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Applied Surface Science, Vol.307 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Electrophoretic deposition of magnesium silicates on titanium implants: Ion migration and silicide interfaces
Afshar-Mohajer M, Yaghoubi A, Ramesh S, Bushroa AR, Chin KMC, Tin CC, Chiu WS
7 - 12 Surface photo-anchored PNIPAM crosslinked membrane on glass substrate by covalent bonds
Dong YG, Zhu XQ, Shi F, Nie J
13 - 19 Cr2N-7Ag nanocomposite thin films deposited on Vanadis 6 tool steel
Bilek P, Jurci P, Hudakova M, Pasak M, Kusy M, Bohovicova J
20 - 23 Influences of different interdigital spacing on the performance of UV photodetectors based on ZnO nanofibers
Gu XC, Zhang M, Meng FX, Zhang XD, Chen Y, Ruan SP
24 - 27 Nanosecond pulsed laser induced self-organized nano-dots patterns on GaSb surface
Yoshida Y, Oosawa K, Wajima J, Watanabe S, Matsuo Y, Kato T
28 - 32 Fabrication of superhydrophobic niobium pentoxide thin films by anodization
Jeong BY, Jung EH, Kim JH
33 - 41 Recovery of SIMS depth profiles with account for nonstationary effects
Yunin PA, Drozdov YN, Drozdov MN, Yurasova DV
42 - 45 Microstructure and electrical property of laser-sintered Cu complex ink
Lee J, Lee B, Jeong S, Kim Y, Lee M
46 - 51 Size distributions of fullerene surface clusters
Sibirev NV, Dubrovskii VG, Matetskiy AV, Bondarenko LV, Gruznev DV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
52 - 61 Evaluation of chemically modified Ti-5Mo-3Fe alloy surface: Electrochemical aspects and in vitro bioactivity on MG63 cells
Kumar AM, Sudhagar P, Ramakrishna S, Kang YS, Kim H, Gasem ZM, Rajendran N
62 - 68 Microstructure and high temperature properties of two-step voltage-controlled MAO ceramic coatings formed on Ti2AlNb alloy
Wang YH, Ouyang JH, Liu ZG, Wang YM, Wang YJ
69 - 76 In Vitro Deposition of Ca-P Nanoparticles on Air Jet Spinning Nylon 6 Nanofibers Scaffold For Bone Tissue Engineering
Abdal-Haya A, Oh YS, Yousef A, Pant HR, Vanegas P, Lim JK
77 - 85 Fabrication of luminescent a-Si:SiO2 structures by direct irradiation of high power laser on silicon surface
Dey PP, Khare A
86 - 91 Effect of natural attapulgite powders as lubrication additive on the friction and wear performance of a steel tribo-pair
Nan F, Xu Y, Xu BS, Gao F, Wu YX, Tang XH
92 - 100 Formation mechanism of Ca-deficient hydroxyapatite coating on Mg-Zn-Ca alloy for orthopaedic implant
Wang HX, Zhu SJ, Wang LG, Feng YS, Ma X, Guan SK
101 - 108 Application of superhydrophobic sol gel on canvas
Wang SD, Lin BJ, Hsieh CC, Lin CC
109 - 119 Influence of non-thermal plasma forming gases on improvement of surface properties of low density polyethylene (LDPE)
Pandiyaraj KN, Deshmukh RR, Ruzybayev I, Shah SI, Su PG, Halleluyah M, Halim AS
120 - 128 Surface chemical characterization of PM10 samples by XPS
Atzei D, Fantauzzi M, Rossi A, Fermo P, Piazzalunga A, Valli G, Vecchi R
129 - 135 Studies on galvanostatically electropolymerised polypyrrole/polyaniline composite thin films on stainless steel
Velhal N, Patil N, Jamdade S, Puri V
136 - 141 Growth of non-concentric graphene ring on 6H-SiC (0 0 0 1) surface
Ruammaitree A, Nakahara H, Saito Y
142 - 145 Ablation of a nanostructured metal surface by ultrashort X-ray pulses
Rosandi Y, Urbassek HM
146 - 152 Fabrication and evaluation of nickel cobalt alloy electrocatalysts for alkaline water splitting
Hong SH, Ahn SH, Choi I, Pyo SG, Kim HJ, Jang JH, Kim SK
