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Applied Surface Science, Vol.353 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Performance of Zn-Fe-Mn/MCM-48 sorbents for high temperature H2S removal and analysis of regeneration process
Huang ZB, Liu BS, Wang F, Amin R
11 - 16 Annealing effect: Controlled modification of the structure, composition and plasmon resonance of hybrid Au-Ag/C nanostructures
Manshina A, Povolotskiy A, Povolotckaia A, Kireev A, Petrov Y, Tunik S
17 - 23 Promotion of Nb2O5 on the wustite-based iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis
Han WF, Huang SL, Cheng TH, Tang HD, Li Y, Liu HZ
24 - 28 Influence of alkylphosphonic acid grafting on the electronic and magnetic properties of La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 surfaces
Galbiati M, Tatay S, Delprat S, Barraud C, Cros V, Jacquet E, Coloma F, Choueikani F, Otero E, Ohresser P, Haag N, Cinchetti M, Aeschlimann M, Seneor P, Mattana R, Petroff F
29 - 39 Characteristics of oxide scale formed on Cu-bearing austenitic stainless steel during early stages of high temperature oxidation
Swaminathan S, Krishna NG, Kim DI
40 - 47 Biomimetic calcium phosphate coating of additively manufactured porous CoCr implants
Lindahl C, Xia W, Engqvista H, Snis A, Lausmaa J, Palmquist A
48 - 53 Effect of oxygen pressure on preferential orientation, microstructure and functional properties of Bi1.5MgNb1.5O7 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Yu SH, Li LX, Zheng HR, Sun Z, Zhang WF
54 - 62 Characterisation of carbon nanotube pastes for field emission using their sheet resistances
Floweri O, Kim J, Seo Y, Park JY, Lee N
63 - 70 Growth graphene on silver-copper nanoparticles by chemical vapor deposition for high-performance surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Zhang XM, Xu SC, Jiang SZ, Wang JH, Wei J, Xu SD, Gao SB, Liu HP, Qiu HW, Li Z, Liu HL, Li ZH, Li HS
71 - 78 Synthesis of hierarchical SnO2 nanoflowers with enhanced acetic acid gas sensing properties
Jin WX, Ma SY, Tie ZZ, Li WQ, Luo J, Cheng L, Xu XL, Wang TT, Jiang XH, Mao YZ
79 - 86 Hydrothermal synthesis porous silicon/tungsten oxide nanorods composites and their gas-sensing properties to NO2 at room temperature
Wei YL, Hu M, Yan WJ, Wang DF, Yuan L, Qin YX
87 - 94 Hydrothermal synthesis of CdS/Bi2MoO6 heterojunction photocatalysts with excellent visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Feng Y, Yan X, Liu CB, Hong YZ, Zhu L, Zhou MJ, Shi WD
95 - 102 Novel CuCr2O4 embedded CuO nanocomposites for efficient photodegradation of organic dyes
Mageshwari K, Sathyamoorthy R, Lee JY, Park J
103 - 105 Growth of vertically oriented InN nanorods from In-rich conditions on unintentionally patterned sapphire substrates
Terziyska PT, Butcher KSA, Rafailov P, Alexandrov D
106 - 111 Theoretical and experimental analysis on effect of porous silicon surface treatment in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Khezami L, Al Megbel AO, Jemai AB, Ben Rabha M
112 - 117 Effects of nanoparticles size and concentration and laser power on nonlinear optical properties of Au and Au-CdSe nanocrystals
Salah A, Mansour A, Mohamed MB, Azzouz IM, Elnaby S, Badr Y
118 - 126 RGO/InVO4 hollowed-out nanofibers: Electrospinning synthesis and its application in photocatalysis
Ma D, Zhang YX, Gao MC, Xin YJ, Wu J, Bao N
127 - 136 Direct decomposition of methane over Pd promoted Ni/SBA-15 catalysts
