Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.329 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Synthesis of MgO nanoparticle loaded mesoporous Al2O3 and its defluoridation study
Dayananda D, Sarva VR, Prasad SV, Arunachalam J, Parameswaran P, Ghosh NN
11 - 16 Enhanced superhydrophilicity and thermal stability of ITO surface with patterned ceria coatings
Xue MS, Peng N, Li CQ, Ou JF, Wang FJ, Li W
17 - 22 Melamine modified P25 with heating method and enhanced the photocatalytic activity on degradation of ciprofloxacin
Wang HQ, Li JZ, Ma CC, Guan QF, Lu ZY, Huo PW, Yan YS
23 - 31 Aesthetic value improvement of the ruby stone using heat treatment and its synergetic surface study
Sahoo RK, Mohapatra BK, Singh SK, Mishracsir BK
32 - 39 Modification of polylactic acid surface using RF plasma discharge with sputter deposition of a hydroxyapatite target for increased biocompatibility
Tverdokhlebov SI, Bolbasov EN, Shesterikov EV, Antonova LV, Golovkin AS, Matveeva VG, Petlin DG, Anissimov YG
40 - 46 A near-UV-converted LiMgBO3:Dy3+ nanophosphor: Surface and spectral investigations
Bedyal AK, Kumar V, Prakash R, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Swart HC
47 - 57 Size properties of colloidal nanoparticles produced by nanosecond pulsed laser ablation and studying the effects of liquid medium and laser fluence
Mahdieh MH, Fattahi B
58 - 64 Selective three-dimensional hydrophilization of microstructured polymer surfaces through confined photocatalytic oxidation
Ammosova L, Jiang Y, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TA
65 - 75 Adsorbents/ion exchangers-PVA blend membranes: Preparation, characterization and performance for the removal of Zn2+ by electrodialysis
Caprarescu S, Radu AL, Purcar V, Ianchis R, Sarbu A, Ghiurea M, Nicolae C, Modrogan C, Vaireanu DI, Perichaud A, Ebrasu DI
76 - 82 Hydroxyapatite/gelatin functionalized graphene oxide composite coatings deposited on TiO2 nanotube by electrochemical deposition for biomedical applications
Yan YJ, Zhang XJ, Mao HH, Huang Y, Ding QQ, Pang XF
83 - 86 Separating nano graphene oxide from the residual strong-acid filtrate of the modified Hummers method with alkaline solution
Hu XB, Yu Y, Wang YQ, Zhou JE, Song L
87 - 93 A theoretical study on the interaction of amphetamine and single-walled carbon nanotubes
Hafizi H, Chermahini AN, Mohammadnezhad G, Teimouri A
94 - 103 Non-crystallization and enhancement of field emission of cupric oxide nanowires induced by low-energy Ar ion bombardment
Song XM, Chen J
104 - 115 Effect of O-2 on corrosion of 3Cr steel in high temperature and high pressure CO2-O-2 environment
Lin XQ, Liu W, Wu F, Xu CC, Dou JJ, Lu MX
116 - 126 Physical and biological properties of the ion beam irradiated PMMA-based composite films
Shanthini GM, Martin CA, Sakthivel N, Veerla SC, Elayaraja K, Lakshmi BS, Asokan K, Kanjilal D, Kalkura SN
127 - 136 Evaluation of the simulated solar light photocatalytic activity of N, Ir co-doped TiO2 for organic dye removal from water
Kuvarega AT, Krause RWM, Mamba BB
137 - 142 Facile solvothermal synthesis of abnormal growth of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures by ring-opening reaction of polyvinylpyrrolidone
Xu G, Wang XL, Liu GZ
143 - 149 Enhanced visible-light photoactivity of g-C3N4 via Zn2SnO4 modification
Zhang LH, Wang XX, Nong QY, Lin HJ, Teng BT, Zhang YT, Zhao LH, Wu TH, He YM
150 - 157 Reversible tuning of the wettability on a silver mesodendritic surface by the formation and disruption of lipid-like bilayers
Gao YJ, Xia B, Liu J, Ding LS, Li BJ, Zhou Y
158 - 164 Facile method to prepare poly(S-co-HEA)/Ag nanocomposite particles with high efficient catalytic activity and surface enhanced Raman scattering
Chao ZY, Wang L, Song LY, Zhou YF, Nie WY, Chen PP
165 - 173 Influence of N-phthaloyl chitosan on poly (ether imide) ultrafiltration membranes and its application in biomolecules and toxic heavy metal ion separation and their antifouling properties
Kanagaraj P, Nagendran A, Rana D, Matsuura T, Neelakandana S, Karthikkumar T, Muthumeenal A
174 - 183 Adhesive behavior of micro/nano-textured surfaces
Zhang YY, Wang XL, Li HQ, Wang B
184 - 196 The effect of electron scattering from disordered grain boundaries on the resistivity of metallic nanostructures
Arenas C, Henriquez R, Moraga L, Munoz E, Munoz RC
197 - 205 Adsorbent for p-phenylenediamine adsorption and removal based on graphene oxide functionalized with magnetic cyclodextrin
Wang DX, Liu LL, Jiang XY, Yu JG, Chen XH, Chen XQ
