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1 - 10 Low-temperature SCR of NO with NH3 over activated semi-coke composite-supported rare earth oxides
Wang JP, Yan Z, Liu LL, Zhang YY, Zhang ZT, Wang XD
11 - 21 Abnormal anti-Stokes Raman scattering and surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy studies of carbon nanotubes electrochemically functionalized with poly(2,2'-bithiophene-co-pyrene)
Baibarac M, Baltog I, Smaranda I, Scocioreanu M, Mevellec JY, Lefrant S
22 - 26 Photoelectron spectroscopy study of the interactions between ErF3 dopants and Alq(3) hosts for near-infrared organic light-emitting diodes
Wang MS, Li WC, Ma Y, Guan HS, Cheng CH, Du GT
27 - 32 Discrimination between biologically relevant calcium phosphate phases by surface-analytical techniques
Kleine-Boymann M, Rohnke M, Henss A, Peppler K, Sann J, Janek J
33 - 37 Enhanced light extraction of organic light-emitting diodes using recessed anodes
Hsu CM, Zeng YX, Lin BT, Lin WM, Wu WT
38 - 45 Comparison of EDTA and SDS as potential surface impregnation agents for lead adsorption by activated carbon
Chen WF, Pan L, Chen LF, Yu Z, Wang Q, Yan CC
46 - 53 Enhancement of gas sensor response of nanocrystalline zinc oxide for ammonia by plasma treatment
Hou Y, Jayatissa AH
54 - 61 Methane storage on aluminum-doped single wall BNNTs
Azizi K, Salabat K, Seif A
62 - 73 Architectural optimization of an epoxy-based hybrid sol-gel coating for the corrosion protection of a cast Elektron21 magnesium alloy
Murillo-Gutierrez NV, Ansart F, Bonino JP, Kunst SR, Malfatti CF
74 - 78 Tetragonal porous networks made by rod-like molecules on Au(111) with halogen bonds
Jang WJ, Chung KH, Lee MW, Kim H, Lee S, Kahng SJ
79 - 84 1064 nm nanosecond laser induced concentric rings and periodic ripples structures at the exit surface of fused silica
Sun W, Qi HJ, Fang Z, Yu ZK, Yi K, Shao JD
85 - 89 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on TiO2 hollow spheres/TiO2 nanotube array composite films
Zhao YL, Song DM, Qiang YH, Gu XQ, Zhu L, Song CB
90 - 94 Fabrication of Mo pyramidal-shape single atom tips covered by a noble metal
Lin RJ, Chen YJ, Chen HC, Fu TY
95 - 105 Controlled crystalline orientation of SrTiO3 thin films grown on Pt(111)/Ti/alpha-Al2O3(0001) substrates: Effect of growth temperature and Ti layer thickness
Panomsuwan G, Takai O, Saito N
106 - 111 Nano-functionalization of protein microspheres
Yoon S, Nichols WT
112 - 118 Room-temperature attachment of PLGA microspheres to titanium surfaces for implant-based drug release
Xiao DQ, Liu Q, Wang DW, Xie T, Guo TL, Duan K, Weng J
119 - 127 Highly antibacterial activity of N-doped TiO2 thin films coated on stainless steel brackets under visible light irradiation
Cao S, Liu B, Fan LY, Yue ZQ, Liu B, Cao BC
128 - 132 Adsorption of CO on the LaCoO3 (001) surface by density functional theory calculation
Sun LH, Li GP, Chen W, Luo FH, Hu JF, Qin HW
133 - 137 Improved efficiency of aluminum doping in ZnO thin films grown by atomic layer deposition
Park HK, Heo J
138 - 143 Antimicrobial coating of modified chitosan onto cotton fabrics
Cheng XL, Ma KK, Li R, Ren XH, Huang TS
144 - 152 Si doping influence on the catalytic performance of Pt/TiO2 mesoporous film catalyst for low-temperature methanol combustion
Zheng ZZ, Wang XH, Liu J, Xiao JH, Hu ZY
153 - 159 Vapour phase dehydration of glycerol to acrolein over tungstated zirconia catalysts
Ginjupalli SR, Mugawar S, Rajan NP, Balla PK, Komandur VRC
160 - 167 Protein antifouling and fouling-release in perfluoropolyether surfaces
Molena E, Credi C, De Marco C, Levi M, Turri S, Simeone G