Pudukudy M, Yaakob Z, Akmal ZS
137 - 149 On the mechanism of apatite-induced precipitation on 45S5 glass pellets coated with a natural-derived polymer
Araujo M, Miola M, Bertone E, Baldi G, Perez J, Verne E
150 - 157 The effect of anatase TiO2 surface structure on the behavior of ethanol adsorption and its initial dissociation step: A DFT study
Zhang RG, Liu ZX, Ling LX, Wang BJ
158 - 164 Effects of surface chemical properties of activated carbon fibers modified by liquid oxidation for CO2 adsorption
Bai BC, Kim EA, Lee CW, Lee YS, Im JS
165 - 172 Adsorption of nucleotides on biomimetic apatite: The case of adenosine 5' monophosphate (AMP)
Hammami K, El Feki H, Marsan O, Drouet C
173 - 183 Experimental and theoretical studies of xanthan gum and its graft co-polymer as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 15% HCl
Biswas A, Pal S, Udayabhanu G
184 - 188 Surface modification of low-carbon nano-crystallite bainite via laser remelting and following isothermal transformation
Xing XL, Zhou YF, Yang YL, Gao SY, Ren XJ, Yang QX
189 - 199 Controlled electrophoretic deposition of HAp/beta-TCP composite coatings on piranha treated 316L SS for enhanced mechanical and biological properties
Ananth KP, Nathanael AJ, Jose SP, Oh TH, Mangalaraj D, Ballamurugan AM
200 - 208 Evaluation of the kinetic and relaxation time of gentamicin sulfate released from hybrid biomaterial Bioglass-chitosan scaffolds
Wers E, Oudadesse H, Lefeuvre B, Merdrignac-Conanec O, Barroug A
209 - 213 Effect of ammonia etching on structural and electrical properties of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) absorbers
Hironiwa D, Takai R, Chantana J, Sakai N, Kato T, Sugimoto H, Minemoto T
214 - 223 Oxidation behavior of 2D C/SiC composites coated with multi-layer SiC/Si-B-C/SiC coatings under wet oxygen atmosphere
Liu YS, Wan JJ, Zuo XZ, Cheng LF, Zhang LT
224 - 231 Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes/carbon nanotube/carbon fiber multiscale composite: Influence of a novel hierarchical reinforcement on the interfacial properties
Zhang RL, Wang CG, Liu L, Cui HZ, Gao B
232 - 237 Sn doping in thermoelectric Bi2Te3 films by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Kim KC, Kwon B, Kim HJ, Baek SH, Hyun DB, Kim SK, Kim JS
238 - 244 Surface modification of an epoxy resin with polyamines and polydopamine: Adhesion toward electroless deposited copper
Schaubroeck D, Mader L, Dubruel P, Vanfleteren J
245 - 253 Internal oxidation of laminated ternary Ru-Ta-Zr coatings
Chen YI, Lu TS
254 - 262 The improvement of corrosion resistance of fluoropolymer coatings by SiO2/poly(styrene-co-butyl acrylate) nanocomposite particles
Chen L, Song RG, Li XW, Guo YQ, Wang C, Jiang Y
263 - 268 (ZnS)x(Cu0.1InS1.55) heteronanocrystals with broadband emission as a single component for potential WLEDs
Lu SH, Huang HZ, Wang YS, Chen TF, Wang AJ, Zheng D
269 - 274 Fabrication of hierarchically structured superhydrophobic PDMS surfaces by Cu and CuO casting
Migliaccio CP, Lazarus N
275 - 283 Efficient application of nano-TiO2 thin films in the photocatalytic removal of Alizarin Yellow from aqueous solutions
Tiwari D, Lalhriatpuia C, Lalhmunsiama, Lee SM, Kong SH
284 - 290 Characteristics of laser ultrasound interaction with multi-layered dissimilar metals adhesive interface by numerical simulation
Zhang KS, Zhou ZG, Zhou JH, Sun GK
291 - 299 Statistical characteristics of surface integrity by fiber laser cutting of Nitinol vascular stents
