Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.290 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Laser-assisted implantation of gold nanoparticles, formed under surface plasmon-polariton resonant conditions in polymer layer
Fedorenko L, Matyash I, Kazantseva Z, Rudenko S, Kolomiychenko Y
6 - 12 Production of Sn/MWCNT nanocomposite anodes by pulse electrodeposition for Li-ion batteries
Uysal M, Cetinkaya T, Alp A, Akbulut H
13 - 17 Reversible hydrogen evolution and oxidation on Pt electrode mediated by molecular ion
Juodkazis K, Juodkazyte J, Sebeka B, Juodkazis S
18 - 26 Nanosecond laser irradiation synthesis of CdS nanoparticles in a PVA system
Onwudiwe DC, Kruger TPJ, Oluwatobi OS, Strydom CA
27 - 34 Surface investigations of ZnBeMnSe mixed crystals by means of the piezoelectric spectroscopy and the AFM technique
Strzalkowski K, Kulesza S, Zakrzewski J, Malinski M
35 - 39 Initial adsorption of water molecule on HfC and TaC (001) surfaces from density-functional study
Liu DL, Deng JG, Jin YZ
40 - 47 Almen intensity effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of low carbon steel subjected to severe shot peening
Unal O, Varol R
48 - 52 Preparation and characterization of TiO2 and Si-doped octacalcium phosphate composite coatings on zirconia ceramics (Y-TZP) for dental implant applications
Bao L, Liu JX, Shi F, Jiang YY, Liu GS
53 - 58 The formation of nanodimensional structures on the surface of Tin exposed to femtosecond laser pulses in the ambient environment of ethanol
Bashir S, Rafique MS, Nathala CS, Husinsky W
59 - 65 Wetting behavior on hybrid surfaces with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties
Yao CW, Alvarado JL, Marsh CP, Jones BG, Collins MK
66 - 70 Rear passivation of commercial multi-crystalline PERC solar cell by PECVD Al2O3
Zhao SX, Qiao Q, Zhang S, Ji JJ, Shi ZR, Li GH
71 - 79 Interface characteristics of peeling-off damages of laser coatings
Cui Y, Yi K, Hu GH, Shao JD
80 - 85 Titanium dioxide-coated fluorine-doped tin oxide thin films for improving overall photoelectric property
Li BJ, Huang LJ, Ren NF, Zhou M
86 - 91 Doping of carbon nanotubes with aluminum atom to improve Pt adsorption
Ganji MD, Ahangari MG, Khosravi A
92 - 101 Preparation of functionalized and metal-impregnated activated carbon by a single-step activation method
Dastgheib SA, Ren JL, Rostam-Abadi M, Chang R
102 - 106 A facile solution approach for the synthesis of akaganeite (beta-FeOOH) nanorods and their ion-exchange mechanism toward As(V) ions
Zhang YX, Jia Y
107 - 115 Bis-pyridinium dibromides modified organo-bentonite for the removal of aniline from wastewater: A positive role of pi-pi polar interaction
Gu Z, Gao ML, Luo ZX, Lu LF, Ye YG, Liu YN
116 - 124 Kinetics and thermodynamics of adsorption of methylene blue by a magnetic graphene-carbon nanotube composite
Wang PF, Cao MH, Wang C, Ao YH, Hou J, Qian J
125 - 130 Hydrogenation temperature related inner structures and visible-light-driven photocatalysis of N-F co-doped TiO2 nanosheets
Wang W, Ni YR, Lu CH, Xu ZZ
131 - 136 Nucleation control and growth mechanism of pure alpha-Bi2O3 nanowires
Tien LC, Lai YC
137 - 141 Surface modification of polypropylene battery separator by direct fluorination with different gas components
Li BY, Gao J, Wang X, Fan C, Wang HN, Liu XY
142 - 147 The adsorption of Cs and residual gases on Ga0.5Al0.5As (001) beta(2) (2 x 4) surface: A first principles research
Yu XH, Du YJ, Chang BK, Wang HG, Wang MS
148 - 153 Enhanced tunability of the composition in silicon oxynitride thin films by the reactive gas pulsing process
Aubry E, Weber S, Billard A, Martin N
154 - 160 H-2 dissociation on gamma-Al2O3 supported Cu/Pd atoms: A DFT investigation
Wang HT, Chen LJ, Lv YK, Ren RP
161 - 166 Characterization of crednerite-Cu1.1Mn0.9O2 films prepared using sol-gel processing
Chen HY, Hsu DJ
167 - 171 In-situ fabrication and characterization of ordered Ge QDs in Si3N4 matrix without barrier layers by rf-magnetron sputtering
Lee S, Huang SJ, Conibeer G, Green M
172 - 179 Mass transport in low T-g azo-polymers: Effect on the surface relief grating induction and stability of additional side chain groups able to generate physical interactions
