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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Butanol vapor adsorption behavior on active carbons and zeolite crystal
Cao YH, Wang KL, Wang XM, Gu ZR, Gibbons W, Vu H
8 - 16 Low temperature sintering preparation of high-permeability TiO2/Ti composite membrane via facile coating method
Lin YQ, Zou D, Chen XF, Qiu MH, Kameyama H, Fan YQ
17 - 20 Temperature programmed desorption of CO from CO pre-covered Mo(110)
Raaen S, Yu XF
21 - 26 CO oxidation over fiberglasses with doped Cu-Ce-O catalytic layer prepared by surface combustion synthesis
Desyatykh IV, Vedyagin AA, Mishakov IV, Shubin YV
27 - 34 Nanoindentation and thermal study of polyvinylalcohol/graphene oxide nanocomposite film through organic/inorganic assembly
Zhu YJ, Wang HY, Zhu JH, Chang L, Ye L
35 - 42 Fabrication of polyaniline/carboxymethyl cellulose/cellulose nanofibrous mats and their biosensing application
Fu JP, Pang ZY, Yang J, Huang FL, Cai YB, Wei QF
43 - 48 Research on normal contact stiffness of rough surface considering friction based on fractal theory
Liu P, Zhao H, Huang K, Chen Q
49 - 58 Atomically precise self-organization of perfectly ordered gadolinium-silicide nanomeshes controlled by anisotropic electromigration-induced growth on Si(110)-16 x 2 surfaces
Hong IH, Chen TM, Tsai YF
59 - 65 Effect of temperature and functionalization on the interfacial properties of CNT reinforced nanocomposites
Guru K, Mishra SB, Shukla KK
66 - 77 Nano-ZnO embedded mixed matrix polyethersulfone (PES) membrane: Influence of nanofiller shape on characterization and fouling resistance
Rajabi H, Ghaemi N, Madaeni SS, Daraei P, Astinchap B, Zinadini S, Razavizadeh SH
78 - 82 Room-temperature selective epitaxial growth of CoO (111) and Co3O4 (111) thin films with atomic steps by pulsed laser deposition
Matsuda A, Yamauchi R, Shiojiri D, Tan G, Kaneko S, Yoshimoto M
83 - 88 Studies of the interaction of CS@ZnS:Mn with bovine serum albumin under illumination
Liu L, Xiao L
89 - 92 Laser-assisted atom probe tomography of N-15-enriched nitride thin films for analysis of nitrogen distribution in silicon-based structure
Kinno T, Kitamoto K, Takeno S, Tomita M
93 - 100 In situ synthesized TiC-DLC nanocomposite coatings on titanium surface in acetylene ambient
Xu YR, Liu HD, Chen YM, Yousaf MI, Luo C, Wan Q, Hu LW, Fu DJ, Ren F, Li ZG, Mei QS, Yang B
101 - 107 Surface treatment of polyimide substrates for the transfer and multitransfer of graphene films
Campos N, Perez-Mas AM, Alvarez P, Menendez R, Gomez D
108 - 115 A high anticorrosive chromium-free conversion coating prepared with an alkaline conversion bath on electroless Ni-P coating
Zhang MK, Mu SL, Guan QO, Li WF, Du J
116 - 122 Potential of ITO nanoparticles formed by hydrogen treatment in PECVD for improved performance of back grid contact crystalline silicon solar cell
Mandal S, Mitra S, Dhar S, Ghosh H, Banerjee C, Datta SK, Saha H
123 - 128 Modification of mechanical properties of Si crystal irradiated by Kr-beam
Guo XW, Momota S, Nitta N, Yamaguchi T, Sato N, Tokaji H
129 - 137 Preparation of montmorillonite@carbon composite and its application for U(VI) removal from aqueous solution
Zhang R, Chen CL, Li J, Wang XK
138 - 146 Effect of O-2 on reduction of NO2 with CH4 over gallium-modified ZnAl2O4 spinel-oxide catalyst by first principle analysis
