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Applied Surface Science, Vol.351 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Experimental investigations on fiber laser color marking of steels
Amara EH, Haid F, Noukaz A
13 - 26 An investigation of the characteristics of Al2O3/TiO2 PEO nanocomposite coating
Bahramian A, Raeissi K, Hakimizad A
27 - 32 A new tool for differentiating hepatocellular cancer cells: Patterned carbon nanotube arrays
Kucukayan-Dogu G, Gozen D, Bitirim V, Akcali KC, Bengu E
33 - 39 Partial oxidation controlled activity regeneration of used Ag3PO4 photocatalyst via removing the in situ surface metallic silver
Zhou CC, Zhao YJ, Cao J, Lin HL, Chen SF
40 - 47 Cyanate ester resin filled with graphene nanosheets and CoFe2O4 reduced graphene oxide nanohybrids as a microwave absorber
Ren F, Zhu GM, Ren PG, Wang K, Cui XP, Yan XG
48 - 54 Surface polaritons on the interface between an enhanced dielectric and a nanocomposite media
Filatov LD, Eliseeva SV, Sementsov DI
55 - 65 A novel simple strategy for in situ deposition of apatite layer on AZ31B magnesium alloy for bone tissue regeneration
Mousa HM, Lee DH, Park CH, Kim CS
66 - 73 Co-modification of F- and Fe(III) ions as a facile strategy towards effective separation of photogenerated electrons and holes
Wang XF, Yu R, Wang P, Chen F, Yu HG
74 - 82 Superhydrophobic/superoleophilic magnetic elastomers by laser ablation
Milionis A, Fragouli D, Brandi F, Liakos I, Barroso S, Ruffilli R, Athanassiou A
83 - 88 Two-dimensional Pb-Sn alloy monolayer films on Ag(111)
Yuhara J, Ako T
89 - 94 Polymeric flocculant based on cassava starch grafted polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride: Flocculation behavior and mechanism
Razali MAA, Ariffin A
95 - 103 Synthesis, characterization, and application of nano hydroxyapatite and nanocomposite of hydroxyapatite with granular activated carbon for the removal of Pb2+ from aqueous solutions
Fernando MS, de Silva RM, de Silva KMN
104 - 112 Microwave-induced crystallization of AC/TiO2 for improving the performance of rhodamine B dye degradation
Tian F, Wu ZS, Chen QY, Yan YJ, Cravotto G, Wu ZL
113 - 118 Improving the performance of nickel-coated fluorine-doped tin oxide thin films by magnetic-field-assisted laser annealing
Li BJ, Huang LJ, Ren NF, Kong X, Cai YL, Zhang JL
119 - 124 Interfacial composition and adhesion of sputtered-Y2O3 film on ZnS substrate
Lei P, Dai B, Zhu JQ, Tian G, Chen XT, Wang YS, Zhu YK, Liu G, Yang L, Han JC
125 - 134 Adsorption and dissociation of H2S on Mo2C(001) surface-A first-principle study
Fu DL, Guo WY, Liu YJ, Chi YH
135 - 139 Femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface nanostructuring of sputtered platinum thin films
Rodriguez A, Morant-Minana MC, Dias-Ponte A, Martinez-Calderon M, Gomez-Aranzadi M, Olaizola SM
140 - 147 Hydrothermal synthesis of magnetic CoFe2O4/graphene nanocomposites with improved photocatalytic activity
Gan L, Shang SM, Yuen CWM, Jiang SX, Hu EL
148 - 154 Laser direct writing of crystalline Fe2O3 atomic sheets on steel surface in aqueous medium
Lin D, Kumar P, Jin SY, Liu S, Nian Q, Cheng GJ
155 - 163 Simultaneous removal of cations and anions from waste water by bifunctional mesoporous silica
Wu QP, Chen FY, Xu YL, Yu Y
