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Applied Surface Science, Vol.315 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Elimination of small-sized Ag nanoparticles via rapid thermal annealing for high efficiency light trapping structure
Bai YM, Gao Z, Chen NF, Liu H, Yao JX, Ma S, Shi XQ
8 - 15 Experimental and theoretical study of CO adsorption on the surface of single phase hexagonally plate ZnO
Akbari A, Firooz AA, Beheshtian J, Khodadadi AA
16 - 21 Decomposition of H2O on clean and oxygen-covered Au (100) surface: A DFT study
Jiang Z, Li MM, Yan T, Fang T
22 - 27 A novel electrochemiluminescence sensor based on nitrogen-doped graphene/CdTe quantum dots composite
Zhang CY, Wang L, Wang AM, Zhang SY, Mao CJ, Song JM, Niu HL, Jin BK, Tian YP
28 - 35 Optimizing the mechanical properties of M50NiL steel by plasma nitrocarburizing
Zhang CS, Yan MF, Sun Z, Wang YX, You Y, Bai B, Chen L, Long Z, Li RW
36 - 36 11-Hydroxyundecyl octadecyl disulfide self-assembled monolayers on Au(1 1 1) (vol 311, pg 643, 2014)
Albayrak E, Karabuga S, Bracco G, Danisman MF
37 - 44 Tailoring out-of-plane magnetic properties of pulsed laser deposited FePt thin films by changing laser energy fluence
Wang Y, Tan TL, Tan KS, Lee P, Liu H, Yadian B, Hu G, Huang YZ, Ramanujan RV, Rawat RS
45 - 54 Ab initio study on the adsorption mechanism of oxygen on Cr2AlC (0001) surface
Li N, Sakidja R, Ching WY
55 - 58 Effects of growth substrates on the morphologies of TiO2 nanowire arrays and the performance of assembled UV detectors
Liu GH, Zhang M, Zhang DZ, Gu XH, Meng FX, Wen SP, Chen Y, Ruan SP
59 - 65 Surface modification of spinel lambda-MnO2 and its lithium adsorption properties from spent lithium ion batteries
Li L, Qu WJ, Liu F, Zhao TL, Zhang XX, Chen RJ, Wu F
66 - 72 Pentosan-derived water-soluble carbon nano dots with substantial fluorescence: Properties and application as a photosensitizer
Wu Q, Li W, Wu YJ, Huang ZH, Liu SX
73 - 80 Site-selective immobilization of gold nanoparticles on graphene sheets and its electrochemical properties
Lee JU, Lee W, Yoon SS, Kim J, Byun JH
81 - 89 A first-principles study of Pt-Ni bimetallic cluster adsorption on the anatase TiO2 (101) surface: Probing electron effect of Ni in TiO2 (101)-bimetallic cluster (Pt-Ni) on the adsorption and dissociation of methanol
Liu FL, Xiao P, Uchaker E, He HC, Zhou M, Zhou X, Zhang YH
90 - 94 Exothermic surface chemistry on aluminum particles promoting reactivity
Mulamba O, Pantoya ML
95 - 103 The influence of sodium hypochlorite biocide on the corrosion of carbon steel in reclaimed water used as circulating cooling water
Su WN, Tian YM, Peng S
104 - 109 XPS analysis of AlN thin films deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
Motamedi P, Cadien K
110 - 115 Bipolar resistive switching properties of AlN films deposited by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
Zhang J, Zhang QL, Yang H, Wu HY, Zhou JH, Hu L
116 - 123 Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of amorphous and crystalline TiO2 thin films grown by atomic layer deposition at different temperatures
Saha D, Ajimsha RS, Rajiv K, Mukherjee C, Gupta M, Misra P, Kukreja LM
124 - 130 Optical and ferromagnetic properties of Cr doped ZnO nanorods
Lin BZ, Zhou L, Yuldashev SU, Fu DJ, Kang TW
131 - 137 Nitrogen and vanadium Co-doped TiO2 mesosponge layers for enhancement in visible photocatalytic activity
Zhong JS, Xu JR, Wang QY
138 - 143 High-performance PdRu bimetallic catalyst supported on mesoporous silica nanoparticles for phenol hydrogenation
Huang C, Yang X, Yang H, Huang PY, Song HY, Liao SJ
144 - 148 Contactless resistivity and photoconductivity correlation to surface preparation of CdZnTe
Zazvorka J, Franc J, Moravec P, Jesenska E, Sedivy L, Ulrych J, Masek K
149 - 153 CdS and PbS nanoparticles co-sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays and their enhanced photoelectrochemical property
Zhu YM, Wang RL, Zhang WP, Ge HY, Li L
154 - 162 Sol-gel derived mesoporous cobalt silica catalyst: Synthesis, characterization and its activity in the oxidation of phenol
Andas J, Adam F, Ab Rahman I