Xiang C, Tan HL, Lu JS, Yu L, Song P, Zeng CH, Liang Y, Tao SG, Chen ZB
147 - 155 Amplification yield enhancement of short DNA templates using bulk and surface-attached amine-functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes
Yuce M, Uysal E, Budak H
156 - 162 Structural modification for carbon nanotube film and the composite film by processing optimization
Wang YJ, Li M, Gu YZ, Wang SK, Li QW, Zhang ZG
163 - 168 The mechanism of selective deposition of luminescent molecules onto self-assembled monolayers using molecular dynamics
Yan H, Yuan SL, Zeng SY, Niu MJ
169 - 173 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces with nano-in-micro structures using UV-nanoimprint lithography and thermal shrinkage films
Sung YH, Kim YD, Choi HJ, Shin R, Kang S, Lee H
174 - 183 Fabrication of highly electro catalytic active layer of multi walled carbon nanotube/enzyme for Pt-free dye sensitized solar cells
Arbab AA, Sun KC, Sahito IA, Qadir MB, Jeong SH
184 - 189 Au nanoparticles on tryptophan-functionalized graphene for sensitive detection of dopamine
Lian QW, Luo A, An ZZ, Li Z, Guo YY, Zhang DX, Xue ZH, Zhou XB, Lu XQ
190 - 195 Fabrication of highly active and cost effective SERS plasmonic substrates by electrophoretic deposition of gold nanoparticles on a DVD template
Leordean C, Marta B, Gabudean AM, Focsan M, Botiz I, Astilean S
196 - 199 Radius ratio rule for surface hydrophilization of polydimethyl siloxane and silica nanoparticle composite
Toutam V, Jain P, Sharma R, Bathula S, Dhar A
200 - 210 Highly hydrophilic poly(ethylene terephthalate) films prepared by combined hot embossing and plasma treatment techniques
Jucius D, Kopustinskas V, Grigaliunas V, Guobiene A, Lazauskas A, Andrulevicius M
211 - 218 Ice repellency behaviour of superhydrophobic surfaces: Effects of atmospheric icing conditions and surface roughness
Momen G, Jafari R, Farzanehnserc M
219 - 223 Temperature-dependent photoluminescence and mechanism of CdS thin film grown on Si nanoporous pillar array
Yan LL, Li YT, Hu CX, Li XJ
224 - 229 Elucidating the electrostatic interaction of sulfonic acid functionalized SBA-15 for ciprofloxain adsorption
Gao JS, Lu Y, Zhang XY, Chen JJ, Xu ST, Li XN, Li XY, Tan F
230 - 234 Oxygen-doped Sb2Te3 for high-performance phase-change memory
Yin Y, Morioka S, Kozaki S, Satoh R, Hosaka S
235 - 240 Characterization of atmospheric pressure plasma treated pure cashmere and wool/cashmere textiles: Treatment in air/water vapor mixture
Zanini S, Grimoldi E, Citterio A, Riccardi C
241 - 250 Fabrication of a novel visible-light-driven photocatalyst Ag-AgI-TiO2 nanoparticles supported on carbon nanofibers
Yu DD, Bai J, Liang HO, Wang JZ, Li CP
251 - 258 Monolithic porous rectorite/starch composites: fabrication, modification and adsorption
Wang F, Chang PR, Zheng PW, Ma XF
259 - 263 Synthesis and properties of crystalline thin film of antimony trioxide on the Si(100) substrate
Yasir M, Kuzmin M, Punkkinen MPJ, Makela J, Tuominen M, Dahl J, Laukkanen P, Kokko K
264 - 271 Synthesis, structural characterization and evaluation of floating B-N codoped TiO2/expanded perlite composites with enhanced visible light photoactivity
Wang X, Wang W, Wang XJ, Zhang J, Zhao JF, Gu ZL, Zhou LJ
272 - 278 A simple solvothermal process to synthesize CaTiO3 microspheres and its photocatalytic properties
