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1 - 1 8th International Conference on Materials science and Engineering -BRAMAT 2013, Transilvania university of Brasov - Romania Preface
Munteanu D
2 - 9 Synthesis and characterization of the NiFe2O4/Ni3Fe nanocomposite powder and compacts obtained by mechanical milling and spark plasma sintering
Marinca TF, Neamtu BV, Popa F, Tarta VF, Pascuta P, Takacs AF, Chicinas I
10 - 18 TiAgx thin films for lower limb prosthesis pressure sensors: Effect of composition and structural changes on the electrical and thermal response of the films
Lopes C, Goncalves C, Pedrosa P, Macedo F, Alves E, Barradas NP, Martin N, Fonseca C, Vaz F
19 - 26 Development of tantalum oxynitride thin films produced by PVD: Study of structural stability
Cristea D, Crisan A, Barradas NP, Alves E, Moura C, Vaz F, Cunha L
27 - 32 Surface investigations of old book paper treated with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Ion RM, Doncea SM, Ion ML, Raditoiu V, Amariutei V
33 - 39 Cobalt (II) removal from aqueous solutions by natural hemp fibers: Batch and fixed-bed column studies
Tofan L, Teodosiu C, Paduraru C, Wenkert R
40 - 48 Nanocomposite Ag:TiN thin films for dry biopotential electrodes
Pedrosa P, Machado D, Lopes C, Alves E, Barradas NP, Martin N, Macedo F, Fonseca C, Vaz F
49 - 55 Solar physical vapor deposition: A new approach for preparing magnesium titanate nanopowders
Apostol I, Saravanan KV, Monty CJA, Vilarinho PM
56 - 64 A study of dyes sorption on biobased cryogels
Dobritoiu R, Patachia S
65 - 71 Fine structure analysis of biocompatible ceramic materials based hydroxyapatite and metallic biomaterials 316L
Anghelina FV, Ungureanu DN, Bratu V, Popescu IN, Rusanescu CO
72 - 85 Tribological behaviour and statistical experimental design of sintered iron-copper based composites
Popescu IN, Ghita C, Bratu V, Navarro GP
86 - 95 Maghemite and poly-DL-alanine based core-shell multifunctional nanohybrids for environmental protection and biomedicine applications
Covaliu CI, Paraschiv G, Biris SS, Jitaru I, Vasile E, Diamandescu L, Velickovic TC, Krstic M, Ionita V, Iovu H, Matei E
97 - 101 Crystallization of amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 films induced by an ultraviolet laser
Zhou WP, Liu FR, Bai N, Wan YH, Lin X, Chen JM
102 - 109 Computational study of Al- or P-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes as NH3 and NO2 sensors
Azizi K, Karimpanah M
110 - 114 Discharge amplified photo-emission from ultra-thin films applied to tuning work function of transparent electrodes in organic opto-electronic devices
Gentle AR, Smith GB, Watkins SE
115 - 120 Structure and surface effect of field emission from gallium nitride nanowires
Wang YQ, Wang RZ, Zhu MK, Wang BB, Wang B, Yan H
121 - 129 Photodeposition-assisted synthesis of novel nanoparticulate In, S-codoped TiO2 powders with high visible light-driven photocatalytic activity
Hamadanian M, Reisi-Vanani A, Razi P, Hoseinifard S, Jabbari V
130 - 135 Synthesis of self-assembled 3D hollow microspheres of SnO2 with an enhanced gas sensing performance
Li YG, Qiao L, Wang LL, Zeng Y, Fu WY, Yang HB
136 - 143 Enhancing coating of brushite/hydroxyapatite layer on titanium alloy implant surface with additives
Abdel-Aal EA, El-Sayed D, Shoeib M, Kandil AT
144 - 152 Portuguese tin-glazed earthenware from the 16th century: A spectroscopic characterization of pigments, glazes and pastes
Ferreira LFV, Machado IF, Ferraria AM, Casimiro TM, Colomban P
153 - 156 High resolution photoemission study of interface formation between MgO and the selenium passivated InAs (1 0 0) surface
Chellappan RK, Li ZS, Hughes G
157 - 166 Effect of sputtering parameters on optical and electrical properties of ITO films on PET substrates
Tseng KS, Lo YL
167 - 174 Ni-Mo-Co ternary alloy as a replacement for hard chrome
Srivastava M, Anandan C, Grips VKW
175 - 179 Annealing temperature effect on structure and electrical properties of films formed of Ge nanoparticles in SiO2
Stavarache I, Lepadatu AM, Stoica T, Ciurea ML
