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Applied Surface Science, Vol.356 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Indentation property and corrosion resistance of electroless nickel-phosphorus coatings deposited on austenitic high-Mn TWIP steel
Hamada AS, Sahu P, Porter DA
9 - 17 Modification of carbon fiber surfaces via grafting with Meldrum's acid
Fang CQ, Wu JX, Wang JL, Zhang T
18 - 23 Size-dependent of chromium (VI) adsorption on nano alpha-Fe2O3 surface
Xiao Q, Sun Y, Zhang J, Li QJ
24 - 29 Role of the oxide layer on Sn electrode in electrochemical reduction of CO2 to formate
Zhang R, Lv WX, Lei LX
30 - 38 Defluoridation potential of jute fibers grafted with fatty acyl chain
Manna S, Saha P, Roy D, Sen R, Adhikari B
39 - 47 Fabrication of polyaniline hydrogel: Synthesis, characterization and adsorption of methylene blue
Yan B, Chen ZH, Cai L, Chen ZM, Fu JW, Xu Q
48 - 53 ZnO:Ga nanowires with low turn-on field for field-emission lighting
Yang SH, Tsai MW, Lin JW, Chiang PJ
54 - 62 Fabrication of a novel aluminum surface covered by numerous high-aspect-ratio anodic alumina nanofibers
Nakajima D, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Sakaguchi N, Suzuki RO
63 - 72 The behavior of pre-corrosion effect on the performance of imidazoline-based inhibitor in 3 wt.% NaCl solution saturated with CO2
Zhang HH, Pang XL, Zhou M, Liu C, Wei L, Gao KW
73 - 80 Er-doped ZnO nanofibers for high sensibility detection of ethanol
Sun YJ, Zhao ZT, Li PW, Li G, Chen Y, Zhang WD, Hu J
81 - 90 Fabrication of low adhesive superhydrophobic surfaces using nano Cu/Al2O3 Ni-Cr composited electro-brush plating
Chen TC, Ge SR, Liu HT, Sun QH, Zhu W, Yan W, Qi JW
91 - 101 Comparative study of Hg(II) adsorption by thiol- and hydroxyl-containing bifunctional montmorillonite and vermiculite
Tran L, Wu PX, Zhu YJ, Liu S, Zhu NW
102 - 109 Mechanical strain induced wetting transitions between anisotropic and isotropic on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) films patterned by optical discs
Goel P, Kumar S, Kapoor R, Singh JP
110 - 114 A first-principles study of light non-metallic atom substituted blue phosphorene
Sun ML, Tang WC, Ren QQ, Wang SK, Yu J, Du YH
115 - 123 Boosted surface acidity in TiO2 and Al2O3-TiO2 nanotubes as catalytic supports
Camposeco R, Castillo S, Mejia-Centeno I, Navarrete J, Nava N
124 - 127 Effect of preparation method on CuZnAl catalysts for ethanol synthesis from syngas
Liu YJ, Zuo ZJ, Li C, Deng X, Huang W
128 - 134 Interaction between phosphate and acid-activated neutralized red mud during adsorption process
Ye J, Cong XN, Zhang PY, Hoffmann E, Zeng GM, Liu Y, Fang W, Wu Y, Zhang HB
135 - 141 Influences of urea and sodium nitrite on surface coating of plasma electrolytic oxidation
Yeh SC, Tsai DS, Guan SY, Chou CC
142 - 149 Surface excitation parameter for rough surfaces
Da B, Salma K, Ji H, Mao SF, Zhang GH, Wang XP, Ding ZJ
150 - 156 Study on the modified montmorillonite for adsorbing formaldehyde
Lin F, Zhu GQ, Shen YN, Zhang ZY, Dong B
157 - 166 A facile solution-immersion process for the fabrication of superhydrophobic gibbsite films with a binary micro-nano structure: Effective factors optimization via Taguchi method
Poorebrahimi S, Norouzbeigi R
167 - 172 Effect of temperature on pseudocapacitance performance of carbon fiber@NiCo2O4@Ni(OH)(2) core-shell nanowire array composite electrodes
Zhang J, Gao H, Yang Q, Zhang XT, Zhang MY, Xu LL
173 - 180 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 into methanol and ethanol over conducting polymers modified Bi2WO6 microspheres under visible light
