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Applied Surface Science, Vol.317 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Thermal stability study of Cr/Au contact formed on n-type Ga-polar GaN, N-polar GaN, and wet-etched N-polar GaN surfaces
Choi Y, Kim Y, Ahn KS, Kim H
6 - 10 Evolution of plasticity in nanometric cutting of Fe single crystals
Gao Y, Urbassek HM
11 - 18 The oxidization behavior and mechanical properties of ultrananocrystalline diamond films at high temperature annealing
Huang K, Hu XJ, Xu H, Shen YG, Khomich A
19 - 25 Nanostructured ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel spin-coating
Heredia E, Bojorge C, Casanova J, Canepa H, Craievich A, Kellermann G
26 - 34 Adsorption kinetics of NO on ordered mesoporous carbon (OMC) and cerium-containing OMC (Ce-OMC)
Chen JH, Cao FF, Chen SZ, Ni MJ, Gao X, Cen KF
35 - 42 Synthesis of organic rectorite with novel Gemini surfactants for copper removal
Han GC, Han Y, Wang XY, Liu SJ, Sun RC
43 - 48 One-dimensional mesoporous Fe2O3@TiO2 core-shell nanocomposites: Rational design, synthesis and application as high-performance photocatalyst in visible and UV light region
Zhang X, Xie YP, Chen HX, Guo JX, Meng AL, Li CF
49 - 55 Synthesis of silver nanoparticles on surface-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes by ultraviolet initiated photo-reduction method
Lei YH, Gao GH, Liu WC, Liu T, Yin YS
56 - 66 Long-term antibiotic delivery by chitosan-based composite coatings with bone regenerative potential
Ordikhani F, Simchi A
67 - 72 Removal of brownish-black tarnish on silver-copper alloy objects with sodium glycinate
de Figueiredo JCD, Asevedo SS, Barbosa JHR
73 - 83 Surface and bulk characterization of an ultrafine South African coal fly ash with reference to polymer applications
van der Merwe EM, Prinsloo LC, Mathebula CL, Swart HC, Coetsee E, Doucet FJ
84 - 89 Graphite coated with manganese oxide/multiwall carbon nanotubes composites as anodes in marine benthic microbial fuel cells
Fu YB, Yu J, Zhang YL, Meng Y
90 - 97 Influence of chitosan-PEG binary template on the crystallite characteristics of sol-gel synthesized mesoporous nano-titania photocatalyst
Preethi T, Abarna B, Rajarajeswari GR
98 - 102 Spatially selective Er/Yb-doped CaF2 crystal formation by CO2 laser exposure
Kim DS, Lee JH, Lim KS
103 - 110 Surface properties and hydrophobic recovery of polymers treated by atmospheric-pressure plasma
Borcia C, Punga IL, Borcia G
111 - 116 The poisoning effect of Na and K on Mn/TiO2 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3: A comparative study
Guo RT, Wang QS, Pan WG, Zhen WL, Chen QL, Ding HL, Yang NZ, Lu CZ
117 - 124 Hydrogen gas sensing feature of polyaniline/titania (rutile) nanocomposite at environmental conditions
Moghaddam HM, Nasirian S
125 - 130 The effects of cold rolling temperature on corrosion resistance of pure iron
Lv JL, Luo HY
131 - 139 Chemical, mechanical and antibacterial properties of silver nanocluster/silica composite coated textiles for safety systems and aerospace applications
Ferraris S, Perero S, Miola M, Verne E, Rosiello A, Ferrazzo V, Valletta G, Sanchez J, Ohrlander M, Tjornhammar S, Fokine M, Laurell F, Blomberg E, Skoglund S, Wallinder IO, Ferraris M
140 - 146 Wetting of polycrystalline SiC by molten Al and Al-Si alloys
Cong XS, Shen P, Wang Y, Jiang QC
147 - 153 Preparation of silane-functionalized silica films via two-step dip coating sol-gel and evaluation of their superhydrophobic properties
Ramezani M, Vaezi MR, Kazemzadeh A
154 - 159 Impact of annealing on the electrodeposited WS2 thin films: Enhanced photodegradation of coupled semiconductor
