Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.287 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Theoretical study on optoelectronic properties of Ga0.75Al0.25N (001) reconstruction surfaces
Yang MZ, Chang BK, Guo J, Hao GH, Shi F, Wang HG, Wang MS
8 - 12 Increased charge transfer of PVDF-HFP based electrolyte by addition of graphite nanofiber and its application in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhao XG, Jin EM, Gu HB
13 - 21 Influence of nickel-phosphorus surface roughness on wettability and pores formation in solder joints for high power electronic applications
Vivet L, Joudrier AL, Tan KL, Morelle JM, Etcheberry A, Chalumeau L
22 - 29 The influence of homogeneous electrolyte composition on microplasma synthesis and characteristics of Fe-containing coatings on A1050 alloy
Rogov AB, Slonova AI, Mironov IV
30 - 36 Effects of Y2O3 on the microstructures and wear resistance of Si-Al-Y co-deposition coatings prepared on Ti-Al alloy by pack cementation technique
Li YQ, Xie FQ, Wu XQ, Li X
37 - 45 Surface charges of oxides and wettability: Application to TiO2-SiO2 composite films
Joud JC, Houmard M, Berthome G
46 - 53 Studies on influence of aluminium ions on the bioactivity of B2O3-SiO2-P2O5-Na2O-CaO glass system by means of spectroscopic studies
Mohini GJ, Krishnamacharyulu N, Baskaran GS, Rao PV, Veeraiah N
54 - 61 Alkali activation of halloysite for adsorption and release of ofloxacin
Wang Q, Zhang JP, Wang AQ
62 - 68 Effect of plasma surface functionalization on preosteoblast cells spreading and adhesion on a biomimetic hydroxyapatite layer formed on a titanium surface
Myung SW, Ko YM, Kim BH
69 - 74 Investigation of the interfacial structure and transport properties of Fe3O4-SrTiO3 composite films
Jin C, Zheng DX, Li P, Mi WB, Bai HL
75 - 83 Interfacial durability and electrical properties of CNT or ITO/PVDF nanocomposites for self-sensor and micro actuator applications
Park JM, Gu GY, Wang ZJ, Kwon DJ, DeVries KL
84 - 90 Effect of various structure directing agents on the physicochemical properties of the silica aerogels prepared at an ambient pressure
Sarawade PB, Shao GN, Quang DV, Kim HT
91 - 96 Effect of fluorine plasma treatment with chemically reduced graphene oxide thin films as hole transport layer in organic solar cells
Yu YY, Kang BH, Lee YD, Lee SB, Ju BK
97 - 107 DFT study on the structure of Ni/alpha-Al2O3 catalysts
Zhang MH, Chen JY, Yu YZ, Zhang YB
108 - 116 Effect of the functional groups of carbon on the surface and catalytic properties Ru/C catalysts for hydrogenolysis of glycerol
Gallegos-Suarez E, Perez-Cadenas M, Guerrero-Ruiz A, Rodriguez-Ramos I, Arcoya A
117 - 123 Amino acid-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes for improving compatibility with chiral poly(amide-ester-imide) containing L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine linkages
Abdolmaleki A, Mallakpour S, Borandeh S
124 - 134 Kinetic study of CO oxidation over CuO/MO2 (M = Si, Ti and Ce) catalysts
Lu JQ, Sun CX, Li N, Jia AP, Luo MF
135 - 142 Enhanced visible-light activity of F-N co-doped TiO2 nanocrystals via nonmetal impurity, Ti3+ ions and oxygen vacancies
Yang GD, Wang T, Yang BL, Yan ZF, Ding SJ, Xiao TC
143 - 149 Multi-band emission in a wide wavelength range from tin oxide/Au nanocomposites grown on porous anodic alumina substrate (AAO)
Norek M, Michalska-Domanska M, Stepniowski WJ, Ayala I, Bombalska A, Budner B
150 - 158 A comparison study between atomic and ionic nitrogen doped carbon films prepared by ion beam assisted cathode arc deposition at various pulse frequencies
Zhou B, Jiang XH, Rogachev AV, Shen RQ, Sun DP, Piliptsou DG, Lu LD
159 - 164 Highly wear-resistant ultra-thin per-fluorinated organic monolayers on silicon(111) surfaces
Pujari SP, Zuilhof H
165 - 171 Conductive aluminum line formation on aluminum nitride surface by infrared nanosecond laser
Koziol PE, Antonczak AJ, Szymczyk P, Stepak B, Abramski KM
172 - 177 Change of surface morphology and structure of multi-walled carbon nanotubes film caused by proton irradiation with 170 keV
