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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Nucleation and growth of hydroxyapatite on arc-deposited TiO2 surfaces studied by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation
Lilja M, Butt U, Shen ZJ, Bjoorn D
7 - 12 Characterization and friction performance of Zn/Mg/Al-CO3 layered double hydroxides
Li S, Bai ZM, Zhao D
13 - 22 Adsorption characteristics of Ni(II) from aqueous solution and industrial wastewater onto Polyaniline/HMS nanocomposite powder
Javadian H, Vahedian P, Toosi M
23 - 32 Silica coated magnetic particles using microwave synthesis for removal of dyes from natural water samples: Synthesis, characterization, equilibrium, isotherm and kinetics studies
Ahmed SA, Soliman EM
33 - 39 Tailoring magnetic and photoluminescence properties in ZnS/ZnO core/shell nanostructures through Cr doping
Chawla S, Sharma S, Kotnala RK
40 - 48 Implementation of the adsorbent iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR) on synthetic As(III) and on real arsenic-bearing sample with filter
Maji SK, Kao YH, Liao PY, Lin YJ, Liu CW
49 - 52 Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Zn1-xFexO powders by sol-gel method
Zhang WY, Zhao JG, Liu ZZ, Liu ZJ
53 - 58 Boron and nitrogen co-doping of diamond-like carbon film for transparent conductive films
Song W, Kim Y, Jung DS, Lee SI, Jung W, Kwon OJ, Kim HK, Kim MS, An KS, Park CY
59 - 65 Effect of electroless nickel interlayer on wear behavior of CrN/ZrN multilayer films on Cu-alloyed ductile iron
Lin CK, Hsu CH, Kung SC
66 - 71 Surface modification of zinc-containing hydroxyapatite by tartaric acid
Turki T, Othmani M, Bac CG, Rachdi F, Bouzouita K
72 - 79 Adsorption and photodegradation of methylene blue by iron oxide impregnated on granular activated carbons in an oxalate solution
Kadirova ZC, Katsumata K, Isobe T, Matsushita N, Nakajima A, Okada K
80 - 86 Synthesis of Ag/ZnO nanostructures by different methods and investigation of their photocatalytic efficiency for 4-nitrophenol degradation
Divband B, Khatamian M, Eslamian GRK, Darbandi M
87 - 99 Adsorption of surfactants on sand surface in enhanced oil recovery: Isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamic studies
Bera A, Kumar T, Ojha K, Mandal A
100 - 106 Manganese-modified activated carbon fiber (Mn-ACF): Novel efficient adsorbent for Arsenic
Sun ZM, Yu YC, Pang SY, Du DY
107 - 112 Concentration detection of carbon nanotubes in electrophoretic suspension with UV-vis spectrophotometry for application in field emission devices
Ye Y, Cai SJ, Yan M, Chen TY, Guo TL
113 - 117 Improved field emission property of graphene by laser irradiation
Cai WB, Zeng BQ, Liu JL, Guo J, Li NN, Chen L, Chen HW
118 - 125 The migration of POSS molecules in PA6 matrix during phase inversion process
Zhou Q, Wang ZQ, Shi YL, Fang JH, Gao HQ, Loo LS
126 - 132 Effect of current density and electrolyte pH on microstructure of Mn-Cu electroplated coatings
Haerifar M, Zandrahimi M
133 - 137 Effect of texturing process involving saw-damage etching on crystalline silicon solar cells
Kim H, Park S, Kang B, Kim S, Tark SJ, Kim D, Dahiwale SS
138 - 144 Synthesis and characterization of MOF-aminated graphite oxide composites for CO2 capture
Zhao YX, Ding HL, Zhong Q
145 - 149 Thermoelectric properties optimization of Al-doped ZnO thin films prepared by reactive sputtering Zn-Al alloy target
Fan P, Li YZ, Zheng ZH, Lin QY, Luo JT, Liang GX, Zhang MQ, Chen MC
150 - 154 Surface morphology evolution of CeO2/YSZ (001) buffer layers fabricated via magnetron sputtering