Jana S, Bera P, Chakraborty B, Mitra BC, Mondal A
160 - 166 Sol-gel preparation and characterization of SiO2 coated VO2 films with enhanced transmittance and high thermochromic performance
Li DZ, Shan YK, Huang FQ, Ding SJ
167 - 171 Investigation of the particle size distribution of the ejected material generated during the single femtosecond laser pulse ablation of aluminium
Wu H, Zhang N, Zhu XN
172 - 180 Fabrication, ultra-structure characterization and in vitro studies of RF magnetron sputter deposited nano-hydroxyapatite thin films for biomedical applications
Surmeneva MA, Surmenev RA, Nikonova YA, Selezneva II, Ivanova AA, Putlyaev VI, Prymak O, Epple M
181 - 187 1,10-Phenanthroline as an accelerator for Ag nanoparticle-catalysed electroless copper deposition
Liu CR, Chou NK, Li CH, Chen HR, Lee CL
188 - 197 Comparison of interface mechanics characteristics of DLC coating deposited on bearing steel and ceramics
Nie CY, Zheng DZ, Gu L, Zhao XL, Wang LQ
198 - 209 Role of electrolyte composition on structural, morphological and in-vitro biological properties of plasma electrolytic oxidation films formed on zirconium
Sandhyarani M, Prasadrao T, Rameshbabu N
210 - 219 Enhancing antibiofouling performance of Polysulfone (PSf) membrane by photo-grafting of capsaicin derivative and acrylic acid
Wang J, Sun HJ, Gao XL, Gao CJ
220 - 225 Highly controllable and reproducible ZnO nanowire arrays growth with focused ion beam and low-temperature hydrothermal method
Diao KD, Zhang JC, Zhou MJ, Tang YJ, Wang SX, Cui XD
226 - 235 Surface functionalized magnetic PVA microspheres for rapid naked-eye recognizing of copper(II) ions in aqueous solutions
Hua ZL, Yang B, Chen W, Bai X, Xu QJ, Gu HX
236 - 240 Synthesis of ZnSe nanocrystals (NCs) using a rapid microwave irradiation method and investigation of the effect of copper (Cu) doping on the optical properties
Molaei M, Khezripour AR, Karimipour M
241 - 251 Pyridine adsorption on NiSn/MgO-Al2O3: An FTIR spectroscopic study of surface acidity
Penkova A, Bobadilla LF, Romero-Sarria F, Centeno MA, Odriozola JA
252 - 256 Improvement of aluminum drilling efficiency and precision by shaped femtosecond laser
Qi Y, Qi HX, Chen AM, Hu Z
257 - 261 Multi-layered nanostructure Bi2Se3 grown by chemical vapor deposition in selenium-rich atmosphere
Liu M, Liu FY, Man BY, Bi D, Xu XY
262 - 268 Copper ion implanted aluminum nitride dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) prepared by molecular beam epitaxy
Shah A, Ahmad J, Ahmad I, Mehmood M, Mahmood A, Rasheed MA
269 - 277 Influence of Zr alloying on the mechanical properties, thermal stability and oxidation resistance of Cr-Al-N coatings
Li WZ, Chen QZ, Polcar T, Serra R, Cavaleiro A
278 - 283 Evaluation of PHBV/calcium silicate composite scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering
Wu J, Sun JY, Liu JB
284 - 293 Synthesis of boron and nitrogen doped graphene supporting PtRunanoparticles as catalysts for methanol electrooxidationJiming
Lu JM, Zhou YK, Tian XH, Xu X, Zhu HX, Zhang SW, Yuan T
294 - 301 An investigation of ruthenium coating from LiCl-KCl eutectic melt
Sireli GK
302 - 311 Novel high potential visible-light-active photocatalyst of CNT/Mo, S-codoped TiO2 hetero-nanostructure
Hamadanian M, Shamshiri M, Jabbari V
312 - 318 Fe-0.4 wt.%C-6.5 wt.%Cr hardfacing coating: Microstructures and wear resistance with La2O3 additive
Hou XR, Zhao B, Yang J, Xing XL, Zhou YF, Yang YL, Yang QX
319 - 324 Preparation and properties of red inorganic hollow nanospheres for electrophoretic display
Fang Y, Wang SR, Xiao Y, Li XG
325 - 331 Study on the mechanism of surface modification of magnesium oxysulfate whisker
