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Applied Surface Science, Vol.355 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Synthesis of copper nanocolloids using a continuous flow based microreactor
Xu L, Peng JH, Srinivasakannan C, Chen G, Shen AQ
7 - 13 SnS2 nanoplates embedded in 3D interconnected graphene network as anode material with superior lithium storage performance
Tang HL, Qi X, Han WJ, Ren L, Liu YD, Wang XY, Zhong JX
14 - 18 UV micro-imprint patterning for tunable light trapping in p-i-n thin-film silicon solar cells
Wang YF, Zhang XD, Han B, Bai LS, Zhao HX, Yang F, Liang JH, Huang Q, Chen XL, Zhao Y
19 - 25 Activation treatment effects on characteristics of BeO layer and secondary electron emission properties of an activated Cu-Be alloy
Wang B, Wu ED, Wang YL, Xiong LY, Liu S
26 - 31 Power ultrasound irradiation during the alkaline etching process of the 2024 aluminum alloy
Moutarlier V, Viennet R, Rolet J, Gigandet MP, Hihn JY
32 - 44 Nanostructured titanium-silver coatings with good antibacterial activity and cytocompatibility fabricated by one-step magnetron sputtering
Bai L, Hang RQ, Gao A, Zhang XY, Huang XB, Wang YY, Tang B, Zhao LZ, Chu PK
45 - 51 Product selectivity of visible-light photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide using titanium dioxide doped by different nitrogen-sources
Zhang ZG, Huang ZF, Cheng XD, Wang QL, Chen Y, Dong PM, Zhang XW
52 - 58 On the increasing of adhesive strength of nanotube layers on beta titanium alloys for medical applications
Fojt J, Filip V, Joska L
59 - 63 Enhanced TiC/SiC Ohmic contacts by ECR hydrogen plasma pretreatment and low-temperature post-annealing
Liu BB, Qin FW, Wang DJ
64 - 73 Synthesis, characterization and in vitro cytotoxicity analysis of a novel cellulose based drug carrier for the controlled delivery of 5-fluorouracil, an anticancer drug
Anirudhan TS, Nima J, Divya PL
74 - 81 The role of structure and surface chemistry of carbon nanomaterials in catalytic conversion of 1,2-dichloroethane
Tveritinova EA, Zhitnev YN, Kulakova II, Cherkasov N, Maslakov KI, Nesterova EA, Ivanov AS, Savilov SV, Lunin VV
82 - 92 RF plasma enhanced MOCVD of yttria stabilized zirconia thin films using octanedionate precursors and their characterization
Chopade SS, Nayak C, Bhattacharyya D, Jha SN, Tokas RB, Sahoo NK, Deo MN, Biswas A, Rai S, Raman KHT, Rao GM, Kumar N, Patil DS
93 - 97 Oxidation of the 8 x 8-reconstructed beta-Si3N4(0001) surface: A photoemission study
Flammini R, Bellucci A, Wiame F, Belkhou R, Carbone M, Trucchi DM, Colonna S, Ronci F, Hajlaoui M, Silly MG, Sirotti F
98 - 103 Microwave accelerated synthesis of zinc oxide nanoplates and their enhanced photocatalytic activity under UV and solar illuminations
Anas S, Rahul S, Babitha KB, Mangalaraja RV, Ananthakumar S
104 - 111 Laser surface textured titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V): Part 1-Surface characterization
Pfleging W, Kumari R, Besser H, Scharnweber T, Majumdar JD
112 - 120 Crystallization mechanism and corrosion property of electroless nickel phosphorus coating during intermediate temperature oxidation
Sribalaji M, Arunkumar P, Babu KS, Keshri AK
121 - 126 Multiferroic properties of (Bi, Ca)FeO3 films on glass substrates
Chang HW, Shen CY, Yuan FT, Tu KT, Lo YC, Tu SY, Wang CR, Tu CS, Ouyang H, Shih CW, Chang WC, Jen SU
127 - 132 Facile manipulation of receding contact angles of a substrate by roughening and fluorination
