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Applied Surface Science, Vol.289 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Reversible low adhesive to high adhesive superhydrophobicity transition on ZnO nanoparticle surfaces
Li J, Jing ZJ, Yang YX, Zha F, Yan L, Lei ZQ
6 - 13 Effect of water on hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene over Au (111): A joint theoretical and experimental study
Bu WD, Zhao L, Zhang ZC, Zhang X, Gao JS, Xu CM
14 - 20 Creation of microstructured surfaces using Cu-Ni composite electrodeposition and their application to superhydrophobic surfaces
Lee JM, Bae KM, Jung KK, Jeong JH, Ko JS
21 - 26 Preparation of silver-cuprous oxide/stearic acid composite coating with superhydrophobicity on copper substrate and evaluation of its friction-reducing and anticorrosion abilities
Li PP, Chen XH, Yang GB, Yu LG, Zhang PY
27 - 32 Thickness dependence of optoelectronic properties in ALD grown ZnO thin films
Singh T, Lehnen T, Leuning T, Sahu D, Mathur S
33 - 41 The electrochemical behaviour of 316L austenitic stainless steel in Cl-containing environment under different H2S partial pressures
Ding JH, Zhang L, Lu MX, Wang J, Wen ZB, Hao WH
42 - 46 Structural and magnetic properties in Mn-doped ZnO films prepared by pulsed-laser deposition
Li Q, Wang YY, Liu JD, Kong W, Ye BJ
47 - 52 Role of surface on the size-dependent mechanical properties of copper nano-wire under tensile load: A molecular dynamics simulation
Liu WT, Hsiao CI, Hsu WD
53 - 61 Synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation of three-layered photoanodes by introducing a blend of WO3 and Fe2O3 for dye degradation
Hosseini S, Eftekhari E, Soltani SM, Babadi FE, Minggu LJ, Ismail MHS
62 - 71 Multiple nanoscale parallel grooves formed on Si3N4/TiC ceramic by femtosecond pulsed laser
Xing YQ, Deng JX, Lian YS, Zhang KD, Zhang GD, Zhao J
72 - 76 Efficiency enhancement for dye-sensitized solar cells with a porous NiO/Pt counter electrode
Maiaugree W, Kongprakaiwoot N, Tangtrakarn A, Saekow S, Pimanpang S, Amornkitbamrung V
77 - 80 Study of electronic sputtering of CaF2 thin films
Pandey RK, Kumar M, Khan SA, Kumar T, Tripathi A, Avasthi DK, Pandey AC
81 - 88 The inter-adsorbate interaction mediated by Shockley-type surface state electrons and dipole moment: Cs and Ba atoms absorbed on Ag (111) films
Zhang SY, Zhang H, Miyamoto Y
89 - 96 Nucleation and characterization of hydroxyapatite on thioglycolic acid-capped reduced graphene oxide/silver nanoparticles in simplified simulated body fluid
Zhao J, Zhang ZC, Yu ZW, He ZN, Yang SS, Jiang HY
97 - 106 Multifractal characterization of single wall carbon nanotube thin films surface upon exposure to optical parametric oscillator laser irradiation
Talu S, Markovic Z, Stach S, Markovic BT, Talu M
107 - 113 Adsorptive removal of sulfur compounds using IRMOF-3 at ambient temperature
Wang XL, Fan HL, Tian Z, He EY, Li Y, Ju SG
114 - 123 The effect of increasing V content on the structure, mechanical properties and oxidation resistance of Ti-Si-V-N films deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Fernandes F, Loureiro A, Polcar T, Cavaleiro A
124 - 128 Improved of the wear resistance of carbon nanofiber/epoxy nanocomposite by a surface functionalization of the reinforcement
Barrena MI, de Salazar JMG, Soria A, Canas R
129 - 140 Analysis of electrochemical noise (ECN) data in time and frequency domain for comparison corrosion inhibition of some azole compounds on Cu in 1.0 M H2SO4 solution
Ramezanzadeh B, Arman SY, Mehdipour M, Markhali BP
141 - 144 Correlations between the oxygen deficiency and the laser damage resistance of different oxide films
Xu C, Yi P, Fan HL, Qi JW, Qiang YH, Liu JT, Tao CX, Li DW
