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1 - 8 Morphological and microstructural characterization of nanostructured pure alpha-phase W coatings on a wide thickness range
Gordillo N, Panizo-Laiz M, Tejado E, Fernandez-Martinez I, Rivera A, Pastor JY, de Castrog CG, del Rio J, Perlado JM, Gonzalez-Arrabal R
9 - 14 Femtosecond laser-induced nanoperiodic structures and simultaneous crystallization in amorphous indium-tin-oxide thin films
Cheng CW, Lee IM, Chen JS
15 - 21 Surface morphology of amorphous germanium thin films following thermal outgassing of SiO2/Si substrates
Valladares LD, Dominguez AB, Llandro J, Holmes S, Quispe OA, Langford R, Aguiar JA, Barnes CHW
22 - 27 In situ green synthesis of silver-graphene oxide nanocomposites by using tryptophan as a reducing and stabilizing agent and their application in SERS
Yang BW, Liu ZM, Guo ZY, Zhang W, Wan MM, Qin XC, Zhong HQ
28 - 35 Enhanced tribological behavior of anodic films containing SiC and PTFE nanoparticles on Ti6Al4V alloy
Lu SM, Zhu MQ, Liu JH, Yu M, Wu L, Zhang JD, Liang HX
36 - 41 Secondary ion mass spectrometric signal enhancement of phosphatidylcholine dioleoyl on enlarged nanoparticles surface
Gulin A, Mochalova M, Denisov N, Nadtochenko V
42 - 45 Quintuple layer Bi2Se3 thin films directly grown on insulating SiO2 using molecular beam epitaxy
Jeon JH, Song M, Kim H, Jang WJ, Park JY, Yoon S, Kahng SJ
46 - 53 Stable functionalization of germanium surface and its application in biomolecules immobilization
Cai Q, Xu BJ, Ye L, Tang T, Huang SL, Du XW, Bian XJ, Zhang JS, Di ZF, Jin QH, Zhao JL
54 - 61 Simple and greener synthesis of highly photoluminescence Mn2+-doped ZnS quantum dots and its surface passivation mechanism
Wang YB, Liang XH, Ma X, Hu YH, Hu XY, Li XH, Fan J
62 - 65 Realization of Ag-S codoped p-type ZnO thin films
Xu TN, Li X, Lu Z, Chen YY, Sui CH, Wu HZ
66 - 71 Pulsed laser deposited Ag nanoparticles on nickel hydroxide nanosheet arrays for highly sensitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy
Jing YT, Wang HW, Chen X, Wang XF, Wei HG, Guo ZH
72 - 77 Surface modification by nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation into new steel 460Li-21Cr in a capacitively coupled radio frequency discharge
Bhuyan H, Mandl S, Bora B, Favre M, Wyndham E, Maze JR, Walczak M, ManovabaInstitut D
78 - 81 Structure, optical and magnetic properties of Bi1-xEuxFeO3 films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Liu J, Deng HM, Zhu LP, Zhang KZ, Meng XK, Cao HY, Yang PX, Chu JH
82 - 87 Evolution of structure and infrared radiation properties for ferrite-based amorphous coating
Lu L, Fan X, Zhang JY, Hu XM, Li GQ, Zhang Z
88 - 92 Growing hydrophobicity on a smooth copper oxide thin film at room temperature and reversible wettability transition
Tu SH, Wu HC, Wu CJ, Cheng SL, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
93 - 101 Super-high photocatalytic activity of Fe2O3 nanoparticles anchored on Bi2O2CO3 nanosheets with exposed {001} active facets
Hu DD, Zhang KY, Yang Q, Wang MJ, Xi Y, Hu CG
102 - 107 Analyses of quenching process during turn-off of plasma electrolytic carburizing on carbon steel
Wu J, Liu R, Xue WB, Wang B, Jin XY, Du JC
108 - 113 Residual stresses in oxide scale formed on Fe-17Cr stainless steel
Li N, Xiao J, Prud'homme N, Chen Z, Ji V
114 - 123 Reduced silanized graphene oxide/epoxy-polyurethane composites with enhanced thermal and mechanical properties
Lin J, Zhang PP, Zheng C, Wu X, Mao TY, Zhu MN, Wang HQ, Feng DY, Qian SX, Cai XF
124 - 131 Investigation on large-area fabrication of vivid shark skin with superior surface functions
Chen HW, Zhang X, Ma LX, Che D, Zhang DY, Sudarshan TS
132 - 140 One pot in situ growth of gold nanoparticles on amine-modified graphene oxide and their high catalytic properties
Ju YY, Li X, Feng J, Ma YH, Hu J, Chen XG
