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1 - 1 SPECIAL ISSUE: PROCEEDINGS of the 8th International Workshop on Semiconductor Surface Passivation, SSP 2013, Krakow, Poland Preface
Szuber J
2 - 8 Analysis of surface states in ZnO nanowire field effect transistors
Shao Y, Yoon J, Kim H, Lee T, Lu W
9 - 18 Recent advances on dielectrics technology for SiC and GaN power devices
Roccaforte F, Fiorenza P, Greco G, Vivona M, Lo Nigro R, Giannazzo F, Patti A, Saggio M
19 - 23 Characterization of 4H-SiC surfaces by non-destructive techniques based on capacitance voltage measurements
Mizsei J, Czett A
24 - 27 FT IR spectroscopy of nitric acid oxidation of silicon with hafnium oxide very thin layer
Kopani M, Mikula M, Pincik E, Kobayashi H, Takahashi M
28 - 33 Effect of reactive magnetron sputtering parameters on structural and electrical properties of hafnium oxide thin films
Szymanska M, Gieraltowska S, Wachnicki L, Grobelny M, Makowska K, Mroczynski R
34 - 39 Properties of HfO2/ultrathin SiO2/Si structures and their comparison with Si MOS structures passivated in KCN solution
Pincik E, Kobayashi H, Matsumoto T, Takahashi M, Mikula M, Brunner R
40 - 45 A spectroscopic method for the evaluation of surface passivation treatments on metal-oxide-semiconductor structures
Walsh LA, Hurley PK, Lin J, Cockayne E, O'Regan TP, Woicik JC, Hughes G
46 - 50 Multifractal analysis of textured silicon surfaces
Jurecka S, Angermann H, Kobayashi H, Takahashi M, Pincik E
51 - 55 Room temperature surface passivation of silicon for screen printed c-Si solar cells by HiTUS reactive sputter deposition
Kaminski PM, Bass K, Claudio G, Walls JM
56 - 62 Over 20% conversion efficiency on silicon heterojunction solar cells by IPA-free substrate texturization
Kegel J, Angermann H, Sturzebecher U, Conrad E, Mews M, Korte L, Stegernann B
63 - 69 Determination of optical and mechanical properties of Nb2O5 thin films for solar cells application
Mazur M, Szymanska M, Kaczmarek D, Kalisz M, Wojcieszak D, Domaradzki J, Placido F
70 - 78 Temperature dependent LiNbO3(0001): Surface reconstruction and surface charge
Sanna S, Holscher R, Schmidt WG
79 - 84 The surface modification of TiN nano-particles using macromolecular coupling agents, and their resulting dispersibility
Cheng GJ, Qian JS, Miao JB, Yang B, Xia R, Chen P
85 - 90 Effect of 2,2'-dipyridyl on the plating rate, microstructure and performance of copper-coated tungsten composite powders prepared using electroless plating
Chen WS, Luo GQ, Li MJ, Shen Q, Wang CB, Zhang LM
91 - 98 Characterisation of fresh surface films formed on molten Mg-Nd alloy protected by different atmospheres
Mirak AR, Davidson CJ, Taylor JA
99 - 106 Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of nile blue dye in aqueous BiOCl suspensions
Sarwan B, Pare B, Acharya AD
107 - 111 Formation of multilayered scale during the oxidation of NiAl-Mo alloy
Ray PK, Akinc M, Kramer MJ
112 - 118 Alkali metal adsorption on Ge(001)-c(2 x 4) surface: 0.25 monolayer of Na, K, Rb and Cs
Stankiewicz B, Mikolajczyk P
119 - 125 Surface mediated impact of thermal treatment ambience on magnetic properties of Fe-Nb-Cu-B-Si nanocrystalline ribbons
Butvinova B, Butvin P, Mat'ko I, Kadlecikova M, Kuzminski M, Svec P
126 - 133 Synthesis and photoluminescence enhancement of PVA capped Mn2+ doped ZnS nanoparticles and observation of tunable dual emission: A new approach
Viswanath R, Naik HSB, Kumar GSY, Kumar PNP, Harish KN, Prabhakara MC, Praveen R
134 - 141 Ag2S deposited on oxidized polypropylene as composite material for solar light absorption
