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1 - 12 Low-pressure plasma enhanced immobilization of chitosan on low-density polyethylene for bio-medical applications
Pandiyaraj KN, Ferraria AM, do Rego AMB, Deshmukh RR, Su PG, Halleluyah M, Halim AS
13 - 25 Study of mechanical properties and high temperature oxidation behavior of a novel cold-spray Ni-20Cr coating on boiler steels
Kaur N, Kumar M, Sharma SK, Kim DY, Kumar S, Chavan NM, Joshi SV, Singh N, Singh H
26 - 33 Excellent adsorption of ultraviolet filters using silylated MCM-41 mesoporous materials as adsorbent
Li L, Wang XM, Zhang DX, Guo RB, Du XZ
34 - 44 Removal of fluoride from drinking water using tea waste loaded with Al/Fe oxides: A novel, safe and efficient biosorbent
Cai HM, Chen GJ, Peng CY, Zhang ZZ, Dong YY, Shang GZ, Zhu XH, Gao HJ, Wan XC
45 - 62 Solvent-free functionalization of fullerene C-60 and pristine multi-walled carbon nanotubes with aromatic amines
Ramirez-Calera IJ, Meza-Laguna V, Gromovoy TY, Chavez-Uribe MI, Basiuk VA, Basiuk EV
63 - 70 A simple electrochemical route to deposit Cu7S4 thin films and their photocatalytic properties
Ghosh A, Mondal A
71 - 77 CO catalytic oxidation on iron-embedded monolayer MoS2
Ma DW, Tang Y, Yang G, Zeng J, He CZ, Lu ZS
78 - 85 Nickel doped cobalt sulfide as a high performance counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Kim HJ, Kim CW, Punnoose D, Gopi CVVM, Kim SK, Prabakar K, Rao SS
86 - 94 Insight in layer-by-layer assembly of cysteamine and L-cysteine on the copper surface by electrochemistry and Raman spectroscopy
Song P, Shen S, Li CC, Guo XY, Wen Y, Yang HF
95 - 108 An investigation of the electrochemical action of the epoxy zinc-rich coatings containing surface modified aluminum nanoparticle
Jalili M, Rostami M, Ramezanzadeh B
109 - 114 Photoelectrochemical solar water splitting using electrospun TiO2 nanofibers
Mali MG, An S, Liou M, Al-Deyab SS, Yoon SS
115 - 119 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanotubes co-doped by erbium ions
Li YC, Wang YQ, Kong JH, Wang JX
120 - 124 Monitoring of (reactive) ion etching (RIE) with reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS) equipment
Barzen L, Richter J, Fouckhardt H, Wahl M, Kopnarsk M
125 - 132 Microstructure and mechanical properties of AlMgB14-TiB2 associated with metals prepared by the field-assisted diffusion bonding sintering process
Zhuang L, Lei Y, Chen SP, Hu LF, Meng QS
133 - 139 Plasma bonding of a cobalt-chromium alloy as an interlayer for nanostructured diamond growth
Johnston JM, Jubinsky M, Catledge SA
140 - 145 Wet chemical treatment of boron doped emitters on n-type (100) c-Si prior to amorphous silicon passivation
Meddeb H, Bearda T, Payo MR, Abdelwahab I, Abdulraheem Y, Ezzaouia H, Gordon I, Szlufcik J, Poortmans J
146 - 153 Wetting behaviour of carbon nitride nanostructures grown by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition technique
Kamal SAA, Ritikos R, Rahman SA
154 - 162 In vitro hemocompatibility and cytocompatibility of dexamethasone-eluting PLGA stent coatings
Zhang J, Liu Y, Luo RF, Chen S, Li X, Yuan SH, Wang J, Huang N
163 - 169 Construction of mussel-inspired coating via the direct reaction of catechol and polyethyleneimine for efficient heparin immobilization
Liu YJ, Luo RF, Shen FY, Tang LL, Wang J, Huang N
170 - 176 Micrometric rods grown by nanosecond pulsed laser deposition of boron carbide
Lopez-Quintas I, Oujja M, Sanz M, Benitez-Canete A, Chater RJ, Canamares MV, Marco JF, Castillejo M
177 - 182 Boron doped nanostructure ZnO films deposited by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Karakaya S, Ozbas O
