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Applied Surface Science, Vol.283 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Interaction of Mn with reducible CeO2(111) thin films
Ginting E, Hu SW, Thorne JE, Zhou YH, Zhu JF, Zhou J
6 - 11 Osteoconductive hydroxyapatite coated PEEK for spinal fusion surgery
Hahn BD, Park DS, Choi JJ, Ryu J, Yoon WH, Choi JH, Kim JW, Ahn CW, Kim HE, Yoon BH, Jung IK
12 - 18 Enhanced reversible wettability conversion of micro-nano hierarchical TiO2/SiO2 composite films under UV irradiation
Li W, Guo T, Meng T, Huang YS, Li X, Yan WL, Wang S, Li XR
19 - 24 Fabrication and icing property of superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic aluminum surfaces derived from anodizing aluminum foil in a sodium chloride aqueous solution
Song MR, Liu YR, Cui SM, Liu L, Yang M
25 - 32 Synthesis and characterization of g-C3N4/MoO3 photocatalyst with improved visible-light photoactivity
Huang LY, Xu H, Zhang RX, Cheng XN, Xia JX, Xu YG, Li HM
33 - 37 Role of a [6,6]-phenyl C61 butyric acid methyl ester homologue buffer layer for bulk-heterojunction solar cells
Oh JY, Lee TI, Jang WS, Chae SS, Park JH, Lee HW, Myoung JM, Song KM, Baik HK
38 - 45 Effects of surface modification by atmospheric oxygen dielectric barrier discharge plasma on PBO fibers and its composites
Liu Z, Chen P, Zhang XL, Yu Q, Ma KM, Ding ZF
46 - 51 Manipulating NiFe/AlOx interfacial chemistry for the spin-polarized electrons transport
Zhao CJ, Sun L, Ding L, Li JW, Zhang JY, Cao Y, Yu GH
52 - 57 Facile preparation of silver nanoparticle films as an efficient surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate
Sun YJ, Zhang Y, Shi Y, Xiao XP, Dai HC, Hu JT, Ni PJ, Li Z
58 - 64 Preparation and LPG-gas sensing characteristics of p-type semiconducting LaNbO4 ceramic material
Balamurugan C, Lee DW, Subramania A
65 - 73 Optimizing amorphous indium zinc oxide film growth for low residual stress and high electrical conductivity
Kumar M, Sigdel AK, Gennett T, Berry JJ, Perkins JD, Ginley DS, Packard CE
74 - 80 Electrosynthesis of CZTS films by sulfurization of CZT precursor: Effect of soft annealing treatment
Gurav SV, Pawar SM, Shin SW, Suryawanshi MP, Agawane GL, Patil PS, Moon JH, Yun JH, Kim JH
81 - 86 Fabrication of patterned reduced graphene oxide nanosheet field-emission cathodic film at room-temperature
Peng YT, Huang D
87 - 93 Characterization of Al2O3 coatings oxidized from Al with different proportion of seed crystals at a lower temperature
Wang C, Lin YB, He F, Luo XY, Tao J
94 - 99 Femtosecond laser ablation of aluminum in vacuum and air at high laser intensity
Zhao X, Shin YC
100 - 106 Nanomesh of Cu fabricated by combining nanosphere lithography and high power pulsed magnetron sputtering and a preliminary study about its function
Xie WC, Chen J, Jiang L, Yang P, Sun H, Huang N
107 - 114 A novel catalyst containing palladium nanoparticles supported on PVP composite nanofiber films: Synthesis, characterization and efficient catalysis
Guo LP, Bai J, Li CP, Meng QR, Liang HO, Sun WY, Li HQ, Liu H
115 - 127 Three-dimensional thermal simulation of nanosecond laser ablation for semitransparent material
Ahn J, Na SJ
128 - 133 Ejection of Au and Si nanocrystals from Au implanted Si(100) by MeV heavy ion irradiation
Mohapatra S
134 - 144 Influence of the C2H2 flow rate on gradient TiCN films deposited by multi-arc ion plating
Li JL, Zhang SH, Li MX
145 - 153 Combined in situ PM-IRRAS/QCM studies of water adsorption on plasma modified aluminum oxide/aluminum substrates
Giner I, Maxisch M, Kunze C, Grundmeier G