206 - 211 Structural interpretation of chemically synthesized ZnO nanorod and its application in lithium ion battery
Kundu S, Sain S, Yoshio M, Kar T, Gunawardhana N, Pradhan SK
212 - 218 Hybrid biocomposite with a tunable antibacterial activity and bioactivity based on RF magnetron sputter deposited coating and silver nanoparticles
Ivanova AA, Surmenev RA, Surmeneva MA, Mukhametkaliyev T, Loza K, Prymak O, Epple M
219 - 222 Preparation of Ag-coated hollow microspheres via electroless plating for application in lightweight microwave absorbers
Kim WJ, Kim SS
223 - 233 Immobilization of poly(acrylamide) brushes onto poly(caprolactone) surface by combining ATRP and "click" chemistry: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of protein adhesion
Ma YH, Bian XX, He L, Cai MT, Xie XX, Luo XL
234 - 239 Optimizing conditions of preparation of thermoresponsive SiO2-POEGMA particles via AGET-ATRP
Du ZP, Sun XF, Tai XM, Wang GY, Liu XY
240 - 247 Improving electrochemical properties of AISI 1045 steels by duplex surface treatment of plasma nitriding and aluminizing
Haftlang F, Habibolahzadeh A, Sohi MH
248 - 255 Growth kinetics and microstructure of MOCVD iridium coating from iridium(III) acetylacetonate with hydrogen
Yang SR, Yu XD, Tan CW, Wang YD, Ma HL, Liu KX, Cai HN
256 - 261 Amylose-halloysite-TiO2 composites: Preparation, characterization and photodegradation
Zheng PW, Du YY, Chang PR, Ma XF
262 - 268 Activity of formaldehyde dehydrogenase on titanium dioxide films with different crystallinities
Nakamura H, Kato K, Masuda Y, Kato K
269 - 275 Effect of the oxygen-containing functional group of graphene oxide on the aqueous cadmium ions removal
Bian Y, Bian ZY, Zhang JX, Ding AZ, Liu SL, Wang H
276 - 280 Preparation of surface coatings on a conductive substrate by controlled motion of graphene nanoflakes in a liquid medium
Zhang XF, Qin RS
281 - 286 Microstructure and electrochemical properties of nitrogen-doped DLC films deposited by PECVD technique
Zhou QK, Ke PL, Li XW, Zou YS, Wang AY
287 - 291 Surface modification of polyelectrolyte multilayers by high radio frequency air plasma treatment
Martins TD, Bataglioli RA, Taketa TB, Vasconcellos FD, Beppu MM
292 - 300 Study on removal of elemental mercury from simulated flue gas over activated coke treated by acid
Ma JF, Li CT, Zhao LK, Zhang J, Song JK, Zeng GM, Zhang XN, Xie Y
301 - 305 Self-assembled three-dimensional hierarchical NiO nano/microspheres as high-performance anode material for lithium ion batteries
Lv PP, Zhao HL, Zeng ZP, Gao CH, Liu X, Zhang TH
306 - 314 High-pressure homogenization associated hydrothermal process of palygorskite for enhanced adsorption of Methylene blue
Zhang ZF, Wang WB, Wang AQ
315 - 320 Study on the sulfidation behavior of smithsonite
Wu DD, Wen SM, Deng JS, Liu J, Mao YB
321 - 329 Paper-supported nanostructured ultrathin gold film electrodes -Characterization and functionalization
Ihalainen P, Maattanen A, Pesonen M, Sjoberg P, Sarfraz J, Osterbacka R, Peltonen J
330 - 336 First-principle study of structural, electronic, vibrational and magnetic properties of HCN adsorbed graphene doped with Cr, Mn and Fe
Shi LB, Wang YP, Dong HK
337 - 346 Surface functionalization of cyclic olefin copolymer with aryldiazonium salts: A covalent grafting method
Brisset F, Vieillard J, Berton B, Morin-Grognet S, Duclairoir-Poc C, Le Derf F
347 - 355 Physicochemical properties and in vitro cytocompatibility of modified titanium surfaces prepared via micro-arc oxidation with different calcium concentrations
Wu SD, Zhang H, Dong XD, Ning CY, Fok ASL, Wang Y
356 - 362 Biocorrosion of TiO2 nanoparticle coating of Ti-6Al-4V in DMEM under specific in vitro conditions
Hohn S, Virtanen S
363 - 370 Vibrational mode frequencies of H2S and H2O adsorbed on Ge(001)-(2 x 1) surfaces
Hartnett M, Fahy S
371 - 375 Line shape and composition of the In 3d(5/2) core-level photoemission for the interface analysis of In-containing III-V semiconductors
Makela J, Tuominen M, Kuzmin M, Yasir M, Lang J, Punkkinen MPJ, Laukkanen P, Kokko K, Schulte K, Osiecki J, Wallace RM
376 - 383 Structural and electronic properties of submonolayer-thick Sn films on Ru(0001)
Topolnicki R, Kucharczyk R
384 - 389 Amine-intercalated alpha-zirconium phosphates as lubricant additives
Xiao HP, Dai W, Kan YW, Clearfield A, Liang H
390 - 395 A novel graphene-based tapered optical fiber sensor for glucose detection
Qiu W, Xu SC, Jiang SZ, Li Z, Chen PX, Gao SS, Zhang C, Feng DJ