183 - 192 Polydimethylsiloxane-polymethacrylate block copolymers tethering quaternary ammonium salt groups for antimicrobial coating
Qin XS, Li YC, Zhou F, Ren LX, Zhao YH, Yuan XY
193 - 197 Wide-spectrum Mg and Ga co-doped ZnO TCO thin films for solar cells grown via magnetron sputtering with H-2 introduction
Chen XL, Liu JM, Ni J, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
198 - 204 Improved power conversion efficiency for dye-sensitized solar cells using a subwavelength-structured antireflective coating
Chou CC, Tsao KY, Wu CC, Yang HT, Chen CM
205 - 214 Laser alloyed Al-W coatings on aluminum for enhanced corrosion resistance
Rajamure RS, Vora HD, Srinivasan SG, Dahotre NB
215 - 221 Direct laser patterning of transparent ITO-Ag-ITO multilayer anodes for organic solar cells
Kim HJ, Seo KW, Kim YH, Choi J, Kim HK
222 - 228 Fe3O4/carbon coated silicon ternary hybrid composite as supercapacitor electrodes
Oh I, Kim M, Kim J
229 - 234 Absorption homogenization at wavy melt films by CO2-lasers in contrast to 1 mu m-wavelength lasers
Kaplan AFH
235 - 240 Fabrication of patterned flexible graphene devices via facile direct transfer of as-grown bi-layer graphene
Park H, Kim KH, Yoon J, Kim KK, Park SM, Ha JS
241 - 246 Effect of plasma surface treatment of recycled carbon fiber on carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) interfacial properties
Lee H, Ohsawa I, Takahashi J
247 - 254 Transition of interface oxide layer from porous Mg(OH)(2) to dense MgO induced by polyaniline and corrosion resistance of Mg alloy therefrom
Luo YZ, Sun Y, Lv JL, Wang XH, Li J, Wang FS
255 - 261 XPS investigations of tribolayers formed on TiN and (Ti,Re)N coatings
Oktay S, Kahraman Z, Urgen M, Kazmanli K
262 - 268 Study of p-type AlN-doped SnO2 thin films and its transparent devices
Wu YJ, Liu YS, Hsieh CY, Lee PM, Wei YS, Liao CH, Liu CY
269 - 278 Surface activation of polyethylene with an argon atmospheric pressure plasma jet: Influence of applied power and flow rate
Van Deynse A, Cools P, Leys C, De Geyter N, Morent R
279 - 286 Preparation and characterization of nanostructured titanate bioceramic coating by anodization-hydrothermal method
Liu QN, Liu Y, Lei T, Tan YN, Wu H, Li JB
287 - 295 Surface functionalisation of polypropylene hernia-repair meshes by RF-activated plasma polymerisation of acrylic acid and silver nanoparticles
Nistico R, Rosellini A, Rivolo P, Faga MG, Lamberti R, Martorana S, Castellino M, Virga A, Mandracci P, Malandrino M, Magnacca G
296 - 305 Fabrication of long-term stable superoleophobic surface based on copper oxide/cobalt oxide with micro-nanoscale hierarchical roughness
Barthwal S, Lim SH
306 - 313 Interfacial interaction between the epoxidized natural rubber and silica in natural rubber/silica composites
Xu TW, Jia ZX, Luo YF, Jia DM, Peng Z
314 - 318 Repulsive effects of hydrophobic diamond thin films on biomolecule detection
Ruslinda AR, Ishiyama Y, Penmatsa V, Ibori S, Kawarada H
319 - 324 Effect of modulation periods on the microstructure and mechanical properties of DLC/TiC multilayer films deposited by filtered cathodic vacuum arc method
Xu ZY, Sun H, Leng YX, Li XY, Yang WM, Huang N
325 - 334 Preparation and enhanced properties of polyaniline/grafted intercalated ZnAl-LDH nanocomposites
Hu JL, Gan MY, Ma L, Zhang J, Xie S, Xu FF, Zheng JY, Shen XY, Yin H
335 - 343 Development of high efficient visible light-driven N, S-codoped TiO2 nanowires photocatalysts
Zhang YL, Liu PH, Wu HH
344 - 348 Probing initial-stages of ALD growth with dynamic in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry
