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Applied Surface Science, Vol.321 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Interlaminar improvement of carbon fiber/epoxy composites via depositing mixture of carbon nanotubes and sizing agent
Fang CQ, Wang JL, Zhang T
10 - 18 Facile fabrication of highly efficient AgI/ZnO heterojunction and its application of methylene blue and rhodamine B solutions degradation under natural sunlight
Wang XJ, Wan XL, Xu XN, Chen XN
19 - 23 Plastic deformation characteristics of Cu/X (X=Cu-Zr, Zr) nanolayered materials
Zhang JY, Wang YQ, Liu G, Sun J
24 - 29 Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of 3-D growth of NiTi alloy thin films
Zhu YG, Pan X
30 - 37 A first-principles study of Hg adsorption on Pd(111) and Pd/gamma-Al2O3(110) surfaces
Geng L, Han LN, Cen WL, Wang JC, Chang LP, Kong DJ, Feng G
38 - 42 Hydrothermal synthesis of zirconium dioxide coating on the surface of wood with improved UV resistance
Wan CC, Lu Y, Sun QF, Li J
43 - 49 Synthesis and characterization of recyclable clusters of magnetic nanoparticles as doxorubicin carriers for cancer therapy
Wu J, Wang YJ, Jiang W, Xu SS, Tian RB
50 - 54 The investigation of interface properties of FeCo/Bepp2 heterostructures
Li D, Han XM, Wang Z, Li Y, Guo XB, Zuo YL, Xi L
55 - 60 Determination of the valence band structure of an alkali phosphorus oxynitride glass: A synchrotron XPS study on LiPON
Schwobel A, Precht R, Motzko M, Solano MAC, Calvet W, Hausbrand R, Jaegermann W
61 - 69 Surfactant-assisted ultrasonic spray pyrolysis of nickel oxide and lithium-doped nickel oxide thin films, toward electrochromic applications
Denayer J, Bister G, Simonis P, Colson P, Maho A, Aubry P, Vertruyen B, Henrist C, Lardot V, Cambier F, Cloots R
70 - 79 Diameter control of single wall carbon nanotubes synthesized using chemical vapor deposition
Roy S, Bajpai R, Soin N, Roy SS, McLaughlin JA, Misra DS
80 - 85 MEIS, TEM and GISAXS investigation of buried Pb nanoislands in SiO2/Si interface
Sanchez DF, Rodrigues F, Luce FP, Fabrim ZE, Azevedo GD, Kellermann G, Baptista DL, Grande PL, Fichtner PFP
86 - 93 Solvothermal synthesis of TiO2 hollow nanospheres utilizing the Kirkendall effect and their photocatalytic activities
Chen SF, Wang HQ, Zhu LJ, Li JF, Sun JF
94 - 97 XPS analysis for cubic boron nitride crystal synthesized under high pressure and high temperature using Li3N as catalysis
Guo XF, Xu B, Zhang W, Cai ZC, Wen ZX
98 - 102 Structural-crossover-induced optical band gap variation of Hf-doped ZnO films
Bae JS, Jeong YE, Park S
103 - 108 Surface modification and characterization of aramid fibers with hybrid coating
Chen JR, Zhu YF, Ni QQ, Fu YQ, Fu X
109 - 115 Effect of heat treatment temperature on the electrochemical properties of SnSb-based Cu electrodes for lithium batteries
Jiang QL, Hu DZ, Jia MQ, Xue RS
116 - 125 Grafting thermosensitive PNIPAM onto the surface of carbon spheres
Guo XM, Du ZF, Song MN, Qiu L, Shen YH, Yang YZ, Liu XG
126 - 135 Magnetic solid phase extraction of brominated flame retardants and pentachlorophenol from environmental waters with carbon doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Yang J, Li JY, Qiao JQ, Cui SH, Lian HZ, Chen HY
136 - 143 Plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles supported on Y-zeolite in the presence of various co-cations
Smolentseva E, Lopez-Bastidas C, Petranovskii V, Machorro R
144 - 149 A facile approach to pure-phase Bi2Fe4O9 nanoparticles sensitive to visible light
Wang X, Zhang M, Tian P, Chin WS, Zhang CM
150 - 157 Effect of adding aluminum ion on the structural, optical, electrical and magnetic properties of terbium doped yttrium iron garnet nanoparticles films prepared by sol-gel method
Aldbea FW, Ibrahim NB, Yahya M
158 - 165 Removal of water contaminants by nanoscale zero-valent iron immobilized in PAN-based oxidized membrane
Liu CY, Li X, Ma BM, Qin AW, He CJ
166 - 172 Fabrication and characterization of superhydrophobic surfaces on aluminum alloy substrates
Lv FY, Zhang P
173 - 178 Laser-induced nanostructures on a polymer irradiated through a contact mask
Nedela O, Slepicka P, Maly J, Stofik M, Svorcik V
179 - 187 The electroplated Pd-Co alloy film on 316L stainless steel and the corrosion resistance in boiling acetic acid and formic acid mixture with stirring
