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1 - 10 Structural stability, half-metallicity and magnetism of the CoFeMnSi/GaAs(001) interface
Feng Y, Chen XR, Zhou T, Yuan HK, Chen H
11 - 17 Comparison of some effects of modification of a polylactide surface layer by chemical, plasma, and laser methods
Moraczewski K, Rytlewski P, Malinowski R, Zenkiewicz M
18 - 23 Cupric and cuprous oxide by reactive ion beam sputter deposition and the photosensing properties of cupric oxide metal-semiconductor-metal Schottky photodiodes
Hong MJ, Lin YC, Chao LC, Lin PH, Huang BR
24 - 32 Ab initio investigation of the adsorption of atomic and molecular hydrogen on AlN nanotubes
Kuang AL, Wang GZ, Li Y, Jiang Y, Wu G, Wu B
33 - 40 Facile hydrothermal synthesis of novel Bi12TiO20-Bi2WO6 heterostructure photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Zhang X, Zhang L, Hu JS, Pan CL, Hou CM
41 - 45 Rapid growth of single-layer graphene on the insulating substrates by thermal CVD
Chen CY, Dai D, Chen GX, Yu JH, Nishimura K, Lin CT, Jiang N, Zhan ZL
46 - 49 Fabrication of high quality GaAs-on-insulator via ion-cut of epitaxial GaAs/Ge heterostructure
Chang YW, Zhang M, Deng C, Men CL, Chen D, Zhu L, Yu WJ, Wei X, Di ZF, Wang X
50 - 56 Surface modification of blood-contacting biomaterials by plasma-polymerized superhydrophobic films using hexamethyldisiloxane and tetrafluoromethane as precursors
Hsiao CR, Lin CW, Chou CM, Chung CJ, He JL
57 - 67 PEO of pre-anodized Al-Si alloys: Corrosion properties and influence of sealings
Mohedano M, Matykina E, Arrabal R, Mingo B, Pardo A
68 - 76 Durability of a lubricant-infused Electrospray Silicon Rubber surface as an anti-icing coating
Liu Q, Yang Y, Huang M, Zhou YX, Liu YY, Liang XD
77 - 83 Microwave absorption property of the diatomite coated by Fe-CoNiP films
Yan ZQ, Cai J, Xu YG, Zhang DY
84 - 98 Molecular dynamics study on the mechanism of AFM-based nanoscratching process with water-layer lubrication
Ren JQ, Zhao JS, Dong ZG, Liu PK
99 - 106 Rapid microwave-assisted regeneration of magnetic carbon nanotubes loaded with p-nitrophenol
Cui CY, Zheng QZ, Han YH, Xin YJ
107 - 110 Wettability of laser micro-circle-dimpled SiC surfaces
Wang R, Bai SX
111 - 114 Preparation of surface-modified ZnO quantum dots through an ultrasound assisted sol-gel process
Moghaddam E, Youzbashi AA, Kazemzadeh A, Eshraghi MJ
115 - 123 Efficient visible light photocatalytic water oxidation on Zn-3(OH)(2)V2O7 center dot 2H(2)O nanoplates: Effects of exposed facet and local crystal structure distortion
Yang LL, Tang YW, Tong LP, Zhou H, Ding J, Fan TX, Zhang D
124 - 133 Silica mesoporous thin films as containers for benzotriazole for corrosion protection of 2024 aluminium alloys
Recloux I, Mouanga M, Druart ME, Paint Y, Olivier MG
134 - 146 Preparation of hydrophilic PVDF/PPTA blend membranes by in situ polycondensation and its application in the treatment of landfill leachate
Li HB, Shi WY, Zhang YF, Zhou R, Zhang HX
147 - 157 Study on the nanostructure formation mechanism of hypereutectic Al-17.5Si alloy induced by high current pulsed electron beam
Gao B, Hu L, Li SW, Hao Y, Zhang YD, Tu GF, Grosdidier T
158 - 164 Unravelling the composition of the surface layers formed on Cu, Cu-Ni, Cu-Zn and Cu-Ni-Zn in clean and polluted environments
Awad NK, Ashour EA, Allam NK
165 - 171 A periodic density functional theory calculation: The structure of isolated copper(I) oxide species on gamma-Al2O3 (110) surface and its adsorption ability toward thiophene and benzene
Ye M, Zhang YF, Li LD, Liu RR, Qiu M, Xu CZ, Chen XH
172 - 176 Effective approach to strengthening TiO2 nanotube arrays by using double or triple reinforcements
Sun MW, Yu DL, Lu LF, Ma WH, Song Y, Zhu XF
177 - 181 Electron and hole separation in Ge nanocones formed on Si1-xGex solid solution by Nd:YAG laser radiation
Gorb A, Korotchenkov O, Kuryliuk V, Medvid A, Mozolevskis G, Nadtochiy A, Podolian A
182 - 188 Thermal and mechanical properties of novel nanocomposites from modified ordered mesoporous carbon FDU-15 and poly(methyl methacrylate)
Mohammadnezhad G, Dinari M, Soltani R, Bozorgmehr Z
189 - 193 Structure and wettability property of the growth and nucleation surfaces of thermally treated freestanding CVD diamond films
Pei XQ, Cheng SH, Ma YB, Wu DF, Liu JS, Wang QL, Yang YZ, Li HD