Zhang YY, Feng F, Shi K, Lu HP, Xiao SZ, Wu W, Huang RX, Qu TM, Wang XH, Wang Z, Han ZH
155 - 164 Structure compatibility of TiO2 and SiO2 surfaces
Tokarsky J, Capkova P
165 - 170 Preparation and properties of Ag/DLC nanocomposite films fabricated by unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Wu YX, Chen JM, Li HX, Ji L, Ye YP, Zhou HD
171 - 178 Influence of the different organic chelating agents on the topography, physical properties and phase of SPPS-deposited spinel ferrite splats
Sanpo N, Wang J, Ang ASM, Berndt CC
179 - 183 Antibacterial activity of TiO2 nanotubes: Influence of crystal phase, morphology and Ag deposition
Li HR, Cui Q, Feng B, Wang JX, Lu X, Weng J
184 - 194 Study of the effects of low-fluence laser irradiation on wall paintings: Test measurements on fresco model samples
Raimondi V, Cucci C, Cuzman O, Fornacelli C, Galeotti M, Gomoiu I, Lognoli D, Mohanu D, Palombi L, Picollo M, Tiano P
195 - 206 Extended study of the atomic step-terrace structure on hexagonal SiC (0001) by chemical-mechanical planarization
Shi XL, Pan GS, Zhou Y, Zou CL, Gong H
207 - 213 An important atomic process in the CVD growth of graphene: Sinking and up-floating of carbon atom on copper surface
Li YF, Li MC, Gu TS, Bai F, Yu Y, Trevor M, Yu YX
214 - 221 Surface modification of calcined kaolin with toluene diisocyanate based on high energy ball milling
Yuan YB, Chen HL, Lin JB, Ji Y
222 - 228 Roughness analysis for textured surfaces over several orders of magnitudes
Vepsalainen L, Stenberg P, Paakkonen P, Kuittinen M, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TA
229 - 234 N, S co-doped-TiO2/fly ash beads composite material and visible light photocatalytic activity
Lv J, Sheng T, Su LL, Xu GQ, Wang DM, Zheng ZX, Wu YC
235 - 241 Study on surface properties of gilt-bronze artifacts, after Nd:YAG laser cleaning
Lee H, Cho N, Lee J
242 - 247 A new approach to combating corrosion of metallic materials
Toloei AS, Stoilov V, Northwood DO
248 - 253 Watching adsorption and electron beam induced decomposition on the model system Mo(CO)(6)/Cu(111) by X-ray absorption and photoemission spectroscopies
Paufert P, Fonda E, Li ZS, Domenichini B, Bourgeois S
254 - 257 The effect of substrate temperature and source flux on cubic ZnMgO UV sensors grown by plasma-enhanced molecular beam epitaxy
Boutwell RC, Wei M, Schoenfeld WV
258 - 262 DNA damage due to perfluorooctane sulfonate based on nano-gold embedded in nano-porous poly-pyrrole film
Lu LP, Xu LH, Kang TF, Cheng SY
263 - 269 Surface modification of m-BiVO4 with wide band-gap semiconductor BiOCl to largely improve the visible light induced photocatalytic activity
Cao J, Zhou CC, Lin HL, Xu BY, Chen SF
270 - 277 Implication of electrodeposition parameters on the architecture behavior of MWCNT - incorporated metal matrix
Manu R, Priya S
278 - 284 Multifunctional graded index TiO2 compact layer for performance enhancement in dye sensitized solar cell
Abdullah MH, Rusop M
285 - 290 Effect of CoOOH loading on the photoelectrocatalytic performance of WO3 nanorod array film
Xu Z, Li XJ, Li J, Wu LP, Zeng QY, Zhou ZY
291 - 296 A multi-technique approach for the characterization of Roman mural paintings
Toschi F, Paladini A, Colosi F, Cafarelli P, Valentini V, Falconieri M, Gagliardi S, Santoro P
297 - 307 Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum/phenolic resin composites binding with aluminum nitride particles for diamond cutters
Lin CT, Lee HT, Chen JK
308 - 314 Synthesis of graphene oxide-BiPO4 composites with enhanced photocatalytic properties
Lv HW, Shen XP, Ji ZY, Qiu DZ, Zhu GX, Bi YL
315 - 318 Absorption enhancement of ZnPc thin films grown on nano-patterned polymer underlayer
