigoyen B, Sambeth J
21 - 29 Anti-fouling properties of Fab' fragments immobilized on silane-based adlayers
Crivianu-Gaita V, Romaschin A, Thompson M
30 - 35 Evaluation of the nanomechanical properties of vanadium and native oxide vanadium thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Mamun MA, Zhang K, Baumgart H, Elmustafa AA
36 - 40 Influences of CuO phase on electrical and optical performance of Cu2O films prepared by middle frequency magnetron sputtering
Guo L, Zhao M, Zhuang DM, Cao MJ, Ouyang LQ, Li XL, Sun RJ, Gao ZD
41 - 47 Nanostructured TaxC interlayer synthesized via double glow plasma surface alloying process for diamond deposition on cemented carbide
Rong WL, Hei HJ, Zhong Q, Shen YY, Liu XP, Wang X, Zhou B, He ZY, Yu SW
48 - 54 Surface complexation modeling calculation of Pb(II) adsorption onto the calcined diatomite
Ma SC, Zhang JL, Sun DH, Liu GX
55 - 60 Geometrical and electronic structures of graphene under different vacancy density and configuration
Kim DH, Kim MS, Kim HD
61 - 67 Effects of surface non-stoichiometry on the electronic structure of ultrathin NiO(001) film
Das J, Menon KSR
68 - 72 Impact of cation stoichiometry on the early stage of growth of SrTiO3 deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Xu CC, Moors M, Dittmann R
73 - 81 Fractal and probability analysis of creep crack growth behavior in 2.25Cr-1.6W steel incorporating residual stresses
Xu MJ, Xu JJ, Lu H, Chen JS, Chen JM, Wei X
82 - 88 Interaction study on bovine serum albumin physically binding to silver nanoparticles: Evolution from discrete conjugates to protein coronas
Guo J, Zhong RB, Li WR, Liu YS, Bai ZJ, Yin J, Liu JR, Gong P, Zhao XM, Zhang F
89 - 97 Preparation of hierarchical porous Zn-salt particles and their superhydrophobic performance
Gao DH, Jia MQ
98 - 105 Molecular mechanisms for surfactant-aided oil removal from a solid surface
Wang SM, Li Z, Liu B, Zhang XR, Yang QY
106 - 113 Polysulfide ligand exchange on zinc sulfide nanocrystal surfaces for improved film formation
Herron SM, Lawal QO, Bent SF
114 - 119 Hydrothermal synthesis of h-MoO3 microrods and their gas sensing properties to ethanol
Liu YL, Yang S, Lu Y, Podval'naya NV, Chen W, Zakharova GS
120 - 129 One-pot hydrothermal growth of raspberry-like CeO2 on CuO microsphere as copper-based catalyst for Rochow reaction
Jin ZY, Li J, Shi LS, Ji YJ, Zhong ZY, Su FB
130 - 136 Luminescent monolayer MoS2 quantum dots produced by multi-exfoliation based on lithium intercalation
Qiao W, Yan SM, Song XY, Zhang X, He XM, Zhong W, Du YW
137 - 142 Surface free radicals detection using molecular scavenging method on black spruce wood treated with cold, atmospheric-pressure plasmas
Hardy JM, Levasseur O, Vlad M, Stafford L, Riedl B
143 - 152 Effect of calcium carbonate on low carbon steel corrosion behavior in saline CO2 high pressure environments
Tavares LM, da Costa EM, Andrade JJD, Hubler R, Huet B
153 - 157 Effect of lithium and sodium ion adsorption on the electronic transport properties of Ti3C2 MXene
Berdiyorov GR
158 - 165 Improved corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel by nanocrystalline and electrochemical nitridation in artificial saliva solution
Lv JL, Liang TX
166 - 171 Effects of benzotriazole on the magnesium phosphate coating
Zuo J, Guo F, Zhu JQ, Chen AJ, Hu YL, Lin CJ, Jiang CH
172 - 176 Three dimensional nickel oxides/nickel structure by in situ electro-oxidation of nickel foam as robust electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Han GQ, Liu YR, Hu WH, Dong B, Li X, Shang X, Chai YM, Liu YQ, Liu CG