Krylova V, Milbrat A, Embrechts A, Baltrusaitis J
142 - 148 Effects of copper and titanium on the corrosion behavior of newly fabricated nanocrystalline aluminum in natural seawater
Sherif ESM, Ammar HR, Khalil KA
149 - 155 Determination of electrostatic potential distribution by atomic force microscopy (AFM) on model silica and alumina surfaces in aqueous electrolyte solutions
Yelken GO, Polat M
156 - 160 Tailoring surface groups of carbon quantum dots to improve photoluminescence behaviors
Tian RX, Hu SL, Wu LL, Chang Q, Yang JL, Liu J
161 - 172 Physicochemical properties of bamboo leaf aerogels synthesized via different modes of gelation
Kow KW, Yusoff R, Aziz ARA, Abdullah EC
173 - 177 Effect of the lower and upper interfaces on the quality of InAs/GaAs quantum dots
Hospodkova A, Pangrac J, Zikova M, Oswald J, Vyskocil J, Komninou P, Kioseoglou J, Florini N, Hulicius E
178 - 182 Growth and characterization of quaternary AlInGaN multiple quantum wells with different aluminum composition
Liu T, Jiao SJ, Wang DB, Zhao LC, Yang TP, Xiao ZG
183 - 188 Pulsed laser irradiation for environment friendly reduction of graphene oxide suspensions
Ghadim EE, Rashidi N, Kimiagar S, Akhavan O, Manouchehri F, Ghaderi E
189 - 198 Influence of mold and substrate material combinations on nanoimprint lithography process: MD simulation approach
Yang S, Yu S, Cho M
199 - 207 Investigation of the adsorption of amino acids on Pd(111): A density functional theory study
James JN, Han JW, Sholl DS
208 - 215 Stable superhydrophobic coatings using PVDF-MWCNT nanocomposite
Chakradhar RPS, Prasad G, Bera P, Anandan C
216 - 224 Effect of nickel doping on physical properties of zinc oxide thin films prepared by the spray pyrolysis method
Jlassi M, Sta I, Hajji M, Ezzaouia H
225 - 229 Correlation between Fe-V-C alloys surface hardness and plasma temperature via LIBS technique
Aberkane SM, Bendib A, Yahiaoui K, Boudjemai S, Abdelli-Messaci S, Kerdja T, Amara SE, Harith MA
230 - 234 Synthesis and biosensor application of Ag@Au bimetallic nanoparticles based on localized surface plasmon resonance
Ghodselahi T, Arsalani S, Neishaboorynejad T
235 - 243 Surface restructuring of lignite by bio-char of Cuminum cyminum -Exploring the prospects in defluoridation followed by fuel applications
Msagati TAM, Mamba BB, Sivasankar V, Omine K
244 - 249 Green synthesis and surface properties of Fe3O4@SA core-shell nanocomposites
Cao HM, Li JC, Shen YH, Li SK, Huang FZ, Xie AJ
250 - 257 Development of electrophoretically deposited hydroxyapatite coatings on anodized nanotubular TiO2 structures: Corrosion and sintering temperature
Goudarzi M, Batmanghelich F, Afshar A, Dolati A, Mortazavi G
258 - 263 The effect of grain size on the oxidation of NiCoCrAlY
Kaplin C, Brochu M
264 - 272 The effect of gamma-irradiation on few-layered graphene materials
Anson-Casaos A, Puertolas JA, Pascual FJ, Hernandez-Ferrer J, Castell P, Benito AM, Maser WK, Martinez MT
273 - 279 Preparation of mono-dispersed silver nanoparticles assisted by chitosan-g-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) micelles and their antimicrobial application
Gu CH, Zhang H, Lang MD
280 - 288 A simple method for growing hexaaluminate on the surface of FeCrAl alloy
Chen D, Zhang LH, Li HZ, Liu Y
289 - 292 Morphology transition of Ag ultrathin films on Pt (111): Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation
Chen SH, Luo JM, Bu SL
293 - 299 Diamond surface functionalization with biomimicry - Amine surface tether and thiol moiety for electrochemical sensors