Dai WL, Xu H, Yu JJ, Hu X, Luo XB, Tu XM, Yang LX
181 - 190 Promotional effect of tungsten-doped CeO2/TiO2 for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia
Kwon DW, Hong SC
191 - 202 The polymeric nanofilm of triazinedithiolsilane fabricated by self-assembled technique on copper surface. Part 2: Characterization of composition and morphology
Wang YB, Liu Z, Huang YD, Qi YT
203 - 212 Solar selective absorbing coatings based on AlSiN/AlSiON/AlSiOy layers
Rebouta L, Sousa A, Andritschky M, Cerqueira F, Tavares CJ, Santilli P, Pischow K
213 - 220 Surface orientation dependence of the activation energy of S diffusion in bcc Fe
Barnard PE, Terblans JJ, Swart HC
221 - 225 Mechanical characteristics of graphene nanoribbons encapsulated in single-walled carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics simulations
Fang TH, Chang WJ, Feng YL
226 - 231 Synthesis of Ag3PO4-polyvinyl alcohol hybrid microcrystal with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Sulaeman U, Wu XY, Liu B, Yin S, Sato T
232 - 239 Preparation of a hybrid core-shell structured BaTiO3@PEDOT nanocomposite and its applications in dielectric and electrode materials
Wang T, Zhang XH, Chen D, Ma YH, Wang L, Zhao CW, Yang WT
240 - 248 In-situ observation of hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanowires on patterned Zn substrate and their photocatalytic performance
Liu XM, Huang WY, Cheng H, Huang BB, Bai DW, Fu FM, Wu HD, Li LJ
249 - 258 Ag-induced root 3 reconstruction on Si(111)/Ge-(5 x 5) and the surfactant behavior of Ag in further growth of Ge
Mahato JC, Das D, Bisi B, Pal A, Dev BN
259 - 265 Controlled synthesis of hierarchical birnessite-type MnO2 nanoflowers for supercapacitor applications
Zhao SQ, Liu TM, Hou DW, Zeng W, Miao B, Hussain S, Peng XH, Javed MS
266 - 272 Magnetic resonance image segmentation using multifractal techniques
Yu YE, Wang F, Liu LL
273 - 281 A general strategy toward the rational synthesis of metal tungstate nanostructures using plasma electrolytic oxidation method
Jiang YN, Liu BD, Zhai ZF, Liu XY, Yang B, Liu LS, Jiang X
282 - 288 CO oxidation mechanism on a MgO(100) supported PtxAu3-x clusters
Zhang W, Cui R, Wu H, Zhu JQ, Cheng DJ
289 - 293 Effect of copper content on the properties of electroless Ni-Cu-P coatings prepared on magnesium alloys
Liu JJ, Wang XD, Tian ZY, Yuan M, Ma XJ
294 - 300 3D Pt/MoO3 nanocatalysts fabricated for effective electrocatalytic oxidation of alcohol
Zhang HL, Yao G, Wang LP, Su YJ, Yang WQ, Lin Y
301 - 307 Selective and sensitive furazolidone biosensor based on DNA-modified TiO2-reduced graphene oxide
Ensafi AA, Sohrabi M, Jafari-Asl M, Rezaei B
308 - 316 Visible light driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over CdS incorporated mesoporous silica derived from MCM-48
Zhao D, Wu Q, Yang CF, Koodali RT
317 - 324 Anodized aluminum-silicon alloy counter electrode substrates for next generation solar cell applications
Alpay N, Benehkohal NP, Cote MP, Demopoulos GP, Brochu M
325 - 332 Charge properties and bacterial contact-killing of hyperbranched polyurea-polyethyleneimine coatings with various degrees of alkylation
Roest S, van der Mei HC, Loontjens TJA, Busscher HJ
333 - 340 Effect of FeWO4 doping on the photocatalytic activity of ZnO under visible light irradiation
Buvaneswari K, Karthiga R, Kavitha B, Rajarajan M, Suganthi A
341 - 347 Corrosion mitigation of J55 steel in 3.5% NaCl solution by a macrocyclic inhibitor
Singh A, Lin YH, Obot IB, Ebenso EE, Ansari KR, Quraishi MA