164 - 168 Effect of annealing temperature on oxygen vacancy concentrations of nanocrystalline CeO2 film
Wang K, Chang YQ, Lv L, Long Y
169 - 174 Preparation and characterization of electrospun poly(phthalazinone ether nitrile ketone) membrane with novel thermally stable properties
Wang G, Zhang H, Qian BQ, Wang JY, Jian XG, Qiu JS
175 - 187 Niobium substituted magnetite as a strong heterogeneous Fenton catalyst for wastewater treatment
Pouran SR, Aziz ARA, Daud WMAW, Embong Z
188 - 192 The influence of substrate orientation and annealing condition on the properties of LaMnO3 thin films grown by polymer-assisted deposition
Xie CZ, Shi L, Zhao JY, Li Y, Zhou SM, Yao D
193 - 202 Adsorption mechanisms of lithium oxides (LixO2) on a graphene-based electrode: A density functional theory approach
Lee JH, Kang SG, Moon HS, Park H, Kim IT, Lee SG
203 - 208 Modification of polyamide-CdS-CdSe composite material films with Ag using a cation-cation exchange reaction
Krylova V, Zalenkiene S, Dukstiene N, Baltrusaitis J
209 - 215 Electrochemical performance of layer-spinel composite cathode materials at elevated temperature and high rate
Deng YF, Zhao SX, Xu YH, Nan CW
216 - 224 Comparative studies on Ag3PO4/BiPO4-metal-organic framework-graphene-based nanocomposites for photocatalysis application
Mohaghegh N, Tasviri M, Rahimi E, Gholami MR
225 - 231 Controlled deposition and enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance of Pt-modified TiO2 nanotube arrays
Lv J, Gao HZ, Wang HG, Lu XJ, Xu GQ, Wang DM, Chen Z, Zhang XY, Zheng ZX, Wu YC
232 - 235 Enhanced electronic injection in organic light-emitting diodes by incorporating silver nanoclusters and cesium carbonate
Chen YC, Gao CY, Chen KL, Sze PW, Huang CJ
236 - 242 Fabricating bio-inspired micro/nano-particles by polydopamine coating and surface interactions with blood platelets
Ye W, Shi Q, Hou JW, Gao J, Li CM, Jin J, Shi HC, Yin JH
243 - 249 Samarium-modified vanadium phosphate catalyst for the selective oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride
Wu HY, Wang HB, Liu XH, Li JH, Yang MH, Huang CJ, Weng WZ, Wan HL
250 - 259 Surface chemistry and catalytic performance of chromia/alumina catalysts derived from different potassium impregnation sequences
Liu DL, Bai P, Wu PP, Han DZ, Chai YM, Yan ZF
260 - 269 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Gd-doped porous beta-Bi2O3 photocatalysts under visible light irradiation
Luo XC, Zhu GQ, Peng JH, Wei XM, Hojamberdiev M, Jin L, Liu P
270 - 279 Facile synthesis and high activity of novel BiVO4/FeVO4 heteroj unction photocatalyst for degradation of metronidazole
Li JH, Zhao W, Guo Y, Wei ZB, Han MS, He H, Yang SG, Sun C
280 - 288 Surface modification of carbon black for the reinforcement of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene blends
Zhang BB, Chen Y, Wang F, Hong RY
289 - 295 Surface severe plastic deformation of AISI 304 via conventional shot peening, severe shot peening and repeening
Unal O, Varol R
296 - 302 Influence of laser ablation parameters on trueness of imaging
Vaculovic T, Warchilova T, Cadkova Z, Szakova J, Tlustos P, Otruba V, Kanicky V
303 - 308 A three-dimensional graphene-TiO2 nanotube nanocomposite with exceptional photocatalytic activity for dye degradation
Zhao FH, Dong BH, Gao RJ, Su G, Liu W, Shi L, Xia CH, Cao LX
