Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.318 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 NANOTR9: 9th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference
Turan R, Demir U, Gulseren O, Varga K
2 - 5 ZnO thin film synthesis by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Senay V, Pat S, Korkmaz S, Aydogmus T, Elmas S, Ozen S, Ekem N, Balbag MZ
6 - 9 Piezoelectric properties of the new generation active matrix hybrid (micro-nano) composites
Parali L, Sabikoglu I, Kurbanov MA
10 - 14 Effect of incorporating carbon nanotubes into electrolyte on surface morphology of micro arc oxidized Cp-Ti
Yazici SK, Muhaffel F, Baydogan M
15 - 23 Structural and corrosion protection properties of electrochemically deposited nano-sized Zn-Ni alloy coatings
Tozar A, Karahan IH
24 - 27 Electrochromism of DC magnetron-sputtered TiO2: Role of film thickness
Sorar I, Pehlivan E, Niklasson GA, Granqvist CG
28 - 31 Phonon frequency variations in high quality InAs1-xSbx epilayers grown on GaAs
Erkus M, Serincan U
32 - 36 Construction of 3-dimensional ZnO-nanoflower structures for high quantum and photocurrent efficiency in dye sensitized solar cell
Kilic B, Gunes T, Besirli I, Sezginer M, Tuzemen S
37 - 42 Boron nitride-MWCNT/epoxy hybrid nanocomposites: Preparation and mechanical properties
Ulus H, Ustun T, Eskizeybek V, Sahin OS, Avci A, Ekrem M
43 - 50 A feasibility study for controlling self-organized production of plasmonic enhancement interfaces for solar cells
Borra MZ, Gullu SK, Es F, Demircioglu O, Gunoven M, Turan R, Bek A
51 - 58 Functional bisimide dyes bound via electrostatic interactions to oxide nanostructures generated by AFM lithography
Baumgartel T, Rehm S, Wurthner F, von Borczyskowski C, Graaf H
59 - 64 Investigation of thermal properties of PUF/clay nanocomposites
Dogar C, Gurses A, Karaca S, Koktepe S, Mindivan F, Gunes K
65 - 73 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO/CuInS2 nanocomposite and investigation of their photocatalytic properties under visible light irradiation
Fakhri H, Mahjoub AR, Khavar AHC
74 - 78 Electrical characterization of graphene oxide and organic dielectric layers based on thin film transistor
Karteri I, Karatas S, Yakuphanoglu F
79 - 84 The investigation of electrokinetic behaviour of micro-particles produced by CTA(+) ions and Na-montmorillonite
Gurses A, Gunes K, Mindivan F, Korucu ME, Acikyildiz M, Dogar C
85 - 89 Theoretical estimation of the critical packing parameter of amphiphilic self-assembled aggregates
Khalil RA, Zarari AHA
90 - 94 A mathematical method for XRD pattern interpretation in clay containing nano composites
Khederlou K, Bagheri R, Shojaei A
95 - 99 Zero-bias offsets in I-V characteristics of the staircase type quantum well infrared photodetectors
Nutku F, Erol A, Arikan MC, Ergun Y
100 - 104 Effect of Cu concentration on the formation of Cu1-x Zn-x shape memory alloy thin films
Karahan IH, Ozdemir R
105 - 107 Hopping conduction in In-doped CuO thin films
Yildiz A, Horzum S, Serin N, Serin T
108 - 112 Photodetectors with armchair graphene nanoribbons and asymmetric source and drain contacts
Ostovari F, Moravvej-Farshi MK
113 - 115 Compositional dependence of Raman-active mode frequencies and line widths in TlInS2xSe2(1-x) mixed crystals
Guler I, Gasanly NM
116 - 120 Effect of Au on the crystallization of germanium thin films by electron-beam evaporation
Eygi ZD, Kulakci M, Turan R
121 - 126 The degradation of Direct Blue 71 by sono, photo and sonophotocatalytic oxidation in the presence of ZnO nanocatalyst
Ertugay N, Acar FN
127 - 131 Nanofabrication and characterization of PVA-organofiller/Ag nanocoatings on pMAD plasmids
Erdonmez D, Mosayyebi S, Erkan K, Salimi K, Nagizade N, Saglam N, Rzayev ZMO
132 - 136 Photocatalytic degradation of textile dyestuffs using TiO2 nanotubes prepared by sonoelectrochemical method
Tekin D
137 - 141 Analysis of amplitude modulation atomic force microscopy in aqueous salt solutions
Karayaylali P, Baykara MZ
142 - 149 TiO2-Al2O3 binary mixed oxide surfaces for photocatalytic NOx abatement
Soylu AM, Polat M, Erdogan DA, Say Z, Yildirim C, Birer O, Ozensoy E
150 - 156 Synthesis and characterization of nano-V2O5 by flame spray pyrolysis, and its cathodic performance in Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Sel S, Duygulu O, Kadiroglu U, Machin NE
