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Applied Surface Science, Vol.314 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Highly porous Ti/SnO2 network composite film as stable binder-free anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Zhou H, Zhong Y, He ZS, Zhang LY, Wang JM, Zhang JQ, Cao CN
7 - 14 Facile one-pot approach to the synthesis of spherical mesoporous silica nanoflowers with hierarchical pore structure
Yang H, Liao SJ, Huang C, Du L, Chen P, Huang PY, Fu ZY, Li YW
15 - 20 Adsorption of alkali metal atoms on germanene: A first-principles study
Pang Q, Zhang CL, Li L, Fu ZQ, Wei XM, Song YL
21 - 29 Incubation and nanostructure formation on n- and p-type Si(100) and Si(111) at various doping levels induced by sub-nanojoule femto- and picosecond near-infrared laser pulses
Schule M, Afshar M, Feili D, Seidel H, Konig K, Straub M
30 - 39 Obtaining, structural, magnetic and corrosive properties of Nd-Fe-B alloy thin films on glass
Neacsu EI, Constantin V, Yanushkevish K, Galyas A, Demidenko O, Calderon-Moreno J, Popescu AM
40 - 45 Electrically conducting superhydrophobic microtextured carbon nanotube nanocomposite
Caffrey PO, Gupta MC
46 - 51 The effect of nitrogen incorporation in DLC films deposited by ECR Microwave Plasma CVD
Seker Z, Ozdamar H, Esen M, Esen R, Kavak H
52 - 63 Surface pretreatment effects on titanium chips for the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria in the MALDI-TOF MS
Hasan N, Gopal J, Wu HF
64 - 70 Enzyme encapsulation in silica gel prepared by polylysine and its catalytic activity
Kawachi Y, Kugimiya S, Nakamura H, Kato K
71 - 77 A highly efficient synthetic process of graphene films with tunable optical properties
Han F, Yang SM, Jing WX, Jiang K, Jiang ZD, Liu H, Li L
78 - 89 A theoretical and experimental study on the pulsed laser dressing of bronze-bonded diamond grinding wheels
Deng H, Chen GY, Zhou C, Zhou XC, He J, Zhang Y
90 - 96 A DFT study on the possibility of using boron nitride nanotubes as a dehydrogenation catalyst for methanol
Esrafili MD, Nurazar R
97 - 103 Mg-doped ZnO thin films deposited by the atomic layer chemical vapor deposition for the buffer layer of CIGS solar cell
Li ZH, Cho ES, Kwon SJ
104 - 111 Hard Cr-Al-Si-B-(N) coatings deposited by reactive and non-reactive magnetron sputtering of CrAlSiB target
Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Pierson JF, Kuptsov KA, Shtansky DV
112 - 118 Effect of rutile phase on V2O5 supported over TiO2 mixed phase for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Zhang SL, Zhong Q, Wang YN
119 - 123 Solid source growth of Si oxide nanowires promoted by carbon nanotubes
Lu CX, Liu WW, Wang XL, Li XC, Tan CW, Tay BK, Coquet P
124 - 128 Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of (100)-oriented 0.9Pb(Sc0.5Ta0.5)O-3-0.1%PbTiO3/0.55Pb(Sc0.5Ta0.5)O-3-0.45%PbTiO3 heterostructures
Li XD, Liu H, Liu G, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG
129 - 137 Pb(II) removal from aqueous solution by a low-cost adsorbent dry desulfurization slag
Wu Q, You RR, Clark M, Yu Y
138 - 144 Fabrication Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor chip of gold nanoparticles and detection lipase-osmolytes interaction
Ghodselahi T, Hoornam S, Vesaghi MA, Ranjbar B, Azizi A, Mobasheri H
145 - 150 A computational study of the double-bands plasmonic light scattering of Al2O3 coated Al nanoshells in the deep-ultraviolet range
Zhu J, Li JJ, Zhao JW
151 - 157 Nanomechanical morphology of amorphous, transition, and crystalline domains in phase change memory thin films