Li YF, Wu CJ, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
133 - 138 Effect of annealing atmosphere on the thermal coarsening of nanoporous gold films
Chen AY, Shi SS, Liu F, Wang Y, Li X, Gu JF, Xie XF
139 - 144 Engineering optical properties of metal/porous anodic alumina films for refractometric sensing
Wang LF, Qin XF, Ji DX, Parry JP, Zhang JQ, Deng CH, Ding GQ, Gan QQ, Zeng H, Xu XH
145 - 152 Fabricating an enhanced stable superhydrophobic surface on copper plates by introducing a sintering process
Hu JY, Yuan W, Yan ZG, Zhou B, Tang Y, Li ZT
153 - 159 Facile synthesis and shape evolution of oleic acid decorated Cu2O microcrystals
Xu B, Cao XH, Zhu BC, Lou BY, Ma XC, Li X, Wang YG
160 - 165 Enhancement of CNT/PET film adhesion by nano-scale modification for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors
Kang YJ, Chung H, Kim MS, Kim W
166 - 170 Two-dimensional evaluation of 3D needled C-f/SiC composite fiber bundle surface
Wei JH, Lin B, Cao XY, Zhang XF, Fang S
171 - 182 Adsorption of sulfur compound utilizing rice husk ash modified with niobium
Cavalcanti RM, Pessoa WAG, Braga VS, Barros IDL
183 - 190 Selective hydrodechlorination of 1,2-dichloroethane to ethylene over Pd-Ag/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by surface reduction
Han YX, Gu GF, Sun JY, Wang WJ, Wan HQ, Xu ZY, Zheng SR
191 - 196 Synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic property of feather-like Cd-doped CuO nanostructures by hydrothermal method
Wang YQ, Jiang TT, Meng DW, Wang DG, Yu MH
197 - 202 SERS detection and antibacterial activity from uniform incorporation of Ag nanoparticles with aligned Si nanowires
Chen CY, Hsu LJ, Hsiao PH, Yu CTR
203 - 208 Erosion difference of growth and nucleation sides of free-standing diamond films prepared by DC arc plasma jet CVD
Zhu RH, Li CM, Chen LX, Liu JL, Wei JJ, Hei LF, Guo H
209 - 209 Highly efficient oil/water separation and excellent self-cleaning surfaces based on 1-triacontanol-polymerized octadecylsiloxane coatings (vol 351, pg 358, 2015)
Jin YX, Ke QP, Jiang P, Zhu YSN, Cheng FH, Zhang YX
210 - 212 The dynamics of ultraviolet-induced oxygen vacancy at the surface of insulating SrTiO3(001)
Suwanwong S, Eknapakul T, Rattanachai Y, Masingboon C, Rattanasuporn S, Phatthanakun R, Nakajima H, King PDC, Hodak SK, Meevasana W
213 - 217 Click functionalization of phenyl-capped bithiophene on azide-terminated self-assembled monolayers
Zheng YJ, Cui JX, Ikeda T
218 - 225 Facile synthesis of differently shaped, ultrathin, and aligned graphene flakes without a catalyst for highly efficient field emission
Wang FJ, Deng LN, Deng JH
226 - 232 Superhydrophobic surface on steel substrate and its anti-icing property in condensing conditions
Wang N, Xiong DS, Li MT, Deng YL, Shi Y, Wang K
233 - 241 Adsorption of acetyl halide molecules on the surface of pristine and Al-doped graphene: Ab initio study
Rad AS, Kashani OR
242 - 249 Effect of temperature and NO2 surface adsorption on electrical properties of screen printed ITO thin film
Madhi I, Meddeb W, Bouzid B, Saadoun M, Bessais B
250 - 255 Atomic scale elemental mapping of light elements in multilayered perovskite coatings
Negrea RF, Teodorescu VS, Ghica C
256 - 261 Photovoltaic properties of dye sensitised solar cells using TiO2 nanotube arrays for photoanodes: Role of hydrochloric acid treatment
