Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.336 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Preface
Boulmer-Leborgnegremi C, Bulgakova NM, Costache F, Pervolaraki M, Serna R
2 - 10 The effect of porosity on cell ingrowth into accurately defined, laser-made, polylactide-based 3D scaffolds
Danilevicius P, Georgiadi L, Pateman CJ, Claeyssens F, Chatzinikolaidou M, Farsari M
11 - 15 Laser-induced forward transfer of multi-layered structures for OTFT applications
Constantinescu C, Diallo AK, Rapp L, Cremillieu P, Mazurczyk R, Serein-Spirau F, Lere-Porte JP, Delaporte P, Alloncle AP, Videlot-Ackermann C
16 - 20 Nanoparticle-decorated ceramic as substrate in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Nedyalkov N, Nikov R, Koleva M, Atanasov PA, Constantinescu C, Delaporte P, Grojo D
21 - 27 Tribological performance of femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structures on titanium and a high toughness bearing steel
Bonse J, Koter R, Hartelt M, Spaltmann D, Pentzien S, Hohm S, Rosenfeld A, Kruger J
28 - 33 Optical and structural properties of (70-x-y)TeO2-20WO(3)-10Y(2)O(3)-xEr2O3-yYb(2)O(3) glasses
Prezas PR, Graca MPF, Soares MJ, Kumar JS
34 - 38 Improving the laser damage resistance of oxide thin films and multilayers via tailoring ion beam sputtering parameters
Cosar MB, Ozhan AES, Aydogdu GH
39 - 42 Laser-induced periodic surface structures on fused silica upon cross-polarized two-color double-fs-pulse irradiation
Hohm S, Herzlieb M, Rosenfeld A, Kruger J, Bonse J
43 - 47 Shadowgraph studies of laser-assisted non-thermal structuring of thin layers on flexible substrates by shock-wave-induced delamination processes
Lorenz P, Smausz T, Csizmadia T, Ehrhardt M, Zimmer K, Hopp B
48 - 52 Resonant photothermal laser processing of hybrid gold/titania nanoparticle films
Schade L, Franzka S, Dzialkowski K, Hardt S, Wiggers H, Reichenberger S, Wagener P, Hartmann N
53 - 58 Frequency mixing in boron carbide laser ablation plasmas
Oujja M, Benitez-Canete A, Sanz M, Lopez-Quintas I, Martin M, de Nalda R, Castillejo M
59 - 66 Laser sintering of magnesia with nanoparticles of iron oxide and aluminum oxide
Garcia LV, Mendivil MI, Das Roy TK, Castillo GA, Shaji S
67 - 72 Fullerene-reduced graphene oxide composites obtained by ultrashort laser ablation of fullerite in water
De Bonis A, Curcio M, Santagata A, Rau JV, Galasso A, Teghil R
73 - 78 Laser annealing of plasma-damaged silicon surface
Sameshima T, Hasumi M, Mizuno T
79 - 84 First-principles calculations of heat capacities of ultrafast laser-excited electrons in metals
Bevillon E, Colombier JP, Recoules V, Stoian R
85 - 88 Photothermally induced bromination of carbon/polymer bipolar plate materials for fuel cell applications
Schade M, Franzka S, Cappuccio F, Peinecke V, Heinzel A, Hartmann N
89 - 95 Laser Induced Forward Transfer for front contact improvement in silicon heteroj unction solar cells
Colina M, Morales-Vilches A, Voz C, Martin I, Ortega P, Orpella A, Lopez G, Alcubilla R
96 - 102 Laser-induced agglomeration of gold nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid
Serkov AA, Shcherbina ME, Kuzmin PG, Kirichenko NA
103 - 107 Random lasing of ZnO thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition
Cachoncinlle C, Hebert C, Perriere J, Nistor M, Petit A, Millon E
108 - 111 Production of silver nanoparticles by laser ablation in open air
Boutinguiza M, Comesana R, Lusquinos F, Riveiro A, del Val J, Pou J
112 - 117 Laser processing of metal thin films using transparent microsphere arrays
Constantinescu C, Kallepalli LND, Delaporte P, Uteza O, Grojo D
118 - 128 High contrast laser marking of alumina
Penide J, Quintero F, Riveiro A, Fernandez A, del Val J, Comesana R, Lusquinos F, Pou J
129 - 132 Ar ions irradiation effects in ZrN thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Craciun D, Socol G, Dorcioman G, Simeone D, Gosset D, Behdad S, Boesl B, Craciun V
133 - 137 Laser-induced forward transfer of a bis-pyrene compound for OTFTs
Constantinescu C, Diallo AK, D'Aleo A, Fages F, Videlot-Ackermann C, Delaporte P, Alloncle AP
138 - 142 Thermoelectric properties of Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Symeou E, Pervolaraki M, Mihailescu CN, Athanasopoulos GI, Papageorgiou C, Kyratsi T, Giapintzakis J