309 - 315 Fabrication of high-performance CuInSe2 nanocrystals-modified TiO2 NTs for photocatalytic degradation applications
Wu ZM, Tong X, Sheng PT, Li WL, Yin XH, Zou JM, Cai QY
316 - 319 The relationship between the electron work function and friction behavior of passive alloys under different conditions
Liu SY, Lu H, Li DY
320 - 326 Synthesis of highly monodispersed teardrop-shaped core-shell SiO2/TiO2 nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activities
Wu LH, Zhou YF, Nie WY, Song LY, Chen PP
327 - 331 Bubble dynamics in metal nanoparticle formation by laser ablation in liquid studied through high-speed laser stroboscopic videography
Tanabe R, Nguyen TTP, Sugiura T, Ito Y
332 - 343 Wear and corrosion resistance of CrN/TiN superlattice coatings deposited by a combined deep oscillation magnetron sputtering and pulsed dc magnetron sputtering
Ou YX, Lin J, Tong S, Che HL, Sproul WD, Lei MK
344 - 352 Covalent and noncovalent functionalization of pristine and defective graphene by cyclohexane and dehydrogenated derivatives
Sayin CS, Toffoli D, Ustunel H
353 - 357 One-step synthesis of boronic acid group modified silica particles by the aid of epoxy silanes
Wang Y, Zhou CP, Sun L, Yu BQ, Cao M, Zhong SA
358 - 366 Highly efficient oil/water separation and excellent self-cleaning surfaces based on 1-triacontanol-polymerized octadecylsiloxane coatings
Jin YX, Ke QP, Jiang P, Zhu YSN, Cheng FH, Zhang YX
367 - 373 The passive oxide films growth on 316L stainless steel in borate buffer solution measured by real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry
Xu HS, Wang L, Sun DB, Yu HY
374 - 381 Facile synthesis of graphene-like Co3S4 nanosheet/Ag2S nanocomposite with enhanced performance in visible-light photocatalysis
Xu MY, Niu HL, Huang JJ, Song JM, Mao CJ, Zhang SY, Zhu CF, Chen CL
382 - 391 Lattice structures and electronic properties of WZ-CuInS2/MoS2 interface from first-principles calculations
Liu HX, Tang FL, Xue HT, Zhang Y, Feng YD
392 - 400 Defects generated by MF magnetron sputtering and their influences on the electrical and optical properties of Al doped ZnO thin films
Hao CS, Shirolkar MM, Li JN, Wu BJ, Yin SL, Li M, Wang HQ
401 - 409 Surface characteristics of ruthenium in periodate-based slurry during chemical mechanical polishing
Cheng J, Wang TQ, Jiang L, Lu XC
410 - 415 Preparation of novel functional Mg/O/PCL/ZnO composite biomaterials and their corrosion resistance
Xi ZX, Tan C, Xu L, Yang N, Li Q
416 - 424 AgCl-loaded mesoporous anatase TiO2 with large specific surface area for enhancing photocatalysis
Zhao ZF, Wang YZ, Xu J, Shang CY, Wang Y
425 - 432 PEGylation of carbon nanotubes via mussel inspired chemistry: Preparation, characterization and biocompatibility evaluation
Zhang XY, Zeng GJ, Tian JW, Wan Q, Huang Q, Wang K, Zhang QS, Liu MY, Deng FJ, Wei Y
433 - 444 Adsorption of atomic oxygen, electron structure and elastic moduli of TiC(001) surface during its laser reconstruction: Ab initio study
Ilyasov VV, Pham KD, Holodova OM, Ershov IV
445 - 450 Highly flexible peeled-off silver nanowire transparent anode using in organic light-emitting devices
Duan YH, Duan Y, Wang X, Yang D, Yang YQ, Chen P, Sun FB, Xue KW, Zhao Y
451 - 459 Improvement and optimization of the growth quality of upright ZnO rod arrays by the response surface methodology