Muneshwar T, Cadien K
349 - 355 High-performance thin-film-transistors based on semiconducting-enriched single-walled carbon nanotubes processed by electrical-breakdown strategy
Aissa B, Nedil M, Habib MA, Abdul-Hafidh EH, Rosei F
356 - 360 Evolution of the secondary electron emission during the graphitization of thin C films
Larciprete R, Grosso DR, Di Trolio A, Cimino R
361 - 367 Efficiency of Cu2O/BiVO4 particles prepared with a new soft procedure on the degradation of dyes under visible-light irradiation
Aguilera-Ruiz E, Garcia-Perez UM, de la Garza-Galvan M, Zambrano-Robledo P, Bermudez-Reyes B, Peral J
368 - 373 Application of cow milk-derived carbon dots/Ag NPs composite as the antibacterial agent
Han S, Zhang H, Xie YJ, Liu LL, Shan CF, Li XK, Liu WS, Tang Y
374 - 379 The role of oxygen in the deposition of copper-calcium thin film as diffusion barrier for copper metallization
Yu ZN, Ren RH, Xue JS, Yao Q, Li ZL, Hui GB, Xue W
380 - 386 Influences of electric current on the wettability and interfacial microstructure in Sn/Fe system
Shen P, Gu Y, Yang NN, Zheng RP, Ren LH
387 - 394 Morphological evolution of self-assembled SiGe islands based on a mixed-phase pre-SiGe island layer grown by ion beam sputtering deposition
Ke SY, Ye S, Yang J, Wang ZQ, Wang C, Yang Y
395 - 404 Polyaniline assisted by TiO2:SnO2 nanoparticles as a hydrogen gas sensor at environmental conditions
Nasirian S, Moghaddam HM
405 - 409 Study of micro/nanostructures formed by a nanosecond laser in gaseous environments for stainless steel surface coloring
Luo FF, Ong WL, Guan YC, Li FP, Sun SF, Lim GC, Hong MH
410 - 417 Plasma-enhanced regenerable 5,5-dimethylhydantoin (DMH) antibacterial finishing for cotton fabric
Zhou CE, Kan CW
418 - 427 Hydrofluoric-nitric-sulphuric-acid surface treatment of tungsten for carbon fibre-reinforced composite hybrids in space applications
Kanerva M, Johansson LS, Campbell JM, Revitzer H, Sarlin E, Brander T, Saarela O
428 - 435 Black lead molybdate nanoparticles: Facile synthesis and photocatalytic properties responding to visible light
Du WM, Liu LX, Zhou KK, Ma XD, Hao YM, Qian XF
436 - 443 Oxidation of iridium coating on rhenium coated graphite at elevated temperature in stagnated air
Huang YL, Bai SX, Zhang H, Ye YC
444 - 452 Facile fabrication of gold nanoparticle on zein ultrafine fibers and their application for catechol biosensor
Chen XD, Li DW, Li GH, Luo L, Ullah N, Wei QF, Huang FL
453 - 458 Construction of hydrophobic wood surfaces by room temperature deposition of rutile (TiO2) nanostructures
Zheng RB, Tshabalala MA, Li QY, Wang HY
459 - 465 Preparation and analysis of anodic aluminum oxide films with continuously tunable interpore distances
Qin XF, Zhang JQ, Meng XJ, Deng CH, Zhang LF, Ding GQ, Zeng H, Xu XH
466 - 474 Structural, morphological and catalytic characterization of neutral Ag salt of 12-tungstophosphoric acid: Influence of preparation conditions
Holclajtner-Antunovic I, Bajuk-Bogdanovic D, Popa A, Vasiljevic BN, Krstic J, Mentus S, Uskokovic-Markovic S
475 - 481 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic coating with high adhesive effect to substrates and tunable wettability
Li Y, Zhang ZZ, Zhu XT, Men XH, Ge B, Zhou XY
482 - 490 The influence of cross-linking and clustering upon the nanohole free volume of the SHI and gamma-radiation induced polymeric material
Singh P, Kumar R, Singh R, Roychowdhury A, Das D
491 - 500 Slippery liquid-infused porous surface based on perfluorinated lubricant/iron tetradecanoate: Preparation and corrosion protection application
