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1 - 1 Special Issue Selected manuscripts arising from the 18th International Conference on Surface Modification of Materials by Ion Beams (SMMIB-2013) Preface
Baglin J
3 - 10 Biofunctionalization of surfaces by energetic ion implantation: Review of progress on applications in implantable biomedical devices and antibody microarrays
Bilek MMM
11 - 18 Functionalization of biomedical materials using plasma and related technologies
Zhao Y, Yeung KWK, Chu PK
19 - 23 Peripheral nerve regeneration through a silicone chamber implanted with negative carbon ions: Possibility to clinical application
Ikeguchi R, Kakinoki R, Tsuji H, Yasuda T, Matsuda S
24 - 30 Ion implantation induced nanotopography on titanium and bone cell adhesion
Braceras I, Vera C, Ayerdi-Izquierdo A, Munoz R, Lorenzo J, Alvarez N, de Maeztu MA
31 - 35 Spatial control of cell attachment, proliferation, and differentiation using ion-beam induced thin films
Tanaka T, Suzuki Y
36 - 41 Decrease of Staphylococcal adhesion on surgical stainless steel after Si ion implantation
Braceras I, Pacha-Olivenza MA, Calzado-Martin A, Multigner M, Vera C, Labajos-Broncano L, Gallardo-Moreno AM, Gonzalez-Carrasco JL, Vilaboa N, Gonzalez-Martin ML
42 - 50 Effect of surface modification of poly(lactic acid) by low-pressure ammonia plasma on adsorption of human serum albumin
Sarapirom S, Yu LD, Boonyawan D, Chaiwong C
51 - 55 Modification of anti-bacterial surface properties of textile polymers by vacuum arc ion source implantation
Nikolaev AG, Yushkov GY, Oks EM, Oztarhan A, Akpek A, Hames-Kocabas E, Urkac ES, Brown IG
56 - 61 Antibacterial PVD coatings doped with silver by ion implantation
Oses J, Palacio JF, Kulkarni S, Medrano A, Garcia JA, Rodriguez R
62 - 65 Spatiotemporal kinetics of gamma-H2AX protein on charged particles induced DNA damage
Niu H, Chang HC, Cho IC, Chen CH, Liu CS, Chou WT
66 - 76 Nuclear track-based biosensors with the enzyme laccase
Garcia-Arellano H, Fink D, Hernandez GM, Vacik J, Hnatowicz V, Alfonta L
77 - 88 Historical milestones and future prospects of cluster ion beam technology
Yamada I
89 - 93 Trends and applications for MeV electrostatic ion beam accelerators
Norton GA, Stodola SE
94 - 99 Development of vertical compact ion implanter for gemstones applications
Intarasiri S, Wijaikhum A, Bootkul D, Suwannakachorn D, Tippawan U, Yu LD, Singkarat S
100 - 111 Resist materials for proton beam writing: A review
van Kan JA, Malar P, Wang YH
112 - 114 XPS study of effects of water vapor during Ar-GCIB irradiations on PMMA
Toyoda N, Yamada I
115 - 119 Reprint of: Physical mechanisms of macroparticles number density decreasing on a substrate immersed in vacuum arc plasma at negative high-frequency short-pulsed biasing (Reprinted from J. Appl. Phys. vol 305, pg 487-491, 2014)
Ryabchikov AI, Sivin DO, Bumagina AI
120 - 125 Investigation of the possibility of unfiltered aluminium vacuum arc plasma application for high-frequency short-pulse plasma immersion ion implantation
Sivin DO, Ryabchikov AI, Bumagina AI, Bolbasov EN, Daneikina NV
126 - 129 Titanium macroparticles density decreasing on the sample, immersed in plasma, at repetitively pulsed biasing
Sivin DO, Ryabchikov AI, Bumagina AI, Tupikova US, Daneikina NV
130 - 133 Application of high frequency short-pulsed negative biasing for the decreasing of macroparticle content on substrate immersed in vacuum arc plasma
Ryabchikov AI, Sivin DO, Bumagina AI
134 - 141 Simulation of ion beam sputtering with SDTrimSP, TRIDYN and SRIM
Hofsass H, Zhang K, Mutzke A
142 - 146 Temporal evolution of ripple pattern on silicon surface: An ion induced solid flow approach
Basu T, Som T
147 - 153 60 keV Ar+-ion induced pattern formation on Si surface: Roles of sputter erosion and atomic redistribution
Garg SK, Datta DP, Kumar M, Kanjilal D, Som T
154 - 157 Surface patterning of GaAs under irradiation with very heavy polyatomic Au ions
Bischoff L, Bottger R, Heinig KH, Facsko S, Pilz W
158 - 163 Surface modification by metal ion implantation forming metallic nanoparticles in an insulating matrix
Salvadori MC, Teixeira FS, Sgubin LG, Cattani M, Brown IG
164 - 168 Controlled shape modification of embedded Au nanoparticles by 3 MeV Au2+-ion irradiation
Datta DP, Takeda Y, Amekura H, Sasase M, Kishimoto N
169 - 173 Surface modifications of BaF2 and CaF2 single crystals by slow highly charged ions
El-Said AS, Heller R, Wilhelm RA, Facsko S, Aumayr F
174 - 179 Modification of implant material surface properties by means of oxide nano-structured coatings deposition
Safonov V, Zykova A, Smolik J, Rogowska R, Lukyanchenko V, Kolesnikov D
180 - 183 Optical properties of Ag nanoclusters formed by irradiation and annealing of SiO2/SiO2:Ag thin films