Cheng YJ, Wang J, Jonsson PG, Zhao Z
460 - 465 Electrical-potential induced surface wettability of porous metallic nanostructures
Kim S, Polycarpou AA, Liang H
466 - 473 Quaternized chitosan/silver nanoparticles composite as a SERS substrate for detecting tricyclazole and Sudan I
Chen KH, Shen ZG, Luo JW, Wang XY, Sun RC
474 - 479 Hydrothermal synthesis of FeWO4-graphene composites and their photocatalytic activities under visible light
He GL, Chen MJ, Liu YQ, Li X, Liu YJ, Xu YH
480 - 486 Effective piezoelectric coefficient measurement of BaTiO3 thin films using the X-ray diffraction technique under electric field available in a standard laboratory
Thery V, Bayart A, Blach JF, Roussel P, Saitzek S
487 - 491 Fabrication of undoped ZnO thin film via photosensitive sol-gel method and its applications for an electron transport layer of organic solar cells
Luong CH, Kim S, Surabhi S, Vo TS, Lee KM, Yoon SG, Jeong JH, Choi JH, Jeong JR
492 - 503 Binding energy referencing for XPS in alkali metal-based battery materials research (I): Basic model investigations
Oswald S
504 - 516 Insights into the mechanisms of CO2 methanation on Ni(111) surfaces by density functional theory
Ren J, Guo HL, Yang JZ, Qin ZF, Lin JY, Li Z
517 - 523 Effects of Zr doping on the surface energy and surface structure of UO2: Atomistic simulations
Xiao HX, Long CS, Chen HS, Tian XF, Wei TG, Zhao Y, Gao W
524 - 530 Experimental investigation of laser peening on Ti17 titanium alloy for rotor blade applications
Qiao HC
531 - 536 Nanoscale study of perovskite BiFeO3/spinel (Fe,Zn)(3)O-4 co-deposited thin film by electrical scanning probe methods
Borowiak AS, Okada K, Kanki T, Gautier B, Vilquin B, Tanaka H
537 - 545 Direct covalent coupling of proteins to nanostructured plasma polymers: a route to tunable cell adhesion
Melnichuk I, Choukourov A, Bilek M, Weiss A, Vandrovcova M, Bacakova L, Hanus J, Kousal J, Shelemin A, Solar P, Slavinska D, Biederman H
546 - 549 Synthesis and electrical characterization of vertically-aligned ZnO-CuO hybrid nanowire p-n junctions
Pukird S, Song W, Noothongkaew S, Kim SK, Min BK, Kim SJ, Kim KW, Myung S, An KS
550 - 557 Structural and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals embedded in silicon carbide: Comparison of single layers and multilayer structures
Weiss C, Schnabel M, Reichert A, Loper P, Janz S
558 - 564 Structural and electronic properties of cubic KNbO3 (001) surfaces: A first-principles study
Luo BC, Wang XH, Tian EK, Li GW, Li LT
565 - 572 Impact behavior of single-layered graphene sheets based on analytical model and molecular dynamics simulation
Seifoori S, Hajabdollahi H
573 - 579 Selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen over MnO2 prepared by urea-assisted hydrothermal method
Qu ZP, Fan R, Wang Z, Wang H, Miao L
580 - 587 Characterization of advanced polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) targets for TNSA laser irradiation
Torrisi L, Cutroneo M, Semian V, Ceccio G
588 - 593 Three dimensional web-like fibrous CuInS2 film
Yoon H, Kim MW, Kim H, Al-Deyab SS, James SC, Ahn S, Yoon SS
594 - 599 Study of the growth kinetics of biomimetically grown hydroxyapatite coatings in large gradient magnetic fields
Ye YJ, Liu YY, Yin DC
600 - 609 Effect of microwave power on the thermal genesis of Co3O4 nanoparticles from cobalt oxalate micro-rods