Rui EM, Yang JQ, Li XJ, Liu CM
178 - 186 AgI/Ag3PO4 heterojunction composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation
Yan J, Wang C, Xu H, Xu YG, She XJ, Chen JJ, Song YH, Li HM, Zhang Q
187 - 194 Pulse electrochemical synthesis of capsule-like nanostructures of Co3O4 and investigation of their capacitive performance
Aghazadeh M, Hosseinifard M, Sabour B, Dalvand S
195 - 202 Preparation and characterization of low-crystallized hydroxyapatite nanoporous plates and granules
Uehira M, Okada M, Takeda S, Matsumoto N
203 - 210 Synthesis and surface properties of magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles infiltrated into porous silicon template
Harraz FA
211 - 217 Fabrication and evaluation of temperature responsive molecularly imprinted sorbents based on surface of yeast via surface-initiated AGET ATRP
Pan JM, Hang H, Li XX, Zhu WJ, Meng MJ, Dai XH, Dai JD, Yan YS
218 - 222 Electrodeposited hydroxyapatite coatings on the TiO2 nanotube in static magnetic field
Liu CW, Tian A, Yang H, Xu Q, Xue XX
223 - 231 Imparting super hydro/oleophobic properties to cotton fabric by means of molecular and nanoparticles vapor deposition methods
Aminayi P, Abidi N
232 - 241 Adsorption and desorption characteristics of imidazole-modified silica for chromium(VI)
Wang ZK, Ye CL, Wang XY, Li J
242 - 251 Well-defined flake-like polypyrrole grafted graphene nanosheets composites as electrode materials for supercapacitors with enhanced cycling stability
Wang X, Wang TM, Yang C, Li HD, Liu P
252 - 256 Template-assisted electrodeposition of indium-antimony nanowires -Comparison of electrochemical methods
Hnida K, Mech J, Sulka GD
257 - 262 Effects of deposition profiles on RF-sputtered Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 films at low substrate temperature
Huang X, Miao XS, Yu NN, Guan XW
263 - 269 Atmospheric plasma torch treatment of aluminium: Improving wettability with silanes
Diaz-Benito B, Velasco F
270 - 275 Strong aggregation adsorption of methylene blue from water using amorphous WO3 nanosheets
Luo JY, Cao Z, Chen F, Li L, Lin YR, Liang BW, Zeng QG, Zhang M, He X, Li C
276 - 281 Nanosized titania modified with tungsten and silver: Microstructural characterisation of a multifunctional material
Tobaldi DM, Pullar RC, Leoni M, Seabra MP, Labrincha JA
282 - 286 Temperature dependence of Cu2O formation on Cu3Au(110) surface with energetic O-2 molecular beams
Hashinokuchi M, Yoshigoe A, Teraoka Y, Okada M
287 - 292 Room temperature ferromagnetism and structural characterization of Fe,Ni co-doped ZnO nanocrystals
Dhiman P, Batoo KM, Kotnala RK, Chand J, Singh M
293 - 298 XPS structural characterization of Pd/SiO2 catalysts prepared by cogelation
Beketov G, Heinrichs B, Pirard JP, Chenakin S, Kruse N
299 - 303 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surface with nanowire structures on nickel foil
Zhang X, Guo YG, Liu Y, Yang X, Pan JQ, Zhang PY
304 - 310 Effect of atomic hydrogen bombardment on the surface conductivity of polycrystalline diamond films
Liu JL, Li CM, Guo JC, Zhu RH, Chen LX, Wei JJ, Hei LF, Wang JJ, Feng ZH, Guo H, Lv FX
311 - 317 Advanced light-scattering materials: Double-textured ZnO:B films grown by LP-MOCVD
Addonizio ML, Spadoni A, Antonaia A
318 - 322 One step surface modification of gold nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Hong S, Li X
323 - 328 Fabrication of protective over layer for enhanced thermal stability of zinc oxide based TCO films
Ravichandran K, Ravikumar P, Sakthivel B
329 - 340 Surface functionalization of bioactive glasses with natural molecules of biological significance, PartI: Gallic acid as model molecule
Zhang X, Ferraris S, Prenesti E, Verne E
341 - 348 Surface functionalization of bioactive glasses with natural molecules of biological significance, part II: Grafting of polyphenols extracted from grape skin
Zhang X, Ferraris S, Prenesti E, Verne E
349 - 354 The effect of La2O3-incorporation in HfO2 dielectrics on Ge substrate by atomic layer deposition