348 - 354 Effects of AFM tip-based direct and vibration assisted scratching methods on nanogrooves fabrication on a polymer resist
Geng YQ, Yan YD, Zhuang Y, Hu ZJ
355 - 363 Highly effective removal of Cu(II) by triethylenetetramine-magnetic reduced graphene oxide composite
Chen JH, Xing HT, Sun X, Su ZB, Huang YH, Weng W, Hu SR, Guo HX, Wu WB, He YS
364 - 369 Fabrication and characterization of highly ordered Au nanocone array-patterned glass with enhanced SERS and hydrophobicity
Liu DM, Wang QK, Hukey J
370 - 377 Towards a better understanding of the geometrical and orientational aspects of the electronic structure of halogens (F-I) adsorption on graphene
Widjaja H, Jiang ZT, Altarawneh M, Yin CY, Goh BM, Mondinos N, Dlugogorski BZ
378 - 382 Effect of sulfur passivation of InSb (001) substrates on molecular-beam homoepitaxy
Solov'ev VA, Sedova IV, Lvova TV, Lebedev MV, Dement'ev PA, Sitnikova AA, Semenov AN, Ivanov SV
383 - 390 Structure and wear behavior of NiCr-Cr3C2 coatings sprayed by supersonic plasma spraying and high velocity oxy-fuel technologies
Lin L, Li GL, Wang HD, Kang JJ, Xu ZL, Wang HJ
391 - 398 Self-doped TiO2-x nanowires with enhanced photocatalytic activity: Facile synthesis and effects of the Ti3+
Wang JP, Yang P, Huang BB
399 - 407 Effect of titanium nitride coating on physical properties of three-dimensional graphene
Dabir F, Sarraf-Mamoory R, Loeblein M, Tsang SH, Teo EHT
408 - 415 Reactive-ion etching of nylon fabric meshes using oxygen plasma for creating surface nanostructures
Salapare HS, Darmanin T, Guittard F
416 - 421 Tension behavior of interfaces between ZrCu metallic glass and Si or Zr
Hsieh CH, Chang CH, Chuang WS, Wang X, Huang JC
422 - 428 Development of nanotopography during SIMS characterization of thin films of Ge1-xSnx alloy
Secchi M, Demenev E, Colaux JL, Giubertoni D, Dell'Anna R, Iacob E, Gwilliam M, Jeynes C, Bersani M
429 - 437 Temperature dependence of W metallic coatings synthesized by double glow plasma surface alloying technology on CVD diamond films
Gao J, Hei HJ, Shen YY, Liu XP, Tang B, He ZY, Yu SW
438 - 446 Effect of NaOH molar concentration on optical and ferroelectric properties of ZnO nanostructures
Chand P, Gaur A, Kumar A, Gaur UK
447 - 453 Synthesis of g-C3N4/CeO2 nanocomposites with improved catalytic activity on the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Tan LH, Xu JH, Zhang XJ, Hang ZS, Jia YQ, Wang SB
454 - 459 Full ALD Ta2O5-based stacks for resistive random access memory grown with in vacuo XPS monitoring
Egorov KV, Lebedinskii YY, Markeev AM, Orlov OM
460 - 466 Wetting and interface phenomena in the molten Sn/CuFeNiCoCr high-entropy alloy system
Ma GF, Li ZK, Ye H, He CL, Zhang HF, Hu ZQ
467 - 474 Enhanced biofouling resistance of polyethersulfone membrane surface modified with capsaicin derivative and itaconic acid
Wang J, Gao XL, Wang Q, Sun HJ, Wang XJ, Gao CJ
475 - 485 Study of the effects produced by shot peening on the surface of quenched and tempered steels: roughness, residual stresses and work hardening
Llaneza V, Belzunce FJ
486 - 491 Investigation the interaction between the pulsed ultraviolet laser beams and PEDOT:PSS/graphene composite films
Tseng SF, Hsiao WT, Chung CK, Chang TL
492 - 498 Plasma-grafting polymerization on carbon fibers and its effect on their composite properties
Zhang HX, Li W
499 - 511 The effect of O-2 content on the corrosion behaviour of X65 and 5Cr in water-containing supercritical CO2 environments
Hua Y, Barker R, Neville A
