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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Removal of fluoride from groundwater by adsorption onto La(III)- Al(III) loaded scoria adsorbent
Zhang SY, Lu Y, Lin XY, Su XS, Zhang YL
6 - 13 XPS analysis of oleylamine/oleic acid capped Fe3O4 nanoparticles as a function of temperature
Wilson D, Langell MA
14 - 22 Hydrothermally modified fly ash for heavy metals and dyes removal in advanced wastewater treatment
Visa M, Chelaru AM
23 - 29 Chemical composition, morphology and optical properties of zinc sulfide coatings deposited by low-energy electron beam evaporation
Ragachev AV, Yarmolenko MA, Rogachev AA, Gorbachev DL, Zhou B
30 - 36 Tuning the composition of aromatic binary Self-Assembled Monolayers on copper: An XPS study
Caprioli F, Marrani AG, Di Castro V
37 - 45 Disposable pencil graphite electrode modified with peptide nanotubes for Vitamin B-12 analysis
Pala BB, Vural T, Kuralay F, Cirak T, Bolat G, Abaci S, Denkbas EB
46 - 53 HAXPES study of CeOx thin film-silicon oxide interface
Vorokhta M, Matolinova I, Dubau M, Haviar S, Khalakhan I, Sevcikova K, Mori T, Yoshikawa H, Matolin V
54 - 60 Depositing of CuS nanocrystals upon the graphene scaffold and their photocatalytic activities
Wang YB, Zhang LX, Jiu HF, Li N, Sun YX
61 - 66 Atomic and electronic structures of the (root 13 x root 13)R13.9 degrees of silicene sheet on Ag(111)
Tchalala MR, Enriquez H, Yildirim H, Kara A, Mayne AJ, Dujardin G, Ali MA, Oughaddou H
67 - 75 Synthesis and properties of epoxy-polyurethane/silica nanocomposites by a novel sol method and in-situ solution polymerization route
Lin J, Wu X, Zheng C, Zhang PP, Huang BW, Guo NH, Jin LYZ
76 - 83 The formation of anomalous Hall effect depending on W atoms in ZnO thin films
Can MM, Shah SI, Firat T
84 - 89 Large-area fabrication of 3D petal-like nanopattern for surface enhanced Raman scattering
Zhou WM, Wang JH, Zhang J, Li XL, Min GQ
90 - 96 Electrical conduction and NO2 gas sensing properties of ZnO nanorods
Sahin Y, Ozturk S, Kilinc N, Kosemen A, Erkovan M, Ozturk ZZ
97 - 106 Immobilization of cross linked Col-I-OPN bone matrix protein on aminolysed PCL surfaces enhances initial biocompatibility of human adipogenic mesenchymal stem cells (hADMSC)
Kim YH, Jyoti MA, Song HY
107 - 110 Surface composition deviation of Cu2ZnSnS4 derivative powdered samples
Harel S, Guillot-Deudon C, Choubrac L, Hamon J, Lafond A
111 - 117 Preparation of ZnO films with variable electric field-assisted atomic layer deposition technique
Lu W, Dong YB, Li CB, Xia Y, Liu BW, Xie J, Lia N, Zhang YQ
118 - 124 Modification of Cu surface with picosecond laser pulses
Obona JV, Ocelik V, Rao JC, Skolski JZP, Romer GRBE, in't Veld AJH, De Hosson JTM
125 - 130 Corrosion resistance enhancement of Ni-P-nano SiO2 composite coatings on aluminum
Sadreddini S, Afshar A
131 - 139 Effects of vacuum heat treatment on the photoelectric work function and surface morphology of multilayered silver-metal electrical contacts
Akbi M, Bouchou A, Zouache N
140 - 146 Mesoporous TiO2 implants for loading high dosage of antibacterial agent
Park SW, Lee D, Choi YS, Jeon HB, Lee CH, Moon JH, Kwon IK
147 - 154 Washing-resistant surfactant coated surface is able to inhibit pathogenic bacteria adhesion
Treter J, Bonatto F, Krug C, Soares GV, Baumvol IJR, Macedo AJ
155 - 162 Evaluation of the mechanical properties of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings
Hasan MF, Wang J, Berndt C
163 - 167 Simulated non-contact atomic force microscopy for GaAs surfaces based on real-space pseudopotentials
Kim M, Chelikowsky JR