180 - 184 Electrolytic deposition of Sn-coated mesocarbon microbeads as anode material for lithium ion battery
Deng MJ, Tsai DC, Ho WH, Li CF, Shieu FS
185 - 189 Formation of three-dimensional nano-porous silver films and application toward electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide
Fan JP, Bian XF, Niu YC, Bai YW, Xiao XX, Yang CC, Yang JF, Yang JY
190 - 197 Adsorption of CH4 on nitrogen- and boron-containing carbon models of coal predicted by density-functional theory
Liu XQ, Xue Y, Tian ZY, Mo JJ, Qiu NX, Chu W, Xie HP
198 - 204 Interactions of lead with carboxyl and hydroxyl-decorated(10,0) single-walled carbon nanotubes: First-principle calculations
Bastos M, Camps I
205 - 210 A novel fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface with highly similar hierarchical structure of the lotus leaf on a copper sheet
Yuan ZQ, Wang X, Bin JP, Peng CY, Xing SL, Wang ML, Xiao JY, Zeng JC, Xie Y, Xiao XM, Fu X, Gong HF, Zhao DJ
211 - 214 Effects of plasma treatment on evolution of surface step-terrace structure of critically cleaned c-plane sapphire substrates: An AFM study
Zhang D, Gan Y
215 - 219 First principles and experimental study of NH3 adsorptions on MnOx surface
Fang D, He F, Li D, Xie JL
220 - 225 Patterning of hafnia and titania via gas-phase soft lithography combined with atomic layer deposition
Notley SM, Fogden A
226 - 234 Effects of substrate microstructure on the formation of oriented oxide nanotube arrays on Ti and Ti alloys
Ferreira CP, Goncalves MC, Caram R, Bertazzoli R, Rodrigues CA
235 - 240 Li2MnO3 stabilized LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode with improved performance for lithium ion batteries
Li JB, Xu YL, Li XF, Zhang ZW
241 - 248 Preparation of high-aspect-ratio ZnO nanorod arrays for the detection of several organic solvents at room working temperature
Lee YM, Zheng MR
249 - 257 Application of ultrasound irradiation on sol-gel technique for corrosion protection of Al65Cu20Fe15 alloy powder
Liang B, Zhang BY, Wang GD, Li D, Zhang XM
258 - 266 Removal of uranium(VI) from aqueous solutions by CMK-3 and its polymer composite
Liu YH, Li Q, Cao XH, Wang YQ, Jiang XH, Li M, Hua M, Zhang ZB
267 - 277 A comparative study of CeO2-Al2O3 support prepared with different methods and its application on MoO3/CeO2-Al2O3 catalyst for sulfur-resistant methanation
Jiang MH, Wang BW, Yao YQ, Li ZH, Ma XB, Qin SD, Sun Q
278 - 286 Study of interaction between radioactive nuclides and graphite surface by the first-principles and statistic physics
Luo XF, Fang C, Li X, Lai WS, Sun LF, Liang TX
287 - 292 Influence of Al2O3 layer thickness on high-temperature stability of TiAlN/Al2O3 multilayers
Gao CK, Yan JY, Dong L, Li DJ
293 - 299 Real-space insight in the nanometer scale roughness development during growth and ion beam polishing of molybdenum silicon multilayer films
Zoethout E, Louis E, Bijkerk F
300 - 308 Nanosecond and sub-nanosecond pulsed laser ablation of thin single and multi-layer packaging films
Lutey AHA, Sozzi M, Carmignato S, Selleri S, Cucinotta A, Molaria PG
309 - 316 A study of calcium carbonate/multiwalled-carbon nanotubesichitosan composite coatings on Ti-6Al-4V alloy for orthopedic implants
Ahmed RA, Fekry AM, Farghali RA
317 - 323 Stability and prospect of UV/H2O2 activated titania films for biomedical use
Unosson E, Welch K, Persson C, Engqvist H
324 - 330 Thermal stability of pulsed laser deposited iridium oxide thin films at low oxygen atmosphere
Gong YS, Wang CB, Shen Q, Zhang LM
331 - 343 Ag- and Cu-doped multifunctional bioactive nanostructured TiCaPCON films
Shtansky DV, Batenina IV, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Sheveyko AN, Kuptsov KA, Zhitnyak IY, Anisimova NY, Gloushankova NA
344 - 349 Mango core inner shell membrane template-directed synthesis of porous ZnO films and their application for enzymatic glucose biosensor
Zhou Y, Wang L, Ye ZZ, Zhao MG, Cai H, Huang JY
350 - 356 Can CO2 molecule adsorb effectively on Al-doped boron nitride single walled nanotube?