Dong WX, Song B, Meng WJ, Zhao GL, Han GR
279 - 286 Facile synthesis of CdS@TiO2 core-shell nanorods with controllable shell thickness and enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Dong WB, Pan F, Xu LL, Zheng MR, Sow CH, Wu K, Xu GQ, Chen W
287 - 291 Photoluminescence properties of Bi/Al-codoped silica optical fiber based on atomic layer deposition method
Wen JX, Wang J, Dong YH, Chen N, Luo YH, Peng GD, Pang FF, Chen ZY, Wang TY
292 - 298 Plasmonic Au/CdMoO4 photocatalyst: Influence of surface plasmon resonance for selective photocatalytic oxidation of benzylic alcohol
Bi JH, Zhou ZY, Chen MY, Liang SJ, He YH, Zhang ZZ, Wu L
299 - 309 Structural properties of alumina supported Ce-Mn solid solutions and their markedly enhanced catalytic activity for CO oxidation
Venkataswamy P, Jampaiah D, Lin FJ, Alxneit I, Reddy BM
310 - 318 The model thin film alumina catalyst support suitable for catalysis-oriented surface science studies
Nartova AV, Bukhtiyarov AV, Kvon RI, Bukhtiyarov VI
319 - 326 Preparation of electroless copper coated glass fiber and piezoresistive properties of copper coated glass fiber reinforced plastics
Zuo JD, Chen SJ, Luo CY, Chen DZ
327 - 332 Enhanced cytocompatibility of silver-containing biointerface by constructing nitrogen functionalities
Zhang W, Liu J, Wang HY, Xu Y, Wang PL, Ji JH, Chu PK
333 - 342 Surface modification of aramid fiber by plasma induced vapor phase graft polymerization of acrylic acid. I. Influence of plasma conditions
Wang CX, Du M, Lv JC, Zhou QQ, Ren Y, Liu GL, Gao DW, Jin LM
343 - 352 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for selective oxidation of amines into imines over TiO2(B)/anatase mixed-phase nanowires
Dai J, Yang J, Wang XH, Zhang L, Li YJ
353 - 360 Laser ablation of molecular carbon nitride compounds
Fischer D, Schwinghammer K, Sondermann C, Lau VW, Mannhart J, Lotsch BV
361 - 367 Removal of oxides from copper surface using femtosecond and nanosecond pulsed lasers
Seo C, Ahn D, Kim D
368 - 373 Surface properties of annealed semiconducting beta-Ga2O3 (100) single crystals for epitaxy
Navarro-Quezada A, Galazka Z, Alame S, Skuridina D, Vogt P, Esser N
374 - 379 Synthesis of CaMoO4 hierarchical structures via a simple slow-release co-precipitation method
Xiang YB, Song JM, Hu G, Liu Y
380 - 386 Controlled synthesis of monodisperse WO3 center dot H2O square nanoplates and their gas sensing properties
Miao B, Zeng W, Mu YJ, Yu WJ, Hussain S, Xu SB, Zhang H, Li TM
387 - 392 Metastable Ge nanocrystalline in SiGe matrix for photodiode
Ouyang YT, Su CH, Chang JY, Cheng SL, Lin PC, Wu AT
393 - 402 A novel approach to fabricate high performance nano-SiO2 embedded PES membranes for microfiltration of oil-in-water emulsion
Ghandashtani MB, Ashtiani FZ, Karimi M, Fouladitajar A
403 - 414 Plasma nitriding of HP13Cr supermartensitic stainless steel
Kurelo BCES, de Souza GB, da Silva SLR, Serbena FC, Foerster CE, Alves C
415 - 419 Plasma treatment of hydrophobic sub-layers to prepare uniform multi-layered films and high-performance gas separation membranes
Ren XX, Kanezashi M, Nagasawa H, Tsuru T
420 - 429 The formation of calcium phosphate coatings by pulse laser deposition on the surface of polymeric ferroelectric
Bolbasov EN, Lapin IN, Svetlichnyi VA, Lenivtseva YD, Malashicheva A, Malashichev Y, Golovkin AS, Anissimov YG, Tverdokhlebov SI