145 - 149 Effect of electropolymerization time on the performance of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Gao MQ, Xu YL, Bai Y, Jin SH
150 - 154 Electrospray aerosol deposition of water soluble polymer thin films
Sweet ML, Pestov D, Tepper GC, McLeskey JT
155 - 159 Adsorption behavior of poly(dimethyl-diallylammonium chloride) on pulp fiber studied by cryo-time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and cryo-scanning electron microscopy
Masumi T, Matsushita Y, Aoki D, Takama R, Saito K, Kuroda K, Fukushima K
160 - 166 Morphology and crystalline phase characteristics of alpha-GST films irradiated by a picosecond laser
Zhao JJ, Liu FR, Han XX, Bai N, Wan YH, Lin X, Liu F
167 - 172 Transverse magnetoresistance induced by electron-surface scattering on thin gold films: Experiment and theory
Oyarzun S, Henriquez R, Suarez MA, Moraga L, Kremer G, Munoz RC
173 - 179 Application of different fatigue strength criteria on shot peened notched parts. Part 2: nominal and local stress approaches
Bagherifard S, Guagliano M
180 - 187 Application of different fatigue strength criteria to shot peened notched components. Part 1: Fracture Mechanics based approaches
Bagherifard S, Colombo C, Guagliano M
188 - 196 Microstructure, mechanical property and wear performance of cold sprayed A15056/SiCp composite coatings: Effect of reinforcement content
Yu M, Suo XK, Li WY, Wang YY, Liao HL
197 - 202 Investigation of the surface morphologies and the microstructures of graphite cathodes for explosive emission
Zhou F, Wan H, Chuan JB, Bai SX, Wu P
203 - 208 Solar Spectrum Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 and Water Vapor Into Hydrocarbons Using TiO2 Nanoparticle Membranes
Rani S, Bao NZ, Roy SC
209 - 217 Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured poly(methyl methacrylate) for antireflection coating
Dai MW, Wang Y, Pan MZ, Lin SH, Rempel GL, Pan QM
218 - 223 Correlation between sol-gel reactivity and wettability of silica films deposited on stainless steel
Houmard M, Nunes EHM, Vasconcelos DCL, Berthome G, Joud JC, Langlet M, Vasconcelos WL
224 - 229 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Bi2O3/H-ZSM-5 composite for rhodamine B degradation under UV light irradiation
Wang QZ, Hui J, Yang L, Huang HH, Cai YX, Yin SQ, Ding YM
230 - 236 Effect of prior laser microstructural refinement on the formation of amorphous layer in an Al86Co7.6Ce6.4 alloy
Li CL, Murray JW, Voisey KT, Clare AT, McCartney DG
237 - 244 Promotional effect of fluorine on the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over CeO2-TiO2 catalyst at low temperature
Zhang R, Zhong Q, Zhao W, Yu LM, Qu HX
245 - 251 A green synthesis of magnetic bentonite material and its application for removal of microcystin-LR in water
Lian LL, Cao XL, Wu YQ, Sun DZ, Lou DW
252 - 256 Tunable photoluminescence properties of well-aligned ZnO nanorod array by oxygen plasma post-treatment
Jiang S, Ren ZH, Gong SY, Yin SM, Yu YF, Li X, Xu G, Shen G, Han GR
257 - 265 Temperature dependent rotation of the uniaxial easy axis of magnetization in granular SiO2-(CofFe/CoFe2)-Si(111) multilayers
Bittova BP, Lancok J, Klementova M, Vejpravova J
266 - 273 Controllable growth of BiOCl film with high percentage of exposed {001} facets
Wu SJ, Wang C, Cui YF
274 - 280 Effects of nanosecond-pulsed laser irradiation on nanostructure formation on the surface of thin Au films on Si02 glass substrates
Yu RX, Shibayama T, Meng X, Takayanagi S, Yoshida Y, Yatsu S, Watanabe S
281 - 288 Fabrication of hierarchically structured rutile TiO2 nanorods on mica particles and their superhydrophilic coating without UV irridiation
Gao Q, Wu XM, Fan YM, Zhou XY