177 - 187 Carbothermal reduction of SiO2 promoted with tungsten and morphology of WC-W2C-beta-SiC nanostructured composite material
Rogowski J, Kubiak A, Andrzejczuk M
188 - 195 Effect of oxidation degree on the synthesis and adsorption property of magnetite/graphene nanocomposites
Luo K, Mu YY, Wang P, Liu XT
196 - 203 Surface modification of polyester fabric with plasma pretreatment and carbon nanotube coating for antistatic property improvement
Wang CX, Lv JC, Ren Y, Zhi T, Chen JY, Zhou QQ, Lu ZQ, Gao DW, Jin LM
204 - 208 Measurement of surface roughness of plasma-deposited films using laser speckles
Kim B, Seo J
209 - 214 Facile transformation of superhydrophobicity to hydrophilicity by silica/poly(epsilon-caprolactone) composite film
Gao ZX, Zhai XL, Wang CY
215 - 220 Atomic layer deposition to prevent metal transfer from implants: An X-ray fluorescence study
Bilo F, Borgese L, Prost J, Rauwolf M, Turyanskaya A, Wobrauschek P, Kregsamer P, Streli C, Pazzaglia U, Depero LE
221 - 226 3-D periodic mesoporous nickel oxide for nonenzymatic uric acid sensors with improved sensitivity
Huang W, Cao Y, Chen Y, Zhou Y, Huang QY
227 - 235 Activity and stability of the oxygen evolution reaction on electrodeposited Ru and its thermal oxides
Kim JY, Choi J, Kim HY, Hwang E, Kim HJ, Ahn SH, Kim SK
236 - 244 Crystal plasticity finite element modelling of the effect of friction on surface asperity flattening in cold uniaxial planar compression
Li HJ, Ochsner A, Wei DB, Ni GW, Jiang ZY
245 - 251 Superhydrophobic coating to delay drug release from drug-loaded electrospun fibrous materials
Song BT, Xu SC, Shi SQ, Jia PX, Xu Q, Hu GL, Zhang HX, Wang CY
252 - 258 Hydrophilicity improvement in polyphenylsulfone nanofibrous filtration membranes through addition of polyethylene glycol
Kiani S, Mousavi SM, Shahtahmassebi N, Saljoughi E
259 - 265 Surface properties, simultaneous photocatalytic and magnetic activities of Ni2FeVO6 nanoparticles
Qiao XB, Huang YL, Cheng H, Seo HJ
266 - 271 Correlation between structural and electrical properties of PLD prepared ZnO thin films used as a photodetector material
Triolo C, Fazio E, Neri F, Mezzasalma AM, Trusso S, Patane S
272 - 279 Polypyrrole layered SPEES/TPA proton exchange membrane for direct methanol fuel cells
Neelakandan S, Kanagaraj P, Sabarathinam RM, Nagendran A
280 - 287 A novel Ag catalyzation process using swelling impregnation method for electroless Ni deposition on Kevlar (R) fiber
Pang HW, Bai RC, Shao QS, Gao YF, Li AJ, Tang ZY
288 - 292 Strontium and magnesium substituted dicalcium phosphate dehydrate coating for carbon/carbon composites prepared by pulsed electrodeposition
Liu SJ, Li HJ, Zhang LL, Feng L, Yao P
293 - 305 A comparison of the photocatalytic activity between commercial and synthesized mesoporous and nanocrystalline titanium dioxide for 4-nitrophenol degradation: Effect of phase composition, particle size, and addition of carbon nanotubes
Moro P, Stampachiacchiere S, Donzello MP, Fierro G, Moretti G
306 - 314 The extraction of depth profiles from simulated ARXPS data: From parametric models to regularization methods
Palacio C, Camacho G, Garcia-Rodriguez C
315 - 322 Plasmonic enhancement of low cost mesoporous Fe2O3-TiO2 loaded with palladium, platinum or silver for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
Sanad MMS, Shalan AE, Rashad MM, Mahmoud MHH
323 - 330 Combined modification of fly ash with Ca(OH)(2)/Na2FeO4 and its adsorption of Methyl orange
Gao MF, Ma QL, Lin QW, Chang JL, Bao WR, Ma HZ
