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Applied Surface Science, Vol.347 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Nitrate adsorption from aqueous solution using granular chitosan-Fe3+ complex
Hu QL, Chen N, Feng CP, Hu WW
10 - 16 Oxidation of stainless steel 316 and Nitronic 50 in supercritical and ultrasupercritical water
Rodriguez D, Chidambaram D
17 - 22 Sputtered gold-coated ITO nanowires by alternating depositions from Indium and ITO targets for application in surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Setti GO, Mamian-Lopez MB, Pessoa PR, Poppi RJ, Joanni E, Jesus DP
23 - 34 CoCrMo alloy for orthopedic implant application enhanced corrosion and tribocorrosion properties by nitrogen ion implantation
Guo ZJ, Pang XL, Yan Y, Gao KW, Volinsky AA, Zhang TY
35 - 39 Study on the introduction of Se into CdS thin films: Influence on the kinetics of the deposition and the structural and optical properties
Sanchez-Ramirez EA, Hernandez-Perez MA, Aguilar-Hernandez JR
40 - 47 Hybrid methyl green/cobalt-polyoxotungstate nanostructured films: Self-assembly, electrochemical and electrocatalytic properties
Novais HC, Fernandes DM, Freire C
48 - 56 Characterization of gas tunnel type plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite-nanostructure titania composite coatings
Yugeswaran S, Kobayashi A, Ucisik AH, Subramanian B
57 - 63 Accelerated formation of strontium silicate by solid-state reaction in NaCl-H2O(v) system at lower temperature
Zhang JH, Qiu YS, Huang M, Zheng HJ, Yanagisawa K
64 - 72 Enhancing the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by adding diatom frustules into TiO2 working electrodes
Huang DR, Jiang YJ, Liou RL, Chen CH, Chen YA, Tsai CH
73 - 78 Effects of different petal thickness on gas sensing properties of flower-like WO3 center dot H2O hierarchical architectures
Zeng W, Zhang H, Wang ZC
79 - 87 N-(6-(hydroxyamino)-6-oxohexyl) decanamide collector: Flotation performance and adsorption mechanism to diaspore
Deng LQ, Wang S, Zhong H, Liu GY
88 - 95 Embedment of nano-sized Ag layer into Ag-doped In2O3 films for use as highly transparent and conductive anode in organic solar cells
Cho DY, Na SI, Chung KB, Kim HK
96 - 100 Zn-vacancy induced violet emission in p-type phosphorus and nitrogen codoped ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Mannam R, Eswaran SK, DasGupta N, Rao MSR
101 - 108 Sputtered Ag thin films with modified morphologies: Influence on wetting property
Dutheil P, Thomann AL, Lecas T, Brault P, Vayer M
109 - 115 Thermal stability of AlN films prepared by ion beam assisted deposition
Meng JP, Liu XP, Fu ZQ, Wang XJ, Hao L
116 - 121 ITO-free organic light-emitting diodes with MoO3/Al/MoO3 as semitransparent anode fabricated using thermal deposition method
Lu HW, Huang CW, Kao PC, Chu SY
122 - 130 Subcellular distribution of uranium in the roots of Spirodela punctata and surface interactions
Nie XQ, Dong FQ, Liu N, Liu MX, Zhang D, Kang W, Sun SY, Zhang W, Yang J
131 - 138 Genomic DNA binding to ZnO microrods
Guzman-Embus DA, Cardozo MO, Vargas-Hernandez C
139 - 146 Catalytic effect of Ti and Ni on dehydrogenation of AlH3: A first principles investigation
Yu HZ, Dai JH, Song Y
147 - 154 Low energy electron diffraction study of high index copper surfaces underneath graphene
Lin CF, Tong N, Yang WS, Zhao RG, Hu ZH
155 - 161 Oxidation behavior of AlMgB14-TiB2 composite at elevated temperature