Abu-Zied BM, Bawaked SM, Kosa SA, Schwieger W
610 - 623 Corrosion behavior of low-alloy steel with martensite/ferrite microstructure at vapor-saturated CO2 and CO2-saturated brine conditions
Liu ZG, Gao XH, Du LX, Li JP, Kuang Y, Wu B
624 - 634 Composition analysis of ancient celadon via femtosecond laser ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
He MH, Xiao YF, Zhang SD, Liu R, Hang W, Huang BL
635 - 645 Facile large scale synthesis of Bi2S3 nano rods-graphene composite for photocatalytic photoelectrochemical and supercapacitor application
Vadivel S, Naveen AN, Kamalakannan VP, Cao P, Balasubramanian N
646 - 654 High density silanization of nano-silica particles using gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES)
Qiao B, Wang TJ, Gao H, Jin Y
655 - 661 Microwave-assisted aqueous synthesis of transition metal ions doped ZnSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with tunable white-light emission
Zhang J, Chen QH, Zhang WL, Mei SL, He LJ, Zhu JT, Chen GP, Guo RQ
662 - 672 NO adsorption studies on silicene nanosheet: DFT investigation
Chandiramouli R, Srivastava A, Nagarajan V
673 - 680 ATR FT-IR spectroscopy on Vmh2 hydrophobin self-assembled layers for Teflon membrane bio-functionalization
Portaccio M, Gravagnuolo AM, Longobardi S, Giardina P, Rea I, De Stefano L, Cammarota M, Lepore M
681 - 685 Enhanced visible-light activities for PEC water reduction of CuO nanoplates by coupling with anatase TiO2 and mechanism
Li ZJ, Qu Y, He GW, Humayun M, Chen SY, Jing LQ
686 - 692 Effects of Ga-induced reconstructed surfaces and atomic steps on the morphology of GaSb islands on Si(100)
Machida R, Toda R, Fujikawa S, Hara S, Watanabe I, Fujishiro HI
693 - 696 Laser-induced thermoelectric voltage effect of La0.9Sr0.1NiO3 films
Zhang LS, Su XH, Sun Z, Fang Y
697 - 703 Improvement of the optical and morphological properties of microlens arrays fabricated by laser using a sol-gel coating
Nieto D, Gomez-Varela AI, Martin YC, O'Connor GM, Flores-Arias MT
704 - 708 The effect of Cu doping concentration on resistive switching of HfO2 film
Guo TT, Tan TT, Liu ZT
709 - 714 Surface composition and catalytic activity of La-Fe mixed oxides for methane oxidation
Liu FX, Li ZP, Ma HW, Gao ZM
715 - 724 Preparation and arsenic adsorption assessment of PPESK ultrafiltration membranes with organic/inorganic additives
Ji JW, Yun YB, Zeng Z, Wang RC, Zheng XY, Deng LH, Li CL
725 - 737 Structural and thermodynamic characterization of modified cellulose fiber-based materials and related interactions with water vapor
Bedane AH, Xiao HN, Eic M, Farmahini-Farahani M
738 - 745 Thin nanoporous alumina-based SERS platform for single cell sensing
Toccafondi C, La Rocca R, Scarpellini A, Salerno M, Das G, Dante S
746 - 752 Exploring the effect of boron and tantalum codoping on the enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2
Gong YY, Fu CX, Ting L, Chen JR, Zhao QE, Li C
753 - 759 Nanostructuring of Ta2O5 surfaces by low energy Ar+ bombardment
Benito N, Palacio C
760 - 764 Enhanced removal of iodide from water induced by a metal-incorporated porous metal-organic framework
Zhao XD, Han X, Li ZJ, Huang HL, Liu DH, Zhong CL
765 - 771 Magnetic graphene sponge for the removal of methylene blue