512 - 520 Non-platinum nanocatalyst on porous nitrogen-doped carbon fabricated by cathodic vacuum arc plasma technique
Sirirak R, Sarakonsri T, Medhesuwakul M
521 - 531 Photocatalytic performance of highly amorphous titania-silica aerogels with mesopores: The adverse effect of the in situ adsorption of some organic substrates during photodegradation
Lazar I, Kalmar J, Peter A, Szilagyi A, Gyori E, Ditroi T, Fabian I
532 - 538 Influence of chemical polymer composition on integrated waveguide formation induced by excimer laser surface irradiation
Hessler S, Rosenberger M, Belle S, Schmauss B, Hellmann R
539 - 545 Anti-icing performance in glaze ice of nanostructured film prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Liao RJ, Zuo ZP, Guo C, Zhuang AY, Zhao XT, Yuan Y
546 - 552 Temperature-dependent differences in wettability and photocatalysis of TiO2 nanotube arrays thin films
Zhang M, Yao G, Cheng YL, Xu YY, Yang L, Lv JG, Shi SW, Jiang XS, He G, Wang PH, Song XP, Sun ZQ
553 - 560 Enhanced supercapacitor performances using C-doped porous TiO2 electrodes
Chen JR, Qiu FX, Zhang Y, Liang JZ, Zhu HJ, Cao SS
561 - 573 Effect of microstructure and chemical composition on localized corrosion resistance of a AISI 304L stainless steel after nanopulsed-laser surface melting
Pacquentin W, Caron N, Oltra R
574 - 580 Photocurrent enhancement of the CdS/TiO2/ITO photoelectrodes achieved by controlling the deposition amount of Ag2S nanocrystals
Chen C, Zhai Y, Li FM, Ling LY
581 - 586 Investigation of micro-arc oxidation coating growth patterns of aluminum alloy by two-step oxidation method
Li WP, Qian ZY, Liu XH, Zhu LQ, Liu HC
587 - 592 High-stability Ti4+ precursor for the TiO2 compact layer of dye-sensitized solar cells
Yi QH, Cong S, Wang H, Wang Y, Dai X, Zhao J, Sun YH, Lou YH, Zou GF
593 - 598 Antireflective coatings with adjustable transmittance and high laser-induced damage threshold prepared by deposition of magnesium fluoride nanoparticles
Chi FT, Wei GL, Zhang Q, Sun XY, Zhang LJ, Lu XR, Wang LL, Yi FC, Gao XL
599 - 609 Bioactive (Si, O, N)/(Ti, O, N)/Ti composite coating on NiTi shape memory alloy for enhanced wear and corrosion performance
Sun T, Xue N, Liu C, Wang C, He J
610 - 614 Synthesis and membrane performance characterization of self-emulsified waterborne nitrocellulose dispersion modified with castor oil
Su XX, Zhao QX, Zhang D, Dong W
615 - 625 Band gap-engineered ZnO and Ag/ZnO by ball-milling method and their photocatalytic and Fenton-like photocatalytic activities
Choi YI, Jung HJ, Shin WG, Sohn Y
626 - 630 Strain-induced band structure and mobility modulation in graphitic blue phosphorus
Liu LZ, Wu XL, Liu XX, Chu PK
631 - 638 Ion beam analysis of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film solar cells
Karydas AG, Streeck C, Radovic IB, Kaufmann C, Rissom T, Beckhoff B, Jaksic M, Barradas NP
639 - 644 Construction of mechanically durable superhydrophobic surfaces by thermal spray deposition and further surface modification
Chen XY, Gong YF, Suo XK, Huang J, Liu Y, Li H
645 - 650 Mixed SAMs of backbone-functionalized tribenzotriquinacenes and alkanethiols: Synthesis, preparation and STM-investigations
Henne S, Bredenkotter B, Volkmer D
651 - 658 MD simulation of growth of Pd on Cu (111) and Cu on Pd (111) substrates
Fu T, Peng XH, Feng C, Zhao YB, Wang ZC
659 - 667 Tailoring interlayer structure of molecular layer-by-layer assembled polyamide membranes for high separation performance
Gu JE, Lee JS, Park SH, Kim IT, Chan EP, Kwon YN, Lee JH
668 - 673 First-principles study of the alkali earth metal atoms adsorption on graphene