Lei Y, Meng QS, Zhuang L, Chen SP, Dai JJ
162 - 168 Molecular dynamics simulation on the fabrication of graphene nanoscrolls with ferromagnetic nanowire templates
Huang SP, Feng M, Wang B, Xu XXX, Cao XW, Wang YF
169 - 177 Construction of a multifunctional coating consisting of phospholipids and endothelial progenitor cell-specific peptides on titanium substrates
Chen HQ, Li XJ, Zhao YC, Li JA, Chen J, Yang P, Maitz MF, Huang N
178 - 185 Carbon-coated Fe2O3 nanocrystals with enhanced lithium storage capability
Chai XH, Shi CS, Liu EZ, Li JJ, Zhao NQ, He CN
186 - 192 Parametric investigation of the formation of epitaxial Ti3SiC2 on 4H-SiC from Al-Ti annealing
Abi-Tannous T, Soueidan M, Ferro G, Lazar M, Toury B, Beaufort MF, Barbot JF, Penuelas J, Planson D
193 - 201 Surface asperity evolution and microstructure analysis of Al 6061T5 alloy in a quasi-static cold uniaxial planar compression (CUPC)
Li HJ, Jiang ZY, Wei DB, Gao XJ, Xu JZ, Zhang XM
202 - 207 Magnetic field induced controllable self-assembly of maghemite nanocrystals: From 3D arrays to 1D nanochains
Tang Y, Chen QW, Chen RS
208 - 213 Effect of temperature on the initial stages of oxidation of gamma-Al4Cu9(110)
Warde M, Ledieu J, de Weerd MC, Fournee V, Barthes-Labrousse MG
214 - 223 Controllable preparation of TiO2 nanowire arrays on titanium mesh for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Liu WW, Lu H, Zhang M, Guo M
224 - 230 Fabrication of robust and thermally stable superhydrophobic nanocomposite coatings based on thermoplastic polyurethane and silica nanoparticles
Seyfi J, Jafari SH, Khonakdar HA, Sadeghi GMM, Zohuri G, Hejazi I, Simon F
231 - 241 Fluorosilicone multi-block copolymers tethering quaternary ammonium salt groups for antimicrobial purpose
Zhou F, Qin XS, Li YC, Ren LX, Zhao YH, Yuan XY
242 - 249 Graphene supported silver@silver chloride & ferroferric oxide hybrid, a magnetically separable photocatalyst with high performance under visible light irradiation
Zhong ST, Jiang W, Han M, Liu GZ, Zhang N, Lu Y
250 - 257 The surface chemical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified by thermal fluorination for electric double-layer capacitor
Jung MJ, Jeong E, Lee YS
258 - 264 Synthesis of BiOBr-PVP hybrids with enhanced adsorption-photocatalytic properties
Li YQ, Wang ZY, Huang BB, Dai Y, Zhang XY, Qin XY
265 - 268 Correlation of the 755-778 cm(-1) Raman mode with oxygen vacancies in tin oxide nanostructures
Liu LZ, Wu XL, Li TH, Shen JC
269 - 274 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Bi2O3-Ag2O hybrid photocatalysts
Liu XJ, Liu JY, Chu HP, Li JL, Yu W, Zhu G, Niu LY, Sun Z, Pan LK, Sun CQ
275 - 285 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of noble metal-modified TiO2 nanosheets with exposed {001} facets
Diak M, Grabowska E, Zaleska A
286 - 290 The complete absorption spectra of InAs0.87Sb0.13 films grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Lv YF, Hu SH, Xu YG, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Wang R, Yu GL, Dai N
291 - 298 DFT study of CO adsorption on Pd-SnO2(110) surfaces
Bechthold P, Pronsato ME, Pistonesi C
299 - 306 Multifunctional cholesterol-based peroxide for modification of amino-terminated surfaces: Synthesis, structure and characterization of grafted layer
Stetsyshyn Y, Kostruba A, Harhay K, Donchak V, Ohar H, Savaryn V, Kulyk B, Ripak L, Nastishin YA
307 - 314 A dense and strong bonding collagen film for carbon/carbon composites