Han J, Lee J, Yim S
319 - 323 Self-cleaning superhydrophobic surface based on titanium dioxide nanowires combined with polydimethylsiloxane
Zhang X, Guo YG, Zhang ZJ, Zhang PY
324 - 330 Homogeneous luminescent stain etched porous silicon elaborated by a new multi-step stain etching method
Hajji M, Khalifa M, Ben Slama S, Ezzaouia H
331 - 339 Effects of modulation periodicity on microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of NbN/AlN nanostructured multilayer films
Wen M, Huang H, Zhang K, Meng QN, Li X, Zhang XM, Kong LW, Zheng WT
340 - 347 Hydrophobization of polymer particles by tetrafluoromethane (CF4) plasma irradiation using a barrel-plasma-treatment system
Matsubara K, Danno M, Inoue M, Nishizawa H, Honda Y, Abe T
348 - 353 Fundamental properties of a-SiNx: H thin films deposited by ICP-PECVD for MEMS applications
Dergez D, Schalko J, Bittner A, Schmid U
354 - 365 Experimental study of the organic ion intensity distribution in the ion imaging of coated polymer fibres with S-SIMS
Vercammen Y, Moons N, Van Nuffel S, Beenaerts L, Van Vaeck L
366 - 371 Influences of sequential cuts on micro-cutting process studied by smooth particle hydrodynamic (SPH)
Zhao HW, Liu C, Cui T, Tian Y, Shi CL, Li JP, Huang H
372 - 378 A simple method for fabrication of high-aspect-ratio all-silicon grooves
Ma YC, Pan A, Si JH, Chen T, Chen F, Hou X
379 - 385 Process optimization of Al-doped zinc oxide films as a window layer for Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film solar cells
Li ZH, Kwon SJ
386 - 391 Properties of Cu films on Pt(111) revealed by AES, LEED, and DEPES
Miszczuk A, Morawski I, Nowicki M
392 - 396 Molecular dynamics study of the positioned single-walled carbon nanotubes with T-, X-, Y- junction during nanoscale soldering
Cui JL, Yang LJ, Wang Y
397 - 404 Enhanced performance of indium zinc oxide thin film transistor by yttrium doping
Ting CC, Chang SP, Li WY, Wang CH
405 - 411 The microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of TiN coatings after Nb and C ion implantation
Deng B, Tao Y, Hu Z
412 - 418 A simple technique for the facile synthesis of novel crystalline mesoporous ZrO2-Al2O3 hierarchical nanostructures with high lead (II) ion absorption ability
Tian XK, Wu QY, Wong KM, Yang C, Wang WW, Wu XN, Wang YX, Zhang SX, Lei Y
419 - 431 Retention of phosphorous ions on natural and engineered waste pumice: Characterization, equilibrium, competing ions, regeneration, kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic study
Karimaian KA, Amrane A, Kazemian H, Panahi R, Zarrabi M
432 - 437 Mechanisms of parasitic crystallites formation in ZrB2(0001) buffer layer grown on Si(111)
Fleurence A, Zhang W, Hubault C, Yamada-Takamura Y
438 - 445 Synthesis of graphene oxide grafted poly(lactic acid) with palladium nanoparticles and its application to serotonin sensing
Han HS, You JM, Jeong H, Jeon S
446 - 452 Influence of humidity on high temperature oxidation of Inconel 600 alloy: Oxide layers and residual stress study
Xiao J, Prud'homme N, Li N, Ji V
453 - 458 Preparation and characterization of multilayer NiO nano-products via electrospinning
Liu MZ, Wang YP, Li PC, Cheng ZQ, Zhang YQ, Zhang MY, Hu MJ, Li JF
459 - 463 The ice repellency of plasma polymerized hexamethyldisiloxane coating
Mobarakeh LF, Jafari R, Farzaneh M
464 - 471 Fabrication of superhydrophobic and superoleophilic textiles for oil-water separation
Xue CH, Ji PT, Zhang P, Li YR, Jia ST
472 - 481 Structure of surface layers produced by non-vacuum electron beam boriding
Bataev IA, Bataev AA, Golkovski MG, Krivizhenko DS, Losinskaya AA, Lenivtseva OG