Dang L, Nai XY, Zhu DH, Jing YW, Liu X, Dong YP, Li W
332 - 337 Effect of ionic strength on ruthenium CMP in H2O2-based slurries
Jiang L, He YY, Li YZ, Luo JB
338 - 349 Effects of thermal efficiency in DCMD and the preparation of membranes with low thermal conductivity
Li ZH, Peng YL, Dong YJ, Fan HW, Chen P, Qiu L, Jiang Q
350 - 359 Oxidative-reforming of model biogas over NiO/Al2O3 catalysts: The influence of the variation of support synthesis conditions
Asencios YJO, Elias KFM, Assaf EM
360 - 369 Isothermal oxidation behaviour of thermal barrier coatings with CoCrAlY bond coat irradiated by high-current pulsed electron beam
Cai J, Guan QF, Hou XL, Wang ZP, Su JX, Han ZY
370 - 377 In situ formation of Ni(OH)(2) nanoparticle on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide nanosheet for high-performance supercapacitor electrode material
Liu HD, Zhang JL, Xu DD, Zhang B, Shi L, Huang LH, Tan SZ
378 - 384 Microstructure and elevated temperature wear behavior of induction melted Fe-based composite coating
Hu G, Meng HM, Liu JY
385 - 392 Effects of UV weathering on surface properties of polypropylene composites reinforced with wood flour, lignin, and cellulose
Peng Y, Liu R, Cao JZ, Chen Y
393 - 399 Preparation and characterization of crystalline titania film on polyimide substrate by SILAR
Shi YP, Wu YY, Sun CY, Huo MX
400 - 404 Preparation and optical properties of Mg-doped ZnO nanorods
Guo N, Wei XQ, Zhao RR, Xu XJ
405 - 413 Heat treatment effect on erosion behavior of poly(methylmethacrylate) for optical transmittance efficiency
Coban O
414 - 421 Fabrication of nanostructured CuO films by electrodeposition and their photocatalytic properties
Wang YQ, Jiang TT, Meng DW, Yang J, Li YC, Ma Q, Han J
422 - 431 Fabrication and characterization of mesoporous activated carbon from Lemna minor using one-step H3PO4 activation for Pb(II) removal
Huang Y, Li SX, Lin HB, Chen JH
432 - 442 Molecular dynamics simulations of nanometric cutting mechanisms of amorphous alloy
Zhu PZ, Qiu C, Fang FZ, Yuan DD, Shen XC
443 - 448 Fabrication of sulfur-functionalized DLC films by photochemical modification and attachment of gold nanoparticles
Nakamura T, Tsuchiya T, Ohana T
449 - 456 Features of the formation of nanoparticles based on copper in thin-layer systems
Ragachev AV, Jiang XH, Liu XH, Yarmolenko MA, Rogachev AA, Gorbachev DL, Liu ZB
457 - 461 High rate dry etching of (BiSb)(2)Te-3 film by CH4/H-2-based plasma
Song JQ, Shi X, Chen LD
462 - 468 Optimization of functionalization conditions for protein analysis by AFM
Arroyo-Hernandez M, Daza R, Perez-Rigueiro J, Elices M, Nieto-Marquez J, Guinea GV
469 - 475 Insights into the microstructural and physical properties of colloidal Fe:ZnSe nanocrystals
Xie RS, Li YL, Jiang LH, Zhang XQ
476 - 479 Medium energy Art-ion induced ripple formation: Role of ion energy in pattern formation
Garg SK, Datta DP, Ghatak J, Tripathy SR, Kanjilal D, Som T
480 - 485 LaF3 nanoparticles surface modified with tryptophan and their optical " CrossMark properties
Safronikhin A, Ehrlich H, Lisichkin G
486 - 489 One-step, simple, and green synthesis of tin dioxide/graphene nanocomposites and their application to lithium-ion battery anodes
Jiang ZX, Zhang DJ, Li Y, Cheng H, Wang MQ, Wang XQ, Bai YP, Lv HB, Yao YT, Shao L, Huang YD
490 - 495 Ti1-xAgx electrodes deposited on polymer based sensors
Marques SM, Manninen NK, Ferdov S, Lanceros-Mendez S, Carvalho S
496 - 504 Pt catalysts on PANI coated WC/C nanocomposites for methanol electro-oxidation and oxygen electro-reduction in DMFC
Yaldagard M, Jahanshahi M, Seghatoleslami N
505 - 510 A facile fabrication of multifunctional knit polyester fabric based on chitosan and polyaniline polymer nanocomposite