143 - 149 Comparison of laser ablation with spark discharge techniques used for nanoparticle production
Voloshko A, Colombier JP, Itina TE
150 - 156 Angular distribution of species in pulsed laser deposition of LaxCa1-xMnO3
Ojeda-G-P A, Schneider CW, Dobeli M, Lippert T, Wokaun A
157 - 162 Selective laser sintering of Ag nanoparticles ink for applications in flexible electronics
Theodorakos I, Zacharatos F, Geremia R, Karnakis D, Zergioti I
163 - 169 Improved patterning of ITO coated with gold masking layer on glass substrate using nanosecond fiber laser and etching
Tan NN, Hung DT, Anh VT, BongChul K, HyunChul K
170 - 175 Precise surface modification of polymethyl-methacrylate with near-infrared femtosecond laser
Caballero-Lucas F, Florian C, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Morenza JL, Serra P
176 - 181 Time dependency of the laser-induced nanostructuring process of chromium layers with different thicknesses on fused silica
Lorenz P, Kloppel M, Smausz T, Csizmadia T, Ehrhardt M, Zimmer K, Hopp B
182 - 187 Emitter formation using laser doping technique on n- and p-type c-Si substrates
Lopez G, Ortega P, Colina M, Voz C, Martin I, Morales-Vilches A, Orpella A, Alcubilla R
188 - 195 MAPLE fabrication of thin films based on kanamycin functionalized magnetite nanoparticles with anti-pathogenic properties
Grumezescu V, Andronescu E, Holban AM, Mogoanta L, Mogosanu GD, Grumezescu AM, Stanculescu A, Socol G, Iordache F, Maniu H, Chifiriuc MC
196 - 199 Lipase biofilm deposited by Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation technique
Aronne A, Bloisi F, Calabria R, Califano V, Depero LE, Fanelli E, Federici S, Massoli P, Vicari LRM
200 - 205 Laser printing of azo-derivative thin films for non-linear optical applications
Matei A, Constantinescu C, Mitu B, Filipescu M, Ion V, Ionita I, Brajnicov S, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P, Emandi A, Dinescu M
206 - 211 Ultrafast Breakdown of dielectrics: Energy absorption mechanisms investigated by double pulse experiments
Guizard S, Klimentov S, Mouskeftaras A, Fedorov N, Geoffroy G, Vilmart G
212 - 216 Inexpensive laser-induced surface modification in bismuth thin films
Contreras AR, Hautefeuille M, Garcia AE, Mejia OO, Lopez MAC
217 - 221 Influence of laser annealing on SiOx films properties
Gavrylyuk OO, Semchuk OY, Steblova OV, Evtukh AA, Fedorenko LL, Bratus OL, Zlobin SO, Karlsteen M
222 - 225 PINPIN a-Si: H based structures for X-ray image detection using the laser scanning technique.
Fernandes M, Vygranenko Y, Vieira M
226 - 233 Laser oxidative pyrolysis synthesis and annealing of TiO2 nanoparticles embedded in carbon-silica shells/matrix.
Fleaca CT, Scarisoreanu M, Morjan I, Luculescu C, Niculescu AM, Badoi A, Vasile E, Kovacs G
234 - 239 Microbial colonization of biopolymeric thin films containing natural compounds and antibiotics fabricated by MAPLE
Cristescu R, Surdu AV, Grumezescu AM, Oprea AE, Trusca R, Vasile O, Dorcioman G, Visan A, Socol G, Mihailescu IN, Mihaiescu D, Enculescu M, Chifiriuc MC, Boehm RD, Narayan RJ, Chrisey DB
240 - 248 MAPLE prepared heterostructures with arylene based polymer active layer for photovoltaic applications
Stanculescu F, Rasoga O, Catargiu AM, Vacareanu L, Socol M, Breazu C, Preda N, Socol G, Stanculescu A
249 - 254 On large area LIPSS coverage by multiple pulses
Reif J, Martens C, Uhlig S, Ratzke M, Varlamova O, Valette S, Benayoun S
255 - 261 Nanosecond (ns) laser transfer of silver nanoparticles from silver-exchanged soda-lime glass to transparent soda-lime glass and shock waves formation
Sow MC, Blondeau JP, Sagot N, Ollier N, Tite T
262 - 266 Formation of plasmonic colloidal silver for flexible and printed electronics using laser ablation
Kassavetis S, Kaziannis S, Pliatsikas N, Avgeropoulos A, Karantzalis AE, Kosmidis C, Lidorikis E, Patsalas P
267 - 273 Laser and chemical surface modifications of titanium grade 2 for medical application
Kwasniak P, Pura J, Zwolinska M, Wiecinski P, Skarzynski H, Olszewski L, Marczak J, Garbacz H, Kurzydlowski KJ
274 - 277 Optical performance of thin films produced by the pulsed laser deposition of SiAlON and Er targets
Camps I, Ramirez JM, Mariscal A, Serna R, Garrido B, Peralvarez M, Carreras J, Barradas NP, Alves LC, Alves E
278 - 282 Picosecond ultrafast pulsed laser deposition of SrTiO3
Pervolaraki M, Mihailescu CN, Luculescu CR, Ionescu P, Dracea MD, Pantelica D, Giapintzakis J