Li SR, Zuo Y, Tang YM, Zhao XH
188 - 196 Antibacterial drugs as corrosion inhibitors for bronze surfaces in acidic solutions
Rotaru I, Varvara S, Gaina L, Muresan LM
197 - 204 Laser-assisted synthesis, and structural and thermal properties of ZnS nanoparticles stabilised in polyvinylpyrrolidone
Onwudiwe DC, Kruger TPJ, Jordaan A, Strydom CA
205 - 213 Imaging, spectroscopic, mechanical and biocompatibility studies of electrospun Tecoflex (R) EG 80A nanofibers and composites thereof containing multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Macossay J, Sheikh FA, Cantu T, Eubanks TM, Salinas ME, Farhangi CS, Ahmad H, Hassan MS, Khil MS, Maffi SK, Kim H, Bowlin GL
214 - 218 Atomic layer deposition of CeO2/HfO2 gate dielectrics on Ge substrate
Maeng WJ, Oh IK, Kim WH, Kim MK, Lee CW, Lansalot-Matras C, Thompson D, Chu S, Kim H
219 - 225 Modeling of interfacial bonding between two nanofillers (montmorillonite and CaCO3) and a polymer matrix (PP) in a ternary polymer nanocomposite
Zare Y, Garmabi H
226 - 232 A facile synthesis of nanorods of ZnO/graphene oxide composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Qin JQ, Zhang XY, Xue YN, Kittiwattanothai N, Kongsittikul P, Rodthongkum N, Limpanart S, Ma MZ, Liu RP
233 - 239 Morphological evolution and growth mechanism of hierarchical structure of PbTe films grown by off-axis magnetron co-sputtering
Si JX, Zhao J, Ding GC, Wu HF
240 - 244 Tin surface segregation, desorption, and island formation during post-growth annealing of strained epitaxial Ge1-xSnx layer on Ge(001) substrate
Wang W, Li LZ, Zhou Q, Pan JS, Zhang Z, Tok ES, Yeo YC
245 - 251 The investigation of the C-Si interface structure in diamond/Si nano-composite films with first principle method
Liu XJ, Yin YJ, Ren Y, Wei H
252 - 260 Improvement of localised corrosion resistance of AISI 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel joints made by gas metal arc welding under electromagnetic interaction of low intensity
Garcia-Renteria MA, Lopez-Morelos VH, Garcia-Hernandez R, Dzib-Perez L, Garcia-Ochoa EM, Gonzalez-Sanchez J
261 - 267 Colour and chemical changes of the lime wood surface due to CO2 laser thermal modification
Kubovsky I, Kacik F
268 - 274 Evolution of the microstructure and oxidation resistance in co-sputtered Zr-Y-N coatings
Wu ZT, Qi ZB, Zhang DF, Wang ZC
275 - 282 Immobilized nickel hexacyanoferrate on activated carbons for efficient attenuation of radio toxic Cs(I) from aqueous solutions
Lalhmunsiama, Lalhriatpuia C, Tiwari D, Lee SM
283 - 288 Determination of the band alignment of multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with cadmium sulfide
Silva MFO, Paniago RM, Miquita DR, Pinheiro CB, Ladeira LO, Ferlauto AS, Rodrigues WN
289 - 301 Micromachining of polyurethane (PU) polymer using a KrF excimer laser (248 nm)
Singh S, Sharma S
302 - 309 Molecular dynamics investigation of the effect of copper nanoparticle on the solid contact between friction surfaces
Hu CZ, Bai ML, Lv JZ, Liu H, Li XJ
310 - 317 Enhancing the photocatalytic efficiency of sprayed ZnO thin films through double doping (Sn plus F) and annealing under different ambiences
Ravichandran K, Mohan R, Sakthivel B, Varadharajaperumal S, Devendran P, Alagesan T, Pandian K
318 - 330 Effect of ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification on surface and fatigue properties of quenching and tempering S45C steel
Wu B, Zhang JX, Zhang LJ, Pyoun YS, Murakami R
331 - 338 Anisotropic adsorption of oleate on diaspore and kaolinite crystals: Implications for their flotation separation
Xu LH, Hu YH, Dong FQ, Gao ZY, Wu HQ, Wang Z
339 - 347 A cluster DFT study of NH3 and NO adsorption on the( MoO2)(2+)/HZSM-5 surface: Lewis versus Bronsted acid sites
Yan ZF, Zuo ZJ, Li Z, Zhang JS
348 - 352 Spectroscopic investigation of plasma electrolytic borocarburizing on q235 low-carbon steel
Liu R, Wang B, Wu J, Xue WB, Jin XY, Du JC, Hua M
353 - 357 Laser sintering of Cu-Zr-ZrB2 composite
Stasic J, Trtica M, Rajkovic V, Ruzic J, Bozic D
358 - 363 Identification of the c(10 x 6)-CN/Cu(001) surface structure
Shuttleworth IG
364 - 370 Growth behavior of anodic oxide formed by aluminum anodizing in glutaric and its derivative acid electrolytes