Sund JB, Causey CP, Wolter SD, Parker CB, Stoner BR, Toone EJ, Glass JT
300 - 306 Surface modification of poly (styrene-b-(ethylene-co-butylene)-b-styrene) elastomer and its plasma protein adsorption by QCM-D
Li R, Jin J, Sun YC
307 - 314 In vitro and in vivo studies of three dimensional porous composites of biphasic calcium phosphate/poly epsilon-caprolactone: Effect of bio-functionalization for bone tissue engineering
Kwak KA, Jyoti MA, Song HY
315 - 322 The effects of the chemical composition of titanate nanotubes and solvent type on 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane grafting efficiency
Ponton PI, d'Almeida JRM, Marinkovic BA, Savic SM, Mancic L, Rey NA, Morgado E, Rizzo FC
323 - 328 A chemical route to fabricate Lu2Si2O7:Ce3+ micro-column structured films
Yang H, Liu GH, Lu Q, Wei QH, Zhuang JD, Liu Q
329 - 337 Adsorption behavior and mechanism of reactive brilliant red X-3B in aqueous solution over three kinds of hydrotalcite-like LDHs
Zhang C, Yang SG, Chen HZ, He H, Sun C
338 - 345 Double-doped TiO2 nanoparticles as an efficient visible-light-active photocatalyst and antibacterial agent under solar simulated light
Ashkarran AA, Hamidinezhad H, Haddadi H, Mahmoudi M
346 - 350 The states of nitrogen atoms in the processing of Ni-Cr alloy surface nitriding modification
Zhang ZP, Lei MK
351 - 357 In situ SERS monitoring of photocatalytic organic decomposition using recyclable TiO2-coated Ag nanowire arrays
Bao ZY, Liu X, Dai JY, Wu YC, Tsang YH, Lei DY
358 - 362 Enhanced mobility of Li-doped ZnO thin film transistors fabricated by mist chemical vapor deposition
Jeon HJ, Lee SG, Kim H, Park JS
363 - 368 Morphological image interpretation of organic nickel(II) phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonic acid tetrasodium film using fractal analysis
Kong YL, Muniandy SV, Fakir MS, Sulaiman K
369 - 377 Temperature dependence on p-Cu2O thin film electrochemically deposited onto copper substrate
Huang MC, Wang TH, Chang WS, Lin JC, Wu CC, Chen IC, Peng KC, Lee SW
378 - 382 Adsorption properties of thermally sputtered calcein film
Kruglenko I, Burlachenko J, Kravchenko S, Savchenko A, Slabkovska M, Shirshov Y
383 - 390 Effect of probe sonication and sodium hexametaphosphate on the microhardness and wear behavior of electrodeposited Ni-SiC composite coating
Aruna ST, Anandan C, Grips VKW
391 - 395 Investigate the interface structure and growth mechanism of high quality ZnO films grown on multilayer graphene layers
Zeng Y, Zhao Y, Jiang YJ
396 - 400 A novel collagen film with micro-rough surface structure for corneal epithelial repair fabricated by freeze drying technique
Liu Y, Ren L, Wang YJ
401 - 409 Natural bone-like biomimetic surface modification of titanium
Yoon IK, Hwang JY, Jang WC, Kim HW, Shin US
410 - 417 Microstructure and mechanical properties of multiphase layer formed during depositing Ti film followed by plasma nitriding on 2024 aluminum alloy
Zhang FY, Yan MF
418 - 427 Hydrophobic modification of jute fiber used for composite reinforcement via laccase-mediated grafting
Dong AX, Yu YY, Yuan JG, Wang Q, Fan XR
428 - 435 In2O3/g-C3N4 composite photocatalysts with enhanced visible light driven activity
Chen LY, Zhang WD
436 - 441 Mixed Ti-O-Si oxide films formation by oxidation of titanium-silicon interfaces
Benito N, Palacio C
442 - 450 Micropatterning on cylindrical surfaces via electrochemical etching using laser masking
Cho CH, Shin HS, Chu CN