Tang XN, Tian MW, Qu LJ, Zhu SF, Guo XQ, Han GT, Sun KK, Hu XL, Wang YJ, Xu XQ
511 - 516 DFT study of adsorption and dissociation behavior of H2S on Fe-doped graphene
Zhang HP, Luo XG, Song HT, Lin XY, Lu X, Tang YH
517 - 525 RhB-sensitized effect on the enhancement of photocatalytic activity of BiOCl toward bisphenol-A under visible light irradiation
Mao XM, Fan CM, Wang YW, Wang YF, Zhang XC
526 - 533 Modeling the impact, flattening and solidification of a molten droplet on a solid substrate during plasma spraying
Zheng YZ, Li Q, Zheng ZH, Zhu JF, Cao PL
534 - 544 The freezing process of continuously sprayed water droplets on the superhydrophobic silicone acrylate resin coating surface
Hu JL, Xu K, Wu Y, Lan BH, Jiang XL, Shu LC
545 - 551 Fabrication of hierarchical structures with ZnO nanowires on micropillars by UV soft imprinting and hydrothermal growth for a controlled morphology and wettability
Hu J, Sun YJ, Zhang WD, Gao FQ, Li PW, Jiang D, Chen Y
552 - 559 Synthesis and properties of a magnetic core-shell composite nano-adsorbent for fluoride removal from drinking water
Zhang C, Chen L, Wang TJ, Su CL, Jin Y
560 - 567 Analysis of moving surface structures at a laser-induced boiling front
Matti RS, Kaplan AFH
568 - 572 Defects improved photocatalytic ability of TiO2
Li L, Tian HW, Meng FL, Hu XY, Zheng WT, Sun CQ
573 - 580 Thermal degradation of TiO2 nanotubes on titanium
Shivaram A, Bose S, Bandyopadhyay A
581 - 592 Tribological properties of amorphous hydrogenated (a-C:H) and hydrogen-free tetrahedral (ta-C) diamond-like carbon coatings under jatropha biodegradable lubricating oil at different temperatures
Mobarak HM, Masjuki HH, Mohamad EN, Kalam MA, Rashedul HK, Rashed MM, Habibullah M
593 - 597 Kinetics of nitrogen incorporation at the SiO2/4H-SiC interface during an NO passivation
Chen ZJ, Xu Y, Garfunkel E, Feldman LC, Buyuklimanli T, Ou W, Serfass J, Wan A, Dhar S
598 - 606 Microstructure and thermal shock resistance of the peg-nail structured TBCs treated by selective laser modification
Chang F, Zhou KS, Tong X, Xu LP, Zhang XF, Liu M
607 - 613 Structural and optical properties investigation of DC magnetron sputtered beta-TiO2 thin film
Khan S, Ahmed I, Shah A
614 - 621 Wear and corrosion resistance of anti-bacterial Ti-Cu-N coatings on titanium implants
Wu HB, Zhang XY, He XJ, Li M, Huang XB, Hang RQ, Tang B
622 - 629 Polypyrrole-ZnFe2O4 magnetic nano-composite with core-shell structure for glucose sensing
Shahnavaz Z, Lorestani F, Alias Y, Woi PM
630 - 638 Synthesis and processing of ELISA polymer substitute: The influence of surface chemistry and morphology on detection sensitivity
Hosseini S, Ibrahim F, Djordjevic I, Rothan HA, Yusof R, van der Marel C, Koole LH
639 - 647 Investigation of optical and morphological properties of metalized nanocomposites
Varnaite-Zuravliova S, Jankauskaite V, Guobiene A, Prosycevas I
648 - 656 Water-phase strategy for synthesis of TiO2-graphene composites with tunable structure for high performance photocatalysts
Hua CY, Chen F, Lu TW, Lian CJ, Zheng SZ, Hu QH, Duo SW, Zhang RB
657 - 665 An investigation on the inhibitory action of benzazole derivatives as a consequence of sulfur atom induction
Moradi Z, Attar MM
666 - 671 Morphological features of silicon substrate by using different frequency laser ablation in air and water
Xu JY, Hu H, Lei YL
672 - 681 Controllable electrodeposition of ZnO nanorod arrays on flexible stainless steel mesh substrate for photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B
Lu H, Zhang M, Guo M
682 - 687 One-pot synthesis of ZnO/ZnGa2O4 heterojunction with X/XY structure for improved photocatalytic activity
