Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.330 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Preparation and properties of bisphenol-F based boron-phenolic resin/modified silicon nitride composites and their usage as binders for grinding wheels
Lin CT, Lee HT, Chen JK
10 - 19 Structural rearrangement of mesostructured silica nanoparticles incorporated with ZnO catalyst and its photoactivity: Effect of alkaline aqueous electrolyte concentration
Jusoh NWC, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Karim AH, Salleh NF, Annuar NHR, Jaafar NF, Firmansyah ML, Mukti RR, Ali MW
20 - 29 Surface roughness and morphology of dental nanocomposites polished by four different procedures evaluated by a multifractal approach
Talu S, Stach S, Lainovic T, Vilotic M, Blazic L, Alb SF, Kakas D
30 - 38 Changes in the composition, structure and friction property of sputtered MoS2 films by LEO environment exposure
Gao XM, Hu M, Sun JY, Fu YL, Yang J, Liu WM, Weng LJ
39 - 47 Pulse electrodeposition of adherent nickel coatings onto anodized aluminium surfaces
Frantz C, Vichery C, Zechner J, Frey D, Burki G, Cebeci H, Michler J, Philippe L
48 - 55 Nanoindentation study of niobium nitride thin films on niobium fabricated by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Al Mamun MA, Farha AH, Ufuktepe Y, Elsayed-Ali HE, Elmustafa AA
56 - 64 Mechanistic study of wettability alteration of oil-wet sandstone surface using different surfactants
Hou BF, Wang YF, Huang Y
65 - 73 Surface electrical properties of stainless steel fibres: An AFM-based study
Yin J, D'Haese C, Nysten B
74 - 84 Investigation of the growth conditions on the nano-structure and electrical properties of ZnS chiral sculptured thin films
Abdi F, Savaloni H
85 - 93 Methyl red removal from water by iron based metal-organic frameworks loaded onto iron oxide nanoparticle adsorbent
Dadfarnia S, Shabani AMH, Moradi SE, Emami S
94 - 103 Plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic properties of nano Ag@AgBr on single-crystalline octahedral Cu2O (111) microcrystals composite photocatalyst
Liu L, Lin SL, Hu JS, Liang YH, Cui WQ
104 - 110 Inscribing wettability gradients onto polymer substrates with different stiffness using corona discharge in point-to-plane geometry
Eifert A, Petit J, Baier T, Bonaccurso E, Hardt S
111 - 117 An innovative method to functionalize textiles for the remediation of polluted media
Vandenbossche M, Derozier D, Casetta M, Jimenez M, Bellayer S, Traisnel M
118 - 125 Fabrication and characterization of polyethersulfone/carbon nanotubes (PES/CNTs) based mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) for nanofiltration application
Wang L, Song XJ, Wang T, Wang SZ, Wang ZN, Gao CJ
126 - 133 Enhanced gas sensing performance of Li-doped ZnO nanoparticle film by the synergistic effect of oxygen interstitials and oxygen vacancies
Zhao JW, Xie CS, Yang L, Zhang SP, Zhang GZ, CaiState ZM
134 - 141 Self-assembled ultra-nanocrystalline silicon films with preferred < 2 2 0 > crystallographic orientation for solar cell applications
Banerjee A, Das D
142 - 147 Effect of incorporation of deuterium on vacancy-type defects of a-C:H films prepared by plasma CVD
Ozeki K, Sekiba D, Uedono A, Hirakuri KK, Masuzawa T
148 - 157 Continuous adsorption of Pb(II) and methylene blue by engineered graphite oxide coated sand in fixed-bed column