Yu BW, Zhang XL, Xie JR, Wu RH, Liu XY, Li HL, Chen F, Yang H, Ming Z, Yang ST
772 - 778 The effects of pulse repetition rate on the structural, optical, and electrical properties of CIGS films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Chen CC, Qi XD, Chang WC, Tsai MG, Chen IG, Lin CY, Wu PH, Chang KP
779 - 793 Nickel-based cocatalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Xu Y, Xu R
794 - 802 Suppression effect of a steady magnetic field on molten pool during laser remelting
Wang L, Yao PH, Hu Y, Song SY
803 - 810 Design of AlCrSiN multilayers and nanocomposite coating for HSS cutting tools
Wu WW, Chen WL, Yang SB, Lin Y, Zhang SH, Cho TY, Lee GH, Kwon SC
811 - 818 Molecular structure, optical, electrical and sensing properties of PANI-based coatings with silver nanoparticles deposited from the active gas phase
Ragachev AA, Yarmolenko MA, Jiang XH, Shen RQ, Luchnikov PA, Rogachev AV
819 - 823 Effect of 750 keV Argon ion irradiation on nc ZnO-SiOx thin films
Kumar VVS
824 - 830 Growth of c-plane ZnO on gamma-LiAlO2 (100) substrate with a GaN buffer layer by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Yan T, Lu CYJ, Schuber R, Chang L, Schaadt DM, Chou MMC, Ploog KH, Chiang CM
831 - 839 Facile immobilization of polyaspartate onto silica gels via poly(dopamine) for the removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution
Liu Y, Li JJ, Yang Y, Li BP
840 - 845 Mechanism of O-3 sensing on Cu2O(111) surface: First principle calculationsd
Ouali H, Lambert-Mauriat C, Raymond L, Labidi A
846 - 852 Theoretical study of direct versus oxygen-assisted water dissociation on the Cu(110) surface
Wang WJ, Wang GP
853 - 861 Theoretical investigation of the effect of OH- ions on O-2 adsorption on low-index Pt surfaces in alkaline solution
Li R, Li HB, Xua SL, Liu JF
862 - 868 Hydrothermal synthesis of urchin-like MnO2 nanostructures and its electrochemical character for supercapacitor
Zhao SQ, Liu TM, Shi DF, Zhang Y, Zeng W, Li TM, Miao B
869 - 879 Zn-Ni-Al2O3 nano-composite coatings prepared by sol-enhanced electroplating
Ghaziof S, Gao W
880 - 888 Characteristics of laser textured silicon surface and effect of mud adhesion on hydrophobicity
Yilbas BS, Ali H, Khaled M, Al-Aqeeli N, Abu-Dheir N, Varanasi KK
889 - 896 Producing cobalt-graphene composite coating by pulse electrodeposition with excellent wear and corrosion resistance
Liu CS, Su FH, Liang JZ
897 - 903 Self-cleaning transparent superhydrophobic coatings through simple sol-gel processing of fluoroalkylsilane
Liu SH, Liu XJ, Latthe SS, Gao L, An S, Yoon SS, Liu BS, Xing RM
904 - 910 Computer assisted optimization of copper sulphide thin film coating parameters on glass substrates
Yucel E, Yucel Y, Gokhan D
911 - 919 Experimental analysis and theoretical studies by density functional theory of aminopropyl-modified ordered mesoporous carbon
Geng SY, Liu J, Wang C, Dong LM, Liang TX
920 - 926 Design and fabrication of a large-area superhydrophobic metal surface with anti-icing properties engineered using a top-down approach
Jung M, Kim T, Kim H, Shin R, Lee J, Lee J, Lee J, Kang S
927 - 934 Electrodeposited ZnIn2S4 onto TiO2 thin films for semiconductor-sensitized photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical applications