163 - 168 Construction of wettability gradient surface on copper substrate by controlled hydrolysis of poly(methyl methacrylate-butyl acrylate) films
Zhang Y, Cheng J, Yang ZR
169 - 177 Large-scale and green synthesis of octahedral flower-like cupric oxide nanocrystals with enhanced photochemical properties
Li SK, Pan YY, Wu M, Huang FZ, Li CH, Shen YH
178 - 183 Interface sulfur passivation using H2S annealing for atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 films on an ultrathin-body In0.53Ga0.47As-on-insulator
Jin HS, Cho YJ, Lee SM, Kim DH, Kim DW, Lee D, Park JB, Won JY, Lee MJ, Cho SH, Hwang CS, Park TJ
184 - 189 Fabrication and surface properties of hydrophobic barium sulfate aggregates based on sodium cocoate modification
Hu LN, Wang GX, Cao R, Yang C, Chen X
190 - 195 Benzotriazole as a passivating agent during chemical mechanical planarization of Ni-P alloy substrates
Mu Y, Zhong MJ, Rushing KJ, Li YZ, Shipp DA
196 - 202 A simulation of Pd-doped SWCNTs used to detect SF6 decomposition components under partial discharge
Zhang XX, Gui YG, Dai ZQ
203 - 211 Modification process optimization, characterization and adsorption property of granular fir-based activated carbon
Chen CJ, Li X, Tong ZF, Li Y, Li MF
212 - 221 Investigation of droplet jumping on superhydrophobic coatings during dew condensation by the observation from two directions
Yanagisawa K, Sakai M, Isobe T, Matsushita S, Nakajima A
222 - 234 Preparation of Pt-Co nanoparticles by galvanostatic pulse electrochemical codeposition on in situ electrochemical reduced graphene nanoplates based carbon paper electrode for oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Yaldagard M, Seghatoleslami N, Jahanshahi M
235 - 240 Controlled synthesis of novel rod-like Cu1.81S nanostructures and field emission properties
Song CQ, Yu K, Li SC, Yin HH, Zhang N, Zhao B, Zhu ZQ
241 - 246 The heat resistance of a polyurethane coating filled with modified nano-CaCO3
Bin L, Song-Mei L, Jian-Hua L, Mei Y
247 - 251 Improved photocatalytic activity of self-assemble TiO2 nanobelts with Au nanoparticles
Zhao DD, Yu YL, Long HJ, Cao Y
252 - 260 Selenium adsorption at different coverages on Fe(100) and Fe(111): A DFT study
Schwindt VC, Ardenghi JS, Bechthold P, Gonzalez EA, Jasen PV, Juan A, Batic BS, Jenko M
261 - 267 Enhanced room-temperature hydrogen storage in super-activated carbons: The role of porosity development by activation
Xia KS, Hu J, Jiang JH
268 - 273 Nanoporous anodic titania observed at the bottom side of the oxide layer
Kapusta-Kolodziej J, Zaraska L, Sulka GD
274 - 278 Room temperature deposited p-channel amorphous Cu1-xCrxO2-delta thin film transistors
Sanal KC, Jayaraj MK
279 - 286 Effects of steam activation on the pore structure and surface chemistry of activated carbon derived from bamboo waste
Zhang YJ, Xing ZJ, Duan ZK, Li M, Wang Y
287 - 291 Effect of SiC particle impact nano-texturing on tribological performance of 304L stainless steel
Lorenzo-Martin C, Ajayi OO
292 - 298 Numerical study on interaction of surface cracking and interfacial delamination in thermal barrier coatings under tension
Zhu W, Yang L, Guo JW, Zhou YC, Lu C
299 - 306 Controllable hydrothermal synthesis, optical and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 nanostructures
Xu YY, Zhang MC, Zhang M, Lv JG, Jiang XS, He G, Song XP, Sun ZQ
307 - 313 Electrode loading effect and high temperature performance of ZnO thin film ultrasonic transducers
Zhou XS, Zhang J, Hou R, Zhao C, Kirk KJ, Hutson D, Hu PA, Peng SM, Zu XT, Fu YQ
314 - 322 Sandwich SrTiO3/TiO2/H-Titanate nanofiber composite photocatalysts for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu YX, Wang ZL, Wang WD, An XQ, Mi SY, Tang JW, Huang WX
323 - 336 Investigation of the removing process of cathode material in micro-EDM using an atomistic-continuum model
Guo JW, Zhang GJ, Huang Y, Ming WY, Liu M, Huang H
337 - 345 Characterization of tetraethylene glycol passivated iron nanoparticles
Nunes ED, Viali WR, da Silva SW, Coaquira JAH, Garg VK, de Oliveira AC, Morais PC, Jafelicci M
346 - 352 Electrochemical fabrication of superhydrophobic Zn surfaces
Sun J, Zhang FD, Song JL, Wang L, Qu QS, Lu Y, Parkin I
353 - 359 Diffusion barrier performance of novel Ti/TaN double layers for Cu metallization
