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Applied Surface Science, Vol.324 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 12 A magnetron sputtered microcrystalline beta-NiAl coating for SC superalloys. Part I. Characterization and comparison of isothermal oxidation behavior at 1100 degrees C with a NiCrAlY coating
Hou SJ, Zhu SL, Zhang T, Wang FH
13 - 19 A study on the corrosion and erosion behavior of electroless nickel and TiAlN/ZrN duplex coatings on ductile iron
Lin CK, Hsu CH, Cheng YH, Ou KL, Lee SL
20 - 29 Nano Ag@AgBr surface-sensitized Bi2WO6 photocatalyst: oil-in-water synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic degradation
Lin SL, Liu L, Hu JS, Liang YH, Cui WQ
30 - 34 Effects and mechanisms of RIE on SiC inversion layer mobility and its recovery
Liu G, Xu Y, Xu C, Basile A, Wang F, Dhar S, Conrad E, Mooney P, Gustafsson T, Feldman LC
35 - 43 Amorphous TiO2 doped with carbon for visible light photodegradation of rhodamine B and 4-chlorophenol
Shao PH, Tian JY, Zhao ZW, Shi WX, Gao SS, Cui FY
44 - 52 Surface microstructure and B2 phase structural state induced in NiTi alloy by a high-current pulsed electron beam
Meisner LL, Ostapenko MG, Lotkov AI, Neiman AA
53 - 60 Density functional theory calculations on oxygen adsorption on the Cu2O surfaces
Yu XH, Zhang XM, Tian XX, Wang SG, Feng G
61 - 67 Adsorption and oxidation of SO2 by graphene oxides: A van der Waals density functional theory study
Zhang HJ, Cen WL, Liu J, Guo JX, Yin HQ, Ning P
68 - 75 Cotton fabric finishing with TiO2/SiO2 composite hydrosol based on ionic cross-linking method
Xu ZJ, Tian YL, Liu HL, Du ZQ
76 - 81 Theoretical study of support effect of Au catalyst for glucose oxidation of alkaline fuel cell anode
Ishimoto T, Hamatake Y, Kazuno H, Kishida T, Koyama M
82 - 89 Influence of Ag/TiO2 nanoparticle on the surface hydrophilicity and visible-light response activity of polyvinylidene fluoride membrane
Li JH, Yan BF, Shao XS, Wang SS, Tian HY, Zhang QQ
90 - 98 Study on the pore structure and oxygen-containing functional groups devoting to the hydrophilic force of dewatered lignite
Zhang YL, Jing XX, Jing KG, Chang LP, Bao WR
99 - 105 Particles induced surface nanoroughness of titanium surface and its influence on adhesion of osteoblast-like MG-63 cells
Solar P, Kylian O, Marek A, Vandrovcova M, Bacakova L, Hanus J, Vyskocil J, Slavinska D, Biederman H
106 - 113 Selective leaching and surface properties of Ti50Ni50-xCux(x=0-20 at.%) shape memory alloys for biomedical applications
Chang SH, Chiu WC
114 - 122 Crystalline domains in epitaxial Y(Ni0.5Mn0.5)O-3 thin films grown by PLD on different STO substrates
Coy LE, Rebled J, Ventura J, Yate L, Ferrater C, Langenberg E, Polo MC, Xuriguera E, Peiro F, Varela M
123 - 133 Photoemission surface characterization of (001) In2O3 thin film through the interactions with oxygen, water and carbon monoxide: Comparison with (111) orientation
Brinzari V, Cho BK, Kamei M, Korotcenkov G
134 - 142 Optimisation of wet chemical silane deposition to improve the interfacial strength of stainless steel/epoxy
Ghosh AK, Bertels E, Goderis B, Smet M, Van Hemelrijck D, Van Mele B
143 - 151 Effects of low pressure plasma treatments on DSSCs based on rutile TiO2 array photoanodes
Wang WQ, Chen JZ, Luo JQ, Zhang YZ, Gao L, Liu YQ, Sun J
152 - 159 Investigation of p-type nanocrystalline silicon emitters for silicon heterojunction solar cells
Qiao Z, Xie XJ, Hao QY, Wen D, Xue JM, Liu CC
160 - 167 Nano-mechanical characterization of plasma surface tungstenized layer by depth-sensing nano-indentation measurement
Wu HY, Li Y, Tang X, Hussain G, Zhao HF, Li QF, Adedotun A
168 - 173 Argon plasma treatment on Cu surface for Cu bonding in 3D integration and their characteristics
Park M, Baek S, Kim S, Kim SE