Sun ML, Tang WC, Ren QQ, Wang SK, JinYu, Du YH, Zhang YJ
674 - 678 Fabrication of graphene and ZnO nanocones hybrid structure for transparent field emission device
Zulkifli Z, Shinde SM, Suguira T, Kalita G, Tanemura M
679 - 686 D-Amino acid oxidase bio-functionalized platforms: Toward an enhanced enzymatic bio-activity
Herrera E, Taubas JV, Giacomelli CE
687 - 694 Electrodeposition efficiency of Ni in the fabrication of highly ordered nanowire arrays: The roles of Cu pre-plating and barrier layer temperature
Ahmadzadeh M, Almasi-Kashi M, Ramazani A, Montazer AH
695 - 700 Tuning of the microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of a-C:H films by bias voltage of high frequency unipolar pulse
Wang J, Cao ZY, Pan FP, Wang FG, Liang AM, Zhang JY
701 - 706 ITO induced tunability of surface plasmon resonance of silver thin film
Hong RJ, Wang XH, Ji JL, Tao CX, Zhang DH, Zhang DW
707 - 718 Fabrication of efficient visible light activated Cu-P25-graphene ternary composite for photocatalytic degradation of methyl blue
Jin Z, Duan WB, Liu B, Chen XD, Yang FH, Guo JP
719 - 725 Examining the electrical and chemical properties of reduced graphene oxide with varying annealing temperatures in argon atmosphere
Chambers BA, Notarianni M, Liu JZ, Motta N, Andersson GG
726 - 731 Single-step, size-controlled synthesis of colloidal silver nanoparticles stabilized by octadecylamine
Neelgund GM, Karthikeyan B, Shivashankar SA, Oki A
732 - 736 Distance-dependent lateral photovoltaic effect in a-Si:H(p)/a-Si:H(i)/c-Si(n) structure
Qiao S, Chen JH, Liu JH, Fu N, Yan GY, Wang SF
737 - 741 The deposition of globular polypyrrole and polypyrrole nanotubes on cotton textile
Bober P, Stejskal J, Sedenkova I, Trchova M, Martinkova L, Marek J
742 - 746 Reconstructions and stabilities of PbTe(111) crystal surface from experiments and density-functional theory
Wu HF, Si JX, Yan YH, Liao Q, Lu YH
747 - 752 Liquid nitrogen-assisted synthesis of fluorescent carbon dots from Blueberry and their performance in Fe3+ detection
Aslandas AM, Balci N, Arik M, Sakiroglu H, Onganer Y, Meral K
753 - 761 High surface area microporous activated carbons prepared from Fox nut (Euryale ferox) shell by zinc chloride activation
Kumar A, Jena HM
762 - 768 Ultrasound assisted synthesis of ZnO/reduced graphene oxide composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity and anti-photocorrosion
Peng YG, Ji JL, Chen DJ
769 - 775 Study of the anisotropic segregation behavior of Sn on the surfaces of zirconium alloys by XPS
Xie SJ, Song WX, Zhou BX, Xu J, Zhao SJ
776 - 779 Inductively coupled plasma etching of GaAs in Cl-2/Ar, Cl-2/Ar/O-2 chemistries with photoresist mask
Liu K, Ren XM, Huang YQ, Cai SW, Duan XF, Wang Q, Kang C, Li JS, Chen QT, Fei JR
780 - 790 Coupling Fe-0 nano particles with living and dead Azolla filicoloides to improve removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution
Rakhshaee R
791 - 794 Surface plasmon enhanced organic light emitting diodes by gold nanoparticles with different sizes
Gao CY, Chen YC, Chen KL, Huang CJ
795 - 803 Effects of surface-oxidation modification and heat treatment on silicon carbide 3D/AlCu5MgTi composites during vacuum-pressure infiltration
Xue LY, Wang FC, Ma Z, Wang YW
804 - 811 Structural, optical, and magnetic properties of Ni doped ZnO nanoparticles: Correlation of magnetic moment with defect density
Pal B, Sarkar D, Giri PK
812 - 816 Solvothermal synthesis and enhanced CO2 adsorption ability of mesoporous graphene oxide-ZnO nanocomposite
