Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.298 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Corrosion resistance of siloxane-poly(methyl methacrylate) hybrid films modified with acetic acid on tin plate substrates: Influence of tetraethoxysilane addition
Kunst SR, Cardoso HRP, Oliveira CT, Santana JA, Sarmento VHV, Muller IL, Malfatti CF
12 - 18 Characteristics of microstructure and fatigue resistance of hybrid fiber laser-MIG welded Al-Mg alloy joints
Yan SH, Nie Y, Zhu ZT, Chen H, Gou GQ, Yu JP, Wang GG
19 - 25 Self-cleaning and depollution of fiber reinforced cement materials modified by neutral TiO2/SiO2 hydrosol photoactive coatings
Wang J, Lu CH, Xiong JR
26 - 35 Stability and catalytic performance of vanadia supported on nanostructured titania catalyst in oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Kootenaei AHS, Towfighi J, Khodadadi A, Mortazavi Y
36 - 43 Dependence of atomic oxygen resistance and the tribological properties on microstructures of WS2 films
Xu SS, Gao XM, Hu M, Sun JY, Jiang D, Wang DS, Zhou F, Weng LJ, Liu WM
44 - 49 Structural, electrical, photoluminescence and optical properties of n-type conducting, phosphorus-doped ZnO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Yu SH, Zhang WF, Li LX, Dong HL, Xu D, Jin YX
50 - 55 Vacancy-Mg complexes and their evolution in early stages of aging of Al-Mg based alloys
Zou B, Chen ZQ, Liu CH, Chen JH
56 - 61 Influence of surface PMPC brushes on tribological and biocompatibility properties of UHMWPE
Xiong DS, Deng YL, Wang N, Yang YY
62 - 67 Green synthesis of high conductivity silver nanoparticle-reduced graphene oxide composite films
Dinh DA, Hui KS, Hui KN, Cho YR, Zhou W, Hong XT, Chun HH
68 - 74 Langmuir-Blodgett films of cholesterol oxidase and S-layer proteins onto screen-printed electrodes
Guimaraes JA, Ferraz HC, Alves TLM
75 - 89 Effect of impregnation protocol in the metallic sites of Pt-Ag/activated carbon catalysts for water denitration
Aristizabal A, Contreras S, Divins NJ, Llorca J, Medina F
90 - 94 The effect of emitted electrons during femtosecond laser-metal interactions: A physical explanation for coulomb explosion in metals
Tao S, Wu BX
95 - 101 Kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics of the sorption of p-nitrophenol on two variable charge soils of Southern China
Zhang JY, Wu CD, Jia AY, Hu B
102 - 108 Adsorption of water on the KNTN (001) surface: A density functional theory study
Wang WH, Shen YQ, Wang XO, Zhou ZX, Fei WD
109 - 115 Effect of Mn doping on the microstructures and sensing properties of ZnO nanofibers
Mao YZ, Ma SY, Li XB, Wang CY, Li FM, Yang XH, Zhu J, Ma L
116 - 124 Template-free method to prepare porous Cu-containing nanotubes with a good catalytic performance for styrene epoxidation
Hu CH, Zhang LH, Zhang JF, Cheng LY, Zhai Z, Chen J, Hou WH
125 - 129 Rapid and mask-less laser-processing technique for the fabrication of microstructures in polydimethylsiloxane
Sones CL, Katis IN, Mills B, Feinaeugle M, Mosayyebi A, Butement J, Eason RW
130 - 136 Magneto-fluorescent hybrid of dye and SPION with ordered and radially distributed porous structures
Gogoi M, Deb P
137 - 141 Formation of Au-Al alloy on silicon for polymer modulator electrode application
Yue YB, Sun J, Zhao XL, Xie Y, Wang XB, Liang L, Wang F, Chen CM, Yi YJ, Sun XQ, Zhang DM
142 - 146 Spontaneous changes in contact angle of water and oil on novel flip-flop-type hydrophobic multilayer coatings
Kawamura G, Ema T, Sakamoto H, Wei X, Muto H, Matsuda A
147 - 154 Role of CdO addition on the growth and photocatalytic activity of electrospun ZnO nanofibers: UV vs. visible light
Samadi M, Pourjavadi A, Moshfegh AZ
155 - 163 A kinetic model for estimating the boron activation energies in the FeB and Fe2B layers during the gas-boriding of Armco iron: Effect of boride incubation times
Keddam M, Kulka M, Makuch N, Pertek A, Maldzinski L
164 - 170 Surface modification by gas nitriding for improving cavitation erosion resistance of CP-Ti
Li HB, Cui ZD, Li ZY, Zhu SL, Yang XJ
171 - 175 Self-assembly of condensates with advanced surface by means of the competing field selectivity and Gibbs-Thomson effect
Perekrestov V, Kosminska Y, Mokrenko A, Davydenko T
176 - 181 Heavy ion elastic recoil detection analysis of AlxOy/Pt/AlxOy multilayer selective solar absorber
Nuru ZY, Msimanga M, Arendse CJ, Maaza M
182 - 191 TiO2-SnO2 heterostructures applied to dye photodegradation: The relationship between variables of synthesis and photocatalytic performance
de Mendonca VR, Lopes OF, Fregonesi RP, Giraldi TR, Ribeiro C
192 - 198 Properties of the surface of ceramic formed under laser irradiation of Al2O3-TiO2 compacts
Aguilar PAM, Vlasova M, Martinez AE, Tomila T, Stetsenko V
199 - 207 Determination of the chemical mechanism of chromate conversion coating on magnesium alloys EV31A
Pommiers-Belin S, Frayret J, Uhart A, Ledeuil J, Dupin JC, Castetbon A, Potin-Gautier M
208 - 213 Optimization of process parameters for the electrical properties in Ga-doped ZnO thin films prepared by r.f. magnetron sputtering
Zhu DL, Wang Q, Han S, Cao PJ, Liu WJ, Jia F, Zeng YX, Ma XC, Lu YM
214 - 220 Fabrication and characterization of stable superhydrophobic fluorinated-polyacrylate/silica hybrid coating
Li KQ, Zeng XR, Li HQ, Lai XJ
221 - 224 A new understanding of carbon nanotube growth: Activation and deactivation of a catalyst
Zhang YL, Yu Q, Wang XD, Tian YJ
225 - 235 Synthesis; characterization and antimicrobial effects of composites based on multi-substituted hydroxyapatite and silver nanoparticles
Mocanu A, Furtos G, Rapuntean S, Horovitz O, Flore C, Garbo C, Danisteanu A, Rapuntean G, Prejmerean C, Tomoaia-Cotisel M
236 - 242 Adsorption and pathways of single atomistic processes on NbN (001) and (111) surfaces: A first-principle study
Ren Y, Liu XJ, Tan X, Sun SY, Wei H, Lu F
243 - 250 Surface properties of nitrided layer on AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel produced by high temperature plasma nitriding in short time
Li Y, Wang Z, Wang L