154 - 159 Graphitic structure formation in ion implanted polyetheretherketone
Tavenner E, Wood B, Curry M, Jankovic A, Patel R
160 - 167 Iridium oxides based gate interface of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors formed by high temperature oxidation
Lalinsky T, Vallo M, Vanko G, Dobrocka E, Vincze A, Osvald J, Ryger I, Dzuba J
168 - 174 XPS characterization of single crystalline SrLaGa3O7:Nd
Iwanowski RJ, Heinonen MH, Pracka I, Kachniarz J
175 - 180 Ethanol assisted synthesis of anatase nanobelts with improved crystallinity and photocatalytic activity
Ni BB, Li F, Li XN, Fu ZP, Zhu YW, Lu YL
181 - 187 Effects of gas atmospheres on poly(lactic acid) film in acrylic acid plasma treatment
Zhao Y, Fina A, Venturello A, Geobaldo F
188 - 192 Efficient hydrogen production by photocatalytic water splitting using N-doped TiO2 film
Wang C, Hu QQ, Huang JQ, Wu L, Deng ZH, Liu ZG, Liu Y, Cao YG
193 - 201 Comparative study of pulsed laser cleaning applied to weathered marble surfaces
Ortiz P, Antunez V, Ortiz R, Martin JM, Gomez MA, Hortal AR, Martinez-Haya B
202 - 208 The influence of sandblasting on the morphology of electroless deposited zinclayers on aluminum sheets
Schwankl M, Kellner R, Singer RF, Korner C
209 - 214 Influences of impregnation procedure on the SCR activity and alkali resistance of V2O5-WO3/TiO2 catalyst
Yu WC, Wu XD, Si ZC, Weng D
215 - 221 Theoretical and experimental studies on silica-coated carbon spheres composites
Guo XM, Liu HX, Shen YH, Niu M, Yang YZ, Liu XG
222 - 226 Multifunctional overcoats on vanadium dioxide thermochromic thin films with enhanced luminous transmission and solar modulation, hydrophobicity and anti-oxidation
Liu C, Wang N, Long Y
227 - 233 Antibacterial activity and reusability of CNT-Ag and GO-Ag nanocomposites
Kim JD, Yun H, Kim GC, Lee CW, Choi HC
234 - 239 In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry study of TiO2 films deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition
Li D, Carette M, Granier A, Landesman JP, Goullet A
240 - 248 Towards the controlled release of metal nanoparticles from biomaterials: Physico-chemical, morphological and bioactivity features of Cu-containing sol-gel glasses
Aina V, Cerratoa G, Martra G, Malavasi G, Lusvardi G, Menabue L
249 - 257 Electrochemical behavior of anodized AA7075-T73 alloys as affected by the matrix structure
Huang YS, Shih TS, Chou JH
258 - 262 Spatial-resolved cathode luminescence study of S-doped ZnO particles for the luminescence of UV, green and orange band emission
Sun YP, Guo HY, Jiang FH, Yuan R, Zhang J, Zeng XH, Zhou TF, Qiu YX, Zhang BS, Xu K, Yang H
263 - 268 Preparation and characterization of planar Ni-Au bimetallic model catalysts
Yang F, Yao YX, Yan Z, Min H, Goodman DW
269 - 275 Plasma surface functionalization and dyeing kinetics of Pan-Pmma copolymers
Labay C, Canal C, Rodriguez C, Caballero G, Canal JM
276 - 282 STM and XPS investigation of the oxidation of the Al-4(Cr,Fe) quasicrystal approximant
Parle JK, Beni A, Dhanak VR, Smerdon JA, Schmutz P, Warde M, Barthes-Labrousse MG, Bauer B, Gille P, Sharma HR, McGrath R
283 - 289 Patterned ferrimagnetic thin films of spinel ferrites obtained directly by laser irradiation
Pasquet I, Presmanes L, Bonningue C, Tailhades P
290 - 296 Sucrose-assisted synthesis of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous CeO2 and its use as a support for promotional catalytic performance of CO oxidation
Liu Z, Tan XL, Lv C
297 - 303 XPS studies on the interaction of CeO2 with silicon in magnetron sputtered CeO2 thin films on Si and Si3N4 substrates
