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Applied Surface Science, Vol.276 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Grid-pattern formation of extracellular matrix on silicon by low-temperature atmospheric-pressure plasma jets for neural network biochip fabrication
Ando A, Uno H, Urisu T, Hamaguchi S
7 - 12 Characterization of CuO(111)/MgO(100) films grown under two different PLD backgrounds
Kawwam M, Alharbi FH, Kayed T, Aldwayyan A, Alyamani A, Tabet N, Lebbou K
13 - 23 Effects of chemical treatments on hemp fibre structure
Kabir MM, Wang H, Lau KT, Cardona F
24 - 30 The reactive surface of Castor leaf [Ricinus communis L.] powder as a green adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals from natural river water
Martins AE, Pereira MS, Jorgetto AO, Martines MAU, Silva RIV, Saeki MJ, Castro GR
31 - 36 Microstructure and surface properties of chromium-doped diamond-like carbon thin films fabricated by high power pulsed magnetron sputtering
Wu ZZ, Tian XB, Gui G, Gong CZ, Yang SQ, Chu PK
37 - 42 Frosting and defrosting on rigid superhydrohobic surface
Jing T, Kim Y, Lee S, Kim D, Kim J, Hwang W
43 - 52 Molecular modeling studies of interactions between sodium polyacrylate polymer and calcite surface
Ylikantola A, Linnanto J, Knuutinen J, Oravilahti A, Toivakka M
53 - 61 Laser cleaning of particulates from paper: Comparison between sized ground wood cellulose and pure cellulose
Arif S, Kautek W
62 - 67 Microstructure, hardness, and thermal fatigue behavior of H21 steel processed by laser surface remelting
Zhang ZH, Lin PY, Zhou H, Ren LQ
68 - 75 Surface magneto-optical and Mossbauer observations of Fe-Al
Jiraskova Y, Hendrych A, Zivotsky O, Bursik J, Zak T, Prochazka I, Janickovic D
76 - 85 Influence of laser surface treated on the characterization and corrosion behavior of Al-Fe aerospace alloys
Pariona MM, Teleginski V, dos Santos K, de Lima AAOC, Zara AJ, Micene KT, Riva R
86 - 94 Surface degradation of CeO2 stabilized acrylic polyurethane coated thermally treated jack pine during accelerated weathering
Saha S, Kocaefe D, Boluk Y, Pichette A
95 - 100 Design and laser fabrication of controllable non-Gaussian roughness surfaces at microscale
Luo TT, Liu XN, Chen YH, Huang WH, Liu Z
101 - 111 XPS and ToF-SIMS investigation of nanocrystalline diamond oxidized surfaces
Torrengo S, Canteri R, Dell'Anna R, Minati L, Pasquarelli A, Speranza G
112 - 119 Microstructural evolution and hardness of TiAl3 and TiAl2 phases on Ti-45Al-2Nb-2Mn-1B by plasma pack aluminizing
Rastkar AR, Parseh P, Darvishnia N, Hadavi SMM
120 - 128 H+, Fe3+ codoped polyaniline/MWCNTs nanocomposite: Superior electrode material for supercapacitor application
Ghosh D, Giri S, Mandal A, Das CK
129 - 132 Tailoring radiation damage in ZnO by surface modification
Myers MT, Charnvanichborikarn S, Myers MA, Lee JH, Wang H, Biener MM, Shao L, Kucheyev SO
133 - 137 Nanosecond laser treatment of graphene
Kiisk V, Kahro T, Kozlova J, Matisen L, Alles H
138 - 146 Residual stress study of nanostructured zirconia films obtained by MOCVD and by sol-gel routes
Jouili M, Andrieux M, Ribot P, Bleuzen A, Fornasieri G, Ji V
147 - 153 Fe3O4@mesoporous SBA-15: A magnetically recoverable catalyst for photodegradation of malachite green
Aliyan H, Fazaeli R, Jalilian R
154 - 158 Mo-Si-Al-C multiphase oxidation protective coating for carbon/carbon composites
Li T, Li HJ, Shi XH, Cheng J, Liu L