157 - 163 Structural and electrical properties of nitrogen-doped ZnO thin films
Tuzemen ES, Kara K, Elagoz S, Takci DK, Altuntas I, Esen R
164 - 167 Investigation of the properties of In doped NiO films
Kerli S, Alver U, Yaykasli H
168 - 175 Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of biodegradable conducting polypyrrole-graft-chitosan copolymer
Cabuk M, Alan Y, Yavuz M, Unal HI
176 - 179 CO2 permeation through poly(amide-6-b-ethylene oxide)-nanosilica membranes
Lovineh SG, Asghari M, Khanbabaei G
180 - 190 Tribological and mechanical properties of Ti/TiAlN/TiAlCN nanoscale multilayer PVD coatings deposited on AISI H11 hot work tool steel
AL-Bukhaiti MA, Al-hatab KA, Tillmann W, Hoffmann F, Sprute T
191 - 198 Facile synthesis of "green" gold nanocrystals using cynarin in an aqueous solution
Katircioglu Z, Sakalak H, Ulasan M, Goren AC, Yavuz MS
199 - 205 Impact of incorporated oxygen quantity on optical, structural and dielectric properties of reactive magnetron sputter grown high-kappa HfO2/Hf/Si thin film
Cantas A, Aygun G, Turan R
206 - 212 Preparation of PbS and PbO nanopowders from new Pb(II)(saccharine) coordination polymers
Aslani A, Musevi SJ, Sahin E, Yilmaz VT
213 - 217 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of LaMnO3 nanoparticles
Shaterian M, Enhessari M, Rabbani D, Asghari M, Salavati-Niasari M
218 - 222 Effect of polyethyleneglycol on CH4 permeation through poly(amide-b-ethylene oxide)-based nanocomposite membranes
Asghari M, Mahmudi A, Zargar V, Khanbabaei G
223 - 226 Pt nanoparticles over PEDOT/carbon composites prepared by supercritical carbon dioxide deposition
Bozkurt G, Memioglu F, Bayrakceken A
227 - 233 Effect of tri-sodium citrate concentration on structural, optical and electrical properties of chemically deposited tin sulfide films
Gode F, Guneri E, Baglayan O
234 - 243 Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotube reinforced magnesium matrix composites
Mindivan H, Efe A, Kosatepe AH, Kayali ES
244 - 250 Synthesis and characterization of CuO at nanoscale
Bozkurt G, Bayrakceken A, Ozer AK
251 - 255 Phase diagram of tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide (TTAB) plus water plus octanol system with application of mechanical deformation
Yavuz AE, Masalci O, Kazanci N
256 - 261 Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of Si nanocrystals embedded in a SiOx matrix: Modeling and optical characterization
Ilday S, Nogay G, Turan R
262 - 268 Different copolymer films on ZnFeCo particles: Synthesis and anticorrosion properties
Ozyilmaz AT, Avsar B, Ozyilmaz G, Karahan IH, Camurcu T, Colak F
269 - 274 TiO2 nanocomposites: Preparation, characterization, mechanical and biological properties
Kosarsoy G, Sen EH, Aksoz N, Ide S, Aksoy H
275 - 279 Cyclic oxidation kinetics and oxide scale morphologies developed on alloy 617
Al-Hatab KA, Al-Bukhaiti MA, Krupp U
280 - 284 Double Gaussian distribution of barrier height for FeCrNiC alloy Schottky contacts on p-Si substrates
Bestas AN, Yazici S, Aktas F, Abay B
285 - 289 Modification of the surface plasmon enhanced optical forces on metal nanorod pairs by axial rotation and by dielectric intralayer
Yalcin AU, Mustecaplioglu OE, Guven K
290 - 296 Fabrication and characterization of conductive anodic aluminum oxide substrates
Altuntas S, Buyukserin F
297 - 304 A comparative study of Fe3O4 nanoparticles modified with different silane compounds
Dincer CA, Yildiz N, Aydogan N, Calimli A
305 - 308 Use of n-type semiconductor silicon as substrate material for electrodeposition of Zn1-xFex alloy thin films
Ilimbey I, Yurdal K, Bakkaloglu OF, Karahan IH, Bedir M
309 - 313 Co doping induced structural and optical properties of sol-gel prepared ZnO thin films
Gungor E, Gungor T, Caliskan D, Ceylan A, Ozbay E
314 - 318 Electrodeposition and properties of Zn, Cu, and Cu1-x Zn-x thin films
Ozdemir R, Karahan IH
319 - 323 Improvement of physical properties of ZnO thin films by tellurium doping
Sonmezoglu S, Akman E
324 - 333 Charactrization of a Li-ion battery based stand-alone a-Si photovoltaic system
Vishkasougheh MH, Tunaboylu B
334 - 340 LPG sensing characteristics of electrospray deposited SnO2 nanoparticles
Gurbuz M, Gunkaya G, Dogan A