Ben Assaker I, Gannouni M, Ben Naceur J, Almessiere MA, Al-Otaibi AL, Ghrib T, Shen SW, Chtourou R
935 - 945 Nanodrilling of fused silica using nanosecond laser radiation
Lorenz P, Zajadacz J, Bayer L, Ehrhardt M, Zimmer K
946 - 949 The structure and surface energy of Ni80Fe20 thin films
Chen YT, Chen CW, Wu TH
950 - 961 Evaluation of surface energy state distribution and bulk defect concentration in DSSC photoanodes based on Sn, Fe, and Cu doped TiO2
Ako RT, Ekanayake P, Young DJ, Hobley J, Chellappan V, Tan AL, Gorelik S, Subramanian GS, Lim CM
962 - 968 Hollow spheric Ag-Ag2S/TiO2 composite and its application for photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI)
Zhang DD, Xu GQ, Chen F
969 - 976 Nucleation and growth of copper phthalocyanine aggregates deposited from solution on planar surfaces
Ghani F, Gojzewski H, Riegler H
977 - 985 Microstructural and Z-scan measurement of silver nanoparticles
Sivakami R, Dhanuskodi S
986 - 996 Fabrication of graphene oxide-alumina hybrids to reinforce the anti-corrosion performance of composite epoxy coatings
Yu ZX, Di HH, Ma Y, Lv L, Pan Y, Zhang CL, He Y
997 - 1003 Corrosion resistance and high-cycle fatigue strength of anodized/sealed AA7050 and AA7075 alloys
Shih TS, Chiu YW
1004 - 1010 Field emission characteristics of diamond nano-tip array fabricated by anodic aluminum oxide template with nano-conical holes
Tsai HY, Tseng PT
1011 - 1015 Growth of Ag micro/nanoparticles using stress migration from multilayered metallic structure
Lu YB, Li Y, Saka M
1016 - 1024 Tuning the composition and magnetostructure of dysprosium iron garnets by Co-substitution: An XRD, FT-IR, XPS and VSM study
Tholkappiyan R, Vishista K
1025 - 1033 A high performance hydrogen sulfide gas sensor based on porous alpha-Fe2O3 operates at room-temperature
Huang YW, Chen WM, Zhang SC, Kuang Z, Ao DY, Alkurd NR, Zhou WL, Liu W, Shen WZ, Li ZJ
1034 - 1042 Growth and complex characterization of nanoporous oxide layers on metallic tin during one-step anodic oxidation in oxalic acid at room temperature
Zaraska L, Bobruk M, Jaskula M, Sulka GD
1043 - 1052 Interfacial properties of carboxylic acid functionalized CNT/polyethylene composites: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Yuan ZH, Lu ZX, Chen MY, Yang ZY, Xie F
1053 - 1059 Photoluminescence and carrier transport mechanisms of silicon-rich silicon nitride light emitting device
Liao WG, Zeng XB, Yao W, Wen XX
1060 - 1068 Enhancement of the corrosion protection of electroless Ni-P coating by deposition of sonosynthesized ZnO nanoparticles
Sharifalhoseini Z, Entezari MH
1069 - 1074 Various categories of defects after surface alloying induced by high current pulsed electron beam irradiation
Luo D, Tang GZ, Ma XX, Gua L, Sun MR, Wang LQ
1075 - 1080 Synthesis of lanthanum tungstate interconnecting nanoparticles by high voltage electro spinning
Keereeta Y, Thongtem T, Thongtem S
1081 - 1086 From superhydrophilic to superhydrophobic surfaces by means of polymeric Layer-by-Layer films
Lopez-Torres D, Elosua C, Hernaez M, Goicoechea J, Arregui FJ
1087 - 1093 Controlled synthesis of SnO2 hierarchical architectures made of ultrathin nanoflakes for enhanced ethanol gas sensing properties
Kuang XL, Liu TM, Wang WX, Hussain S, Peng XH
1094 - 1104 Microstructure and reducibility of Ce-Er-O mixed oxides supported on gamma-Al2O3 - Effect of preparation method