430 - 436 Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film through chemical successive ionic layer adsorption and reactions
Ma S, Sui J, Cao L, Li Y, Dong HZ, Zhang Q, Dong LF
437 - 444 Facile preparation of super-hydrophilic poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabric using dilute sulfuric acid under microwave irradiation
Xu F, Zhang GX, Zhang FX, Zhang YS
445 - 451 Immobilization of poly(MPC) brushes onto titanium surface by combining dopamine self-polymerization and ATRP: Preparation, characterization and evaluation of hemocompatibility in vitro
Ma WY, Yang P, Li JG, Li SQ, Li PC, Zhao YC, Huang N
452 - 458 Table-top deterministic and collective colloidal assembly using videoprojector lithography
Cordeiro J, Zelsmann M, Honegger T, Picard E, Hadji E, Peyrade D
459 - 464 Photocatalytic degradation mechanisms of CeO2/Tb2O3 nanotubes
Arul NS, Mangalaraj D, Kim TW
465 - 471 A SiC-ZrB2-ZrC coating toughened by electrophoretically-deposited SiC nanowires to protect C/C composites against thermal shock and oxidation
Li L, Li HJ, Li YY, Yin XM, Shen QL, Fu QG
472 - 484 An improved Otsu method using the weighted object variance for defect detection
Yuan XC, Wu LS, Peng QJ
485 - 495 New insight into electrochemical-induced synthesis of NiAl2O4/Al2O3: Synergistic effect of surface hydroxyl groups and magnetism for enhanced adsorptivity of Pd(II)
Salleh NFM, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Efendi J, Mukti RR, Hameed BH
496 - 502 Synthesis and surface properties study of novel fluorine-containing homopolymer and copolymers for coating applications
Sha M, Zhang D, Pan RM, Xing P, Jiang B
503 - 509 Formation of reflective and conductive silver film on ABS surface via covalent grafting and solution spray
Chen D, Zhang Y, Bessho T, Kudo T, Sang J, Hirahara H, Mori K, Kang Z
510 - 515 The structural and electronic properties of spinel MnCo2O4 bulk and low-index surfaces: From first principles studies
Li Y, Wu MS, Ouyang CY
516 - 523 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surface with controlled adhesion by designing heterogeneous chemical composition
Tan C, Cai P, Xu L, Yang N, Xi ZX, Li Q
524 - 528 Effects of interfacial Fe electronic structures on magnetic and electronic transport properties in oxide/NiFe/oxide heterostructures
Liu QQ, Chen X, Zhang JY, Yang MY, Li XJ, Jiang SL, Liu YW, Cao Y, Wu ZL, Feng C, Ding L, Yu GH
529 - 537 Controlled fabrication and enhanced photocatalystic performance of BiVO4@CeO2 hollow microspheres for the visible-light-driven degradation of rhodamine B
Xu J, Wang WZ, Wang J, Liang YJ
538 - 548 Mineralization on polylactide/gelatin composite nanofibers using simulated body fluid containing amino acid
Guo YG, Lan JL, Zhang CJ, Cao M, Cai Q, Yang XP
549 - 560 Influence of Al concentration and annealing temperature on structural, optical, and electrical properties of Al co-doped ZnO thin films
Gurbuz O, Kurt I, Caliskan S, Guner S
561 - 569 Stacked Bioglass/TiO2 nanocoatings on titanium substrate for enhanced osseointegration and its electrochemical corrosion studies
Durgalakshmi D, Rakkesh RA, Balakumar S
570 - 575 One-step synthesis of high conductivity silver nanoparticle-reduced graphene oxide composite films by electron beam irradiation