Nakajima D, Kikuchi T, Natsui S, Suzuki RO
371 - 377 Self-recovery of worn surface of TiNi shape memory alloy
Tang GH, Zhang DY, Zhang JF, Lin P, Dong GN
378 - 386 Effects of surface treatment with coupling agents of PVDF-HFP fibers on the improvement of the adhesion characteristics on PDMS
Kwon OM, See SJ, Kim SS, Hwang HY
387 - 395 Effect of rare earth oxide on the properties of laser cladding layer and machining vibration suppressing in side milling
Zhao YH, Sun J, Li JF
396 - 403 Preparation and characterization of Ag-doped TiO2 nanomaterials and their photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) under visible light
Lei XF, Xue XX, Yang H
404 - 411 Enhanced photo-electrochemical performances of graphene-based composite functionalized by Zn2+ tetraphenylporphyrin
Zhang ZQ, Zhu JW, Han QF, Cui H, Bi HP, Wang X
412 - 419 Effect of alkali and heat treatments for bioactivity of TiO2 nanotubes
Kim SY, Kim YK, Park IS, Jin GC, Bae TS, Lee MH
420 - 425 Experimental study on the surface characteristics of Pd-based bulk metallic glass
Zhang X, Sun BL, Zhao N, Li Q, Hou JH, Feng WN
426 - 431 In situ FTIR investigation of acetic acid electrooxidation on carbon supported Pt-Sn based trimetallic catalysts: Influence of the nature of the third metal
Beyhan S, Leger JM, Kadirgan F
432 - 438 Protein arrangement on modified diamond-like carbon surfaces - An ARXPS study
Oosterbeek RN, Seal CK, Hyland MM
439 - 446 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performances of Ag3PO4 surface-modified with small amounts of TiO2 and Ag
Wang DS, Li L, Luo QZ, An J, Li XY, Yin R, Zhao MM
447 - 456 Visible and UV functionality of TiO2 ternary nanocomposites on cotton
Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Sun L, Wang XG
457 - 463 Optical properties and structure of the TiN-nitrogen-doped TiO2 nanocomposite
Buha J
464 - 468 The identification of defect structures for oxygen pressure dependent VO2 crystal films
Fan SJ, Fan LL, Li Q, Liu JD, Ye BJ
469 - 474 Water repellency of hierarchical superhydrophobic Ti6Al4V surfaces improved by secondary nanostructures
Shen YZ, Tao HJ, Chen SL, Xie YJ, Zhou T, Wang T, Tao J
475 - 480 Characterization of aluminum nanopowders after long-term storage
Nazarenko OB, Amelkovich YA, Sechin AI
481 - 487 TiO2 modified with Ag nanoparticles synthesized via ultrasonic atomization-UV reduction and the use of kinetic models to determine the acetic acid photocatalytic degradation
Xu YC, You H
488 - 494 Optical property and visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity of inverse spinel LiNiVO4 nanoparticles prepared by Pechini method
Qiao XB, Huang YL, Seo HJ
495 - 502 Investigation of the shape transferability of nanoscale multi-tip diamond tools in the diamond turning of nanostructures
Luo XC, Tong Z, Liang YC
503 - 510 Oriented gold ripple-like structures on poly-L-lactic acid
Jurik P, Slepicka P, Mistrik J, Janicek P, Rimpelova S, Kolska Z, Svorcik V
511 - 519 Structural and mechanical characterization of Al/Al2O3 nanotube thin film on TiV alloy
Sarraf M, Zalnezhad E, Bushroa AR, Hamouda AMS, Baradaran S, Nasiri-Tabrizi B, Rafieerad AR
520 - 524 Low temperature processed InGaZnO thin film transistor using the combination of hydrogen irradiation and annealing
Park HW, Choi MJ, Jo Y, Chung KB
525 - 530 Ultrahigh thermoelectricity of atomically thick Bi2Se3 single layers: A computational study
Guo DL, Hu CG
531 - 537 Preparation and photoelectric property of TiO2 nanoparticles with controllable phase junctions
Wang HM, Tan X, Yu T
538 - 547 Splat formation during plasma spraying for 8 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia droplets impacting on stainless steel substrate
Wei P, Wei ZY, Li SL, Tan C, Du J
548 - 553 Formation of island arrays by melting of Bi, Pb and Sn continuous films on Si substrate
Kryshtal AP
554 - 559 Large enhancement of magnetoresistance in NiFe film with MgO layers sandwiched after annealing
Zhao ZD, Li MH, Zhao CJ, Yang G, Zhang JY, Jiang SL, Zhao YC, Cui XP, Yu GH
560 - 565 Femtosecond laser surface structuring and oxidation of chromium thin coatings: Black chromium
Kotsedi L, Nuru ZY, Mthunzi P, Muller TFG, Eaton SM, Julies B, Manikandan E, Ramponi R, Maaza M