Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.292 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 4 (PIMS)-I-2 depth profile analysis of high temperature boron oxynitride dielectric films
Badi N, Vijayaraghavan S, Benqaoula A, Tempez A, Tauziede C, Chapon P
5 - 15 Adsorption behaviors of thiophene, benzene, and cyclohexene on FAU zeolites: Comparison of CeY obtained by liquid-, and solid-state ion exchange
Qin YC, Mo ZS, Yu WG, Dong SW, Duan LH, Gao XH, Song LJ
16 - 26 Cavitation erosion resistance of diamond-like carbon coating on stainless steel
Cheng F, Jiang SY
27 - 33 Inline RF sputtered TAZO films for applications in hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin film solar cells
Lien SY, Hsu CH, Chang CH, Wu HY, Hsieh IC, Wang DY
34 - 38 Well-controlled wet etching of ZnO films using hydrogen peroxide solution
Wang YC, Wu TZ, Chen MM, Su LX, Zhang QL, Yuan LF, Zhu Y, Tang ZK
39 - 43 Growth of linear Ni-filled carbon nanotubes by local arc discharge in liquid ethanol
Sagara T, Kurumi S, Suzuki K
44 - 54 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic films with fractal structures using epoxy resin microspheres
Quan YY, Zhang LZ
55 - 62 Double junction photoelectrochemical solar cells based on Cu2ZnSnS4/Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin film as composite photocathode
Zhu L, Qiang YH, Zhao YL, Gu XQ
63 - 67 CO2 capture using zeolite 13X prepared from bentonite
Chen C, Park DW, Ahn WS
68 - 73 Influence of trimethylethoxysilane on the wetting behavior, humidity resistance and transparency of tetraethylorthosilicate based films
Wang N, Xiong DS
74 - 85 Surface/interface analysis and optical properties of RF sputter-deposited nanocrystalline titanium nitride thin films
White N, Campbell AL, Grant JT, Pachter R, Eyink K, Jakubiak R, Martinez G, Ramana CV
86 - 92 Fabrication and photoelectrochemical properties of ordered Si nanohole arrays
Ji JY, Zhang HQ, Qiu Y, Wang LN, Wang Y, Hu LZ
93 - 99 Phosphatizing of Mg particles to improve the protective performance of Mg-rich primer on A2024 Al alloy
Wang JG, Zuo Y, Tang YM, Lu XY
100 - 106 Effect of light illumination and temperature on P3HT films, n-type Si, and ITO
Scudiero L, Shen Y, Gupta MC
107 - 110 Adhesion forces in AFM of redox responsive polymer grafts: Effects of tip hydrophilicity
Feng XL, Kieviet BD, Song J, Schon PM, Vancso GJ
111 - 116 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on nanoparticle-decorated ZnO/SnO2 core/shell nanoneedle arrays
Zhou Y, Xia C, Hu XY, Huang W, Aref AA, Wang BX, Liu ZJ, Sun YM, Zhou W, Tang YW
117 - 127 Surface structure and reaction property of CuCl2-PdCl2 bimetallic catalyst in methanol oxycarbonylation: A DFT approach
Meng QS, Wang SP, Shen YL, Yan B, Wu YX, Ma XB
128 - 136 Controlling formation of gold nanoparticles generated in situ at a polymeric surface
Clukay CJ, Grabill CN, Hettinger MA, Dutta A, Freppon DJ, Robledo A, Heinrich H, Bhattacharya A, Kuebler SM
137 - 141 Study of calixarenes thin films as chemical sensors for the detection of explosives
Montmeat P, Veignal F, Methivier C, Pradier CM, Hairault L
142 - 148 An environmentally friendly approach for contaminants removal using supercritical CO2 for remanufacturing industry
Liu WW, Zhang B, Li YZ, He YM, Zhang HC
149 - 160 Lead dodecanoate coatings for the protection of lead and lead-tin alloy artifacts: Two examples
De Keersmaecker M, Verbeken K, Adriaens A
161 - 164 Enhanced hydrogen production by water splitting using Cu-doped TiO2 film with preferred (001) orientation