174 - 178 Field emission properties of the graphenated carbon nanotube electrode
Zanin H, Ceragioli HJ, Peterlevitz AC, Baranauskas V, Marciano FR, Lobo AO
179 - 187 Fe/Ti co-pillared clay for enhanced arsenite removal and photo oxidation under UV irradiation
Li Y, Cai XJ, Guo JW, Zhou SM, Na P
188 - 197 Fabrication of hydrophilic S/In2O3 core-shell nanocomposite for enhancement of photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Meng SG, Cao ZS, Fu XL, Chen SF
198 - 204 Protein immobilization onto various surfaces using a polymer-bound isocyanate
Kang HJ, Cha EJ, Park HD
205 - 211 First-principles calculation of W/WC interface: Atomic structure, stability and electronic properties
Jin N, Yang YQ, Luo X, Liu S, Xiao ZY, Guo PF, Huang B
212 - 220 A novel visible light-driven Ag3PO4/SBA-15 nanocomposite: Preparation and application in the photo-degradation of pollutants
Chai YY, Wang L, Ren J, Dai WL
221 - 231 The effect of different extractants on lead desorption from a natural mineral
Dolic MB, Rajakovic-Ognjanovic VN, Markovic JP, Jankovic-Mandic LJ, Mitric MN, Onjia AE, Rajakovic LV
232 - 239 Inhibition efficiency of aminobenzonitrile compounds on steel surface
Sigircik G, Tuken T, Erbil M
240 - 244 Temporal evolution of the chemical structure during the pattern transfer by ion-beam sputtering
Ha NB, Jeong S, Yu S, Ihm HI, Kim JS
245 - 250 Surface-properties relationship in sputtered Ag thin films: Influence of the thickness and the annealing temperature in nitrogen
Guillen C, Herrero J
251 - 257 Deposition of O atomic layers on Si(100) substrates for epitaxial Si-O superlattices: investigation of the surface chemistry
Jayachandran S, Delabie A, Billen A, Dekkers H, Douhard B, Conard T, Meersschaut J, Caymax M, Vandervorst W, Heyns M
258 - 264 Enhanced photoactivity of graphene/titanium dioxide nanotubes for removal of Acetaminophen
Tao H, Liang X, Zhang Q, Chang CT
265 - 274 Direct hydrogenation and one-pot reductive amidation of nitro compounds over Pd/ZnO nanoparticles as a recyclable and heterogeneous catalyst
Hosseini-Sarvari M, Razmi Z
275 - 279 Drastic reduction of RRAM reset current via plasma oxidization of TaOx film
Chen XR, Feng J, Bae D
280 - 285 Scalable fabrication of SnO2 thin films sensitized with CuO islands for enhanced H2S gas sensing performance
Van Toan N, Chien NV, Van Duy N, Vuong DD, Lam NH, Hoa ND, Van Hieu N, Chien ND
286 - 292 Amine-modified ordered mesoporous silica: The effect of pore size on CO2 capture performance
Wang L, Yao ML, Hu X, Hu GS, Lu JQ, Luo MF, Fan MH
293 - 299 Ultralow field emission from thinned, open-ended, and defected carbon nanotubes by using microwave hydrogen plasma processing
Deng JH, Cheng L, Wang FJ, Yu B, Li GZ, Li DJ, Cheng GA
300 - 303 Research on Cs activation mechanism for Ga0.5Al0.5As(001) and GaN(0001) surface
Shen Y, Chen L, Qian YS, Dong YY, Zhang SQ, Wang MS
304 - 309 Comparison of different pathways in metamorphic graded buffers on GaAs substrate: Indium incorporation with surface roughness
Kumar R, Mukhopadhyay P, Bag A, Jana SK, Chakraborty A, Das S, Mahata MK, Biswas D
310 - 318 Surface treatment on amorphous InGaZnO4 thin film for single-stranded DNA biosensing
Sun D, Matsui H, Wu CN, Tabata H
319 - 323 Electrodeposited nanostructured cobalt film and its dual modulation of both superhydrophobic property and adhesiveness
Xiao H, Hu AM, Hang T, Li M
324 - 331 On the heterostructured photocatalysts Ag3VO4/g-C3N4 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Wu SZ, Li K, Zhang WD
332 - 338 Correlation between dynamic wetting behavior and chemical components of thermally modified wood
Wang W, Zhu Y, Cao JZ, Sun WJ
339 - 348 Effect of substrate roughness and working pressure on photocatalyst of N-doped TiOx films prepared by reactive sputtering with air
Lee SH, Yamasue E, Okumura H, Ishihara KN
