Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.286 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Photoluminescent and dielectric properties of Eu3+-doped LaAlO3 thin films fabricated by chemical solution deposition method
Fu JH, Zhao JX, Sa TL, Qin N, Bao DH
7 - 11 Microwave absorption properties of carbon black and tetrapod-like ZnO whiskers composites
Qin H, Liao QL, Zhang GJ, Huang YH, Zhang Y
12 - 21 Using the thiol-ene reaction to improve adhesion strength in carbon fiber-acrylate composites cured by ultra violet light
Vautard F, Fioux P, Schultz J, Nardin M, Defoort B
22 - 30 Quantitative control of poly(ethylene oxide) surface antifouling and biodetection through azimuthally enhanced grating coupled-surface plasmon resonance sensing
Sonato A, Silvestri D, Ruffato G, Zacco G, Romanato F, Morpurgo M
31 - 39 Nondestructive chemical functionalization of MWNTs by poly(2-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) and their conjugation with CdSe quantum dots: Synthesis, properties, and cytotoxicity studies
Islam MR, Bach LG, Vo TS, Tran TN, Lim KT
40 - 46 Preparation of magnetically separable Fe3O4/BiOI nanocomposites and its visible photocatalytic activity
Li XW, Niu CG, Huang DW, Wang XY, Zhang XG, Zeng GM, Niu QY
47 - 53 A DFT study of SF6 decomposed gas adsorption on an anatase (101) surface
Zhang XX, Chen QC, Hu WH, Zhang JB
54 - 60 The dependence of structural and optical properties of PLD grown ZnO films on ablation parameters
Aravind A, Jayaraj MK, Kumar M, Chandra R
61 - 65 Improved photocatalytic hydrogen generation on Zn2GeO4 nanorods with high crystallinity
Lin KY, Ma BJ, Su WG, Liu WY
66 - 70 A LEED study of surface relaxation in Fe(110) epitaxial film on W(110)
Rybicki M, Zasada I, Freindl K, Spiridis N, Korecki J
71 - 77 Hydrolysis process of gamma-APS and characterization of silane film formed on copper in different conditions
Masmoudi M, Rahal C, Abdelmouleh M, Abdelhedi R
78 - 82 Influence of substrate temperature on structural, morphological and electrical properties of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 thin films for IT-SOFCs
Jamale AP, Dubal SU, Patil SP, Bhosale CH, Jadhav LD
83 - 90 Enhanced corrosion resistance of strontium hydroxyapatite coating on electron beam treated surgical grade stainless steel
Gopi D, Rajeswari D, Ramya S, Sekar M, Pramod R, Dwivedi J, Kavitha L, Ramaseshan R
91 - 98 Enhanced reactivity of boron, through adding nano-aluminum and wet ball milling
Zhang BY, Huang C, Yan S, Li YC, Cheng Y
99 - 103 Study of BSA protein adsorption/release on hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Swain SK, Sarkar D
104 - 108 Ordered nanocolumn-array organic semiconductor thin films with controllable molecular orientation
Yang BC, Duan HC, Zhou CH, Gao YL, Yang JL
109 - 114 Structure and properties of Mo-containing diamond-like carbon films produced by ion source assisted cathodic arc ion-plating
Wang LL, Wang RY, Yan SJ, Zhang R, Yang B, Zhang ZD, Huang ZH, Fu DJ
115 - 120 Density functional periodic study of the dehydrogenation of methane on Pd (111) surface
Jiang Z, Li L, Xu J, Fang T
121 - 125 Dynamic fracture characteristics of Fe78Si9B13 metallic glass subjected to laser shock loading
Zheng C, Sun S, Song LB, Zhang GF, Luan YG, Ji Z, Zhang JH
126 - 130 Fabrication of Schottky barrier diodes using H2O2-treated non-polar ZnO (1 0 (1)over-bar 0) substrates
Kashiwaba Y, Sakuma M, Abe T, Nakagawa A, Niikura I, Kashiwaba Y, Daibo M, Osada H