Anandan C, Bera P
304 - 308 Endpoint detection of Ge2Sb2Te5 during chemical mechanical planarization
He AD, Liu B, Song ZT, Liu WL, Lu YG, Wang LY, Wu GP, Feng SL
309 - 320 A facile method of nickel electroless deposition on various neutral hydrophobic polymer surfaces
Wang W, Ji SW, Lee I
321 - 326 Graphite-like carbon films by high power impulse magnetron sputtering
Huang MD, Zhang XQ, Ke PL, Wang AY
327 - 331 The surface structure of UV exposed poly-dimethylsiloxane (PDMS) insulator studied by slow positron beam
Zheng F, He CQ, Fang PF, Wang JG, Xiong BY, Wang K, Liu FW, Peng XY, Xu XG, Xu ZH, Wang SJ
332 - 338 A study on structural, optical and hydrophobic properties of oblique angle sputter deposited HfO2 films
Jain RK, Gautam YK, Dave V, Chawla AK, Chandra R
339 - 347 Formation and stability of organic acid monolayers on magnesium alloy AZ31: The role of alkyl chain length and head group chemistry
Szillies S, Thissen P, Tabatabai D, Feil F, Furbeth W, Fink N, Grundmeier G
348 - 351 Enhanced ferroelectric and piezoelectric response in Mn-doped Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3 lead-free film by pulsed laser deposition
Jin CC, Wang FF, Leung CM, Yao QR, Tang YX, Wang T, Shi WZ
352 - 359 Deposition behavior and microstructural development of TiNi powder particles in low temperature-HVOF spraying process
Lin QS, Zhou KS, Deng CM, Liu M, Xiao XL, Deng CG
360 - 366 Synthesis and surface properties of polyamide-CuxSe composite thin films
Ivanauskas R, Baltrusaitis J
367 - 374 Fabrication of superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface with excellent corrosion resistance by a facile and environment-friendly method
Feng LB, Che YH, Liu YH, Qiang XH, Wang YP
375 - 381 Control of the interfacial reaction in HfO2 on Si-passivated GaAs
Park SH, Kang YS, Chae J, Kim HJ, Cho MH, Ko DH, Byun YC, Kim H, Cho SW, Kim CY, Seo JH
382 - 388 Detailed surface analyses and improved mechanical and tribological properties of niobium treated by high temperature nitrogen plasma based ion implantation
Oliveira RM, Oliveira AC, Carreri FC, Gomes GF, Ueda M, Silva MMNF, Pichon L, Toth A
389 - 395 Synthesis of micron-SiO2@nano-Ag particles and their catalytic performance in 4-nitrophenol reduction
Wang M, Tian D, Tian PP, Yuan LJ
396 - 401 A comparable study on the photocatalytic activities of Ag3PO4, AgBr and AgBr/Ag3PO4 hybrid microstructures
Wang B, Gu XQ, Zhao YL, Qiang YH
402 - 410 One-step solvothermal synthesis of hierarchically porous nanostructured CdS/TiO2 heterojunction with higher visible light photocatalytic activity
Yang GD, Yang BL, Xiao TC, Yan ZF
411 - 416 Facile grafting of bioactive cellulose derivatives onto PVC surfaces
Bigot S, Louarn G, Kebir N, Burel F
417 - 421 Role of ion beam induced solid flow in surface patterning of Si (100) using Ar ion beam irradiation
Kumar T, Kumar A, Lalla NP, Hooda S, Ojha S, Verma S, Kanjilal D
422 - 429 Synthesis and magnetic properties of Fe2O3-TiO2 nano-composite particles using pulsed laser gas phase evaporation-liquid phase collecting method
Chen SY, Zhang YK, Han WL, Wellburn D, Liang J, Liu CS
430 - 437 Synthesis, optical properties and growth mechanism of MnO nano structures
Pandey BK, Shahi AK, Gopal R
438 - 444 Surface ablation of PLLA induced by KrF excimer laser
Slepicka P, Michaljanicova I, Sajdl P, Fitl P, Svorcik V
445 - 452 Solar gas nitriding of Ti6Al4V alloy
Rodriguez GP, Herranz G, Romero A
453 - 459 Alkyl- and fluoroalkyltrialkoxysilanes for wettability modification
Dopierala K, Maciejewski H, Karasiewicz J, Prochaska K
