Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.326 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Temperature dependent surface modification of T91 steel under 3.25 MeV Fe-ion implantation
Zhu HP, Wang ZG, Cui MH, Li BS, Gao X, Sun JR, Yao CF, Wei KF, Shen TL, Pang LL, Zhu YB, Li YF, Wang J, Xie EQ
7 - 11 Graphene monolayers on GaN(0001)
Espitia-Rico M, Rodriguez-Martinez JA, Moreno-Armenta MG, Takeuchic N
12 - 18 Molecular dynamics analysis on impact behavior of carbon nanotubes
Seifoori S
19 - 26 Preparation and antifrictional properties of surface modified hybrid fluorine-containing silica particles
Gorbunova TI, Zapevalov AY, Beketov IV, Demina TM, Timoshenkova OR, Murzakaev AM, Gaviko VS, Safronov AP, Saloutin VI
27 - 31 Comparative analysis of physico-chemical and gas sensing characteristics of two different forms of SnO2 films
Kwoka M, Ottaviano L, Szuber J
32 - 38 Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles coated with different polymers and their MRI contrast effects in the mouse brains
Xie SB, Zhang BL, Wang L, Wang J, Li X, Yang G, Gao FB
39 - 47 2 D amorphous frameworks of NiMoO4 for supercapacitors: defining the role of surface and bulk controlled diffusion processes
Ajay A, Paravannoor A, Joseph J, Amruthalakshmi V, Anoop SS, Nair SV, Balakrishnan A
48 - 54 A facile method to prepare superhydrophobic fluorinated polysiloxane/ZnO nanocomposite coatings with corrosion resistance
Qing YQ, Yang CN, Hu CB, Zheng YS, Liu CS
55 - 65 Modulating protein behaviors on responsive surface by external electric fields: A molecular dynamics study
Xie Y, Pan YF, Zhang R, Liang Y, Li ZC
66 - 72 Catalytic decomposition of H2O2 over Fe-based catalysts for simultaneous removal of NOX and SO2
Huang XM, Ding J, Zhong Q
73 - 81 Quantum dots conjugated zinc oxide nanosheets: Impeder of microbial growth and biofilm
Patil R, Gholap H, Warule S, Banpurkar A, Kulkarni G, Gade W
82 - 90 Titanium dioxide encapsulation of supported Ag nanoparticles on the porous silica bead for increased photocatalytic activity
Liu H, Deng L, Sun CC, Li JQ, Zhu ZF
91 - 98 Surface nanopatterning of Al/Ti multilayer thin films and Al single layer by a low-fluence UV femtosecond laser beam
Kovacevic AG, Petrovic S, Bokic B, Gakovic B, Bokorov MT, Vasic B, Gajic R, Trtica M, Jelenkovic BM
99 - 106 The influence of the hydrophobic agent, catalyst, solvent and water content on the wetting properties of the silica films prepared by one-step sol-gel method
Ramezani M, Vaezi MR, Kazemzadeh A
107 - 118 Effect of microscale texture on cutting performance of WC/Co-based TiAlN coated tools under different lubrication conditions
Zhang KD, Deng JX, Xing YQ, Li SP, Gao HH
119 - 123 Investigating the performance of CoxOy/activated carbon catalysts for ethyl acetate catalytic combustion
Xie HM, Zhao XP, Zhou GL, He XL, Lan H, Jiang ZX
124 - 130 Interdiffusion behavior between NiAlHf coating and Ni-based single crystal superalloy with different crystal orientations
Wang RL, Gong XY, Peng H, Ma Y, Guo HB
131 - 138 Enhanced mechanical properties and viscoelastic characterizations of nanonecklace-reinforced carbon nanotube/copper composite films
Tsai PC, Jeng YR
139 - 144 Superhydrophobic surfaces on diverse metals based on ultrafast sequential deposition of silver and stearic acid
Ou JF, Shi QW, Chen YW, Wang FJ, Xue MS, Li W
145 - 150 Adhesion of elastomeric surfaces structured with micro-dimples
Nanni G, Fragouli D, Ceseracciu L, Athanassiou A
151 - 161 Generalized molybdenum oxide surface chemical state XPS determination via informed amorphous sample model
Baltrusaitis J, Mendoza-Sanchez B, Fernandez V, Veenstra R, Dukstiene N, Roberts A, Fairley N
162 - 167 Microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of TiMoN/Si3N4 nano-multilayer films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Wang T, Zhang GJ, Jiang BL
168 - 173 Versatile aluminum alloy surface with various wettability
Lu BP, Li N
174 - 180 Catalytic effect of Al and AlN interlayer on the growth and properties of containing carbon films
Zhou B, Liu ZB, Tang B, Rogachev AV
181 - 186 Characteristics of plasma plume in fiber laser welding of aluminum alloy
Gao M, Chen C, Hu M, Guo LB, Wang ZM, Zeng XY
187 - 194 Comparisons of kinetics, thermodynamics and regeneration of tetramethylammonium hydroxide adsorption in aqueous solution with graphene oxide, zeolite and activated carbon
Chang ST, Lu CY, Lin KYA
195 - 203 Effective removal of methyl blue by fine-structured strontium and barium phosphate nanorods
Zhang F, Song WJ, Lan J
204 - 210 Measurement of thermal conductance of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films deposited on SrTiO3 and MgO substrates
Aryan A, Guillet B, Routoure JM, Fur C, Langlois P, Mechin L
211 - 215 Structural and electrical properties of CuIn1-xAlxSe2 thin films prepared by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering process
Zhang J, Deng HM, He J, Meng XK, Liu TT, Sun L, Yang PX, Chu JH
216 - 221 Femtosecond laser-induced cross-periodic structures on a crystalline silicon surface under low pulse number irradiation
Ji X, Jiang L, Li XW, Han WN, Liu Y, Wang AD, Lu YF
222 - 235 Indoor environmental corrosion of Ag-based alloys in the Egyptian Museum (Cairo, Egypt)
Ingo GM, Angelini E, Riccucci C, de Caro T, Mezzi A, Faraldi F, Caschera D, Giuliani C, Di Carlo G
236 - 242 Annealing induced electrical conduction and band gap variation in thermally reduced graphene oxide films with different sp(2)/sp(3) fraction
Singh M, Yadav A, Kumar S, Agarwal P
243 - 250 Electrochemical characteristics of amorphous carbon nanorod synthesized by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Chang HY, Huang YJ, Chang HC, Su WJ, Shih YT, Chen JL, Honda SI, Huang YS, Lee KY
251 - 256 Atomic geometry and electronic structure of Al0.25Ga0.75N(0001) surfaces covered with different coverages of cesium: A first-principle research
Yang MZ, Chang BK, Wang MS
257 - 270 Response surface methodological approach for the optimization of adsorption process in the removal of Cr(VI) ions by Cu-2(OH)(2)CO3 nanoparticles
Srivastava V, Sharma YC, Sillanpaa M
271 - 275 Fabrication of high-quality ZnCdO epilayers and ZnO/ZnCdO heterojunction on sapphire substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Yao G, Tang YQ, Fu YJ, Jiang ZQ, An XY, Chen Y, Liu YD
276 - 284 Functionalized graphene sheets with poly(ionic liquid)s and high adsorption capacity of anionic dyes
Zhao WF, Tang YS, Xi J, Kong J
285 - 288 The new mechanism of sputtering with cluster ion beams
Chernysh VS, Ieshkin AE, Ermakov YA