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1 - 12 Degradation of microcystin-LR by highly efficient AgBr/Ag3PO4/TiO2 heterojunction photocatalyst under simulated solar light irradiation
Wang X, Utsumi M, Yang YN, Li DW, Zhao YX, Zhang ZY, Feng CP, Sugiura N, Cheng JJY
13 - 19 HfO2/GeOxNy/Ge gate stacks with sub-nanometer capacitance equivalent thickness and low interface trap density by in situ NH3 plasma pretreatment
Cao YQ, Chen J, Liu XJ, Li X, Cao ZY, Ma YJ, Wu D, Li AD
20 - 26 Oxidation and microstructure evolution of Al-Si coated Ni3Al based single crystal superalloy with high Mo content
Tu XL, Peng H, Zheng L, Qi WY, He J, Guo HB, Gong SK
27 - 32 Phase transition, effective mass and carrier mobility of MoS2 monolayer under tensile strain
Yu S, Xiong HD, Eshun K, Yuan H, Li QL
33 - 38 Atomistic spectrometrics of local bond-electron-energy pertaining to Na and K clusters
Bo ML, Wang Y, Huang YL, Liu YH, Li C, Sun CQ
39 - 44 Enhanced nano-mechanical and wear properties of polycarbosilane derived SiC coating on silicon
Mukherjee J, Ghosh S, Ghosh A, Ranjan A, Saxena AK, Das PK, Banerjee R
45 - 51 Highly sensitive surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates based on Ag decorated Si nanocone arrays and their application in trace dimethyl phthalate detection
Zuo ZW, Zhu K, Ning LX, Cui GL, Qu J, Cheng Y, Wang JZ, Shi Y, Xu DS, Xin Y
52 - 63 Insights into synergistic effect of chromium oxides and ceria supported on Ti-PILC for NO oxidation and their surface species study
Zhong L, Cai W, Yu Y, Zhong Q
64 - 72 Structural and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Zr co-sputtered a-C(:H) amorphous films
Escudeiro A, Figueiredo NM, Polcar T, Cavaleiro A
73 - 78 New type of organic/gold nanohybrid material: Preparation, properties and application in catalysis
Majouga AG, Beloglazkina EK, Manzheliy EA, Denisov DA, Evtushenko EG, Maslakov KI, Golubina EV, Zyk NV
79 - 85 Formation process of micro arc oxidation coatings obtained in a sodium phytate containing solution with and without CaCO3 on binary Mg-1.0Ca alloy
Zhang RF, Zhang YQ, Zhang SF, Qu B, Guo SB, Xiang JH
86 - 90 Photocatalytic carbon-carbon bond formation with concurrent hydrogen evolution on the Pt/TiO2 nanotube
Wang J, Yang PJ, Cao BY, Zhao JH, Zhu ZP
91 - 99 Indium tin oxide with zwitterionic interfacial design for biosensing applications in complex matrices
Darwish NT, Alias Y, Khor SM
100 - 104 Optimized broad band and quasi-omnidirectional anti-reflection properties with moth-eye structures by low cost replica molding
Shen L, Du HW, Yang J, Ma ZQ
105 - 111 VUV treatment combined with mechanical strain of stretchable polymer foils resulting in cell alignment
Barb RA, Magnus B, Innerbichler S, Greunz T, Wiesbauer M, Marksteiner R, Stifter D, Heitz J
112 - 116 Effect of oxygen vacancy on enhanced photocatalytic activity of reduced ZnO nanorod arrays
Wang C, Wu D, Wang PF, Ao YH, Hou J, Qian J
117 - 123 ZnO/Er2O3 core-shell nanorod arrays: Synthesis, properties and growth mechanism
Yang J, Wang YQ, Jiang TT, Li YC, Yang XD
124 - 131 Microscopic and spectroscopic investigation of an explanted opacified intraocular lens
Simon V, Radu T, Vulpoi A, Rosa C, Eniu D
132 - 138 Penetration treatment of plasma spray SUS316L stainless steel coatings by molten MnO-SiO2 oxides
Wang J, Shinozaki N, Zeng ZS, Sakoda N, Fukami N
139 - 144 Nanosecond pulsed laser induced generation of open macro porosity on sintered ZnO pellet surface
Singh AK, Samanta S, Sinha S
145 - 150 Study on morphology of high-aspect-ratio grooves fabricated by using femtosecond laser irradiation and wet etching
Chen T, Pan A, Li CX, Si JH, Hou X
151 - 159 Fabrication of hierarchical structures for stable superhydrophobicity on metallic planar and cylindrical inner surfaces
Hao XQ, Wang L, Lv DH, Wang QD, Li L, He N, Lu BH
160 - 169 Enhanced corrosion protective PANI-PAA/PEI multilayer composite coatings for 316SS by spin coating technique
Syed JA, Lu HB, Tang SC, Meng XK
170 - 174 Formation and optical properties of Ge films grown on Si(111) substrates using nanocontact epitaxy
Tanaka K, Nakamura Y, Yamasaka S, Kikkawa J, Sakai T, Sakai A
175 - 184 Deposition, structure and properties of polyamide-CdSe-CdS composite material using sorption diffusion method
Zaenkiene S, Krylova V, Baltrusaitis J
185 - 191 Ion beam induced chemical and morphological changes in TiO2 films deposited on Si(111) surface by pulsed laser deposition
Mohanta RR, Medicherla VRR, Mohanta KL, Nayak NC, Majumder S, Solanki V, Varma S, Bapna K, Phase DM, Sathe V
192 - 202 Stress-induced martensitic transformation in Ni-Ti(-Cu) interlayers controlling stress distribution in functional coatings during sliding
Callisti M, Polcar T
203 - 210 Influence of pre-heating on the surface modification of powder-metallurgy processed cold-work tool steel during laser surface melting
Sturm R, Stefanikova M, Petrovic DS
211 - 216 High performance of NO oxidation over Ce-Co-Ti catalyst: The interaction between Ce and Co
Shang DH, Zhong Q, Cai W
217 - 226 Laser-induced oxidation of titanium substrate: Analysis of the physicochemical structure of the surface and sub-surface layers
Antonczak AJ, Skowronski L, Trzcinski M, Kinzhybalo VV, Lazarek LK, Abramski KM
227 - 234 Single-site SBA-15 supported zirconium catalysts. Synthesis, characterization and toward cyanosilylation reaction
Xu W, Yu B, Zhang Y, Chen X, Zhang GF, Gao ZW
235 - 241 Changes of structure and electrical conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes film caused by 3 MeV proton irradiation
Yang JQ, Li XJ, Liu CM, Ma GL
242 - 250 Dependence of Raman intensity on the surface coverage of silver nanocubes in SERS active monolayers
Wang L, Sun YJ, Li Z
251 - 257 Plasma effects in aligned carbon nanoflake growth by plasma-enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Wang BB, Zheng K, Cheng QJ, Ostrikov K
258 - 261 Effect of growth pressure on the characteristics of beta-Ga2O3 films grown on GaAs (100) substrates by MOCVD method
Chen YP, Liang HW, Xia XC, Shen RS, Liu Y, Luo YM, Du GT
262 - 262 The poisoning effect of Na and K on Mn/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3: A comparative study (vol 317, pg 111, 2014)
Guo RT, Wang QS, Pan WG, Zhen WL, Chen QL, Ding HL, Yang NZ, Lu CZ