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1 - 11 Use of statistical design of experiments in the optimization of Ar-O-2 low-pressure plasma treatment conditions of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) for increasing polarity and adhesion, and inhibiting hydrophobic recovery
Butron-Garcia MI, Jofre-Reche JA, Martin-Martinez JM
12 - 21 Development of nano SiO2 incorporated nano zinc phosphate coatings on mild steel
Tamilselvi M, Kamaraj P, Arthanareeswari M, Devikala S, Selvi JA
22 - 31 Manipulating surface wettability and oil absorbency of diatomite depending on processing and ambient conditions
Ozen I, Simsek S, Okyay G
32 - 39 Fabrication of porous 3D flower-like Ag/ZnO heterostructure composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Liang YM, Guo N, Li LL, Li RQ, Ji GJ, Gan SC
40 - 46 Polyaniline nanofiber/large mesoporous carbon composites as electrode materials for supercapacitors
Liu H, Xu B, Jia MQ, Zhang M, Cao B, Zhao XN, Wang Y
47 - 54 Surface defects control for ZnO nanorods synthesized by quenching and their anti-recombination in photocatalysis
Fang JW, Fan HQ, Ma Y, Wang Z, Chang Q
55 - 61 Memory programming of TiO2-x films by Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy evidencing filamentary resistive switching
Bousoulasa P, Giannopoulos J, Giannakopoulos K, Dimitrakis P, Tsoukalas D
62 - 69 Preparation and characterization of chitosan-silver/hydroxyapatite composite coatings onTiO(2) nanotube for biomedical applications
Yan YJ, Zhang XJ, Li CX, Huang Y, Ding QQ, Pang XF
70 - 75 Effect of cation substitution on the magnetic and magnetotransport properties of epitaxial Fe3-xVxO4 films
Jin C, Liu J, Zheng D, Tang M, Li P, Bai HL
76 - 79 Surfactant-assisted solvothermal synthesis of single-crystal zinc antimonide nanorods
Zhong MZ, Meng XQ, Li JB
80 - 88 Mechanical property and wear performance dependence on processing condition for cold-sprayed WC-(nanoWC-Co)
Yang GJ, Gao PH, Li CX, Li CJ
89 - 96 Adsorption of alginate and albumin on aluminum coatings inhibits adhesion of Escherichia coli and enhances the anti-corrosion performances of the coatings
He XY, Liu Y, Huang J, Chen XY, Ren K, Li H
97 - 104 Interactions between excitation and extraction modes in an organic-based plasmon-emitting diode
Chiu NF, Le Ster M, Yang CD, Tseng MH, Tsai FY
105 - 111 Si-decorated graphene: A promising media for molecular hydrogen storage
Ganji MD, Emami SN, Khosravi A, Abbasi M
112 - 120 Preparation of SnO2-coated Ni microsphere composites with controlled microwave absorption properties
Zhao B, Shao G, Fan BB, Guo WH, Chen YQ, Zhang R
121 - 129 Synthesis and adsorption performance of Mg(OH)(2) hexagonal nanosheet-graphene oxide composites
Liu MD, Xu J, Cheng B, Ho WK, Yu JG
130 - 137 Selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over CeO2-ZrO2-WO3 catalysts prepared by different methods
Ning P, Song ZX, Li H, Zhang QL, Liu X, Zhang JH, Tang XS, Huang ZZ
138 - 146 Enhancement of visible-light photocatalytic activity of silver and mesoporous carbon co-modified Bi2WO6
Zhao Q, Gong M, Liu WP, Mao YL, Le SK, Ju S, Long F, Liu XF, Liu K, Jiang TS
147 - 151 A first-principles study of n-type and p-type doping of germanium carbide sheet
Gokce AG, Akturk E
152 - 158 Nanostructured'Anastacia' flowers for Zn coating by electrodepositing ZnO at room temperature
Alves MM, Santos CF, Carmezim MJ, Montemor MF
159 - 166 Synthesis of porous molecularly imprinted polymers for selective adsorption of glutathione
Song RY, Hu XL, Guan P, Li J, Qian LW, Wang CL, Wang QL
167 - 171 Polyethylenimine-incorporated zeolite 13X with mesoporosity for post-combustion CO2 capture
Chen C, Kim SS, Cho WS, Ahn WS
172 - 180 Effect of calcination temperature on the structure and visible-light photocatalytic activities of (N, S and C) co-doped TiO2 nano-materials
Lei XF, Xue XX, Yang H, Chen C, Li X, Niu MC, Gao XY, Yang YT
181 - 185 Short chain molecular junctions: Charge transport versus dipole moment
Ikram IM, Rabinal MK