331 - 339 Electrochemical and surface studies of some Porphines as corrosion inhibitor for J55 steel in sweet corrosion environment
Singh A, Lin YH, Ansari KR, Quraishi MA, Ebenso EE, Chen SS, Liu WY
340 - 348 The effect of graphene content and sliding speed on the wear mechanism of nickel-graphene nanocomposites
Algul H, Tokur M, Ozcan S, Uysal M, Cetinkaya T, Akbulut H, Alp A
349 - 355 Exploring the polymerization of bioactive nano-cones on the inner surface of an organic tube by an atmospheric pressure pulsed micro-plasma jet
Xu HM, Yu JS, Chen GL, Qiu XP, Hu W, Chen WX, Bai HY
356 - 363 The photoluminescence properties of undoped & Eu-doped ZnO thin films grown by RF sputtering on sapphire and silicon substrates
Ahmed SM, Szymanski P, El-Sayed MA, Badr Y, El-Nadi LM
364 - 371 Preparation of Langmuir-Blodgett thin films of calix[6]arenes and p-tert butyl group effect on their gas sensing properties
Ozmen M, Ozbek Z, Bayrakci M, Ertul S, Ersoz M, Capan R
372 - 379 Anisotropy in Ostwald ripening and step-terraced surface formation on GaAs(001): Experiment and Monte Carlo simulation
Kazantsev DM, Akhundov IO, Shwartz NL, Alperovich VL, Latyshev AV
380 - 387 Light-responsive nanoparticles with wettability changing from hydrophobicity to hydrophilicity and their application towards highly hydrophilic fluorocarbon coatings
Lin BZ, Zhou SX
388 - 397 Laser-based surface preparation of composite laminates leads to improved electrodes for electrical measurements
Almuhammadi K, Selvakumaran L, Alfano M, Yang Y, Bera TK, Lubineau G
398 - 404 Investigation of the electron emission properties of silver: From exposed to ambient atmosphere Ag surface to ion-cleaned Ag surface
Gineste T, Belhaj M, Teyssedre G, Puech J
405 - 411 Synchronised electrical monitoring and high speed video of bubble growth associated with individual discharges during plasma electrolytic oxidation
Troughton SC, Nomine A, Nomine AV, Henrion G, Clyne TW
412 - 419 Pulse electrodeposition of self-lubricating Ni-W/PTFE nanocomposite coatings on mild steel surface
Sangeetha S, Kalaignan GP, Anthuvan JT
420 - 425 Microstructural stability of AIN diffusion barrier for nanocomposite Ni plus CrAlYSiHfN coating on single crystal superalloy at high temperatures
Ren P, Zhu SL, Wang FH
426 - 431 Phenol degradation in heterogeneous system generating singlet oxygen employing light activated electropolymerized phenothiazines
Piwowar K, Blacha-Grzechnik A, Bernas P, Zak J
432 - 434 Bias induced cutoff redshift of photocurrent in ZnO ultraviolet photodetectors
Zhao M, Wang X, Yang G, Zhou MY, Liu WJ, Luo TW, Tan HF, Sun XR
435 - 448 Facile one-pot fabrication and high photocatalytic performance of vanadium doped TiO2-based nanosheets for visible-light-driven degradation of RhB or Cr(VI)
Lu DZ, Zhao B, Fang PF, Zhai SB, Li DL, Chen ZQ, Wu WH, Chai WQ, Wu YC, Qi N
449 - 454 Multi-pulse LIBDE of fused silica at different thicknesses of the organic absorber layer
Pan YX, Ehrhardt M, Lorenz P, Han B, Hopp B, Vass C, Ni XW, Zimmer K
455 - 468 Facile fabrication of magnetic reduced graphene oxide-ZnFe2O4 composites with enhanced adsorption and photocatalytic activity
Shen JH, Ma G, Zhang JM, Quan WL, Li LC
469 - 473 Origin of (001) orientation and superlattice structure identification in L-10-FePt/B4C multilayer thin films
Zhang J, Xie J, Wang Y, Wang HB, Liu X, Ye C, Wang H
474 - 479 Density functional theory based-study of 5-fluorouracil adsorption on beta-cristobalite (111) hydroxylated surface: The importance of H-bonding interactions
