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Applied Surface Science, Vol.327 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Layer wise evolution of the Cu-Zn alloy microstructure after sandblasting
Petrov YN, Vasylyev MA, Trofimova LN, Makeeva IN, Filatova VS
7 - 12 Structure characterization and strain relief analysis in CVD growth of boron phosphide on silicon carbide
Li GL, Abbott JKC, Brasfield JD, Liu PZ, Dale A, Duscher G, Rack PD, Feigerle CS
13 - 21 Preparation of CN-dots/F-NiO nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of selected organic pollutants
ReddyPrasad P, Ofomaja AE, Naidoo EB
22 - 26 Invisible high workfunction materials on heterogeneous surfaces
Sharma A, Berger R, Lewis DA, Andersson GG
27 - 36 Solvothermal synthesis of MnFe2O4-graphene composite-Investigation of its adsorption and antimicrobial properties
Chella S, Kollu P, Komarala EVPR, Doshi S, Saranya M, Felix S, Ramachandran R, Saravanan P, Koneru VL, Venugopal V, Jeong SK, Grace AN
37 - 42 Role of Al2O3 intermediate layer for improving the quality of polycrystalline-silicon film in inverted aluminum-induced layer exchange
Duan WY, Meng FY, Bian JT, Yu J, Zhang LP, Liu ZX
43 - 50 Nondestructive atomic compositional analysis of BeMgZnO quaternary alloys using ion beam analytical techniques
Zolnai Z, Toporkov M, Volk J, Demchenko DO, Okur S, Szabo Z, Ozgur U, Morkoc H, Avrutin V, Kotai E
51 - 61 Wear and corrosion performance of two different tempers (T6 and T73) of AA7075 aluminium alloy after nitrogen implantation
Abreu CM, Cristobal MJ, Figueroa R, Pena G
62 - 67 Visible-light photocatalytic activity of Ag2O coated Bi2WO6 hierarchical microspheres assembled by nanosheets
Chen L, Hua H, Yang Q, Hu CG
68 - 76 Structure, mechanical and tribological properties of HfCx films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Wang S, Zhang K, An T, Hu CQ, Meng QN, Ma YZ, Wen M, Zheng WT
77 - 85 Selective adsorption of cationic dyes by UiO-66-NH2
Chen Q, He QQ, Lv MM, Xu YL, Yang HB, Liu XT, Wei FY
86 - 92 Energy dependence of nanopillars formation on InSb semiconductor surfaces under gallium FIB and noble gas ions beam irradiation
Jany BR, Szajna K, Nikiel M, Wrana D, Trynkiewicz E, Pedrys R, Krok F
93 - 99 Switchable hydrophobic/hydrophilic surface of electrospun poly (L-lactide) membranes obtained by CF4 microwave plasma treatment
Yue MY, Zhou BM, Jiao KY, Qian XM, Xu ZW, Teng KY, Zhao LH, Wang JJ, Jiao YN
100 - 106 Preparation, characterization and wear behavior of carbon coated magnesium alloy with electroless plating nickel interlayer
Mao Y, Li ZG, Feng K, Guo XW, Zhou ZF, Dong J, Wu YX
107 - 115 Synthesis of activated carbon from oil fly ash for removal of H2S from gas stream
Aslam Z, Shawabkeh RA, Hussein IA, Al-Baghli N, Eic M
116 - 121 Adsorption behavior of pH-dependent phytic acid micelles at the copper surface observed by Raman and electrochemistry
Shen S, Du J, Guo XY, Wen Y, Yang HF
122 - 130 Tuning the surface wettability of carbon nanotube carpets in multiscale hierarchical solids
Karumuri AK, He LM, Mukhopadhyay SM
131 - 139 The interaction of phosphate coatings on a carbon steel surface with a sodium nitrite and silicate solution
Ramanauskas R, Girciene O, Gudaviciute L, Selskis A
140 - 148 Synthesis and photoelectrochemical properties of CdWO4 and CdS/CdWO4 nanostructures
Hu WN, Zheng CH, Hua H, Yang Q, Chen L, Xi Y, Hu CG
149 - 153 Substrate-independent sequential deposition process to obtain the lotus effect based on mussel-inspired polydopamine
Ou JF, Pan B, Chen YW, Xie C, Xue MS, Wang FJ, Li W
154 - 158 The origin of the similar to 274 cm(-1) additional Raman mode induced by the incorporation of N dopants and a feasible route to achieve p-type ZnO:N thin films
Zhang P, Kong CY, Li WJ, Qin GP, Xu Q, Zhang H, Ruan HB, Cui YT, Fang L
159 - 167 Droplets impact on textured surfaces: Mesoscopic simulation of spreading dynamics
Wang YX, Chen S
168 - 173 CO2 sensing characteristics and mechanism for LaCoO3 predicted by density function theory
