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1 - 1 Preface: 7th Vacuum and Surface Sciences Conference of Asia and Australia (VASSCAA-7)
Chu JP, Hsiung GY, Huang WX, Luo MF, Chiu YP, Horng RH, Hasegawa S, Chang CC
2 - 7 Simulation and characterization of performance of thin-film silicon solar cells with subwavelength nanoporous emitter profiles
Ho WJ, Chang CM, Tsai PH
8 - 13 Fabrication of homojunction Cu2O solar cells by electrochemical deposition
Hsu YK, Wu JR, Chen MH, Chen YC, Lin YG
14 - 19 Effect of the stacked structure on performance in CZTSSe thin film solar cells
Wang LC, Lin YC
20 - 24 Fabrication of silicon solar cell with > 18% efficiency using spin-on-film processing for phosphorus diffusion and SiO2/graded index TiO2 anti-reflective coating
Lee YY, Ho WJ, Yeh CW
25 - 30 Plasmonic silicon solar cell based on silver nanoparticles using ultra-thin anodic aluminum oxide template
Ho WJ, Cheng PY, Hsiao KY
31 - 35 Indium tin oxide with titanium doping for transparent conductive film application on CIGS solar cells
Liu WS, Cheng HM, Hu HC, Li YT, Huang SD, Yu HW, Pu NW, Liang SC
36 - 41 Self-organized antireflection CuIn(S,Se)(2) nano-protrusions on flexible substrates by ion erosion based on CuInS2 nanocrystal precursor inks
Yen YT, Wang YC, Chen CW, Tsai HW, Chen YZ, Hu F, Chueh YL
42 - 47 The growth of nanostructured Cu2ZnSnS4 films by pulsed laser deposition
Sulaiman NSC, Nee CH, Yap SL, Lee YS, Tou TY, Yap SS
48 - 54 RF sputtering deposited a-IGZO films for LCD alignment layer application
Wu GM, Liu CY, Sahoo AK
55 - 65 Synthesis of an efficient white-light photocatalyst composite of graphene and ZnO nanoparticles: Application to methylene blue dye decomposition
Hossain MM, Ku BC, Hahn JR
66 - 70 Doping control of Cu in pH-tuned hydrothermal growth of ZnO nanowires
Lee JS, Lee YM, Boo JH
71 - 73 Homostructured ZnO-based metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors deposited at low temperature by vapor cooling condensation system
Lin TS, Lee CT
74 - 78 Dual-wavelength electroluminescence from an n-ZnO/p-GaN heterojunction light emitting diode
Tsai BS, Chiu HJ, Chen TH, Lai LW, Ho CC, Liu DS
79 - 84 Effect of RF power on the optical, electrical, mechanical and structural properties of sputtering Ga-doped ZnO thin films
Tien CL, Yu KC, Tsai TY, Liu MC
85 - 89 Spontaneous formation of CuO nanosheets on Cu foil for H2O2 detection
Hsu YK, Chen YC, Lin YG
90 - 94 Interfacial symmetry of Co-Alq(3)-Co hybrid structures for effective spin filtering
Lam TN, Lai YL, Chen CH, Chen PH, Wei DH, Lin HJ, Chen CT, Sheu JT, Hsu YJ
95 - 99 Pinning of magnetic moments at the interfacial region of ultrathin CoO/Co bilayers grown on Ge(100)
Chang SC, Tsay JS, Chang CHT, Yao YD
100 - 105 Performance enhancement of plasmonics silicon solar cells using Al2O3/In NPs/TiO2 antireflective surface coating
Ho WJ, Lee YY, Lin CH, Yeh CW
106 - 109 Investigated performance of uncooled tantalum-doped VOx floating-type microbolometers
Lee HY, Wu CL, Kao CH, Lee CT, Tang SF, Lin WJ, Chen HC, Lin JC
110 - 114 Preparation of transparent Cu2Y2O5 thin films by RF magnetron sputtering
Chiu TW, Chang CH, Yang LW, Wang YP
115 - 119 Atomic layer deposition HfO2 capping layer effect on porous low dielectric constant materials
Cheng YL, Kao KC, Huang CJ, Chen GS, Fang JS
120 - 123 Local structure study of GeMn recrystallization process by helium ion beam-induced epitaxial crystallization
Chen CH, Niu H, Lee CP
124 - 128 Cu filling into trenches with Co (00.2) layer by using high-vacuum magnetron sputtering in N-2-addded Ar gas
Itoh M, Iida H, Uhara Y, Saito S
129 - 133 Active site of bimetallic heterogeneous catalyst by atomic resolution aberration-corrected STEM
Hsiao CN, Lin CT
134 - 138 Organic and organic-inorganic hybrid polymer thin films deposited by PECVD using TEOS and cyclohexene for ULSI interlayer-dielectric application
Seo HJ, Nam SH, Kim S, Boo JH
139 - 143 Structural determination and magnetic properties for Co-rubrene composite films on Si(100)