Fu CH, Liu JF, Guo A
300 - 306 Graphene assistance enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance of tin sulfide microspheres
Yang B, Chen P, Zuo XQ, Zhou L, Yang X, Li G, Wu MZ, Ma YQ, Jin SW, Zhu KR
307 - 316 Solvothermal fabrication of activated semi-coke supported TiO2-rGO nanocomposite photocatalysts and application for NO removal under visible light
Yang WW, Li CH, Wang L, Sun SN, Yan X
317 - 325 The effect of nanoparticles size on photocatalytic and antimicrobial properties of Ag-Pt/TiO2 photocatalysts
Zielinska-Jureka A, Wei Z, Wysocka I, Szweda P, Kowalska E
326 - 332 Tribological characteristics of monodispersed cerium borate nanospheres in biodegradable rapeseed oil lubricant
Chen BS, Gu KC, Fang JH, Wu J, Wang J, Zhang N
333 - 337 Metallization and stiffness of the Li-intercalated MoS2 bilayer
Petrova NV, Yakovkin IN, Zeze DA
338 - 341 Water repellent spray-type encapsulation of quantum dot light-emitting diodes using super-hydrophobic self-assembled nanoparticles
Han J, Bong J, Lim T, Lee KH, Yang H, Ju S
342 - 349 Effect of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) coating on TiO2-based MALDI matrix for dimethyl methylphosphonate (DMMP) analysis
Park EJ, Han SW, Jeong B, Park SH, Kim YG, Kim YH, Kim YD
350 - 362 Synthesis and characterization of ultrasound assisted "graphene oxide-magnetite" hybrid, and investigation of its adsorption properties for Sr(II) and Co(II) ions
Tayyebi A, Outokesh M, Moradi S, Doram A
363 - 375 Structural evolution of chitosan-palygorskite composites and removal of aqueous lead by composite beads
Rusmin R, Sarkar B, Liu YJ, McClure S, Naidu R
376 - 381 Preparation, characterization, and catalytic activity of zirconocene bridged on surface of silica gel
El Majdoub L, Shi YS, Yuan Y, Zhou AN, Abutartour A, Xu QH
382 - 390 Finite element analysis of the effect of the controlled parameters on plate forming induced by ultrasonic impact forming (UIF) process
Guo CB, Hu SS, Wang DP, Wang ZJ
391 - 399 Visible light driven Ag/Ag3PO4/AC photocatalyst with highly enhanced photodegradation of tetracycline antibiotics
Wang HQ, Ye ZF, Liu C, Li JZ, Zhou MJ, Guan QF, Lv P, Huo PW, Yan YS
400 - 404 Formation of periodic ripples through excitation of similar to 1 mu m spot using femtosecond-laser Bessel beam on c-Si
Sugawara R, Sekiguchi S, Yagi T
405 - 413 Microstructure and properties of the low-power-laser clad coatings on magnesium alloy with different amount of rare earth addition
Zhu RD, Li ZY, Li XX, Sun Q
414 - 418 Band alignment at the Cu2SnS3/In2S3 interface measured by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
Jia HJ, Cheng SY, Zhang H, Yu JL, Lai YF
419 - 424 Structural and chemical characterization of novel NixZn1-xGa2O4 nanocatalysts at atomic resolution
Xu Q, Wu ZC, Hong JH, Chang XF, Li XJ, Yan SC, Wang P
425 - 432 Oxidation and sensing of ascorbic acid and dopamine on self-assembled gold nanoparticles incorporated within polyaniline film
Chu WY, Zhou Q, Li SS, Zhao W, Li N, Zheng JW
433 - 438 Iron and iron oxide nanoparticles obtained by ultra-short laser ablation in liquid
De Bonis A, Lovaglio T, Galasso A, Santagata A, Teghil R
439 - 448 Synthesis and characterization of boron antimonide films by pulsed laser deposition technique
Das S, Bhunia R, Hussain S, Bhar R, Chakraborty BR, Pal AK
449 - 458 Tuning the morphology of metastable MnS films by simple chemical bath deposition technique
