Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.345 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Preparation of HZSM-5 membrane packed CuO-ZnO-Al2O3 nanoparticles for catalysing carbon dioxide hydrogenation to dimethyl ether
Liu R, Tian HF, Yang AM, Zha F, Ding J, Chang Y
10 - 17 Characterization of corrosion products formed on different surfaces of steel exposed to simulated groundwater solution
Xu QF, Gao KW, Wang YB, Pang XL
18 - 23 A study on near-UV blue photoluminescence in graphene oxide prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett method
Han F, Yang SM, Jing WX, Jiang ZD, Liu H, Li L
24 - 35 Chromium-free conversion coatings based on inorganic salts (Zr/Ti/Mn/Mo) for aluminum alloys used in aircraft applications
Coloma P, Izagirre U, Belaustegi Y, Jorcin JB, Cano FJ, Lapena N
36 - 43 Hemolymph drop impact outcomes on surfaces with varying wettability
Milionis A, Krishnan KG, Loth E
44 - 48 Experimental evidence of the generation of gaseous SiO as precursor for the growth of SiOx nanowires
Gomez-Martinez A, Marquez F, Morant C
49 - 56 TiO2 thin films with rutile phase prepared by DC magnetron co-sputtering at room temperature: Effect of Cu incorporation
Wang H, Li YJ, Ba X, Huang L, Yu Y
57 - 66 Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of cellulose modified nano zero-valent iron for dye discoloration
Wang XY, Wang P, Ma J, Liu HL, Ning P
67 - 71 The existing states of doped B3+ ions on the B doped TiO2
Zhao DD, Yu YL, Cao C, Wang JS, Wang EJ, Cao YA
72 - 80 A cotton fabric modified with a hydrogel containing ZnO nanoparticles. Preparation and properties study
Staneva D, Atanasova D, Vasileva-Tonkova E, Lukanova V, Grabchev I
81 - 89 Multilayer adsorption of Cu(II) and Cd(II) over Brazilian Orchid Tree (Pata-de-vaca) and its adsorptive properties
Jorgetto AD, da Silva ACP, Wondracek MHP, Silva RIV, Valini ED, Saeki MJ, Pedrosa VA, Castro GR
90 - 98 Layer-by-layer engineering fluorescent polyelectrolyte coated mesoporous silica nanoparticles as pH-sensitive nanocarriers for controlled release
Du PC, Zhao XB, Zeng J, Guo JS, Liu P
99 - 108 Improving the tribocorrosion resistance of Ti6Al4V surface by laser surface cladding with TiNiZrO2 composite coating
Obadele BA, Andrews A, Mathew MT, Olubambi PA, Pityana S
109 - 115 The friction coefficient evolution of a TiN coated contact during sliding wear
Ma GJ, Wang LL, Gao HX, Zhang J, Reddyhoff T
116 - 121 Investigation of small molecular weight poly(acrylic acid) adsorption on gamma-alumina
Liu L, Luo SZ, Wang B, Guo ZH
122 - 126 Ammonia-free preparation of Ag@SiO2 core/shell nanoparticles
Li ZP, Jia LF, Li YM, He T, Li XM
127 - 140 XPS and FTIR spectroscopic study on microwave treated high phosphorus iron ore
Omran M, Fabritius T, Elmandy AM, Abdel-Khalek NA, El-Aref M, Elmanawi A
141 - 144 Reduced dental calcium expression and dental mass in chronic sleep deprived rats: Combined EDS, TOF-SIMS, and micro-CT analysis
Kuo YJ, Huang YK, Chou HC, Pai MH, Lee AW, Mai FD, Chang HM
145 - 155 Microfiber inclination, crystallinity, and water wettability of microfibrous thin-film substrates of Parylene C in relation to the direction of the monomer vapor during fabrication
Chindam C, Wonderling NM, Lakhtakia A, Awadelkarim OO, Orfali W
156 - 161 Catalyst free self-assembled growth of InN nanorings on stepped Si (553) surface
Chauhan AKS, Kumar M, Gupta G
162 - 168 Molecular dynamics study of the effect of titanium ion energy on surface structure during the amorphous TiO2 films deposition
Chen X, Wang YW, Liu X, Wang XY, Wang XB, An SD, Zhao YQ
169 - 174 Removal of copper ions from aqueous solution by adsorption onto novel polyelectrolyte film-coated nanofibrous silk fibroin non-wovens
Zhou WT, Huang HT, Du S, Huo YD, He JX, Cui SZ
175 - 181 One-step synthesis of magnetic chitosan polymer composite films
Cesano F, Fenoglio G, Carlos L, Nistico R
182 - 186 n-Dependent variations of coercivity with temperature in [Co/Pt](n) multilayers
Zhang F, Liu ZY, Wen FS, Li L, Wang PW, Li XC, Ming XB
187 - 193 Synthesis, micellization behavior and alcohol induced amphipathic cellulose film of cellulose-based amphiphilic surfactant
Yang F, Liu YN, Yu JL, Li HP, Li G
194 - 203 Ta effect on oxidation of a nickel-based single-crystal superalloy and its sputtered nanocrystalline coating at 900-1100 degrees C
Wang JL, Chen MH, Zhu SL, Wang FH
204 - 215 Anti-reflection coatings for silicon solar cells from hydrogenated diamond like carbon
Das D, Banerjee A
216 - 222 Nucleation and initial growth of atomic layer deposited titanium oxide determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry and the effect of pretreatment by surface barrier discharge