Bosse JL, Grishin I, Huey BD, Kolosov OV
158 - 165 Full characterization of Eu(OH)(3) and Eu2O3 nanorods
Kang JG, Jung Y, Min BK, Sohn Y
166 - 173 Efficient removal and highly selective adsorption of Hg2+ by polydopamine nanospheres with total recycle capacity
Zhang XL, Jia X, Zhang GX, Hu JM, Sheng WB, Ma ZY, Lu JJ, Liu ZY
174 - 179 Epitaxially grown polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on solid-phase crystallised seed layers
Li W, Varlamov S, Xue CW
180 - 187 Synergetic effect of organic cores and inorganic shells for core/shell structured composite abrasives for chemical mechanical planarization
Chen Y, Li ZN, Miao NM
188 - 192 Band gap widening and d(0) ferromagnetism in epitaxial Li-doped Sno(2) films
Wang JC, Zhou W, Wu P
193 - 198 Nanotribological performance of fullerene-like carbon nitride films
Flores-Ruiz FJ, Enriquez-Flores CI, Chinas-Castillo F, Espinoza-Beltran FJ
199 - 207 Characterization and functionalities of Pd/hydrotalcite catalysts
Naresh D, Kumar VP, Harisekhar M, Nagaraju N, Putrakumar B, Chary KVR
208 - 214 Laser-assisted preparation and photoelectric properties of grating-structured Pt/FTO thin films
Ren NF, Huang LJ, Li BJ, Zhou M
215 - 220 High precision patterning of ITO using femtosecond laser annealing process
Cheng CW, Lin CY
221 - 227 In vitro biological response to the oxide layer in pure titanium formed at different current densities by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Shin KR, Kim YS, Yang HW, Ko YG, Shin DH
228 - 232 Facile synthesis of RGO/NiO composites and their excellent electromagnetic wave absorption properties
Zhang H, Tian XY, Wang CP, Luo HL, Hu J, Shen YH, Xie AJ
233 - 240 Electrochemical characteristics of a carbon fibre composite and the associated galvanic effects with aluminium alloys
Liu Z, Curioni M, Jamshidi P, Walker A, Prengnell P, Thompson GE, Skeldon P
241 - 250 Effect of wettability and surface roughness on ice-adhesion strength of hydrophilic, hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces
Bharathidasan T, Kumar SV, Bobji MS, Chakradhar RPS, Basu BJ
251 - 259 Effect of preparation conditions on the characteristics and photocatalytic activity of TiO2/purified diatomite composite photocatalysts
Sun ZM, Hu ZB, Yan Y, Zheng SL
260 - 265 Effective immobilization of DNA for development of polypyrrole nanowires based biosensor
Tran TL, Chu TX, Huynh DC, Pham DT, Luu THT, Mai AT
266 - 272 One-step synthesis of a sulfur-graphene composite with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Hu CY, Zheng SZ, Lian CJ, Chen F, Lu TW, Hu QH, Duo SW, Zhang RB, Guan CY
273 - 279 Preparation of genosensor for detection of specific DNA sequence of the hepatitis B virus
Castro ACH, Franca EG, de Paula LF, Soares MMCN, Goulart LR, Madurro JM, Brito-Madurro AG
280 - 285 UV/ozone surface treatment increases hydrophilicity and enhances functionality of SU-8 photoresist polymer
Delplanque A, Henry E, Lautru J, Leh H, Buckle M, Nogues C
286 - 291 Simulating the growth process of aromatic polyamide layer by monomer concentration controlling method
Jin Y, Liang SM, Wu ZC, Cai ZQ, Zhao N
292 - 300 Surface studies on benzophenone doped PDMS microstructures fabricated using KrF excimer laser direct write lithography
Kant MB, Shinde SD, Bodas D, Patil KR, Sathe VG, Adhi KP, Gosavi SW
301 - 307 Straightforward approach to graft bioactive polysaccharides onto polyurethane surfaces using an ionic liquid
Bigot S, Louarn G, Kebir N, Burel F