194 - 200 Ionic liquid-modified metal sulfides/graphene oxide nanocomposites for photoelectric conversion
Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Pei Q, Feng T, Mao H, Zhang W, Wu SY, Liu DL, Wang HY, Song XM
201 - 206 Effects of donor W6+-ion doping on the microstructural and multiferroic properties of Aurivillius Bi7Fe3Ti3O21 thin film
Raghavan CM, Kim JW, Choi JY, Kim JW, Kim SS
207 - 215 Polydopamine-mediated surface functionalization of electrospun nanofibrous membranes: Preparation, characterization and their adsorption properties towards heavy metal ions
Wu CL, Wang HY, Wei Z, Li C, Luo ZD
216 - 222 Room temperature gas sensing properties of porous silicon/V2O5 nanorods composite
Yan WJ, Hu M, Wang DF, Li CQ
223 - 231 Bio-char derived from sewage sludge by liquefaction: Characterization and application for dye adsorption
Leng LJ, Yuan XZ, Huang HJ, Shao JG, Wang H, Chen XH, Zeng GM
232 - 239 Synthesis and characterization of magnetic palygorskite nanoparticles and their application on methylene blue remotion from water
Middea A, Spinelli LS, Souza FG, Neumann R, Gomes ODM, Fernandes TLAP, de Lima LC, Barthem VMTS, de Carvalho FV
240 - 247 Chemical and structural characterization of Zr-C-N-Ag coatings: XPS, XRD and Raman spectroscopy
Calderon S, Cavaleiro A, Carvalho S
248 - 255 Infrared and ultraviolet laser removal of crustose lichens on dolomite heritage stone
Sanz M, Oujja M, Ascaso C, de los Rios A, Perez-Ortega S, Souza-Egipsy V, Wierzchos J, Speranza M, Canamares MV, Castillejo M
256 - 262 Size-controlled synthesis of SnO2 quantum dots and their gas-sensing performance
Du JP, Zhao RH, Xie YJ, Li JP
263 - 269 Investigation of phase explosion in aluminum induced by nanosecond double pulse technique
Jafarabadi MA, Mandieh MH
270 - 277 Surface modification of polyester synthetic leather with tetramethylsilane by atmospheric pressure plasma
Kan CW, Kwong CH, Ng SP
278 - 283 In situ growth of CdS nanoparticles on UiO-66 metal-organic framework octahedrons for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light irradiation
Zhou JJ, Wang R, Liu XL, Peng FM, Li CH, Teng F, Yuan YP
284 - 290 Low-frequency alternative-current magnetic susceptibility, photoelectric properties, and adhesive properties of Ni80Fe20 (X angstrom)/ZnO(500 angstrom) and ZnO(500 angstrom)/Ni80Fe20(Y angstrom) on glass substrate
Chen YT
291 - 301 Crystallization and mechanical behavior of the ferroelectric polymer nonwoven fiber fabrics for highly durable wearable sensor applications
Liu ZH, Pan CT, Yen CK, Lin LW, Huang JC, Ke CA
302 - 310 Correlation between aging grade of T91 steel and spectral characteristics of the laser-induced plasma
Li J, Lu JD, Dai Y, Dong MR, Zhong WL, Yao SC
311 - 316 First hydrothermal synthesis of Bi5O7Br and its photocatalytic properties for molecular oxygen activation and RhB degradation
Su YR, Ding CH, Dang YL, Wang H, Ye LQ, Jin XL, Xie HQ, Liu C
317 - 328 Quinone-rich polydopamine functionalization of yttria stabilized zirconia for apatite biomineralization: The effects of coating temperature
Zain NM, Hussain R, Kadir MRA
329 - 334 Bond length effects during the dissociation of O-2 on Ni(111)
Shuttleworth IG
335 - 341 Surface modification of carbon nanotubes via combination of mussel inspired chemistry and chain transfer free radical polymerization
Wan Q, Tian JW, Liu MY, Zeng GJ, Huang Q, Wang K, Zhang QS, Deng FJ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
342 - 347 Electron beam influence on the carbon contamination of electron irradiated hydroxyapatite thin films
Hristu R, Stanciu SG, Tranca DE, Stanciu GA
348 - 353 Synthesis and high-efficiency methylene blue adsorption of magnetic PAA/MnFe2O4 nanocomposites
Wang W, Ding Z, Cai MH, Jian HT, Zeng ZQ, Li F, Liu JP
354 - 360 Fabrication of high-brightness GaN-based light-emitting diodes via thermal nanoimprinting of ZnO-nanoparticle-dispersed resin
Byeon KJ, Cho JY, Jo HB, Lee H
361 - 365 Superhydrophobicity and enhanced UV stability in vertically standing indium oxide nanorods
Yadav K, Mehta BR, Singh JP
366 - 371 Sb-Te alloy nanostructures produced on a graphite surface by a simple annealing process
Kuwahara M, Uratsuji H, Abe M, Sone H, Hosaka S, Sakai J, Uehara Y, Endo R, Tsuruoka T