Cameron DC, Krumpolec R, Ivanova TV, Homola T, Cernak M
223 - 231 Electrocatalytical study of carbon supported Pt, Ru and bimetallic Pt-Ru nanoparticles for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Hosseini MG, Zardari P
232 - 237 Oxidizing annealing effects on VO2 films with different microstructures
Dou YK, Li JB, Cao MS, Su DZ, Rehman F, Zhang JS, Jin HB
238 - 248 Collagen immobilization of multi-layered BCP-ZrO2 bone substitutes to enhance bone formation
Linh NTB, Jang DW, Lee BT
249 - 255 The pH-dependant attachment of ceria nanoparticles to silica using surface analytical techniques
Dawkins K, Rudyk BW, Xu Z, Cadien K
256 - 263 V2O5 nanoparticles grown on ZnO nanowires for enhanced field emission properties
Yin HH, Song CQ, Wang ZL, Guo BJ, Yu K
264 - 271 Spherical and polygonal shape of Au nanoparticles coated functionalized polymer microspheres
Xu T, Li YZ, Zhang JX, Qi YL, Zhao X, Zhang QH
272 - 278 Reduced graphene oxide-CoFe2O4 composite: Synthesis and electromagnetic absorption properties
Zong M, Huang Y, Zhang N
279 - 285 SiO2/TiO2/Ag multilayered microspheres: Preparation, characterization, and enhanced infrared radiation property
Ye XY, Cai SG, Zheng C, Xiao XQ, Hua NB, Huang YY
286 - 294 Residual stress and crack initiation in laser clad composite layer with Co-based alloy and WC plus NiCr
Lee C, Park H, Yoo J, Lee C, Woo W, Park S
295 - 300 Photo-detection characteristics of In-Zn-O/SiOx/n-Si hetero-junctions
Fang HW, Hsieh TE, Juang JY
301 - 309 Surface modification of ultrafiltration membranes by grafting glycine-functionalized PVA based on polydopamine coatings
Li F, Ye JF, Yang LM, Deng CH, Tian Q, Yang B
310 - 318 Graphene oxide-silver nanocomposite as SERS substrate for dye detection: Effects of silver loading amount and composite dosage
Ding GH, Xie S, Liu Y, Wang L, Xu FG
319 - 328 High low-temperature CO oxidation activity of platinum oxide prepared by magnetron sputtering
Johanek V, Vaclavu M, Matolinova I, Khalakhan I, Haviar S, Matolin V
329 - 336 Green synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activities of zinc oxide nanoparticles from the leaf extract of Azadirachta indica (L.)
Elumalai K, Velmurugan S
337 - 343 Si clusters/defective graphene composites as Li-ion batteries anode materials: A density functional study
Li M, Liu YJ, Zhao JX, Wang XG
344 - 348 Micro- and nanoscale surface texturing effects on surface friction
Kang M, Park YM, Kim BH, Seo YH
349 - 354 Structural and friction characteristics of g-C3N4/PVDF composites
Zhu L, Wang Y, Hu F, Song HJ
355 - 359 Influence of precursor concentration on the structural, optical and electrical properties of indium oxide thin film prepared by a sol-gel method
Lau LN, Ibrahim NB, Baqiah H
360 - 368 Effects of surface treatment of aluminium alloy 1050 on the adhesion and anticorrosion properties of the epoxy coating
Golru SS, Attar MM, Ramezanzadeh B
369 - 378 Encapsulation of fluoroethanols in pristine and Stone-Wales defect boron nitride nanotube - A DFT study
Umadevi P, Aiswarya T, Senthilkumar L
379 - 386 Plasma-treated polystyrene film that enhances binding efficiency for sensitive and label-free protein biosensing
Guo BH, Li SP, Song LS, Yang M, Zhou WF, Tyagi D, Zhu JS
387 - 393 Parallel nano-assembling of a multifunctional GO/HapNP coating on ultrahigh-purity magnesium for biodegradable implants
Santos C, Piedade C, Uggowitzer PJ, Montemor MF, Carmezim MJ
394 - 399 Study of sulfur adlayers on Au(111) from basic hydrolysis of piperazine bis(dithiocarbamate) sodium salt
Martinez JA, Valenzuela J, Hernandez-Tamargo CE, Cao-Milan R, Herrera JA, Diaz JA, Farias MH, Mikosch H, Hernandez MP
400 - 404 Influence of annealing condition and multicycle AlGaAs/GaAs structures on the Al0.26Ga0.74As surface morphology
Wei WZ, Wang Y, Guo X, Luo ZJ, Zhao Z, Zhou HY, Ding Z
405 - 417 Surface molecular imprinting on hybrid SiO2-coated CdTe nanocrystals for selective optosensing of bisphenol A and its optimal design
Qiu CX, Xing YH, Yang WM, Zhou ZP, Wang YC, Liu H, Xu WZ
418 - 427 Enhanced antifouling behaviours of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane modified through blending with nano-TiO2/polyethylene glycol mixture
Zhang J, Wang ZW, Zhang XR, Zheng X, Wu ZC
428 - 432 Micro-bubble generated by laser irradiation on an individual carbon nanocoil
Sun YM, Pan LJ, Liu YL, Sun T
433 - 439 Simple preparation of tungsten supported carbon nanoreactors for specific applications: Adsorption, catalysis and electrochemical activity
Mayani VJ, Mayani SV, Kim SW
440 - 447 Surface chemistry and electronic structure of nonpolar and polar GaN films
Mishra M, Krishna TCS, Aggarwal N, Gupta G