Simonetti S, Company AD, Pronsato E, Juan A, Brizuela G, Lam A
480 - 485 Self-organized single crystal mixed magnetite/cobalt ferrite films grown by infrared pulsed-laser deposition
de la Figuera J, Quesada A, Martin-Garcia L, Sanz M, Oujja M, Rebollar E, Castillejo M, Prieto P, Munoz-Martin A, Aballe L, Marco JF
486 - 495 Static and dynamic investigations of poly(aspartic acid) and Pluronic F127 complex prepared by self-assembling in aqueous solution
Nita LE, Chiriac AP, Bercea M, Nistor MT
496 - 499 Fabrication and comparative study of vertically-grown and horizontally-dispersed fully nanowire-based photodetectors
Mao S, Liu YH, Li PA, Meng XQ
500 - 507 Synthesis of multiwall carbon nanotube wrapped Co(OH)(2) flakes: A high-performance supercapacitor
Mondal C, Ghosh D, Ganguly M, Sasmal AK, Roy A, Pal T
508 - 514 Preparation, surface characterization and performance of a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst of cobalt supported on silica nanosprings
Kengne BAF, Alayat AM, Luo GQ, McDonald AG, Brown J, Smotherman H, McIlroy DN
515 - 520 Development of multilayer oxidation resistant coatings on Cr-50Nb alloy
Zheng HZ, Xiong LL, Luo QH, Lu SQ
521 - 525 Effect of negative bias on the composition and structure of the tungsten oxide thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Wang MH, Lei H, Wen JX, Long HB, Sawada Y, Hoshi Y, Uchida T, Hou ZX
526 - 532 Distribution of Cr atoms in the surface zone of Fe-rich Fe-Cr alloys quenched into various media: Mossbauer spectroscopic study
Dubiel SM, Cieslak J, Zukrowski J
533 - 542 Investigation of defects in ultra-thin Al2O3 films deposited on pure copper by the atomic layer deposition technique
Chang ML, Wang LC, Lin HC, Chen MJ, Lin KM
543 - 549 Surface patterning of multilayer graphene by ultraviolet laser irradiation in biomolecule sensing devices
Chang TL, Chen ZC
550 - 559 Investigations of the composition of macro-, micro- and nanoporous silicon surface by ultrasoft X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Lenshin AS, Kashkarov VM, Domashevskaya EP, Bel'tyukov AN, Gil'mutdinov FZ
560 - 566 Improving the efficiency of perovskite solar cells through optimization of the CH3NH3PbI3 film growth in solution process method
Zhao Y, Liu J, Lu XR, Gao YD, You XZ, Xu XX
567 - 575 Laser patterning of very thin indium tin oxide thin films on PET substrates
McDonnell C, Milne D, Prieto C, Chan H, Rostohar D, O'Connor GM
576 - 588 Thermal chemistry of 2-halo-1-propanols on Ni(111) and Cu(111) surfaces: A UBI-QEP energetic modeling
Mirzanejad A
589 - 592 Formation of scandium nitride (ScN) layer on gallium arsenide (GaAs) substrate using a combined technique of e-beam evaporator and ammonia annealing treatment
Meng AYS, Zainal N, Hassan Z, Ibrahim K
593 - 601 Surface functionalization of solid state ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene through chemical grafting
Sherazi TA, Rehman T, Naqvi SAR, Shaikh AJ, Shahzad SA, Abbas G, Raza R, Waseem A
602 - 608 Synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic core-shell structure nanocomposite and application for Zn ions removal from aqueous solution in a fixed-bed column
Ghasemi S, Ghorbani M, Ghazi MM
609 - 620 Immobilization of Cu(II) in KIT-6 supported Co3O4 and catalytic performance for epoxidation of styrene
Li BT, Luo X, Zhu YR, Wang XJ
621 - 628 Thin polycrystalline diamond films protecting zirconium alloys surfaces: From technology to layer analysis and application in nuclear facilities
