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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Improving the photocatalytic activity and stability of graphene-like BN/AgBr composites
Chen JJ, Zhu JX, Da ZL, Xu H, Yan J, Ji HY, Shu HM, Li HM
10 - 18 A comparative research on TiAlN coatings reactively sputtered from powder and from smelting TiAl targets at various nitrogen flow rates
Zhou WP, Liang JC, Zhang FG, Mu JG, Zhao HB
19 - 25 Examination of charge transfer in Au/YSZ for high-temperature optical gas sensing
Baltrus JP, Ohodnicki PR, Joy NA, Carpenter MA
26 - 30 Blacking of nano-CdS thin film from gas/liquid interface for enhanced photoelectrochemical performances
Lu XQ, Yin XL, Pu F, Xia Y, Huang W, Li ZL
31 - 40 Mechanism of (NH4)S2O8 to enhance the anti-corrosion performance of Mo-Ce inhibitor on X80 steel in acid solution
Zhu YH, Zhuang J, Zeng XG
41 - 47 Influence of W doped ZrV2O7 on structure, negative thermal expansion property and photocatalytic performance
Liu QQ, Yang J, Sun XJ, Cheng XN, Tang H, Li HH
48 - 52 Pulsed laser deposition growth of rutile TiO2 nanowires on Silicon substrates
Nechache R, Nicklaus M, Diffalah N, Ruediger A, Rosei F
53 - 59 Experimental study on surface modification of PET films under bipolar nanosecond-pulse dielectric barrier discharge in atmospheric air
Liu YF, Su CQ, Ren X, Fan C, Zhou WW, Wang F, Ding WD
60 - 66 In vivo study of nanostructured diopside (CaMgSi2O6) coating on magnesium alloy as biodegradable orthopedic implants
Razavi M, Fathi M, Savabi O, Razavi SM, Heidari F, Manshaei M, Vashaee D, Tayebi L
67 - 75 Investigation of subsurface damages and surface roughness in grinding process of Zerodur (R) glass-ceramic
Esmaeilzare A, Rahimi A, Rezaei SM
76 - 84 Liquid phase surface melting of AA8011 aluminum alloy by addition of Al/Al2O3 nano-composite powders synthesized by high-energy milling
Sohi MH, Hojjatzadeh SMH, Moosavifar SS, Heshmati-Manesh S
85 - 92 Preparation and characterization of carbon/Sic nanowire/Na-doped carbonated hydroxyapatite multilayer coating for carbon/carbon composites
Zhang LL, Li HJ, Li KZ, Zhang SY, Fu QG, Zhang YL, Lu JH, Li W
93 - 101 Control of oil-wetting on technical textiles by means of photo-chemical surface modification and its relevance to the performance of compressed air filters
Bahners T, Molter-Siemens W, Haep S, Gutmann JS
102 - 106 Nano tracks in fullerene film by dense electronic excitations
Kumar P, Avasthi DK, Ghatak J, Satyam PV, Prakash R, Kumar A
107 - 115 Silver nanocluster-silica composite antibacterial coatings for materials to be used in mobile telephones
Miola M, Perero S, Ferraris S, Battiato A, Manfredotti C, Vittone E, Del Vento D, Vada S, Fucale G, Ferraris M
116 - 122 Effect of oxygen adsorption on surface tension of liquid copper: Experiments and thermodynamic models
Abbasi M, Lee J, Shin M, Kim Y, Kang Y
123 - 131 A practical technique for the generation of highly uniform LIPSS
Ardron M, Weston N, Hand D
132 - 137 Nucleation and growth of boron nanowires on diamond particles
Bai H, Zou HH, Chen GX, Yu JH, Nishimura K, Dai W, Jiang N
138 - 143 Surface integrity evolution and machining efficiency analysis of W-EDM of nickel-based alloy
Li L, Wei XT, Li ZY
144 - 151 Controllable fabrication of large-area 2D colloidal crystal masks with large size defect-free domains based on statistical experimental design
Cheng YJ, Jonsson PG, Zhao Z
152 - 158 Annealing temperature dependence of the structures and properties of Co-implanted ZnO films