153 - 157 Effects of RExOy addition on corrosion behavior of the Al-Cu alloys in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution and pH=4 acid solution
Bai ZH, Xia YM, Qiu F, Liu YY, Hu W, Jiang QC
158 - 164 Study on structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Sn atom adsorbed on defective graphene by first-principle calculations
Sun ML, Peng YT
165 - 171 Density functional study of NO adsorption on undefected and oxygen defective Au-BaO(1 0 0) surfaces
Anez R, Sierraalta A, Bastardo A, Coll D, Garcia B
172 - 177 Preparation of polyaniline/graphene oxide nanocomposite for the application of supercapacitor
Gui DY, Liu CL, Chen FY, Liu JH
178 - 188 Enhanced activity for catalytic oxidation of 1,2-dichloroethane over Al-substituted LaMnO3 perovskite catalysts
Chen SX, Wang Y, Jia AP, Liu HH, Luo MF, Lu JQ
189 - 196 Structural and optical properties of magnetron-sputtered Er-doped AIN films grown under negative substrate bias
Legrand J, Pigeat P, Easwarakhanthan T, Rinnert H
197 - 201 Facile preparation of catalytically active, microstructured gold patterns on quartz and silicon substrates
Kampken B, Heinrich M, Vavaleskou T, Auner N, Terfort A
202 - 208 Improvement of biological properties of titanium by anodic oxidation and ultraviolet irradiation
Li BE, Li Y, Li J, Fu XL, Li CY, Wang HS, Liu SM, Guo LT, Xin SG, Liang CY, Li HP
209 - 216 Inhibition of the Cu65/Zn35 brass corrosion by natural extract of Camellia sinensis
Ramde T, Rossi S, Zanella C
217 - 223 Cells adhesion and growth on gold nanoparticle grafted glass
Novotna Z, Reznickova A, Kvitek O, Kasalkova NS, Kolska Z, Svorcik V
224 - 233 Folic acid-conjugated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia and MRI in vitro and in vivo
Jiang QL, Zheng SW, Hong RY, Deng SM, Guo L, Hu RL, Gao B, Huang M, Cheng LF, Liu GH, Wang YQ
234 - 240 Permanent superhydrophobic polypropylene nanocomposite coatings by a simple one-step dipping process
Contreras CB, Chagas G, Strumia MC, Weibel DE
241 - 245 Transparent conductive Ga2O3/Cu/ITO multilayer films prepared on flexible substrates at room temperature
Zhuang HH, Yan JL, Xu CY, Meng DL
246 - 254 Comparison of in vitro behavior of as-sprayed, alkaline-treated and collagen-treated bioceramic coatings obtained by high velocity oxy-fuel spray
Melero H, Garcia-Giralt N, Fernandez J, Diez-Perez A, Guilemany JM
255 - 262 Structure, properties and application of a novel low-glossed waterborne polyurethane
Li JJ, Zheng W, Zeng WB, Zhang DQ, Peng XH
263 - 271 One-step template-free fabrication of mesoporous ZnO/TiO2 hollow microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Wang YZ, Zhu SP, Chen XR, Tang YG, Jiang YF, Peng ZG, Wang HY
272 - 279 Photoemission study of metallic iron nanoparticles surface aging in biological fluids. Influence on biomolecules adsorption
Canivet L, Denayer FO, Champion Y, Cenedese P, Dubot P
280 - 286 Structural and optical study of Li doped CuO thin films on Si (1 0 0) substrate deposited by pulsed laser deposition
Chand P, Gaur A, Kumar A, Gaur UK
287 - 292 Fabrication and electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of polymeric composites filled with silver-coated microorganism cells
Lan MM, Zhang DY, Cai J, Hu YY, Yuan LM
293 - 300 Investigation on the electromagnetic wave absorption properties of Ni chains synthesized by a facile solvothermal method
Zhao B, Fan BB, Shao G, Wang BB, Pian XX, Li W, Zhang R