Shao P, Kuang XY, Ding LP, Yang J, Zhong MM
357 - 372 Influence of temperature dependent morphology on localized surface plasmon resonance in ultra-thin silver island films
Venugopal N, Mitra A
373 - 379 Controlled growth and properties of p-type cuprous oxide films by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition at low temperature
Kwon JD, Kwon SH, Jung TH, Nam KS, Chung KB, Kim DH, Park JS
380 - 388 Electrochemical and morphological characterisation of polyphenazine films on copper
Gouveia-Caridade C, Romeiro A, Brett CMA
389 - 394 Comparative studies on damages to organic layer during the deposition of ITO films by various sputtering methods
Lei H, Wang MH, Hoshi Y, Uchida T, Kobayashi S, Sawada Y
395 - 402 Surface rejuvenation for multilayer metal deposition on polymer microspheres via self-seeded electroless plating
Karagoz B, Sirkecioglu O, Bicak N
403 - 408 Effect of temperature on the adsorption of sulfanilamide onto aluminum oxide and its molecular dynamics simulations
Ji YX, Wang FH, Duan LC, Zhang F, Gong XD
409 - 416 The influence of Er3+ doping on the structural and optical properties of CeO2 thin films grown by PED
Tatar B, Gokdemir FP, Pehlivan E, Urgen M
417 - 424 Structure, morphology and electrical properties of Mg2Si layers deposited by pack cementation
Stathokostopoulos D, Chaliampalias D, Stefanaki EC, Polymeris G, Pavlidou E, Chrissafis K, Hatzikraniotis E, Paraskevopoulos KM, Vourlias G
425 - 430 Controlled growth of hierarchical nanostructured MnO2/carbon hybrids
Chen Y, Xie BQ, Luo SY, Zhang Y
431 - 439 Chemical and structural properties of polymorphous silicon thin films grown from dichlorosilane
Alvarez-Macias C, Monroy BM, Huerta L, Canseco-Martinez MA, Picquart M, Santoyo-Salazar J, Sanchez MFG, Santana G
440 - 449 Characterization of silicon nitride thin films deposited by hot-wire CVD at low gas flow rates
Oliphant CJ, Arendse CJ, Muller TFG, Knoesen D
450 - 457 Effect of surface physics of metal oxides on the ability to form metallic nanowires
Song JM, Chen SY, Shen YL, Tsai CH, Feng SW, Tung HT, Chen IG
458 - 468 Role of Al in Zn bath on the formation of the inhibition layer during hot-dip galvanizing for a 1.2Si-1.5Mn transformation-induced plasticity steel
Wang KK, Hsu CW, Chang LW, Gan DS, Yang KC
469 - 476 Effect of film compatibility on electro-optic properties of dye doped polymer DR1/SU-8
Sun XQ, Xie Y, Zhao XL, Li DH, Zhao SM, Yue YB, Wang XB, Sun J, Liang L, Chen CM, Zhang DM, Wang F, Xie ZY
477 - 482 Effect of confining overlay in micro scale laser bulge forming
Zheng C, Sun S, Zhang GF, Song LB, Ji Z
483 - 489 Surface modified carbon cloth for use in electrochemical capacitor
Du JX, Mishra D, Ting JM
490 - 497 Ag@AgCl plasmon-induced sensitized ZnO particle for high-efficiency photocatalytic property under visible light
Li WB, Hua FX, Yue JG, Li JW
498 - 504 Synthesis and adsorption behavior of chitosan-coated MnFe2O4 nanoparticles for trace heavy metal ions removal
Xiao YZ, Liang HF, Chen W, Wang ZC
505 - 508 Enhanced field emission from vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on metal mesh electrode
Li C, Ding SY, Lei W, Zhang XB, Wang BP
509 - 516 BiOCl nanosheets immobilized on electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers with high photocatalytic activity and reusable property
Chou YC, Shao CL, Li XH, Su CY, Xu HC, Zhang MY, Zhang P, Zhang X, Liu YC