482 - 488 Physical properties of Sb-doped CdSe thin films by thermal evaporation method
Ali M, Syed WAA, Zubair M, Shah NA, Mehmood A
489 - 496 Structural, mechanical and tribological characterization of chromium oxide thin films prepared by post-annealing of Cr thin films
Khojier K, Savaloni H, Ashkabusi Z, Dehnavi NZ
497 - 502 Flowerlike C-doped BiOCl nanostructures: Facile wet chemical fabrication and enhanced UV photocatalytic properties
Yu JH, Wei B, Zhu L, Gao H, Sun WJ, Xu LL
503 - 513 Heterogeneous copper-silica catalyst from agricultural biomass and its catalytic activity
Andas J, Adam F, Ab Rahman I
514 - 522 Adsorption of silver on glucose studied with MIES, UPS, XPS and AFM
Dahle S, Meuthen J, Viol W, Maus-Friedrichs W
523 - 526 Influence of post deposition annealing on crystallinity and dielectric properties of bismuth magnesium niobate thin films
Gao LB, Jiang SW, Li RG, Li B, Li YR
527 - 532 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Fe2O3 decorated Bi2O3
Li JZ, Zhong JB, He XY, Huang ST, Zeng J, He JJ, Shi WL
533 - 539 Microstructure and nanomechanical properties of Fe+ implanted silicon
Nunes B, Magalhaes S, Franco N, Alves E, Colaco R
540 - 544 Effect of carbonitride precipitates on the solid/liquid erosion behaviour of hardfacing alloy
Yang K, Yang Q, Bao YF
545 - 548 Multi-wavelength enhancement of silicon Raman scattering by nanoscale laser surface ablation
Merlen A, Sangar A, Torchio P, Kallepalli LND, Grojo D, Uteza O, Delaporte P
549 - 555 Deep etched porous Si decorated with Au nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
Sun X, Wang N, Li H
556 - 564 Synthesis of superhydrophobic alumina membrane: Effects of sol-gel coating, steam impingement and water treatment
Ahmad NA, Leo CP, Ahmad AL
565 - 568 Fabrication of honeycomb texture on poly-Si by laser interference and chemical etching
Yang B, Lee M
569 - 574 Non-monotonic roughening at early stages of isotropic silicon etching
Dhillon PK, Sarkar S
575 - 580 Control of surface mobility for conformal deposition of Mo-Si multilayers on saw-tooth substrates
Voronov DL, Anderson EH, Gullikson EM, Salmassi F, Warwick T, Yashchuk VV, Padmore HA
581 - 587 Structural and electronic properties of Sb-doped SnO2 (110) surface: A first principles study
Boumeddiene A, Bouamra F, Rerat M, Belkhir H
588 - 594 The effect of original crystalline phase on solid phase crystallization of hydrogenated silicon thin films
Wang T, Zhang M, Wang H, Pan Q, Yan H
595 - 600 Fabrication of polyacrylonitrile/CuS composite nanofibers and their recycled application in catalysis for dye degradation
Nie GD, Li ZC, Lu XF, Lei JY, Zhang CC, Wang C
601 - 610 Surface atoms core-level shifts in single crystal GaAs surfaces: Interactions with trimethylaluminum and water prepared by atomic layer deposition
Pi TW, Lin HY, Chiang TH, Liu YT, Chang YC, Lin TD, Wertheim GK, Kwo J, Hong M
611 - 618 Effect of temperature on the anodizing process of aluminum alloy AA 5052
Theohari S, Kontogeorgou C
619 - 623 The charge transfer characteristic of tetraphenylporphyrin iron chloride Langmuir-Blodgett films
Du Y, Li ZH, Qi P, Wang F, Liu D
624 - 633 'Li' doping induced physicochemical property modifications of MoO3 thin films
Kovendhan M, Joseph DP, Manimuthu P, Sambasivam S, Karthick SN, Vijayarangamuthu K, Sendilkumar A, Asokan K, Kim HJ, Choi BC, Venkateswaran C, Mohan R
634 - 637 Beam spatial profile effect on femtosecond laser surface structuring of titanium in scanning regime
Ionin AA, Kudryashov SI, Makarov SV, Rudenko AA, Seleznev LV, Sinitsyn DV, Golosov EV, Kolobov YR, Ligachev AE