Hou YJ, Chang CHT, Yang CK, Hsu CY, Jhou YW, Tsay JS
144 - 147 Ultrathin cobalt-alloyed barrier layers for copper metallization by a new seeding and electroless-deposition process
Chen ST, Liu YY, Chen GS
148 - 154 Performance improvement of GaN-based HEMT grown on silicon (111) substrate by inserting low temperature AlN layer
Lin JH, Huang SJ, Su YK, Lai CH
155 - 160 Influence of ion bombardment on structure and properties of TiZrN thin film
Lin YW, Huang JH, Yu GP, Hsiao CN, Chen FZ
161 - 167 Surface characteristics and cell-adhesion performance of titanium treated with direct-current gas plasma comprising nitrogen and oxygen
Hirano M, Yamane M, Ohtsu N
168 - 172 The improvement of GaN-based LED grown on concave nano-pattern sapphire substrate with SiO2 blocking layer
Lin JH, Huang SJ, Su YK, Huang KW
173 - 178 The effects of V/III gas ratios on the catalyst-assisted growths of InGaN nanowires
Tang WC, Hong FCN
179 - 186 Oxidation behavior and mechanical properties of laminated Hf-Ta coatings
Chen YI, Huang YR, Chang LC
187 - 195 Growth mode and structures of silicene on the Ag(111) surface
Lee GW, Chen HD, Lin DS
196 - 200 Synthesis of g-C3N4 with heating acetic acid treated melamine and its photocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution
Wu M, Yan JM, Zhang XW, Zhao M
201 - 205 Atomically flat surface of (001) textured FePt thin films by residual stress control
Liu SH, Hsiao SN, Chou CL, Chen SK, Lee HY
206 - 211 Femtosecond and nanosecond pulsed laser deposition of silicon and germanium
Reenaas TW, Lee YS, Chowdhury FR, Gupta M, Tsui YY, Tou TY, Yap SL, Kok SY, Yap SS
212 - 215 Bonding and interface formation for Si on Ag(111) by core-level photoemission spectroscopy
Lee GW, Chen HD, Lin DS
216 - 220 Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition of nanocrystalline silicon for ambipolar thin-film transistor applications
Wu BR, Tsai TH, Wuu DS
221 - 228 Functional MoS2 by the Co/Ni doping as the catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Xiao BB, Zhang P, Han LP, Wen Z
229 - 234 Tight-binding parameters of graphite determined with angle-resolved photoemission spectra
Cheng CM, Hsu CJ, Peng JL, Chen CH, Yuh JY, Tsuei KD
235 - 239 Epitaxial growth of Cu on Ag(111) studied with angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Luh DA, Huang CH, Cheng CM, Tsuei KD
241 - 241 Special Issue: European Conference on Surface Science 2014 Preface
Opila RL, Ertas G
242 - 249 An in situ study of amine and amide molecular interaction on Fe surfaces
Taheri P, Terryn H, Mol JMC
250 - 255 Preparation and characterization of antibacterial Senegalia (Acacia) senegal/iron-silica bio-nanocomposites
Sismanoglu T, Karakus S, Birer O, Soylu GSP, Kolan A, Tan E, Urk O, Akdut G, Kilislioglu A
256 - 259 Topotactic changes on eta-Mo4O11 caused by biased atomic force microscope tip and cw-laser
Borovsak M, Sutar P, Goreshnik E, Mihailovic D
260 - 266 The influence of relative humidity on photocatalytic oxidation of nitric oxide (NO) over TiO2
Uner D, Bayar I, Tabari T
267 - 278 Structural, mechanical and piezoelectric properties of polycrystalline AlN films sputtered on titanium bottom electrodes
Patru M, Isac L, Cunha L, Martins P, Lanceros-Mendez S, Oncioiu G, Cristea D, Munteanu D
279 - 284 A comparative examination of the adsorption mechanism of an anionic textile dye (RBY 3GL) onto the powdered activated carbon (PAC) using various the isotherm models and kinetics equations with linear and non-linear methods
Acikyildiz M, Gurses A, Gunes K, Yalvac D
285 - 297 Functionalization of silicon oxide using supercritical fluid deposition of 3,4-epoxybutyltrimethoxysilane for the immobilization of amino-modified oligonucleotide
Rull J, Nonglaton G, Costa G, Fontelaye C, Marchi-Delapierre C, Menage S, Marchand G
298 - 305 Structure dependent resistivity and dielectric characteristics of tantalum oxynitride thin films produced by magnetron sputtering
Cristea D, Crisan A, Cretu N, Borges J, Lopes C, Cunha L, Ion V, Dinescu M, Barradas NP, Alves E, Apreutesei M, Munteanu D