Ma BJ, Lin KY, Su WG, Liu WY
688 - 695 Noteworthy impacts of polyurethane-urea ionomers as the efficient polar coatings on adhesion strength of plasma treated polypropylene
Chashmejahanbin MR, Daemi H, Barikani M, Salimi A
696 - 700 High temperature thermal stability investigations of ammonium sulphide passivated InGaAs and interface formation with Al2O3 studied by synchrotron radiation based photoemission
Chauhan L, Gajula DR, McNeill D, Hughes G
701 - 709 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surface on aluminum by continuous chemical etching and its anti-icing property
Liao RJ, Zuo ZP, Guo C, Yuan Y, Zhuang AY
710 - 717 Nano-adhesion influenced by atomic-scale asperities: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Si LN, Wang XL
718 - 723 Theoretical study of heavy metal Cd, Cu, Hg, and Ni(II) adsorption on the kaolinite(001) surface
Zhao J, He MC
724 - 729 Uniform surface modification of diatomaceous earth with amorphous manganese oxide and its adsorption characteristics for lead ions
Li S, Li DY, Su F, Ren YP, Qin GW
730 - 736 Preparation, and characterizations of a novel luminescence Lu2WO6:Eu3+ film as potential scintillator
Chen XY, Zhang ZJ, Zhu LL, Xu M, Wang H, Li AG, Zhao JT
737 - 744 Surface modification of carbon fibers by a polyether sulfone emulsion sizing for increased interfacial adhesion with polyether sulfone
Yuan HJ, Zhang SC, Lu CX
745 - 751 Defect formation in single layer graphene under extreme ultraviolet irradiation
Gao A, Zoethout E, Sturm JM, Lee CJ, Bijkerk F
752 - 759 Density functional theory study on the interaction of CO with the Fe3O4(001) surface
Xue PY, Fu ZM, Chu XL, Zhang YX, Yang ZX
760 - 764 Influence of ion/atom arrival ratio on structure and optical properties of AlN films by ion beam assisted deposition
Meng JP, Fu ZQ, Liu XP, Yue W, Wang CB
765 - 770 Ni2O3 decoration of In2O3 nanostructures for catalytically enhanced methane sensing
Vuong NM, Hieu NM, Kim D, Choi BI, Kim M
771 - 775 Investigation on surface structure of potassium permanganate/nitric acid treated poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Fu CL, Liu SL, Gong TL, Gu AQ, Yu ZL
776 - 786 Covalent co-immobilization of heparin/laminin complex that with different concentration ratio on titanium surface for selectively direction of platelets and vascular cells behavior
Wang J, Chen Y, Liu T, Wang X, Liu Y, Wang Y, Chen JY, Huang N
787 - 793 Synthesis of P (St-DVB)/Fe3O4 microspheres and application for oil removal in aqueous environment
Mao JY, Jiang W, Gu JJ, Zhou S, Lu Y, Xie T
794 - 802 A role of nanotube dangling pyrrole and oxygen functions in the electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole/MWCNTs hybrid materials
Krukiewicz K, Herman AP, Turczyn R, Szymanska K, Koziol KKK, Boncel S, Zak JK
803 - 810 Bias voltage dependence of molecular orientation of dialkyl ketone and fatty acid alkyl ester at the liquid-graphite interface
Hibino M, Tsuchiya H
811 - 817 High-fluence hyperthermal ion irradiation of gallium nitride surfaces at elevated temperatures
Finzel A, Gerlach JW, Lorbeer J, Frost F, Rauschenbach B
818 - 827 Polyamide-thallium selenide composite materials via temperature and pH controlled adsorption-diffusion method
Ivanauskas R, Samardokas L, Mikolajunas M, Virzonis D, Baltrusaitis J
828 - 832 Effects of ultrathin AlAs interfacial layer on the structure and optical properties of GaInP epilayer grown on germanium
Jia SP, Chen GF, He W, Dai P, Chen JX, Lu SL, Yang H
833 - 838 Ag3PO4/TiO2 composite for efficient photodegradation of organic pollutants under visible light