289 - 299 Electrochromic performance, wettability and optical study of copper manganese oxide thin films: Effect of annealing temperature
Falahatgar SS, Ghodsi FE, Tepehan FZ, Tepehan GG, Turhan I
300 - 305 Fabrication of silicon nanopillar arrays by cesium chloride self-assembly and wet electrochemical etching for solar cell
Liu J, Zhang XS, Dong GQ, Liao YX, Wang B, Zhang TC, Yi FT
306 - 315 Effect of calcined atmosphere on the photocatalytic activity of P-doped TiO2
Xia Y, Jiang YS, Li FF, Xia MS, Xue B, Li YJ
316 - 325 Study on the structure, acidic properties of V-Zr nanocrystal catalysts in oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Chen S, Ma F, Xu AX, Wang LN, Chen F, Lu WM
326 - 331 Property of anodic coatings obtained in an organic, environmental friendly electrolyte on aluminum alloy 2024-T3
Zhang RF, Shi HW, Liu ZL, Zhang SF, Zhang YQ, Guo SB
332 - 337 Nonvolatile memory capacitors based on Al2O3 tunneling and HfO2 blocking layers with charge storage in atomic-layer-deposited Pt nanocrystals
Liu XJ, Zhu L, Gao MY, Li XF, Cao ZY, Zhai HF, Li AD, Wu D
338 - 344 Surface characterization of TiNi deformed by high-pressure torsion
Shri DNA, Tsuchiya K, Yamamoto A
345 - 350 Deposition of ZnO rods by electrochemically induced hydrolysis
Steegstra P, Ahlberg E
351 - 357 Structural, electronic properties and stability of AlCMn3 (111) surfaces by first-principles calculations
Wang F, Li K, Zhou NG
358 - 365 Electron irradiation-enhanced water and hydrocarbon adsorption in EUV lithography devices
Al-Ajlony A, Kanjilal A, Catalfano M, Harilal SS, Hassanein A
366 - 369 High resolution microstructure characterization of the interface between cold sprayed Al coating and Mg alloy substrate
Wang Q, Qiu D, Xiong YM, Birbilis N, Zhang MX
370 - 377 Study on depth-related microstructure and wear property of rare earth nitrocarburized layer of M50NiL steel
Yan MF, Zhang CS, Sun Z
378 - 383 Microstructure and oxygen evolution of Fe-Ce mixed oxides by redox treatment
Li KZ, Haneda M, Ning PH, Wang H, Ozawa M
384 - 387 Hybrid structure of graphene sheets/ZnO nanorods for enhancing electron field emission properties
Lin JC, Huang BR, Lin TC
388 - 393 Oxidation upon segregation: Evaluation of chemical state of segregated species in polycrystalline Fe-Si-Al alloys by AES
Mandrino D, Petrovic DS
394 - 399 Graphite-like C3N4 modified Ag3PO4 nanoparticles with highly enhanced photocatalytic activities under visible light irradiation
Xiu ZL, Bo H, Wu YZ, Hao XP
400 - 406 Preparation and tribological properties of inclusion complex of beta-cyclodextrinfdialkyl pentasulfide as additive in PEG-600 aqueous solution
Guan JJ, Xu XF, Li G, Peng W
407 - 416 A novel ToF-SIMS operation mode for sub 100 nm lateral resolution: Application and performance
Kubicek M, Holzlechner G, Opitz AK, Larisegger S, Hutter H, Fleig J
417 - 424 Construction of superhydrophobic and superoleophilic nickel foam for separation of water and oil mixture
Gao R, Liu Q, Wang J, Liu JY, Yang WL, Gao Z, Liu LH
425 - 429 Tunable surface wettability and water adhesion of Sb2S3 micro-fnanorod films
Zhong X, Zhao HP, Yang H, Liu YL, Yan GP, Chen R
430 - 436 Investigations on the role of alkali to obtain modulated defect concentrations for Cu2O thin films
Chowdhury A, Bijalwan PK, Sahu RK
437 - 444 Microstructure and wear resistance of the hypereutectic Fe-Cr-C alloy hardfacing metals with different La2O3 additives
Yang J, Tian JJ, Hao FF, Dan T, Ren XJ, Yang YL, Yang QX
445 - 449 Modulating magnetic characteristics of Pt embedded graphene by gas adsorption (N-2, O-2, NO2, SO2)
Lee Y, Lee S, Hwang Y, Chung YC
450 - 454 Physico-chemical studies of cuprous oxide (Cu2O) nanoparticles coated on amorphous carbon nanotubes (alpha-CNTs)