Luca AR, Moleavin IA, Hurduc N, Hamel M, Rocha L
180 - 187 Ultrathin (001) and (100) TiO2(B) sheets: Surface reactivity and structural properties
Fernandez-Werner L, Faccio R, Juan A, Pardo H, Montenegro B, Mombru AW
188 - 193 Structural and mechanical modifications induced on Cu47.5Zr47.5Al5 metallic glass by surface laser treatments
Fornell J, Pellicer E, Garcia-Lecina E, Nieto D, Surinach S, Baro MD, Sort J
194 - 198 Laser-assisted atom probe tomography of O-18-enriched oxide thin film for quantitative analysis of oxygen
Kinno T, Tomita M, Ohkubo T, Takeno S, Hono K
199 - 206 Immobilization of oligonucleotide probes on silicon surfaces using biotin-streptavidin system examined with microscopic and spectroscopic techniques
Awsiuk K, Rysz J, Petrou P, Budkowski A, Bernasik A, Kakabakos S, Marzec MM, Raptis I
207 - 214 Toward a microscopic understanding of the calcium-silicate-hydrates/water interface
Ebbert C, Grundmeier G, Buitkamp N, Kroger A, Messerschmidt F, Thissen P
215 - 222 Integrated biomechanical and topographical surface characterization (IBTSC)
Loberg J, Mattisson I, Ahlberg E
223 - 232 Friction and wear behavior of shot peened surfaces of 36CrNiMo4 and 36NiCrMo16 alloyed steels under dry and lubricated contact conditions
Mitrovic S, Adamovic D, Zivic F, Dzunic D, Pantic M
233 - 239 Photocatalytic activities of Bi2S3/BiOBr nanocomposites synthesized by a facile hydrothermal process
Cui YM, Jia QF, Li HQ, Han JY, Zhu LJ, Li SG, Zou Y, Yang J
240 - 245 Synthesis of stable ultra-small Cu nanoparticles for direct writing flexible electronics
Li W, Chen MF
246 - 251 Anode electrode with carbon buffer layer for improving methanol oxidation reaction in direct methanol fuel cell
Kang YS, Jung N, Choi KH, Lee MJ, Ahn M, Cho YH, Sung YE
252 - 259 Sol-gel derived Al and Ga co-doped ZnO thin films: An optoelectronic study
Ebrahimifard R, Golobostanfard MR, Abdizadeh H
260 - 266 Synthesis of SBA-15/polyaniline mesoporous composite for removal of resorcinol from aqueous solution
Li Q, Yu H, Song J, Pan XH, Liu J, Wang Y, Tang LH
267 - 273 Catalytic oxidation of VOCs over CNT-supported platinum nanoparticles
Joung HJ, Kim JH, Oh JS, You DW, Park HO, Jung KW
274 - 279 Photocatalytic TiO2 nanoparticles enhanced polymer antimicrobial coating
Wei XJ, Yang ZD, Tay SL, Gao W
280 - 286 Structural transformation and multiferroic properties of single-phase Bi0.89Tb0.11Fe1-xMnxO3 thin films
Dong GH, Tan GQ, Luo YY, Liu WL, Ren HJ, Xia A
287 - 294 Crystal structure and nanotopographical features on the surface of heat-treated and anodized porous titanium biomaterials produced using selective laser melting
Yavari SA, Wauthle R, Bottger AJ, Schrooten J, Weinans H, Zadpoor AA
295 - 300 Quantum dots as mediators in gas sensing: A case study of CdS sensitized WO3 sensing composites
Concina I, Comini E, Kaciulis S, Sberveglieri G
301 - 307 Direct nanoimprinting of single crystalline gold: Experiments and dislocation dynamics simulations
Zhang J, Zhang Y, Mara NA, Lou J, Nicola L
308 - 312 Morphology of nanotube arrays grown on Ti-35Nb-2Ta-3Zr alloys with different deformations
Wang P, Li H, Zhang YY, Liu HZ, Guo YP, Liu ZT, Zhao SC, Yin JM, Guo YJ
313 - 319 In situ synthesis of hierarchical flower-like Bi2S3/BiOCl composite with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Jiang SH, Zhou KQ, Shi YQ, Lo SM, Xu HY, Hu Y, Gui Z
320 - 326 Cu surfaces with controlled structures: From intrinsically hydrophilic to apparently superhydrophobic
Meng KK, Jiang Y, Jiang ZH, Lian JS, Jiang Q
327 - 331 Hydroxyapatite-phosphonoformic acid hybrid compounds prepared by hydrothermal method
Turki T, Othmani M, Bantignies JL, Bouzouita K
332 - 339 Microemulsion mediated synthesis of triangular shape SnO2 nanoparticles: Luminescence application
Luwang MN
340 - 345 Quasi-epitaxial barium hexaferrite thin films prepared by a topotactic reactive diffusion process
Meng SQ, Yue ZX, Zhang XZ, Li LT
346 - 352 Synthesis of fluorine substituted hydroxyapatite nanopowders and application of the central composite design for determination of its antimicrobial effects
