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Applied Surface Science, Vol.305 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Laser-drilled micro-hole arrays on polyurethane synthetic leather for improvement of water vapor permeability
Wu Y, Wang AH, Zheng RR, Tang HQ, Qi XY, Ye B
9 - 15 Simple approach for improving gold deposition inside nanoporous alumina template on Si substrate
Nguyen VH, Hoshi Y, Usami N
16 - 23 Laser alloying of Ti-Si compound coating on Ti-6Al-4V alloy for the improvement of bioactivity
Wu Y, Wang AH, Zhang Z, Zheng RR, Xia HB, Wang YN
24 - 32 Bioactivity and osteogenic cell response of TiO2 nanotubes coupled with nanoscale calcium phosphate via ultrasonification-assisted electrochemical deposition
Chen JY, Zhang ZG, Ouyang JL, Chen XS, Xu ZW, Sun XT
33 - 39 Ag deposited mixed phase titania visible light photocatalyst -Superiority of Ag-titania and mixed phase titania co-junction
Ramchiary A, Samdarshi SK
40 - 45 First-principles study of hydrogen dissociation and diffusion on transition metal-doped Mg(0001) surfaces
Wang ZW, Guo XJ, Wu MY, Sun Q, Jia Y
46 - 54 Upgrading non-oxidized carbon nanotubes by thermally decomposed hydrazine
Wang PC, Liao YC, Liu LH, Lai YL, Lin YC, Hsu YJ
55 - 61 Charge defects and highly enhanced multiferroic properties in Mn and Cu co-doped BiFeO3 thin films
Dong GH, Tan GQ, Luo YY, Liu WL, Xia A, Ren HJ
62 - 66 Hematite nanostructuring using electrohydrodynamic lithography
Boudoire F, Toth R, Heier J, Braun A, Constable EC
67 - 76 Dielectric properties and thermal destruction of poly(dimethylsiloxane)/Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites
Galaburda MV, Klonos P, Gun'ko VM, Bogatyrov VM, Borysenko MV, Pissis P
77 - 85 Magnesium substituted hydroxyapatite coating on titanium with nanotublar TiO2 intermediate layer via electrochemical deposition
Yan YJ, Ding QQ, Huang Y, Han SG, Pang XF
86 - 92 Protective properties of magnetron-sputtered Ti coating on CoSb3 thermoelectric material
Zhao DG, Zuo M, Wang ZQ, Teng XY, Geng HR
93 - 100 The effect of ion implantation on tribology and hot rolling contact fatigue of Cr4Mo4Ni4V bearing steel
Jin J, Chen YB, Gao KW, Huang XL
101 - 110 Study of nanoindentation behavior of amorphous alloy using molecular dynamics
Qiu C, Zhu PZ, Fang FZ, Yuan DD, Shen XC
111 - 116 Atomic force microscopy on phase-control pulsed force mode in water: Imaging and force analysis on a rhodium-octaethylporphyrin layer on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Maeda Y, Yamazaki S, Kohyama M
117 - 123 Magneto-optical spectroscopy of surface/interfaces in Co/garnet heterostructures
Pashkevich M, Stupakiewicz A, Kirilyuk A, Stognij A, Maziewski A, Rasing T
124 - 132 FIM tips in SPM: Apex orientation and temperature considerations on atom transfer and diffusion
Paul W, Oliver D, Miyahara Y, Grutter P
133 - 138 In situ study on growth behavior of interfacial bubbles and its effect on interfacial reaction during a soldering process
Qu L, Ma HT, Zhao HJ, Kunwar A, Zhao N
139 - 142 Ordering of the Si(553) surface with Pb atoms
Kopciuszynski M, Lukasik P, Zdyb R, Jalochowski M
143 - 153 Influence of deposition temperature and amorphous carbon on microstructure and oxidation resistance of magnetron sputtered nanocomposite Cr-C films
Nygren K, Andersson M, Hogstrom J, Fredriksson W, Edstrom K, Nyholm L, JanssonUppsala U
154 - 159 Atomic scale structure investigations of epitaxial Fe/Cr multilayers
Kac M, Morgiel J, Polit A, Zabila Y, Marszalek M
160 - 166 HR-EELS study of hydrogen bonding configuration, chemical and thermal stability of detonation nanodiamond films
Michaelson S, Akhvlediani R, Petit T, Girard HA, Arnault JC, Hoffman A
167 - 172 Structural comparison between MgO/Fe(001) and MgO/Fe(001)-p(1 x 1)0 interfaces for magnetic tunneling junctions: An Auger electron diffraction study