Liu T, Wang BY, Xie J, Li QT, Zhang J, Asghar MI, Lund PD, Wang H
262 - 267 Non-covalent functionalization of graphene oxide by polyindole and subsequent incorporation of Ag nanoparticles for electrochemical applications
Dubey P, Kumar A, Prakash R
268 - 271 Depth-selective X-ray absorption spectroscopy by detection of energy-loss Auger electrons
Isomura N, Soejima N, Iwasaki S, Nomoto T, Murai T, Kimoto Y
272 - 278 Investigation of carbon nanotube-containing film on silicon substrates and its tribological behavior
Sun ZY, Cheng XH
279 - 289 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic and morphologic studies of Ru nanoparticles deposited onto highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Bavand R, Yelon A, Sacher E
290 - 297 Fabrication of the replica templated from butterfly wing scales with complex light trapping structures
Han ZW, Li B, Mu ZZ, Yang M, Niu SC, Zhang JQ, Ren LQ
298 - 309 Microstructural evolution and wear behaviors of laser cladding Ti2Ni/alpha(Ti) dual-phase coating reinforced by TiB and TiC
Song R, Li J, Shao JZ, Bai LL, Chen JL, Qu CC
310 - 319 Effect of metal vaporization behavior on keyhole-mode surface morphology of selective laser melted composites using different protective atmospheres
Dai DH, Gu DD
320 - 326 Structure and properties of titanium surface layers after electron beam alloying with powder mixtures containing carbon
Lenivtseva OG, Bataev IA, Golkovskii MG, Bataev AA, Samoilenko VV, Plotnikova NV
327 - 333 The effect of surface modification on initial ice formation on aluminum surfaces
Rahimi M, Afshari A, Fojan P, Gurevich L
334 - 340 Laser cleaning of sulfide scale on compressor impeller blade
Tang QH, Zhou D, Wang YL, Liu GF
341 - 349 Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by laser ablation in ethanol: A pulsed photoacoustic study
Valverde-Alva MA, Garcia-Fernandez T, Villagran-Muniz M, Sanchez-Ake C, Castaneda-Guzman R, Esparza-Alegria E, Sanchez-Valdes CF, Llamazares JLS, Herrera CEM
350 - 358 Effects of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni60/h-BN self-lubricating anti-wear composite coatings on 304 stainless steel by laser cladding
Lu XL, Liu XB, Yu PC, Zhai YJ, Qiao SJ, Wang MD, Wang YG, Chen Y
359 - 363 Enhanced current efficiency of organic light-emitting devices due to a broad localized surface plasmonic resonance of Au-ZnO nanocomposites
Lee YH, Kim DH, Kim TW
364 - 368 Applicability of random sequential adsorption algorithm for simulation of surface plasma polishing kinetics
Minarik S, Vana D
369 - 378 Microstructure and wettability of root canal dentine and root canal filling materials after different chemical irrigation
Antonijevic D, Milovanovic P, Brajkovic D, Ilic D, Hahn M, Amling M, Rakocevic Z, Djuric M, Busse B
379 - 387 In situ fabrication of novel Z-scheme Bi2WO6 quantum dots/g-C3N4 ultrathin nanosheets heterostructures with improved photocatalytic activity
Chen W, Liu TY, Huang T, Liu XH, Zhu JW, Duan GR, Yang XJ
388 - 397 Silver-doped nanocomposite carbon coatings (Ag-DLC) for biomedical applications - Physiochemical and biological evaluation
Bociaga D, Komorowski P, Batory D, Szymanski W, Olejnik A, Jastrzebski K, Jakubowski W
398 - 402 Pulse laser deposition of epitaxial TiO2 thin films for high-performance ultraviolet photodetectors
Zhang ZF, Wong LM, Zhang ZW, Wu ZY, Wang SJ, Chi DZ, Hong RD, Yang WF
403 - 410 Effects of the geometries of micro-scale substrates on the surface morphologies of ZnO nanorod-based hierarchical structures