Cao S, Li HJ, Li KZ, Lu JH, Zhang L
315 - 320 Polymeric nanoparticle of copper(II)-4,4'-dicyanamidobiphenyl ligand: Synthetic, spectral and structural aspect; application to electrochemical sensing of dopamine and ascorbic acid
Chiniforoshan H, Ensafi AA, Heydari-Bafrooei E, Khalesi SB, Tabrizi L
321 - 324 Blacking FTO by strongly cathodic polarization with enhanced photocurrent
Xie Y, Lu XQ, Huang W, Li ZL
325 - 335 Hydrophobicity attainment and wear resistance enhancement on glass substrates by atmospheric plasma-polymerization of mixtures of an aminosilane and a fluorocarbon
Mugica-Vidal R, Alba-Elias F, Sainz-Garcia E, Pantoja-Ruiz M
336 - 346 Evaluation of mechanism of non-thermal plasma effect on the surface of polypropylene films for enhancement of adhesive and hemo compatible properties
Pandiyaraj KN, Deshmukh RR, Arunkumar A, Ramkumar MC, Ruzybayev I, Shah SI, Su PG, Periayah MH, Halim AS
347 - 358 An innovative method and experiment for fabricating bulgy shape nanochannel using AFM
Lin ZC, Jheng HY, Ding HY
359 - 367 Facile preparation in two steps of highly hydrophobic coatings on polypropylene surface
Petcu C, Nistor CL, Purcar V, Cinteza LO, Spataru CI, Ghiurea M, Ianchis R, Anastasescu M, Stoica M
368 - 377 Constructing inverse V-type TiO2-based photocatalyst via bio-template approach to enhance the photosynthetic water oxidation
Jiang JH, Zhou H, Ding J, Zhang F, Fan TX, Zhang D
378 - 385 Characterisation of PEGylated PLGA nanoparticles comparing the nanoparticle bulk to the particle surface using UV/vis spectroscopy, SEC, H-1 NMR spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Spek S, Haeuser M, Schaefer MM, Langer K
386 - 391 The corrosive influence of chloride ions preference adsorption on alpha-Al2O3 (0001) surface
Zhang CH, Liu M, Jin Y, Sun DB
392 - 400 Simultaneous removal of elemental mercury and NO from flue gas by V2O5-CeO2/TiO2 catalysts
Zhang XN, Li CT, Zhao LK, Zhang J, Zeng GM, Xie YE, Yu ME
401 - 405 Electrochemical preparation of carbon films with a Mo2C interlayer in LiCl-NaCl-Na2CO3 melts
Ge JB, Wang S, Zhang F, Zhang L, Jiao HD, Zhu HM, Jiao SQ
406 - 413 Surface properties of woody thin boards composed of commercially available lignin and cellulose: Relationship between the orientation of lignin and water repellency
Shimanouchi T, Kamba T, Yang W, Aoyagi S, Kimura Y
414 - 420 Photocatalytic activity of ZnO doped with Ag on the degradation of endocrine disrupting under UV irradiation and the investigation of its antibacterial activity
Bechambi O, Chalbi M, Najjar W, Sayadi S
421 - 427 Fluorinion transfer in silver-assisted chemical etching for silicon nanowires arrays
Feng TY, Xu YL, Zhang ZW, Mao SC
428 - 434 Enzyme-free hydrogen peroxide sensor based on Au@Ag@C core-double shell nanocomposites
Li YC, Zhang YY, Zhong YM, Li SX
435 - 438 Local anodic oxidation of Ni films with (200) and (111) texture
Pavlova AY, Nikulin YV, Dzhumaliev AS, Khivintsev YV, Zaharov AA, Preobrazhensky VL, Pernod P, Filimonov YA
439 - 447 Theoretical study for the interlamellar aminoalcohol functionalization of kaolinite
Hou XJ, Li HQ, Liu QF, Cheng HF, He P, Lia SP
448 - 453 Tailoring surface states in WO3 photoanodes for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Singh T, Muller R, Singh J, Mathur S
454 - 460 A study on photocatalytic activity of micro-arc oxidation TiO2 films and Ag+/MAO-TiO2 composite films
Xiang N, Song RG, Xiang B, Li H, Wang ZX, Wang C