Dhandayuthapani T, Girish M, Sivakumar R, Sanjeeviraja C, Gopalakrishnan R
459 - 468 Study of hafnium oxide thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering under glancing angle deposition at varying target to substrate distance
Haque SM, Rao KD, Misal JS, Tokas RB, Shinde DD, Ramana JV, Rai S, Sahoo NK
469 - 479 Hydrothermal synthesis of fluorinated anatase TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites and their photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A
Luo LJ, Yang Y, Zhang A, Wang M, Liu YJ, Bian LC, Jiang FZ, Pan XJ
480 - 488 Prepare core-multishell CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals with pure color and controlled emission by tri-n-octylphosphine-assisted method
Ren CL, Hao JJ, Chen HL, Wang K, Wu D
489 - 493 Magnetization reorientation induced by interfacial structures in ultrathin disordered FePt film sandwiched by SiO2 layers
Yang G, Zhang JY, Wang SG, Jiang SL, Zhao YC, Ma QD, Wang C, Dong BW, Liu JL, Zhang Y, Sun Y, Wu ZL, Yu GH
494 - 498 Grain size effect on indentation of nanocrystalline copper
Huang CC, Chiang TC, Fang TH
499 - 503 Interpolymer complexes of poly(acrylic acid) and poly(ethylene glycol) for low dishing in STI CMP
Seo J, Moon J, Moon S, Paik U
504 - 511 Role of Y in the oxidation resistance of CrAlYN coatings
Dominguez-Meister S, El Mrabet S, Escobar-Galindo R, Mariscal A, de Haro CJ, Justo A, Brizuela M, Rojas TC, Sanchez-Lopez JC
512 - 521 Investigating and understanding the effects of multiple femtosecond laser scans on the surface topography of stainless steel 304 and titanium
Ling EJY, Said J, Brodusch N, Gauvin R, Servio P, Kietzig AM
522 - 529 Further improving the mechanical and tribological properties of low content Ti-doped DLC film by W incorporating
Gao KX, Zhang LF, Wang J, Zhang B, Zhang JY
530 - 539 Degradation of modified carbon black/epoxy nanocomposite coatings under ultraviolet exposure
Ghasemi-Kahrizsangi A, Shariatpanahi H, Neshati J, Akbarinezhad E
540 - 547 Study of metal specific interaction, F-LUMO and VL shift to understand interface of CuPc thin films and noble metal surfaces
Sinha S, Mukherjee M
548 - 552 The effect of periodic magnetic field on the fabrication and field emission properties of nanocrystalline diamond films
Long HY, Li SS, Luo H, Wang YJ, Wei QP, Yu ZM
553 - 563 Simple hydrothermal synthesis of metal oxides coupled nanocomposites: Structural, optical, magnetic and photocatalytic studies
Ganeshraja AS, Clara AS, Rajkumar K, Wang YJ, Wang Y, Wang JH, Anbalagan K
564 - 567 Effect of droplet size on wetting behavior on laser textured SiC surface
Wang R, Bai SX
568 - 573 Hierarchical micro/nanostructures generated by femtosecond laser beams modified through a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
Chen YD, Tsai WJ, Liu SH, Horng JB
574 - 579 Pressure-dependent electrolytic conduction of track-etched single conical nanopore
Zhu XR, Wang L, Wang CM, Jiao Z, Wang WD, Qin GY, Xue JM
580 - 587 Reduced graphene oxide/ZnO nanohybrids: Metallic Zn powder induced one-step synthesis for enhanced photocurrent and photocatalytic response
Song N, Fan HQ, Tian HL
588 - 593 As-4 overpressure effects on the phase purity of cubic GaN layers grown on GaAs substrates by RF-MBE
Casallas-Moreno YL, Gallardo-Hernandez S, Ruiz-Zepeda F, Monroy BM, Hernandez-Hernandez A, Herrera-Gomez A, Escobosa-Echavarria A, Santana G, Ponce A, Lopez-Lopez M