141 - 146 Effect of TiO2 addition on the microstructure and nanomechanical properties of Al2O3 Suspension Plasma Sprayed coatings
Bannier E, Vicent M, Rayon E, Benavente R, Salvador MD, Sanchez E
147 - 154 Interfacial dynamic and dilational rheology of polyelectrolyte/surfactant two-component nanoparticle systems at air-water interface
Tong LJ, Bao MT, Li YM, Gong HY
155 - 162 Formation of porous low-dimensional nickel systems during near equilibrium condensation in ultrapure inert environment
Perekrestov V, Kornyushchenko A, Kosminska Y, Wilde G, Ostendorp S, Winkler N
163 - 170 Catalytic dehydrogenation of isobutane in the presence of hydrogen over Cs-modified Ni2P supported on active carbon
Xu YL, Sang HX, Wang K, Wang XT
171 - 178 Synthesis and in vitro cellular interactions of superparamagnetic iron nanoparticles with a crystalline gold shell
Bandyopadhyay S, Singh G, Sandvig I, Sandvig A, Mathieu R, Kumar PA, Glomm WR
179 - 186 Simple and non-toxic fabrication of poly(vinyl alcohol)-patterned polymer surface for the formation of cell patterns
Hwang IT, Jin YR, Oh MS, Jung CH, Choi JH
187 - 193 Surfactant-assisted preparation of core-shell-type TiO2-Fe2O3 composites and their photocatalytic activities under room light irradiation
Jang I, You KE, Kim YC, Oh SG
194 - 201 Self-assembly of thermoresponsive nanocomposites and their applications for sensing daunorubicin with DNA
Gong ZL, Tang DY, Zhang XD, Ma J, Mao Y
202 - 206 A study on the crystallization behavior of Sn-doped amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 by ultraviolet laser radiation
Bai N, Liu FR, Han XX, Zhu Z, Liu F, Lin X, Sun NX
207 - 213 A glass coating prepared by pulse arc discharge deposition for oxidation protection of carbon/carbon composites
Zhang YL, Huang JF, Li CY, Cao LY, Ouyang HB, Zhang BY, Hao W, Wang WJ, Yao CY
214 - 221 Surface properties of indium tin oxide treated by Cl-2 inductively coupled plasma
He KD, Yang XL, Yan H, Gong JY, Zhong SF, Ou QR, Liang RQ
222 - 231 Preparation and icephobic properties of polymethyltrifluoropropylsiloxane-polyacrylate block copolymers
Li XH, Zhao YH, Li H, Yuan XY
232 - 236 Strain sensitivity in the nitrogen 1s NEXAFS spectra of gallium nitride
Ritchie A, Eger S, Wright C, Chelladurai D, Borrowman C, Olovsson W, Magnuson M, Verma J, Jena D, Xing HG, Dubuc C, Urquhart S
237 - 244 A noncovalent functionalization approach to improve the dispersibility and properties of polymer/MoS2 composites
Zhou KQ, Liu JJ, Wen PY, Hu Y, Gui Z
245 - 250 Mechanism study of selective heavy metal ion removal with polypyrrole-functionalized polyacrylonitrile nanofiber mats
Wang JQ, Luo C, Qi GG, Pan K, Cao B
251 - 258 Corona plasma modification of polyamide 66 for the design of textile delivery systems for cosmetic therapy
Labay C, Canal JM, Navarro A, Canal C
259 - 263 Mechanical durability of superhydrophobic and oleophobic copper meshes
Yin LT, Yang J, Tang YC, Chen L, Liu C, Tang H, Li CS
264 - 275 In vitro bioactivity and corrosion resistance of Zr incorporated TiO2 nanotube arrays for orthopaedic applications
Indira K, KamachiMudali U, Rajendran N
276 - 285 Size-controlled synthesis of monodisperse nickel nanoparticles and investigation of their magnetic and catalytic properties
Pan Y, Jia RR, Zhao JC, Liang JL, Liu YQ, Liu CG
286 - 291 Ge2Sb2Te5/SnSe2 nanocomposite multilayer thin films for phase change memory application
Feng XY, Wen T, Zhai JW, Lai TS, Wang CZ, Song SN, Song ZT
292 - 300 Effects of mold geometry and taper angles on the filling mechanism of a nanoimprinted polymer using molecular dynamics
Wu CD, Fang TH, Lin JF
301 - 307 Determination of the thickness distribution of a graphene layer grown on a 2'' SiC wafer by means of Auger electron spectroscopy depth profiling
Gurban S, Pecz B, Menyhard M, Yakimova R
308 - 314 One step synthesis of polyacrylamide functionalized graphene and its application in Pb(II) removal