Jing WX, Qi H, Shi JF, Jiang ZD, Zhou F, Cheng YY, Gao K
411 - 418 Graphene and TiO2 co-modified flower-like Bi2O2CO3. A novel multi-heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Ao YH, Xu LY, Wang PF, Wang C, Hou J, Qian J, Li Y
419 - 428 One step microwaved-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of nitrogen doped graphene for high performance of supercapacitor
Sari FNI, Ting JM
429 - 435 Density functional theory study of SO2-adsorbed Ni(111) and hydroxylated NiO(111) surface
Wei X, Dong CF, Chen ZH, Xiao K, Li XG
436 - 445 Graphene immobilized enzyme/polyethersulfone mixed matrix membrane: Enhanced antibacterial, permeable and mechanical properties
Duan LL, Wang YM, Zhang YT, Liu JD
446 - 452 Developing of a novel antibacterial agent by functionalization of graphene oxide with guanidine polymer with enhanced antibacterial activity
Li P, Sun SY, Dong A, Hao YP, Shi SQ, Sun ZJ, Gao G, Chen YX
453 - 460 Sliding wear behavior of nanostructured WC-Co-Cr coatings
Wang HB, Wang XZ, Song XY, Liu XM, Liu XW
461 - 472 Research and application of surface heat treatment for multipulse laser ablation of materials
Cai S, Chen GY, Zhou C
473 - 476 Confinement effect on coercive field in relaxor terpolymer nanowires
Liu BL, Tian BB, Sun JL, Liu Y, Wang JL, Sun S, Meng XJ, Chu JH
477 - 483 Spatially resolved nanostructural transformation in graphite under femtosecond laser irradiation
Marcu A, Avotina L, Porosnicu C, Marin A, Grigorescu CEA, Ursescu D, Lungu M, Demitri N, Lungu CP
484 - 494 Metal oxide nanostructures-containing organic polymer hybrid solar cells: Optimization of processing parameters on cell performance
Motaung DE, Makgwane PR, Ray SS
495 - 501 Fabrication of super slippery sheet-layered and porous anodic aluminium oxide surfaces and its anticorrosion property
Song TT, Liu Q, Liu JY, Yang WL, Chen RR, Jing XY, Takahashi K, Wang J
502 - 508 Mono- and multiple TiN(/Ti) coating adhesion mechanism on a Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy
Li JZ, Zheng H, Sinkovits T, Hee AC, Zhao Y
509 - 515 Effect of surface treatment on adhesion strength between magnetron sputtered copper thin films and alumina substrate
Lim JD, Lee PM, Rhee DMW, Leong KC, Chen Z
516 - 530 Influence of trimethylsilane flow on the microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of CrSiCN coatings in water lubrication
Wu ZW, Zhou F, Wang QZ, Zhou ZF, Yan JW, Li LKY
531 - 535 Interfaces exchange bias and magnetic properties of ordered CoFe2O4/Co3O4 nanocomposites
Zhang BB, Xu JC, Wang PF, Han YB, Hong B, Jin HX, Jin DF, Peng XL, Li J, Yang YT, Gong J, Ge HL, Wang XQ
536 - 546 Fullerene C-70 decorated TiO2 nanowires for visible-light-responsive photocatalyst
Cho EC, Ciou JH, Zheng JH, Pan J, Hsiao YS, Lee KC, Huang JH
547 - 552 Synthesis and photocatalytic property of multilayered Co3O4
Zhang DE, Ren LZ, Hao XY, Pan BB, Wang MY, Ma JJ, Li F, Li SA, Tong ZW
553 - 561 New nanostructured nickel-polymer nanohybrids with improved surface hydrophobicity and effect on the living cells adhesion
Macko J, Orinak A, Orinakova R, Muhmann C, Petrus O, Harvanova D, Vargova J, Jendzelovsky R, Radonak J, Fedorocko P, Arlinghaus HF
562 - 569 Adsorption mechanism of magnetically separable Fe3O4/graphene oxide hybrids
Ouyang K, Zhu CH, Zhao Y, Wang LC, Xie S, Wang Q