460 - 470 Adsorption mechanisms for fatty acids on DLC and steel studied by AFM and tribological experiments
Simic R, Kalin M
471 - 481 Nano-structured iron(III)-cerium(IV) mixed oxide: Synthesis, characterization and arsenic sorption kinetics in the presence of co-existing ions aiming to apply for high arsenic groundwater treatment
Basu T, Ghosh UC
482 - 489 Dynamically modifiable wettability comparisons of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates coated with F/TiO2 hybrid sol by UV irradiation
Yin YJ, Li T, Fan F, Zhao CY, Wang CX
490 - 497 Materials synthesis and annealing-induced changes of microstructure and physical properties of one-dimensional perovskite-wurtzite oxide heterostructures
Liang YC, Zhong H
498 - 504 Graphene incorporated nanocrystalline TiO2 films for the photocathodic protection of 304 stainless steel
Guo XQ, Liu W, Cao LX, Su G, Xu HM, Liu BH
505 - 512 Preparation, characterization and dye adsorption of Au nanoparticles/ZnAl layered double oxides nanocomposites
Zhang YX, Hao XD, Kuang M, Zhao H, Wen ZQ
513 - 520 Improved alumina scale adhesion of electron beam physical vapor deposited Dy/Hf-doped beta-NiAl coatings
Li DQ, Guo HB, Peng H, Gong SK, Xu HB
521 - 524 Electrochemical potentiostatic activation for improvement of internal quantum efficiency of 385-nm ultraviolet light-emitting diodes
Choi HS, Kim HJ, Lee JJ, Seo HW, Tawfik WZ, Ha JS, Ryu SW, Jun SR, Jeong T, Lee JK
525 - 531 Enhancing the effectiveness of silicone thermal grease by the addition of functionalized carbon nanotubes
Chen HY, Wei HX, Chen MH, Meng FC, Li HB, Li QW
532 - 536 Surface morphology and ferroelectric properties of compositional gradient PZT thin films prepared by chemical solution deposition process
He G, Zhang Y, Peng C, Li XM
537 - 545 Solvent optimization for niacinamide adsorption on organo-functionalized SBA-15 mesoporous silica
Moritz M
546 - 553 Poly(glycidyl methacrylate) grafted CdSe quantum dots by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization: Novel synthesis, characterization, properties, and cytotoxicity studies
Bach LG, Islam MR, Lee DC, Lim KT
554 - 558 Epitaxial growth and electrical properties of ultrathin La2Hf2O7 high-k gate dielectric films
Xiong YH, Tu HL, Du J, Wei F, Zhang XQ, Yang MM, Zhao HB, Chen DP, Wang WW
559 - 565 Density functional theory calculations on the adsorption of formaldehyde and other harmful gases on pure, Ti-doped, or N-doped graphene sheets
Zhang HP, Luo XG, Lin XY, Lu X, Leng Y, Song HT
566 - 570 A novel method to control atomic defects in graphene sheets, by selective surface reactions
Sun S, Wang CY, Chen MM, Zheng JM
571 - 576 Investigation on the enhancement of ultraviolet emission in Ag-ZnO microrods
He X, Qian HL, Zhi QS, Zhang M, Luo JY, He RH, Zeng QG
577 - 583 Photodegradation of methyl orange with PANI-modified BiOCl photocatalyst under visible light irradiation
Wang QZ, Hui J, Li JJ, Cai YX, Yin SQ, Wang FP, Su BT
584 - 589 The effect of gas mixture of post-oxidation on structure and corrosion behavior of plasma nitrided AISI 316 stainless steel
Karimzadeh N, Moghaddam EG, Mirjani M, Raeissi K
590 - 598 Oxidation behaviour and mechanism of a cobalt based superalloy between 1050 and 1250 degrees C
Liu LF, Wu SS, Yu GM, Chen Y
599 - 602 Effect of aging time on the optical, structural and photoluminescence properties of nanocrystalline ZnO films prepared by a sol-gel method
Ibrahim NB, AL-Shomar SM, Ahmad SH
603 - 611 Influence of the graphene substrate on morphology of the gold thin film. Spectroscopic ellipsometry study
Kostruba AM
