Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.312 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 2 Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces VIII Preface
Pincik E
3 - 16 Conditioning of Si-interfaces by wet-chemical oxidation: Electronic interface properties study by surface photovoltage measurements
Angermann H
17 - 22 Charge tunneling across strongly inhomogeneous potential barriers in metallic heterostructures: A simplified theoretical analysis and possible experimental tests
Belogolovskii M
23 - 29 Advanced surface characterization of Ba(Fe0.92Co0.08)(2)As-2 epitaxial thin films
Daghero D, Pecchio P, Laviano F, Gonnelli RS, Kurth F, Grinenko V, Iida K
30 - 33 LSMO thin films with high metal-insulator transition temperature on buffered SOI substrates for uncooled microbolometers
Chromik S, Strbik V, Dobrocka E, Roch T, Rosova A, Spankova M, Lalinsky T, Vanko G, Lobotka P, Ralbovsky M, Choleva P
34 - 38 Reflectance modeling of electrochemically P-type porosified silicon by Drude-Lorentz model
Kadi M, Media EM, Gueddaoui H, Outemzabet R
39 - 42 Fabrication of Si nanoparticles from Si swarf and application to solar cells
Maeda M, Imamura K, Matsumoto T, Kobayashi H
43 - 49 Synthesis, characterization, Hall effect and THz conductivity of epitaxial thin films of Fe chalcogenide superconductors
Maeda A, Nabeshima F, Takahashi H, Okada T, Imai Y, Tsukada I, Hanawa M, Komiya S, Ichinose A
50 - 56 A variety of microstructural defects in crystalline silicon solar cells
Skarvada P, Tomanek P, Koktavy P, Macku R, Sicner J, Vondra M, Dallaeva D, Smith S, Grmela L
57 - 62 Deposition and characterization of titanium carbide thin films by magnetron sputtering using Ti and TiC targets
Djafer AZA, Saoula N, Madaoui N, Zerizer A
63 - 67 The layers of carbon nanomaterials as the base of ohmic contacts to p-GaN
Liday J, Vogrincic P, Vretenar V, Kotlar M, Marton M, Vavra I, Hotovy I, Breza J, Rehacek V
68 - 73 A model of trap-assisted tunneling in GaN/AlGaN/GaN heterostructure based on exchange times
Racko J, Benko P, Hotovy I, Harmatha L, Mikolasek M, Granzner R, Kittler M, Schwierz F, Breza J
74 - 80 Photovoltaic module parameters acquisition model
Cibira G, Koscova M
81 - 86 AFM imaging and fractal analysis of surface roughness of AIN epilayers on sapphire substrates
Dallaeva D, Talu S, Stach S, Skarvada P, Tomanek P, Grmela L
87 - 90 Modeling the BRDF from spectral reflectance measurements of metallic surfaces
Durikovic R, Mihalik A
91 - 96 Au(111) films on W(110) studied by STM and LEED - Uniaxial reconstruction, dislocations and Ag nanostructures
Giela T, Freindl K, Spiridis N, Korecki J
97 - 101 Influence of annealing atmosphere on structural and superconducting properties of MgB2 thin films
Gregor M, Plecenik T, Sobota R, Brndiarova J, Roch T, Satrapinskyy L, Kus P, PlecenikDepartment A
102 - 106 Capacitance properties and simulation of the AlGaN/GaN Schottky heterostructure
Harmatha L, Stuchlikova L, Racko J, Marek J, Pechacek J, Benko P, Nemec M, Breza J
107 - 111 Patterning of titanium oxide surfaces using inductively coupled plasma for gas sensing
Hotovy I, Kostic I, Hascik S, Rehacek V, Predanocy M, Bencurova A
112 - 116 Resistive switching in HfO2-based atomic layer deposition grown metal insulator metal structures
Jancovic P, Hudec B, Dobrocka E, Derer J, Fedor J, Frohlich K
117 - 119 FT IR spectroscopy of silicon oxide and HfSiOx layer formation
Kopani M, Mikula M, Pincik E, Kobayashi H, Takahashi M
120 - 125 Double layer films based on TiO2 and NiOx for gas detection
Kosc I, Hotovy I, Roch T, Plecenik T, Gregor M, Predanocy M, Cehlarova M, Kus P, Plecenik A