186 - 191 Evaluation of UV-permeability and photo-oxidisability of organic ultraviolet radiation-absorbing coatings
Li N, Chen YH, Bao YJ, Zhang ZQ, Wu ZX, Chen ZM
192 - 197 Nanostructued core-shell Sn nanowires @ CNTs with controllable thickness of CNT shells for lithium ion battery
Zhong Y, Li XF, Zhang Y, Li RY, Cai M, Sun XL
198 - 204 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and luminescent properties of Y2O3:Bi3+ phosphor
Jafer RM, Coetsee E, Yousif A, Kroon RE, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Swart HC
205 - 214 Exploring microstructure and surface features of Chinese coins using non-invasive approaches
Xie RS, Li YL, Guo BG, Hu HL, Jiang LH
215 - 223 Strengthening and toughening of poly(L-lactide) composites by surface modified MgO whiskers
Wen W, Luo BH, Qin XP, Li CR, Liu MX, Ding S, Zhou CR
224 - 228 Mophology-modulations of TiO2 nanostructures for enhanced photocatalytic performance
Zhang Q, Ma LS, Zhao QQ, Li ZP, Xu XJ
229 - 236 Surface plasmon resonance for detecting clenbuterol: Influence of monolayer structure
Suherman, Morita K, Kawaguchi T
237 - 246 Polymer masks for structured surface and plasma etching
Vital A, Vayer M, Sinturel C, Tillocher T, Lefaucheux P, Dussart R
247 - 252 The preparation and electrochemical characterization of urchin-like NiCo2O4 nanostructures
Dong JY, Zhang XT
253 - 259 Characterization of surface chemistry and crystallization behavior of polypropylene composites reinforced with wood flour, cellulose, and lignin during accelerated weathering
Peng Y, Liu R, Cao JZ
260 - 265 Nano-donuts on metal surfaces
Rai A, Nayak J, Barman SR
266 - 271 Performance of solar cells fabricated on black multicrystalline Si by nanowire decoration
Es F, Ciftpinar EH, Demircioglu O, Gunoven M, Kulakci M, Turan R
272 - 280 Effect of chemical heterogeneity on photoluminescence of graphite oxide treated with S-/N-containing modifiers
Ebrahim AM, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Montenegro JM, Bandosz TJ
281 - 286 mu-PIXE mapping of archeological glazed pottery from Egypt
Sadek H
287 - 294 Fabrication of honeycomb-structured poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(lactic acid) porous films and biomedical applications for cell growth
Yao BJ, Zhu QZ, Yao LL, Hao JC
295 - 299 Improvement of the tribological performance in corrosive environment of CoCr alloy by TiSiON coatings
Dinu M, Cojocaru M, Braic V, Tarcolea M, Braic M, Miculescu F, Vladescu A, Cotrut CM
300 - 307 Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide on polypropylene macroporous membranes via click chemistry to improve antibacterial and antifouling performance
Zhang ZB, Wu JJ, Su Y, Zhou J, Gao Y, Yu HY, Gu JS
308 - 317 CD44-engineered mesoporous silica nanoparticles for overcoming multidrug resistance in breast cancer
Wang X, Liu Y, Wang SJ, Shi DH, Zhou XG, Wang CY, Wu J, Zeng ZY, Li YJ, Sun J, Wang JD, Zhang LJ, Teng ZG, Lu GM
318 - 327 Structure analysis of layer-by-layer multilayer films of colloidal particles
Batys P, Nosek M, Weronski P
328 - 339 Poorly crystalline hydroxyapatite: A novel adsorbent for enhanced fulvic acid removal from aqueous solution
Wei W, Yang L, Zhong WH, Cui J, Wei ZG
340 - 345 Sandwich-structured Cu2O photodetectors enhanced by localized surface plasmon resonances
Jia R, Lin GJ, Zhao DF, Zhang Q, Lin XY, Gao NK, Liu D
346 - 353 High N-content a-C:N films elaborated by femtosecond PLD with plasma assistance
Maddi C, Donnet C, Loir AS, Tite T, Barnier V, Rojas TC, Sanchez-Lopez JC, Wolski K, Garrelie F
354 - 361 Hydrothermal synthesis of magnetic mesoporous carbon microspheres from carboxymethylcellulose and nickel acetate
Wu Q, Li W, Tan J, Nan X, Liu SX
362 - 367 Oxidation of conventional and nanostructured 8 wt.% yttria-stabilized zirconia coating surface coatings on gamma-TiAl
Zeng SW, Zhao AM, Jiang HT
368 - 378 Biomimetic hierarchical growth and self-assembly of hydroxyapatite/titania nanocomposite coatings and their biomedical applications
Nathanael AJ, Im YM, Oh TH, Yuvakkumar R, Mangalaraj D