570 - 576 Dextran hydrogel coated surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) sensor for sensitive and label-free detection of small molecule drugs
Li SP, Yang M, Zhou WF, Johnston TG, Wang R, Zhu JS
577 - 581 DFT study of interactions between calcium hydroxyl ions and pyrite, marcasite, pyrrhotite surfaces
Zhao CH, Chen JH, Li YQ, Huang DW, Li WZ
582 - 586 Effects of oxygen partial pressure on the characteristics of magnetron-sputtered ZnMgBeO thin films
Cuong HB, Lee BT
587 - 592 Palladium nanoparticles deposited on graphene and its electrochemical performance for glucose sensing
Mijowska E, Onyszko M, Urbas K, Aleksandrzak M, Shi XZ, Moszynski D, Penkala K, Podolski J, El Fray M
593 - 601 Plasma sprayed rutile titania-nanosilver antibacterial coatings
Gao JJ, Zhao CJ, Zhou JF, Li CX, Shao YR, Shi C, Zhu YC
602 - 614 Effect of micro/nano-scale textures on anti-adhesive wear properties of WC/Co-based TiAlN coated tools in AISI 316 austenitic stainless steel cutting
Zhang KD, Deng JX, Sun JL, Jiang C, Liu YY, Chen S
615 - 622 Facile synthesis of porous Ag3PO4 nanotubes for enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light
Wan J, Sun L, Fan J, Liu EZ, Hu X, Tang CN, Yin YC
623 - 630 Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Mn3N2(001) surfaces
Guerrero-Sanchez J, Mandru AO, Wang K, Takeuchi N, Cocoletzi GH, Smith AR
631 - 637 Effect of the sheet thickness of hierarchical SnO2 on the gas sensing performance
Zhang WL, Zeng W, BinMiao, Wang ZC
638 - 643 Pre-ablation treatment of carbon/carbon composites to improve the thermal shock resistance for SiC coating under oxyacetylene torch
Zhang JP, Fu QG, Qu JL, Li HJ
644 - 652 Synthesis of spherical Ag/ZnO heterostructural composites with excellent photocatalytic activity under visible light and UV irradiation
Liu HR, Hu YC, Zhang ZX, Liu XG, Jia HS, Xu BS
653 - 659 Nanocone formation on ion-bombarded InP surfaces
Kramczynski D, Gnaser H
660 - 666 A density functional theory study of partial oxidation of propylene on Cu2O(001) and CuO(001) surfaces
Duzenli D, Atmaca DO, Gezer MG, Onal I
667 - 671 Study on WSb3Te material for phase-change memory applications
Meng Y, Zhou XL, Han PG, Song ZT, Wu LC, Zhu CQ, Guo WJ, Xu L, Ma ZY, Song LK
672 - 680 Effect of washing pH on the properties of titanate nanotubes and its activity for photocatalytic oxidation of NO and NO2
Nguyen NH, Bai H
681 - 685 Possible evidence of Coulomb explosion in the femtosecond laser ablation of metal at low laser fluence
Li SC, Li SY, Zhang FJ, Tian D, Li H, Liu DL, Jiang YF, Chen AM, Jin MX
686 - 697 Atomic force microscopy analysis of synthetic membranes applied in release studies
Olejnik A, Nowak I
698 - 701 Large coincidence lattice on Au/Fe3O4 incommensurate structure for spintronic applications
Munoz-Noval A, Rubio-Zuazo J, Salas-Colera E, Serrano A, Rubio-Marcos F, Castro GR
702 - 705 He plasma treatment of transparent conductive ZnO thin films
Yao JK, Chen SM, Sun XW, Kwok HS
706 - 715 Adsorption and visible light-driven photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B in aqueous solutions by Ag@AgBr/SBA-15
Hu LX, Yuan H, Zou LP, Chen FY, Hu X
716 - 725 Steam assisted oxide growth on aluminium alloys using oxidative chemistries: Part II corrosion performance
Din RU, Jellesen MS, Ambat R
726 - 735 Rapid synthesis and characterization of hybrid ZnO@Au core-shell nanorods for high performance, low temperature NO2 gas sensor applications