301 - 305 Fe-doped hydroxyapatite coatings for orthopedic and dental implant applications
Rau JV, Cacciotti I, De Bonis A, Fosca M, Komlev VS, Latini A, Santagata A, Teghil R
306 - 310 Facile synthesis of oil-soluble Fe3O4 nanoparticles based on a phase transfer mechanism
Chen MJ, Shen H, Li X, Liu HF
311 - 318 Effect of UV/ozone treatment on the nanoscale surface properties of gold implanted polyethylene
Kisic D, Nenadovic M, Strbac S, Adnadjevic B, Rakocevic Z
319 - 326 Effect of electrolytes nature and concentration on the morphology and structure of MoS2 nanomaterials prepared using one-pot solvothermal method
Akram H, Mateos-Pedrero C, Gallegos-Suarez E, Guerrero-Ruiz A, Chafik T, Rodriguez-Ramos I
327 - 332 Facile synthesis of graphene on single mode fiber via chemical vapor deposition
Zhang C, Man BY, Jiang SZ, Yang C, Liu M, Chen CS, Xu SC, Feng DJ, Bi D, Liu FY, Qiu HW
333 - 345 Lanthanide co-doped TiO2: The effect of metal type and amount on surface properties and photocatalytic activity
Reszczynska J, Grzyb T, Sobczak JW, Lisowski W, Gazda M, Ohtani B, Zaleska A
346 - 350 Multiwalled carbon nanotubes-sulfur composites with enhanced electrochemical performance for lithium/sulfur batteries
Ma XZ, Jin B, Xin PM, Wang HH
351 - 359 Corrosion resistance of Ni-Co alloy and Ni-Co/SiC nanocomposite coatings electrodeposited by sediment codeposition technique
Bakhit B, Akbari A, Nasirpouri F, Hosseini MG
360 - 364 Fabrication and characterization of Sb/B4C multilayer mirrors for soft X-rays
Kopylets IA, Kondratenko VV, Zubarev EN, Voronov DL, Gullikson EM, Vishnyakov EA, Ragozin EN
365 - 371 Microbowl-arrayed surface generated by EBL of negative-tone SU-8 for highly adhesive hydrophobicity
Li XM, Shao JY, Ding YC, Tian HM
372 - 381 In situ characterization of the effects of Nb and Sn on the anatase-rutile transition in TiO2 nanotubes using high-temperature X-ray diffraction
Verissimo NC, Cremasco A, Rodrigues CA, Bertazzoli R, Caram R
382 - 387 Effects of calcination temperature on Mn species and catalytic activities of Mn/ZSM-5 catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NO with ammonia
Lou XR, Liu PF, Li J, Li Z, He K
388 - 392 The effect of post-annealing on Indium Tin Oxide thin films by magnetron sputtering method
Park JH, Buurma C, Sivananthan S, Kodama R, Gao W, Gessert TA
393 - 400 Solvothermal synthesis and luminescent properties of highly uniform LuF3:Ln(3+) (Ln = Eu, Tb, Dy) nanocrystals from ionic liquids
Liu L, Li RQ, Deng YF, Li LL, Lan S, Zi WW, Gan SC
401 - 406 Photocatalytic activity of N-doped anatase grown in the grain boundaries of dense TiNi1-x bulks by oxidation with H2O2
Suarez-Vazquez SI, Nanko M
407 - 413 Preparation and photocatalytic performance of ZrO2 nanotubes fabricated with anodization process
Jiang W, He J, Zhong JM, Lu JY, Yuan SJ, Liang B
414 - 427 Characterization of colloidal silica abrasives with different sizes and their chemical-mechanical polishing performance on 4H-SiC (0 0 0 1)
Shi XL, Pan GS, Zhou Y, Gu ZH, Gong H, Zou CL
428 - 437 Impact of surface roughness on tracer depth profiling and its implications for Cd-109 and Zn-65 diffusion experiments in solar-grade Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 layers
Eschen T, Hiepko K, Bastek J, Stolwijk NA
438 - 443 Nucleation and epitaxial growth of ZnO on GaN(0 0 0 1)
Adolph D, Ive T
444 - 454 Composite materials: Textural characteristics
Gun'ko VM