168 - 174 Annealing induced changes in the structure, optical and electrical properties of GeTiO2 nanostructured films
Stavarache L, Lepadatu AM, Teodorescu VS, Galca AC, Ciurea ML
175 - 180 Dispersion of Cs0.33WO3 particles for preparing its coatings with higher near infrared shielding properties
Liu JX, Xu Q, Shi F, Liu SH, Luo JY, Bao L, Feng X
181 - 187 The influence of deposition temperature on microstructure and corrosion resistance of ZrOxNY/ZrO2 coatings deposited using RF sputtering
Cubillos GI, Bethencourt M, Olaya JJ, Alfonso JE, Marco JF
188 - 193 TiO2 promoted by two different non-noble metal cocatalysts for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Lin JD, Yan S, Huang QD, Fan MT, Yuan YZ, Tan TTY, Liao DW
194 - 199 Preparation of high laser-induced damage threshold Ta2O5 films
Xu C, Yi P, Fan HL, Qi JW, Yang S, Qiang YH, Liu JT, Li DW
200 - 208 Ultrasound-assisted pulse electrodeposition and characterization of Co-W/MWCNTs nanocomposite coatings
Su FH, Liu CS, Huang P
209 - 217 Microstructure, mechanical properties and tribological performance of TiSiN-WS2 hard-lubricant coatings
Li SP, Deng JX, Yan GY, Zhang KD, Zhang GD
218 - 224 Superhydrophobic and conductive properties of carbon nanotubes/polybenzoxazine nanocomposites coated ramie fabric prepared by solution-immersion process
Zhang T, Yan HQ, Fang ZP, E YP, Wu T, Chen F
225 - 230 Visible light-harvesting of TiO2 nanotubes array by pulsed laser deposited CdS
Bjelajac A, Djokic V, Petrovic R, Socol G, Mihailescu IN, Florea I, Ersen O, Janackovic D
231 - 239 ToF-SIMS evaluation of calcium-containing silica/gamma-PGA hybrid systems for bone regeneration.
Wang D, Nakamura J, Poologasundarampillai G, Kasuga T, Jones JR, McPhail DS
240 - 249 Plastic deformation mechanism of polycrystalline copper foil shocked with femtosecond laser
Ye YX, Feng YY, Lian ZC, Hua YQ
250 - 254 Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on transparent fume-etched ITO-glass surface
Yang YM, Long KL, Kong F, Fan JY, Qiu T
255 - 262 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of CdSe/Mn-CdS/TiO2 nanorod arrays solar cell
Yu LB, Li Z, Liu YB, Cheng F, Sun SQ
263 - 270 Transmission electron microscopy on early-stage tin oxide film morphology grown by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition
Mannie GJA, van Deelen J, Niemantsverdriet JW, Thune PC
271 - 277 Elasto-plastic characteristics and mechanical properties of as-sprayed 8 mol% yttria-stabilized zirconia coating under nano-scales measured by nanoindentation
Luo JM, Dai CY, Shen YG, Mao WG
278 - 284 Study on the pulse reverse electrodeposition of Fe-nano-Si composite coatings in magnetic field
Zhong YB, Zhou PW, Zhou JF, Wang H, Fan LJ, Dong LC, Zheng TX, Shen WW
285 - 289 Highly sensitive DNA sensor based on polypyrrole nanowire
Tuan MA, Pham DT, Chu TX, Hieu NM, Hai NH
290 - 294 Growth of porous anodized alumina on the sputtered aluminum films with 2D-3D morphology for high specific surface area
Liao MW, Chung CK
295 - 299 Submicron patterns obtained by thermal-induced reconstruction of self-assembled monolayer of Ag nanoparticles and their application in SERS
Ruan WD, Zhou TL, Cui YQ, Dong YJ, Liu Z, Dong FX, Wang HY, Luan XT, Wang X, Song W, Zhao B
300 - 305 Dispersion stability of 1-octanethiol coated Cu nanoparticles in a 1-octanol solvent for the application of nanoink
Cho D, Baik JH, Choi DH, Lee CS
306 - 306 Quantification of MgO surface excess on the SnO2 nanoparticles and relationship with nanostability and growth (vol 257, pg 4219, 2011)
Gouvea D, Pereira GJ, Gengembre L, Steil MC, Roussel P, Rubbens A, Hidalgo P, Castro RHR