Johan MR, Suhaimy SHM, Yusof Y
455 - 461 Nanohardness, corrosion and protein adsorption properties of CuAlO2 films deposited on 316L stainless steel for biomedical applications
Chang SH, Chen JZ, Hsiao SH, Lin GW
462 - 471 Optical and magnetic properties of Fe2O3 nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation/fragmentation technique in different liquid media
Pandey BK, Shahi AK, Shah J, Kotnala RK, Gopal R
472 - 477 Low electrical potential anode modified with Fe/ferric oxide and its application in marine benthic microbial fuel cell with higher voltage and power output
Fu YB, Xu Q, Zai XR, Liu YY, Lu ZK
478 - 486 Task-specific ionic liquid as a new green inhibitor of mild steel corrosion
Kowsari E, Payami M, Amini R, Ramezanzadeh B, Javanbakht M
487 - 494 Application of novel Polypyrrole/thiol-functionalized zeolite Beta/MCM-41 type mesoporous silica nanocomposite for adsorption of Hg2+ from aqueous solution and industrial wastewater: Kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies
Javadian H, Taghavi M
495 - 501 Adsorption of cationic dye (methylene blue) from aqueous solution using poly(cyclotriphosphazene-co-4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol) nanospheres
Chen ZH, Fu JW, Wang MH, Wang XZ, Zhang JN, Xu Q
502 - 510 DFT study of benzene and CO co-adsorption on PtCo(111)
Orazi V, Ardenghi JS, Bechthold P, Jasen PV, Pronsato ME, Gonzalez EA
511 - 523 Improving degradation resistance of sisal fiber in concrete through fiber surface treatment
Wei JQ, Meyer C
524 - 528 Effect of pH on film structure and electrical property of PMMA-Au composite particles prepared by redox transmetalation
Wu HM, Lin KJ, Yu YH, Ho CY, Wei MH, Lu FH, Tseng WJ
529 - 532 Fabrication of through holes in silicon carbide using femtosecond laser irradiation and acid etching
Khuat V, Ma YC, Si JH, Chen T, Chen F, Hou X
533 - 537 Etching of CVD diamond films using oxygen ions in ECR plasma
Ma ZB, Wu J, Shen WL, Yan L, Pan X, Wang JH
538 - 544 Deposition of Cr-Si-Ni-Mo films at a low sputtering current and performance of heat and humid resistance
Wang XY, Li CG, Ma JX, Shao JQ
545 - 550 Graded composite diamond coatings with top-layer nanocrystallinity and interfacial integrity: Cross-sectional Raman mapping
Dumpala R, Ramamoorthy B, Rao MSR
551 - 559 Influence of processing conditions on the structure, composition and ferroelectric properties of sputtered PZT thin films on Ti-substrates
Bose A, Sreemany M
560 - 563 Surface and interface analysis of poly-hydroxyethylmethacrylate-coated anodic aluminium oxide membranes
Ali N, Duan XF, Jiang ZT, Goh BM, Lamb R, Tadich A, Poinern GEJ, Fawcett D, Chapman P, Singh P
564 - 570 Influence of annealing conditions on the crystallographic structure, chemical composition and luminescence of ZnO thin films
Khojier K, Savaloni H, Amani E
571 - 580 Spatially controlled immobilisation of biomolecules: A complete approach in green chemistry
Grinenval E, Nonglaton G, Vinet F
581 - 585 Electrical properties of SiGe nanowire following fluorine/nitrogen plasma treatment
Chang KM, Chen CF, Lai CH, Kuo PS, Chen YM, Chang TY
586 - 591 Surface treatment of polymer microfibrillar structures for improved surface wettability and adhesion
Peyvandi A, Abideen SU, Huang Y, Lee I, Soroushian P, Lu J
592 - 600 Microporosity development in phenolic resin-based mesoporous carbons for enhancing CO2 adsorption at ambient conditions
Choma J, Jedynak K, Fahrenholz W, Ludwinowicz J, Jaroniec M
601 - 605 Effects of ozone post deposition treatment on interfacial and electrical characteristics of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 and HfO2 films on GaSb substrates
Zhao LF, Tan Z, Wang J, Xu J