Ashcheulov P, Skoda R, Skarohlid J, Taylor A, Fekete L, Fendrych F, Vega R, Shao L, Kalvoda L, Vratislav S, Chab V, Horakova K, Kusova K, Klimsa L, Kopecek J, Sajdl P, Macak J, Johnson S, Kratochvilova I
629 - 636 Drift-insensitive distributed calibration of probe microscope scanner in nanometer range: Approach description
Lapshin RV
637 - 642 Emerging interface dipole versus screening effect in copolymer/metal nano-layered systems
Torrisi V, Ruffino F, Liscio A, Grimaldi MG, Marletta G
643 - 650 The effect of hydroxylation on CNT to form Chitosan-CNT composites: A DFT study
Yu R, Ran MF, Wen J, Sun WJ, Chu W, Jiang CF, He ZW
651 - 663 Promotion effect of manganese oxide on the electrocatalytic activity of Pt/C for methanol oxidation in acid medium
Hameed RMA, Fetohi AE, Amin RS, El-Khatib KM
664 - 668 Performance of colloidal silica and ceria based slurries on CMP of Si-face 6H-SiC substrates
Chen GM, Ni ZF, Xu LJ, Li QZ, Zhao YW
669 - 675 Oxygen diffusion at high temperatures within the SnO2/Sst interlayer in sputtered thin films
Carretero E, Alonso R, Marco JM
676 - 678 Effect of doping on the morphology of GaSb/GaAs nanostructures for solar cells
Fernandez-Delgado N, Herrera M, Molina SI, Castro C, Duguay S, James JS, Krier A
679 - 686 Formation of Mach angle profiles during wet etching of silica and silicon nitride materials
Ghulinyan M, Bernard M, Bartali R, Pucker G
687 - 691 Quantum states of hydrogen atom on Pd(110) surface
Padama AAB, Nakanishi H, Kasai H
692 - 703 Formation of borohydride-reduced nickel-boron coatings on various steel substrates
Vitry V, Delaunois F
704 - 713 Investigations of the polymer/magnetic interface of organic spin-valves
Morley NA, Dost R, Lingam ASV, Barlow AJ
714 - 722 Fabrication of hybrid magnetic Sr5xBa3x(PO4)(3)(OH)/Fe3O4 nanorod and its highly efficient adsorption performance for acid fuchsin dye
Yin XJ, Zhang F, Zhang WH
723 - 728 The preparation of Fe3O4 cube-like nanoparticles via the ethanol reduction of alpha-Fe2O3 and the study of its electromagnetic wave absorption
Zhang LL, Dai P, Yu XX, Li Y, Bao ZW, Zhu J, Zhu KR, Wu MZ, Liu XS, Li G, Bi H
729 - 735 The growth pattern of Au-n (n=1-20) clusters absorbed on rutile TiO2 (110) surfaces
Ding RL, Jia JF, Wu HS
736 - 741 Wetting process of copper filling in through silicon vias
Zhang JH, Luo W, Li Y, Gao LM, Li M
742 - 748 Role of the substrate on the magnetic anisotropy of magnetite thin films grown by ion-assisted deposition
Prieto P, Prieto JE, Gargallo-Caballero R, Marco JF, de la Figuera J
749 - 753 Double surface plasmon enhanced organic light-emitting diodes by gold nanoparticles and silver nanoclusters
Gao CY, Chen YC, Chen KL, Huang CJ
754 - 765 Polyaniline coated carbon nanotube/graphene "sandwich" hybrid and its high-k epoxy composites with low dielectric loss and percolation threshold
Wang TX, Yuan L, Liang GZ, Gu AJ
766 - 773 Vinyltrimethoxysilane-modified zinc oxide quantum dots with tuned optical properties
Tabacaru A, Musat V, Tigau N, Vasile BS, Surdu VA
774 - 781 Multi-gas interaction modeling on decorated semiconductor interfaces: A novel Fermi distribution-based response isotherm and the inverse hard/soft acid/base concept
Laminack W, Gole J
782 - 789 lThe influence of molybdenum disulfide nanoplatelets on the dispersion of nano silica in natural rubber composites
Weng PJ, Wei QY, Tang ZH, Lin TF, Guo BC
790 - 796 One step deposition of highly adhesive diamond films on cemented carbide substrates via diamond/beta-SiC composite interlayers
Wang T, Zhuang H, Jiang X
797 - 804 Facile, soot free approach toward synthesis of carbon nanoropes via chemical vapor deposition of acetylene in the presence of MnFe2O4 coated on stainless steel