Shi CM, Qin HW, Li L, Chen YP, Ju L, Hu JF
174 - 181 The effects of addition of poly(vinyl) alcohol (PVA) as a green corrosion inhibitor to the phosphate conversion coating on the anticorrosion and adhesion properties of the epoxy coating on the steel substrate
Ramezanzadeh B, Vakili H, Amini R
182 - 189 Fractal analysis of surface topography in ground monocrystal sapphire
Wang QY, Liang ZQ, Wang XB, Zhao WX, Wu YB, Zhou TF
190 - 200 Preparation of natural pyrite nanoparticles by high energy planetary ball milling as a nanocatalyst for heterogeneous Fenton process
Fathinia S, Fathinia M, Rahmani AA, Khataee A
201 - 204 Effect of pH on the properties of chemical bath deposited polyaniline thin film
Patil RB, Jatratkar AA, Devan RS, Ma YR, Puri RK, Puri V, Yadav JB
205 - 212 Performance improvement of passive direct methanol fuel cells with surface-patterned Nafion (R) membranes
Pu LJ, Jiang JJ, Yuan T, Chai JS, Zhang HF, Zou ZQ, Li XM, Yang H
213 - 217 Synthesis of semimetal A(3)Bi (A = Na, K) thin films by molecular beam epitaxy
Wen J, Guo H, Yan CH, Wang ZY, Chang K, Deng P, Zhang T, Zhang ZD, Ji SH, Wang LL, He K, Ma XC, Chen X, Xue QK
218 - 225 Nano zinc phosphate coatings for enhanced corrosion resistance of mild steel
Tamilselvi M, Kamaraj P, Arthanareeswari M, Devikala S
226 - 232 In-situ synthesis of nanomagnetites on poly(amidoamine)-modified graphite oxides and their novel catalytic performances towards the degradation of p-nitro aniline
Liu X, Zhao TT, Cheng HM, Zhu CQ, Li S, Cui P
233 - 240 Non-silicon substrate bonding mediated by poly(dimethylsiloxane) interfacial coating
Zhang HN, Leea NY
241 - 245 Graphene dip coatings: An effective anticorrosion barrier on aluminum
Liu JH, Hua L, Li SM, Yu M
246 - 252 Surface structural evolvement in the conversion of polyacrylonitrile precursors to carbon fibers
Qian X, Zou RF, OuYang Q, Wang XF, Zhang YG
253 - 261 Structure, tribological and electrochemical properties of low friction TiAlSiCN/MoSeC coatings
Bondarev AV, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Sheveyko AN, Shtansky DV
262 - 267 Glancing angle deposition in a pulsed laser ablation/vapor-liquid-solid grow system
Marcu A, Stokker F, Zamani RR, Lungu CP
268 - 276 Adsorption of 2-propanol on MgO surface: A combined experimental and theoretical study
Fuente SA, Ferretti CA, Domancich NF, Diez VK, Apesteguia CR, Di Cosimo JI, Ferullo RM, Castellani NJ
277 - 287 Elaboration of submicron structures on PEEK polymer by femtosecond laser
Hammouti S, Beaugiraud B, Salvia M, Mauclair C, Pascale-Hamri A, Benayoun S, Valette S
288 - 295 Corrosion resistance of zirconium oxynitride coatings deposited via DC unbalanced magnetron sputtering and spray pyrolysis-nitriding
Cubillos GI, Bethencourt M, Olaya JJ
296 - 306 Relevant insight of surface characterization techniques to study covalent grafting of a biopolymer to titanium implant and its acidic resistance
D'Almeida M, Amalric J, Brunon C, Grosgogeat B, Toury B
307 - 312 Rubber-induced uniform laser shock wave pressure for thin metal sheets microforming
Shen ZB, Wang X, Liu HX, Wang YY, Wang CT
313 - 320 Effect of passive film on mechanical properties of martensitic stainless steel 15-5PH in a neutral NaCl solution
Guo Q, Liu JH, Yu M, Li SM
321 - 326 Cross-sectional TEM analysis of structural phase states in TiNi alloy treated by a low-energy high-current pulsed electron beam
Neiman AA, Meisner LL, Lotkov AI, Koval NN, Semin VO, Teresov AD
327 - 334 Superhydrophobic nanostructured ZnO thin films on aluminum alloy substrates by electrophoretic deposition process
Huang Y, Sarkar DK, Chen XG
335 - 343 Three-way catalytic performance of Pd/Ce0.67Zr0.33O2-Al2O3 catalysts: Role of the different Pd precursors
Lin SY, Yang X, Yang LY, Zhou RX
344 - 349 STM tip-mediated mass transport on Cu surfaces
Sun YSN, Huang RZ, Gao TF, Zhang RJ, Wang YM