Chen B, Tang K, Gu SL, Ye JD, Huang SM, Gu R, Zhang Y, Yao ZR, Zhu SM, Zheng YD
159 - 165 Growth study of nanoscale Re-Ni coatings on functionalized SiO2 using electroless plating
Duhin A, Rozenblat-Raz A, Burstein L, Inberg A, Horvitz D, Shacham-Diamand Y, Eliaz N, Gileadi E
166 - 171 Growth, thermal stability and magnetism of Ni ultrathin films on 0-3 x 3/W(111) surface
Tsai CJ, Hsueh KJ, Plusnin N, Kuo CC, Lin WC
172 - 182 Biocompatibility of TiO2 and TiO2/heparin coatings on NiTi alloy
Huang J, Dong P, Hao WC, Wang TM, Xia YY, Da GZ, Fan YB
183 - 195 Ru promoted cobalt catalyst on gamma-Al2O3: Influence of different catalyst preparation method and Ru loadings on Fischer-Tropsch reaction and kinetics
Parnian MJ, Najafabadi AT, Mortazavi Y, Khodadadi AA, Nazzari I
196 - 206 High resolution X-ray and electron microscopy characterization of PZT thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Maurya KK, Halder SK, Sen S, Bose A, Bysakh S
207 - 214 Nanoclay embedded mixed matrix PVDF nanocomposite membrane: Preparation, characterization and biofouling resistance
Rajabi H, Ghaemi N, Madaeni SS, Daraei P, Khadivi MA, Falsafi M
215 - 219 Effect of filler dispersion and dispersion method on the piezoelectric and magnetoelectric response of CoFe2O4/P(VDF-TrFE) nanocomposites
Martins P, Goncalves R, Lanceros-Mendez S, Lasheras A, Gutierrez J, Barandiaran JM
220 - 226 Fabrication and test of adhesion enhanced flexible carbon nanotube transparent conducting films
Li H, Geng HZ, Meng Y, Wang Y, Xu XB, Ding EX, Gao J, Chen LT, Ma S
227 - 236 Oxidative heat treatment of 316L stainless steel for effective catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes
Zhuo CW, Wang X, Nowak W, Levendis YA
237 - 242 Template-induced fabrication of nanopatterned polymeric films by inkjet printing
Xu Q, Ihalainen P, Smatt JH, Maattanen A, Sund P, Wilen CE, Peltonen J
243 - 250 Investigation of laser cladding high temperature anti-wear composite coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy with the addition of self-lubricant CaF2
Xiang ZF, Liu XB, Ren J, Luo J, Shi SH, Chen Y, Shi GL, Wu SH
251 - 258 Surface properties of UV irradiated PC-TiO2 nanocomposite film
Jaleh B, Shahbazi N
259 - 266 Electrochemical behaviour of ZrTi alloys in artificial physiological solution simulating in vitro inflammatory conditions
Izquierdo J, Bolat G, Mareci D, Munteanu C, Gonzalez S, Souto RM
267 - 275 The influence of deposition parameters on Ti/Pt film growth by confocal sputtering and the temperature dependent resistance behavior using SiOx and Al2O3 substrates
Schmidl G, Dellith J, Kessler E, Schinkel U
276 - 285 Fabrication of anodic porous alumina via anodizing in cyclic oxocarbon acids
Kikuchi T, Nakajima D, Kawashima J, Natsui S, Suzuki RO
286 - 292 Comparative study of structural, and optical properties of pulsed and RF plasma polymerized aniline films
Barman T, Pal AR, Chutia J
293 - 303 Self-supporting CVD diamond charge state conversion surfaces for high resolution imaging of low-energy neutral atoms in space plasmas
Neuland MB, Riedo A, Scheer JA, Wurz P
304 - 310 Durable superhydrophobic and superoleophilic filter paper for oil-water separation prepared by a colloidal deposition method
Du C, Wang JD, Chen ZF, Chen DR
311 - 319 Effect of nitrogen incorporation on the structural, optical and dielectric properties of reactive sputter grown ITO films
Gartner M, Stroescu H, Marin A, Osiceanu P, Anastasescu M, Stoica M, Nicolescu M, Duta M, Preda S, Aperathitis E, Pantazis A, Kampylafka V, Modreanu M, Zaharescu M