168 - 174 Anatase supported nickel nanoparticles for catalytic hydrogenation of 4-nitrophenol
Dhokale RK, Yadav HM, Achary SN, Delekar SD
175 - 179 Electrical properties and humidity sensor characteristics of lead hydroxyapatite material
Tudorache F, Petrila I, Popa K, Catargiu AM
180 - 186 Multiwalled carbon nanotube based molecular imprinted polymer for trace determination of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyaceticacid in natural water samples using a potentiometric method
Anirudhan TS, Alexander S
187 - 195 DLC coating on stainless steel by pulsed methane discharge in repetitive plasma focus
Hassan M, Qayyum A, Ahmad S, Mahmood S, Shafiq M, Zakaullah M, Lee P, Rawat RS
196 - 204 Corrosion protection of mesoporous bioactive glass coating on biodegradable magnesium
Wang XJ, Wen C
205 - 209 Density functional theory study of the interfacial properties of Ni/Ni3Si eutectic alloy
Zhao YH, Wen ZQ, Hou H, Guo W, Han PD
210 - 216 Termination, stability and electronic structures of alpha-Al2O3 (0 (1)over-bar 1 4 ) surface: An ab initio study
Liu Y, Ning XS
217 - 232 Effect of oblique incidence on silver nanomaterials fabricated in water via ultrafast laser ablation for photonics and explosives detection
Podagatlapalli GK, Hamad S, Mohiddon MA, Rao SV
233 - 240 Secondary ion mass spectrometry and photoluminescence study on microstructural characteristics of chemically synthesized ZnO nanowalls
Bayan S, Chakraborty P
241 - 244 Enhanced terahertz emission from GaAs substrates deposited with aluminum nitride films caused by high interface electric fields
Jaculbia RB, Balgos MHM, Mangila NS, Tumanguil MAC, Estacio ES, Salvador AA, Somintac AS
245 - 249 Photoemission studies of water dissociation on rutile TiO2 (110): Aspects on experimental procedures and the influence of steps
Walle LE, Ragazzon D, Borg A, Uvdal P, Sandell A
250 - 254 Nano Sized bismuth oxy chloride by metal organic chemical vapour deposition
Jagdale P, Castellino M, Marrec F, Rodil SE, Tagliaferro A
255 - 262 Electrophoretic deposition of tetracycline modified silk fibroin coatings for functionlization of titanium surfaces
Zhang Z, Qu YY, Li XS, Zhang S, Wei QS, Shi YS, Chen LL
263 - 271 Synthesis and characterization of resorcinol-formaldehyde resin chars doped by zinc oxide
Gun'ko VM, Bogatyrov VM, Oranska OI, Urubkov IV, Leboda R, Charmas B, Skubiszewska-Zieba J
272 - 276 Bio-active glass air-abrasion has the potential to remove resin composite restorative material selectively
Milly H, Andiappan M, Thompson I, Banerjee A
277 - 281 Antimicrobial and cytotoxicity evaluation of aliovalent substituted hydroxyapatite
Shanmugam S, Gopal B
282 - 289 Water molecules effect on pure Ti passive film structure in methanol solution
Qin Z, Pang XL, Qiao LJ, Khodayari M, Volinsky AA
290 - 296 Interface actions between TiO2 and porous diatomite on the structure and photocatalytic activity of TiO2-diatomite
Xia Y, Li FF, Jiang YS, Xia MS, Xue B, Li YJ
297 - 305 Formation and nitridation of InGa composite droplets on Si(111): In-situ study by high resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Qi B, Shayestehaminzadeh S, Olafsson S, Gothelid M, Gislason HP
306 - 311 Bimetallic two-dimensional PtAg coverage on h-BN substrate: First-principles calculations
Ersan F, Gokoglu G, Akturk E
312 - 318 Effect of mechanical polishing on corrosion behavior of Hastelloy C22 coating prepared by high power diode laser cladding
Wang QY, Bai SL, Zhao YH, Liu ZD
319 - 323 Photoluminescence emission from Alq3 organic layer in metal-Alq3-metal plasmonic structure
Huang BR, Liao CC, Fan WT, Wu JH, Chen CC, Lin YP, Li JY, Chen SP, Ke WC, Chen NC