Wang C, Hu QQ, Huang JQ, Zhu C, Deng ZH, Shi HL, Wu L, Liu ZG, Cao YG
165 - 173 Surface passivation of aluminum alloy 6061 with gaseous trichlorosilane: A surface investigation
Ngongang R, Marceau E, Carrier X, Pradier CM, Methivier C, Blanc JL, Carre M
174 - 180 Facile additive-free synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles for efficient adsorptive removal of Congo red and Cr(VI)
Hao T, Yang C, Rao XH, Wang JD, Niu CG, Su XT
181 - 189 Influence of diamond wheel grinding process on surface micro-topography and properties of SiO2/SiO2 composite
Cao XY, Lin B, Wang Y, Wang SL
190 - 196 Corrosion inhibition in 2.0 M sulfuric acid solutions of high strength maraging steel by aminophenyl tetrazole as a corrosion inhibitor
Sherif ESM
197 - 203 Deformation-phase transformation coupling mechanism of white layer formation in high speed machining of FGH95 Ni-based superalloy
Du J, Liu ZQ, Lv SY
204 - 212 Effect of sandblasting intensity on microstructures and properties of pure titanium micro-arc oxidation coatings in an optimized composite technique
Wang HY, Zhu RF, Lu YP, Xiao GY, He K, Yuan YF, Ma XN, Li Y
213 - 218 Oxygen-deficient indium tin oxide thin films annealed by atmospheric pressure plasma jets with/without air-quenching
Liao WY, Chang HM, Yang YJ, Hsu CC, Cheng IC, Chen JZ
219 - 224 Influence of oxygen pressure on the structural, electrical and optical properties of Nb-doped ZnO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Wu MY, Yu SH, He L, Zhang G, Ling DX, Zhang WF
225 - 230 Microstructure and mechanical properties of multiphase layer formed during thermo-diffusing of titanium into the surface of C17200 copper-beryllium alloy
Yang L, Zhang FY, Yan MF, Zhang ML
231 - 236 Preparation and characterization of CuInSe2 electrodeposited thin films annealed in vacuum
Hamrouni S, AlKhalifah MS, Boujmil MF, Ben Saad K
237 - 246 Self-assembly of carbon nanoclusters on dielectric boron nitride
Tian XQ, Wei YD, Edwards SA, Yu YJ, Cai XM, Xu JB
247 - 255 Regular self-microstructuring on CR39 using high UV laser dose
Parvin P, Refahizadeh M, Mortazavi SZ, Silakhori K, Mahdiloo A, Aghaii P
256 - 261 Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic activity of porous AgBr@Ag and AgBrI@Ag plasmonic photocatalysts
Yang F, Tian BZ, Zhang JL, Xiong TQ, Wang TT
262 - 266 Interface state-related linear and nonlinear optical properties of nanocrystalline Si/SiO2 multilayers
Zhang P, Zhang XW, Lu P, Xu J, Xu X, Li W, Chen KJ
267 - 277 Further damage induced by water in micro-indentations in phosphate laser glass
Yu JX, Jian QY, Yuan WF, Gu B, Ji F, Huang W
278 - 284 Fabrication of alpha-Fe2O3@graphene nanostructures for enhanced gas-sensing property to ethanol
Liang SM, Zhu JW, Wang C, Yu ST, Bi HP, Liu XH, Wang X
285 - 290 Cost-efficient and flexible fabrication of rectangular-shaped microlens arrays with controllable aspect ratio and spherical morphology
Hu Y, Yang Q, Chen F, Bian H, Deng ZF, Du GQ, Si JH, Yun F, Hou X
291 - 296 Cupric oxide nanowires assembled by nanoparticles in situ with enhancing electrocatalytic oxidation of ascorbic acid
Wang CX, Liu J, Huang X, Wang HH, Zheng YD, Lin L, Wang SY, Chen S, Jin Y
297 - 300 Enhanced photovoltaic performance of dye sensitized solar cells using one dimensional ZnO nanorod decorated porous TiO2 film electrode
Yang L, Ma QL, Cai YG, Huang YM
301 - 310 Enhanced adsorption of hydroxyl contained/anionic dyes on non functionalized Ni@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles: Kinetic and thermodynamic profile