320 - 324 Changes in surface properties of anthracite coal before and after inside/outside weathering processes
Xia WC, Yang JG
325 - 332 Research on gears' dynamic performance influenced by gear backlash based on fractal theory
Chen Q, Ma YB, Huang SW, Zhai H
333 - 340 Mechanical properties of several laser remelting processed steels with different unit spacings
Wang CW, Zhou H, Liang N, Wang CT, Cong DL, Meng C, Ren LQ
341 - 345 Structural changes induced by thermal annealing in Cr/C multilayers
Tu YC, Zhu JT, Li HC, Jonnard P, Le Guen K, Andre JM, Chen H, Wang ZS
346 - 351 Fabrication of Ag-C composite materials with core-shell structure
Zheng JW, Wang ZL, Liang Q, Cai W, Jiang LQ, Yao Y, Che SL
352 - 359 Nitric acid modification of activated carbon produced from waste tea and adsorption of methylene blue and phenol
Gokce Y, Aktas Z
360 - 367 Electrospun Mn2O3 nanowrinkles and Mn3O4 nanorods: Morphology and catalytic application
Liu MZ, Wang YP, Cheng ZQ, Zhang MY, Hu MJ, Li JF
368 - 371 VO2(110) film formation on TiO2(110) through post-reduction of ALD grown vanadium oxide
Kim CY, Kim SH, Kim SJ, An KS
372 - 381 Bioactive glass functionalized with alkaline phosphatase stimulates bone extracellular matrix deposition and calcification in vitro
Verne E, Ferraris S, Vitale-Brovarone C, Cochis A, Rimondini L
382 - 388 Low-temperature-annealed alumina/polyimide gate insulators for solution-processed ZnO thin-film transistors
Yoo S, Yoon JY, Ryu J, Kim YH, Ka JW, Yi MH, Jang KS
389 - 395 Tuning porous silica nanofibers by colloid electrospinning for dye adsorption
Wu CJ, Yuan W, Al-Deyab SS, Zhang KQ
396 - 404 Effect of Cu and Ni on sulfide film formation and corrosion behavior of pressure vessel steel in acid sour environment
Kim SJ, Jung HG, Park GT, Kim KY
405 - 410 Improving SO2 gas sensing properties of graphene by introducing dopant and defect: A first-principles study
Liu XY, Zhang JM, Xu KW, Ji V
411 - 417 One-step fabrication of superhydrophobic hierarchical structures by femtosecond laser ablation
Rukosuyev MV, Lee J, Cho SJ, Lim G, Jun MBG
418 - 423 DC-magnetron sputtering of ZnO:Al films on (00.1)Al2O3 substrates from slip-casting sintered ceramic targets
Miccoli I, Spampinato R, Marzo F, Prete P, Lovergine N
424 - 431 First principles study on the adsorption of Pt-n (n=1-4) on gamma-Al2O3(110) surface
Liu YL, Cen WL, Feng G, Chu YH, Kong DJ, Yin HQ
432 - 439 Promotion and inhibition effects of TiOx species on Rh inverse model catalysts
Bugyi L, Szenti I, Konya Z
440 - 448 Electrooxidation of p-nitrophenol using a composite organo-smectite clay glassy carbon electrode
Zunic MJ, Milutinovic-Nikolic AD, Stankovic DM, Manojlovic DD, Jovic-Jovicic NP, Bankovic PT, Mojovic ZD, Jovanovic DM
449 - 454 Significance of crystallinity on the photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanotube arrays
Nishanthi ST, Iyyapushpam S, Sundarakannan B, Subramanian E, Padiyan DP
455 - 461 Electrochemical behaviour of brass in chloride solution concentrations found in eccrine fingerprint sweat
Bond JW, Lieu E
462 - 469 Fretting wear and fretting fatigue behaviors of diamond-like carbon and graphite-like carbon films deposited on Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Du D, Liu DX, Ye ZY, Zhang XH, Li FQ, Zhou ZQ, Yu L
470 - 478 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of porous WO3/TiO2 hollow microspheres
Yang LY, Si ZC, Weng D, Yao YW
479 - 483 Molecular beam epitaxial growth of AlSb/InAsSb heterostructures
Zhang YW, Zhang Y, Guan M, Cui LJ, Li YB, Wang BQ, Zhu ZP, Zeng YP