131 - 136 Optical and electrical properties of Mg-doped zinc tin oxide films prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Ma TY, Choi MH
137 - 141 Effects of Cr concentrations on the microstructure, hardness, and temperature-dependent tribological properties of Cr-DLC coatings
Zou CW, Wang HJ, Feng L, Xue SW
142 - 148 Modification and characterization of carbon black with mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane
Atif M, Bongiovanni R, Giorcelli M, Celasco E, Tagliaferro A
149 - 155 Effects of oxidizing medium on the composition, morphology and optical properties of copper oxide nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation
Gondal MA, Qahtan TF, Dastageer MA, Saleh TA, Maganda YW, Anjum DH
156 - 160 Spatial characteristics of vacuum UV emission from laser-induced plumes in air
Khater MA
161 - 170 Laser texturing of alumina surface for improved hydrophobicity
Yilbas BS, Khaled M, Abu-Dheir N, Aqeeli N, Furquan SZ
171 - 176 Production and characterization of layer by layer sputtered single-phase AgInSe2 thin film by thermal selenization
Kaleli M, Colakoglu T, Parlak M
177 - 183 Enhanced electrochemical performance of polyacene coated LiMn2O3.95F0.05 for lithium ion batteries
Chen ZY, Xu M, Zhu HL, Xie T, Wang WH, Zhao QF
184 - 191 Effect of particle in-flight behavior on the composition of thermal barrier coatings
Zhao L, Bai Y, Tang JJ, Liu K, Ding CH, Yang JF, Han ZH
192 - 205 Development of a water-jet assisted laser paint removal process
Madhukar YK, Mullick S, Nath AK
206 - 211 Experimental drag reduction study of super-hydrophobic surface with dual-scale structures
Lyu S, Nguyen DC, Kim D, Hwang W, Yoon B
212 - 219 Plasma electrolytic oxidation of 2024-T3 aluminum alloy and investigation on microstructure and wear behavior
Javidi M, Fadaee H
220 - 227 Fabrication of non-flaking, superhydrophobic surfaces using a one-step solution-immersion process on copper foams
Xu J, Xu JL, Cao Y, Ji XB, Yan YY
228 - 234 A convenient N-2-CCl4 mixture plasma treatment to improve TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation of aromatic air contaminants under both UV and visible light
Hu SZ, Li FY, Fan ZP
235 - 239 Surface modification of bone char for removal of formaldehyde from air
Rezaee A, Rangkooy H, Jonidi-Jafari A, Khavanin A
240 - 248 Adhesion and fracture toughness at alpha-Ti(0001)/TiC(111): A first-principles investigation
Li J, Yang YQ, Feng GH, Luo X, Sun Q, Jin N
249 - 256 Synthesis of highly hydrophobic floating magnetic polymer nanocomposites for the removal of oils from water surface
Chen MD, Jiang W, Wang FH, Shen P, Ma PC, Gu JJ, Mao JY, Li FS
257 - 260 Effects of carbon dioxide plasma immersion ion implantation on the electrochemical properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy in physiological environment
Xu RZ, Yang XB, Zhang XM, Wang M, Li PH, Zhao Y, Wu GS, Chu PK
261 - 268 Detection of oxygen species generated by CNT photosensitized CoS2 nanocomposites
Meng ZD, Zhu L, Ullah K, Ye S, Oh WC
269 - 274 Characterization and optical properties of pole-like nano-CeO2 synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method
Wang LN, Meng FM, Li KK, Lu F
275 - 279 Preparation and surface enhanced Raman scattering behavior of Ag-coated C-60 nanoclusters
Kang SZ, Yin DE, Li XQ, Mu J
280 - 286 Fast formation of hydrophilic and reactive polymer micropatterns by photocatalytic lithography method
Chang CJ, Wang CF, Chen JK, Hsieh CC, Chen PA