517 - 523 Cyclodextrin directed self-assembly of TiO2 nanoparticles
Yoon S, Nichols WT
524 - 531 RF plasma MOCVD of Y2O3 thin films: Effect of RF self-bias on the substrates during deposition
Chopade SS, Barve SA, Raman KHT, Chand N, Deo MN, Biswas A, Rai S, Lodha GS, Rao GM, Patil DS
532 - 537 Mechanical and electrical properties of GeSb2Te4 film with external voltage applied
Cheng GG, Zhang ZQ, Ding JN, Ling ZY, Chen YB
538 - 544 Chitin butyrate coated electrospun nylon-6 fibers for biomedical applications
Pant HR, Kim HJ, Bhatt LR, Joshi MK, Kim EK, Kim JI, Abdal-Hay A, Hui KS, Kim CS
545 - 551 Valence band offset and Schottky barrier at amorphous boron and boron carbide interfaces with silicon and copper
King SW, French M, Xu GH, French B, Jaehnig M, Bielefeld J, Brockman J, Kuhn M
552 - 556 WC/Co composite surface structure and nano graphite precipitate induced by high current pulsed electron beam irradiation
Hao SZ, Zhang Y, Xu Y, Gey N, Grosdidier T, Dong C
557 - 563 Surface and phase transformation characteristics of titanium hydride film under irradiation of pulsed ion beam
Liu Y, Xiang W, Zhang GL, Wang BY
564 - 571 Role of nanocrystalline ZnO coating on the stability of porous silicon formed on textured (1 0 0) Si
Verma D, Sharma SN, Kharkwal A, Bhagavannarayana G, Kumar M, Singh SN, Singh PK, Mehdib SS, Husain M
572 - 576 Modulation of porphyrin photoluminescence by nanoscale spacers on silicon substrates
Fang YC, Zhang Y, Gao HY, Chen LG, Gao B, He WZ, Meng QS, Zhang C, Dong ZC
577 - 582 Effects of the annealing temperature and atmosphere on the microstructures and dielectric properties of ZnO/Al2O3 composite coatings
Wei P, Zhu DM, Huang SS, Zhou WC, Luo F
583 - 587 Facile approach in fabricating superhydrophobic ZnO/polystyrene nanocomposite coating
Qing YQ, Zheng YS, Hu CB, Wang Y, He Y, Gong Y, Mo Q
588 - 599 Nonlinear waves generated on liquid silicon layer by femtosecond laser pulses
Lugomer S, Maksimovic A, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T
600 - 606 Experimental research on laser shock forming metal foils with femtosecond laser
Ye YX, Feng YY, Hua XJ, Lian ZC
607 - 615 Residual stress distribution of Ti-6Al-4V alloy under different ns-LSP processing parameters
Luo KY, Lu JZ, Wang QW, Luo M, Qi H, Zhou JZ
616 - 624 Design of H3PW12O40/TiO2 nano-photocatalyst for efficient photocatalysis under simulated sunlight irradiation
Zhao K, Lu Y, Lu N, Zhao YH, Yuan X, Zhang H, Teng LH, Li F
625 - 628 Electronic transport properties in aluminum indium nitride nanorods grown by magnetron sputter epitaxy
Chen RS, Tang CC, Hsiao CL, Holtz PO, Birch J
629 - 637 Surface integrity after pickling and anodization of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy
Vermesse E, Mabru C, Arurault L
638 - 644 AFM friction and adhesion mapping of the substructures of human hair cuticles
Smith JR, Tsibouklis J, Nevell TG, Breakspear S
645 - 648 Comparative study of the tribological behavior under hybrid lubrication of diamond-like carbon films with different adhesion interfaces
Costa RPC, Lima-Oliveira DA, Marciano FR, Lobo AO, Corat EJ, Trava-Airoldi VJ
649 - 656 Tuning the plasmon shift and local electric field distribution of gold nanodumbbell: The effect of surface curvature transition from positive to negative
Zhu J, Ren YJ
657 - 663 Thermoelectric properties of bismuth-selenide films with controlled morphology and texture grown using pulsed laser deposition