Xu ZW, Zhang YY, Qian XM, Shi J, Chen L, Li BD, Niu JR, Liu LS
315 - 323 Assessment of the surface chemistry of carbon blacks by TGA-MS, XPS and inverse gas chromatography using statistical chemometric analysis
Strzemiecka B, Voelkel A, Donate-Robles J, Martin-Martinez JM
324 - 332 Cassie state robustness of plasma generated randomly nano-rough surfaces
Di Mundo R, Bottiglione F, Carbone G
333 - 340 Preparation, performances of PVDF/ZnO hybrid membranes and their applications in the removal of copper ions
Zhang X, Wang Y, Liu YF, Xu JL, Han YD, Xu XX
341 - 347 Photoresponse properties of ultrathin Bi2Se3 nanosheets synthesized by hydrothermal intercalation and exfoliation route
Zang C, Qi X, Ren L, Hao GL, Liu YD, Li J, Zhong JX
348 - 354 Zirconium phosphate wrapped LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 used in lithium ion batteries as high voltage cathode material
Hu H, Chen Q, Chen Z, Chen HY
355 - 365 The role of oxygen during the catalytic oxidation of ammonia on Co3O4(100)
Shojaee K, Haynes BS, Montoya A
366 - 372 Enhanced interfacial properties of carbon fiber composites via aryl diazonium reaction "on water"
Wang YW, Meng LH, Fan LQ, Ma LC, Qi MW, Yu JL, Huang YD
373 - 379 Role of the support on the behavior of Ag-based catalysts for NH3 selective catalytic oxidation (NH3-SCO)
Qu ZP, Wang H, Wang SD, Cheng H, Qin YA, Wang Z
380 - 384 Anisotropic magneto-resistance in Ni80Fe20 antidot arrays with different lattice configurations
Coisson M, Manzin A, Barrera G, Celegato F, Enrico E, Tiberto P, Vinai F
385 - 397 Air plasma-material interactions at the oxidized surface of the PM1000 nickel-chromium superalloy
Panerai F, Marschall J, Thomel J, Vandendael I, Hubin A, Chazot O
398 - 404 Platinum containing amorphous hydrogenated carbon (a-C:H/Pt) thin films as selective solar absorbers
Lan YH, Brahma S, Tzeng YH, Ting JM
405 - 415 Modification of acid sites in ZSM-5 by ion-exchange: An in-situ FTIR study
Wu WQ, Weitz E
416 - 423 Theoretical insights into the reaction mechanisms of NO oxidation catalyzed by Cu2O(111)
Sun BZ, Xu XL, Chen WK, Dong LH
424 - 428 Low temperature sulfurization of electrodeposited Cu(In,Al)Se-2 thin films
Shruthi NL, Deepa KG, Sunil MA, Nagaraju J
429 - 434 The effect of zirconium-based surface treatment on the cathodic disbonding resistance of epoxy coated mild steel
Ghanbari A, Attar MM
435 - 442 High basicity adsorbents from solid residue of cellulose and synthetic polymer co-pyrolysis for phenol removal: Kinetics and mechanism
Lorenc-Grabowska E, Rutkowski P
443 - 450 Physicochemical characteristics and sorption capacities of heavy metal ions of activated carbons derived by activation with different alkyl phosphate triesters
Wang J, Liu H, Yang SK, Zhang J, Zhang CL, Wu HM
451 - 455 Realization of diverse displays for multiple color patterns on metal surfaces
Li GQ, Li JW, Hu YL, Zhang CC, Li XH, Chu JR, Huang WH
456 - 462 Effect of annealing treatment on electrical and optical properties of Nb doped TiO2 thin films as a TCO prepared by sol-gel spin coating method
Fallah M, Zamani-Meymian MR, Rahimi R, Rabbanib M
463 - 476 Plasma electrolytic oxidation of titanium in a phosphate/silicate electrolyte and tribological performance of the coatings
Aliasghari S, Skeldon P, Thompson GE
477 - 483 Effect of laser spot size on the residual stress field of pure Al treated by laser shock processing: Simulations
Dai FZ, Lu JZ, Zhang YK, Wen DP, Ren XD, ZhouSchool JZ
484 - 490 Suppression of surface crystallization on borosilicate glass using RF plasma treatment
Yoo S, Ji CH, Jin JY, Kim YK
491 - 496 Dendritic Ag-Fe nanocrystalline alloy synthesized by pulsed electrodeposition and its characterization
Santhi K, Revathy TA, Narayanan V, Stephen A
497 - 500 Temperature dependence of electronic transport property in ferroelectric polymer films