Kepinski L, Kraszkiewicz P, Parlinska M
1105 - 1115 Greatly enhanced adsorption of platinum on periodic graphene nanobuds: A first-principles study
Ashrafian S, Jahanshahi M, Ganji MD, Agheb R
1116 - 1121 Influence of modulation period and modulation ratio on structure and mechanical properties of TiBN/CrN coatings deposited by multi-arc ion plating
Zhou SY, Yan SJ, Han B, Yang B, Lin BZ, Zhang ZD, Ai ZW, Pelenovich VO, Fu DJ
1122 - 1130 Effect of Mn doping on structural, optical and photocatalytic behaviors of hydrothermal Zn1-xMnxS nanocrystals
Nasser R, Elhouichet H, Ferid M
1131 - 1139 Surface decoration of BiPO4 with BiOBr nanoflakes to build heterostructure photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic activity
An WJ, Cui WQ, Liang YH, Hu JS, Liu L
1140 - 1145 Novel photoluminescence and optical investigation of poly(vinyl acetate)/polyindole composites synthesized via chromium chloride as oxidant
Bhagat DJ, Dhokane GR
1146 - 1154 Efficient visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and enhanced photostability of core@shell Cu2O@g-C3N4 octahedra
Liu L, Qi YH, Hu JS, Liang YH, Cui WQ
1155 - 1160 Reduction of leakage current by O-2 plasma treatment for device isolation of AlGaN/GaN heterojunction field-effect transistors
Jiang Y, Wang QP, Zhang FZ, Li L, Zhou DQ, Liu Y, Wang DJ, Ao JP
1161 - 1168 A two-step anodic method to fabricate self-organised nanopore arrays on stainless steel
Zhang BW, Ni HW, Chen RS, Zhan WT, Zhang C, Lei R, Zha YX
1169 - 1173 TiO2 colloidal nanocrystals surface modification by V2O5 species: Investigation by Ti-47,Ti-49 MAS-NMR and H-2, CO and NO2 sensing properties
Epifani M, Comini E, Diaz R, Force C, Siciliano P, Faglia G
1174 - 1183 The influence of biosurfactant adsorption on the physicochemical behaviour of carbon steel surfaces using contact angle measurements and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Shubina V, Gaillet L, Ababou-Girard S, Gaudefroy V, Chaussadent T, Farcas F, Meylheuc T, Dagbert C, Creus J
1184 - 1190 Facile preparation of ZIF-8@Pd-CSS sandwich-type microspheres via in situ growth of ZIF-8 shells over Pd-loaded colloidal carbon spheres with aggregation-resistant and leach-proof properties for the Pd nanoparticles
Zhang T, Lin L, Zhang XF, Liu H, Yan XJ, Liu Z, Yeung KL
1191 - 1196 Effect of modulating the molar ratio of organic to inorganic content on morphology, optical absorption and photoluminescence of perovskite CH3NH3PbBr3 films
Yan J, Ke XH, Chen YL, Zhang A, Zhang B
1197 - 1203 Influences of pulse frequency on the structure and anti-corrosion properties of the a-C:Cr films
Zhuang YZ, Jiang XH, Rogachev AV, Piliptsou DG, Yea B, Liu GH, Zhoua T, Rudenkov AS
1204 - 1212 A novel silanized CoFe2O4/fluorinated waterborne polyurethane pressure sensitive adhesive
Fu HQ, Wang Y, Chen WF, Zhou W, Xiao J
1213 - 1223 Sol-gel synthesis of vanadium doped titania: Effect of the synthetic routes and investigation of their photocatalytic properties in the presence of natural sunlight
Shao GN, Imran SM, Jeon SJ, Kang SJ, Haider SM, Kim HT
1224 - 1224 Investigation of structural, optical and electronic properties in Al-Sn co-doped ZnO thin films (Retraction of vol 265, pg 870, 2013)
Pan ZC, Tian XL, Wu SK, Yu X, Li ZL, Deng JF, Xiao CM, Hu GH, Wei ZG