306 - 313 Modified biofunctional p(tannic acid) microgels and their antimicrobial activity
Sagbas S, Aktas N, Sahiner N
314 - 322 Effect of shot peening on the oxidation behavior of thermal barrier coatings
Karaoglanli AC, Doleker KM, Demirel B, Turk A, Varol R
323 - 327 Influence of Al grain boundaries segregations and La-doping on embrittlement of intermetallic NiAl
Kovalev AI, Wainstein DL, Rashkovskiy AY
328 - 336 Effect of surfactant concentration in the electrolyte on the tribological properties of nickel-tungsten carbide composite coatings produced by pulse electro co-deposition
Kartal M, Uysal M, Gul H, Alp A, Akbulut H
337 - 341 Surface modification of YIG by magnet array
Atalay S, Kolat VS, Bakir HG, Izgi T, Kaya AO, Kaya OA, Gencer H
342 - 346 A facile fabrication of superhydrophobic nanocomposite coating with contact angles approaching the theoretical limit
Hancer M, Arkaz H
347 - 352 Enhanced photocatalytic generation of hydrogen by Pt-deposited nitrogen-doped TiO2 hierarchical nanostructures
Naik B, Moon SY, Kim SH, Park JY
353 - 361 A highly sensitive BTX sensor based on electrochemically derived wall connected TiO2 nanotubes
Dutta K, Chattopadhyay PP, Lu CW, Ho MS, Bhattacharyya P
362 - 366 Single naphthalene and anthracene molecular junctions using Ag and Cu electrodes in ultra high vacuum
Fujii S, Kaneko S, Liu CY, Kiguchi M
367 - 372 Investigation of the adsorption properties of borazine and characterisation of boron nitride on Rh(111) by electron spectroscopic methods
Farkas AP, Torok P, Solymosi F, Kiss J, Konya Z
373 - 379 Effect of the deposition temperature on corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of the hydroxyapatite coatings
Vladescu A, Braic M, Azem FA, Titorencu I, Braic V, Pruna V, Kiss A, Parau AC, Birlik I
380 - 387 The synthesis of desired functional groups on PEI microgel particles for biomedical and environmental applications
Sahiner N, Demirci S, Sahiner M, Al-Lohedan H
388 - 396 Macroporous cryogel metal nanoparticle composites for H-2 generation from NaBH4 hydrolysis in seawater
Sahiner N, Yildiz S, Sahiner M, Issa ZA, Al-Lohedan H
397 - 400 In situ UV-vis investigation of growth of gold nanoparticles prepared by solution plasma sputtering in NaCl solution
Mizutani T, Ogawa S, Murai T, Nameki H, Yoshida T, Yagi S
401 - 407 Electronic structure and soft magnetic properties of Se/FeSiAl (110) films
Schwindt VC, Ardenghi JS, Bechthold P, Juan A, Batic BS, Jenko M, Gonzalez EA, Jasen PV
408 - 419 XPS, SIMS and FTIR-ATR characterization of boronized graphite from the thermonuclear plasma device RFX-mod
Ghezzi F, Laguardia L, Caniello R, Canton A, Dal Bello S, Rais B, Anderle M
420 - 428 Reactivity zones around an atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Birer O
429 - 436 Structure and nanotribology of thermally deposited gold nanoparticles on graphite
Cihan E, Ozogul A, Baykara MZ
437 - 442 Hybrid functional calculated optical and electronic structures of thin anatase TiO2 nanowires with organic dye adsorbates
Unal H, Gunceler D, Gulseren O, Ellialtioglu S, Mete E
443 - 449 An in-situ X-ray diffraction study on the electrochemical formation of PtZn alloys on Pt(111) single crystal electrode
Drnec J, Bizzotto D, Carla F, Fiala R, Sode A, Balmes O, Detlefs B, Dufrane T, Felici R
450 - 452 Surface structure of thin pseudomorphous GeSi layers
Nikiforov AI, Timofeev VF, Pchelyakov OP
453 - 458 Thickness identification of atomically thin InSe nanoflakes on SiO2/Si substrates by optical contrast analysis
Brotons-Gisbert M, Sanchez-Royo JF, Martinez-Pastor JP
459 - 468 Band bending at copper and gold interfaces with ferroelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 investigated by photoelectron spectroscopy
Apostol NG, Stoflea LE, Tanase LC, Bucur IC, Chirila C, Negrea RF, Teodorescu CM
469 - 474 Examining the free radical bonding mechanism of benzoquinone- and hydroquinone-methanol passivation of silicon surfaces
Kotulak NA, Chen MX, Schreiber N, Jones K, Opila RL