Zhao XL, Wang JL, Tian BB, Liu BL, Zou YH, Wang XD, Sun S, Sun JL, Meng XJ, Chu JH
501 - 507 Improvement of wear resistance of sprayed layer on 52100 steel by friction stir processing
Rahbar-Kelishami A, Abdollah-Zadeh A, Hadavi MM, Seraj RA, Gerlich AP
508 - 514 Investigation of H-2/CH4 mixed gas plasma post-etching process for ZnO: B front contacts grown by LP-MOCVD method in silicon-based thin-film solar cells
Wang L, Zhang XD, Zhao Y, Yamada T, Naito Y
515 - 523 Preparation and tribological properties of fluorosilane surface-modified lanthanum trifluoride nanoparticles as additive of fluoro silicone oil
Hou X, He J, Yu LG, Li ZW, Zhang ZJ, Zhang PY
524 - 531 Highly c-axis oriented ZnO:Ni thin film nanostructure by RF magnetron sputtering: Structural, morphological and magnetic studies
Siddheswaran R, Savkova J, Medlin R, Ocenasek J, Zivotsky O, Novak P, Sutta P
532 - 536 Combined microcalorimetric and IR spectroscopic study on carbon dioxide adsorption in H-MCM-22
Arean CO, Delgado MR, Bulanek R, Frolich K
537 - 548 Exploring the synergetic effects of graphene oxide (GO) and polyvinylpyrrodione (PVP) on poly(vinylylidenefluoride) (PVDF) ultrafiltration membrane performance
Chang XJ, Wang ZX, Quan S, Xu YC, Jiang ZX, Shao L
549 - 557 In situ polymerization of graphene oxide and cyanate ester-epoxy with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties
Ren F, Zhu GM, Ren PG, Wang YK, Cui XP
558 - 567 Effect of current mode on PEO treatment of magnesium in Ca- and P-containing electrolyte and resulting coatings
Gao YH, Yerokhin A, Matthews A
568 - 574 One-pot preparation of Ni-graphene hybrids with enhanced catalytic performance
Chen GQ, Wang FL, Liu F, Zhang X
575 - 581 In situ growth of hollow CuNi alloy nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets and their magnetic and catalytic properties
Yang JL, Shen XP, Ji ZY, Zhou H, Zhu GX, Chen KM
582 - 589 Adsorption and inhibitive properties of a new heterocyclic furan Schiff base on corrosion of copper in HCl 1 M: Experimental and theoretical investigation
Issaadi S, Douadi T, Chafaa S
590 - 594 Promotion effect of nickel loaded on CdS for photocatalytic H-2 production in lactic acid solution
Chen S, Chen XP, Jiang QZ, Yuan J, Lin CF, Shangguan WF
595 - 603 Cracking and interfacial debonding of the Al-Si coating in hot stamping of pre-coated boron steel
Gui ZX, Wang K, Zhang YS, Zhu B
604 - 609 A mesoporous WO3-X/graphene composite as a high-performance Li-ion battery anode
Liu F, Kim JG, Lee CW, Im JS
610 - 616 Growth mechanism, distribution characteristics and reinforcing behavior of (Ti, Nb)C particle in laser cladded Fe-based composite coating
Li QT, Lei YP, Fu HG
617 - 624 Achieving ultra-hard surface of mechanically polished diamond crystal by thermo-chemical refinement
Zong WJ, Zhang JJ, Liu Y, Sun T
625 - 631 Strong and weak adsorption of CO2 on PuO2 (110) surfaces from first principles calculations
Yu HL, Deng XD, Li G, Lai XC, Meng DQ
632 - 636 Surface modification of titanium hydride with epoxy resin via microwave-assisted ball milling
Ning R, Chen D, Zhang QX, Bian ZB, Dai HX, Zhang C
637 - 642 Visible-light photochromic nanocomposite thin films based on polyvinylpyrrolidone and polyoxometalates supported on clay minerals
Wang XY, Dong Q, Meng QL, Yang JY, Feng W, Han XK
643 - 648 XPS, UV-vis spectroscopy and AFM studies on removal mechanisms of Si-face SiC wafer chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)
Zhou Y, Pan GS, Shi XL, Xu L, Zou CL, Gong H, Luo GH
649 - 656 Adsorption characteristics of hexavalent chromium on HCB/TiO2
Zhang L, Zhang YG
657 - 657 Effect of filler dispersion and dispersion method on the piezoelectric and magnetoelectric response of CoFe2O4/P(VDF-TrFE) nanocomposites (vol 313, pg 215, 2014)
Martins P, Goncalves R, Lanceros-Mendez S, Lasheras A, Gutierrez J, Barandiaran JM