612 - 616 Cleaning of carbon layer from the gold films using a pulsed Nd:YAG laser
Singh A, Choubey A, Modi MH, Upadhyaya BN, Oak SM, Lodha GS, Deb SK
617 - 622 Characterization of e-beam evaporated hafnium oxide thin films on post thermal annealing
Ramzan M, Wasiq MF, Rana AM, Ali S, Nadeem MY
623 - 628 The influence of homo-buffer layer on structural, optical and electrical properties of ZnO:Al films
Li QK, Wang JB, Li B, Zhong XL, Wang F, Tan CB
629 - 635 Effect of seed annealing temperature and growth duration on hydrothermal ZnO nanorod structures and their electrical characteristics
Wahid KA, Lee WY, Lee HW, Teh AS, Bien DCS, Abd Azid I
636 - 647 Durable, superhydrophobic, superoleophobic and corrosion resistant coating on the stainless steel surface using a scalable method
Motlagh NV, Birjandi FC, Sargolzaei J, Shahtahmassebi N
648 - 653 Fundamentals of layered nanoparticle covered pyramidal structures formed on nickel during femtosecond laser surface interactions
Zuhlke CA, Anderson TP, Alexander DR
654 - 659 Seed-mediated synthesis and the photo-degradation activity of ZnO-graphene hybrids excluding the influence of dye adsorption
Fu DY, Han GY, Yang FF, Zhang TW, Chang YZ, Liu FF
660 - 667 Removal of Pb2+ from aqueous solutions by a high-efficiency resin
Guo H, Ren YZ, Sun XL, Xu YD, Li XM, Zhang TC, Kang JX, Liu DQ
668 - 677 Hierarchically ordered macro-mesoporous ZnS microsphere with reduced graphene oxide supporter for a highly efficient photodegradation of methylene blue
Sookhakian M, Amin YM, Basirun WJ
678 - 682 Adsorption from n-heptane/benzene liquid mixture on acid leached bentonite powders
Sarikaya Y, Baykal M, Onal M, Yener N
683 - 693 Structural features of resorcinol-formaldehyde resin chars and interfacial behavior of water co-adsorbed with low-molecular weight organics
Gun'ko VM, Bogatyrov VM, Turov VV, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Urubkov IV
694 - 698 Fluorine implantation effects on Ta2O5 dielectrics on polysilicon treated with post rapid thermal annealing
Chen H, Kao CH, Huang BY, Lo WS
699 - 704 Surface modification of a low cost bentonite for post-combustion CO2 capture
Chen C, Park DW, Ahn WS
705 - 714 Characterization of anodized titanium for hydrometallurgical applications-Evidence for the reduction of cupric on titanium dioxide
Liu J, Alfantazi A, Asselin E
715 - 721 Two-phase zirconium boride thin film obtained by ultra-short pulsed laser ablation of a ZrB12 target
De Bonis A, Santagata A, Rau JV, Latini A, Mori T, Medici L, Teghil R
722 - 726 Investigation of oxygen plasma treatment on the device performance of solution-processed a-IGZO thin film transistors
Pu HF, Zhou QF, Yue L, Zhang Q
727 - 731 Effect of external tensile stress on blue InGaN/GaN multi-quantum-well light-emitting diodes
Tawfik WZ, Song J, Lee JJ, Ha JS, Ryu SW, Choi HS, Ryu B, Lee JK
732 - 739 ZnO/ZnS-PdS core/shell nanorods: Synthesis, characterization and application for photocatalytic hydrogen production from a glycerol/water solution
Liu S, Wang XT, Wang K, Lv R, Xu YL
740 - 743 Carbon nanotube cathode with capping carbon nanosheet
Li X, Zhao DC, Pang KG, Pang JC, Liu WH, Liu HZ, Wang XL
744 - 750 Surface grafting of carboxylic groups onto thermoplastic polyurethanes to reduce cell adhesion
Alves P, Ferreira P, Kaiser JP, Salk N, Bruinink A, de Sousa HC, Gil MH
751 - 758 Microstructural characterization of ZrC-MoSi2 composites oxidized in air at high temperatures
Charpentier L, Balat-Pichelin M, Beche E, Sciti D, Silvestroni L