Jiang ZF, Xie JM, Jiang DL, Yan ZX, Jing JJ, Liu D
311 - 318 Interactions between clay portions with various contacts and subjected to specific environmental conditions
Zheng Y, Zaoui A, Pasteau A
319 - 327 Effect of pyrolysis atmospheres on the morphology of polymer-derived silicon oxynitrocarbide ceramic films coated aluminum nitride surface and the thermal conductivity of silicone rubber composites
Chiu HT, Sukachonmakul T, Wang CH, Wattanakul K, Kuo MT, Wang YH
328 - 335 Adsorption and dissociation of H2S on Mo(100) surface by first-principles study
Luo HJ, Cai JQ, Tao XM, Tan MQ
336 - 344 Design and characterisation of a new duplex surface system based on S-phase hardening and carbon-based coating for ASTM F1537 Co-Cr-Mo alloy
Luo X, Li XY
345 - 349 High temperature thermal stability of the HfO2/Ge (100) interface as a function of surface preparation studied by synchrotron radiation core level photoemission
Chellappan RK, Gajula DR, McNeill D, Hughes G
350 - 356 Wear resistant PTFE thin film enabled by a polydopamine adhesive layer
Beckford S, Zou M
357 - 366 Preparation and characterization of direct Z-scheme photocatalyst Bi2O3/NaNbO3 and its reaction mechanism
Chen SF, Hu YF, Ji L, Jiang XL, Fu XL
367 - 377 Controlling the porosity of collagen, gelatin and elastin biomaterials by ultrashort laser pulses
Daskalova A, Nathala CSR, Bliznakova I, Stoyanova E, Zhelyazkova A, Ganz T, Lueftenegger S, Husinsky W
378 - 386 Optimization and evaluation of chelerythrine nanoparticles composed of magnetic multiwalled carbon nanotubes by response surface methodology
Huang Y, Yuan YL, Zhou ZD, Liang JT, Chen ZC, Li GY
387 - 389 In situ monitoring of GaN substrate surface in ICP containing energetic electrons
Huang XJ, Guo Y, Zhang J, Nakano Y, Sugai H, Nakamura K
390 - 399 Improvement of corrosion resistance and antibacterial effect of NiTi orthopedic materials by chitosan and gold nanoparticles
Ahmed RA, Fadl-allah SA, El-Bagoury N, El-Rab SMFG
400 - 404 FePtAg-C nanogranular film for ultrahigh density magnetic recording media
Zhong WW, Hu R, Zhang L, Xue SX, Liu YP, Chen WP
405 - 412 Effect of surface modification and UVA photoactivation on antibacterial bioactivity of zinc oxide powder
Ann LC, Mahmud S, Bakhori SKM, Sirelkhatim A, Mohamad D, Hasan H, Seeni A, Rahman RA
413 - 419 RIR MAPLE procedure for deposition of carbon rich Si/C/H films
Drinek V, Strasak T, Novotny F, Fajgar R, Bastl Z
420 - 431 Consequence of silver nanoparticles embedment on the carrier mobility and space charge limited conduction in doped polyaniline
Biswas S, Dutta B, Bhattacharya S
432 - 437 Mechanical and anticorrosion properties of nanosilica-filled epoxy-resin composite coatings
Conradi M, Kocijan A, Kek-Merl D, Zorko M, Verpoest I
438 - 446 Magnetic ion-imprinted and -SH functionalized polymer for selective removal of Pb(II) from aqueous samples
Guo B, Deng F, Zhao Y, Luo XB, Luo SL, Au CT
447 - 453 An efficient removal of methyl orange dye from aqueous solution by adsorption onto chitosan/MgO composite: A novel reusable adsorbent
Haldorai Y, Shim JJ
454 - 461 Field emission from alpha-Fe2O3 nanoflakes: Effect of vacuum pressure, gas adsorption and in-situ thermal treatment
Wu JQ, Deng SZ, Xu NS, Chen J
462 - 468 Preparation and characterization of Ni-P/Ni3.1B composite alloy coatings
Wang YR, He JW, Wang WC, Shi JH, Mitsuzaki N, Chen ZD
469 - 474 Effect of acidification conditions on the properties of carbon nanotube fibers
Wang K, Li M, Liu YN, Gu YZ, Li QW, Zhang ZG