308 - 313 Surface free energy of alkali and transition metal nanoparticles
Aqra F, Ayyad A
314 - 321 CO2 adsorption in amine-grafted zeolite 13X
Bezerra DP, da Silva FWM, de Moura PAS, Sousa AGS, Vieira RS, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Azevedo DCS
322 - 330 Loss of implanted heavy elements during annealing of ultra-shallow ion-implanted silicon: The complete picture
Chan TK, Koh SY, Fang V, Markwitz A, Osipowicz T
331 - 340 Practical approach in surface modification of biaxially oriented polypropylene films for gravure printability
Nuntapichedkul B, Tantayanon S, Laohhasurayotin K
341 - 347 Fabrication and characterization of modified-hydroxyapatite/polyetheretherketone coating materials
Ma R, Fang L, Luo ZK, Zheng RS, Song SH, Weng LQ, Lei JP
348 - 357 Antibacterial and bioactivity of silver substituted hydroxyapatite/TiO2 nanotube composite coatings on titanium
Yan YJ, Zhang XJ, Huang Y, Ding QQ, Pang XF
358 - 366 Effect of doping on the modification of polycrystalline silicon by spontaneous reduction of diazonium salts
Girard A, Coulon N, Cardinaud C, Mohammed-Brahim T, Geneste F
367 - 375 Surface modification of polymeric materials by cold atmospheric plasma jet
Kostov KG, Nishime TMC, Castro AHR, Toth A, Hein LRO
376 - 383 Theoretical and experimental study of the incorporation of tobramycin and strontium-ions into hydroxyapatite by means of co-precipitation
Wang BC, Lilja M, Ma TR, Sorensen J, Steckel H, Ahuja R, Stromme M
384 - 391 Hydrogen photochromism in V2O5 layers prepared by the sol-gel technology
Wang Y, Pan L, Li Y, Gavrilyuk AI
392 - 399 Characteristics and anticorrosion performance of Fe-doped TiO2 films by liquid phase deposition method
Liu Y, Xu C, Feng ZD
400 - 407 EXAFS study on yttrium oxide thin films deposited by RF plasma enhanced MOCVD under the influence of varying RF self-bias
Chopade SS, Nayak C, Bhattacharyya D, Jha SN, Tokas RB, Sahoo NK, Patil DS
408 - 414 Cu mesh's super-hydrophobic and oleophobic properties with variations in gravitational pressure and surface components for oil/water separation applications
Guo W, Zhang Q, Xiao HB, Xu J, Li QT, Pan XH, Huang ZY
415 - 425 Experimental study of pyrolytic boron nitride at high temperature with and without proton and VUV irradiations
Balat-Pichelin M, Eck J, Heurtault S, Glenat H
426 - 432 Effect of cationic surfactants on characteristics and colorimetric behavior of polydiacetylene/silica nanocomposite as time-temperature indicator
Nopwinyuwong A, Kitaoka T, Boonsupthip W, Pechyen C, Suppakul P
433 - 442 Low energy Cu clusters slow deposition on a Fe (001) surface investigated by molecular dynamics simulation
Zhang SX, Gong HF, Chen XZ, Li GP, Wang ZG
443 - 446 Effect of annealing temperature on formation of superparamagnetism in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions
Cao JW, Liu Y, Ren Y, Wei FL, Freitas PP
447 - 452 Effect of Na2SiO3 solution concentration of micro-arc oxidation process on lap-shear strength of adhesive-bonded magnesium alloys
Gao HT, Zhang M, Yang X, Huang P, Xu KW
453 - 457 Low temperature magneto-transport properties in bilayered magnetic anti-dot mircoarrays
Deshpande NG, Hwang JS, Seo MS, Yoo YJ, Rhee JY, Kim KW, Shao YC, Chen KH, Pong WF, Lee YP
458 - 463 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 on MgO/TiO2 nanotube films
Li QY, Zong LL, Li C, Yang JJ
464 - 467 Polymer/porous GaN bulk heterojunction and its optoelectronic property
Hu LF, Wang FX, Deng FX, Zhao Y, Pan GB
468 - 475 The dependency of microstructure and mechanical properties of nanostructured alumina-titania coatings on critical plasma spraying parameter