759 - 763 Electrical behaviors of c-axis textured 0.975Bi(0.5)Na(0.5)TiO(3)-0.025BiCoO(3) thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Guo FF, Yang B, Zhang ST, Liu DQ, Wu FM, Wang DL, Cao WW
764 - 774 Characterization of lead sorption by the natural and Fe(III)-modified zeolite
Kragovic M, Dakovic A, Markovic M, Krstic J, Gatta GD, Rotiroti N
775 - 780 Hot corrosion behavior of TC11 titanium alloy treated by laser shock processing
Hua YQ, Bai YC, Ye YX, Xue QX, Liu HX, Chen RF, Chen KM
781 - 787 Nanocrystalline ZnO films prepared by pulsed laser deposition and their abnormal optical properties
Xiao SS, Zhao L, Liu YH, Lian JS
788 - 793 Surface-driven, one-step chemical vapor deposition of gamma-Al4Cu9 complex metallic alloy film
Prud'homme N, Duguet T, Samelor D, Senocq F, Vahlas C
794 - 801 Ti containing mesoporous silica submicrometer-sphere, with tunable particle size for styrene oxidation
Wang JJ, Lu JM, Yang JH, Chen R, Zhang Y, Yin DH, Wang JQ
802 - 807 Influence of growth and photocatalytic properties of copper selenide (CuSe) nanoparticles using reflux condensation method
Sonia S, Kumar PS, Mangalaraj D, Ponpandian N, Viswanathan C
808 - 812 Effect of aluminum plasma parameters on the physical properties of Ti-Al-N thin films deposited by reactive crossed beam pulsed laser deposition
Escobar-Alarcon L, Solis-Casados DA, Romero S, Fernandez M, Perez-Alvarez J, Haro-Poniatowski E
813 - 819 Fabrication of SiGe rings and holes on Si(001) by flash annealing
Persichetti L, Capasso A, Sgarlata A, Quatela A, Kaciulis S, Mezzi A, Notarianni M, Motta N, Fanfoni M, Balzarotti A
820 - 827 Plasmonic Ag@AgCl-intercalated K4Nb6O17 composite for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B under visible light
Cui WQ, Wang H, Liu L, Liang YH, McEvoy JG
828 - 832 Study of optical absorbance in porous silicon nanowires for photovoltaic applications
Charrier J, Najar A, Pirasteh P
833 - 842 Effects of bioactive glass with and without mesoporous structures on desensitization in dentinal tubule occlusion
Chen WC, Kung JC, Chen CH, Hsiao YC, Shih CJ, Chien CS
843 - 850 Adhesion enhancement of Al coatings on carbon/epoxy composite surfaces by atmospheric plasma
Coulon JF, Tournerie N, Maillard H
851 - 855 High TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) La2/3Ca1/3MnO3:Ag-x polycrystalline composites
Liu X, Yan YZ, Chen QM, Zhang H, Cao MG, Zhang SC, Zhang PX
856 - 862 Adsorption of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by bio-char, a by-product of pyrolysis
Kilic M, Kirbiyik C, Cepeliogullar O, Putun AE
863 - 870 Evaluation of the oleophilicity of different alkoxysilane modified ceramic membranes through wetting dynamic measurements
Gao NW, Ke W, Fan YQ, Xu NP
871 - 875 Cobalt hydroxide ultra-fine nanoparticles with excellent energy storage ability
Aghazadeh M, Barmi AAM, Gharailou D, Peyrovi MH, Sabour B, Khosroshahi FN
876 - 880 Half-metallicity of the inverse Heusler alloy Mn2CoAl(001) surface: A first-principles study
Li JC, Jin YJ
881 - 887 Theoretical study on adsorption and dissociation of NO2 molecules on BNNT surface
Singla P, Singhal S, Goel N
888 - 899 Electrochemical lithiation and passivation mechanisms of iron monosulfide thin film as negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries studied by surface analytical techniques
Liao F, Swiatowska J, Maurice V, Seyeux A, Klein LH, Zanna S, Marcus P
900 - 905 Comparison of electrocatalytic characterization of boron-doped diamond and SnO2 electrodes
Lv JW, Feng YJ, Liu JF, Qu YP, Cui FY
906 - 913 Effect of SiC particles on microarc oxidation process of magnesium matrix composites
Wang YQ, Wang XJ, Gong WX, Wu K, Wang FH