349 - 354 Facile synthesis of CNC-MnO2 hybrid as a supercapacitor electrode
Su DQ, Pan LJ, Fu X, Ma H
355 - 362 Facile one-pot preparation of goethite/parabutlerite nanocomposites and their removal properties and mechanism toward As(V) ions
Fang F, Jia Y, Wu PY, Zhang QY, Jiang YP, Zhou SS, Peng DY
363 - 368 Ultralow temperature synthesis and improved adsorption performance of graphene oxide nanosheets
Tao XJ, Wang XD, Li ZW, Zhou SM
369 - 379 The effect of SiO2 nanoparticles dispersion on physico-chemical properties of modified Ni-W nanocomposite coatings
Sassi W, Dhouibi L, Bercot P, Rezrazi M
380 - 392 Facile fabrication of hydrophobic surfaces on mechanically alloyed-Mg/HA/TiO2/MgO bionanocomposites
Khalajabadi SZ, Kadir MRA, Izman S, Yusop MZM
393 - 398 Characterization of Ni-P-SiO2 nano-composite coating on magnesium
Sadreddini S, Salehi Z, Rassaie H
399 - 404 Graphene-wrapped sulfur nanospheres with ultra-high sulfur loading for high energy density lithium-sulfur batteries
Liu Y, Guo JX, Zhang J, Su QM, Du GH
405 - 413 Effects of single pulse energy on the properties of ceramic coating prepared by micro-arc oxidation on Ti alloy
Wang JH, Wang J, Lu Y, Du MH, Han FZ
414 - 418 NH4-doped anodic WO3 prepared through anodization and subsequent NH4OH treatment for water splitting
Choi YW, Kim S, Seong M, Yoo H, Choi J
419 - 431 A novel nanocomposite based on TiO2/Cu2O/reduced graphene oxide with enhanced solar-light-driven photocatalytic activity
Almeida BM, Melo MA, Bettini J, Benedetti JE, Nogueira AF
432 - 437 Ni(OH)(2) loaded on TaON for enhancing photocatalytic water splitting activity under visible light irradiation
Chen W, Chu MC, Gao L, Mao LQ, Yuan J, Shangguan WF
438 - 442 Low-temperature synthesis and characterization of helical carbon fibers by one-step chemical vapour deposition
Jin YZ, Chen J, Fu QS, Li BH, Zhang HZ, Gong Y
443 - 454 Friction anisotropy in boronated graphite
Kumar N, Radhika R, Kozakov AT, Pandian R, Chakravarty S, Ravindran TR, Dash S, Tyagi AK
455 - 463 Hydrophobic cotton textile surfaces using an amphiphilic graphene oxide (GO) coating
Tissera ND, Wijesena RN, Perera JR, de Silva KMN, Amaratunge GAJ
464 - 474 Subsurface damage mechanism of high speed grinding process in single crystal silicon revealed by atomistic simulations
Li J, Fang QH, Zhang LC, Liu YW
475 - 481 Electroless nickel plating of arc discharge synthesized carbon nanotubes for metal matrix composites
Jagannatham M, Sankaran S, Prathap H
482 - 489 Effects of Co contents on the microstructures and properties of electrodeposited NiCo-Al composite coatings
Cai F, Jiang CH, Fu P, Ji V
490 - 498 Fabrication of magnetic carbon composites from peanut shells and its application as a heterogeneous Fenton catalyst in removal of methylene blue
Zhou LC, Ma JJ, Zhang H, Shao YM, Li YF
499 - 504 Morphological evolution from a rough to biphased surface on TiO2(100)
Uehara T, Yoshihara M, Ogino T
505 - 511 Structural transformation of Sm3+ doped BiVO4 with high photocatalytic activity under simulated sun-light
Luo YY, Tan GQ, Dong GH, Zhang LL, Huang J, Yang W, Zhao CC, Ren HJ
512 - 516 Interplay between temperature effects and surface recombination process in UV photoresponse of ZnO nanowires
Hong WK, Sohn JI, Cha SN, Kim JM, Welland ME
517 - 524 Super-roughening scaling behaviour of Si surface morphology at grazing incidence low energy ion beam sputtering
Chowdhury D, Ghose D
525 - 531 Studies of drag on the nanocomposite superhydrophobic surfaces
Brassard JD, Sarkar DK, Perrona J
532 - 537 BiOI/TiO2-nanorod array heterojunction solar cell: Growth, charge transport kinetics and photoelectrochemical properties
Wang LY, Daoud WA
538 - 546 Molecular dynamics simulations of the microstructure of the aluminum/alumina interfacial layer
Mei H, Liu QW, Liu LS, Lai X, She WC, Zhai PC