Wang HD, Ma JL, Li GL, Kang JJ, Xu BS
476 - 480 Thermochromic VO2 on Zinnwaldite Mica by pulsed laser deposition
Mathevula L, Ngom BD, Kotsedi L, Sechogela P, Doyle TB, Ghouti M, Maaza M
481 - 489 BiOI nanosheets decorated TiO2 nanofiber: Tailoring water purification performance of photocatalyst in structural and photo-responsivity aspects
Liao CX, Ma ZJ, Dong GP, Qiu JR
490 - 499 Dominantly epitaxial growth of graphene on Ni (111) substrate
Fogarassy Z, Rummeli MH, Gorantla S, Bachmatiuk A, Dobrik G, Kamaras K, Biro LP, Havancsak K, Labar JL
500 - 504 Preparation and frictional investigation of the two-components silanes deposited on alumina surface
Kosla K, Grobelny J, Cichomski M
505 - 509 Efficient suppression of nanograss during porous anodic TiO2 nanotubes growth
Gui QF, Yu DL, Li DD, Song Y, Zhu XF, Cao L, Zhang SY, Ma WH, You SY
510 - 515 Chitosan/graphene oxide nanocomposite films with enhanced interfacial interaction and their electrochemical applications
He LH, Wang HF, Xia GM, Sun J, Song R
516 - 522 Effect of various additives on morphological and structural characteristics of pulse electrodeposited tin coatings from stannous sulfate electrolyte
Sharma A, Das K, Fecht HJ, Das S
523 - 529 One-pot synthesis of urchinlike Ni nanoparticles/RGO composites with extraordinary electromagnetic absorption properties
Liu GZ, Jiang W, Sun DP, Wang YP, Li FS
530 - 536 Geometric study of transparent superhydrophobic surfaces of molded and grid patterned polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
Davaasuren G, Ngo CV, Oh HS, Chun DM
537 - 545 Corrosion inhibition of Eleusine aegyptiaca and Croton rottleri leaf extracts on cast iron surface in 1 M HCl medium
Rajeswari V, Kesavan D, Gopiraman M, Viswanathamurthi P, Poonkuzhali K, Palvannan T
546 - 551 Ti/Al ohmic contacts on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures with different defect density
Greco G, Iucolano F, Bongiorno C, Giannazzo F, Krysko M, Leszczynski M, Roccaforte F
552 - 557 Synthesis of hollow silica nanosphere with high accessible surface area and their hybridization with carbon matrix for drastic enhancement of electrochemical property
Alam MM, Yamahana H, Bastakoti BP, Luitel HN, Zhao WW, Yamauchi Y, Watari T, Noguchi H, Nakashima K
558 - 563 Theoretical study of SO2 adsorption on goethite (110) surface
Zubieta CE, Fortunato LF, Belelli PG, Ferullo RM
564 - 569 Durability of nanostructured coatings based on PTFE nanoparticles deposited on porous aluminum alloy
Ghalmi Z, Farzaneh M
570 - 574 Properties of atomic-layer-deposited ultra-thin AIN films on GaAs surfaces
Mattila P, Bosund M, Jussila H, Aierken A, Riikonen J, Huhtio T, Lipsanen H, Sopanen M
575 - 580 Structural, energetic and electrical properties of boron nitride nanotubes interacting with DMMP chemical agent
Ganji MD, Gholian M, Mohammadzadeh S
581 - 585 Synthesis and characterization of AlTiSiN/CrSiN multilayer coatings by cathodic arc ion-plating
Yang B, Tian CX, Wan Q, Yan SJ, Liu HD, Wang RY, Li ZG, Chen YM, Fu DJ
586 - 591 Evolution of kinetically controlled In-induced surface structure on Si(557) surfacee
Chauhan AKS, Eldose NM, Mishra M, Niazi A, Nair L, Gupta G
592 - 598 Gadolinium doped cerium oxide for soot oxidation: Influence of interfacial metal-support interactions
Durgasri DN, Vinodkumar T, Lin FJ, Alxneit I, Reddy BM
599 - 602 Voltage-driven hysteretic changes in magnetization in multiferroic Co/BTO composite thin films
Shu L, Hu JM, Gao Y, Wu L, Ma J, Lin YH, Nan CW