638 - 643 Optical and vibrational properties of hydrogenated BN-sheet: First principles study
Thapa R, Das GP
644 - 650 HfOx bipolar resistive memory with robust endurance using ZrNx as buttom electrode
Zhou QG, Zhai JW
651 - 656 Flame soot stably deposited on silicone coatings possess superhydrophobic surface
Shen L, Wang W, Ding HL, Guo QP
657 - 670 Lifetime test of photoemission from Cs3Sb photocathode coated with W or Cr film
Kimoto T, Arai Y, Ren XB
671 - 678 Deposition and characterization of multi-principal-element (CuSiTiYZr)C coatings
Braic M, Balaceanu M, Vladescu A, Zoita CN, Braic V
679 - 682 Microstructure and hardness of nanocrystalline ferritic ODS alloy foil with high oxide content fabricated by EBPVD
Lin X, Li MW, Zhong YS, Zhao YJ, Sun Y, Zhao SY, He XD
683 - 691 Synthesis and properties of a novel UV-cured fluorinated siloxane graft copolymer for improved surface, dielectric and tribological properties of epoxy acrylate coating
Yan ZL, Liu WQ, Gao N, Wang HL, Su K
692 - 699 Molecularly imprinted polymers coated on multi-walled carbon nanotubes through a simple indirect method for the determination of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in environmental water
Yang WJ, Jiao FP, Zhou L, Chen XQ, Jiang XY
700 - 714 Cation profiling of passive films on stainless steel formed in sulphuric and acetic acid by deconvolution of angle-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectra
Hogstrom J, Fredriksson W, Edstrom K, Bjorefors F, Nyholm L, Olsson COA
715 - 719 Electrochemical etching of metal wires in low-stress electric contact using a liquid metal electrode to fabricate tips for scanning tunneling microscopy
Nishimura T, Hassan AMA, Tomitori M
720 - 725 Effect of metal interaction on the Schottky barrier height on adsorbate-terminated silicon surfaces
Li Y, Long W, Tung RT
726 - 731 Influence of different ions doping on the antibacterial properties of MgO nanopowders
Rao YY, Wang W, Tan FT, Cai YC, Lu JW, Qiao XL
732 - 737 Fabrication of dopamine-modified hyaluronic acid/chitosan multilayers on titanium alloy by layer-by-layer self-assembly for promoting osteoblast growth
Zhang XM, Li ZY, Yuan XB, Cui ZD, Yang XJ
738 - 744 Investigation of bioactivity and cell effects of nano-porous sol-gel derived bioactive glass film
Ma ZJ, Ji HJ, Hu XM, Teng Y, Zhao GY, Mo LJ, Zhao XL, Chen WB, Qiu JR, Zhang M
745 - 749 Co-assembly of CdTe and Fe3O4 with molecularly imprinted polymer for recognition and separation of endocrine disrupting chemicals
Chang LM, Chen SN, Chu J, Li X
750 - 756 The effect of electron beam treatment on hydrogen sorption ability of commercially pure titanium
Panin AV, Kazachenok MS, Kretova OM, Perevalova OB, Ivanov YF, Lider AM, Stepanova OM, Kroening MH
757 - 771 Microstructure and properties of laser-borided Inconel 600-alloy
Kulka M, Dziarski P, Makuch N, Piasecki A, Miklaszewski A
772 - 779 Optimized Ti polishing techniques for enhanced order in TiO2 NT arrays
Albertin KF, Tavares A, Pereyra I
780 - 783 Thiol containing carboxylic acids remove the CTAB surfactant onto the surface of gold nanorods: An FTIR spectroscopic study
Garabagiu S, Bratu I
784 - 791 Methane dissociation on Pt(111), Ir(111) and PtIr(111) surface: A density functional theory study
Qi QH, Wang XJ, Chen L, Li BT
792 - 797 Nanoindentation of functionally graded hybrid polymer/metal thin films
Nunes J, Piedade AP
798 - 803 RF characteristic of MESFET on H-terminated DC arc jet CVD diamond film
Liu JL, Li CM, Zhu RH, Guo JC, Chen LX, Wei JJ, Hei LF, Wang JJ, Feng ZH, Guo H, Lv FX