547 - 553 Cesium adsorption on In0.53Ga0.47As (100) beta(2) (2 x 4) surface: A first-principles research
Guo J, Chang BK, Jin MC, Wang HG, Wang MS
554 - 562 Friction stir processed Al-TiO2 surface composites: Anodising behaviour and optical appearance
Gudla VC, Jensen F, Simar A, Shabadi R, Ambata R
563 - 568 Water-collecting behavior of nanostructured surfaces with special wettability
Choo S, Choi HJ, Lee H
569 - 575 CO2 adsorption on modified carbon coated monolith: effect of surface modification by using alkaline solutions
Hosseini S, Marahel E, Bayesti I, Abbasi A, Abdullah LC, Choong TSY
576 - 583 Insights into the superhydrophobicity of metallic surfaces prepared by electrodeposition involving spontaneous adsorption of airborne hydrocarbons
Liu P, Cao L, Zhao W, Xia Y, Huang W, Li Z
584 - 589 Adsorption and dissociation of H2O on Al(111) surface by density functional theory calculation
Guo FY, Long CG, Zhang J, Zhang Z, Liu CH, Yu K
590 - 593 The effect of surface cleaning on quantum efficiency in AlGaN photocathode
Hao GH, Zhang YJ, Jin MC, Feng C, Chen XL, Chang BK
594 - 604 Quantitative morphological and compositional evaluation of laboratory prepared aluminoborosilicate glass surfaces
Gong YX, Wren AW, Mellott NP
605 - 611 Toward a computational and experimental model of a poly-epoxy surface
Duguet T, Bessaguet C, Aufray M, Esvan J, Charvillat C, Vahlas C, Lacaze-Dufaure C
612 - 620 Superhydro-oleophobic bio-inspired polydimethylsiloxane micropillared surface via FDTS coating/blending approaches
Pan ZH, Shahsavan H, Zhang W, Yang FK, Zhao BX
621 - 626 P25 nanoparticles decorated on titania nanotubes arrays as effective drug delivery system for ibuprofen
Wang Z, Xie CL, Luo F, Li P, Xiao XF
627 - 633 Effects of coating spray speed and convective heat transfer on transient thermal stress in thermal barrier coating system during the cooling process of fabrication
Song Y, Lv ZC, Liu YL, Zhuan X, Wang TJ
634 - 639 Selectivity tailoring of Pd/CNTs in phenol hydrogenation by surface modification: Role of C-O oxygen species
Xu TY, Zhang QF, Cen J, Xiang YZ, Li XN
640 - 644 Phosphorene nanoribbons: Passivation effect on bandgap and effective mass
Xu LC, Song XJ, Yang Z, Cao L, Liu RP, Li XY
645 - 651 Visible light photo-catalytic activity of C-PVA/TiO2 composites for degrading rhodamine B
Yang HG, Zhang JL, Song YQ, Xu SB, Jiang L, Dan Y
652 - 661 Fabrication of meso-porous BiOI sensitized zirconia nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic activity under simulated solar light irradiation
Vignesh K, Suganthi A, Min BK, Kang M
662 - 668 Impact of nitrogen depth profiles on the electrical properties of crystalline high-K gate dielectrics
Huang JJ, Tsai YJ, Tsai MC, Huang LT, Lee MH, Chen MJ
669 - 676 Atomic oxygen treatment effects on magnetron sputtered Zr-Ti binary films
Wang WP, Li ZC, Zhang ZJ, Dong SL, Liu Y
677 - 690 A novel method designed for electrodeposition of nanocrystalline Ni coating and its corrosion behaviors in Hank's solution
Zhou XW, Shen YF
691 - 697 Synthesis of Cr,N-codoped titania nanotubes and their visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties
Fan JM, Zhao ZH, Wang JY, Zhu LX
698 - 704 {010}-Oriented micro-flower-like hierarchical Bi2WO6 with high adsorptivity and visible-light-driven photoactivity: experimental studies and first-principles modeling
Wang JW, Li JJ, Zhao NQ, Sha JW, Hao S, Liu EZ, Shi CS, He CN, Wang DF
705 - 709 Band offsets of novel CoTiO3/Ag3VO4 heterojunction measured by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Wangkawong K, Tantraviwat D, Phanichphant S, Inceesungvorn B
710 - 717 Formation of Ag nanowires on graphite stepped surfaces. A DFT study
Ambrusi RE, Garcia SG, Pronsato ME
718 - 724 Preparation of hydrophilic vinyl chloride copolymer hollow fiber membranes with antifouling properties