324 - 330 A DFT study of cyclopropane adsorption on Pt(111). Electronic structure and bonding
German E, Lopez-Corral I, Pirillo S, Juan A, Brizuela G
331 - 343 A molecular dynamics investigation into the mechanisms of subsurface damage and material removal of monocrystalline copper subjected to nanoscale high speed grinding
Li J, Fang QH, Liu YW, Zhang LC
344 - 349 Wettability, interface structure, and chemistry in functionalized poly(chloro-para-xylylene) films
Bae J, Lee IJ
350 - 353 Surface composite nanostructures of AZ91 magnesium alloy induced by high current pulsed electron beam treatmentL
Li MC, Hao SZ, Wen H, Huang RF
354 - 359 Hydrothermal preparation of Fe2O3/graphene nanocomposite and its enhanced catalytic activity on the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Yuan Y, Jiang W, Wang YJ, Shen P, Li FS, Li PY, Zhao F, Gao HX
360 - 366 Enhanced photosensitization process induced by the p-n junction of Bi2O2CO3/BiOCl heterojunctions on the degradation of rhodamine B
Lu HJ, Xu LL, Wei B, Zhang MY, Gao H, Sun WJ
367 - 372 Effect of hydrothermal treatment model on stability and bioactivity of microarc oxidized titania coatings
Zhou JH, Shao JM, Han Y
373 - 380 Oxidation and EDX elemental mapping characterization of an ordered mesoporous carbon: Pb(II) and Cd(II) removal
Moreno-Tovar R, Terres E, Rangel-Mendez JR
381 - 387 Frictional properties of self-adaptive chromium doped tungsten-sulfur-carbon coatings at nanoscale
Zekonyte J, Cavaleiro A, Polcar T
388 - 392 Interface and plasma damage analysis of PEALD TaCN deposited on HfO2 for advanced CMOS studied by angle resolved XPS and C-V
Piallat F, Beugin V, Gassilloud R, Dussault L, Pelissier B, Leroux C, Caubet P, Vallee C
393 - 398 Femtosecond laser micromachining with extended depth of focus by using diffractive lenses
Torres-Peiro S, Gonzalez-Ausejo J, Mendoza-Yero O, Minguez-Vega G, Lancis J
399 - 405 Polyacrylonitrile-based zwitterionic ultrafiltration membrane with improved anti-protein-fouling capacity
Meng H, Cheng Q, Li CX
406 - 418 Formation and electrochemical characterization of anodic ZrO2-WO3 mixed oxide nanotubular arrays
Whitman SR, Raja KS
419 - 424 Preparation and characterization of vertically columnar boron doped diamond array electrode
Zhao Y, Yu HT, Quan X, Chen S, Zhao HM, Zhang YB
425 - 432 A comprehensive study on the synthesis and paramagnetic properties of PEG-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Yang JH, Zou P, Yang LL, Cao J, Sun YF, Han DL, Yang S, Wang Z, Chen G, Wang BJ, Kong XW
433 - 437 High density array of CdS nanoporous films on ITO from self-assembly of block copolymer
Gong YM, He YX, Song JC, Liu Y, Guo J, Zhang H
438 - 445 Surface modification of titanium using He plasma
Kajita S, Kitaoka D, Ohno N, Yoshihara R, Yoshida N, Yoshida T
446 - 455 A safer and flexible method for the oxygen functionalization of carbon nanotubes by nitric acid vapors
Santangelo S, Piperopoulos E, Fazio E, Faggio G, Ansari S, Lanza M, Neri F, Messina G, Milone C
456 - 464 Local wettability tuning with laser ablation redeposits on PDMS
van Pelt S, Frijns A, Mandamparambil R, den Toonder J
465 - 472 Surface characterization and stability of an epoxy resin surface modified with polyamines grafted on polydopamine
Schaubroeck D, Vercammen Y, Van Vaeck L, Vanderleyden E, Dubruel P, Vanfleteren J
473 - 480 Facile preparation superhydrophobic surfaces based on metal oxide nanoparticles
Bao XM, Cui JF, Sun HX, Liang WD, Zhu ZQ, An J, Yang BP, La PQ, Li A
481 - 488 Relationship between spatter formation and dynamic molten pool during high-power deep-penetration laser welding
Li SC, Chen GY, Katayama S, Zhang Y