Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.322 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Environmental stability of solution processed Al-doped ZnO naoparticulate thin films using surface modification technique
Vunnam S, Ankireddy K, Kellar J, Cross W
6 - 14 Non-vacuum electron-beam carburizing and surface hardening of mild steel
Bataev IA, Golkovskii MG, Losinskaya AA, Bataev AA, Popelyukh AI, Hassel T, Golovin DD
15 - 20 Morphological variation of highly porous Ni-Sn foams fabricated by electro-deposition in hydrogen-bubble templates and their performance as pseudo-capacitors
Zhuo K, Jeong MG, Shin MS, Chun WW, Bae JW, Yoo PJ, Chung CH
21 - 27 Reduction of V2O5 thin films deposited by aqueous sol-gel method to VO2(B) and investigation of its photocatalytic activity
Monfort O, Roch T, Satrapinskyy L, Gregor M, Plecenik T, Plecenik A, Plesch G
28 - 34 Freestanding membrane composed of micro-ring array with ultrahigh sidewall aspect ratio for application in lightweight cathode arrays
Wang LL, Liu HZ, Jiang WT, Gao W, Chen BD, Li X, Ding YC, An NL
35 - 40 Photocatalytic efficiency of reusable ZnO thin films deposited by sputtering technique
Ahumada-Lazo R, Torres-Martinez LM, Ruiz-Gomez MA, Vega-Becerra OE, Figueroa-Torres MZ
41 - 46 In vitro biocompatibility response of Ti-Zr-Si thin film metallic glasses
Ke JL, Huang CH, Chen YH, Tsai WY, Wei TY, Huang JC
47 - 56 Corrosion behaviour of 316L stainless steel and anti-corrosion materials in a high acidified chloride solution
Jin ZH, Ge HH, Lin WW, Zong YW, Liu SJ, Shi JM
57 - 63 Replication of rose petal surfaces using a nickel electroforming process and UV nanoimprint lithography
Ryu SW, Choo S, Choi HJ, Kim CH, Lee H
64 - 70 Surface properties of fluoroethylene carbonate-derived solid electrolyte interface on graphite negative electrode by narrow-range cycling in cell formation process
Lee SH
71 - 77 Rod-shaped hydroxyapatite with mesoporous structure as drug carriers for proteins
Zhang WD, Chai YM, Xu XH, Wang YL, Cao NN
78 - 84 Dissolution behaviour of model basalt fibres studied by surface analysis methods
Forster T, Scheffler C, Mader E, Heinrich G, Jesson DA, Watts JF
85 - 94 Chemical and microstructural transformations in lithium iron phosphate battery electrodes following pulsed laser exposure
Lutey AHA, Fiorini M, Fortunato A, Ascari A
95 - 100 Piezoelectric nanogenerator based on a flexible carbon-fiber/ZnO-ZnSe bilayer structure wire
Liu CL, Zhang WG, Sun JB, Wen J, Yang Q, Cuo HX, Ma XZ, Zhang MY
101 - 110 Structure and properties of PVDF membrane with PES-C addition via thermally induced phase separation process
Wu LS, Sun JF
111 - 115 Thermal stability and surface behaviors of CeO2/Si films during in-situ vacuum annealing
Luo LZ, Chen J, Wang XL
116 - 125 Local multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis for non-stationary image's texture segmentation
Wang F, Li ZS, Li JW
126 - 135 Tuning the grade of graphene: Gamma ray irradiation of free-standing graphene oxide films in gaseous phase
Dumee LF, Feng CF, He L, Allioux FM, Yi ZF, Gao WM, Banos C, Davies JB, Kong LX
136 - 142 Improve the surface-enhanced Raman scattering from rhodamine 6G adsorbed gold nanostars with vimineous branches
Zhu J, Gao J, Li JJ, Zhao JW
143 - 146 Exploration of thermal stability of Ag(Al) films in air by evolutions of surface morphology and optic-electric properties
Lv J
147 - 154 Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of ceria with solid and hollow spherical and multilayered morphologies
He L, Li JP, Feng ZH, Sun DF, Wang TY, Li RX, Xu YH
155 - 161 Water dispersible, non-cytotoxic, cross-linked luminescent AIE dots: Facile preparation and bioimaging applications
Liu MY, Zhang XQ, Yang B, Deng FJ, Li Z, Wei JC, Zhang XY, Wei Y
162 - 168 Functionalized hybrid nanofibers to mimic native ECM for tissue engineering applications
Karuppuswamy P, Venugopal JR, Navaneethan B, Laiva AL, Sridhar S, Ramakrishna S
169 - 176 Surface modification of yttria stabilized zirconia via polydopamine inspired coating for hydroxyapatite biomineralization
Zain NM, Hussain R, Kadir MRA
177 - 184 Composition-controlled optical properties of colloidal CdSe quantum dots
Ayele DW, Su WN, Chou HL, Pan CJ, Hwang BJ
185 - 193 Influence of surface defects on the tensile strength of carbon fibers
Vautard F, Dentzer J, Nardin M, Schultz J, Defoort B
194 - 201 Sorption of Cd2+ on mercapto and amino functionalized palygorskite
Liang XF, Han J, Xu YM, Wang L, Sun YB, Tan X
202 - 208 Molecular layer deposition of APTES on silicon nanowire biosensors: Surface characterization, stability and pH response
Liang YC, Huang J, Zang PY, Kim JY, Hu W
209 - 214 Characterisation of coloured TiOx/Ti/glass systems
Skowronski L, Trzcinski M, Antonczak AJ, Domanowski P, Kustra M, Wachowiak W, Naparty MK, Hiller T, Bukaluk A, Wronkowska AA
215 - 224 Synthesis of visible light driven ZnO: Characterization and photocatalytic performance
Raza W, Haque MM, Muneer M
225 - 229 Determination of Schottky barrier heights and Fermi-level unpinning at the graphene/n-type Si interfaces by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Kelvin probe
Lin YJ, Zeng JJ
230 - 235 The n-MAO/EPD bio-ceramic composite coating fabricated on ZK60 magnesium alloy using combined micro-arc oxidation with electrophoretic deposition
Xiong Y, Lu C, Wang C, Song RG
236 - 241 A comparative study of nitrogen plasma effect on field emission characteristics of single wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Kumar A, Parveen S, Husain S, Ali J, Zulfequar M, Harsh, Husain M
242 - 248 Molecular organization in the thin films of gallium(III) phthalocyanine chloride and its mu-(oxo) dimer: Optical spectroscopy and XPS study
Basova TV, Kiselev VG, Latteyer F, Peisert H, Chasse T
249 - 254 A g-C3N4/Bi2O2CO3 composite with high visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity for rhodamine B degradation
Tian N, Huang HW, Guo YX, He Y, Zhang YH
255 - 264 Magnetic properties of novel superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoclusters and their peculiarity under annealing treatment
Tadic M, Kralj S, Jagodic M, Hanzel D, Makovec D
265 - 271 Preparation of titania nanotube-Cd0.65Zn0.35S nanocomposite by a hydrothermal sulfuration method for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production
Li J, Wu LP, Long LZ, Xi M, Li XJ