594 - 599 Conductive polymer/reduced graphene oxide/Au nano particles as efficient composite materials in electrochemical supercapacitors
Shayeh JS, Ehsani A, Ganjali MR, Norouzi P, Jaleh B
600 - 607 Polarization dependent micro-structuring of silicon with a femtosecond laser
Al-Khazraji H, Bhardwaj VR
608 - 614 Electroless silver plating on PET fabric initiated by in situ reduction of polyaniline
Mu SP, Xie HY, Wang W, Yu D
615 - 627 Comparison microstructure and sliding wear properties of nickel-cobalt/CNT composite coatings by DC, PC and PRC current electrodeposition
Karslioglu R, Akbulut H
628 - 635 Tuning the surface morphology of self-assembled graphene-like thin films through pH variation
Alfe M, Gargiulo V, Di Capua R
636 - 642 Wetting transition of the ordered nanoporous matrix layer under impact and static pressure
Xue J, Su PB, Dong WW, Jiang XQ, Chen QM, Wang QJ
643 - 650 Tribological performance of Mg/Al/Ce layered double hydroxides nanoparticles and intercalated products as lubricant additives
Li S, Qin HJ, Zuo RF, Bai ZM
651 - 661 Rational control on floating catalysts for the growth of carbon nanotube assemblies: From vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays to carbon nanotube films
Chen HY, Chen MH, Zhang YY, Li QW
662 - 669 Adsorptions of SO2, SOF2, and SO2F2 on Pt-modified anatase (101) surface: Sensing mechanism study
Zhang XX, Chen QC, Hu WH, Zhang JB
670 - 678 Molecular dynamics study of oil detachment from an amorphous silica surface in water medium
Chen JX, Si H, Chen WY
679 - 685 Understanding the dispersion of Ag on high surface area TiO2 supports using XPS intensity ratios
Davis ZD, Tatarchuk BJ
686 - 692 Laser and pyrolysis removal of fluorinated ethylene propylene thin layers applied on EN AW-5251 aluminium substrates
Guerrero GR, Sevilla L, Soriano C
693 - 699 Valence band structure of PDMS surface and a blend with MWCNTs: A UPS and MIES study of an insulating polymer
Schmerl NM, Khodakov DA, Stapleton AJ, Ellis AV, Andersson GG
700 - 707 Femtosecond laser ablation and nanoparticle formation in intermetallic NiAl
Jorgensen DJ, Titus MS, Pollock TM
708 - 713 Characterization of carbon contamination under ion and hot atom bombardment in a tin-plasma extreme ultraviolet light source
Dolgov A, Lopaev D, Lee CJ, Zoethout E, Medvedev V, Yakushev O, Bijkerk F
714 - 722 Synthesis of single-crystal-like TiO2 hierarchical spheres with exposed {101} and {111} facets via lysine-inspired method
Zheng ZY, Wang ZF, Xie LY, Fang ZB, Feng WH, Huang ML, Liu P
723 - 727 Preparation of methoxyl poly(ethylene glycol) (MPEG)-coated carbonyl iron particles (CIPs) and their application in potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) magnetorheological finishing (MRF)
Ji F, Xu M, Wang BR, Wang C, Li XY, Zhang YF, Zhou M, Huang W, Wei QL, Tang GP, He JG
728 - 734 Effect of W-Ti target composition on the surface chemistry and electronic structure of WO3-TiO2 films made by reactive sputtering
Vargas M, Lopez DM, Murphy NR, Grant JT, Ramana CV
735 - 743 Photoinduced switchable wettability of bismuth coating with hierarchical dendritic structure between superhydrophobicity and superhydrophilicity
Su CP, Lu Z, Zhao HP, Yang H, Chen R
744 - 749 Effect of hydrogen flow on growth of 3C-SiC heteroepitaxial layers on Si(111) substrates
Yan GG, Zhang F, Niu YX, Yang F, Liu XF, Wang L, Zhao WS, Sun GS, Zeng YP
750 - 756 Detection and analysis of SERS effect of nano gold by self-assembly chemical plating composite method