Zhao FM, Pan L, Wang SW, Deng QY, Zou JJ, Wang L, Zhang XW
839 - 855 Effects of substrate preheating on the thin-wall part built by laser metal deposition shaping
Zhang K, Wang SJ, Liu WJ, Long RS
856 - 866 Controlling the synergetic effects in (3-aminopropyl) trimethoxysilane and (3-mercaptopropyl) trimethoxysilane coadsorption on stainless steel surfaces
Vuori L, Hannula M, Lahtonen K, Jussila P, Ali-Loytty H, Hirsimaki M, Parna R, Nommiste E, Valden M
867 - 874 Effect of direct current density on microstructure of tungsten coating electroplated from Na2WO4-WO3-NaPO3 system
Jiang F, Zhang YC, Sun NB, Liu Z
875 - 883 Novel lubricated surface of titanium alloy based on porous structure and hydrophilic polymer brushes
Wang K, Xiong DS, Niu YX
884 - 891 A novel coating onto LiMn2O4 cathode with increased lithium ion battery performance
Zeng JS, Li MS, Li XF, Chen C, Xiong DB, Dong LT, Li DJ, Lushington A, Sun XL
892 - 901 A comparative investigation on catalytic oxidation of CO, benzene, and toluene over birnessites derived from different routes
Ye Q, Lu H, Zhao J, Cheng SY, Kang TF, Wang D, Dai HX
902 - 907 Thermal and stress studies of the 30.4 nm Mo/Si multilayer mirror for the moon-based EUV camera
Li YP, Zhang HJ, Wang HF, He F, Wang XD, Liu Y, Han SL, Zheng X, Wang XD, Chen B, Li HB, Chen B, Cao JL
908 - 913 Interface bonding between particle and substrate during HVOF spraying
Sun C, Guo L, Lu GX, Lv YB, Ye FX
914 - 922 Synthesis and characterization of amoxicillin derived silver nanoparticles: Its catalytic effect on degradation of some pharmaceutical antibiotics
Junejo Y, Guner A, Baykal A
923 - 928 Effects of metal elements in catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes/graphene: A first principles DFT study
Li JD, Croiset E, Ricardez-Sandoval L
929 - 934 Surface chemical and photocatalytic consequences of Ca-doping of BiFeO3 as probed by XPS and H2O2 decomposition studies
Zaki MI, Ramadan W, Katrib A, Rabee AIM
935 - 939 Structural evolution of yttrium nanolayer inserted in FeNi/Y nanomultilayered film
Li W, Liu P, Zhang K, Ma FC, Liu XK, Chen XH, He DH
940 - 945 Detection of explosives by surface enhanced Raman scattering using substrate with a monolayer of ordered Au nanoparticles
Chen TF, Lu SH, Wang AJ, Zheng D, Wu ZL, Wang YS
946 - 954 Optimizing production of hydroxyapatite from alkaline residue for removal of Pb2+ from wastewater
Yan YB, Wang YP, Sun XY, Li JS, Shen JY, Han WQ, Liu XD, Wang LJ
955 - 961 Surface characterization studies of CuO-CeO2-ZrO2 catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Zhang QL, Xu LS, Ning P, Gu JJ, Guan QQ
962 - 969 Effect of surface nanostructuring of aluminum alloy on post plasma electrolytic oxidation
Masiha HR, Bagheri HR, Gheytani M, Aliofkhazraei M, Rouhaghdam AS, Shahrabi T
970 - 973 Humidity sensing properties of morphology-controlled ordered silicon nanopillar
Li W, Hu MY, Ge PP, Wang J, Guo YY
974 - 981 Effect of titanium nitride/titanium coatings on the stress corrosion of nickel-titanium orthodontic archwires in artificial saliva
Liu JK, Liu IH, Liu C, Chang CJ, Kung KC, Liu YT, Lee TM, Jou JL
982 - 985 Impacts of Au-doping on the performance of Cu/HfO2/Pt RRAM devices
Tan TT, Guo TT, Chen X, Li XJ, Liu ZT
986 - 993 Sputtered titanium oxynitride coatings for endosseous applications: Physical and chemical evaluation and first bioactivity assays
Banakh O, Moussa M, Matthey J, Pontearso A, Cattani-Lorente M, Sanjines R, Fontana P, Wiskott A, Durual S
994 - 999 Band alignment studies of Al2O3/CuGaO2 and ZnO/CuGaO2 hetero-structures grown by pulsed laser deposition
Ajimsha RS, Das AK, Joshi MP, Kukreja LM