475 - 479 First principles study of the electronic structure and magnetism of oxygen-deficient anatase TiO2 (001) surface
Wang M, Feng M, Zuo X
480 - 487 Preparation and antibacterial property of silver decorated carbon microspheres
Li S, Yan XL, Yang Z, Yang YZ, Liu XG, Zou J
488 - 493 Fluorine interaction with defects on graphite surface by a first-principles study
Wang S, Ke XZ, Zhang W, Gong WB, Huai P, Zhang WQ, Zhu ZY
494 - 499 Density functional theory study on direct catalytic decomposition of ammonia on Pd (111) surface
Jiang Z, Pan Q, Li MM, Yan T, Fang T
500 - 505 Effect of nanograin size on nanoformed NiTi alloys
Wu CD, Fang TH, Chen CY, Weng CI
506 - 513 Three-dimensional modeling of chloroprene rubber surface topography upon composition
Zukiene K, Jankauskaite V, Petraitiene S
514 - 519 Photoelectrochemical behavior of TiO2 nanorod arrays decorated with CuInS2 quantum dots
Peng ZY, Liu YL, Zhao YH, Chen KQ, Kovalev V, Chen W
520 - 530 Facile solid state synthesis of ZnO hexagonal nanogranules with excellent photocatalytic activity
Pudukudy M, Yaakob Z
531 - 536 Evaluation of subsurface damage in GaN substrate induced by mechanical polishing with diamond abrasives
Aida H, Takeda H, Kim SW, Aota N, Koyama K, Yamazaki T, Doi T
537 - 543 Enhanced dispersibility and dispersion stability of dodecylamine-protected silver nanoparticles by dodecanethiol for ink-jet conductive inks
Zhou XQ, Li W, Wu ML, Tang S, Liu DZ
544 - 550 ZnO nanorods inserted graphene sheets with improved supercapacitive performance
Qin Z, Li ZJ, Yun GQ, Shi K, Li K, Yang BC
551 - 555 Room temperature NO2-sensing properties of WO3 nanoparticles/porous silicon
Yan WJ, Hu M, Zeng P, Ma SY, Li MD
556 - 562 Microstructure and thermal stability of bulk nanocrystalline alloys produced by surface mechanical attrition treatment
Liu WB, Zhang C, Yang ZG, Xia ZX
563 - 569 Scalable superhydrophobic coatings based on fluorinated diatomaceous earth: Abrasion resistance versus particle geometry
Polizos G, Winter K, Lance MJ, Meyer HM, Armstrong BL, Schaeffer DA, Simpson JT, Hunter SR, Datskos PG
570 - 575 The photo-catalytic activities of MP (M = Ba, Ca, Cu, Sr, Ag; P = PO43-, HPO42-) microparticles
Zhang F, Shi YJ, Zhao ZS, Song WJ, Cheng Y
576 - 582 Preparation of titanium peroxide and its selective adsorption property on cationic dyes
Zhao XG, Huang JG, Wang B, Bi Q, Dong LL, Liu XJ
583 - 590 Development of an oxidation resistant glass-ceramic composite coating on Ti-47Al-2Cr-2Nb alloy
Li WB, Zhu SL, Chen MH, Wang C, Wang FH
591 - 597 Superhydrophobic perfluoropolymer surfaces having heterogeneous roughness created by dip-coating from solutions containing a nonsolvent
Cengiz U, Erbil HY
598 - 607 Parametric study of self-forming ZnO Nanowall network with honeycomb structure by Pulsed Laser Deposition
El Zein B, Boulfrad S, Jabbour GE, Dogheche E
608 - 614 Preparation and characterization of Zn/Ce/SO42--doped titania nano-materials with antibacterial activity
Wang YZ, Xue XX, Yang H, Luan C
615 - 619 Enhanced luminescence of quantum dot/dielectric layer/metal colloid multilayer thin films
Liu BT, Liao TH, Tseng S, Lee MH
620 - 625 Influences of Al particles on the microstructure and property of electrodeposited Ni-Al composite coatings
Cai F, Jiang CH
626 - 631 Adherence of human mesenchymal stem cells on Ti and TiO2 nano-columnar surfaces fabricated by glancing angle sputter deposition
Motemani Y, Greulich C, Khare C, Lopian M, Buenconsejo PJS, Schildhauer TA, Ludwig A, Koller M
632 - 637 Synthesis and structure-electrical response correlations of one-dimensional Barium Stannate-based heterostructure
