Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.293 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Effect of dry oxidation on the energy gap and chemical composition of CVD graphene on nickel
Aria AI, Gani AW, Gharib M
12 - 17 Investigation of MAO coating growth mechanism on aluminum alloy by two-step oxidation method
Liu XH, Zhu LQ, Liu HC, Li WP
18 - 23 Development of hydrophobicity of mica surfaces by ion beam sputtering
Metya A, Ghose D, Ray NR
24 - 36 Behaviour of tetramine inhibitors during pickling of hot rolled steels
Cornu MJ, Koltsov A, Nicolas S, Colom L, Dossot M
37 - 45 Antifungal activity of Ag:hydroxyapatite thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition on Ti and Ti modified by TiO2 nanotubes substrates
Erakovic S, Jankovic A, Ristoscu C, Duta L, Serban N, Visan A, Mihailescu IN, Stan GE, Socol M, Iordache O, Dumitrescu I, Luculescu CR, Janackovic D, Miskovic-Stankovic V
46 - 54 Titanium(IV) hydrate based on chitosan template for defluoridation from aqueous solution
Liu J, Li WY, Liu YG, Zeng QH, Hong S
55 - 61 Low resistivity of Ni-Al co-doped ZnO thin films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering at low sputtering power
Lee J, Hui KN, Hui KS, Cho YR, Chun HH
62 - 70 Temperature-dependence on the structural, optical, and paramagnetic properties of ZnO nanostructures
Mhlongo GH, Motaung DE, Nkosi SS, Swart HC, Malgas GF, Hillie KT, Mwakikunga BW
71 - 75 Thermal stability of epitaxial Fe films grown on Si substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
Wei YP, Gao CX, Dong CH, Ma ZK, Li JG, Xue DS
76 - 79 Mechanism of NOx sensing on WO3 surface: First principle calculations
Saadi L, Lambert-Mauriat C, Oison V, Ouali H, Hayn R
80 - 84 Time-resolved observation for dynamic evolution of plasma produced by multiple laser pulse exposure to metallic surface
Gu P, Liu SB, Liu S, Song HY
85 - 89 Dielectric breakdown during Cs+ sputtering of polyvinyl chloride
Wahoud F, Guillot J, Audinot JN, Bertrand P, Delcorte A, Migeon HN
90 - 96 Polypyrrole decorated graphene nanostructure: Fabrication, depiction and anomalous dimensional crossover in electronic conduction
Nandi D, Nandi S, Pal PK, Ghosh AK, De A, Ghosh UC
97 - 108 The wetting of steel, DLC coatings, ceramics and polymers with oils and water: The importance and correlations of surface energy, surface tension, contact angle and spreading
Kalin M, Polajnar M
109 - 115 Manageable cytotoxicity of nanocapsules immobilizing D-amino acid oxidase via exogenous administration of nontoxic prodrug
Zhao Y, Zhu YC, Fu JK
116 - 123 Role of nanoparticles in phase separation and final morphology of superhydrophobic polypropylene/zinc oxide nanocomposite surfaces
Hejazi I, Hajalizadeh B, Seyfi J, Sadeghi GMM, Jafari SH, Khonakdar HA
124 - 131 Sodium functionalized graphene oxide coated titanium plates for improved corrosion resistance and cell viability
Marimuthu M, Veerapandian M, Ramasundaram S, Hong SW, Sudhagar P, Nagarajan S, Raman V, Ito E, Kim S, Yun K, Kang YS
132 - 137 Study of organic contamination induced by outgassing materials. Application to the Laser MegaJoule optics
Favrat O, Mangote B, Tovena-Pecault I, Neauport J
138 - 142 Activated Carbons From Grape Seeds By Chemical Activation With Potassium Carbonate And Potassium Hydroxide
Okman I, Karagoz S, Tay T, Erdem M
143 - 150 Characterization and in vitro biocompatibility study of Ti-Si-N nanocomposite coatings developed by using physical vapor deposition
Trivedi P, Gupta P, Srivastava S, Jayaganthan R, Chandra R, Roy P
151 - 159 Microstructure evolution and texture development in a friction stir-processed AISI D2 tool steel
Yasavol N, Abdollah-zadeh A, Vieira MT, Jafarian HR
160 - 168 Adsorption of Pb(II) on mesoporous activated carbons fabricated from water hyacinth using H3PO4 activation: Adsorption capacity, kinetic and isotherm studies
Huang Y, Li SX, Chen JH, Zhang XL, Chen YP
169 - 176 Catalytic stability and surface analysis of microcrystalline Ni3Al thin foils in methanol decomposition
Michalska-Domanska M, Norek M, Jozwik P, Jankiewicz B, Stepniowski WJ, Bojar Z
177 - 186 Dyeing mechanism and optimization of polyamide 6,6 functionalized with double barrier discharge (DBD) plasma in air
Oliveira FR, Zille A, Souto AP