Ponnuvelu DV, Pullithadathil B, Prasad AK, Dhara S, Ashok A, Mohamed K, Tyagi AK, Raja B
736 - 742 Wrinkling of YBa2Cu3O7-x film prepared by trifluoroacetate metal organic deposition
Jin LH, Li CS, Yu ZM, Feng JQ, Zhang SN, Sulpice A, Wang Y, Zhang PX
743 - 747 On the target surface cleanness during magnetron sputtering
Schelfhout R, Strijckmans K, Boydens F, Depla D
748 - 760 Physico-chemical characterization of Metal-doped bone chars and their adsorption behavior for water defluoridation
Rojas-Mayorga CK, Bonilla-Petriciolet A, Silvestre-Albero J, Aguayo-Villarreal IA, Mendoza-Castillo DI
761 - 765 Investigation of factors influencing microscopic interactions between the diamond indenter and material surfaces in nano-indentation
Wei QL, Li XY, Yang Q, Gao W
766 - 773 Effect of current density and bath composition on crystalline structure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited FeCoW alloy
Ghaferi Z, Sharafi S, Bahrololoom ME
774 - 777 Chlorine-functionalized carbon dots for highly efficient photodegradation of pollutants under visible-light irradiation
Hu SL, Ding YL, Chang Q, Yang JL, Lin K
778 - 783 Thermal evolution of Fe on Ge(111)-c(2 x 8) surface and the effect of (root 3 x root 3)R30 degrees Ag-Ge buffer layer
Hsu HC, Jhou MK, Lin WC, Fu TY
784 - 791 The effect of different component ratios in block polymers and processing conditions on electrodeposition efficiency onto titanium
Fukuhara Y, Kyuzo M, Tsutsumi Y, Nagai A, Chen P, Hanawa T
792 - 799 Evolution of arsenic in high fluence plasma immersion ion implanted silicon: Behavior of the as-implanted Surface
Vishwanath V, Demenev E, Giubertoni D, Vanzetti L, Koh AL, Steinhauser G, Pepponi G, Bersani M, Meirer F, Foad MA
800 - 804 Integration of plasmonic Ag nanoparticles as a back reflector in ultra-thin Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Yin GC, Steigert A, Andrae P, Goebelt M, Latzel M, Manley P, Lauermann I, Christiansen S, Schmid M
805 - 813 Structure and corrosion behavior of sputter deposited cerium oxide based coatings with various thickness on Al 2024-T3 alloy substrates
Liu YY, Huang JM, Claypool JB, Castano CE, O'Keefe MJ
814 - 819 Postsynthetic modification of metal-organic framework for hydrogen sulfide detection
Zhang X, Zhang JM, Hu Q, Cui YJ, Yang Y, Qian GD
820 - 831 Steam assisted oxide growth on aluminium alloys using oxidative chemistries: Part I Microstructural investigation
Din RU, Piotrowska K, Gudla VC, Jellesen MS, Ambat R
832 - 841 In vitro study of polycaprolactone/bioactive glass composite coatings on corrosion and bioactivity of pure Mg
Yang YY, Michalczyk C, Singer F, Virtanen S, Boccaccini AR
842 - 848 Chemical and microstructural characterizations of plasma polymer films by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and principal component analysis
Cossement D, Renaux F, Thiry D, Ligot S, Francq R, Snyders R
849 - 860 Interface feature characterization and Schottky interfacial layer confirmation of TiO2 nanotube array film
Li HC, Tang NX, Yang HZ, Leng X, Zou JP
861 - 867 Preparation and photo-catalytic activities of FeOOH/ZnO/MMT composite
Zhou Y, Liu FS, Yu ST
868 - 877 Wettability alteration by novel betaines at polymer-aqueous solution interfaces
Hu SS, Zhang L, Xu ZC, Gong QT, Jin ZQ, Luo L, Zhang L, Zhao S
878 - 883 Microstructure and tribological properties of NbN-Ag composite films by reactive magnetron sputtering
Ju HB, Xu JH