Li WD, Jiang X, Yang HY, Liu Q
817 - 826 Effects of the PPy layer thickness on Co-PPy composite films
Haciismailoglu M
827 - 836 Microstructure evolution and oxidation resistance of silicon-aluminizing coating on gamma-TiAl alloy
Wang JQ, Kong LY, Wu J, Li TF, Xiong TY
837 - 843 An in situ study of zirconium-based conversion treatment on zinc surfaces
Taheri P, Laha P, Terryn H, Mol JMC
844 - 851 Bovine serum albumin bioconjugated graphene oxide: Red blood cell adhesion and hemolysis studied by QCM-D
Cai B, Hu KB, Li CM, Jin J, Hu YX
852 - 861 Glutaraldehyde assisted synthesis of collagen derivative modified Fe3+/TiO2 nanocomposite and their enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li CY, Xue F, Ding EY, He XL
862 - 867 Pseudomorphic growth mode of Pb on the Al13Fe4(010) approximant surface
Ledieu J, de Weerd MC, Hahne M, Gille P, Fournee V
868 - 874 Effects of photoanode structure on the performance of flexible dye-sensitized solar cell haying a Ti substrate
Wu TT, Ting JM
875 - 880 One-pot template-free synthesis of uniform-sized fullerene-like magnetite hollow spheres
Zhu Q, Zhang Y, Liu Z, Zhou XR, Zhang XM, Zeng LT
881 - 887 Unique electron transport in ultrathin black phosphorene: Ab-initio study
Srivastava A, Khan MS, Gupta SK, Pandey R
888 - 897 Experimental identification for physical mechanism of fiber-form nanostructure growth on metal surfaces with helium plasma irradiation
Takamura S, Uesugi Y
898 - 904 Tuning the resistive switching memory in a metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor capacitor by field effect structure
Wang SY, Guo F, Wang X, Liu WF, Gao J
905 - 910 Adsorption mechanism of poly(vinyl alcohol) at the mixed oxide CuxOy-SiO2/aqueous solution interface
Wisniewska M, Bogatyrov V, Szewczuk-Karpisz K, Ostolska I, Terpilowski K
911 - 920 Photoelectrochemical characterization of squaraine-sensitized nickel oxide cathodes deposited via screen-printing for p-type dye-sensitized solar cells
Naponiello G, Venditti I, Zardetto V, Saccone D, Di Carlo A, Fratoddi I, Barolo C, Dini D
921 - 926 Nanoscale characterization of CH3-terminated Self-Assembled Monolayer on copper by advanced scanning probe microscopy techniques
Berthold T, Benstetter G, Frammelsberger W, Rodriguez R, Nafria M
927 - 934 Al2O3-ZrO2 nanostructured coatings using DC plasma electrolytic oxidation to improve tribological properties of Al substrates
Barati N, Meletis EI, Fard FG, Yerokhin A, Rastegari S, Faghihi-Sani MA
935 - 940 Optical property of La1-xSrxTiO3+delta coatings deposited by plasma spraying technique
Zhu JP, Gao LH, Ma Z, Liu YB, Wang FC
941 - 950 Cyclized polyacrynitrile modified Ag3PO4 photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation
Li XY, Zheng RJ, Luo QZ, Wang DS, An J, Yin R, Liu YY, Wu D, Han XM
951 - 957 Superamphiphobic cotton fabrics with enhanced stability
Xu B, Ding YY, Qu SB, Cai ZS
958 - 966 Effect of Si-incorporation on the structure, mechanical, tribological and corrosion properties of WSiN coatings
Zhao HJ, Ye FX
967 - 971 Periodic DFT investigation of methanol coverage on surfaces of MgCl2-supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Xie KF, Huang AP, Zhu BC, Xu JC, Liu P
972 - 977 CMC-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles as new MRI probes for hepatocellular carcinoma
Sitthichai S, Pilapong C, Thongtem T, Thongtem S
978 - 985 Study on the growth mechanism and optical properties of sputtered lead selenide thin films
Sun XG, Gao KW, Pang XL, Yang HS, Volinsky AA