Rajazadeh S, Sano R, Ishigami T, Kakihana Y, Ohmukai Y, Matsuyama H
725 - 735 Reduced graphene oxide wrapped ZnS-Ag2S ternary composites synthesized via hydrothermal method: Applications in photocatalyst degradation of organic pollutants
Reddy DA, Ma R, Choi MY, Kim TK
736 - 744 Synthesis and characterization of Cu2O/TiO2 photocatalysts for H-2 evolution from aqueous solution with different scavengers
Li YP, Wang BW, Liu SH, Duan XF, Hukey ZY
745 - 750 Adsorption of Cu2+ ions using chitosan-modified magnetic Mn ferrite nanoparticles synthesized by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method
Meng YY, Chen DY, Sun YT, Jiao DL, Zeng DC, Liu ZW
751 - 756 A comparison of corrosion, tribocorrosion and electrochemical impedance properties of pure Ti and Ti6Al4V alloy treated by micro-arc oxidation process
Fazel M, Salimijazi HR, Golozar MA, Jazi MRG
757 - 764 Influence of silica nanospheres on the separation performance of thin film composite poly(piperazine-amide) nanofiltration membranes
Li Q, Wang YH, Song J, Guan YP, Yu H, Pan XH, Wu FY, Zhang M
765 - 774 Fabrication and characterization of nano-HA-45S5 bioglass composite coatings on calcium-phosphate containing micro-arc oxidized CP-Ti substrates
Farnoush H, Muhaffel F, Cimenoglu H
775 - 783 Formation of linked nanostructure-textured mound-shaped microstructures on stainless steel surface via femtosecond laser ablation
Li YQ, Cui ZQ, Wang WX, Lin CS, Tsai HL
784 - 790 Simultaneously functionalization and reduction of graphene oxide containing isocyanate groups
Lin P, Meng LH, Huang YD, Liu L, Fan DP
791 - 796 Structural, optical, and electrical properties of Mo-doped ZnO thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Wu MY, Yu SH, Chen GH, He L, Yang L, Zhang WF
797 - 806 Effect of splat morphology on the microstructure and dielectric properties of plasma sprayed barium titanate films
Pakseresht AH, Rahimipour MR, Vaezi MR, Salehi M
807 - 816 Modification of reduced-charge montmorillonites by a series of Gemini surfactants: Characterization and application in methyl orange removal
Luo ZX, Gao ML, Ye YG, Yang SF
817 - 824 Photocatalytic activity of Pt-TiO2 films supported on hydroxylated fly ash cenospheres under visible light
Wang B, Yang ZW, An H, Zhai JP, Li Q, Cui H
825 - 830 Preparation of stable superamphiphobic surfaces on Ti-6Al-4V substrates by one-step anodization
Sun YW, Wang LL, Gao YZ, Guo DM
831 - 836 Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the initial growth of Ag thin films
Zhu YG, Wang TL
837 - 841 Investigation of the surface composition of electrodeposited black chromium by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Surviliene S, Cesuniene A, Jasulaitiene V, Jureviciute I
842 - 848 Ultrasonic synthesis of fern-like ZnO nanoleaves and their enhanced photocatalytic activity
Ma QL, Xiong R, Zhai BG, Huang YM
849 - 853 Interfacial morphology evolution of a novel room-temperature ultrasonic bonding method based on nanocone arrays
Wang HZ, Ju LL, Guo YK, Mo X, Ma S, Hu AM, Lia M
854 - 863 Fast and highly-efficient removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution by poly(styrenesulfonic acid-co-maleic acid)-sodium-modified magnetic colloidal nanocrystal clusters
Song YB, Lv SN, Cheng CJ, Ni GL, Xie XW, Huang W, Zhao ZG
864 - 870 DFT study of adsorption of picric acid molecule on the surface of single-walled ZnO nanotube; as potential new chemical sensor
Farmanzadeh D, Tabari L
871 - 876 Proton conducting BaCe0.7Zr0.1Y0.2O2.9 thin films by spray deposition for solid oxide fuel cell
Dubal SU, Jamale AP, Bhosale CH, Jadhav LD
877 - 889 Mn substituted cobalt ferrites (CoMnxFe2-xO4 (x=0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0)): As magnetically separable heterogeneous nanocatalyst for the reduction of nitrophenols
Goyal A, Bansal S, Kumar V, Singh J, Singhal S