884 - 890 Synthesis and optical properties of Au decorated colloidal tungsten oxide nanoparticles
Tahmasebi N, Mandavi SM
891 - 901 Effectively CO2 photoreduction to CH4 by the synergistic effects of Ca and Ti on Ca-loaded TiSiMCM-41 mesoporous photocatalytic systems
Jo SW, Kwak BS, Kim KM, Don JY, Park NK, Ryu SO, Ryu HJ, Baek JI, Kang M
902 - 911 DFT study of Hg adsorption on M-substituted Pd(111) and PdM/gamma-Al2O3(110) (M = Au, Ag, Cu) surfaces
Wang JC, Yu HF, Geng L, Liu JW, Han LN, Chang LP, Feng G, Ling LX
912 - 920 Anodic luminescence, structural, photoluminescent, and photocatalytic properties of anodic oxide films grown on niobium in phosphoric acid
Stojadinovic S, Tadic N, Radic N, Stefanov P, Grbic B, Vasilic R
921 - 929 Facile synthesis of hierarchical Ag3PO4/TiO2 nanofiber heterostructures with highly enhanced visible light photocatalytic properties
Xie JL, Yang YF, He HP, Cheng D, Mao MM, Jiang QX, Song LX, Xiong J
930 - 938 Influence of SiC surface polarity on the wettability and reactivity in an Al/SiC system
Shen P, Wang Y, Ren LH, Li SX, Liu YH, Jiang QC
939 - 958 Tungsten-based nanomaterials (WO3 & Bi2WO6): Modifications related to charge carrier transfer mechanisms and photocatalytic applications
Kumar SG, Rao KSRK
959 - 968 Influence of triblock copolymer (pluronic F127) on enhancing the physico-chemical properties and photocatalytic response of mesoporous TiO2
Samsudin EM, Abd Hamid SB, Juan JC, Basirun WJ
969 - 977 Superhydrophobic Ag decorated ZnO nanostructured thin film as effective surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates
Jayram ND, Sonia S, Poongodi S, Kumar PS, Masuda Y, Mangalaraj D, Ponpandian N, Viswanathan C
978 - 983 Vertically aligned self-assembled gold nanorods as low turn-on, stable field emitters
Apte A, Joshi P, Bhaskar P, Joag D, Kulkarni S
984 - 988 Structural defects and electronic structure of N-ion implanted TiO2: Bulk versus thin film
Zatsepin DA, Boukhvalov DW, Kurmaev EZ, Zhidkov IS, Gavrilov NV, Korotin MA, Kim SS
989 - 998 Surface modifications of fusion reactor relevant materials on exposure to fusion grade plasma in plasma focus device
Niranjan R, Rout RK, Srivastava R, Chakravarthy Y, Mishra P, Kaushik TC, Gupta SC
999 - 1006 Nanoporous SiO2/TiO2 coating with enhanced interfacial compatibility for orthopedic applications
Zhao XB, Cao HC, You J, Cheng XB, Xie YT, Cao HL, Liu XY
1007 - 1012 Microstructural and ferroelectric properties of rare earth (Ce, Pr, and Tb)-doped Na0.5Bi4.5Ti3O15 thin films
Raghavan CM, Kim JW, Song TK, Kim SS
1013 - 1019 Highly efficient and reliable high power LEDs with patterned sapphire substrate and strip-shaped distributed current blocking layer
Zhou SJ, Yuan S, Liu YC, Guo LJ, Liu S, Ding H
1020 - 1027 Influence of carbon nanotube extending length on pyrocarbon microstructure and mechanical behavior of carbon/carbon composites
Feng L, Li KZ, Sun JJ, Jia YJ, Li HJ, Zhang LL
1028 - 1036 Colloidal properties of surface functionalized nanocube-TiO2/poly(3-octylthiophene) core/shell conducting nanocomposite
Sever E, Unal HI
1037 - 1043 Surface chemical changes of atmospheric pressure plasma treated rabbit fibres important for felting process
Stepanova V, Slavicek P, Stupavska M, Jurmanova J, Cernak M
1044 - 1050 Surface state of GaN after rapid-thermal-annealing using AlN cap-layer
El-Zammar G, Khalfaoui W, Oheix T, Yvon A, Collard E, Cayrel F, Alquier D
1051 - 1056 A facile method for the structure control of TiO2 particles at low temperature