283 - 289 Nano-crystalline Ag-PbTe thermoelectric thin films by a multi-target PLD system
Cappelli E, Bellucci A, Medici L, Mezzi A, Kaciulis S, Fumagalli F, Di Fonzo F, Trucchi DM
290 - 296 Metallic tin-based nanoparticles synthesis by laser pyrolysis: Parametric studies focused on the decreasing of the crystallite size
Dutu E, Dumitrache F, Fleaca CT, Morjan I, Gavrila-Florescu L, Morjan IP, Sandu I, Scarisoreanu M, Luculescu C, Niculescu AM, Vasile E
297 - 303 Highly magnetic Fe2O3 nanoparticles synthesized by laser pyrolysis used for biological and heat transfer applications
Dumitrache F, Morjan I, Fleaca C, Badoi A, Manda G, Pop S, Marta DS, Huminic G, Huminic A, Vekas L, Daia C, Marinica O, Luculescu C, Niculescu AM
304 - 308 Conductive silver ink printing through the laser-induced forward transfer technique
Florian C, Caballero-Lucas F, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Artigas R, Ogier S, Karnakis D, Serra P
309 - 313 Growth of monocrystalline Cu(111) films on MgO(111) by pulsed laser deposition
Aweke F, Antoni F, Hulik J, Morvan G, Speisser C, Veis P, Le Normand F
314 - 320 Photoluminescence, ferroelectric, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Er-doped BNT-BT multifunctional ceramics
Lau CM, Xu XW, Kwok KW
321 - 328 fs- and ns-laser processing of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomer: Comparative study
Stankova NE, Atanasov PA, Nedyalkov NN, Stoyanchov TR, Kolev KN, Valova EI, Georgieva JS, Armyanov SA, Amoruso S, Wang X, Bruzzese R, Grochowska K, Sliwinski G, Baert K, Hubin A, Delplancke MP, Dille J
329 - 334 CdS thin films prepared by laser assisted chemical bath deposition
Garcia LV, Mendivil MI, Guillen GG, Martinez JAA, Krishnan B, Avellaneda D, Castillo GA, Das Roy TK, Shaji S
335 - 342 Synthesis and optical properties of TiO2-based magnetic nanocomposites
Scarisoreanu M, Morjan I, Fleaca CT, Morjan IP, Niculescu AM, Dutu E, Badoi A, Birjega R, Luculescu C, Vasile E, Danciu V, Filoti G
343 - 348 Spectroscopic ellipsometric and Raman spectroscopic investigations of pulsed laser treated glassy carbon surfaces
Csontos J, Papa Z, Gardian A, Fule M, Budai J, Toth Z
349 - 353 Periodic surface structures on titanium self-organized upon double femtosecond pulse exposures
Gemini L, Hashida M, Miyasaka Y, Inoue S, Limpouch J, Mocek T, Sakabe S
354 - 358 Transport properties of Ar+ irradiated resistive switching BiFeO3 thin films
Jin L, Shuai Y, Ou X, Luo WB, Wu CG, Zhang WL, Burger D, Skorupa I, You T, Du N, Schmidt OG, Schmidt H
359 - 363 Size dependence of thermoelectric power of Au nanoclusters with rough and smooth surface deposited onto highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Borisyuk PV, Krasavin AV, Troyan VI, Lebedinskii YY, Vasiliev OS
364 - 374 How to optimize ultrashort pulse laser interaction with glass surfaces in cutting regimes?
Bulgakova NM, Zhukov VP, Collins AR, Rostohar D, Derrien TJY, Mocek T
375 - 379 Study of concentric iridescent ring around the laser-induced pits on the solar cell surface
Zhu RZ, Cheng XA, Wang R, Xu ZJ
380 - 384 Laser-induced diffusion decomposition in Fe-V thin-film alloys
Polushkin NI, Duarte AC, Conde O, Alves E, Barradas NP, Garcia-Garcia A, Kakazei GN, Ventura JO, Araujo JP, Oliveira V, Vilar R
385 - 390 Pulsed laser deposition from ZnS and Cu2SnS3 multicomponent targets
Ettlinger RB, Cazzaniga A, Canulescu S, Pryds N, Schou J
391 - 395 Mechanical properties of pulsed laser deposited nanocrystalline SiC films
Craciun D, Socol G, Cristea DV, Stoicanescu M, Olah N, Balazs K, Stefan N, Lambers E, Craciun V
396 - 400 Characterization of hard coatings produced by laser cladding using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technique
Varela JA, Amado JM, Tobar MJ, Mateo MP, Yanez A, Nicolas G
401 - 406 Fabrication and characterization of functionalized surfaces with 3-amino propyltrimethoxysilane films for anti-infective therapy applications
Grumezescu V, Andronescu E, Holban AM, Socol G, Grumezescu AM, Ficai A, Lazar V, Chifiriuc MC, Trusca R, Iordache F
407 - 412 Gamma-cyclodextrin/usnic acid thin film fabricated by MAPLE for improving the resistance of medical surfaces to Staphylococcus aureus colonization
Iordache F, Grumezescu V, Grumezescu AM, Curutu C, Ditu LM, Socol G, Ficai A, Trusca R, Holban AM