159 - 166 The effect of different order of purification treatments on the purity of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Ling XL, Wei YZ, Zou LM, Xu S
167 - 173 Phytic acid adsorption on the copper surface: Observation of electrochemistry and Raman spectroscopy
Shen S, Guo XY, Song P, Pan YC, Wang HQ, Wen Y, Yang HF
174 - 181 Electrodeposition and characterization of Co-BN (h) nanocomposite coatings
Shahri Z, Allahkaram SR, Zarebidaki A
182 - 189 Wet etching of InSb surfaces in aqueous solutions: Controlled oxide formation
Aureau D, Chaghi R, Gerard I, Sik H, Fleury J, Etcheberry A
190 - 197 Effects of atmospheric air plasma treatment on interfacial properties of PBO fiber reinforced composites
Zhang CS, Li CY, Wang BY, Wang B, Cui H
198 - 202 First principles study of alpha(2)-Ti3Al(0001) surface and gamma-TiAl(111)/alpha(2)-Ti3Al(0001) interfaces
Wang L, Shang JX, Wang FH, Zhang Y
203 - 209 Evolution of aluminum surface irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses with different pulse overlaps
Li GQ, Li JW, Yang L, Li XH, Hu YL, Chu JR, Huang WH
210 - 216 Structural and electrical studies on nanostructured InSe thin films
Darwish AAA, El-Nahass MM, Bahlol MH
217 - 222 Growth of preferentially c-axis oriented hydroxyapatite thin films on Si(100) substrate by electron-cyclotron-resonance plasma sputtering
Akazawa H, Ueno Y
223 - 228 Preparation and characterization of film of poly vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer emulsion
Zhang YH, Gu JY, Tan HY, Shi JY, Di MW, Zuo YF, Qiu S
229 - 235 Structural and optical properties of WO3 sputtered thin films nanostructured by laser interference lithography
Castro-Hurtado I, Tavera T, Yurrita P, Perez N, Rodriguez A, Mandayo GG, Castano E
236 - 241 A novel steel RE-borosulphurizing and mechanical properties of the produced RE-borosulfide layer
Wang D, Li YD, Zhang XL
242 - 248 Experimental study and modeling of laser plasma ion implantation for WSex/Fe-57 interface modification
Fominski VY, Grigoriev SN, Gnedovets AG, Romanov RI, Volosova MA
249 - 257 Nanocrystalline silicon thin films prepared by low pressure planar inductively coupled plasma
Raha D, Das D
258 - 261 Band alignment of ZnO/CdSe quantum dots heterojunction determined by ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation
Li RF, Cai CF, Hu L, Wu HZ, Zhang WH, Zhu JF
262 - 268 Chloride ion effect and alloying effect on dealloying-induced formation of nanoporous AuPt alloy
Wang Y, Xu JL, Wu B
269 - 275 Corrosion inhibition of stainless steel type AISI 304 by Mn coating and subsequent annealing with flow of nitrogen at different temperatures
Grayeli-Korpi AR, Savaloni H, Habibi M
276 - 283 Oxidation of TiAl surface with hyperthermal oxygen molecular beams
Hashinokuchi M, Tode M, Yoshigoe A, Teraoka Y, Okada M
284 - 290 The enhancement of benzotriazole on epoxy functionalized silica sol-gel coating for copper protection
Peng SS, Zhao WJ, Li H, Zeng ZX, Xue QJ, Wu XD
291 - 297 Surface and gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline nickel oxide thin films
Soleimanpour AM, Jayatissa AH, Sumanasekera G
298 - 305 Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) grafted halloysite nanotubes as a molecular host matrix for luminescent ions prepared by surface-initiated RAFT polymerization and coordination chemistry
Islam MR, Bach LG, Lim KT