Liang YC, Liao WK
638 - 644 Thinning of reverse osmosis membranes by ionic liquids
Meng H, Gong BB, Geng T, Li CX
645 - 649 Investigation of low and mild temperature for synthesis of high quality carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
Fu X, Cui XZ, Wei XH, Ma JN
650 - 657 Influence of silanes on the wettability of anodized titanium
Vanithakumari SC, George RP, Mudali UK
658 - 664 Effects of the ratio of anodic and cathodic currents on the characteristics of micro-arc oxidation ceramic coatings on Al alloys
Wang JH, Du MH, Han FZ, Yang J
665 - 669 The electrical and morphological properties of magnesium oxide/alumina bilayered thin films prepared by electron beam evaporation at oblique incidence
He LJ, Li C, Liu XZ
670 - 677 Removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution by granular and powdered Peganum Harmala
Khosravi R, Fazlzadehdavil M, Barikbin B, Taghizadeh AA
678 - 681 Femtosecond laser fabrication of sub-diffraction nanoripples on wet Al surface in multi-filamentation regime: High optical harmonics effects?
Ionin AA, Kudryashov SI, Makarov SV, Rudenko AA, Saltuganov PN, Seleznev LV, Sinitsyn DV, Sunchugasheva ES
682 - 687 Preparation and electrochemical properties of core-shell carbon coated Mn-Sn complex metal oxide as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang RX, Fang GQ, Liu WW, Xia BB, Sun HD, Zheng JW, Li DC
688 - 694 Structure and properties of TiAlLaN films deposited at various bias voltages
Du H, Xiong J, Zhao HB, Wu YM, Wan WC, Wang LL
695 - 701 Catalysis by silver nanoparticles/porous silicon for the reduction of nitroaromatics in the presence of sodium borohydride
Liu X, Cheng HM, Cui P
702 - 709 Studies on structural, electrical and optical properties of multiferroic (Ag, Ni and In) codoped Bi0.9Nd0.1FeO3 thin films
Xue X, Tan GQ, Dong GH, Liu WL, Ren HJ
710 - 716 Cd(II) removal from aqueous solution by adsorption on alpha-ketoglutaric acid-modified magnetic chitosan
Yang GD, Tang L, Lei XX, Zeng GM, Cai Y, Wei X, Zhou YY, Li SS, Fang Y, Zhang Y
717 - 725 Field emission study of pulsed laser deposition of gold on clean and oxidized tungsten tip
Plsek J
726 - 734 Characterization of fully functional spray-on antibody thin films
Figueroa J, Magana S, Lim DV, Schlaf R
735 - 741 Highly efficient adsorption of chlorophenols onto chemically modified chitosan
Zhou LC, Meng XG, Fu JW, Yang YC, Yang P, Mi C
742 - 749 Energetics of formation and hydration of functionalized silica nanoparticles: An atomistic computational study
Rigo VA, de Lara LS, Miranda CR
750 - 755 Tribological properties of self-assembled gold nanoparticles on silicon with polydopamine as the adhesion layer
E SF, Shi L, Guo ZG
756 - 763 The behavior of active bactericidal and antifungal coating under visible light irradiation
Xiao G, Zhang XD, Zhao Y, Su HJ, Tan TW
764 - 772 Modified composite microspheres of hydroxyapatite and poly(lactide-co-glycolide) as an injectable scaffold
Hu XX, Shen H, Yang F, Liang XJ, Wang SG, Wu DC
773 - 776 Magnetic and electrical properties of TiO2:Nb thin films
Yu CF, Sun SJ, Chen JM
777 - 781 Investigation of static and dynamic wetting transitions of UV responsive tunable wetting surfaces
Pant R, Singha S, Bandyopadhyay A, Khare K
782 - 789 Texturation and superhydrophobicity of polyethylene terephthalate thanks to plasma technology
Tarrade J, Darmanin T, de Givenchy ET, Guittard F, Debarnot D, Poncin-Epaillard F
790 - 794 Architecting boron nanostructure on the diamond particle surface