986 - 997 Adsorption of Cr(VI) and Cu(II) by AlPO4 modified biosynthetic Schwertmannite
Gan M, Sun SJ, Zheng ZH, Tang HJ, Sheng JR, Zhu JY, Liu XX
998 - 1004 Structural and photoluminescence properties of Al-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles synthesized in polyol
Louhichi M, Romdhane S, Fkiri A, Smiri LS, Bouchriha H
1005 - 1011 Zn(II)-concentration dependent Raman spectra in the dithizone complex on gold nanoparticle surfaces in environmental water samples
Ly NH, Joo SW
1012 - 1024 Superhydrophobic aluminum alloy surfaces prepared by chemical etching process and their corrosion resistance properties
Huang Y, Sarkar DK, Chen XG
1025 - 1031 A DFT study of electronic and magnetic properties of titanium decorating point-defective graphene
Zhou QX, Fu ZB, Wang CY, Tang YJ, Zhang H, Yuan L, Yang X
1032 - 1038 Microwave absorbing property of a hybrid absorbent with carbonyl irons coating on the graphite
Xu YG, Yan ZQ, Zhang DY
1039 - 1051 Role of spray processes on microstructural evolution, and physical and mechanical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced cu composite coatings
Kang K, Park H, Kim J, Lee C
1052 - 1057 Ge-on-insulator wafer with ultralow defect density fabricated by direct condensation of SiGe-on-insulator structure
Ye L, Zhang M, Xue ZY, Yang JH, Wang X, Di ZF
1058 - 1063 Anodic stripping voltammetry of silver(I) using unmodified GaN film and nanostructure electrodes
Liu QY, Liu BD, Yuan F, Zhuang H, Wang C, Shi D, Xu YK, Jiang X
1064 - 1069 Luminescence and electron degradation properties of Bi doped CaO phosphor
Yousif A, Kroon RE, Coetsee E, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Ahmed HAAS, Swart HC
1070 - 1076 Near room temperature ferromagnetism of copper phthalocyanine thin films
Wang XY, Zheng JB, Chen L, Qiao K, Xu JW, Cao CD
1077 - 1081 Luminescent and magnetic properties of carbon-based FeYO3/Y2O3:Eu3+ nanocomposites
Wu AB, Zhang ZP
1082 - 1085 Exploring the low-friction mechanism of CNx films in inert atmospheres by first-principles calculations
Cui LC, Lu ZB, Wang LP
1086 - 1095 Modified nano-magnetite coated carbon fibers magnetic and microwave properties
Osouli-Bostanabad K, Hosseinzade E, Kianvash A, Entezami A
1096 - 1104 Study of structural and optical properties of ZnS zigzag nanostructured thin films
Rahchamani SZ, Dizaji HR, Ehsani MH
1105 - 1116 Effects of hydrophilic solvent and oxidation resistance post surface treatment on molecular structure and forward osmosis performance of polyamide thin-film composite (TFC) membranes
Jia QB, Xu YY, Shen JQ, Yang HJ, Zhou L
1117 - 1126 Surface medication of Ti-15Mo alloy by thermal oxidation: Evaluation of surface characteristics and corrosion resistance in Ringer's solution
Somsanith N, Narayanan TSNS, Kim YK, Park IS, Bae TS, Lee MH
1127 - 1134 Synthesis and property of spinel porous ZnMn2O4 microspheres
Guo N, Wei XQ, Deng XL, Xu XJ
1135 - 1149 Effects of texture diameter and depth on the tribological performance of DLC coating under lubricated sliding condition
Arslan A, Masjuki HH, Varman M, Kalam MA, Quazi MM, Al Mahmud KAH, Gulzar M, Habibullah M
1150 - 1154 Suppression of uphill diffusion caused by phosphorus deactivation using carbon implantation
Chang RD, Ling YT, Su WT
1155 - 1167 Fast adsorption of p-nitrophenol from aqueous solution using beta-cyclodextrin grafted silica gel
Shen HM, Zhu GY, Yu WB, Wu HK, Ji HB, Shi HX, She YB, Zheng YF
1168 - 1179 Preparation of hierarchical structured nano-sized/porous poly(lactic acid) composite fibrous membranes for air filtration
Wang Z, Pan ZJ