603 - 609 Mechanical and interfacial properties of poly(vinyl chloride) based composites reinforced by cassava stillage residue with different surface treatments
Zhang YJ, Gan T, Li Q, Su JM, Lin Y, Wei YZ, Huang ZQ, Yang M
610 - 621 Box-counting methods to directly estimate the fractal dimension of a rock surface
Ai T, Zhang R, Zhou HW, Pei JL
622 - 627 Strong enhancement flux pinning in MOD-YBa2Cu3O7-x, films with self-assembled BaTiO3 nanocolumns
Ding FZ, Gu HW, Zhang T, Wang HY, Qu F, Qiu QQ, Dai ST, Peng XY, Cao JL
628 - 632 The influence on magnetic property of nickel nanoparticles deposited on the silicon nanowires arrays at low temperature
Wang ZL, Yin HH, Chen YH, Guo XL, Zhang XF, Song CQ, Zhang J
633 - 637 Microfabrication of electroluminescent polymer for devices construction
Estevam-Alves R, Ferreira PHD, Almeida GFB, Sousa WS, Mendonca CR
638 - 641 Performance enhancement of dye-sensitized solar cells by incorporating graphene sheets of various sizes
Satapathi S, Gill HS, Das S, Li L, Samuelson L, Green MJ, Kumar J
642 - 654 Immobilisation of an antibacterial drug to Ti6Al4V components fabricated using selective laser melting
Vaithilingam J, Kilsby S, Goodridge RD, Christie SDR, Edmondson S, Hague RJM
655 - 662 Selective adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution by EDA-Fe3O4 nanoparticles prepared from steel pickling waste liquor
Fang XB, Fang ZQ, Tsang PKE, Cheng W, Yan XM, Zheng LC
663 - 669 Facile synthesis and characterization of trimesic acid-Cu based metal organic frameworks
Sahiner N, Sel K, Ozturk OF, Demirci S, Terzi G
670 - 678 Cell growing on ion implanted polytetrafluorethylene
Kondyurina I, Shardakov I, Nechitailo G, Terpugov V, Kondyurin A
679 - 685 A low-cost, high-efficiency and high-flexibility surface modification technology for a black bisphenol A polycarbonate board
Wang SH, Liu JG, Lv M, Zeng XY
686 - 696 Impact of chlorinated disinfection on copper corrosion in hot water systems
Montes JC, Hamdani F, Creus J, Touzain S, Correc O
697 - 703 Reversible immobilization of BSA on Cu-chelated PAMAM dendrimer modified iron oxide nanoparticles
Demir M, Senel M, Baykal A
704 - 710 Morphology and microstructure of picene thin-films for air-operating transistors
Diallo AK, Kurihara R, Yoshimoto N, Videlot-Ackermann C
711 - 719 Synthesis and characterization of thick PZT films via sol-gel dip coating method
Shakeri A, Abdizadeh H, Golobostanfard MR
720 - 724 Overhanging ferroelectric nanodot arrays created by high surface energy seeds
Kim J, Park KW, Hong J, No K
725 - 734 Oxygen vacancy promoted CO oxidation over Pt/CeO2 catalysts: A reaction at Pt-CeO2 interface
Liu HH, Wang Y, Jia AP, Wang SY, Luo MF, Lu JQ
735 - 745 Correlation between microstructure evolution and high temperature properties of TiAlSiN hard coatings with different Si and Al content
Chen T, Xie ZW, Gong F, Luo ZZ, Yang Z
746 - 753 Cobalt nanoparticles-embedded magnetic ordered mesoporous carbon for highly effective adsorption of rhodamine B
Tang L, Cai Y, Yang GD, Liu YY, Zeng GM, Zhou YY, Li SS, Wang JJ, Zhang S, Fang Y, He YB
754 - 759 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces with low roughness on Ti-6Al-4V substrates via anodization
Gao YZ, Sun YW, Guo DM
760 - 767 Microstructure and wear properties of Al2O3-CeO2/Ni-base alloy composite coatings on aluminum alloys by plasma spray
He L, Tan YF, Wang XL, Xu T, Hong X
768 - 776 Corrosion mechanism of 13Cr stainless steel in completion fluid of high temperature and high concentration bromine salt