Liu G, Pu XJ, Jiang Y, Cheng LL, Jiao Z
576 - 581 Influence of substrate on nucleation and growth of vertical graphene nanosheets
Ghosh S, Ganesan K, Polaki SR, Mathews T, Dhara S, Kamruddin M, Tyagi AK
582 - 588 Characterization of polymeric thin films for photovoltaic applications by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Schmiedova V, Heinrichova P, Zmeskal O, Weiter M
589 - 598 Vascular cell responses to ECM produced by smooth muscle cells on TiO2 nanotubes
Shen FY, Zhu Y, Li X, Luo RF, Tu QF, Wang J, Huang N
599 - 608 The combined action of UV irradiation and chemical treatment on the titanium surface of dental implants
Spriano S, Ferraris S, Bollati D, Morra M, Cassinelli C, Lorenzon G
609 - 614 Plasma-induced formation of flower-like Ag2O nanostructures
Yang ZH, Ho CH, Lee S
615 - 621 Doping effect of In2O3 on structural and ethanol-sensing characteristics of ZnO nanotubes fabricated by electrospinning
Huang BY, Zhao CH, Zhang MX, Zhang ZM, Xie EQ, Zhou JY, Han WH
622 - 628 Characterization and identification of minerals in rocks by ToF-SIMS and principal component analysis
Rinnen S, Stroth C, Risse A, Ostertag-Henning C, Arlinghaus HF
629 - 635 High-activity electrodeposited NiW catalysts for hydrogen evolution in alkaline water electrolysis
Hong SH, Ahn SH, Choi J, Kim JY, Kim HY, Kim HJ, Jang JH, Kim H, Kim SK
636 - 643 Controllable fabrication of nanowire-like CuO film by anodization and its properties
Wang YQ, Jiang TT, Meng DW, Jin HY, Yu MH
644 - 649 Analysis of multi-wall carbon nanotube based porous Li battery electrodes' using TOF-SIMS ion imaging
Karar N, Singh BP, Elizabeth I
650 - 656 Study on stability of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/titanium dioxide composites as a visible light photocatalyst
Zhang JL, Cao SQ, Xu SB, Yang HG, Yang L, Song YQ, Jiang L, Dan Y
657 - 664 Probing the orientations of coordination complex molecules onto the surface of ZnO nanoparticles by means of surface enhanced Raman scattering, UV-vis and DFT methods
Prakash O, Gautam P, Singh RK
665 - 672 Coordination-resolved local bond strain and 3p energy entrapment of K atomic clusters and K(110) skin
Zhang T, Bo ML, Guo YL, Chen HF, Wang Y, Huang YL, Sun CQ
673 - 682 Highly-conformal p-type copper(I) oxide (Cu2O) thin films by atomic layer deposition using a fluorine-free amino-alkoxide precursor
Kim H, Lee MY, Kim SH, Bae SI, Ko KY, Kim H, Kwon KW, Hwang JH, Lee DJ
683 - 694 Self-assembled monolayers of perfluoroalkylsilane on plasma-hydroxylated silicon substrates
Wu L, Cai L, Liu AQ, Wang W, Yuan YH, Li ZX
695 - 704 Controlled in situ formation of polyacrylamide hydrogel on PET surface via SI-ARGET-ATRP for wound dressings
Pour SN, Ghugare SV, Wiens R, Gough K, Liu S
705 - 714 Microbumpers maintain superhydrophobicity of nano structured surfaces upon touch
Jung ID, Lee MC, Lim H, Smela E, Ko JS
715 - 723 Superhydrophobic laser ablated PTFE substrates
Toosi SF, Moradi S, Kamal S, Hatzikiriakos SG
724 - 732 Superhydrophobic coatings fabricated with polytetrafluoroethylene and SiO2 nanoparticles by spraying process on carbon steel surfaces
Wang HB, Chen EY, Jia XB, Liang LJ, Wang Q
733 - 739 Surface quality improvement of B4C particles for electroless copper coating by Cu activation and oxidation roughening methods
Zheng JY, Shu GG, Wang W, Li QL, Liu W