Stanic V, Dimitrijevic S, Antonovic DG, Jokic BM, Zec SP, Tanaskovic ST, Raicevic S
353 - 358 Corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of SrHAp/ZnO composite implant coating on titanium
Huang Y, Zeng HJ, Wang XX, Wang DS
359 - 367 Study of the machining process of nano-electrical discharge machining based on combined atomistic-continuum modeling method
Zhang GJ, Guo JW, Ming WY, Huang Y, Shao XY, Zhang Z
368 - 372 Ultrafast pump-probe microscopy reveals the mechanism of selective fs laser structuring of transparent thin films for maskless micropatterning
Rapp S, Rosenberger J, Domke M, Heise G, Huber HP, Schmidt M
373 - 380 Influence of current density on surface morphology and properties of pulse plated tin films from citrate electrolyte
Sharma A, Bhattacharya S, Das S, Das K
381 - 387 Surface modification of polycarbonate and polyethylene naphtalate foils by UV-ozone treatment and mu Plasma printing
Verkuijlen ROF, van Dongen MHA, Stevens AAE, van Geldrop J, Bernards JPC
388 - 397 Synthesis, characterization and microwave absorption properties of dendrite-like Fe3O4 embedded within amorphous sugar carbon matrix
Wu H, Wang LD, Wu HJ
398 - 404 Methanol synthesis by CO and CO2 hydrogenation on Cu/gamma-Al2O3 surface in liquid paraffin solution
Zuo ZJ, Wang L, Han PD, Huang W
405 - 411 Manipulating a Co adatom on a stepped Cu surface by an STM tip: A theoretical study
Liu L, Huang RZ, Sun YSN, Du CC, Zhang RJ, Zheng YX, Wu YX
412 - 418 Improved cycling and rate performance of Sm-doped LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode materials for 5 V lithium ion batteries
Mo MY, Hui KS, Hong XT, Guo JS, Ye CC, Li AJ, Hu NQ, Huang ZZ, Jiang JH, Liang JZ, Chen HY
419 - 424 Solution plasma synthesis of ZnO flowers and their photoluminescence properties
Saito G, Nakasugi Y, Yamashita T, Akiyama T
425 - 432 Structure of benzenethiol monolayer on Pt(100)
Wu TQ, Wang XY, Zhou H, Luo HL, Jiao ZW, Zhu P
433 - 439 Compressive elastic moduli and polishing performance of non-rigid core/shell structured PS/SiO2 composite abrasives evaluated by AFM
Chen AL, Mu WB, Chen Y
440 - 447 Enhancement of visible light photocatalytic activity of ZnS and CdS nanoparticles based on organic and inorganic coating
Soltani N, Saion E, Yunus WMM, Erfani M, Navasery M, Bahmanrokh G, Rezaee K
448 - 457 Biomimetic novel nanoporous niobium oxide coating for orthopaedic applications
Pauline SA, Rajendran N
458 - 465 An atomistic investigation on the mechanism of machining nanostructures when using single tip and multi-tip diamond tools
Tong Z, Liang YC, Jiang XQ, Luo XC
466 - 474 Electrophoretic deposition of PTFE particles on porous anodic aluminum oxide film and its tribological properties
Zhang DY, Dong GN, Chen YJ, Zeng QF
475 - 481 Processing parameter optimization for the laser dressing of bronze-bonded diamond wheels
Deng H, Chen GY, Zhou C, Li SC, Zhang MJ
482 - 489 Microstructural stability of ultrafine grained cold sprayed 6061 aluminum alloy
Rokni MR, Widener CA, Champagne VR
490 - 494 Annealing temperature effect on the optical properties of thermally oxidized nano-crystalline ZrO2 thin films grown on glass substrates
Larijani MM, Hasani E, Safa S
495 - 498 Formation and magnetic properties of metastable phases observed in the Fe-50(HfxTa1-x)(50) films by ion beam mixing
Li N, Li JH, Liu JB, Liu BX
499 - 503 A novel green synthesis and characterization of Ag NPs with its ultra-rapid catalytic reduction of methyl green dye
Junejo Y, Sirajuddin, Baykal A, Safdar M, Balouch A
504 - 508 Temporal evolution of oxygen chemisorption on TiAlN
Kunze C, Music D, Baben MT, Schneider JM, Grundmeier G
509 - 513 Tailoring of optical and wetting properties of sputter deposited silica thin films by glancing angle deposition
Sarkar S, Pradhan SK
514 - 515 Imparting super hydro/oleophobic properties to cotton fabric by means of molecular and nanoparticles vapor deposition methods (vol 287, pg 223, 2013)
Aminayi P, Abidi N
516 - 516 Enhancing coating of brushite/hydroxyapatite layer on titanium alloy implant surface with additives (vol 285P, pg 136, 2013)
Abdel-Aal EA, El-Sayed D, Shoeib M, Kandil AT, Kandil AT