Liu Y, Xu LN, Lu MX, Meng Y, Zhu JY, Zhang L
777 - 785 High temperature passive film on the surface of Co-Cr-Mo alloy and its tribological properties
Guo FF, Dong GN, Dong LS
786 - 793 Wide-spectrum Mg and Ga co-doped ZnO-TCO thin films with introduced hydrogen grown by magnetron sputtering at room temperature
Tian CS, Chen XL, Liu JM, Zhang DK, Wei CC, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
794 - 799 A comparative DFT study of the structural and electronic properties of nonpolar GaN surfaces
Gonzalez-Hernandez R, Gonzalez-Garcia A, Barragan-Yani D, Lopez-Perez W
800 - 806 Core-level photoemission from nanocluster-matrix composites: Au clusters in amorphous carbon
Calliari L, Minati L, Speranza G, Paris A, Baranov A, Fanchenko S
807 - 814 Tailoring of UV/violet plasmonic properties in Ag, and Cu coated Al concaves arrays
Norek M, Wlodarski M, Stepniowski WJ
815 - 821 Graphene-poly(vinyl alcohol) composites: Fabrication, adsorption and electrochemical properties
Wang N, Chang PR, Zheng PW, Ma XF
822 - 831 Pulse electrochemical machining on Invar alloy: Optical microscopic/SEM and non-contact 3D measurement study of surface analyses
Kim SH, Choi SG, Choi WK, Yang BY, Lee ES
832 - 840 Synthesis of a novel multi N-halamines siloxane precursor and its antimicrobial activity on cotton
Wu L, Xu Y, Cai L, Zang X, Li ZX
841 - 844 The atomic structure of Pt on Si(111) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Gao M, Pan Y, Xu WY, Huang L, Wang YL, Lin Y, Gao HJ
845 - 849 Effect of crystal orientation in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 fabricated by multi-layer precursor method on its cell performance
Chantana J, Watanabe T, Teraji S, Kawamura K, Minemoto T
850 - 857 Synchrotron-based XPS studies of AlGaN and GaN surface chemistry and its relationship to ion sensor behaviour
Khir FLM, Myers M, Podolska A, Sanders TM, Baker MV, Nener BD, Parish G
858 - 863 Light extraction enhancement from organic light-emitting diodes with randomly scattered surface fixture
Zhou DY, Shi XB, Gao CH, Cai SD, Jin Y, Liao LS
864 - 871 Plasmonic TiO2/AgBr/Ag ternary composite nanosphere with heterojunction structure for advanced visible light photocatalyst
Dai K, Li DP, Lu LH, Liu Q, Liang CH, Lv JL, Zhu GP
872 - 876 High quality ZnO-TiO2 core-shell nanowires for efficient ultraviolet sensing
Shao DL, Sun HT, Xin GQ, Lian J, Sawyer S
877 - 887 Influence of Cd2+/S2- molar ratio and of different capping environments in the optical properties of CdS nanoparticles incorporated within a hybrid diureasil matrix
Goncalves LFFF, Silva CJR, Kanodarwala FK, Stride JA, Pereira MR, Gomes MJM
888 - 895 Study of the formation process of titanium oxides containing micro arc oxidation film on Mg alloys
Song YW, Dong KH, Shan DY, Han EH
896 - 905 Theoretical calculations on the adhesion, stability, electronic structure and bonding of SiC/W interface
Jin N, Yang YQ, Luo X, Li J, Huang B, Liu S, Xiao ZY
906 - 909 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surface on zinc substrate by 3-trifluoromethylbenzene diazonium tetrafluoroborate salts
Li H, Huang CY, Zhang L, Lou WQ
910 - 918 Li-N doped and codoped TiO2 thin films deposited by dip-coating: Characterization and photocatalytic activity under halogen lamp
Hamden Z, Boufi S, Conceicao DS, Ferraria AM, do Rego AMB, Ferreira DP, Ferreira LFV, Bouattour S
919 - 930 Effect of reaction conditions on methyl red degradation mediated by boron and nitrogen doped TiO2
Galenda A, Crociani L, El Habra N, Favaro M, Natile MM, Rossetto G