740 - 745 Facile method to prepare CdS nanostructure based on the CdTe films
Ma LG, Chen YH, Wei ZL, Cai HL, Zhang FM, Wu XS
746 - 756 Effect of pH and chloride on the micro-mechanism of pitting corrosion for high strength pipeline steel in aerated NaCl solutions
Wang YF, Cheng GX, Wu W, Qiao Q, Li Y, Li XF
757 - 762 Characterization of HfOxNy thin film formation by in-situ plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition using NH3 and N-2 plasmas
Lee YB, Oh IK, Cho EN, Moon P, Kim H, Yun I
763 - 773 Effect of wettability and surface roughness on the adhesion properties of collagen on PDMS films treated by capacitively coupled oxygen plasma
Juarez-Moreno JA, Avila-Ortega A, Oliva AI, Aviles F, Cauich-Rodriguez JV
774 - 779 Room-temperature electrical bonding technique based on copper/polystyrene core/shell nanowire surface fastener
Wang P, Ju Y, Chen MJ
780 - 784 Formation of Ge-0 and GeOx nanoclusters in Ge+-implanted SiO2/Sithin-film heterostructures under rapid thermal annealing
Zatsepin AF, Zatsepin DA, Zhidkov IS, Kurmaev EZ, Fitting HJ, Schmidt B, Mikhailovich AP, Lawniczak-Jablonska K
785 - 791 Molecular dynamics study of growth and interface structure during aluminum deposition on Ni(100) substrate
Hassani A, Makan A, Sbiaai K, Tabyaoui A, Hasnaoui A
792 - 797 Effect of CeO2 addition on thermal shock resistance of WC-12%Co coating deposited on ductile iron by electric contact surface strengthening
Qi XB, Zhu SG
798 - 804 Facet-controlled synthesis and facet-dependent photocatalytic properties of SnO2 micropolyhedrons
Zhou GX, Wu XL, Liu LZ, Zhu XB, Zhu XS, Hao YL, Chu PK
805 - 810 Fabrication of ITO-rGO/Ag NPs nanocomposite by two-step chronoamperometry electrodeposition and its characterization as SERS substrate
Wang R, Xu Y, Wang CY, Zhao HZ, Wang RJ, Liao X, Chen L, Chen G
811 - 816 A new BODIPY/nanoparticle/Ni affinity system for binding of cytochrome c
Maltas E, Kursunlu AN, Arslan G, Ozmen M
817 - 825 Statistical optimization of microencapsulation process for coating of magnesium particles with Viton polymer
Pourmortazavi SM, Babaee S, Ashtiani FS
826 - 832 The thickness of native oxides on aluminum alloys and single crystals
Evertsson J, Bertram F, Zhang F, Rullik L, Merte LR, Shipilin M, Soldemo M, Ahmadi S, Vinogradov N, Carla F, Weissenrieder J, Gothelid M, Pan J, Mikkelsen A, Nilsson JO, Lundgren E
833 - 838 Surface activation of carbon paper with potassium dichromate lotion and application as a supercapacitor
Cheng ZY, Liu P, Guo B, Qiu YF, Xu PR, Fan HB
839 - 843 Effects of the amount of Si rings on the phase separation and crystallization of silicon-rich SiO2 thin films
Sun ZP, Huang JJ, Wang LB, Tang B
844 - 848 Morphology control of porous CuO by surfactant using combustion method
Dong CJ, Xiao XC, Chen G, Guan HT, Wang YD
849 - 854 Evaluation of defect density by top-view large scale AFM on metamorphic structures grown by MOVPE
Gocalinska A, Manganaro M, Dimastrodonato V, Pelucchi E
855 - 863 Mg doping induced high structural quality of sol-gel ZnO nanocrystals: Application in photocatalysis
Abed C, Bouzidi C, Elhouichet H, Gelloz B, Ferid M
864 - 869 A DFT comparative study of single and double SO2 adsorption on Pt-doped and Au-doped single-walled carbon nanotube
Yoosefian M, Zahedi M, Mola A, Naserian S