1180 - 1188 Effects of B2O3 content and sintering temperature on crystallization and microstructure of CBS glass-ceramic coatings
Li PY, Wang SB, Liu JG, Feng MJ, Yang XW
1189 - 1199 Investigation of contact-induced charging kinetics on variably modified glass surfaces
Agnello G, Hamilton J, Manley R, Streltsova E, LaCourse W, Cormack A
1200 - 1206 Tunable electronic structures in the two-dimension SnX2 (X = S and Se) nanosheets by stacking effects
Zhang H, Xia CX, Zhao X, Wang TX, Li JB
1207 - 1213 Interfacial polymerization on hydrophobic PVDF UF membranes surface: Membrane wetting through pressurization
Lee JS, Lee HH, Seo JA, Park HS, Park J, Min BR
1214 - 1220 Piezoelectric properties of template-free electrochemically grown ZnO nanorod arrays
Tamvakos D, Lepadatu S, Antohe VA, Tamvakos A, Weaver PM, Piraux L, Cain MG, Pullini D
1221 - 1228 In vitro hemocompatibility of sulfonated polypropylene non-woven fabric prepared via a facile gamma-ray pre-irradiation grafting method
Li R, Wu GZ, Ye Y
1229 - 1233 Acid-base equilibria of multilayered pseudo-polyelectrolytes
Mateo AE, Priefer R
1234 - 1243 Structure, corrosion resistance and in vitro bioactivity of Ca and P containing TiO2 coating fabricated on NiTi alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Wang HR, Liu F, Xiong XB, Ke SM, Zeng XR, Lin P
1244 - 1251 Microstructure and tribological properties of Zr-based amorphous-nanocrystalline coatings deposited on the surface of titanium alloys by Electrospark Deposition
Hong X, Tan YF, Zhou CH, Xu T, Zhang ZW
1252 - 1261 A density functional theory study on the conversion of ethylene to carbon monomer on PdAu(100) surface
Zhang MH, Yang B, Yu YZ
1262 - 1271 Molecular simulation of preferential adsorption of CO2 over CH4 in Na-montmorillonite clay material
Yang NN, Liu SY, Yang XN
1272 - 1281 Structure and microstructure dependent transport and magnetic properties of sol-gel grown nanostructured La0.6Nd0.1Sr0.3MnO3 manganites: Role of oxygen
Kansara SB, Dhruv D, Joshi Z, Pandya DD, Rayaprol S, Solanki PS, Kuberkar DG, Shah NA
1282 - 1288 Redox and pH dual-responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles for site-specific drug delivery
Wang Y, Cui Y, Huang JH, Di DH, Dong YY, Zhang XJ, Zhao QF, Han N, Gao YK, Jiang TY, Wang SL
1289 - 1299 Gold-nanoparticle-modified TiO2 nanowires for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction with H-2 under visible light irradiation
Tahir M, Tahir B, Amin NAS
1300 - 1305 Direct transfer of graphene films for polyurethane substrate
Vilani C, Romani EC, Larrude DG, Barbosa GM, Freire FL
1306 - 1313 1-Aminoanthraquinone bridged small Pt nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes as efficient electrocatalysts
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1314 - 1319 Top-down patterning and self-assembly of flower-like gold arrays for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
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1320 - 1326 Methane decomposition over Pd promoted Ni/MgAl2O4 catalysts for the production of COx free hydrogen and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
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1327 - 1340 Mesoporous silica materials with different structures as the carriers for antimicrobial agent. Modeling of chlorhexidine adsorption and release
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1341 - 1348 Synthesis and structure of BiPbO2Cl nanosheet with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Zhong WW, Li DD, Jin SF, Wang WJ, Yang XA