Gong JL, Zhang YL, Jiang Y, Zeng GM, Cui ZH, Liu K, Deng CH, Niu QY, Deng JH, Huan SY
158 - 163 First principle calculations of hexyl thiolate monolayer on Au(111)
Wu TQ, Cao D, Wang XY, Jiao ZW, Chen MG, Luo HL, Zhu P
164 - 171 Morphological and compositional characteristics of bimetallic core@shell nanoparticles revealed by MEIS
Sanchez DF, Moiraghi R, Cometto FP, Perez MA, Fichtner PFP, Grande PL
172 - 177 Energetics of holmium adsorption on Mo(112) surface
Szczesniak M, Oleksy C, Sliwinski J, Szukiewicz R, Wiejak M, Kolaczkiewicz J
178 - 184 Effect of island shape on dielectrophoretic assembly of metal nanoparticle chains in a conductive-island-based microelectrode system
Ding HT, Shao JY, Ding YC, Liu WY, Li XM, Tian HM, Zhou YP
185 - 190 Investigations of root strengthening in thermal treated Si0.80Ge0.20 and Si0.75Ge0.25 films
Lian D, Lin PL, Lo WC, Tsai CH
191 - 199 Doping nano-Co3O4 surface with bigger nanosized Ag and its photocatalytic properties for visible light photodegradation of organic dyes
Chen GL, Si XL, Yu JS, Bai HY, Zhang XH
200 - 206 Self-cleaning properties of cement plates loaded with N,C-modified TiO2 photocatalysts
Janus M, Zatorska J, Czyzewski A, Bubacz K, Kusiak-Nejman E, Morawski AW
207 - 215 Hybrid nanocomposite from aniline and CeO2 nanoparticles: Surface protective performance on mild steel in acidic environment
Sasikumar Y, Kumar AM, Gasem ZM, Ebenso EE
216 - 220 Fabrication and hyperthermia effect of magnetic functional fluids based on amorphous particles
Yang CC, Bian XF, Qin JY, Guo TX, Zhao SC
221 - 227 Double nitridation of crystalline ZrO2/Al2O3 buffer gate stack with high capacitance, low leakage and improved thermal stability
Huang JJ, Tsai YJ, Tsai MC, Lee MH, Chen MJ
228 - 236 Material prepared from drinking waterworks sludge as adsorbent for ammonium removal from wastewater
Yang L, Wei J, Liu ZY, Wang JL, Wang DT
237 - 244 Preparation and antibacterial performance testing of Ag nanoparticles embedded biological materials
Li XY, Gao GH, Sun CJ, Zhu YY, Qu LY, Jiang FH, Ding HB
245 - 252 CeO2 doped anatase TiO2 with exposed (001) high energy facets and its performance in selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3
Wang HQ, Cao S, Fang Z, Yu FX, Liu Y, Weng XL, Wu ZB
253 - 261 Intercalation of methotrexatum into layered double hydroxides via exfoliation-reassembly process
Liu SQ, Li SP, Li XD
262 - 269 Aragonite coating solutions (ACS) based on artificial seawater
Tas C
270 - 279 Controlled synthesis of different multilayer architectures of GdBO3:Eu3+ phosphors and shape-dependent luminescence properties
Leng ZH, Zhang NN, Liu YL, Li LL, Gan SC
280 - 291 Effect of excimer laser surface melting on the corrosion performance of a SiCp/Al metal matrix composite
Qian DS, Zhong XL, Hashimoto T, Yan YZ, Liu Z
292 - 299 Nanostructured Zn and ZnO nanowire thin films for mechanical and self-cleaning applications
Shaik UP, Purkayastha DD, Krishna MG, Madhurima V
300 - 308 Beneficial effects of laser irradiation on the deposition process of diamond/Ni60 composite coating with cold spray
Yao JH, Yang LJ, Li B, Li ZH
309 - 315 Growth and surface modification of LaFeO3 thin films induced by reductive annealing
Flynn BT, Zhang KHL, Shutthanandan V, Varga T, Colby RJ, Oleksak RP, Manandhar S, Engelhard MH, Chambers SA, Henderson MA, Herman GS, Thevuthasan S
316 - 320 Compatibility of lithium difluoro(sulfato)borate-based electrolyte for LiMn2O4 cathode