Guner S, Budak S, Gibson B, Ila D
184 - 188 Pore structure modification of diatomite as sulfuric acid catalyst support by high energy electron beam irradiation and hydrothermal treatment
Li C, Zhang GL, Wang M, Chen JF, Cai DQ, Wu ZY
189 - 195 Evolution of porous network in GaSb under normally incident 60 keV Ar+-ion irradiation
Datta DP, Kanjilal A, Garg SK, Sahoo PK, Satpati B, Kanjilal D, Som T
196 - 203 Fabrication of nanopore on pyramid
Choi SS, Park MJ, Yamaguchi T, Kim SI, Park KJ, Park NK
204 - 209 Formation of nanoscale carbon structures in the surface layer of metals under the impact of high intensity ion beam
Remnev GE, Uglov VV, Shymanski VI, Pavlov SK, Kuleshov AK
210 - 213 Local structure and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic GaMnAs made by helium ion induced epitaxial crystallization annealing
Chen CH, Niu H, Yan DC, Hsieh HH, Huang RT, Chi CC, Lee CP
214 - 216 Rolling up Ge microtube from bare-Ge substrate
Chen CH, Niu H, Huang RT, Lee CP
217 - 220 Thermoelectric systems: Ion beam enhanced thermoelectric properties
Ila D
221 - 225 MeV Si ion modifications on the thermoelectric generators from Si/Si plus Ge superlattice nano-layered films
Budak S, Heidary K, Johnson RB, Colon T, Muntele C, Ila D
226 - 229 Thermoelectric properties of Zn4Sb3/CeFe(4-x)CoxSb12 nano-layered superlattices modified by MeV Si ion beam
Budak S, Guner S, Minamisawa RA, Muntele CI, Ila D
230 - 234 Shallow junction characteristics due to low temperature BGe molecular ion implantation into silicon
Liang JH, Wu CH
235 - 241 The structural and magnetic properties of Co+ implanted ZnO films
Guner S, Gurbuz O, Caliskan S, Nuzhdin VI, Khaibullin R, Ozturk M, Akdogan N
242 - 247 Channeled PIXE and magnetic measurements in Co implanted and thermally annealed ZnO single crystals
Werner Z, Ratajczak R, Gosk J, Barlak M, Twardowski A, Pochrybniak C, Zhao Q
248 - 256 The effects of grain boundary scattering on electrical resistivity of Ag/NiSi suicide films formed on silicon substrate at 500 degrees C by RTA
Utlu G, Artunc N
257 - 261 Preparation of Ag-containing diamond-like carbon films on the interior surface of tubes by a combined method of plasma source ion implantation and DC sputtering
Hatada R, Flege S, Bobrich A, Ensinger W, Dietz C, Baba K, Sawase T, Watamoto T, Matsutani T
262 - 265 DLC coating of interior surfaces of steel tubes by low energy plasma source ion implantation and deposition
Baba K, Hatada R, Flege S, Ensinger W
266 - 271 Effects of filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition (FCVAD) conditions on photovoltaic TiO2 films
Aramwit C, Intarasiri S, Bootkul D, Tippawan U, Supsermpol B, Seanphinit N, Ruangkul W, Yu LD
272 - 277 Application of PVD methods to solid oxide fuel cells
Solovyev AA, Sochugov NS, Rabotkin SV, Shipilova AV, Ionov IV, Kovalchuk AN, Borduleva AO
278 - 283 Mechanical properties of nitrogen-rich surface layers on SS304 treated by plasma immersion ion implantation
Fernandes BB, Mandl S, Oliveira RM, Ueda M
284 - 292 Nitrogen doping for adhesion improvement of DLC film deposited on Si substrate by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) technique
Bootkul D, Supsermpol B, Saenphinit N, Aramwit C, Intarasiri S
293 - 299 Synthesis of Ti-doped DLC film on SS304 steels by Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) technique for tribological improvement
Bootkul D, Saenphinit N, Supsermpol B, Aramwit C, Intarasiri S
300 - 304 Study of the effects of E x B fields as mechanism to carbon-nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation on stainless steel samples
Pillaca EJDM, Ueda M, Oliveira RM, Pichon L
305 - 310 Phase formation and mechanical/tribological modification induced by nitrogen high temperature plasma based ion implantation into molybdenum
Carreri FC, Oliveira RM, Oliveira AC, Silva MMNF, Ueda M, Silva MM, Pichon L
311 - 316 Corrosion and wear mechanisms of aluminum alloys surface reinforced by multicharged N-implantation
Thibault S, Hug E
317 - 320 Mechanical properties and thermal stability of TiAlN/Ta multilayer film deposited by ion beam assisted deposition
Shang HF, Li J, Shao TM
321 - 324 Sheet resistance of alumina ceramic after high energy implantation of tantalum ions
Savkin KP, Bugaev AS, Nikolaev AG, Oks EM, Shandrikov MV, Yushkov GY, Tyunkov AV, Savruk EV
325 - 330 Short vegetal-fiber reinforced HDPE-A study of electron-beam radiation treatment effects on mechanical and morphological properties
Ferreira MS, Sartori MN, Oliveira RR, Guven O, Moura EAB
331 - 335 Preparation and characterization of electron-beam treated HDPE composites reinforced with rice husk ash and Brazilian clay
Ortiz AV, Teixeira JG, Gomes MG, Oliveira RR, Diaz FRV, Moura EAB