Cantoni M, Boseggia S, Petti D, Cattoni A, Bertacco R
173 - 178 Study of growth kinetics and depth resolved composition of a-SiNx: H thin films by resonant soft X-ray reflectivity at the Si L-2,L-3-edge
Bommali RK, Modi MH, Zhou S, Ghosh S, Srivastava P
179 - 185 Electrochemical performance of ZnWO4/CNTs composite as anode materials for lithium-ion battery
Zhang LS, Wang ZT, Wang LZ, Xing Y, Li XF, Zhang Y
186 - 193 Facile fabrication of hierarchical porous resins via high internal phase emulsion and polymeric porogen
Ma LB, Luo XG, Cai N, Xue YA, Zhu S, Fu Z, Yu FQ
194 - 202 Sol-gel synthesis of ZnO transparent conductive films: The role of pH
Addonizio ML, Aronne A, Daliento S, Tari O, Fanelli E, Pernice P
203 - 213 Understanding the effects of sputter damage in W-S thin films by HAXPES
Sundberg J, Lindblad R, Gorgoi M, Rensmo H, Jansson U, Lindblad A
214 - 220 Enhancement of electrical characteristics and reliability in crystallized ZrO2 gate dielectrics treated with in-situ atomic layer doping of nitrogen
Huang JJ, Huang LT, Tsai MC, Lee MH, Chen MJ
221 - 226 The underlying reason of DIO additive on the improvement polymer solar cells performance
Wang ZX, Zhang FJ, Li LL, An QS, Wang J, Zhang J
227 - 234 An ultraviolet photodetector with an active layer composed of solution processed polyfluorene:Zn0.71Cd0.29S hybrid nanomaterials
Sevim S, Memisoglu G, Varlikli C, Dogan LE, Tascioglu D, Ozcelik S
235 - 241 The roles of various Ni species over SnO2 in enhancing the photocatalytic properties for hydrogen generation under visible light irradiation
Du QC, Lu GX
242 - 246 Preparation and enhanced photocatalytic activity of CdS@RGO core-shell structural microspheres
Liu H, Lv T, Wu XH, Zhu CK, Zhu ZF
247 - 251 Interaction of tetraethoxysilane with OH-terminated SiO2 (001) surface: A first principles study
Deng XD, Song YX, Li JC, Pu YK
252 - 258 Improved light output power of LEDs with embedded air voids structure and SiO2 current blocking layer
Zhou SJ, Yuan S, Liu S, Ding H
259 - 266 A study on high temperature oxidation behavior of double glow plasma surface metallurgy Fe-Al-Cr alloyed layer on Q235 steel
Luo XX, Yao ZJ, Zhang PZ, Miao Q, Liang WP, Wei DB, Chen Y
267 - 273 Adsorption of environmental pollutants using magnetic hybrid nanoparticles modified with beta-cyclodextrin
Wang NJ, Zhou LL, Guo J, Ye QQ, Lin JM, Yuan JY
274 - 280 Template-free facile preparation of monoclinic WO3 nanoplates and their high photocatalytic activities
Zhang HL, Yang JQ, Li D, Guo W, Qin Q, Zhu LJ, Zheng WJ
281 - 291 Synthesis and characterization of N-doped TiO2 photocatalysts with tunable response to solar radiation
Petala A, Tsikritzis D, Kollia M, Ladas S, Kennou S, Kondarides DI
292 - 300 Surface modification of cellulosic substrates via atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization of acrylic acid: Structure and properties
Garcia-Torres J, Sylla D, Molina L, Crespo E, Mota J, Bautista L
301 - 308 Silylesterification of oxidized multiwall carbon nanotubes by catalyzed dehydrogenative crosscoupling between carboxylic and hydrosilane functions
Seffer JF, Detriche S, Nagy JB, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
309 - 313 Al-Mn coating electrodeposited from ionic liquid on NdFeB magnet with high hardness and corrosion resistance
Ding JJ, Xu BJ, Ling GP
314 - 320 Enhanced degradation of azo dye by nanoporous-copper-decorated Mg-Cu-Y metallic glass powder through dealloying pretreatment
Luo XK, Li R, Zong JZ, Zhang Y, Li HF, Zhang T
321 - 329 Surface modification of an epoxy resin with polyamines and polydopamine: The effect on the initial electroless copper deposition
Schaubroeck D, Mader L, De Geyter N, Morent R, Dubruel P, Vanfleteren J