379 - 383 PdCl2-loading mesoporous copper oxide as a novel and environmentally friendly catalyst for diethyl carbonate synthesis
Zhang PB, Zhou Y, Fan MM, Jiang PP
384 - 392 Theoretical and experimental investigations on corrosion control of 65Cu-35Zn brass in nitric acid by two thiophenol derivatives
Ebrahimzadeh M, Gholami M, Momeni M, Kosari A, Moayed MH, Davoodi A
393 - 402 Assembly route toward raspberry-like composite particles and their controlled surface wettability through varied dual-size binary roughness
Fan X, Niu L, Wu YH, Cheng J, Yang ZR
403 - 408 Characterization of PTCDA nanocrystals on Ge(001):H-(2 x 1) surfaces
Zebari AAA, Kolmer M, Prauzner-Bechcicki JS
409 - 418 Role of different Pd/Pt ensembles in determining CO chemisorption on Au-based bimetallic alloys: A first-principles study
Ham HC, Manogaran D, Hwang GS, Han J, Kim HJ, Nam SW, Lim TH
419 - 429 Fabrication of novel Ag3PO4/BiOBr heterojunction with high stability and enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Mehraj O, Mir NA, Pirzada BM, Sabir S
430 - 439 Designing and preparation of cytisine alkaloid surface-imprinted material and its molecular recognition characteristics
Gao BJ, Bi CC, Fan L
440 - 455 Application of Minkowski layer for intergranular fractal surfaces of multiphase active microalloyed and alloyed aluminium-silicate ceramics
Purenovic JM, Randjelovic MS, Matovic BZ, Purenovic MM
456 - 462 A novel reusable nanocomposite: FeOOH/CBC and its adsorptive property for methyl orange
Wang ZP, Ma YJ, He HL, Pei CH, He P
463 - 472 Synthesis and characterization of a surface-grafted Cd(II) ion-imprinted polymer for selective separation of Cd(II) ion from aqueous solution
Li M, Feng CG, Li MY, Zeng QX, Gan Q, Yang HY
473 - 479 Comparative study on friction force pattern anisotropy of graphite
Liu ZH, Wang WX, Liu LQ
480 - 487 A new method to improve the corrosion resistance of titanium for hydrometallurgical applications
Liu J, Alfantazi A, Asselin E
488 - 493 Improved wettability and adhesion of polylactic acid/chitosan coating for bio-based multilayer film development
Gartner H, Li Y, Almenar E
494 - 499 Thickness dependent structural, optical and electrical properties of Ti-doped ZnO films prepared by atomic layer deposition
Bergum K, Fjellvag H, Nilsen O
500 - 506 Inkjet printing of UHF antennas on corrugated cardboards for packaging applications
Sowade E, Gothel F, Zichner R, Baumann RR
507 - 512 The effect of surface oxidized modification on the mechanical properties of SiC3D/Al
Xue LY, Wang FC, Ma Z, Wang YW
513 - 517 Nanosecond laser micro- and nanotexturing for the design of a superhydrophobic coating robust against long-term contact with water, cavitation, and abrasion
Emelyanenko AM, Shagieva FM, Domantovsky AG, Boinovich LB
518 - 524 A robust superhydrophobic PVDF composite coating with wear/corrosion-resistance properties
Wang HY, Liu ZJ, Wang EQ, Yuan RX, Gao D, Zhang XG, Zhu YJ
525 - 532 Comparison of AlCrN and AlCrTiSiN coatings deposited on the surface of plasma nitrocarburized high carbon steels
Chen WL, Zheng J, Lin Y, Kwon S, Zhang SH
533 - 541 Oxygen incorporation into GST phase-change memory matrix
Golovchak R, Choi YG, Kozyukhin S, Chigirinsky Y, Kovalskiy A, Xiong-Skiba P, Trimble J, Pafchek R, Jain H
542 - 548 Highly bioactive polysiloxane modified bioactive glass-poly(ethylene glycol) hybrids monoliths with controlled surface structure for bone tissue regeneration
Chen J, Que WX, Xing YL, Lei B
549 - 556 Indium-free Cu/fluorine doped ZnO composite transparent conductive electrodes with stretchable and flexible performance on poly(ethylene terephthalate) substrate
Han J, Gong HB, Yang XP, Qiu ZW, Zi M, Qiu XF, Wang HQ, Cao BQ
557 - 564 A tribological study of the petaloid surface texturing for Co-Cr-Mo alloy artificial joints
Zhang H, Qin LG, Hua M, Dong GN, Chin KS
565 - 572 Multifunctional wood materials with magnetic, superhydrophobic and anti-ultraviolet properties
Gan WT, Gao LK, Sun QF, Jin CD, Lu Y, Li J