455 - 460 Effects of substrate and ambient gas on epitaxial growth indium oxide thin films
Nistor M, Seiler W, Hebert C, Matei E, Perriere J
461 - 467 Surface and crystal structure of nitridated sapphire substrates and their effect on polar InN layers
Skuridina D, Dinh DV, Pristovsek M, Lacroix B, Chauvat MP, Ruterana P, Kneissl M, Vogt P
468 - 474 ZnO shell on mesoporous silica by atomic layer deposition: Removal of organic dye in water by an adsorbent and its photocatalytic regeneration
Jeong B, Kim DH, Park EJ, Jeong MG, Kim KD, Seo HO, Kim YD, Uhm S
475 - 481 Design, preparation and assessment of surface-immobilised tetraphenylethenes for biosensing applications
Brennecke J, Ochs CJ, Boudhar A, Reux B, Subramanian GS, Lear MJ, Trau D, Hobley J
482 - 488 The effect of surface modification on Eu3+ luminescence in EuF3 nanoparticles
Safronikhin A, Ehrlich H, Kuzmina N, Lisichkin G
489 - 494 One-pot controllable synthesis of wurtzite CuInS2 nanoplates
Yin Z, Hu ZL, Ye HH, Teng F, Yang CH, Tang AW
495 - 502 Surfactant free microwave assisted synthesis of ZnO microspheres: Study of their antibacterial activity
Shinde VV, Dalavi DS, Mali SS, Hong CK, Kim JH, Patil PS
503 - 512 Evaluation of bone tissue reaction in laser beamed implants
Allegrini S, Yoshimoto M, Salles MB, Allegrini MRF, Pistarini LCY, Braga FJC, Bressiani AHD
513 - 519 Antimicrobial activity and biocompatibility of Ag--(+) and Cu2+ -doped biphasic hydroxyapatite/alpha-tricalcium phosphate obtained from hydrothermally synthesized Ag+- and Cu2+ -doped hydroxyapatite
Radovanovic Z, Jokic B, Veljovic D, Dimitrijevic S, Kojic V, Petrovic R, Janackovic D
520 - 524 Electronic structure of alpha-sexithiophene ultrathin films grown on passivated Si(0 0 1) surfaces
Toyoshima HH, Tanaka H, Inoue K, Ohno S, Mukai K, Yoshinobu J, Tanaka M
525 - 532 The effects of substrate nitridation on the growth of nonpolar alpha-plane GaN on r-plane sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Zhang J, Tian W, Wu F, Wan QX, Wang ZJ, Zhang J, Li YL, Dai JN, Fang YY, Wu ZH, Chen CQ, Xu JT, Li XY
533 - 542 Covalently functionalized graphene sheets with biocompatible natural amino acids
Mallakpour S, Abdolmaleki A, Borandeh S
543 - 547 Influence of rare-earth elements doping on structure and optical properties of BiFe03 thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Liu J, Deng HM, Cao HY, Zhai XZ, Tao JH, Sun L, Yang PX, Chu JH
548 - 557 Influence of thickness and coatings morphology in the antimicrobial performance of zinc oxide coatings
Carvalho P, Sampaio P, Azevedo S, Vaz C, Espinos JP, Teixeira V, Carneiro JO
558 - 565 Multiple oscillator models for the optical constants of polycrystalline zinc oxide thin films over a wide wavelength range
Khoshman JM, Hilfiker JN, Tabet N, Kordesch ME
566 - 575 Superhydrophobic surfaces of electrospun block copolymer fibers with low content of fluorosilicones
Tian XP, Yi LM, Meng XM, Xu K, Jiang TT, Lai DZ
576 - 578 Thermal annealing effect on structural and magnetic properties of ZnFe204 thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Guo DW, Jiang CJ, Fan XL, Xue DS
579 - 588 Structural, mechanical and oxidation characteristics of siliconized Ti-Al-X (X = Nb, Ta) alloys
Popela T, Vojtech D, Vogt JB, Michalcova A
589 - 592 Electrochemical synthesis of highly ordered polypyrrole on copper modified aluminium substrates
Siddaramanna A, Saleema N, Sarkar DK
593 - 600 First-principles study of Al/Al3Ti heterogeneous nucleation interface