330 - 336 Influences of the main anodic electroplating parameters on cerium oxide films
Yang Y, Yang YM, Du XQ, Chen Y, Zhang Z, Zhang JQ
337 - 346 Reuse of acid coagulant-recovered drinking waterworks sludge residual to remove phosphorus from wastewater
Yang L, Wei J, Zhang YM, Wang JL, Wang DT
347 - 351 Influence of film thickness on laser ablation threshold of transparent conducting oxide thin-films
Rung S, Christiansen A, Hellmann R
352 - 358 TiO2 hollow microspheres with mesoporous surface: Superior adsorption performance for dye removal
Wang R, Cai X, Shen FL
359 - 365 Mn-doped CdS quantum dots sensitized hierarchical TiO2 flower-rod for solar cell application
Yu LB, Li Z, Liu YB, Cheng F, Sun SQ
366 - 374 A surface-chemistry study of barium ferrite nanoplates with DBSa-modified surfaces
Lisjak D, Ovtar S, Kovac J, Gregoratti L, Aleman B, Amati M, Fanetti M, Makovec D
375 - 381 Deposition and alignment of cells on laser-patterned quartz
George SD, Ladiwala U, Thomas J, Bankapur A, Chidangil S, Mathur D
382 - 385 First-principles study of nitrobenzene adsorption on graphene
Dai ZH, Zhao YC
386 - 395 Preparation and characterization of silver loaded montmorillonite modified with sulfur amino acid
Li T, Lin OL, Lu ZY, He LM, Wang XS
396 - 401 Molecular arrangement investigation of copper phthalocyanine grown on hydrogen passivated Si(111) surfaces
Arbi I, Ben Hamada B, Souissi A, Menzli S, Ben Azzouz C, Laribi A, Akremi A, Chefi C
402 - 411 Coaxial silicon/multi-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposite anodes for long cycle life lithium-ion batteries
Tocoglu U, Cevher O, Guler MO, Akbulut H
412 - 418 Adsorption of copper ions by ion-imprinted simultaneous interpenetrating network hydrogel: Thermodynamics, morphology and mechanism
Wang JJ, Ding L, Wei J, Liu F
419 - 426 Optimal processing for hydrophobic nanopillar polymer surfaces using nanoporous alumina template
Huang CF, Lin Y, Shen YK, Fan YM
427 - 432 Synthesis and characterization of LiFePO4 electrode materials coated by graphene
Tian Z, Liu SS, Ye F, Yao SJ, Zhou ZF, Wang SM
433 - 438 Porous CoO nanostructures grown on three-dimension graphene foams for supercapacitors electrodes
Deng W, Lan W, Sun YR, Su Q, Xie EQ
439 - 444 18.5% efficient AlOx/SiNy rear passivated industrial multicrystalline silicon solar cells
Qiao Q, Lu HY, Ge J, Xi X, Chen RL, Yang J, Zhu JB, Shi ZR, Chu JH
445 - 452 A high-sensitivity, fast-response, rapid-recovery p-n heterojunction photodiode based on rutile TiO2 nanorod array on p-Si(111)
Selman AM, Hassan Z, Husham M, Ahmed NM
453 - 458 Transient variation of a cross-sectional area of inkjet-printed silver nanoparticle ink during furnace sintering
Kim D, Lee I, Yoo Y, Moon YJ, Moon SJ
459 - 465 In situ synthesis of CdS decorated titanate nano sheets with highly efficient visible-light-induced photoactivity
Liu Z, Fang PF, Liu FW, Zhang YP, Liu XZ, Lu DZ, Li DL, Wang SJ
466 - 473 Surface roughness and electrical resistivity of high-purity zinc irradiated with nanosecond visible laser pulses
Butt MZ, Ali D, Tanveer MU, Naseem S
474 - 476 Fabrication and electrical characterization of Li-N dual doped ZnO thin film transistor
Zhou DZ, Li B, Wang HL, Salik M, Wu HH, Hu ZF, Gao S, Peng YF, Yi LX, Zhang XQ, Wang YS
477 - 480 The dependence of Zn content on thermal treatments for Cd1-xZnxTe thin films deposited by close-spaced sublimation
Xu HT, Xu R, Huang J, Zhang JJ, Tang K, Wang LJ
481 - 486 A study on Ti-doped ZnO transparent conducting thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Zhao WD, Zhou QF, Zhang X, Wu XJ
487 - 491 Physical mechanisms of macroparticles number density decreasing on a substrate immersed in vacuum arc plasma at negative high-frequency short-pulsed biasing
