Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.308 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Structure, composition and morphology of bioactive titanate layer on porous titanium surfaces
Li JS, Wang XH, Hu R, Kou HC
10 - 16 Study of negatronic device based on amorphous carbon/nickel nanocomposite
Ben Mansour N, El Mir L
17 - 23 Fabrication of hierarchical flower-like porous ZnO nanostructures from layered ZnC2O4 center dot 3Zn(OH)(2) and gas sensing properties
Cui JS, Sun JB, Liu X, Li JW, Ma XZ, Chen TT
24 - 30 Imaging by atomic force microscopy of the properties difference of the layers covering the facets created during SIMS analysis
Fares B, Gautier B, Albertini D, Mzerd A, Loghmarti M
31 - 37 Investigation on cubic boron nitride crystals doped with Si by high temperature thermal diffusion
Li XL, Feng S, Liu XH, Hou LX, Gao YJ, Wang Q, Liu N, Zhang H, Chen ZG, Zheng J, Jia G
38 - 42 Chemically anchoring of TiO2 coating on OH-terminated Mg-3(PO3)(2) surface and its influence on the in vitro degradation resistance of Mg-Zn-Ca alloy
Cao GQ, Wang LJ, Fu ZY, Hu JH, Guan SK, Zhang CL, Wang LG, Zhu SJ
43 - 49 Preparation, antibacterial effects and corrosion resistant of porous Cu-TiO2 coatings
Wu HB, Zhang XY, Geng ZH, Yin Y, Hang RQ, Huang XB, Yao XH, Tang B
50 - 57 Thermal evolution of structure and photocatalytic activity in polymer microsphere templated TiO2 microbowls
Erdogan DA, Polat M, Garifullin R, Guler MO, Ozensoy E
58 - 62 Electrode patterning of ITO thin films by high repetition rate fiber laser
Lin HK, Hsu WC
63 - 74 Cold spray deposition characteristics of mechanically alloyed Cu-CNT composite powders
Pialago EJT, Park CW
75 - 81 Eradication of Multi-drug Resistant Bacteria by Ni Doped ZnO Nanorods: Structural, Raman and optical characteristics
Jan T, Iqbal J, Ismail M, Mansoor Q, Mahmood A, Ahmad A
82 - 90 A facile one-step approach to functionalized graphene oxide-based hydrogels used as effective adsorbents toward anionic dyes
Wang XP, Liu ZM, Ye XP, Hu K, Zhong HQ, Yu JF, Jin M, Guo ZY
91 - 99 Tribological study of a highly hydrolytically stable phenylboronic acid ester containing benzothiazolyl in mineral oil
Li ZP, Li XF, Zhang YW, Ren TH, Zhao YD, Zeng XQ, van der Heide E
100 - 105 The stability of DLC film on nitrided CoCrMo alloy in phosphate buffer solution
Zhang TF, Liu B, Wu BJ, Liu J, Sun H, Leng YX, Huang N
106 - 112 The influence of instrumental parameters on the adhesion force in a flat-on-flat contact geometry
Colak A, Wormeester H, Zandvliet HJW, Poelsema B
113 - 120 Electrodeposition of Cu-Pd alloys onto electrophoretic deposited carbon nanotubes for nitrate electroreduction
Zhang Q, Ding L, Cui H, Zhai JP, Wei ZB, Li Q
121 - 138 Suggested mechanism for the MAO ceramic coating on aluminium substrates using bipolar current mode in the alkaline silicate electrolytes
Al Bosta MMS, Ma KJ
139 - 147 Transition metal (Fe, Co and Ni) oxide nanoparticles grafted graphitic carbon nitrides as efficient optical limiters and recyclable photocatalysts
Sridharan K, Kuriakose T, Philip R, Park TJ
148 - 154 Influence of acetylcholinesterase immobilization on the photoluminescence properties of mesoporous silicon surface
Saleem M, Rafiq M, Seo SY, Lee KH
155 - 160 Polyether sulfone/hydroxyapatite mixed matrix membranes for protein purification
Sun JF, Wu LS
161 - 169 Electrochemical assisted photocatalytic degradation of salicylic acid with highly ordered TiO2 nanotube electrodes
Zhang Q, Zhu JW, Wang Y, Feng JT, Yan W, Xu H
170 - 175 Physical vapour deposition reactive magnetron sputtering for the production and application of dichroics in photovoltaic system with solar spectral splitting
Raniero W, Campostrini M, Maggioni G, Della Mea G, Quaranta A
176 - 183 A model to describe the surface gradient-nanograin formation and property of friction stir processed laser Co-Cr-Ni-Mo alloy
Li RD, Yuan TC, Qiu ZL
184 - 192 Improvement in cavitation erosion resistance of AISI 316L stainless steel by friction stir processing
Hajian M, Abdollah-zadeh A, Rezaei-Nejad SS, Assadi H, Hadavi SMM, Chung K, Shokouhimehr M
193 - 198 Engineering the strain in graphene layers with Au decoration
Pannu C, Singh UB, Kumar S, Tripathi A, Kabiraj D, Avasthi DK
199 - 205 Synthesis and characterization of nickel oxide thin films deposited on glass substrates using spray pyrolysis
Jlassi M, Sta I, Hajji M, Ezzaouia H
206 - 210 A facile solvothermal method to produce graphene-ZnS composites for superior photoelectric applications
Lei Y, Chen FF, Li R, Xu J