931 - 935 Excellent acetone sensing properties of Sm-doped alpha-Fe2O3
Su C, Liu CB, Liu L, Ni MC, Li HY, Bo XQ, Liu LL, Chi X
936 - 941 Electrochemical performance and kinetic behavior of lithium ion in Li4Ti5O12 thin film electrodes
Deng JQ, Lu ZG, Chung CY, Han XD, Wang ZM, Zhou HY
942 - 955 Analytical and numerical depth resolution functions in sputter profiling
Hofmann S, Liu Y, Wang JY, Kovac J
956 - 966 Ionic liquids influence on the surface properties of electron beam irradiated wood
Croitoru C, Patachia S, Doroftei F, Parparita E, Vasile C
967 - 972 Effects of bioglass powders with and without mesoporous structures on fibroblast and osteoblast responses
Shih CJ, Lu PS, Hsieh CH, Chen WC, Chen JC
973 - 982 An atomistic study of growth mode and microstructure evolution of amorphous carbon films by different incident carbon atoms
Xue C, Zhou JQ
983 - 990 Nanoscale ionic graphene material with liquid-like behavior in the absence of solvent
Li PP, Zheng YP, Wu YW, Qu P, Yang RL, Zhang AB
991 - 999 Fabrication of polyimide-based nanocomposites containing functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets by in-situ polymerization and their properties
Qian Y, Lan YF, Xu JP, Ye FC, Dai SZ
1000 - 1006 Hydrothermal synthesis of NiCo2O4 nanowires/nitrogen-doped graphene for high-performance supercapacitor
Yu M, Chen JP, Ma YX, Zhang JD, Liu JH, Li SM, An JW
1007 - 1018 Microstructural characterization and some mechanical properties of gas-borided Inconel 600-alloy
Makuch N, Kulka M
1019 - 1025 Characterization of chemically and enzymatically treated hemp fibres using atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy
George M, Mussone PG, Abboud Z, Bressler DC
1026 - 1033 Solution combustion method for synthesis of nanostructured hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite
Zhao JJ, Dong XC, Bian MM, Zhao JF, Zhang Y, Sun Y, Chen JH, Wang XH
1034 - 1040 Crystalline ha coating on peek via chemical deposition
Almasi D, Izman S, Assadian M, Ghanbari M, Kadir MRA
1041 - 1046 Competitive graphitization and diamond growth on hot-dip aluminized carbon steel substrate
Li YS, Ma HT, Yang LZ, Zhang CZ, Feng RF, Yang Q, Hirose A
1047 - 1052 Effect of residual H2O on epitaxial AN film growth on 4H-SiC by alternating doses of TMA and NH3
Perng YC, Kim T, Chang JP
1053 - 1062 The evaluation of hierarchical structured superhydrophobic coatings for the alleviation of insect residue to aircraft laminar flow surfaces
Kok M, Young TM
1063 - 1069 Preparation and characterization of multi-carboxyl-functionalized silica gel for removal of Cu (II), Cd (II), Ni (II) and Zn (II) from aqueous solution
Li M, Li MY, Feng CG, Zeng QX
1070 - 1073 Molecular beam deposition and polymerization of parylene-N ultrathin films: Effective buffers in organic light emitting diodes
Hu YM, Li RH, He Y, Zhang XQ, Li MQ, Zhu Y, Yi JH, Fu RC
1074 - 1081 Trajectory effect on the properties of large area ZnO thin films deposited by atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Juang JY, Chou TS, Lin HT, Chou YF, Weng CC
1082 - 1086 Electrical properties of SAM-modified ITO surface using aromatic small molecules with double bond carboxylic acid groups for OLED applications
Can M, Havare AK, Aydin H, Yagmurcukardes N, Demic S, Icli S, Okur S
1087 - 1092 Solubility limit of carbon in Rh measured by graphene growth on the surface
Rut'kov EV, Gall NR
1093 - 1093 Measuring the adhesion of alumina coatings onto Fecralloy supports using a mechanical testing system (Retraction of vol 259, pg 338, 2012)
Adegbite SA