Li J, Zhang M, Zhou Y, Chen GX
601 - 607 Fabrication of poly(o-phenylenediamine)/reduced graphene oxide composite nanosheets via microwave heating and their effective adsorption of lead ions
Yang L, Li ZC, Nie GD, Zhang Z, Lu XF, Wang C
608 - 614 Antimony doped cadmium selenium nanobelts with enhanced electrical and optoelectrical properties
Zhang LJ, Yu HF, Cao W, Dong YQ, Zou C, Yang Y, Huang SM, Dai N, Zhu DM
615 - 620 Preparation and properties of erbium oxide films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Wu YP, Zhu SF, Liu TW, Li FF, Zhang YZ, Rao YC, Zhang YB
621 - 630 Effect of alloying elements on the electrochemical behavior of Cu-Ni-Zn ternary system in sulfide-polluted saltwater
Awad NK, Ashour EA, Fouda AS, Allam NK
631 - 637 A facile way to prepare ceramic-supported graphene oxide composite membrane via silane-graft modification
Lou YY, Liu GP, Liu SN, Shen J, Jin WQ
638 - 644 Fabrication of laser deposited high-quality multilayer zone plates for hard X-ray nanofocusing
Eberl C, Doring F, Liese T, Schlenkrich F, Roos B, Hahn M, Hoinkes T, Rauschenbeutel A, Osterhoff M, Salditt T, Krebs HU
645 - 653 Microstructure of planar glass substrates modified by Laser Ablation Backwriting (LAB) of metal targets
Rey-Garcia F, Flores-Arias MT, Gomez-Reino C, Lahoz R, de la Fuente GF, Assenmacher W, Mader W
654 - 660 Effect of reducing agent and nano Al2O3 particles on the properties of electroless Ni-P coating
Karthikeyan S, Ramamoorthy B
661 - 664 Preparation of low ferromagnetic resonance linewidth yttrium iron garnet films on silicon substrate
Zheng H, Qin HB, Zheng P, Deng JX, Zheng L, Han MG
665 - 676 Agglomerated nanoparticles of hydrous Ce(IV) plus Zr(IV) mixed oxide: Preparation, characterization and physicochemical aspects on fluoride adsorption
Ghosh A, Chakrabarti S, Biswas K, Ghosh UC
677 - 681 The addition of aluminium to ruthenium liner layers for use as copper diffusion barriers
Mccoy AP, Bogan J, Walsh L, Byrne C, Casey P, Hughes G
682 - 688 Mg-Al oxide supported Ni catalysts with enhanced stability for efficient synthetic natural gas from syngas
Fan MT, Miao KP, Lin JD, Zhang HB, Liao DW
689 - 697 Novel non-metallic non-acidic approach to generate sub-wavelength surface structures for inline-diffused multicrystalline silicon wafer solar cells
Basu PK, Chakraborty S, Hameiri Z, Boreland MB
698 - 703 Low pressure plasma modified polycarbonate: A transparent, low reflective and scratch resistant material for automotive applications
De Vietro N, Belforte L, Lambertini VG, Fracassi F
704 - 711 A capacitive chemical sensor based on porous silicon for detection of polar and non-polar organic solvents
Harraz FA, Ismail AA, Bouzid H, Al-Sayari SA, Al-Hajry A, Al-Assiri MS
712 - 715 Air-stable n-type doping of graphene from overlying Si3N4 film
Wang ZG, Li PJ, Chen YF, Liu JB, Qi F, Tian HJ, Zheng BJ, Zhou JH
716 - 723 Silver localization on polyimide using microcontact printing and electroless metallization
Coulm SGJ, Leonard D, Bessueille F
724 - 730 Influence of humidity on the growth characteristics and properties of chemical bath-deposited ZnS thin films
Lin YC, Chao YT, Yao PC
731 - 735 Controlled electropolishing of copper foils at elevated temperature
Kwon GD, Kim YW, Moyen E, Keum DH, Lee YH, Baik S, Pribat D
736 - 743 Structural! spectroscopic analyses and H-2/O-2/CO responses of thulium(III) oxide nanosquare sheets
Lee SW, Park SK, Min BK, Kang JG, Sohn Y