Dhand V, Bharadwaj S, Amareshwari K, Himabindu V, Rhee KY, Park SJ, Hui D
805 - 811 NaF-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Ti-doped hematite nanocubes with enhanced photoelectrochemical activity for water splitting
Zheng C, Zhu ZZ, Wang SB, Hou YD
812 - 818 Propagation of PAMAM dendrimers on the carbon fiber surface by in situ polymerization: a novel methodology for fiber/matrix composites
Zhang RL, Gao B, Zhang J, Cui HZ, Li DW
819 - 825 Effect of yttrium-doping on the microstructures and semiconductor-metal phase transition characteristics of polycrystalline VO2 thin films
Gu DE, Sun ZH, Zhou X, Guo R, Wang T, Jiang YD
826 - 833 Highly transparent, stable, and superhydrophobic coatings based on gradient structure design and fast regeneration from physical damage
Chen Z, Liu XJ, Wang Y, Li J, Guan ZS
834 - 840 Metal organic framework derived magnetically separable 3-dimensional hierarchical Ni@C nanocomposites: Synthesis and adsorption properties
Song YX, Qiang TT, Ye M, Ma QY, Fang Z
841 - 846 Electrochromism and photocatalysis in dendrite structured Ti:WO3 thin films grown by sputtering
Karuppasamy A
847 - 852 The properties of gallium oxide thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition Qian
Feng Q, Li FG, Dai B, Jia ZT, Xie WL, Xu T, Lu XL, Tao XT, Zhang JC, Hao Y
853 - 859 Preparation of sensitive and recyclable porous Ag/TiO2 composite films for SERS detection
Zhang ZY, Yu JJ, Yang JY, Lv X, Wang TH
860 - 867 Improved liquid phase deposition of anatase TiO2 hollow microspheres with exposed {001} facets and their photocatalytic activity
Lei CX, Jiang XL, Huang X, Liu X, Zeng DQ, Ma YT, Wang LS, Peng DL
868 - 874 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of TiO2-exfoliated graphite oxide composite using an ecofriendly graphite oxidation method
Baldissarelli VZ, de Souza T, Andrade L, de Oliveira LFC, Jose HJ, Moreira RDPM
875 - 882 A simple and novel Si surface modification on LiFePO4@C electrodeand its suppression of degradation of lithium ion batteries
Yang WY, Zhuang ZY, Chen X, Zou MZ, Zhao GY, Feng Q, Li JX, Lin YB, Huang ZG
883 - 896 Surface modification of mixed-phase hydrogenated TiO2 and corresponding photocatalytic response
Samsudin EM, Hamid SBA, Juan JC, Basirun WJ, Kandjani AE
897 - 904 Photophysical and adsorption properties of pyronin B in natural bentonite clay dispersion
Rostami MR, Kaya M, Gur B, Onganer Y, Meral K
905 - 910 Fabrication of superhydrophobic textured steel surface for anti-corrosion and tribological properties
Zhang HM, Yang J, Chen BB, Liu C, Zhang MS, Li CS
911 - 916 Substituent effects in surface-initiated ATRP of substituted styrenes
Saha S, Baker GL
917 - 922 Facile synthesis of porous TiO2 photocatalysts using waste sludge as the template
Wang XP, Huang SQ, Zhu NW, Lou ZY, Yuan HP
923 - 930 Ferroelectric properties of manganese doped (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3 and (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3 epitaxial thin films
Gallegos-Melgar A, Espinosa-Arbelaez DG, Flores-Ruiz FJ, Lahmar A, Dellis JL, Lemee N, Espinoza-Beltran FJ, Munoz-Saldana J
931 - 938 Investigation of structural and chemical transitions in copper oxide microstructures produced by combustion waves in a mixture of CuO-Cu2O-Cu and fuel
Hwang H, Lee KY, Yeo T, Choi W
939 - 947 Effect of various de-anodizing techniques on the surface stability of non-colored and colored nanoporous AAO films in acidic solution
Awad AM, Shehata OS, Heakal FET