Ryabchikov AI, Sivin DO, Bumagina AI
492 - 497 The use of trivalent chromium bath to obtain a solar selective black chromium coating
Surviliene S, Cesuniene A, Juskenas R, Selskiene A, Bucinskiene D, Kalinauskas P, Juskevicius K, Jureviciute I
498 - 505 Corrosion resistance and long-term durability of super-hydrophobic nickel film prepared by electrodeposition process
Khorsand S, Raeissi K, Ashrafizadeh F
506 - 514 XPS analysis and structural and morphological characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films grown by sequential evaporation
Gordillo G, Calderon C, Bartolo-Perez P
515 - 521 Antimicrobial mechanism of flavonoids against Escherichia coil ATCC 25922 by model membrane study
He MY, Wu T, Pan SY, Xu XY
522 - 530 Optimization and characterization of biomolecule immobilization on silicon substrates using (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane (APTES) and glutaraldehyde linker
Gunda NSK, Singh M, Norman L, Kaur K, Mitra SK
531 - 538 High dielectric constant and low dielectric loss hybrid nanocomposites fabricated with ferroelectric polymer matrix and BaTiO3 nanofibers modified with perfluoroalkylsilane
Zhang XH, Ma YH, Zhao CW, Yang WT
539 - 543 Amorphous carbon enhancement of hydrogen penetration into UO2
Zalkind S, Shamir N, Gouder T, Akhvlediani R, Hoffman A
544 - 553 Passivation of the La2NiMnO6 double perovskite to hydroxylation by excess nickel, and the fate of the hydroxylated surface upon heating
Fulmer AT, Dondlinger J, Langell MA
554 - 561 Hydrophobicity enhancement of Al2O3 thin films deposited on polymeric substrates by atomic layer deposition with perfluoropropane plasma treatment
Ali K, Choi KH, Kim CY, Doh YH, Jo J
562 - 574 Uniform TiO2-SiO2 hollow nanospheres: Synthesis, characterization and enhanced adsorption-photodegradation of azo dyes and phenol
Guo N, Liang YM, Lan S, Liu L, Ji GJ, Gan SC, Zou HF, Xu XC
575 - 580 Localized dispersing of ceramic particles in tool steel surfaces by pulsed laser
Hilgenberg K, Behler K, Steinhoff K
581 - 588 Cyclodextrin-grafted electrospun cellulose acetate nanofibers via "Click" reaction for removal of phenanthrene
Celebioglu A, Demirci S, Uyar T
589 - 595 Reducing ice adhesion by hierarchical micro-nano-pillars
He Y, Jiang CY, Cao XB, Chen J, Tian W, Yuan WZ
596 - 602 Carbon and functionalized graphene oxide coated vanadium oxide electrodes for lithium ion batteries
Channu VSR, Ravichandran D, Rambabu B, Holze R
603 - 608 Superhydrophobic membranes on metal substrate and their corrosion protection in different corrosive media
Wang N, Xiong DS
609 - 616 Study of material removal processes of the crystal silicon substrate covered by an oxide film under a silica cluster impact: Molecular dynamics simulation
Chen RL, Wu YH, Lei H, Jiang RR, Liang M
617 - 625 Potassium-doped copper oxide nanoparticles synthesized by a solvothermal method as an anode material for high-performance lithium ion secondary battery
Thi TV, Rai AK, Gim J, Kim J
626 - 629 Nanosheet based SnO2 assembles grown on a flexible substrate
Zhang SW, Yin BS, Jiao Y, Liu Y, Qu FY, Wu X
630 - 637 Improved mechanical performance of PBO fiber-reinforced bismaleimide composite using mixed 02/Ar plasma
Liu D, Chen P, Yu Q, Ma KM, Ding ZF
638 - 641 Improved efficiency and stability of GaN photoanode in photoelectrochemical water splitting by NiO cocatalyst
Kim SH, Ebaid M, Kang JH, Ryu SW
642 - 649 Redox properties and metal-support interaction of Pd/Ce0.67Zro.3302-Al203 catalyst for CO, HC and NO elimination
Lin SY, Yang LY, Yang X, Zhou RX
650 - 657 Analysis of nanopore arrangement of porous alumina layers formed by anodizing in oxalic acid at relatively high temperatures
Zaraska L, Stepniowski WJ, Jaskula M, Sulka GD