306 - 311 Ultra-thin films on transparent conductor oxides for the development of spectro-electrochemical transducers
Grigore E, Delacote C, Thobie-Gautier C, Boujtita M, Tessier PY
312 - 316 Beam diameter dependence of surface damage threshold of fused silica fibers and preforms for nanosecond laser treatment at 1064 nm wavelength
Mann G, Pentzien S, Kruger J
317 - 322 A high activity adsorbent of ZnO-Al2O3 nanocomposite particles: Synthesis, characterization and dye removal efficiency
Tajizadegan H, Jafari M, Rashidzadeh M, Saffar-Teluri A
323 - 327 Influence of carbon nanotubes on the optical properties of plasticized solid polymer electrolytes
Ibrahim S, Yasin SMM, Johan MR
328 - 332 Catalytic combustion of methane on La1-xCexFeO3 oxides
Xiang XP, Zhao LH, Teng BT, Lang JJ, Hu X, Li T, Fang YA, Luo MF, Lin JJ
333 - 339 Facile synthesis L-cysteine capped CdS:Eu quantum dots and their Hg2+ sensitive properties
Zhang KX, Yu YX, Sun SQ
340 - 346 Surface modification by grafted sensitive polymer brushes: An ellipsometric study of their properties
Kostruba A, Ohar M, Kulyk B, Zolobko O, Stetsyshyn Y
347 - 358 New model for low-temperature oxidation of copper single crystal
Fujita K, Ando D, Uchikoshi M, Mimura K, Isshiki M
359 - 362 Synthesis and photoluminescence of semiconductor quantum dots/cetyltrimethylammonium bromide vesicle core/shell nanostructures
Dai DJ, Guo XX, Fan JY
363 - 368 Fabrication of the similar porous alumina silicon template for soft UV nanoimprint lithography
Sun TY, Xu ZM, Zhao WN, Wu XH, Liu SS, Zhang Z, Wang SB, Liu W, Liu SY, Peng J
369 - 376 Structure-sensitivity of ethane hydrogenolysis over molybdenum carbides: A density functional theory study
Qi KZ, Wang GC, Zheng WJ
377 - 382 Comparison of static contact angle of various metal foams and porous copper fiber sintered sheet
Zhang CJ, Zhou W, Wang QH, Wang HB, Tang Y, Hui KS
383 - 389 Talc as friction reducing additive to lubricating oil
Rudenko P, Bandyopadhyay A
390 - 396 Spray deposition of electrospun TiO2 nanoparticles with self-cleaning and transparent properties onto glass
Li F, Li QM, Kim H
397 - 400 Superhydrophobic surfaces with excellent mechanical durability and easy repairability
Wang FJ, Lei S, Ou JF, Xue MS, Li W
401 - 410 The effect of deposition electrolyte on polypyrrole surface interaction with biological environment
Mindroiu M, Ungureanu C, Ion R, Pirvu C
411 - 416 Morphology and properties of NiO electrodes for p-DSSCs based on hydrothermal method
Wu QS, Shen Y, Li LY, Cao M, Gu F, Wang LJ
417 - 423 Comparison of Cu thin films deposited on Si substrates with different surfaces and temperatures
Zhang J, Liu C, Fan J
424 - 432 Wettability in reactive Sn-base alloy/Ni-base metallic glass systems
Zhang LY, Shen P, Qi Y, Jiang QC
433 - 436 Silver effect of Co-Ni composite material on energy storage and structural behavior for Li-ion batteries
Gnanamuthu RM, Prasanna K, Subburaj T, Jo YN, Lee CW
437 - 446 Fabrication of transparent, flexible conducing graphene thin films via soft transfer printing method
Shi LF, Yang JH, Huang ZD, Li J, Tang ZH, Li Y, Zheng QB
447 - 453 Influence of non-Gaussian roughness on sputter depth profiles
Liu Y, Jian W, Wang JY, Hofmann S, Kovac J
454 - 457 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigation of commercial passivated tinplate surface layer
Chen S, Xie L, Xue F
458 - 467 Isocyanate functionalized graphene/P3HT based nanocomposites