461 - 470 Magnetic colloid by PLA: Optical, magnetic and thermal transport properties
Pandey K, Shahi AK, Gopal R
471 - 474 Stochastic quantum confinement in nanocrystalline silicon layers: The role of quantum dots, quantum wires and localized states
Ramirez-Porras A, Garcia O, Vargas C, Corrales A, Solis JD
475 - 484 Characterization and friction behavior of LST/PEO duplex-treated Ti6Al4V alloy with burnished MoS2 film
Qin YK, Xiong DS, Li JL
485 - 490 First-principles study of SO2 molecule adsorption on the pristine and Mn-doped boron nitride nanotubes
Deng ZY, Zhang JM, Xu KW
491 - 498 Lysozyme adsorption on the colloidal chromium(III) oxide surface: Its impact on the system stability
Szewczuk-Karpisz K, Wisniewska M, Mysliwiec D
499 - 504 Pulsed laser deposition of Ag nanoparticles on titanium hydroxide/oxide nanobelt arrays for highly sensitive surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Jing YT, Wang HW, Zhao J, Yi H, Wang XF
505 - 513 DNA derived fluorescent bio-dots for sensitive detection of mercury and silver ions in aqueous solution
Song T, Zhu XF, Zhou SH, Yang G, Gan W, Yuan QH
514 - 519 Silver nanoparticles deposited inverse opal film as a highly active and uniform SERS substrate
Zhao JH, Lin J, Li XH, Zhao GN, Zhang WJ
520 - 527 Structural, chemical and optical properties of the polyethylene-copper sulfide composite thin films synthesized using polythionic acid as sulfur source
Ancutiene I, Navea JG, Baltrusaitis J
528 - 534 Low-temperature preparation of high-n TiO2 thin film on glass by pulsed laser deposition
Ishii A, Nakamura Y, Oikawa I, Kamegawa A, Takamura H
535 - 540 Synthesis of uniform and size-controllable carbon nanospheres by a simple hydrothermal method and fabrication of carbon nanosphere super-hydrophobic surface
Joula MH, Farbod M
541 - 547 Synthesis of cyclotriphosphazene-containing polymeric nanotubes and their use as metal-free photocatalysts for methylene blue degradation
Li ZK, Wang GH, Liang C, Zhang AQ
548 - 552 Preparation of Cu(OH)(2) and ZnO nanoarrays on surface of metal substrates by a simple method and application as ammonia sensors
Qiu YF, Tan GP, Xu PR, Luo Q, Lin XZ, Huang WQ, Li JH
553 - 560 The formation mechanisms of surface nanocrystallites in beta-type biomedical TiNbZrFe alloy by surface mechanical attrition treatment
Jin L, Cui WF, Song X, Zhou L
561 - 568 Zinc oxide nanoparticles with incorporated silver: Structural, morphological, optical and vibrational properties
Mosquera E, Rojas-Michea C, Morel M, Gracia F, Fuenzalida V, Zarate RA
569 - 573 A facile surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection of rhodamine 6G and crystal violet using Au nanoparticle substrates
Zhang KB, Zeng TX, Tan XL, Wu WD, Tang YJ, Zhang HB
574 - 582 Effects of concentration of Ag nanoparticles on surface structure and in vitro biological responses of oxide layer on pure titanium via plasma electrolytic oxidation
Shin KR, Kim YS, Kim GW, Yang HW, Ko YG, Shin DH
583 - 590 Optimization of interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of carbon fiber/epoxy composites via carbon nanotube sizing
Yao HW, Sui XH, Zhao ZB, Xu ZW, Chen L, Deng H, Liu Y, Qian XM
591 - 595 Preparation, corrosion resistance and hemocompatibility of the superhydrophobic TiO2 coatings on biomedical Ti-6Al-4V alloys
Jiang JY, Xu JL, Liu ZH, Deng L, Sun B, Liu SD, Wang L, Liu HY