Li ZQ, Zhu Y, Wang LW, Wang JT, Guo Q, Li JG
1057 - 1062 Fabrication and Raman scattering of a core-shell structure based on Mn doped ZnO and barium titanate
Sima M, Baibarac M, Vasile E, Sima M, Mihut L
1063 - 1068 Formation, transformation and superhydrophobicity of compound surfactant-assisted aligned ZnO nanoplatelets
Xue MS, Xu T, Xie XL, Ou JF, Wang FJ, Li W
1069 - 1074 Effect of Rh oxide as a cocatalyst over Bi0.5Y0.5VO4 on photocatalytic overall water splitting
Chen W, Yang BB, Yu QT, Mao LQ, Fan ZY, Wang QZ, Shangguan WF
1075 - 1082 A facile approach for the tunable fabrication of BiOBr photocatalysts with high activity and stability
Li R, Gao XY, Fan CM, Zhang XC, Wang YW, Wang YF
1083 - 1090 Transparent self-cleaning lubricant-infused surfaces made with large-area breath figure patterns
Zhang PF, Chen HW, Zhang LW, Ran T, Zhang DY
1091 - 1097 First-principles study of Mg/Al2MgC2 heterogeneous nucleation interfaces
Wang HL, Tang JJ, Zhao YJ, Du J
1098 - 1106 Visible light photocatalytic disinfection of E. coli with TiO2-graphene nanocomposite sensitized with tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrin
Rahimi R, Zargari S, Yousefi A, Berijani MY, Ghaffarinejad A, Morsali A
1107 - 1115 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activities and mechanism insight of BiVO4/Bi2WO6 composites with virus-like structures
Xue S, Wei ZW, Hou XY, Xie WH, Li SY, Shang XN, He DY
1116 - 1122 The poisoning effect of potassium ions doped on MnOx/TiO2 catalysts for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction
Zhang LJ, Cui SP, Guo HX, Ma XY, Luo XG
1123 - 1131 Composite biodegradable biopolymer coatings of silk fibroin -Poly(3-hydroxybutyric-acid-co-3-hydroxyvaleric-acid) for biomedical applications
Miroiu FM, Stefan N, Visan AI, Nita C, Luculescu CR, Rasoga O, Socol M, Zgura I, Cristescu R, Craciun D, Socol G
1132 - 1135 First-principles calculations of the twin boundary energies and adhesion energies of interfaces for cubic face-centered transition-metal nitrides and carbides
Li TF, Liu TM, Wei HM, Hussain S, Wang JX, Zeng W, Peng XH, Wang ZC
1136 - 1144 One-step, green, and economic synthesis of water-soluble photoluminescent carbon dots by hydrothermal treatment of wheat straw, and their bio-applications in labeling, imaging, and sensing
Yuan M, Zhong RB, Gao HY, Li WR, Yun XL, Liu JR, Zhao XM, Zhao GF, Zhang F
1145 - 1152 Molecular dynamics simulation of the deposition and annealing of NiAl film on Ni substrate
Wu B, Zhou JQ, Xue C, Liu HX
1153 - 1160 Stress-induced formation mechanism of stacking fault tetrahedra in nano-cutting of single crystal copper
Wang QL, Bai QS, Chen JX, Guo YB, Xie WK
1161 - 1167 Surface chemistry and reactivity of SiO2 polymorphs: A comparative study on alpha-quartz and alpha-cristobalite
Tang CH, Zhu JX, Li ZH, Zhu RL, Zhou Q, Wei JM, He HP, Tao Q
1168 - 1174 Fabrication of a Au-polystyrene sphere substrate with three-dimensional nanofeatures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Hu XT, Xu ZW, Li K, Fang FZ, Wang LY
1175 - 1179 Fabrication and characterization and biosensor application of gold nanoparticles on the carbon nanotubes
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1267 - 1271 The effect of nitrogen incorporation in Ge-In-Ga-O semiconductor and the associated thin film transistors
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