Li SY, Liu JL, Li LX, Li XP, Jing J, Cui XL
321 - 331 Machining parameter optimization of C/SiC composites using high power picosecond laser
Zhang RH, Li WN, Liu YS, Wang CH, Wang J, Yang XJ, Cheng LF
332 - 338 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on wood substrates via a one-step hydrothermal process
Liu M, Qing Y, Wu YQ, Liang J, Luo S
339 - 350 Two approaches to form antibacterial surface: Doping with bactericidal element and drug loading
Sukhorukova IV, Sheveyko AN, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Anisimova NY, Gloushankova NA, Zhitnyak IY, Benesova J, Amler E, Shtansky DV
351 - 357 Effect of membrane polymeric materials on relationship between surface pore size and membrane fouling in membrane bioreactors
Miyoshi T, Yuasa K, Ishigami T, Rajabzadeh S, Kamio E, Ohmukai Y, Saeki D, Ni JR, Matsuyama H
358 - 365 Controlled delivery of acyclovir from porous silicon micro- and nanoparticles
Maniya NH, Patel SR, Murthy ZVP
366 - 373 Liquid flow deposited spine! (Ni,Mn)(3)O-4 thin films for microbolometer applications
Le DT, Jeon CJ, Lee KW, Jeong YH, Yun JS, Yoon DH, Cho JH
374 - 382 The synthesis and application involving regulation of the insoluble drug release from mesoporous silica nanotubes
Li J, Wang Y, Zheng X, Zhang Y, Sun CS, Gao YK, Jiang TY, Wang SL
383 - 392 Interactions between the glass fiber coating and oxidized carbon nanotubes
Ku-Herrera JJ, Avilees F, Nistal A, Cauich-Rodriguez JV, Rubio F, Rubio J, Bartolo-Perezc P
393 - 404 Effect of Al2Gd on microstructure and properties of laser clad Mg-Al-Gd coatings
Chen H, Zhang K, Yao CW, Dong J, Li ZG, Emmelmann C
405 - 410 Amorphous transparent conducting oxides in context: Work function survey, trends, and facile modification
Yeh TC, Zhu Q, Buchholz DB, Martinson AB, Chang RPH, Mason TO
411 - 417 Structure and bonding nature of [PbCl](+) adsorption on the kaolinite(001) surface in aqueous system
Wang J, Xia SW, Yu LM
418 - 430 Direct decomposition of methane over SBA-15 supported Ni, Co and Fe based bimetallic catalysts
Pudukudy M, Yaakob Z, Akmal ZS
431 - 438 Corrosion resistance and calcium-phosphorus precipitation of micro-arc oxidized magnesium for biomedical applications
Zhao LC, Cui CX, Wang X, Liu SJ, Bu SJ, Wang QZ, Qi YM
439 - 444 Laser shock processing effects on isothermal oxidation resistance of GH586 superalloy
Hua YQ, Rong Z, Ye YX, Chen KM, Chen RF, Xue Q, Liu HX
445 - 448 Durability of self-assembled monolayers on aluminum oxide surface for determining surface wettability
Lee J, Bong J, Ha YG, Park S, Ju S
449 - 454 Role of oxygen concentration distribution and microstructure in luminescent properties of laser-irradiated silicon
Zhu M, Li XH, Li GQ, Xie CX, Qiu R, Li JW, Huang WH
455 - 464 Physicochemical properties of vanadium impregnated Al-PILCs: Effect of vanadium source
Balci S, Tecimer A
465 - 475 Growth and surface analysis of SiO2 on 4H-SiC for MOS devices
Kodigala SR, Chattopadhyay S, Overton C, Ardoin I, Gordon BJ, Johnstone D, Roy D, Barone D
476 - 486 Nitrogen-doping of bulk and nanotubular TiO2 photocatalysts by plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition
Zhang Y, Creatore M, Ma QB, El Boukili A, Gao L, Verheijen MA, Verhoeven MWGM, Hensen EJM
487 - 495 Chemical mechanical polishing of steel substrate using colloidal silica-based slurries
Jiang L, He YY, Luo JB