914 - 923 Effect of starting properties and annealing on photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles
Liu FZ, Guo MY, Leung YH, Djurisic AB, Ng AMC, Chan WK
924 - 929 Pulsed laser induced confined vapor deposition for thin layer of dense nanoparticle arrays on various substrates
Lin D, Yang YL, Cheng GJ
930 - 940 Immobilization of sericin molecules via amorphous carbon plasma modified-polystyrene dish for serum-free culture
Tunma S, Song DH, Kim SE, Kim KN, Han JG, Boonyawan D
941 - 946 Effects of residual water in the pores of aluminum anodic oxide layers prior to sealing on corrosion resistance
Lee J, Jung U, Kim W, Chung W
947 - 953 Fabrication of CuO nanosheets modified Cu electrode and its excellent electrocatalytic performance towards glucose
Tian LL, Liu BT
954 - 957 Geometry and electronic structure of the Zn-doped GaAs (100) beta 2(2 x 4) surface: A first-principle study
Guo J, Chang BK, Jin MC, Yang MZ, Wang HG, Wang MS
958 - 962 In situ preparation of nickel/carbon core-shell structure by chemical vapor deposition
Cao FY, Jiang Q, Fang Y, Ban SG, Ou SS, Qian HX, Zhao Y
963 - 967 Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon coated CoSnO3 via hydrothermal carbonization of carboxylated chitosan as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Fang GQ, Kaneko S, Liu WW, Xia BB, Sun HD, Zhang RX, Zheng JW, Li DC
968 - 974 Initial growth mechanisms of ZrO2 and TiO2 thin films using cycloheptatrienyl-cyclopentadienyl heteroleptic precursors: A comparative study by density functional theory
Zhou GF, Ren J, Zhang SW
975 - 981 Incorporation of Mn2+ and Co2+ to TiO2 nanoparticles and the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Shalan AE, Rashad MM
982 - 985 CdSe nanofiber and nanohorn structures on ITO substrates fabricated by electrochemical deposition
Kois J, Gurevits J, Bereznev S, Volobujeva O, Opik A, Mellikov E
986 - 992 Use of anionic surfactants for selective polishing of silicon dioxide over silicon nitride films using colloidal silica-based slurries
Penta NK, Amanapu HP, Peethala BC, Babu SV
993 - 998 Template assisted synthesis of photocatalytic titanium dioxide nanotubes by hot filament chemical vapor deposition method
Karaman M, Sariipek F, Koysuren O, Yildiz HB
999 - 1005 Carbon nanotube and graphene nanosheet co-modified LiFePO4 nanoplate composite cathode material by a facile polyol process
Wu G, Zhou YK, Shao ZP
1006 - 1011 Nanostructured ZnO films with various morphologies prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and its growing process
Ma HL, Liu ZW, Zeng DC, Zhong ML, Yu HY, Mikmekova E
1012 - 1017 Influence of the pulse frequency and water cooling on the femtosecond laser ablation of bovine cortical bone
Cangueiro LT, Vilar R
1018 - 1023 Structural and characteristic variation of anodic oxide on pure Ti with anodization duration
Mizukoshi Y, Ohtsu N, Masahashi N
1024 - 1031 A solvothermal method to produce RGO-Fe3O4 hybrid composite for fast chromium removal from aqueous solution
Zhou L, Deng HP, Wan JL, Shi J, Su T
1032 - 1040 Facile preparation of hierarchical hollow structure gamma alumina and a study of its adsorption capacity
Lan S, Guo N, Liu L, Wu XM, Li LL, Gan SC
1041 - 1050 Superhydrophobic aluminium-based surfaces: Wetting and wear properties of different CVD-generated coating types
Thieme M, Streller F, Simon F, Frenzel R, White AJ
1051 - 1059 Development of water-repellent organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel coatings on aluminum using short chain perfluoro polymer emulsion
Wankhede RG, Morey S, Khanna AS, Birbilis N