Le PH, Liao CN, Luo CW, Lin JY, Leu J
664 - 673 Electrophoretic deposition of nano structured hydroxyapatite coating on AZ91 magnesium alloy implants with different surface treatments
Rojaee R, Fathi M, Raeissi K
674 - 681 Synergistic effect of mixed cationic and anionic surfactants on the corrosion inhibitor behavior of mild steel in 3.5% NaCl
Javadian S, Yousefi A, Neshati J
682 - 687 Control wetting state transition by micro-rod geometry
He Y, Jiang CY, Wang SK, Yin HX, Yuan WZ
688 - 696 On sol-gel derived Au-enriched TiO2 and TiO2-OZrO2 Photocatalysts and their investigation in photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide
Matejova L, Koci K, Reli M, Capek L, Matejka V, Solcova O, Obalova L
697 - 701 Abrasion resistance of biaxially oriented polypropylene films coated with nanocomposite hard coatings
Wang J, Zhu YF, Fu YQ
702 - 712 Enhancement in visible light-responsive photocatalytic activity by embedding Cu-doped ZnO nanoparticles on multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Ahmad M, Ahmed E, Hong ZL, Jiao XL, Abbas T, Khalid NR
713 - 720 Investigation on thermal stability of Ta2O5 for application at high temperature, TiO2 and Al2O3 coatings
Shang P, Xiong SM, Li LH, Tian D, Ai WJ
721 - 726 Synthesis of mesoporous iron-incorporated silica-pillared clay and catalytic performance for phenol hydroxylation
Yang SJ, Liang GZ, Gu AJ, Mao HH
727 - 731 Preparation and properties of UV curable acrylic PSA by vinyl bonded graphene oxide
Pang B, Ryu CM, Jin X, Kim HI
732 - 743 Sol-gel derived ZnO thin films: Effect of amino-additives
Vajargah PH, Abdizadeh H, Ebrahimifard R, Golobostanfard MR
744 - 747 Improved energy storage properties of PbZrO3 thin films by inserting 0.88BaTiO3-0.12Bi(Mg-1/2,Ti-112)O-3 layer
Chen T, Wang JB, Zhong XL, Zeng YK, Wang F, Zhou YC
748 - 754 Photoluminescence and SERS investigation of plasma treated ZnO nanorods
Lee S, Peng JW, Liu CS
755 - 758 Low resistivity of N-doped Cu2O thin films deposited by if-magnetron sputtering
Lai GZ, Wu YW, Lin LM, Qu Y, Lai FC
759 - 765 An amorphous Si-O film tribo-induced by natural hydrosilicate powders on ferrous surface
Zhang BS, Xu BS, Xu Y, Ba ZX, Wang ZZ
766 - 771 Polarity driven morphology of CeO2(100) islands on Cu(111)
Stetsovych O, Beran J, Dvorak F, Masek K, Myslivecek J, Matolin V
772 - 777 Fabrication of nanorod InGaN/GaN multiple self-assembled Ni nano-island masks quantum wells with
Yang GF, Guo Y, Zhu HX, Yan DW, Li GH, Gao SM, Dong KX
778 - 782 Influence of electropolishing current densities on sulfur generation at niobium surface
Tyagi PV, Nishiwaki M, Noguchi T, Sawabe M, Saeki T, Hayano H, Kato S
783 - 788 Sub-micron ZnO:N particles fabricated by low voltage electrical discharge lithography on Zn3N2 sputtered films
Nunez CG, Jimenez-Trillo J, Velez MG, Piqueras J, Pau JL, Coya C, Alvarez AL
789 - 794 Combined embedding of N-doping and CaCO3 surface modification in the TiO2 photoelectrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Park SK, Yun TK, Bae JY, Won YS
795 - 804 Investigation of thermally grown oxide on 4H-SiC by a combination of H2O and HNO3 vapor with varied HNO3 solution heating temperature
Poobalan B, Moon JH, Kim SC, Joo SJ, Bahng W, Kang IH, Kim NK, Cheong KY
805 - 809 Catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde over PtiFe(2)O(3) catalysts prepared by different method
An NH, Wu P, Li SY, Jia MJ, Zhang WX