Oh IK, Kim MK, Lee JS, Lee CW, Lansalot-Matras C, Noh W, Park J, Noori A, Thompson D, Chu S, Maeng WJ, Kim H
355 - 358 Influence of sputtering power on crystal quality and electrical properties of Sc-doped AlN film prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Yang JC, Meng XQ, Yang CT, Zhang Y
359 - 368 (001) Facet-exposed anatase-phase TiO2 nanotube hybrid reduced graphene oxide composite: Synthesis, characterization and application in photocatalytic degradation
Zhou X, Shi TJ, Wu J, Zhou HO
369 - 374 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate based on silver nanoparticle-deposited phospholipid multilayer
An HH, Kim Y, Han WB, Kim HS, Lee S, Yi SC, Kim DH, Yoon CS
375 - 380 Zinc release from atomic layer deposited zinc oxide thin films and its antibacterial effect on Escherichia coil
Kaariainen ML, Weiss CK, Ritz S, Putz S, Cameron DC, Mailander V, Landfester K
381 - 388 Experimental and theoretical study on interaction between lanthanum and nitrogen during plasma rare earth nitriding
Zhang CS, Yan MF, Sun Z
389 - 396 Cobalt(II) phthalocyanine-sensitized hollow Fe3O4@SiO2@TiO2 hierarchical nanostructures: Fabrication and enhanced photocatalytic properties
Wu SH, Wu JL, Jia SY, Chang QW, Ren HT, Liu Y
397 - 403 Self-localization of mixed organophosphonic acid and organothiol monolayers on patterned Al-Cu substrates
Schnieders H, Ozcan O, Grundmeier G
404 - 410 In situ and room-temperature synthesis of ultra-long Ag nanoparticles-decorated Ag molybdate nanowires as high-sensitivity SERS substrates
Bao ZY, Lei DY, Dai JY, Wu YC
411 - 414 A simple route for organic covalent grafting onto zirconium carbide particles
Lucas R, Pizon D, Laborde E, Trolliard G, Foucaud S, Maitre A
415 - 422 Novel aluminosilicate hollow sphere as a catalyst support for methane decomposition to CO chi-free hydrogen production
Awadallah AE, Ahmed W, El-Din MRN, Aboul-Enein AA
423 - 427 Effect of particle size and distribution of the sizing agent on the carbon fibers surface and interfacial shear strength (IFSS) of its composites
Zhang RL, Liu Y, Huang YD, Liu L
428 - 442 Modeling of adsorption of toxic chromium on natural and surface modified lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA)
Kalhori EM, Yetilmezsoy K, Uygur N, Zarrabi M, Abu Shmeis RM
443 - 450 Enhancing anticoagulation and endothelial cell proliferation of titanium surface by sequential immobilization of poly(ethylene glycol) and collagen
Pan CJ, Hou YH, Ding HY, Dong YX
451 - 456 Microstructure and corrosion behavior of micro-arc oxidation coating on 6061 aluminum alloy pre-treated by high-temperature oxidation
Shen DJ, Li GL, Guo CH, Zou J, Cai JR, He DL, Ma HJ, Liu FF
457 - 460 Remarkable activity of PdIr nanoparticles supported on the surface of carbon nanotubes pretreated via a sonochemical process for formic acid electro-oxidation
Chen JW, Li YJ, Liu SR, Wang G, Tian J, Jiang CP, Zhu SF, Wang RL
461 - 466 Fluoride ions as modifiers of the oxide layer produced by plasma electrolytic oxidation on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Kazanski B, Kossenko A, Zinigrad M, Lugovskoy A
467 - 472 The effects of zeolite molecular sieve based surface treatments on the properties of wool fabrics
Carran RS, Ghosh A, Dyer JM
473 - 477 Magnetron sputtering derived (100) oriented Pb0.4Sr0.6(Ti0.97Mg0.03)O-2.97 thin film on inducing-layer/glass substrate with outstanding tunability
Fang JF, Hu T, Chen JF, Han GR, Weng WJ, Ma N, Du PY
478 - 483 Adsorption characteristics of Th(IV) ions on reduced graphene oxide from aqueous solutions
Pan N, Deng JG, Guan DB, Jin YD, Xia CQ
484 - 489 Fabrication and characterization of P-N dual acceptor doped p-type ZnO thin films
Sui YR, Yao B, Xiao L, Yang LL, Cao J, Li XF, Xing GZ, Lang JH, Li XY, Lv SQ, Meng XW, Liu XY, Yang JH
490 - 498 In situ surface treatment of nanocrystalline MFe2O4 (M = Co, Mg, Mn, Ni) spinel ferrites using linseed oil
Gherca D, Cornei N, Mentre O, Kabbour H, Daviero-Minaud S, Pui A
499 - 501 Ferrite and austenite phase identification in duplex stainless steel using SPM techniques
Guo LQ, Lin MC, Qiao LJ, Volinsky AA