287 - 297 The effect of empirical potential functions on modeling of amorphous carbon using molecular dynamics method
Li LQ, Xu M, Song WP, Ovcharenko A, Zhang GY, Jia D
298 - 305 Thermal barrier coatings with (Al2O3-Y2O3)/(Pt or Pt-Au) composite bond coat and 8YSZ top coat on Ni-based superalloy
Yao JQ, He YD, Wang DR, Peng H, Guo HB, Gong SK
306 - 313 Integrated basic treatment of activated carbon for enhanced CO2 selectivity
Adelodun AA, Jo YM
314 - 318 Silanization of glass chips-A factorial approach for optimization
Vistas CR, Aguas ACP, Ferreira GNM
319 - 327 Preparation and corrosion resistance of electroless Ni-P/SiC functionally gradient coatings on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Wang HL, Liu LY, Dou Y, Zhang WZ, Jiang WF
328 - 333 Effects of Ti addition and annealing on high-k Gd2O3 sensing membranes on polycrystalline silicon for extended-gate field-effect transistor applications
Kao CH, Chen H, Huang CY
334 - 343 Improvement in corrosion resistance of a nodular cast iron surface modified by plasma beam treatment
Cheng X, Hu SB, Song WL, Xiong XS
344 - 350 A spontaneous dissolution approach to carbon coated TiO2 hollow composite spheres with enhanced visible photocatalytic performance
Zhang ZW, Zhou YM, Zhang YW, Sheng XL, Zhou SJ, Xiang SM
351 - 357 Energetic changes in the surface of activated carbons and relationship with Ni(II) adsorption from aqueous solution
Rodriguez-Estupinan P, Giraldo L, Moreno-Pirajan JC
358 - 363 A study of GaN regrowth on the micro-faceted GaN template formed by in situ HCl etching
Luo WK, Li L, Li ZH, Xu XJ, Wu JJ, Liu XS, Zhang GY
364 - 370 Superhydrophobic and UV-blocking cotton fabrics prepared by layer-by-layer assembly of organic UV absorber intercalated layered double hydroxides
Zhao Y, Xu ZG, Wang XG, Lin T
371 - 378 Preservation of Fe complexes into layered double hydroxides improves the efficiency and the chemical stability of Fe complexes used as heterogeneous photo-Fenton catalysts
Huang ZJ, Wu PX, Gong BN, Lu YH, Zhu NW, Hu ZX
379 - 383 The joint effect of laser and shear stress treatments for the surface strengthening of Zr alloys
Zhao W, Li J, Jiang X, Xi MZ, Gao SY
384 - 390 Effect of hydrothermal treatment model on the formation of Sr-HA nanorod arrays on microarc oxidized titania coatings
Zhou JH, Han Y
391 - 396 Morphology and wettability of ZnO nanostructures prepared by hydrothermal method on various buffer layers
Li BJ, Huang LJ, Zhou M, Ren NF
397 - 404 Transparent and conducting intrinsic ZnO thin films prepared at high growth-rate with c-axis orientation and pyramidal surface texture
Mondal P, Das D
405 - 411 The morphology and chemistry evolution of fused silica surface after Ar/CF4 atmospheric pressure plasma processing
Jin HL, Xin Q, Li N, Jin J, Wang B, Yao YX
412 - 416 Influence of the surface nanocrystallization on the gas nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Ge LL, Tian N, Lu ZX, You CY
417 - 420 Fabrication of p-type SnO2 films via pulsed laser deposition method by using Sb as dopant
Yu SH, Zhang WF, Li LX, Xu D, Dong HL, Jin YX
421 - 427 Carbon foam/hydroxyapatite coating for carbon/carbon composites: Microstructure and biocompatibility
Zhang LL, Li HJ, Li KZ, Zhang SY, Lu JH, Li W, Cao S, Wang B
428 - 428 Structure and mechanical properties of Ni-P electrodeposited coatings (vol 255, pg 3613, 2009)
Yuan XT, Sun DB, Yu HY, Meng HM
429 - 429 Graphene sheets synthesized by ionic-liquidassisted electrolysis for application in water purification (vol 264, pg 329, 2013)
Chang CF, DucTruong Q, Chen JR