573 - 580 Improved visible light photocatalytic activity of fluorine and nitrogen co-doped TiO2 with tunable nanoparticle size
Cheng JY, Chen J, Lin W, Liu YD, Kong Y
581 - 590 Facile fabrication of hierarchical ZnO microstructures assisted with PAMPSA and enhancement of green emission
Huang Q, Cun TX, Zuo WB, Liu JP
591 - 598 Calculation and synthesis of ZrC by CVD from ZrCl4-C3H6-H-2-Ar system with high H-2 percentage
Zhu Y, Cheng LF, Ma BS, Gao S, Feng W, Liu YS, Zhang LT
599 - 605 Stability of core-shell nanowires in selected model solutions
Kalska-Szostko B, Wykowska U, Basa A, Zambrzycka E
606 - 613 Hexadimethrine-montmorillonite nanocomposite: Characterization and application as a pesticide adsorbent
Gamiz B, Hermosin MC, Cornejo J, Celis R
614 - 619 A novel surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate based on hybrid structure of monolayer graphene and Cu nanoparticles for adenosine detection
Qiu HW, Xu SC, Chen PX, Gao SS, Li Z, Zhang C, Jiang SZ, Liu M, Li HS, Feng DJ
620 - 624 Electrically pumped random lasing from hydrothermal ZnO films of large grains
Wang CX, Zhu C, Lv CY, Li DS, Ma XY, Yang DR
625 - 630 Novel band gap-tunable K-Na co-doped graphitic carbon nitride prepared by molten salt method
Zhao JN, Ma L, Wang HY, Zhao YF, Zhang J, Hu SZ
631 - 639 Controlling the partitioning behavior of magnetic micro-particles via hydrophobization with alkylamines: Tailored adsorbents for continuous bioseparation
Paulus A, Till N, Franzreb M
640 - 647 Structural and elastic properties and stability characteristics of oxygenated carbon nanotubes under physical adsorption of polymers
Ansari R, Ajori S, Rouhi S
648 - 656 A novel non-enzymatic H2O2 sensor based on polypyrrole nanofibers-silver nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide nano composites
Nia PM, Lorestani F, Meng WP, AliasDepartment Y
657 - 664 Synthesis and surface characterization of a patterned cuprite sample: Preparatory step in the evaluation scheme of an X-ray-excited optical microscopy system
Sabbe PJ, Dowsett MG, De Keersmaecker M, Hand M, Thompson P, Adriaens A
665 - 673 Optimizing the photocatalytic properties and the synergistic effects of graphene and nano titanium dioxide immobilized on cotton fabric
Karimi L, Yazdanshenas ME, Khajavi R, Rashidi A, Mirjalili M
674 - 681 Fabrication and dye removal performance of magnetic CuFe2O4@CeO2 nanofibers
Zou LL, Wang QJ, Shen XQ, Wang Z, Jing MX, Luo Z
682 - 693 One-pot solvothermal preparation and enhanced photocatalytic activity of metallic silver and graphene co-doped BiVO4 ternary systems
Xu L, Wei YG, Guo W, Guo YH, Guo YN
694 - 698 Resistivity and Hall voltage in gold thin films deposited on mica at room temperature
Bahamondes S, Donoso S, Ibanez-Landeta A, Flores M, Henriquez R
699 - 703 Interaction of Al with O-2 exposed Mo2BC
Bolvardi H, Music D, Schneider JM
704 - 709 Changes in mechanical and chemical wood properties by electron beam irradiation
Schnabel T, Huber H, Grunewald TA, Petutschnigg A
710 - 715 The influence of ultrathin Cu interlayer in NiFe/IrMn interface on rotation of the magnetic moments
Zhao ZD, Li MH, Kang P, Zhao CJ, Zhang JY, Zhou LJ, Zhao YC, Jiang SL, Yu GH
716 - 719 Efficient bulk heterojunction organic solar cell with antireflective subwavelength structure
Kim DS, Kwon S, Lee K, Jang JH
720 - 725 Surface modifying of SiC particles and performance analysis of SiCp/Cu composites
Hu M, Zhang YL, Tang LL, Shan L, Gao J, Ding PL
726 - 735 Studies of dense electronic excitation-induced modification in crystalline Fe-doped SnO2 thin films
Jaiswal MK, Kumar R, Kanjilal D, Dong CL, Chen CL, Asokan K, Ojha S
736 - 746 Characterization of Ni and W co-loaded SBA-15 catalyst and its hydrogen production catalytic ability on ethanol steam reforming reaction
Kim D, Kwak BS, Min BK, Kang M
747 - 755 Impact of Rh-CeOx interaction on CO oxidation mechanisms
Sevcikova K, Kolarova T, Skala T, Tsud N, Vaclavu M, Lykhach Y, Matolin V, Nehasil V
756 - 760 A new understanding of carbon nanotube growth: Different functions of carbon species
Zhang YL, Wang BJ, Yu Q, Tian YJ