Zhou YM, He MZ, Xie Z
360 - 367 Visible-light CO2 photocatalytic reduction performance of ball-flower-like Bi2WO6 synthesized without organic precursor: Effect of post-calcination and water vapor
Sun ZX, Yang ZM, Liu HF, Wang HQ, Wu ZB
368 - 371 Limited graphene oxidation on the synthesis of ZnO-graphene hybrid nanostructures by the Zn predeposition
Sun ZC, Yang C, Liu M, Chen CS, Xu SC, Zhang C, Man BY
372 - 379 Scratch and wear behaviour of plasma sprayed nano ceramics bilayer Al2O3-13 wt%TiO2/hydroxyapatite coated on medical grade titanium substrates in SBF environment
Palanivelu R, Kumar AR
380 - 386 Mechanical, tribological and corrosion performance of WBN composite films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Yu LH, Zhao HJ, Xu JH
387 - 391 Improved optoelectronics properties of ITO-based transparent conductive electrodes with the insertion of Ag/Ni under-layer
Ali AH, Abu Bakar AS, Hassan Z
392 - 399 Thiol-modified gold nanoparticles deposited on silica support using dip coating
Magura J, Zelenakova A, Zelenak V, Kanuchova M
400 - 406 A facile method for in-situ synthesis of SnO2/graphene as a high performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Wu GL, Wu MB, Wang D, Yin LH, Ye JS, Deng SZ, Zhu ZY, Ye WJ, Li ZT
407 - 414 A biomimetic nano hybrid coating based on the lotus effect and its anti-biofouling behaviors
Li J, Wang GQ, Meng QH, Ding CH, Jiang H, Fang YZ
415 - 424 Boundary lubrication of stainless steel and CoCrMo alloy based on phosphorous and boron compounds in oil-in-water emulsion
Yan JC, Zeng XQ, Ren TH, van der Heide E
425 - 425 Preface
Kover L
426 - 431 Enhancement of surface properties on commercial polymer packaging films using various surface treatment processes (fluorination and plasma)
Peyroux J, Dubois M, Tomasella E, Petit E, Flahaut D
432 - 439 Role of substrate morphology in ion induced dewetting of thin solid films
Repetto L, Lo Savio R, Batic BS, Firpo G, Valbusa U
440 - 444 Ion induced compositional changes and nanodroplet formation on GaN surface
Venugopal V, Upadhyaya K, Kumar K, Shivaprasad SM
445 - 453 Multipactor suppression by micro-structured gold/silver coatings for space applications
Nistor V, Gonzalez LA, Aguilera L, Montero I, Galan L, Wochner U, Raboso D
454 - 458 Electrical, electronic and optical properties of amorphous indium zinc tin oxide thin films
Denny YR, Lee K, Seo S, Oh SK, Kang HJ, Yang DS, Heo S, Chung JG, Lee JC
459 - 466 Deuterium depth profile quantification in a ASDEX Upgrade divertor tile using secondary ion mass spectrometry
Ghezzi F, Caniello R, Giubertoni D, Bersani M, Hakola A, Mayer M, Rohde V, Anderle M
467 - 474 CO adsorption on PdGa(100), (111) and ((1)over-bar (1)over-bar (1)over-bar) surfaces: A DFT study
Bechthold P, Ardhengi JS, Juan A, Gonzalez EA, Jasen PV
475 - 480 Effect of water vapor and hydrogen treatments on the surface structure of Ni3Al foil
Xu Y, Ma Y, Sakurai J, Teraoka Y, Yoshigoe A, Demura M, Hirano T
481 - 489 Plasma electrolytic oxide coatings on valve metals and their activity in CO oxidation
Lukiyanchuk IV, Rudnev VS, Tyrina LM, Chernykh IV
490 - 498 Au and Pd nanoparticles supported on CeO2, TiO2, and Mn2O3 oxides
Nascente PAP, Maluf SS, Afonso CRM, Landers R, Pinheiro AN, Leite ER
499 - 505 Optical and structural characterization of the Co/Mo2C/Y system
Yuan YY, Le Guen K, Andre JM, Wang ZS, Zhu JT, Meny C, Jonnard P
506 - 509 Polarity of wurtzite crystals by photoelectron diffraction
Bartos I, Romanyuk O
510 - 515 Interface study between nanostructured tantalum nitride films and carbon nanotubes grown by chemical vapour deposition
Bouchet-Fabre B, Pinault M, Foy E, Hugon MC, Minea T, Mayne-L'Hermitea M
516 - 522 Influence of different solvents on the morphology of APTMS-modified silicon surfaces
Jaksa G, Stefane B, Kovac J
523 - 526 Application of gold nano-particles for silicon solar cells efficiency increase
Axelevitch A, Gorenstein B, Golan G
527 - 530 Thin layer joining by gas adsorption
Taga Y, Fukumura T
531 - 537 Influence of processing gases on the properties of cold atmospheric plasma SiOxCy coatings
Hamze H, Jimenez M, Deresmes D, Beaurain A, Nuns N, Traisnel M