Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.333 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Effects of growth temperature and target material on the growth behavior and electro-optical properties of ZnO:Al films deposited by high-rate steered cathodic arc plasma evaporation
Liang CH, Hwang WS, Wang WL
13 - 22 Copper-zinc electrodeposition in alkaline-sorbitol medium: Electrochemical studies and structural, morphological and chemical composition characterization
de Almeida MRH, Barbano EP, de Carvalho MF, Tulio PC, Carlos IA
23 - 33 Hexagonal NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ nano/micro-structures: Controlled hydrothermal synthesis and morphology-dependent upconversion luminescence
Ding MY, Yin SL, Chen DQ, Zhong JS, Ni YR, Lu CH, Xu ZZ, Ji ZG
34 - 38 Synthesis and SERS activity of V2O5 nanoparticles
Pan J, Li M, Luo YY, Wu H, Zhong L, Wang Q, Li GH
39 - 47 Hydrothermal synthesis and visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation for tetracycline of Mn-doped SrTiO3 nanocubes
Wu GL, Li P, Xu DB, Luo BF, Hong YZ, Shi WD, Liu CB
48 - 53 Reflectometric measurement of n-hexane adsorption on ZnO2 nanohybrid film modified by hydrophobic gold nanoparticles
Sebok D, Csapo E, Abraham N, Dekany I
54 - 58 Evolution of thin protecting Si-layer on Mn0.5Si0.5 layer at low temperatures
Shao YM, Wu S, Zhang Z, Zou J, Jiang ZM
59 - 67 Experimental study on Hg-0 removal from flue gas over columnar MnOx-CeO2/activated coke
Xie YN, Li CT, Zhao LK, Zhang J, Zeng GM, Zhang XN, Zhang W, Tao SS
68 - 77 Amino-functionalized silica magnetite nanoparticles for the simultaneous removal of pollutants from aqueous solution
Araghi SH, Entezari MH
78 - 85 MnO2/Au hybrid nanowall film for high-performance surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate
Zhou MH, Liu XL, Yu BZ, Cai J, Liao CY, Ni ZH, Zhang ZY, Ren ZY, Bai JT, Fan HM
86 - 91 First-principles study of oxygen coverage effect on hydrogen oxidation on Ni(111) surface
Liu SX, Ishimoto T, Koyama M
92 - 95 Nanostructure formation during relatively high temperature growth of Mn-doped GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy
Santiago AD, Mendez-Garcia VH, Martinez-Velis I, Casallas-Moreno YL, Lopez-Luna E, Gorbatchev AY, Lopez-Lopez M, Cruz-Hernandez E
96 - 103 Positron beam and RBS studies of thermally grown oxide films on stainless steel grade 304
Horodek P, Siemek K, Kobets AG, Kulik M, Meshkov IN
104 - 109 Fabrication of nano ion-electron sources and nano-probes by local electron bombardment
Rezeq M, Ali A, Barada H
110 - 118 Magnetically separable Cu2O/chitosan-Fe3O4 nanocomposites: Preparation, characterization and visible-light photocatalytic performance
Cao CH, Xiao L, Chen CH, Cao QH
119 - 125 Interface properties of bilayer structure Alq(3)/Fe65Co35
Wang Z, Xu CL, Wang JG, Chang QL, Zuo YL, Xi L
126 - 133 Reproducible and recyclable SERS substrates: Flower-like Ag structures with concave surfaces formed by electrodeposition
Bian JC, Shu SW, Li JF, Huang C, Li YY, Zhang RQ
134 - 140 Enhanced power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells with Li2SiO3-modified photoelectrode
Kim JT, Lee SH, Han YS
141 - 146 Monte Carlo simulation of GaAs(001) surface smoothing in equilibrium conditions
Kazantsev DM, Akhundov IO, Karpov AN, Shwartz NL, Alperovich VL, Terekhov AS, Latyshev AV
147 - 151 Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production using nanoparticulate titania and a novel Pt/carbon electrocatalyst: The concept of the "Photoelectrocatalytic Leaf"
Pop LC, Dracopoulos V, Lianos P
152 - 156 Uniform trench arrays with controllable tilted profiles using metal-assisted chemical etching
Chen CY, Liu YR, Tseng JC, Hsu PY
157 - 162 Preparation of anatase TiO2 thin film by low temperature annealing as an electron transport layer in inverted polymer solar cells
Noh H, Oh SG, Im SS
163 - 169 Stability and corrosion resistance of superhydrophobic surface on oxidized aluminum in NaCl aqueous solution
Lv DM, Ou JF, Xue MS, Wang FJ
170 - 177 Adsorption of ferrous ions onto montmorillonites
Qin DW, Niu X, Qiao M, Liu G, Li HX, Meng ZX
178 - 185 Investigation on luminescence enhancement and decay characteristics of long afterglow nanophosphors for dark-vision display applications
Swati G, Chawla S, Mishra S, Rajesh B, Vijayan N, Sivaiah B, Dhar A, Haranath D
186 - 193 Combining a molecular modelling approach with direct current and high power impulse magnetron sputtering to develop new TiO2 thin films for antifouling applications
Guillot J, Lecoq E, Duday D, Puhakka E, Riihimaki M, Keiski R, Chemin JB, Choquet P
194 - 200 Mechanism study on the influence of in situ SOx removal on N2O emission in CFB boiler
Wu LN, Qin W, Hu XY, Dong CQ, Yang YP
201 - 206 A DFT study of atomic geometry and electronic structures for oxidized Al0.25Ga0.75N (001) (2 x 2) reconstruction surfaces
Yang MZ, Shi F, Chang BK, Cheng HC, Wang MS
207 - 213 Oxygen atom loss coefficient of carbon nanowalls
Mozetic M, Vesel A, Stoica SD, Vizireanu S, Dinescu G, Zaplotnik R
214 - 219 Controllable-density nanojunctions as SERS substrates for highly sensitive detection
Zhang ZL, Zhu WY
220 - 228 Rapid reductive degradation of aqueous p-nitrophenol using nanoscale zero-valent iron particles immobilized on mesoporous silica with enhanced antioxidation effect
Tang L, Tang J, Zeng GM, Yang GD, Xie X, Zhou YY, Pang Y, Fang Y, Wang JJ, Xiong WP
229 - 234 Density functional theory study of the adsorption and dissociation of O-2 on CuO(111) surface
Sun SJ, Li CY, Zhang DS, Wang YJ
235 - 243 A computational study of Na behavior on graphene
Malyi OI, Sopiha K, Kulish VV, Tan TL, Manzhos S, Persson C
244 - 253 Study of NBE emission enhancement with an absence of DL emission from ZnO nanorods through controlled growth on ultra-thin Ag films
Pal AK, Mohan DB