Bai H, Dai D, Yu JH, Nishimura K, Sasaoka S, Jiang N
795 - 805 An investigation on the effect of surface morphology and crystalline texture on corrosion behavior, structural and magnetic properties of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel films
Nasirpouri F, Sanaeian MR, Samardak AS, Sukovatitsina EV, Ognev AV, Chebotkevich LA, Hosseini MG, Abdolmaleki M
806 - 812 Effect of silane treatment on microstructure of sisal fibers
Zhou F, Cheng GX, Jiang B
813 - 822 Core/shell CdS/ZnS nanoparticles: Molecular modelling and characterization by photocatalytic decomposition of Methylene Blue
Praus P, Svoboda L, Tokarsky J, Hospodkova A, Klemm V
823 - 827 Enhanced thermoelectric properties of mixed zinc antimonide thin films via phase optimization
Zheng ZH, Fan P, Liu PJ, Luo JT, Cai XM, Liang GX, Zhang DP, Ye F, Li YZ, Lin QY
828 - 836 Effects of a carbon nanotube-collagen coating on a titanium surface on osteoblast growth
Park JE, Park IS, Neupane MP, Bae TS, Lee MH
837 - 842 Physical and photo-electrochemical characterizations of ZnO thin films deposited by ultrasonic spray method: Application to HCrO4-photoreduction
Zebbar N, Trari M, Doulache M, Boughelout A, Chabane L
843 - 851 Drug release from porous silicon for stable neural interface
Sun T, Tsang WM, Park WT
852 - 856 Chemical structures and electrical properties of atomic layer deposited HfO2 thin films grown at an extremely low temperature (<= 100 degrees C) using O-3 as an oxygen source
Kim JH, Park TJ, Kim SK, Cho DY, Jung HS, Lee SY, Hwang CS
857 - 866 Pinus sylvestris L. needle surface wettability parameters as indicators of atmospheric environment pollution impacts: Novel contact angle hysteresis methodology
Pogorzelski SJ, Rochowski P, Szurkowski J
867 - 875 Adsorption of DNA on biomimetic apatites: Toward the understanding of the role of bone and tooth mineral on the preservation of ancient DNA
Grunenwald A, Keyser C, Sautereau AM, Crubezy E, Ludes B, Drouet C
876 - 879 Effect of different thickness h-BN coatings on interface shear strength of quartz fiber reinforced Si-O-C-N composite
Wang SB, Zheng Y
880 - 885 Effects of growth temperature and oxidant feeding time on residual C-and N-related impurities and Si diffusion behavior in atomic-layer-deposited La2O3 thin films
Park TJ, Sivasubramani P, Wallace RM, Kim J
886 - 891 Effect of irradiation on deposition of CdS in fabricating co-axial heterostructure of TiO2 nanotube arrays via chemical deposition
Pan RJ, Wu YC, Li ZL, Fang ZJ
892 - 897 Ag/Pd core-shell nanoparticles by a successive method: Pulsed laser ablation of Ag in water and reduction reaction of PdCl2
Mottaghi N, Ranjbar M, Farrokhpour H, Khoshouei M, Khoshouei A, Kameli P, Salamati H, Tabrizchi M, Jalilian-Nosrati M
898 - 905 Lipolytic biocatalyst based on recyclable magnetite-polysiloxane nanoparticles
Durdureanu-Angheluta A, Ignat ME, Maier SS, Pricop L, Coroaba A, Fifere A, Pinteala M, Chiriac A
906 - 914 The influence of deposition parameters on the structural quality of PLD-grown GaN/sapphire thin films
Kawwam M, Lebbou K
915 - 920 The use of high density plasma system to improve the etch properties of the zinc tin oxide thin film for transparent thin film transistors active layers
Woo JC, Chun YS, Kim CI
921 - 927 Hydrogen storage on nitrogen induced defects in palladium-decorated graphene: A first-principles study
Ma L, Zhang JM, Xu KW
928 - 936 Surface modification of aluminum nitride by polysilazane and its polymer-derived amorphous silicon oxycarbide ceramic for the enhancement of thermal conductivity in silicone rubber composite