372 - 378 Reinforcement of waterborne polyurethane with chitosan-modified halloysite nanotubes
Fu HQ, Wang Y, Chen WF, Xiao J
379 - 387 Growth temperature dependent surface plasmon resonances of densely packed gold nanoparticles' films and their role in surface enhanced Raman scattering of Rhodamine6G
Verma S, Rao BT, Bhartiya S, Sathe V, Kukreja LM
388 - 393 Anisotropy of synthetic diamond in catalytic etching using iron powder
Wang JS, Wan L, Chen J, Yan JW
394 - 405 Composite titanium nitride layers produced on the AZ91D magnesium alloy by a hybrid method including hydrothermal modification of the layer
Tacikowski M, Grzonka J, Plocinski T, Jakiela R, Pisarek M, Wierzchon T
406 - 414 Deposition of nanostructured YSZ coating from spray-dried particles with no heat treatment
Zhao Y, Gao Y
415 - 422 Oxidized SWCNT chemically attached to a modified copper substrate
Hernandez D, Cabrera CR, Mendez L, Diaz-Serrano M, Vega O, Weiner BR, Rosa LG
423 - 427 Phase and structural transformations in annealed copper coatings in relation to oxide whisker growth
Dorogov MV, Priezzheva AN, Vlassov S, Kink I, Shulga E, Dorogin LM, Lohmus R, Tyurkov MN, Vikarchuk AA, Romanov AE
428 - 437 Additive manufacturing of Ti-Si-N ceramic coatings on titanium
Zhang YN, Sahasrabudhe H, Bandyopadhyay A
438 - 442 Influence of coadsorbed H in CO dissociation and CHn formation on Fe(100): A DFT study
Amaya-Roncancio S, Linares DH, Sapag K, Rojas MI
443 - 450 One-step amine modification of graphene oxide to get a green trifunctional metal-free catalyst
Yang AW, Li JJ, Zhang C, Zhang WQ, Ma N
451 - 457 Plasmons excited in a large dense silver nanoparticle layer enhance the luminescence intensity of organic light emitting diodes
Fukuura T
458 - 463 study on the fabrication of superhydrophobic iron surfaces by chemical etching and galvanic replacement methods and their anti-icing properties
Li KQ, Zeng XR, Li HQ, Lai XJ
464 - 469 Evolution behavior of C and Si atoms on diamond (001) surface: A first principle study
Ren Y, Liu XJ, Wei H
470 - 476 Electronic and magnetic properties of MoS2 nanoribbons with sulfur line vacancy defects
Han Y, Zhou J, Dong JM
477 - 483 Novel method for synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their application on wool
Boroumand MN, Montazer M, Simon F, Liesiene J, Saponjic Z, Dutschk V
484 - 488 Comparison of S-band radio-frequency field emission performance of nitrogen-doped nanocrystalline diamond before and after O-2/Ar plasma etching
Han WH, Xiong Y, Wang B, Li XK, Xu L
489 - 496 Composition dependent interfacial thermal stability, band alignment and electrical properties of Hf1-xTixO2/Si gate stacks
Zhang JW, He G, Liu M, Chen HS, Liu YM, Sun ZQ, Chen XS
497 - 502 Surface modification of basalt with silane coupling agent on asphalt mixture moisture damage
Min YH, Fang Y, Huang XJ, Zhu YH, Li WS, Yuan JM, Tan LG, Wang SY, Wu ZJ
503 - 519 Parameterization of HAXPES photoelectrons with kinetic energies up to 10 keV
Jablonski A
520 - 527 Nondestructive covalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes by selective oxidation of the original defects with K2FeO4
Zhang ZY, Xu XC
528 - 533 Superparamagnetism in undoped ZnO nanorods
Koshy O, Khadar MA
534 - 542 Investigation of anodic oxide coatings on zirconium after heat treatment
Sowa M, Dercz G, Suchanek K, Simka W
543 - 553 A self-cleaning coating based on commercial grade polyacrylic latex modified by TiO2/Ag-exchanged-zeolite-A nanocomposite
Nosrati R, Olad A, Nofouzi K
554 - 561 Biological response of Sr-containing coating with various surface treatments on titanium substrate for medical applications
Yang SP, Lee TM, Lui TS
562 - 566 Highly efficient flexible CuIn0.7Ga0.3Se2 solar cells with a thick Na/Mo layer deposited directly on stainless steel
Lee M, Lee SM, Jung S, Ahn S, Cho JS, Park J, Eh Y, Gwak J, Shin K, Yoon K, Cho YS, Yun JH
567 - 573 Understanding the dense stripe domains in soft magnetic film
Wu DP, Jin TL, Lou YF, Wei FL
574 - 579 Antireflection silicon structures with hydrophobic property fabricated by three-beam laser interference
Zhao L, Wang Z, Zhang J, Cao L, Li L, Yue Y, Li D
580 - 580 Real time observation of oxygen chemisorption states on Si(001) - 2 x 1 during supersonic oxygen molecular beam irradiation (vol 190, pg 60, 2002)
Yoshigoe A, Teraoka Y