Wang CY, Xu Y, Zhao HZ, Gang C, Lai CH, Liao X, Wang R
757 - 763 Topographic characterization of the self-assembled nanostructures of chitosan on mica surface by atomic force microscopy
Wang L, Wu JF, Guo Y, Gong CC, Song YH
764 - 773 Subsurface mechanical damage during bound abrasive grinding of fused silica glass
Blaineau P, Andre D, Laheurte R, Darnis P, Darbois N, Cahuc O, Neauport J
774 - 780 Effects of Ni-W(Au) coated Cu microcones on the bonding interfaces
Hu FT, Wang HZ, Yang S, Hu AM, Li M
781 - 787 Modeling and experimental study of oil/water contact angle on biomimetic micro-parallel-patterned self-cleaning surfaces of selected alloys used in water industry
Nickelsen S, Moghadam AD, Ferguson JB, Rohatgi P
788 - 792 Three-dimensional microporous polypyrrole/polysulfone composite film electrode for supercapacitance performance
Feng XJ, Shi YL, Jin SP
793 - 803 The influence of gold nanoparticles on the conductivity response of SnO2-based thin film gas sensors
Korotcenkov G, Brinzari V, Gulina LB, Cho BK
804 - 810 Fabrication and wettability of monolithic bimodal porous Cu with Gasar macro-pores and dealloying nano-pores
Du M, Zhang HW, Li YX, Liu Y, Chen X, He Y
811 - 819 Optimization of process factors for self-healing vanadium-based conversion coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Li K, Liu JY, Lei T, Xiao T
820 - 828 A theoretical view of 1,3-butadiene selective hydrogenation toward cis-2-butene on Pd-Ni layered catalyst
Gomez G, Belelli PG, Cabeza GF, Castellani NJ
829 - 834 Formation of hydrated layers in PMMA thin films in aqueous solution
Akers PW, Nelson ARJ, Williams DE, McGillivray DJ
835 - 842 Porous Zn-doped TiO2 nanowall photoanode: Effect of Zn2+ concentration on the dye-sensitized solar cell performance
Saad SKM, Umar AA, Abd Rahman MY, Salleh MM
843 - 850 Wettability of modified silica layers deposited on glass support activated by plasma
Terpilowski K, Rymuszka D, Goncharuk OV, Sulym IY, Gun'ko VM
851 - 855 Influence of accumulation effects on heating of silicon surface by femtosecond laser pulses
Guk I, Shandybina G, Yakovlev E
856 - 864 Flotation performances and adsorption mechanism of alpha-hydroxyoctyl phosphinic acid to cassiterite
Li FX, Zhong H, Zhao G, Wang S, Liu GY
865 - 872 Ag-loaded TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Vasilaki E, Georgaki I, Vernardou D, Vamvakaki M, Katsarakis N
873 - 881 The surface modifications of multi-walled carbon nanotubes for multi-walled carbon nanotube/poly(ether ether ketone) composites
Cao ZS, Qiu L, Yang YZ, Chen YK, Liu XG
882 - 889 novel collector 2-ethyl-2-hexenoic hydroxamic acid: Flotation performance and adsorption mechanism to ilmenite
Xu HF, Zhong H, Tang Q, Wang S, Zhao G, Liu GY
890 - 901 1-Dodecanethiol based highly stable self-assembled monolayers for germanium passivation
Cai Q, Xu BJ, Ye L, Di ZF, Huang SL, Du XW, Zhang JS, Jin QH, Zhao JL
902 - 912 First-principles investigation of the activation of CO2 molecule on TM/Cu (TM = Fe, Co and Ni) surface alloys
Qiu M, Fang ZX, Li Y, Zhu J, Huang X, Ding KN, Chen WK, Zhang YF
913 - 923 Recyclable and visible light sensitive Ag-AgBr/TiO2: Surface adsorption and photodegradation of MO
Liu XX, Zhang D, Guo B, Qu Y, Tian G, Yue HJ, Feng SH
924 - 932 The inhibitive mechanisms of nitrite and molybdate anions on initiation and propagation of pitting corrosion for mild steel in chloride solution