596 - 601 Numerical analysis of the residual stress in ultrasonic impact treatment process with single-impact and two-impact models
Guo CB, Wang ZJ, Wang DP, Hu SS
602 - 609 Zn-3(OH)(2)V2O7 center dot 2H(2)O/g-C3N4: A novel composite for efficient photodegradation of methylene blue under visible-light irradiation
Wang QZ, Zheng LH, Bai Y, Zhao JJ, Wang FP, Zhang R, Huang HH, Su BT
610 - 618 Dependence of ion concentration in simulated body fluid on apatite precipitation on titania surface
Sakaguchi A, Nakano M, Hieda J, Ohtake N, Akasaka H
619 - 623 Pulsed laser deposited barium titanate thin film for tunable optical delay application
Kumari S, Khare A
624 - 631 Facile synthesis of hollow Sn-Co@PMMA nanospheres as high performance anodes for lithium-ion batteries via galvanic replacement reaction and in situ polymerization
Yu XH, Jiang AN, Yang HY, Meng HS, Dou P, Ma DA, Xu XH
632 - 635 One-step synthesis of chlorinated graphene by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Fan LW, Zhang H, Zhang PP, Sun XH
636 - 642 Facile preparation of titanium dioxide nano-capsule arrays used as photo-anode for dye sensitized solar cells
Su PL, Li HY, Wang JS, Wu JS, Zhao BX, Wang F
643 - 650 Enhanced Fischer-Tropsch synthesis performance of iron-based catalysts supported on nitric acid treated N-doped CNTs
Li ZH, Liu RJ, Xu Y, Ma XB
651 - 656 Morphology and optical properties of sputter deposited silver nanoparticles on plain, textured and antireflection layer coated textured silicon
Sardana SK, Chava VSN, Komarala VK
657 - 667 Surface morphology and grain analysis of successively industrially grown amorphous hydrogenated carbon films (a-C:H) on silicon
Catena A, McJunkin T, Agnello S, Gelardi FM, Wehner S, Fischer CB
668 - 672 SERS detection of low-concentration adenosine by silver nanoparticles on silicon nanoporous pyramid arrays structure
Zhang C, Man BY, Jiang SZ, Yang C, Liu M, Chen CS, Xu SC, Qiu HW, Li Z
673 - 678 Anti-corrosion layer prepared by plasma electrolytic carbonitriding on pure aluminum
Wu J, Zhang YF, Liu R, Wang B, Hua M, Xue WB
679 - 684 Laser nanostructured Co nanocylinders-Al2O3 cermets for enhanced & flexible solar selective absorbers applications
Karoro A, Nuru ZY, Kotsedi L, Bouziane K, Mothudi BM, Maaza M
685 - 689 Structural and optical investigation on alpha particle irradiated CR-39 surface coated by MEH-PPV conducting polymer
Abdalla AM, Harraz FA, Al-Sayari SA, Al-Hajry A
690 - 695 Preparation of NiCo2S4 flaky arrays on Ni foam as binder-free supercapacitor electrode
Yang ZH, Zhu X, Wang K, Ma G, Cheng H, Xu FF
696 - 705 Enhanced hydrogen evolution from water splitting using Fe-Ni codoped and Ag deposited anatase TiO2 synthesized by solvothermal method
Sun T, Liu EZ, Liang XH, Hu XY, Fan J
706 - 712 Fractal characterization of the silicon surfaces produced by ion beam irradiation of varying fluences
Yadav RP, Kumar T, Mittal AK, Dwivedi S, Kanjilal D
713 - 718 Surface modification of TiAlSiCN coatings to improve oxidation protection
Kuptsov KA, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Sheveyko AN, Shtansky DV
719 - 726 On structure and methylene blue degradation activity of an Aurivillius-type photocatalyst of Bi4V2O11 nanoparticles
Lu YT, Pu YF, Wang J, Qin CX, Chen C, Seo HJ
727 - 735 Investigation of focused ion beam induced damage in single crystal diamond tools
Tong Z, Luo XC
736 - 746 Corrosion product layers on magnesium alloys AZ31 and AZ61: Surface chemistry and protective ability