187 - 190 Atomic scale calculations of tungsten surface binding energy and beryllium-induced tungsten sputtering
Yang X, Hassanein A
191 - 195 The effects of substrate surface structure on yttria-stabilized zirconia thin films
Jiang J, Clark D, Shen WD, Hertz JL
196 - 201 A comparative study of correlation methods for determination of fractal parameters in surface characterization
Kulesza S, Bramowicz M
202 - 206 Facile synthesis of Y2O3:Dy3+ nanorods and its a application in dye-sensitized solar cells
Chen SY, Lin JM, Wu JH
207 - 215 Low temperature plasma sintering of silver nanoparticles
Ma S, Bromberg V, Liu L, Egitto FD, Chiarot PR, Singler TJ
216 - 219 Formaldehyde molecule adsorbed on doped graphene: A first-principles study
Liu XY, Zhang JM
220 - 224 Current hysteresis by oxygen vacancy exchange between oxides in Ptia-IGZO/TaOx/W
Kwon HM, Kim MH, Lee SR, Kim YB, Choi DK
225 - 228 Blue/green electroluminescence from a ZnO nanorods/p-GaN heteroj unction light emitting diode under different reverse bias
Fu QM, Cao W, Li GW, Lin ZD, Chen Z, Xu CB, Tu YF, Ma ZB
229 - 247 Preparation and characterization of Cu-doped TiO2 materials for electrochemical, photoelectrochemical, and photocatalytic applications
Ganesh I, Kumar PP, Annapoorna I, Sumliner JM, Ramakrishna M, Hebalkar NY, Padmanabham G, Sundararajan G
248 - 254 Growth and fabrication of sputtered TiO2 based ultraviolet detectors
Huang HL, Xie YN, Zhang ZF, Zhang F, Xu Q, Wu ZY
255 - 258 Microstructural evaluation of oxide layers formed on Fe-22Cr-6Al metallic foam by pre-oxidization
Lee JY, Kim HG, Choi MR, Lee CW, Park MH, Kim KH, Lim SH
259 - 264 Preparation, characterization and performance of Ti1-xAlxN/Ag/Ti1-xAlxN low-emissivity films
Huang JM, Xiang CJ, Li SH, Zhao XL, He GQ
265 - 270 Preparation of stable superhydrophobic film on stainless steel substrate by a combined approach using electrodeposition and fluorinated modification
Liang JS, Li D, Wang DZ, Liu KY, Chen L
271 - 274 Sprayed superamphiphobic coatings on copper substrate with enhanced corrosive resistance
Ge B, Zhang ZZ, Men XH, Zhu XT, Zhou XY
275 - 286 Novel nanocomposite Kevlar fabric membranes: Fabrication characterization, and performance in oil/water separation
Karimnezhad H, Rajabi L, Salehi E, Derakhshan AA, Azimi S
287 - 292 Chemical roles on Cu-slurry interface during copper chemical mechanical planarization
Li J, Liu YH, Pan Y, Lu XC
293 - 298 Investigation of changes in surface properties of bituminous coal during natural weathering processes by XPS and SEM
Xia WC, Yang JG, Liang C
299 - 305 Amination of activated carbon for enhancing phenol adsorption: Effect of nitrogen-containing functional groups
Yang G, Chen HL, Qin HD, Feng YJ
306 - 311 Influence of substrate preparation on the shaping of the topography of the surface of nanoceramic oxide layers
Bara M, Kubica M
312 - 317 Asymmetric bioreduction of acetophenones by Baker's yeast and its cell-free extract encapsulated in sol-gel silica materials
Kato K, Nakamura H, Nakanishi K
318 - 325 The microstructural aspects of abrasive wear resistance in composite electron beam clad coatings
Gnyusov SF, Tarasov SY
326 - 331 Mono layer dispersion of CoO on Al2O3 probed by positronium atom
Liu W, Zhang HJ, Chen ZQ
332 - 335 Surface modification of nanostructured ZnS by femtosecond laser pulsing
Zhao H, Li CH, Xu JJ, Hao YW, Li XB
336 - 344 Adsorption of Th4+, U6+, Cd2+, and Ni2+ from aqueous solution by a novel modified polyacrylonitrile composite nanofiber adsorbent prepared by electrospinning
Dastbaz A, Keshtkar AR
345 - 351 Enhancement photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B on nanoPt intercalated Zn-Ti layered double hydroxides
Chen GX, Qian SM, Tu XM, Wei XY, Zou JP, Leng LH, Luo SL
352 - 358 Obstruction by CO of the decomposition of methanol on Pt nanoclusters on a thin film of Al2O3/NiAl(100)
Chao CS, Liao TW, Wang CX, Li YD, Hung TC, Luo MF
359 - 365 Alkali concentration-dependent tailoring of highly controllable titanate nanostructures: From yolk-shell, hollow 3D nanospheres to 1D nanowires
Qi Y, Luan Y, Yang M, Wang G, Tan L, Li J
366 - 370 Domain dynamics of La-doped PMN-PT transparent ceramics studied by piezoresponse force microscope
Zhao KY, Ruan W, Zeng HR, Zeng JT, Li GR, Yin QR