810 - 816 AlCoCrCuFeNi high entropy alloy cluster growth and annealing on silicon: A classical molecular dynamics simulation study
Xie L, Brault P, Thomann AL, Bauchire JM
817 - 822 Characteristics of plate-like and color-zoning cubic boron nitride crystals
Feng S, Hou LX, Liu XH, Gao YJ, Li XL, Wang Q, Chen ZG, Jia G, Zheng J
823 - 831 Nanoscale surface characterization of aqueous copper corrosion: Effects of immersion interval and orthophosphate concentration
Daniels SL, Sprunger PT, Kizilkaya O, Lytle DA, Garno JC
832 - 839 Effect of surface roughness on the texture and oxidation behavior of Zircaloy-4 cladding tube
Akhiani H, Szpunar JA
840 - 845 Hydrothermal synthesis of CdS nanoparticleffunctionalized graphene sheet nanocomposites for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange
Yan SC, Wang BJ, Shi Y, Yang F, Hu D, Xu X, Wu JS
846 - 852 Surface diffusion and coverage effect of Li atom on graphene as studied by several density functional theory methods
Ji Z, Contreras-Torres FF, Jalbout AF, Ramirez-Trevino A
853 - 857 Effect of inhomogeneity and plasmons on terahertz radiation from GaAs (100) surface coated with rough Au film
Wu XJ, Quan BG, Xu XL, Hu FR, Lu XC, Gu CZ, Wang L
858 - 864 A noise robust method based on completed local binary patterns for hot-rolled steel strip surface defects
Song KC, Yan YH
865 - 873 Preparation, characterization and adsorption properties of chitosan modified magnetic graphitized multi-walled carbon nanotubes for highly effective removal of a carcinogenic dye from aqueous solution
Zhu HY, Fu YQ, Jiang R, Yao J, Liu L, Chen YW, Xiao L, Zeng GM
874 - 878 Probing carbon coatings on nanoparticle decorated carbon nanotubes by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy
Li M, Gao J, Bai LL, Pu AW, Liu JY, Zhao GQ, Sun XH, Zhong J
879 - 884 First-principles calculations on Mg/Al2CO interfaces
Wang F, Li K, Zhou NG
885 - 892 Polyethylene naphthalate as an excellent candidate for ripple nanopatterning
Slepicka P, Nedela O, Sajdl P, Kolska Z, Svorcik V
893 - 899 Sticky nano-thin films for the adhesion of polymers
Awaja F, Zhang S, McKenzie DR
900 - 906 Improvement on electrochemical performance by electrodeposition of polyaniline nanowires at the top end of sulfur electrode
Zhang K, Li J, Li Q, Fang J, Zhang ZA, Lai YQ, Tian YJ
907 - 911 Dynamic range and sensitivity of field emission pressure sensors with non-silicon membranes
Badi N, Bensaoula A, Nair AM
912 - 917 Surface decorated CdxZn1-xS cluster with CdS quantum dot as sensitizer for highly photocatalytic efficiency
Qin ZQ, Zhang FJ
918 - 926 Influence of gas and treatment time on the surface modification of EPDM rubber treated at afterglow microwave plasmas
da Maia JV, Pereira FP, Dutra JCN, Mello SAC, Becerra EAO, Massi M, Sobrinho ASD
927 - 936 A DFT study on CO oxidation on Pd-4 and Rh-4 clusters and adsorbed Pd and Rh atoms on CeO2 and Ce(0.75)Z(r0.25)O(2) supports for TWC applications
Gerceker D, Onal I
937 - 944 Nano/micro tribological behaviors of a self-assembled graphene oxide nanolayer on Ti/titanium alloy substrates
Li PF, Zhou H, Cheng XH
945 - 951 Multi-walled carbon nanotubes as catalyst promoter for dimethyl ether synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation
Zha F, Tian HF, Yan J, Chang Y
952 - 952 Quantitative roughness characterization and 3D reconstruction of electrode surface using cyclic voltammetry and SE image (vol 282, pg 105, 2013)
Dhillon S, Kant R