1000 - 1003 Preparation and characterization of high-transmittance AZO films using RF magnetron sputtering at room temperature
Chen J, Sun YH, Lv X, Li DR, Fang L, Wang HL, Sun XH, Huang CH, Yu HZ, Feng P
1004 - 1009 Multi- and few-layer graphene on insulating substrate via pulsed laser deposition technique
Kumar I, Khare A
1010 - 1014 Low fraction of hexagonal inclusions in thick and bulk cubic GaN layers
Waheeda SN, Zainal N, Hassan Z, Novikov SV, Akimov AV, Kent AJ
1015 - 1021 Effect of pH on the synthesis and characteristics of RGO-CdS nanocomposites
Johra FT, Jung WG
1022 - 1027 Characterization of interface and border traps in ALD Al2O3/GaN MOS capacitors with two-step surface pretreatments on Ga-polar GaN
Gu S, Chagarov EA, Min J, Madisetti S, Novak S, Oktyabrsky S, Kerr AJ, Kaufman-Osborn T, Kummel AC, Asbeck PM
1028 - 1034 One-step synthesis of water-dispersible cysteine functionalized magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles for mercury(II) removal from aqueous solutions
Shen XF, Wang Q, Chen WL, Pang YH
1035 - 1040 Preparation and characterization of heat-assisted PbS/TiO2 thin films
Xu YY, Zhang M, Lv JG, Zhang MC, Jiang XS, Song XP, He G, Sun ZQ
1041 - 1046 Plasmonic properties of silver nanoparticles embedded in diamond like carbon films: Influence of structure and composition
Meskinis S, Ciegis A, Vasiliauskas A, Tamuleviciene A, Slapikas K, Juskenas R, Niaura G, Tamulevicius S
1047 - 1051 Step-by-step self-assembly of manganese phthalocyanine on Bi(111) surface: From single molecule to two-dimensional domains
Zhang TT, Wang CJ, Sun K, Yuan HK, Wang JZ
1052 - 1059 Synthesis of green nano iron particles (GnIP) and their application in adsorptive removal of As(III) and As(V) from aqueous solution
Prasad KS, Gandhi P, Selvaraj K
1060 - 1067 Lewis basicity, adhesion thermodynamic work and coordinating ability on aminated silicon surfaces
Sanchez MA, Paniagua SA, Borge I, Viales C, Montero ML
1068 - 1074 Topographical length scales of hierarchical superhydrophobic surfaces
Dhillon PK, Brown PS, Bain CD, Badyal JPS, Sarkar S
1075 - 1079 Influence of thermal annealing and ion irradiation on zinc silicate phases in nanocomposite ZnO-SiOx thin films
Valiveti VSK, Singh F, Ojha S, Kanjilal D
1080 - 1089 Deposition of nano Fe3O4@mZrO(2) onto exfoliated graphite oxide sheets and its application for removal of amaranth
Jiang HL, Chen PH, Zhang WB, Luo SL, Luo XB, Au CT, Li ML
1090 - 1099 Preparation and characterization of bioactive and degradable composites containing ordered mesoporous calcium-magnesium silicate and poly(L-lactide)
Ji JJ, Dong XP, Ma XH, Tang SC, Wu ZY, Xia J, Wang QX, Wang YT, Wei J
1100 - 1106 Synthesis of chemical vapor deposition graphene on tantalum wire for supercapacitor applications
Li MJ, Guo WL, Li HJ, Xu S, Qu CQ, Yang BH
1107 - 1112 Low temperature self-cleaning properties of superhydrophobic surfaces
Wang FJ, Shen TH, Li CQ, Li W, Yan GL
1113 - 1124 Structure of anodized Al-Zr sputter deposited coatings and effect on optical appearance
Gudla VC, Canulescu S, Shabadi R, Rechendorff K, Dirscherl K, Ambat R
1125 - 1130 Magnetic solid base catalyst CaO/CoFe2O4 for biodiesel production: Influence of basicity and wettability of the catalyst in catalytic performance
Zhang PB, Han QJ, Fan MM, Jiang PP
1131 - 1142 Visible light photoactivity of TiO2 loaded with monometallic (Au or Pt) and bimetallic (Au/Pt) nanoparticles
Golabiewska A, Lisowski W, Jarek M, Nowaczyk G, Zielinska-Jurek A, Zaleska A
1143 - 1150 Study of the corrosion behavior and the corrosion films formed on the surfaces of Mg-xSn alloys in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution
Wang JF, Li Y, Huang S, Zhou XE