870 - 875 NiCo2S4/Ni(OH)(2) core-shell heterostructured nanotube arrays on carbon-fabric as high-performance pseudocapacitor electrodes
Zhang J, Gao H, Zhang MY, Yang Q, Chuo HX
876 - 879 Durable superhydrophobic wool fabrics coating with nanoscale Al2O3 layer by atomic layer deposition
Xiao XF, Cao GY, Chen FX, Tang YR, Liu X, Xu WL
880 - 886 Screen-printed masking of transparent conductive oxide layers for copper plating of silicon heterojunction cells
Khanna A, Ritzau KU, Kamp M, Filipovic A, Schmiga C, Glatthaar M, Aberle AG, Mueller T
887 - 896 Non-aqueous route spray pyrolyzed Ru:Co3O4 thin electrodes for supercapacitor application
Ambare RC, Bharadwaj SR, Lokhande BJ
897 - 903 Hierarchically porous NiAl-LDH nanoparticles as highly efficient adsorbent for p-nitrophenol from water
Sun YY, Zhou JB, Cai WQ, Zhao RS, Yuan JP
904 - 910 Water wettability of Si(111) and (001) surfaces prepared to be reconstructed, atomic-hydrogen terminated and thinly oxidized in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber
Miyagi T, Sasahara A, Tomitori M
911 - 915 Electrolyte effects on the surface chemistry and cellular response of anodized titanium
Ohtsu N, Kozuka T, Hirano M, Arai H
916 - 923 Preparation and characterization of hydrophilic silicon dioxide film on acrylate polyurethane coatings with self-cleaning ability
Yang X, Zhu LQ, Chen YC, Bao BQ, Xu JL, Zhou WW
924 - 930 Multi-technique investigation of Roman decorated plasters from Villa dei Quintili (Rome, Italy)
Crupi V, Galli G, La Russa MF, Longo F, Maisano G, Majolino D, Malagodi M, Pezzino A, Ricca M, Rossi B, Ruffolo SA, Venuti V
931 - 939 Structural, morphological, optical and gas sensing properties of pure and Ru doped SnO2 thin films by nebulizer spray pyrolysis technique
Sankar C, Ponnuswamy V, Manickam M, Mariappan R, Suresh R
940 - 947 Surface modification of chitosan/PEO nanofibers by air dielectric barrier discharge plasma for acetylcholinesterase immobilization
Dorraki N, Safa NN, Jahanfar M, Ghomi H, Ranaei-Siadat SO
948 - 951 Electronic and energetic properties of FeCl3 and CrO3 interacting with single wall BN nanotube
Serejo JAS, Guerini S
952 - 956 Changes in wetting and contact charge transfer by femtosecond laser-ablation of polyimide
Guo XD, Dai Y, Gong M, Qu YG, Helseth LE
957 - 969 The {001} facets-dependent superior photocatalytic activities of BiOCl nanosheets under visible light irradiation
Li YJ, Wang Q, Liu BC, Zhang J
970 - 982 Electronic and surface properties of Ga-doped In2O3 ceramics
Regoutz A, Egdell RG, Morgan DJ, Palgrave RG, Tellez H, Skinner SJ, Payne DJ, Watson GW, Scanlon DO
983 - 987 Effect of Ag addition on the magnetic and electrical properties of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 films
Yin XP, Liu X, Zhan YH, Zhang H, Chen QM
988 - 996 Adsorption and heterogeneous degradation of rhodamine B on the surface of magnetic bentonite material
Wan D, Li WB, Wang GH, Chen K, Lu LL, Hu Q
997 - 997 Structure adhesion and corrosion resistance study of tungsten bisulfide doped with titanium deposited by DC magnetron co-sputtering (Retraction of vol 320, pg 538, 2014)
De la Roche J, Gonzalez JM, Restrepo-Parra E, Sequeda F, Alleh V, Scharf TW
998 - 998 Changes in mechanical and chemical wood properties by electron beam irradiation (vol 332, pg 704, 2015)
Schnabel T, Huber H, Grunewald TA, Lichtenegger HC, Petutschnigg A