Obreja AC, Cristea D, Gavrila R, Schiopu V, Dinescu A, Danila M, Comanescu F
468 - 475 Application of ultrasonic irradiation method for preparation of ZnO nanostructures doped with Sb+3 ions as a highly efficient photocatalyst
Omidi A, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Pirhashemi M
476 - 481 Multiple functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with carboxyl and amino groups
Zhao ZY, Yang ZH, Hu YW, Li JP, Fan XM
482 - 486 Electrostatic-assembly three-dimensional CNTs/rGO implanted Cu2O composite spheres and its photocatalytic properties
Zeng B, Chen XH, Ning XT, Chen CS, Deng WN, Huang Q, Zhong WB
487 - 496 Synthesis, characterization and application of a nano-manganese-catalyst as an efficient solid catalyst for solvent free selective oxidation of ethylbenzene, cyclohexene, and benzylalcohol
Habibi D, Faraji AR
497 - 501 Characterization of gadolinium oxide thin films with CF4 plasma treatment for resistive switching memory applications
Wang JC, Ye YR, Lai CS, Lin CT, Lu HC, Wu CI, Wang PS
502 - 511 Intercalation behavior of poly(ethylene glycol) in organically modified montmorillonite
Zhu SP, Peng HM, Chen JY, Li HL, Cao Y, Yang YH, Feng ZH
512 - 520 Controlling of morphology and electrocatalytic properties of cobalt oxide nanostructures prepared by potentiodynamic deposition method
Hallaj R, Akhtari K, Salimi A, Soltanian S
521 - 528 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Hemin(chloro(protoporhyinato) iron(III)) anchored TiO2 photocatalyst for methyl orange degradation: A surface modification method
Devi LG, ArunaKumari ML
529 - 534 Preparation of diamond films with controllable surface morphology, orientation and quality in an overmoded microwave plasma CVD chamber
Weng J, Wang JH, Dai SY, Xiong LW, Man WD, Liu F
535 - 538 Correlation between oxygen vacancies and magnetism in Fe-doped In2O3 films
An YK, Wang SQ, Feng DQ, Wu ZH, Liu JW
539 - 542 Effects of annealing temperature on thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 films prepared by co-sputtering
Wang X, He HC, Wang N, Miao L
543 - 549 Surface morphology, cohesive and adhesive properties of amorphous hydrogenated carbon nanocomposite films
Lazauskas A, Grigaliunas V, Meskinis S, Ecarla F, Baltrusaitis J
550 - 557 Microstructure and luminescence dynamics of ZnCdO films with high Cd content deposited on different substrates by DC magnetron sputtering method
Shtepliuk I, Khranovskyy V, Lashkarev G, Khomyak V, Ievtushenko A, Tkach V, Lazorenko V, Timofeeva I, Yakimova R
558 - 562 Effect of ALD surface treatment on structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods
Jang JT, Ryu H, Lee WJ
563 - 570 Enhanced corrosion resistance of TiN-coated stainless steels for the application in flexible dye-sensitized solar cells
Ouyang FY, Tai WL
571 - 577 Fabrication of super-repellent cotton textiles with rapid reversible wettability switching of diverse liquids
Zhou XY, Zhang ZZ, Xu XH, Men XH, Zhu XT
578 - 585 Mechanism of the formation of stannate and cerium conversion coatings on AZ91D magnesium alloys
Lee YL, Chu YR, Chen FJ, Lin CS
586 - 591 Preparation of enhanced hydrophobic poly(L-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone) films surface and its blood compatibility
Kim SI, Lim JI, Jung Y, Mun CH, Kim JH, Kim SH
592 - 603 Corrosion inhibition behavior of propyl phosphonic acid-Zn2+ system for carbon steel in aqueous solution
Prabakaran M, Venkatesh M, Ramesh S, Periasamy V