Zhou Y, Zuo Y
933 - 938 Interplay effects of humidity and UV light sensitivities of Zn0.9Mg0.1O nanogranular thin films
Brouri T, Lescop B, Elies P, Rioual S
939 - 948 Highly effective and stable Ag3PO4-WO3/MWCNTs photocatalysts for simultaneous Cr(VI) reduction and orange II degradation under visible light irradiation
Cai L, Xiong XL, Liang NG, Long QY
949 - 957 One-pot facile synthesis of branched Ag-ZnO heterojunction nanostructure as highly efficient photocatalytic catalyst
Huang QL, Zhang QT, Yuan SS, Zhang YC, Zhang M
958 - 963 Electrical activation of nitrogen heavily implanted 3C-SiC(100)
Li F, Sharma Y, Shah V, Jennings M, Perez-Tomas A, Myronov M, Fisher C, Leadley D, Mawby P
964 - 972 The fabrication of stable superhydrophobic surfaces using a thin Au/Pd coating over a hydrophilic 3C-SiC nanorod network
Khan A, Sohail S, Jacob C
973 - 978 High coverage hydrogen adsorption on the Fe3O4(110) surface
Yu XH, Zhang XM, Wang SG
979 - 985 Kinetics behavior of long-chain n-alkanethiols adsorbed on copper surface
Zhang YZ, Zhou J, Han XL, Zhang XL, Hu J
986 - 994 Adsorption of F2C=CFCl on TiO2 nano-powder: Structures, energetics and vibrational properties from DRIFT spectroscopy and periodic quantum chemical calculations
Tasinato N, Moro D, Stoppa P, Charmet AP, Toninello P, Giorgianni S
995 - 1002 Effects of combined plasma chromizing and shot peening on the fatigue properties of a Ti6Al4V alloy
Yu SM, Liu DX, Zhang XH, Du DX
1003 - 1012 Co-doped MoS2 NPs with matched energy band and low overpotential high efficiently convert CO2 to methanol
Peng H, Lu J, Wu CX, Yang ZX, Chen H, Song WJ, Li PQ, Yin HZ
1013 - 1022 High temperature oxidation behavior of Mg-Y-Sn, Mg-Y, Mg-Sn alloys and its effect on corrosion property
Yu XW, Jiang B, Yang H, Yang QS, Xia XS, Pan FS
1023 - 1030 Investigation on the evolution of microstructure and texture of electroplated Ni-Ti composite coating by Rietveld method
Zhao YT, Cai F, Wang CX, Chai Z, Zhu KY, Xu Z, Jiang CH
1031 - 1036 Preparation of silica aerogels using CTAB/SDS as template and their efficient adsorption
Li W, Li FY, Zhuo FL, Cao MJ, Cai Q, Huang J, Zhang WJ, Mu MW
1037 - 1045 Electrochemical activity of iron in acid treated bentonite and influence of added nickel
Mudrinic T, Mojovic Z, Milutinovic-Nikolic A, Mojovic M, Zunic M, Vukelic N, Jovanovic D
1046 - 1051 Pulsed laser deposition of anatase thin films on textile substrates
Kramer A, Kunz C, Graf S, Muller FA
1052 - 1060 Effects of B2/B19' phase boundary on thermally induced phase transition in NiTi: An atomistic study
Qin SJ, Shang JX, Wang X, Wang FH
1061 - 1069 Synthesis and oxygen vacancy related NO2 gas sensing properties of ZnO:Co nanorods arrays gown by a hydrothermal method
Zou CW, Liang F, Xue SW
1070 - 1081 Tailoring molybdenum nanostructure evolution by low-energy He+ ion irradiation
Tripathi JK, Novakowski TJ, Hassanein A
1082 - 1086 Correlation between surface morphology and electrical properties of VO2 films grown by direct thermal oxidation method
Yoon J, Park C, Park S, Mun BS, Ju H
1087 - 1094 Removal of arsenate by ferrihydrite via surface complexation and surface precipitation
Jiang XL, Peng CJ, Fu D, Chen Z, Shen L, Li QB, Ouyang T, Wang YP
1095 - 1102 BSA adsorption onto nanospheres: Influence of surface curvature as probed by electrophoretic light scattering and UV/vis spectroscopy
Sanchez-Perez JA, Gallardo-Moreno AM, Gonzalez-Martin ML, Vadillo-Rodriguez V