Chiu HT, Sukachonmakul T, Kuo MT, Wang YH, Wattanakul K
937 - 943 TiO2 (B) nanosheets mediate phase selective synthesis of TiO2 nanostructured photocatalyst
Wang YX, Wang CH, Zhang XT, Sun PP, Kong LN, Wei YA, Zheng H, Liu YC
944 - 947 Microstructure and antibacterial properties of Cu-doped TiO2 coating on titanium by micro-arc oxidation
Yao XH, Zhang XY, Wu HB, Tian LH, Ma Y, Tang B
948 - 953 Synthesis of dumbbell-like Bi2WO6@CaWO4 composite photocatalyst and application in water treatment
Zhang ZJ, Wang WZ, Jiang D, Xu JY
954 - 957 C-60 layer growth on the Co/Si(111)root 7 x root 7 surface
Olyanich DA, Utas TV, Kotlyar VG, Zotov AV, Saranin AA, Romashev LN, Solin NI, Ustinov VV
958 - 970 On the interfacial characteristics of polyethylene/single-walled carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics simulations
Rouhi S, Alizadeh Y, Ansari R
971 - 977 Preparation of lanthanum trifluoride nanoparticles surface-capped by tributyl phosphate and evaluation of their tribological properties as lubricant additive in liquid paraffin
Li ZW, Hou X, Yu LG, Zhang ZJ, Zhang PY
978 - 985 Preparation and visible light-induced photo-catalytic activity of H-PVA/TiO2 composite loaded on glass via sol-gel method
Song YQ, Zhang JL, Yang HG, Xu SB, Jiang L, Dan Y
986 - 989 Observation of chemical separation of In3Sb1Te2 thin film during phase transition
Lee YM, Baik J, Shin HJ, Kim YS, Yoon SG, Jung MC, Qi YB
990 - 996 Comparative study of the impact and sliding behavior of water droplets on two different hydrophobic silane coatings
Nakajima A, Miyamoto T, Sakai M, Isobe T, Matsushita S
997 - 1001 Nanostructured plasma etched, magnetron sputtered nanolaminar Cr2AlC MAX phase thin films
Grieseler R, Hahnlein B, Stubenrauch M, Kups T, Wilke M, Hopfeld M, Pezoldt J, Schaaf P
1002 - 1008 Absorption spectra and near-electric field enhancement effects of Au-and Ag-Fe3O4 dimers
Wang BY, Qu SL
1009 - 1019 Synthesis of titania modified silica-pillared clay (SPC) with highly ordered interlayered mesoporous structure for removing toxic metal ion Cr(VI) from aqueous state
Mao HH, Zhu KN, Li BS, Yao C, Kong Y
1020 - 1029 Hydroxyapatite-gelatin nanocomposite as a novel adsorbent for nitrobenzene removal from aqueous solution
Wei W, Sun R, Jin Z, Cui J, Wei ZG
1030 - 1039 Micro-arc oxidization of a novel Mg-1Ca alloy in three alkaline KF electrolytes: Corrosion resistance and cytotoxicity
Jia ZJ, Li M, Liu Q, Xu XC, Cheng Y, Zheng YF, Xi TF, Wei SC
1040 - 1044 Covalent assembly of poly(ethyleneimine) via layer-by-layer deposition for enhancing surface density of protein and bacteria attachment
Xia B, Shi JS, Dong C, Zhang WY, Lu Y, Guo P
1045 - 1051 New approach of long-term modification of Topas (R) to acquire surface hydrophilicity for chromosome spreading
Mednova O, Kwasny D, Rozlosnik N, Svendsen WE, Almdal K
1052 - 1058 In situ monitoring of excimer laser annealing of tin-doped indium oxide films for the development of a low-temperature fabrication process
Shinoda K, Nakajima T, Tsuchiya T
1059 - 1066 Mechanochemical approach to get layered double hydroxides: Mechanism explore on crystallite growth
Zeng MG, Huo XL, Liu SQ, Li SP, Li XD
1067 - 1076 Preparation of novel magnetic chitosan nanoparticle and its application for removal of humic acid from aqueous solution
Dong CL, Chen W, Liu C
1077 - 1082 Preparation of carbon-supported Bi/Ti composites and its catalytic activity under solar irradiation
Wang P, Wu YL, Shi J, Liu D, Dong WB