350 - 357 Effect of carbon content on nano structural, mechanical and electrochemical characteristics of self-organized nc-ZrCN/a-CNx nanocomposite films
Zhou FZ, Fu KH, Liao B, Yu JJ, Yang CL, Zhang X
358 - 363 Influence of rapid-thermal-annealing temperature on properties of rf-sputtered SnOx thin films
Jiang YH, Chiu IC, Kao PK, He JC, Wu YH, Yang YJ, Hsu CC, Cheng IC, Chen JZ
364 - 370 Molecular dynamics simulation study of the interaction of mixed cationic/anionic surfactants with muscovite
Wang L, Hu YH, Sun W, Sun YS
371 - 378 Exploring a new phenomenon in the bactericidal response of TiO2 thin films by Fe doping: Exerting the antimicrobial activity even after stoppage of illumination
Naghibi S, Vahed S, Torabi O, Jamshidi A, Golabgir MH
379 - 388 Elaboration and characterization of a multifunctional silane/ZnO hybrid nanocomposite coating
Nicolay A, Lanzutti A, Poelman M, Ruelle B, Fedrizzi L, Dubois P, Olivier MG
389 - 393 Electronic structure of GaN nanowall network analysed by XPS
Thakur V, Shivaprasad SM
394 - 399 Plasmon enhanced fluorescence from quaternary Cu-In-Zn-S quantum dots
Kong WG, Zhang BP, Li RF, Wu FF, Xu TN, Wu HZ
400 - 405 In situ preparation of catalytic combustion films used as micro heat source by inkjet printing method
Xiao JH, Wang XH, Luo X, Hu ZY
406 - 412 A study on the preparation of floating photocatalyst supported by hollow TiO2 and its performance
Wang JG, He B, Kong XZ
413 - 417 Optical second harmonic imaging as a diagnostic tool for monitoring epitaxial oxide thin-film growth
Rubano A, Gunter T, Lilienblum M, Aruta C, Granozio FM, di Uccio US, Marrucci L, Paparo D, Fiebig M
418 - 423 A modified positron lifetime spectrometer as method of non-destructive testing in materials
Chen ZQ, Shi JJ, Jiang J, Liu XB, Wang RS, Wu YC
424 - 431 Active control of the anisotropic wettability of the carbon fiber reinforced carbon and silicon carbide dual matrix composites (C/C-SiC)
Wu ML, Ren CZ
432 - 436 Tungsten coating prepared on molybdenum substrate by electrodeposition from molten salt in air atmosphere
Jiang F, Zhang YC, Sun NB, Leng JX
437 - 443 In vitro bioactivity investigation of alkali treated Ti6Al7Nb alloy foams
Butev E, Esen Z, Bor S
444 - 452 Transparent aluminium nanowire electrodes with optical and electrical anisotropic response fabricated by defocused ion beam sputtering
Repetto D, Giordano MC, Martella C, de Mongeot FB
453 - 461 Detection analysis of surface hydroxyl active sites and simulation calculation of the surface dissociation constants of aqueous diatomite suspensions
Ma SC, Wang ZG, Zhang JL, Sun DH, Liu GX
462 - 469 The interaction of hydrazine with an Rh(111) surface as a model for adsorption to rhodium nanoparticles: A dispersion-corrected DFT study
He YB, Jia JF, Wu HS
470 - 477 Effect of SUS316L stainless steel surface conditions on the wetting of molten multi-component oxides ceramic
Wang J, Matsuda N, Shinozaki N, Miyoshi N, Shiraishi T
478 - 482 Effect of Xe ion irradiation on photocatalytic performance of oblique TiO2 nanowire arrays
Li ZC, Teng Y, Chen CH, Lv SS, Wang GJ, Zhang ZJ
483 - 489 Laser ablation of titanium nitride coated on silicon wafer substrate for depth profiling using ICP-MS
Lee JS, Lim HB
490 - 497 Comparative study of (N, Fe) doped TiO2 photocatalysts
Larumbe S, Monge M, Gomez-Polo C
498 - 503 Modified surface chemistry, potential, and optical properties of polar gallium nitride via long chained phosphonic acids
Wilkins SJ, Paskova T, Ivanisevic A
504 - 516 Improved microbial growth inhibition activity of bio-surfactant induced Ag-TiO2 core shell nanoparticles
Nithyadevi D, Kumar PS, Mangalaraj D, Ponpandian N, Viswanathan C, Meena P
517 - 522 Adsorption properties of CoPc molecule on epitaxial graphene/Ru(0001)
Cai YL, Zhang HJ, Song JJ, Zhang YX, Bao SN, He PM
523 - 531 Structure of AlSi-SiC composite foams surface formed by mechanical and thermal cutting
Krajewski S, Nowacki J
532 - 536 Effect of surface crystallographic orientation on the oxidation behavior of Ni-based alloy
Wang X, Szpunar JA, Zhang LN