484 - 497 Electrochromic coatings made of surface modified rutile and anatase pigments: Influence of trisilanol POSS dispersant on electrochromic effect
Mihelcic M, Francetic V, Pori P, Gradisar H, Kovac J, Orel B
498 - 503 TEOS-assisted synthesis of porous MoS2 with ultra-small exfoliated sheets and applications in dye-sensitized solar cells
Liu WH, He SL, Yang T, Feng Y, Qian G, Xu JZ, Miao SD
504 - 511 Morphological tuning and enhanced luminescence of NaEuF4 nano-/submicro-crystals
Tian Y, Tian BN, Chen BJ, Cui C, Huang P, Wang L, Hua RN
512 - 523 An efficient route for catalytic activity promotion via hybrid electro-depositional modification on commercial nickel foam for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline water electrolysis
Ma GS, He YW, Wang M, Zhu FC, Tang B, Wang XG
524 - 531 TOF SIMS induced artificial topographical effects on the Y-2(Al,Ga)(5)O-12:Tb3+ thin films deposited on Si substrates by the pulsed laser deposition technique
Yousif A, Jafer RM, Terblans JJ, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Duvenhage MM, Kumar V, Swart HC
532 - 536 pH and redox responsive polymer for antifouling surface coating
Lee KS, In I, Park SY
537 - 544 Photodegradation of rhodamine B with MoS2/Bi2O2CO3 composites under UV light irradiation
Wang QZ, Yun GX, Bai Y, An N, Lian JH, Huang HH, Su BT
545 - 548 Spin spatial splitter based on a magnetic nanostructure with zero average magnetic field
Liu XH, Zhang GL, Kong YH, Li AH, Fu X
549 - 557 SERS activity of self-cleaning silver/titania nanoarray
Xie YB, Jin YY, Zhou YZ, Wang Y
558 - 562 Ag/CdS heterostructural composites: Fabrication, characterizations and photocatalysis
Liu Y, Chi M, Dong HL, Jia HS, Xu BS, Zhang ZX
563 - 568 The microstructure and improved mechanical properties of Ag/Cu nanoscaled multilayer films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Hu M, Gao XM, Weng LJ, Sun JY, Liu WM
569 - 576 Improved electrochromic performance of viologen at an ITO-nanoparticle film electrode
Hoshino K, Nakajima R, Okuma M
577 - 580 A high-temperature oxidation-resistant diffusion barrier for PbZrxTi1-xO3 coating on nanocrystalline diamond film
Park JK, Yoon JH, Lee HJ, Jeong JH, Baik YJ, Lee WS
581 - 584 Preparation, characterization and electrochemical behavior of porous sphere-like alpha-Ni(OH)(2) nanostructures
Aghazadeh M, Sabour B, Ganjali MR, Dalvand S
585 - 590 The conducting tin oxide thin films deposited via atomic layer deposition using Tetrakis-dimethylamino tin and peroxide for transparent flexible electronics
Choi DW, Maeng WJ, Park JS
591 - 599 Scale-resistant surfaces: Fundamental studies of the effect of surface energy on reducing scale formation
Azimi G, Cui YH, Sabanska A, Varanasi KK
600 - 606 Effects of laser shock peening and groove spacing on the wear behavior of non-smooth surface fabricated by laser surface texturing
Luo KY, Wang CY, Li YM, Luo M, Huang S, Hua XJ, Lu JZ
607 - 614 Self-seeded electrochemical growth of ZnO nanorods using textured glass/Al-doped ZnO substrates
Antohe VA, Mickan M, Henry F, Delamare R, Gence L, Piraux L
615 - 623 Depth prediction model of nano-grooves fabricated by AFM-based multi-passes scratching method
Geng YQ, Yan YD, Yu BW, Li JR, Zhang Q, Hu ZJ, Zhao XS
624 - 632 Cd(II) removal and recovery enhancement by using acrylamide-titanium nanocomposite as an adsorbent
Sharma A, Lee BK
633 - 639 Enhanced solar water-splitting performance of TiO2 nanotube arrays by annealing and quenching
He ZR, Xiao JZ, Xia F, Kajiyoshi K, Samart C, Zhang HB