1103 - 1111 Oil detachment from silica surface modified by carboxy groups in aqueous cetyltriethylammonium bromide solution
Li XF, Xue QZ, Wu TT, Jin YK, Ling CC, Lu SF
1112 - 1116 Surface nano-texturing of silicon by picosecond laser irradiation through TiO2 nanotube arrays
Babu KESR, Duraiselvam M
1117 - 1125 A mild synthetic route to Fe3O4@TiO2-Au composites: preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity
Ma JQ, Guo SB, Guo XH, Ge HG
1126 - 1136 Studies on interfacial tension and contact angle of synthesized surfactant and polymeric from castor oil for enhanced oil recovery
Babu K, Pal N, Bera A, Saxena VK, Mandal A
1137 - 1142 Preparation and surface properties of transparent UV-resistant "petal effect" superhydrophobic surface based on polybenzoxazine
Liu J, Lu X, Xin Z, Zhou CL
1143 - 1149 Observation of a crossover in kinetic aggregation of Palladium colloids
Ghafari M, Ranjbar M, Rouhani S
1150 - 1155 High-adhesion Cu patterns fabricated by nanosecond laser modification and electroless copper plating
Lv M, Liu JG, Zeng XY, Du QF, Ai J
1156 - 1163 Surface properties of W-implanted TiN coatings post-treated by low temperature ion sulfurization
Tian B, Yue W, Wang CB, Liu JJ
1164 - 1169 Characterization of the PtNi(111) surface and their influence on the selectivity of C=C and COOH bonds: A DFT study
Simonetti S, Tortorella ED, Brizuela G, Juan A
1170 - 1178 Binary iron-chromium oxide as negative electrode for lithium-ion micro-batteries - spectroscopic and microscopic characterization
Tian BB, Swiatowska J, Maurice V, Zanna S, Seyeux A, Marcus P
1179 - 1185 Diatomite-immobilized BiOI hybrid photocatalyst: Facile deposition synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li BY, Huang HW, Guo YX, Zhang YH
1186 - 1194 Rapid fabrication of Al2O3 encapsulations for organic electronic devices
Ali K, Ali J, Mehdi SM, Choi KH, An YJ
1195 - 1202 Electric and pyroelectric properties of AIN thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering on Si substrate
Stan GE, Botea M, Boni GA, Pintilie I, Pintilie L
1203 - 1207 Transparent and electrically conductive GaSb/Si direct wafer bonding at low temperatures by argon-beam surface activation
Predan F, Reinwand D, Klinger V, Dimroth F
1208 - 1213 Photoelectron spectroscopy as an in situ contact-less method for studies of MOS properties of ultrathin oxides on Si
Silva AG, Pedersen K, Li ZSS, Morgen P
1214 - 1222 Surface structures induced by ultrashort laser pulses: Formation mechanisms of ripples and grooves
He ST, Nivas JJJ, Anoop KK, Vecchione A, Hu ML, Bruzzese R, Amoruso S
1223 - 1233 Mechanical and wet tribological properties of carbon fabric/phenolic composites with different weave filaments counts
Li WB, Huang JF, Fei J, Cao LY, Yao CY
1234 - 1241 How to decrease the hydrophilicity of wood flour to process efficient composite materials
Pouzet M, Gautier D, Charlet K, Dubois M, Beakou A
1242 - 1252 How deposition parameters affect corrosion behavior of TiO2-Al2O3 nanocomposite coatings
Niazi H, Yari S, Golestani-Fard F, Shahmiri M, Wang W, Alfantazi A, Bayati R
1253 - 1259 Solvent-treated PEDOT:PSS on the improvement PTB7 based on polymer solar cells performance
Huang D, Xu Z, Zhao SL, Li Y, Zhao L, Jin SQ
1260 - 1268 One-step preparation of CNTs/InVO4 hollow nanofibers by electrospinning and its photocatalytic performance under visible light
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