126 - 133 Characteristics of CrAlSiN plus DLC coating deposited by lateral rotating cathode arc PVD and PACVD process
Lukaszkowicz K, Sondor J, Balin K, Kubacki J
134 - 138 Structural, mechanical and electrochemical comparison of TiN and TiCN coatings on XC48 steel substrates in NaCl 3.5% water solution
Madaoui N, Saoula N, Zaid B, Saidi D, Ahmed AS
139 - 144 Deposition of boron doped diamond and carbon nanomaterials on graphite foam electrodes
Marton M, Vojs M, Kotlar M, Michniak P, Vanco L, Vesely M, Redhammer R
145 - 151 Suppression of interface recombination by buffer layer for back contacted silicon heterojunction solar cells
Mikolasek M, Pribytny P, Donoval D, Marek J, Chvala A, Molnar M, Kovac J
152 - 156 Capacitance study of carrier inversion at the amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunction passivated by different thicknesses of i-layer
Mikolasek M, Stuchlikova L, Harmatha L, Vincze A, Nemec M, Racko J, Breza J
157 - 161 Simulation study of interface traps and bulk traps in n(++)GaN/InAlN/AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
Molnar M, Donoval D, Kuzmik J, Marek J, Chvala A, Pribytny P, Mikolasek M, Rendek K, Palankovski V
162 - 166 Columnar microstructure of the ZnO shell layer deposited on the GaP nanowires
Novak J, Sutta P, Vavra I, Elias P, Hasenohrl S, Laurencikova A, Novotny I
167 - 171 Surface morphology and crystalline structure of sequentially sputtered ZnO nanocoatings
Novotny I, Flickyngerova S, Tvarozek V, Sutta P, Netrvalova M, Rossberg D, Schaaf P
172 - 175 Comparative study of irradiated and hydrogen implantation damaged German RPV steels from PAS point of view
Pecko S, Sojak S, Slugen V
176 - 181 AC characterization of bulk organic solar cell in the dark and under illumination
Vary M, Perny M, Saly V, Packa J
182 - 187 Surface properties of Co-doped BaFe2As2 thin films deposited on MgO with Fe buffer layer and CaF2 substrates
Sobota R, Plecenik T, Gregor M, Truchly M, Satrapinskyy L, Vidis M, Secianska K, Kurth F, Holzapfel B, Iida K, Kus P, Plecenika A
188 - 191 Transformation of polymer composite nanofibers to diamond fibers and films by microwave plasma-enhanced CVD process
Potocky S, Izak T, Rezek B, Tesarek P, Kromka A
192 - 198 Structural properties of Pt/TiO2/Pt hetero structure grown on sapphire substrate Influence of annealing processes
Roch T, Durina P, Grancic B, Gregor M, Plecenik T, Truchly M, Mikula M, Satrapinskyy L, Kus P, Plecenik A
199 - 202 Surface study of radiation damaged oxide dispersion strengthened steels
Veternikova JS, Degmova J, Sabelova V, Petriska M, Slugen V
203 - 207 Modification of (111) and (100) silicon in atmospheric pressure plasma
Skacelova D, Stupavska M, St'ahel P, Cernak M
208 - 211 Patterning of Ti-based superconducting films using new etching solution
Sojkova M, Strbik V, Spankova M, Chromik S
212 - 215 Epitaxial LSMO thin films with correlation of electrical and magnetic properties above 400 K
Strbik V, Reiffers M, Dobrocka E, Soltys J, Spankova M, Chromik S
216 - 219 Superconducting MoC thin films with enhanced sheet resistance
Trgala M, Zemlicka M, Neilinger P, Rehak M, Leporis M, Gazi S, Gregus J, Plecenik T, Roch T, Dobrocka E, Grajcar M
220 - 225 Diamond growth on copper rods from polymer composite nanofibres
Varga M, Potocky S, Tesarek P, Babchenko O, Davydova M, Kromka A
226 - 230 Structural and electrical characterization of diamond films deposited in nitrogen/oxygen containing gas mixture by linear antenna microwave CVD process
Vojs M, Varga M, Babchenko O, Izak T, Mikolasek M, Marton M, Kromka A
231 - 234 Superconducting properties of magnesium diboride thin film measured by using coplanar waveguide resonator
Zemlicka M, Neilinger P, Trgala M, Gregor M, Plecenik T, Durina P, Grajcar M