640 - 646 Characterization and gas sensing properties of CuO synthesized by DC directly applying voltage
Klinbumrung A, Thongtem T, Thongtem S
647 - 653 Triggering the atomic layers control of hexagonal boron nitride films
Song YX, Zhang CR, Li B, Jiang D, Ding GQ, Wang HM, Xie XM
654 - 659 Nano-MgO supported CrOX catalysts applied in propane oxidative dehydrogenation: Relationship between active chromium phases and propane reaction pathway
Ma F, Chen S, Li YH, Zhou H, Xu AX, Lu WM
660 - 669 In situ DRIFTS investigation on the SCR of NO with NH3 over V2O5 catalyst supported by activated semi-coke
Wang JP, Yan Z, Liu LL, Chen Y, Zhang ZT, Wang XD
670 - 676 Effect of surface morphology and densification on the infrared emissivity of C/SiC composites
Wang FY, Cheng LF, Zhang Q, Zhang LT
677 - 686 Investigation of DC magnetron-sputtered TiO2 coatings: Effect of coating thickness, structure, and morphology on photocatalytic activity
Daviosdottir S, Shabadi R, Galca AC, Andersen IHI, Dirscherl K, Ambat R
687 - 691 Silver on nano-wrinkles as a substrate for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Gao Y, Shi TL, Tang ZR, Jiang SL, Xia Q
692 - 697 Effect of laser shock peening on mechanical properties of Zr-based bulk metallic glass
Fu J, Zhu YH, Zheng C, Liu R, Ji Z
698 - 703 Magnetic anisotropy studies on pulsed electrodeposited Ni/Ag/Ni trilayer
Dhanapal K, Revathy TA, Raj MA, Narayanan V, Stephen A
704 - 710 A facile method to prepare a high performance solid-state flexible paper-based supercapacitor
Shieh JY, Zhang SH, Wu CH, Yu HH
711 - 719 Characterization of highly corrosion-resistant nanocrystalline Ni coating electrodeposited on Mg-Nd-Zn-Zr alloy from a eutectic-based ionic liquid
Guo XW, Wang SH, Gong J, Guo JC, Peng LM, Ding WJ
720 - 729 Tribological characteristics of an A356 aluminium alloy laser surface alloyed with nickel and Ni-Ti-C
D'Amato C, Buhagiar J, Betts JC
730 - 735 Rewriting of low electrical resistance lines on TiO2 film by writing and erasing with femtosecond and CW fiber lasers
Tsukamoto M, Nishii R, Muraki Y, Shinonaga T, Yoshida M, Takahashi M, Abe N
736 - 741 Study of the charge kinetics of MgO(1 1 0) subjected to high energy electron irradiation
Boughariou A, Kallel A, Blaise G
742 - 749 Spatial characterization of laser induced Yb plasma in argon using optical emission spectroscopy: Pressure effect
Jazmati AK, Alnama K, Alkhawwam A
750 - 754 Fractals in several electrode materials
Zhang CY, Wu JY, Fu DG
755 - 761 Energy product enhancement of FePt films by underlayering with Ti, Zr, and Hf
Shen CY, Chang HW, Yuan FT, Lin MC, Su CC, Yeh HH, Huang MF, Wang CR, Shih CW, Chang WC
762 - 770 On the degradation factors of an archaeological bronze bowl belonging to a private collection
Soffritti C, Fabbri E, Merlin M, Garagnani GL, Monticelli C
771 - 776 Icing of water on polyethylene surfaces
Zhang XX, Chen M, Fu M
777 - 783 Density functional theory study of the methanol adsorption and dissociation on CuO(111) surface
Sun SJ, Wang YJ, Yang QS
784 - 793 Density functional theory study of water interactions on Mn-doped CeO2(111) surface
Pintos DG, Juan A, Irigoyen B
794 - 803 H-2 reduction of surface oxides on Pd-based membrane model systems - The case of Pd(100) and Pd75Ag25(100)
Fernandes VR, Gustafson J, Farstad MH, Walle LE, Blomberg S, Lundgren E, Venvik HJ, Borg A
804 - 816 A novel coating strategy towards improving interfacial adhesion strength of Cu-Sn alloy coated steel with vulcanized rubber
Banerjee A, Dutta M, Bysakh S, Bhowmick AK, Laha T
