Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.337 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Interfacial scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) of chalcogenide/metal hybrid nanostructure
Saad MM, Abdallah T, Easawi K, Negm S, Talaat H
6 - 11 Capacity of graphite's layered structure to suppress the sputtering yield: A molecular dynamics study
Tian JT, Zheng T, Yang JY, Kong SY, Xue JM, Wang YG, Nordlund K
12 - 18 Directed synthesis of bio-inorganic vanadium oxide composites using genetically modified filamentous phage
Mueller M, Baik S, Jeon H, Kim Y, Kim J, Kim YJ
19 - 26 Influence of SHI upon nanohole free volume and micro scale level surface modifications of polyethyleneterephthalate polymer films
Kumar R, Singh P
27 - 32 Photocatalytic degradation of gaseous toluene over bcc-In2O3 hollow microspheres
Zhang QZ, Li XY, Zhao QD, Shi Y, Zhang F, Liu BJ, Ke J, Wang LZ
33 - 37 Observation of Ni3+ acceptor in P-type Ni(P):SnO2
Lee PM, Wu YJ, Hsieh CY, Liao CH, Liu YS, Liu CY
38 - 44 An ultra-high temperature Mo-Si-B based coating for oxidation protection of Nb-ss/Nb5Si3 composites
Su LF, Lu-Steffes O, Zhang H, Perepezko JH
45 - 57 Test measurements on a secco white-lead containing model samples to assess the effects of exposure to low-fluence UV laser radiation
Raimondi V, Andreotti A, Colombini MP, Cucci C, Cuzman O, Galeotti M, Lognoli D, Palombi L, Picollo M, Tiano P
58 - 64 Utilization of starch graft copolymers as selective depressants for lizardite in the flotation of pentlandite
Cao J, Luo YC, Xu GQ, Qi L, Hu XQ, Xu PF, Zhang LY, Cheng SY
65 - 71 Preparation of porous LaFeO3 microspheres and their gas-sensing property
Xiao HX, Xue C, Song P, Li J, Wang Q
72 - 80 Synthesis, structural characterisation and antibacterial activity of Ag+-doped fluorapatite nanomaterials prepared by neutralization method
Stanic V, Radosavljevic-Mihajlovic AS, Zivkovic-Radovanovic V, Nastasijevic B, Marinovic-Cincovic M, Markovic JP, Budimir MD
81 - 89 Effect of surface state on the oxidation behavior of welded 308L in simulated nominal primary water of PWR
Ming HL, Zhang ZM, Wang JZ, Zhu RL, Ding J, Wang JQ, Han EH, Ke W
90 - 104 Identical mechanism of isochronal and isothermal embrittlement in Ni(Bi) alloy: Thermo-induced non-equilibrium grain-boundary segregation of Bi
Zheng L, Chellali R, Schlesiger R, Meng Y, Baither D, Schmitz G
105 - 110 Functionalization and bioimmobilization of silicon surfaces with Si-N bonded monolayer
Masood MN, Carlen ET, van den Berg A
111 - 117 A facile homogeneous precipitation synthesis of NiO nanosheets and their applications in water treatment
Zhao JF, Tan Y, Su K, Zhao JJ, Yang C, Sang LL, Lu HB, Chen JH
118 - 124 Microstructure and magnetic properties of (001) textured L1(0) FePt films on amorphous glass substrate
Speliotis T, Varvaro G, Testa AM, Giannopoulos G, Agostinelli E, Li W, Hadjipanayis G, Niarchos D
125 - 129 Tip-bias-induced domain evolution in PMN-PT transparent ceramics via piezoresponse force microscopy
Zhao KY, Zhao W, Zeng HR, Yu HZ, Ruan W, Xu KQ, Li GR
130 - 137 Material removal mechanism of copper chemical mechanical polishing in a periodate-based slurry
Cheng J, Wang TQ, He YY, Lu XC
138 - 144 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with H2O using perovskite CaxTiyO3
Kwak BS, Kang M
145 - 150 In-induced stable ordering of stepped Si(553) surface
Chauhan AKS, Niazi A, Nair L, Gupta G
151 - 157 The mechanism and process of nanosecond pulsed-laser induced dsubwavelength periodic ripples on silica films
Xia ZL, Chen C, Fang H, Chen S
158 - 165 Effect of pyrolysis temperature on the properties of carbon/nickel nanocomposites prepared by sol-gel method
Ben Mansour N, Najeh I, Mansouri S, El Mir L
166 - 171 Luminescence of Eu ion in alumina prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Smits K, Millers D, Zolotarjovs A, Drunka R, Vanks M
172 - 177 Insitu grown superhydrophobic Zn-Al layered double hydroxides films on magnesium alloy to improve corrosion properties
Zhou M, Pang XL, Wei L, Gao KW
178 - 187 Construction of amphiphilic segments on polypropylene nonwoven surface and its application in removal of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) from aqueous solution
Liu K, Wei JF, Zhou XY, Liu NN
188 - 194 Mixed P25 nanoparticles and large rutile particles as a top scattering layer to enhance performance of nanocrystalline TiO2 based dye-sensitized solar cells
Sun XH, Zhou X, Xu YL, Sun PP, Huang N, Sun YH
195 - 207 Electrical and magnetic properties of electrodepo sited nickel incorporated diamond-like carbon thin films
Pandey B, Das D, Kar AK
208 - 215 Oxide film on 5052 aluminium alloy: Its structure and removal mechanism by activated CsF-AlF3 flux in brazing
Xiao B, Wang DP, Cheng FJ, Wang Y
216 - 223 Formation of nanostructured Group IIA metal activated sensors: The transformation of Group IIA metal compound sites
Tune TC, Baker C, Hardy N, Lin A, Widing TJ, Gole JL
224 - 229 Hydrodynamic instabilities of thin Au/Pd alloy film induced by tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses
Kuchmizhak A, Gurbatov S, Nepomniaschiy A, Mayor A, Kulchin Y, Vitrik O, Makarov S, Kudryashov S, Ionin A
230 - 233 Studies on thermal analysis and optical parameters of Cu doped poly(vinyl acetate)/polyindole composites
Bhagat DJ, Dhokane GR
234 - 240 Synthesis of surface modified LiFePO4 cathode material via polyol technique for high rate lithium secondary battery
Sivakumar M, Muruganantham R, Subadevi R
241 - 248 Investigation of surface properties of pristine and gamma-irradiated PAN-based carbon fibers: Effects of fiber instinct structure and radiation medium
Liu LS, Wu F, Yao HW, Shi J, Chen L, Xu ZW, Deng H
249 - 253 Hydrophobicity of electron beam modified surface of hydroxyapatite films
Gregor M, Plecenik T, Tofail SAM, Zahoran M, Truchly M, Vargova M, Laffir F, Plesch G, Kus P, Plecenik A
254 - 258 Study of ZnO nanostructures grown by a hydrothermal process on GaP/ZnO nanowires
Kovac J, Hronec P, Buc D, Skriniarova J, Sutta P, Kovac J, Novak J