658 - 664 Role of electroless nickel diffusion barrier on the combinatorial plating characteristics of dense Pd/Ni/PSS composite membranes
Pujari M, Agarwal A, Uppaluri R, Verma A
665 - 669 Hydrogen production by photocatalytic ethanol reforming using Eu- and S-doped anatase
Puskelova J, Michal R, Caplovicova M, Antoniadou M, Caplovic L, Plesch G, Lianos P
670 - 673 Cross-sectional study of high spatial frequency ripples performed on silicon using nanojoule femtosecond laser pulses at high repetition
Le Harzic R, Menzel M, Henning S, Heilmann A, Stracke F, Zimmermann H
674 - 682 Oxidation of Inconel 625 superalloy upon treatment with oxygen or hydrogen plasma at high temperature
Vesel A, Drenik A, Elersic K, Mozetic M, Kovac J, Gyergyek T, Stockel J, Varju J, Panek R, Balat-Pichelin M
683 - 688 One-step synthesis Fe3N surface-modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles with excellent lithium storage ability
Li YB, Yan YR, Ming H, Zheng JW
689 - 696 Temperature driven three-dimensional ordering of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot superlattices grown under As-2 gas flux
Lytvyn PM, Mazur YI, Benamara M, Ware ME, Dorogan VG, de Souza LD, Marega E, Teodoro MD, Marques GE, Salamo GJ
697 - 701 Hafnium carbide nanocrystal chains for field emitters
Tian S, Li HJ, Zhang YL, Ren JC, Qiang XF, Zhang SY
702 - 709 Robust superhydrophobic transparent coatings fabricated by a low-temperature sol-gel process
Huang WH, Lin CS
710 - 715 Growth of Cu2O flower/grass-like nanoarchitectures and their photovoltaic effects
Hu LJ, Ju Y, Chen MJ, Hosoi A, Arai S
716 - 724 A fast method to fabricate superhydrophobic surfaces on zinc substrate with ion assisted chemical etching
Qi Y, Cui Z, Liang B, Parnas RS, Lu HF
725 - 731 Synthesis and characterization of alkylamine-functionalized graphene for polyolefin-based nanocomposites
Yang XY, Mei T, Yang J, Zhang CA, Lv MJ, Wang XB
732 - 739 Structural and morphology analysis of annealed Y-3(Al,Ga)(5)O-12:Tb thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
Yousif A, Swart HC, Terblans JJ, Jafer RM, Kumar V, Kroon RE, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Duvenhage MM
740 - 746 Preparation of nanostructured PbS thin films as sensing element for NO2 gas
Kaci S, Keffous A, Hakoum S, Trari M, Mansri O, Menari H
747 - 752 Beta-cyclodextrins conjugated magnetic Fe3O4 colloidal nanoclusters for the loading and release of hydrophobic molecule
Lv S, Song YB, Song YY, Zhao ZG, Cheng CJ
753 - 759 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of MgxZn1-xO thin films on silicon substrate through sol-gel process
Liu C, Shang FJ, Pan GC, Wang F, Zhou ZT, Gong WB, Zi ZF, Wei YY, Chen XS, Lv JG, He G, Zhang M, Song XP, Sun ZQ
760 - 767 Controlling particle size and photoelectrochemical properties of nanostructured W03 with surfactants
Memar A, Phan CM, Tade MO
768 - 773 Long-range ferromagnetic graphene via compensated Fe/NO2 co-doping
Zhang RQ, Luo YF, Qi SF, Xu XH
774 - 782 Superhydrophobic coating deposited directly on aluminum
Escobar AM, Llorca-Isern N
783 - 791 Antibacterial kaolinite/urea/chlorhexidine nanocomposites: Experiment and molecular modelling
Holesova S, Valaskova M, Hlavac D, Madejova J, Samlikova M, Tokarsky J, Pazdziora E
792 - 796 Adhesion of TiO2 nanotube arrays on transparent conducting substrates using CNT-Ti02 composite pastes
Song CB, Qiang YH, Zhao YL, Gu XQ, Song DM, Zhu L
797 - 804 Nano crystalline high energy milled 5083 Al powder deposited using cold spray
Rokni MR, Widener CA, Nardi AT, Champagne VK
805 - 816 Characterization of Ta-Si-N coatings prepared using direct current magnetron co-sputtering
Chen YI, Lin KY, Wang HH, Cheng YR
817 - 824 Surface oxidation phenomenon and mechanism of AISI 304 stainless steel induced by Nd:YAG pulsed laser
Cui CY, Cui XG, Ren XD, Qi MJ, Hu JD, Wang YM