804 - 810 Electrophoretic deposition and electrochemical behavior of novel graphene oxide-hyaluronic acid-hydroxyapatite nanocomposite coatings
Li M, Liu Q, Jia ZJ, Xu XC, Shi YY, Cheng Y, Zheng YF, Xi TF, Wei SC
811 - 818 Corrosion behavior of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite and hydroxyapatite-silicon oxide coatings on AISI 304 for biomedical application
Singh G, Singh H, Sidhu BS
819 - 825 The research and preparation of a bi-layer biodegradable external sheath with directional drug release profiles for vein graft
Liu ZJ, Guo ZY, Si Y, Zhang XM, Shi ZY, Chen F, Fu WG
826 - 836 Fog-harvesting inspired by the Stenocara beetle-An analysis of drop collection and removal from biomimetic samples with wetting contrast
White B, Sarkar A, Kietzig AM
837 - 842 Enhanced photocatalytic activity from Gd, La codoped TiO2 nanotube array photocatalysts under visible-light irradiation
Cai HY, Chen XX, Li QH, He BL, Tang QW
843 - 848 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of Bi2O2CO3/Bi2WO6 visible light photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Huang XW, Chen HF
849 - 854 The improved performance of solution-processed SQ:PC71BM photovoltaic devices via MoO3 as the anode modification layer
Yang QQ, Yang DB, Zhao SL, Huang Y, Xu Z, Liu XD, Gong W, Fan X, Huang QY, Xu XR
855 - 861 Efficient one-pot synthesis of hierarchical flower-like alpha-Fe2O3 hollow spheres with excellent adsorption performance for water treatment
Zhu DZ, Zhang J, Song JM, Wang HS, Yu Z, Shen YH, Xie AJ
862 - 869 Removal of Metanil Yellow from water environment by amino functionalized graphenes (NH2-G) - Influence of surface chemistry of NH2-G
Guo XY, Wei Q, Du B, Zhang YK, Xin XD, Yan LG, Yu HQ
870 - 876 Optical control of the spindle-liked ZnSe quantum dots with precursor solvent and Mn doping
Chen QH, Zhang J, Chen GP, Guo RQ
877 - 880 Ohmic contact to n-type Ge with compositional Ti nitride
Wu HD, Huang W, Lu WF, Tang RF, Li C, Lai HK, Chen SY, Xue CL
881 - 888 Preparation and characterization of molybdenum disilicide coating on molybdenum substrate by air plasma spraying
Wang Y, Wang DZ, Yan JH, Sun AK
889 - 893 Electrospinning using a Teflon-coated spinneret
Xiang Q, Ma YM, Yu DG, Jin M, Williams GR
894 - 899 Electroless chemical etching of silicon in aqueous NH4F/AgNO3/HNO3 solution
Megouda N, Hadjersi T, Szunerits S, Boukherroub R
900 - 906 Morphology and performances of the anodic oxide films on Ti6Al4V alloy formed in alkaline-silicate electrolyte with aminopropyl silane addition under low potential
Chen JL, Wang JW, Yuan HY
907 - 913 Growth behavior of anodic porous alumina formed in malic acid solution
Kikuchi T, Yamamoto T, Suzuki RO
914 - 920 Fabrication of carbon nanotubes/carbon fiber hybrid fiber in industrial scale by sizing process
Liu WB, Zhang S, Hao LF, Yang F, Jiao WC, Li XQ, Wang RG
921 - 929 Synthesis and Ag-loading-density-dependent photocatalytic activity of Ag@TiO2 hybrid nanocrystals
Chen DL, Chen QQ, Ge LF, Yin L, Fan BB, Wang HL, Lu HX, Xu HL, Zhang R, Shao GS
930 - 935 Anisotropic wettability of laser micro-grooved SiC surfaces
Ma CH, Bai SX, Peng XD, Meng YG
936 - 941 New co-spray way to synthesize high quality ZnS films
Bouznit Y, Beggah Y, Boukerika A, Lahreche A, Ynineb F
942 - 949 Synthesis of novel nanocomposite Fe3O4/ZrO2/chitosan and its application for removal of nitrate and phosphate
Jiang HL, Chen PH, Luo SL, Tu XM, Cao Q, Shu M
950 - 955 Pulsed laser deposition of (Co, Fe)-doped ZnSnSb and MnGeSb thin films on silicon
Rusu MI, Savastru R, Savastru D, Tenciu D, Iordanescu CR, Feraru ID, Zoita CN, Notonier R, Tonetto A, Chassigneux C, Monnereau O, Tortet L, Grigorescu CEA