451 - 455 Atomic layer deposition of HfO2 thin films using H2O2 as oxidant
Choi MJ, Park HH, Jeong DS, Kim JH, Kim JS, Kim SK
456 - 462 Flexible bactericidal graphene oxide-chitosan layers for stem cell proliferation
Mazaheri M, Akhavan O, Simchi A
463 - 467 Biodegradable polymer for sealing porous PEO layer on pure magnesium: An in vitro degradation study
Alabbasi A, Mehjabeen A, Kannan MB, Ye QS, Blawert C
468 - 474 Density functional theory study on the adsorption and decomposition of H2O on clean and oxygen-modified Pd (100) surface
Jiang Z, Li L, Li MM, Li RS, Fang T
475 - 480 Structure and properties of uranium oxide thin films deposited by pulsed dc magnetron sputtering
Lin JL, Dahan I, Valderrama B, Manuel MV
481 - 487 Research on applications of rectangular beam in micro laser propulsion
Jiao L, Cai J, Ma HH, Li GX, Li L, Shen ZW, Tang ZP
488 - 491 Enhanced graphitization of c-CVD grown multi-wall carbon nanotube arrays assisted by removal of encapsulated iron-based phases under thermal treatment in argon
Boncel S, Koziol KKK
492 - 499 Facile removal of oils from water surfaces through highly hydrophobic and magnetic polymer nanocomposites
Gu JJ, Jiang W, Wang FH, Chen MD, Mao JY, Xie T
500 - 507 Morphological control of anodic crystalline TiO2 nanochannel films for use in size-selective photocatalytic decomposition of organic molecules
Tsuji E, Taguchi Y, Aoki Y, Hashimoto T, Skeldon P, Thompson GE, Habazaki H
508 - 514 Preparation of porous TiO2/ZnO composite film and its photocathodic protection properties for 304 stainless steel
Xu HM, Liu W, Cao LX, Su G, Duan RJ
515 - 524 The impalement of water drops impinging onto hydrophobic/superhydrophobic graphite surfaces: the role of dynamic pressure, hammer pressure and liquid penetration time
Pittoni PG, Lin YC, Lin SY
525 - 529 Enhanced field emission from Ti3+ self-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays synthesized by a facile cathodic reduction process
Zhu WD, Wang CW, Chen JB, Li Y, Wang J
530 - 538 Biocompatibility of Ir/Ti-oxide coatings: Interaction with platelets, endothelial and smooth muscle cells
Habibzadeh S, Li L, Omanovic S, Shum-Tim D, Davis EC
539 - 543 Damage of Cr film by oxygen plasma
Wei WW, Zhu YF, Yang JL, Yang FH
544 - 550 A novel method for the fabrication of ATPES silanized SPR sensor chips: Exclusion of Cr or Ti intermediate layers and optimization of optical/adherence properties
Ghorbanpour M, Falamaki C
551 - 556 Transparent conductive Nb-doped TiO2 films deposited by reactive dc sputtering using Ti-Nb alloy target, precisely controlled in the transition region using impedance feedback system.
Oka N, Sanno Y, Jia JJ, Nakamura S, Shigesato Y
557 - 563 Numerical modeling of residual stress induced by laser shock processing
Wei XL, Ling X
564 - 567 Behavior of size selected iron-platinum clusters soft landed on carbon nanotubes
Bardotti L, Tournus F, Delagrange R, Benoit JM, Pierre-Louis O, Dupuis V
568 - 575 Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of Hg(II) adsorption onto MCM-41 modified by ZnCl2
Raji F, Pakizeh M
576 - 583 The synthesized and thermally modified Mn-Ca-FeOOH composite in persulfate system: Its role to discolor methylene blue
Jo YH, Hong SH, Park TJ, Do SH
584 - 584 Comments on "Adsorption characteristics and behaviors of graphene oxide for Zn(II) removal from aqueous solution"
585 - 585 Adsorption characteristics and behaviors of graphene oxide for Zn(II) removal from aqueous solution (vol 279, pg 432, 2013)
Wang H, Yuan XZ, Wu Y, Huang HJ, Zeng GM, Liu Y, Wang XL, Lin NB, Qi Y