817 - 822 Preparation and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotube/TiO2 composites: Decontamination organic pollutant in water
Ma G, Zhu YM, Zhang ZQ, Li LC
823 - 827 Effect of annealing on the mechanical and scratch properties of BCN films obtained by magnetron sputtering deposition
Xu SY, Ma XX, Wen HY, Tang GZ, Li CW
828 - 833 Ex vivo evaluation of biodegradable poly(epsilon-caprolactone) films in digestive fluids
Chang HM, Prasannan A, Tsai HC, Jhu JJ
834 - 840 Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Zn-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) films on magnesium alloy
Wu FX, Liang J, Peng ZJ, Liu BX
841 - 849 Solvent- and guest-responsive supramolecular self-assembly of 1,3,5-tris(10-carboxydecyloxy) benzene by scanning tunneling microscopy
Cui LH, Miao XR, Xu L, Deng WL
850 - 857 Study of the magnetic-Alq(3) interface in organic spin-valves
Morley NA, Drew AJ, Zhang H, Scott K, Hudziak S, Morgan DJ
858 - 863 Closely packed dense network rutile nanorods with gadolinium for efficient dye sensitized solar cells
Senthil TS, Kim D, Muthukumarasamy N, Kang M
864 - 869 Effect of micro-patterned fluorine-doped tin oxide films on electrochromic properties of Prussian blue films
Lee K, Kim AY, Park JH, Jung HG, Choi W, Lee HY, Lee JK
870 - 876 Characterization of dilute magnetic semiconducting transition metal doped ZnO thin films by sol-gel spin coating method
Vijayaprasath G, Murugan R, Ravi G, Mahalingam T, Hayakawa Y
877 - 882 Surface decoration with MnO2 nanoplatelets on graphene/TiO2 (B) hybrids for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Li XL, Zhang YL, Zhong QN, Li TT, Li HY, Huang JM
883 - 887 The effect of spin-coated polyethylene glycol on the electrical and optical properties of graphene film
Umar MIA, Yap CC, Awang R, Salleh MM, Yahaya M
888 - 895 Disordered ZnO nanoparticles with extremely intense deep-level emission and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Bai LN, Wang S, Sun HM, Jiang Q, Lian JS
896 - 904 Crack self-healing of phytic acid conversion coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy by heat treatment and the corrosion resistance
Zhang RY, Cai S, Xu GH, Zhao H, Li Y, Wang XX, Huang K, Ren MG, Wu XD
905 - 910 Progressive evolution of silicon surface microstructures via femtosecond laser irradiation in ambient air
Ma YC, Si JH, Sun XH, Chen T, Hou X
911 - 917 Effects on structure and properties of Zr55Al10Cu30Ni5 metallic glass irradiated by high intensity pulsed ion beam
Liu XF, Mei XX, Qiang JB, Remnev GE, Wang YN
918 - 925 Influence of amorphous ceramic interlayers on tribological properties of CVD diamond films
Cui YX, Shen B, Sun FH
926 - 935 High throughput assessment and chemometric analysis of the interaction of epithelial and fibroblast cells with a polymer library
Celiz AD, Harrington HC, Hook AL
936 - 946 Effect of microstructure and phase constitution on mechanical properties of Ti1-xAlxN coatings
Pemmasani SP, Valleti K, Gundakaram RC, Rajulapati KV, Mantripragada R, Koppoju S, Joshi SV
947 - 953 Bio-inspired citrate functionalized apatite coating on rapid prototyped titanium scaffold
Yu P, Lu F, Zhu WJ, Wang D, Zhu XJ, Tan GX, Wang XL, Zhang Y, Li LH, Ning CY
954 - 960 Surface functionalization of coal powder with different coupling agents for potential applications in organic materials
Cheng GJ, Tong B, Tang ZF, Yu XH, Wang HL, Ding GX
961 - 969 Hydrogen sulfide removal from hot coal gas by various mesoporous silica supported Mn2O3 sorbents
Zhang ZF, Liu BS, Wang F, Wang WS, Xia C, Zheng S, Amin R