211 - 215 Fabrication of free-standing pure carbon-based composite material with the combination of sp(2)-sp(3) hybridizations
Varga M, Vretenar V, Kotlar M, Skakalova V, Kromka A
216 - 220 Laser cleaning of tungsten ribbon
Kumar A, Sonar VR, Das DK, Bhatt RB, Behere PG, Afzal M, Kumar A, Nilaya JP, Biswas DJ
221 - 229 Investigation of laser-induced plasma evolution in flexible pad laser shock forming with high speed camera
Nagarajan B, Wang ZK, Castagne S, Zheng HY
230 - 236 Insight into the effects of different ageing protocols on Rh/Al2O3 catalyst
Zhao BH, Ran R, Cao YD, Wu XD, Weng D, Fan J, Wu XY
237 - 246 DFT investigations of the reaction mechanism of diethyl carbonate synthesis catalyzed by Cu(I)/beta or Pd(II)/beta zeolites
Shen YL, Wang SP, Huang SY, Li Z, Ma XB
247 - 252 Facile fabrication of large-area and uniform silica nanospheres monolayer for efficient surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Tang JQ, Zhao QR, Zhang N, Man SQ
253 - 268 Surface integrity evolution from main cut mode to finish trim cut mode in W-EDM of shape memory alloy
Liu JF, Li L, Guo YB
269 - 274 First-principles study of CO2 adsorption on KNTN (001) surfaces
Shen YQ, Wang WH, Wang XO, Zhou ZX, Fei WD
275 - 284 Evidence of antibacterial activity on titanium surfaces through nanotextures
Seddiki O, Harnagea C, Levesque L, Mantovani D, Rosei F
285 - 292 Improvement of Ni-Cr-Mo coating performance by laser cladding combined re-melting
Wang QY, Bai SL, Zhang YF, Liu ZD
293 - 300 The reversibility of ionic transport in PEDOT with application to a complementary electrochromic device
Chiang TY, Huang MC, Tsai CH
301 - 305 Synthesis of monodisperse colloidal TiO2 microspheres and performance of their dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhu ZF, Zhu CK, Liu H, Wu YF, Chen GH, Lv T
306 - 310 Porous carbons prepared by direct carbonization of MOFs for supercapacitors
Yan XL, Li XJ, Yan ZF, Komarneni S
311 - 315 Large pulsed electron beam surface treatment of translucent PMMA
Park HW, Lee I
316 - 320 Glass forming abilities of the Fe-Ta-(Zr, Ti) alloys studied by thermodynamic calculation and ion beam mixing
Li N, Li JH, Liu BX
321 - 327 Ordered mesoporous necklace-like ZnS on graphene for use as a high performance photocatalyst
Zeng B, Chen XH, Tang QX, Chen CS, Hu AP
328 - 332 Infrared study on room-temperature atomic layer deposition of TiO2 using tetrakis(dimethylamino)titanium and remote-plasma-excited water vapor
Kanomata K, Pansila P, Ahmmad B, Kubota S, Hirahara K, Hirose F
333 - 340 In situ one-pot synthesis of graphene-polyaniline nanofiber composite for high-performance electrochemical capacitors
Jin YH, Fang M, Jia MQ
341 - 346 Adhesion enhancement of indium tin oxide (ITO) coated quartz optical fibers
Wang YH, Liu J, Wu X, Yang B
347 - 362 Electrochemical evaluation of antibacterial drugs as environment-friendly inhibitors for corrosion of carbon steel in HCl solution
Golestani G, Shahidi M, Ghazanfari D
363 - 371 Friction and sliding wear behavior of induction melted FeCrB metamorphic alloy coating
Hu G, Meng HM, Liu JY
372 - 379 Preparation and wear resistance of electrodeposited Ni-W/diamond composite coatings
Hou KH, Han-TaoWang, Sheu HH, Ger MD
380 - 387 Structure-acidity correlation of supported tungsten(VI)-oxo-species: FT-IR and TPD studies of adsorbed pyridine and catalytic decomposition of 2-propanol
Zaki MI, Mekhemer GAH, Fouad NE, Rabee AIM
388 - 395 Template synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials from ferrocene crystals
Cherkasov N, Savilov SV, Ivanov AS, Egorov AV, Lunin VV, Ibhadon AO
396 - 401 Facile in situ growth of highly monodispersed Ag nanoparticles on electrospun PU nanofiber membranes: Flexible and high efficiency substrates for surface enhanced Raman scattering
Amarjargal A, Tijing LD, Shon HK, Park CH, Kim CS
402 - 407 Theoretical study on the Si-doped graphene as an efficient metal-free catalyst for CO oxidation
Tang YN, Liu ZY, Dai XQ, Yang ZX, Chen WG, Ma DW, Lu ZS
408 - 413 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and positron annihilation spectroscopy analysis of surfactant affected FePt spintronic films
Feng C, Li XJ, Liu F, Wang Q, Yang MY, Zhao CJ, Gong K, Zhang P, Wang BY, Cao XZ, Yu GH
414 - 418 Single layer graphene Hall sensors for scanning Hall probe microscopy (SHPM) in 3-300 K temperature range
Sonusen S, Karci O, Dede M, Aksoy S, Oral A
419 - 430 Effect of Eu doping on the photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanophosphors for red emission applications
Kumar V, Kumar V, Som S, Duvenhage MM, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Swart HC