Yang SS, Qiu R, Song HQ, Wang P, Shi ZQ, Wang YF
501 - 508 Effect of air plasma treatment on the dyeing of Tencel fabric with CI Reactive Black 5
Zhang LS, Liu HL, Yu WD
509 - 515 Microsecond pulse driven Ar/CF4 plasma jet for polymethylmethacrylate surface modification at atmospheric pressure
Wang RX, Zhang C, Liu X, Xie Q, Yan P, Shao T
516 - 524 Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals functionalized with alendronate as bioactive components for bone implant coatings to decrease osteoclastic activity
Bosco R, Iafisco M, Tampieri A, Jansen JA, Leeuwenburgh SCG, van den Beucken JJJP
525 - 530 Solvothermal synthesis and photocatalytic properties of NiO ultrathin nanosheets with porous structure
Zhang Q, Liu HX, Li HL, Liu Y, Zhang HY, Li TD
531 - 535 Synthesis and characterization of LiNi0.49Mn1.49Y0.02O4@Ag by electroless plating technique
Xiong LZ, Liu WP, Wu YX, He ZQ
536 - 547 A comparative study of silver-graphene oxide nanocomposites as a recyclable catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol: Support effect
Zahed B, Hosseini-Monfared H
548 - 553 Synthesis of a nanosilica supported CO2 sorbent in a fluidized bed reactor
Soria-Hoyo C, Valverde JM, van Ommen JR, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Perez-Maqueda LA, Sayagues MJ
554 - 567 Enhanced surface friction coefficient and hydrophobicity of TPE substrates using an APPJ system
Sainz-Garcia E, Alba-Elias F, Mugica-Vidal R, Gonzalez-Marcos A
568 - 576 Enhanced photovoltaic performance of QDSSCs via modifying ZnO photoanode with a 3-PPA self-assembled monolayer
Yang LL, Chen G, Sun YF, Han DL, Yang S, Gao M, Wang Z, Zou P, Luan HM, Kong XW, Yang JH
577 - 582 Effective implantation of light emitting centers by plasma immersion ion implantation and focused ion beam methods into nanosized diamond
Himics L, Toth S, Veres M, Toth A, Koos M
583 - 590 Insight into carbon formation from ethylene decomposition over Pd(100) via density functional theory calculations
Zhang MH, Yang KW, Yu YZ
591 - 595 First principle calculations of nitric oxide on metallic Pt (111) and Pt (100), and bimetallic Au/Pt (111) and Au/Pt (100) surfaces
Liu N, Wang XY, Wan Y
596 - 605 Contact angle hysteresis and phase separation in dry phospholipid films with cholesterol deposited on mica surface
Jurak M
606 - 613 The mechanism study of trace Cr(VI) removal from water using Fe-0 nanorods modified with chitosan in porous anodic alumina
Sun L, Yuan ZG, Gong WB, Zhang LD, Xu ZL, Su GB, Han DG
614 - 622 Surface modifications of Ti alloy with tunable hierarchical structures and chemistry for improved metal-polymer interface used in deepwater composite riser
He PG, Chen K, Yang JL
623 - 631 Fabrication of color-controllable superhydrophobic copper compound coating with decoration performance
Tan C, Li Q, Cai P, Yang N, Xi ZX
632 - 640 Adsorption of oxazole and isoxazole on BNNT surface: A DFT study
Kaur J, Singla P, Goel N
641 - 648 Carbon-monoxide adsorption and dissociation on Nb(110) surface
Ning H, Lan ZQ, Guo J, Tan MQ
649 - 657 Preparation, characterization and selective recognition for vanillic acid imprinted mesoporous silica polymers
Li H, Xu MM, Wang SS, Lu CM, Li ZP
658 - 658 Carbon nanotube and graphene nanosheet co-modified LiFePO4 nanoplate composite cathode material by a facile polyol process (vol 283, pg 999, 2013)
Wu G, Zhou YK, Shao ZP
659 - 659 Facile single-step ammonia heat-treatment and quenching process for the synthesis of improved Pt/N-graphene catalysts (vol 266, pg 433, 2013)
Xiong B, Zhou YK, O'Hayre R, Shao ZP