Feliu S, Llorente I
747 - 754 Preparation and characterization of CuCrO2/TiO2 heterostructure photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Xiong DH, Chang HM, Zhang QQ, Tian SQ, Liu BS, Zhao XJ
755 - 762 Superior environment resistance of quartz crystal microbalance with anatase TiO2/ZnO nanorod composite films
Wei Q, Li W, Wang SD, Bai Y
763 - 768 Controllable synthesis of a-sulfur spheres with hierarchical nanostructures for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic ability
Dang XM, Zhang XF, Zhang WQ, Dong XL, Wang GW, Ma HC
769 - 776 Trapping characteristic of halloysite lumen for methyl orange
Chen H, Yan H, Pei ZZ, Wu JY, Li RR, Jin YX, Zhao J
777 - 783 Structural and XPS studies of PSi/TiO2 nanocomposites prepared by ALD and Ag-assisted chemical etching
Iatsunskyi I, Kempinski M, Nowaczyk G, Jancelewicz M, Pavlenko M, Zaleski K, Jurga S
784 - 792 Irradiation influence on Mylar and Makrofol induced by argon ions in a plasma immersion ion implantation system
Hassan A, El-Saftawy AA, Abd El Aal SA, El Ghazaly M
793 - 798 Vertical current-flow enhancement via fabrication of GaN nanorod p-n junction diode on graphene
Ryu SR, Ram SDG, Lee SJ, Cho HD, Lee S, Kang TW, Kwon S, Yang W, Shin S, Woo Y
799 - 807 GD-OES and XPS coupling: A new way for the chemical profiling of photovoltaic absorbers
Mercier D, Bouttemy M, Vigneron J, Chapon P, Etcheberry A
808 - 815 Adsorption of RuSex (x=1-5) cluster on Se-doped graphene: First principle calculations
Akturk OU, Tomak M
816 - 823 One-step preparation of silver-polyaniline nanotube composite for non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide detection
Lorestani F, Shahnavaz Z, Nia PM, Alias Y, Manan NSA
824 - 831 A simple chemical synthesis of amorphous carbon nanotubes-MnO2 flake hybrids for cold cathode application
Sarkar S, Banerjee D, Das NS, Chattopadhyay KK
832 - 838 Evaluation of the effectiveness of laser crust removal on granites by means of hyperspectral imaging techniques
Pozo-Antonio JS, Fiorucci MP, Ramil A, Lopez AJ, Rivas T
839 - 848 Studies on the influence of surface morphology of ZnO nail beds on easy roll off of water droplets
Sutha S, Vanithakumari SC, George RP, Mudali UK, Raj B, Ravi KR
849 - 855 Effect of lapping slurry on critical cutting depth of spinel
Wang ZK, Wang ZK, Zhu YW, Su JX
856 - 860 Improve the surface enhanced Raman scattering of gold nanorods decorated graphene oxide: The effect of CTAB on the electronic transition
Li JJ, An HQ, Zhu J, Zhao JW
861 - 867 An iron(II) diketonate-diamine complex as precursor for thin film fabrication by atomic layer deposition
Bratvold JE, Carraro G, Barreca D, Nilsen O
868 - 874 Two-step wetting transition on ZnO nanorod arrays
Luo H, Ma J, Wang P, Bai J, Jing G
875 - 879 Application of dynamic scaling theory for growth kinetic studies of AlN-thin films deposited by ion beam sputtering in reactive assistance of nitrogen plasma
Sharma N, Prabakar K, Ilango S, Dash S, Tyagi AK
880 - 882 Electric structure and H-2 adsorption properties of intrinsic and decorated h-ScN sheet by density functional theory
883 - 890 In-situ anatase phase stabilization of titania photocatalyst by sintering in presence of Zr4+ organic salts
Strini A, Sanson A, Mercadelli E, Bendoni R, Marelli M, Dal Santo V, Schiavi L
891 - 897 In situ deposition of graphene nanosheets on wood surface by one-pot hydrothermal method for enhanced UV-resistant ability
Wan CC, Jiao Y, Li J