604 - 608 Study on the corrosion properties of nanocrystalline nickel electrodepositied by reverse pulse current
Cheng W, Ge W, Yang Q, Qu XX
609 - 612 Synchrotron radiation photoemission study of the thermal annealing and atomic hydrogen cleaning of native oxide covered InAs(100) surfaces
Chellappan RK, Li ZS, Hughes G
613 - 619 Synthesis, structure and optical properties of Co-doped MgGa2O4/SiO2 nano-glass-ceramic composites
Duan XL, Wu YC, Wang XQ, Yu FP, Jiang HD
620 - 627 Adsorption of Ponceau S from aqueous solution by MgO nanoparticles
Venkatesha TG, Nayaka YA, Chethana BK
628 - 634 Visible light-induced photocatalytic reduction of graphene oxide by tungsten oxide thin films
Choobtashani M, Akhavan O
635 - 640 Gelatin-assisted synthesis of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material for 5V lithium rechargeable batteries
Mo MY, Ye CC, Lai K, Huang ZZ, Zhu LC, Ma GZ, Chen HY, Hui KS
641 - 645 Optical characterization of deposited ITO thin films on glass and PET substrates
Elmas S, Korkmaz S, Pat S
646 - 652 Hydrogen sulfide adsorption on nano-sized zinc oxide/reduced graphite oxide composite at ambient condition
Song HS, Park MG, Kwon SJ, Yi KB, Croiset E, Chen Z, Nam SC
653 - 659 Growth of YbVO4 crystals evolved from hot corrosion reactions of Yb2Zr2O7 against V2O5 and Na2SO4 + V2O5
Li S, Liu ZG, Ouyang JH
660 - 666 Antibacterial Cr-Cu-O films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Musil J, Blazek J, Fajfrlik K, Cerstvy R, Proksova S
667 - 671 Effect of structural defects on corrosion initiation of TiN nanocrystalline films
He CL, Zhang JL, Wang JM, Ma GF, Zhao DL, Cai QK
672 - 681 Synthesize and characterization of graphene nanosheets with high surface area and nano-porous structure
Seresht RJ, Jahanshahi M, Rashidi A, Ghoreyshi AA
682 - 690 Sorption mechanism of Cd(II) from water solution onto chicken eggshell
Flores-Cano JV, Leyva-Ramos R, Mendoza-Barron J, Guerrero-Coronado RM, Aragon-Pina A, Labrada-Delgado GJ
691 - 696 Investigation of Ta2O5 and TaSixOy thin films obtained by radio frequency plasma assisted laser ablation for gate dielectric applications
Filipescu M, Ion V, Somacescu S, Mitu B, Dinescu M
697 - 704 Electrochemical and structural properties of electroless Ni-P-SiC nanocomposite coatings
Farzaneh A, Mohammadi M, Ehteshamzadeh M, Mohammadi F
705 - 710 Highly sensitive and selective OFF-ON fluorescent sensor based on functionalized Fe3O4@SiO2 nanoparticles for detection of Zn2+ in acetonitrile media
Xu YH, Zhou Y, Ma WH, Wang SX, Li SY
711 - 716 Morphological evolution of TiO2 nanotube arrays with lotus-root-shaped nanostructure
Yu DL, Song Y, Zhu XF, Yang RQ, Han AJ
717 - 722 Bacterial flagella as biotemplate for the synthesis of silver nanoparticle impregnated bionanomaterial
Gopinathan P, Ashok AM, Selvakumar R
723 - 730 Evolution of silica coating layer on titanium surface and the effect on the bond strength between titanium and porcelain
Wang AL, Ge CQ, Yin HB, Gao Y, Jiang T, Xia CL, Wu G, Wu ZN
731 - 743 Experimental investigation on material migration phenomena in micro-EDM of reaction-bonded silicon carbide
Liew PJ, Yan JW, Kuriyagawa T
744 - 749 Fabrication and microwave properties of hollow nickel spheres prepared by electroless plating and template corrosion method
Wang GQ, Wang LF, Gan YL, Lu W
750 - 755 Facile synthesis of robust amphiphobic nanofibrous membranes
Lin JY, Tian F, Ding B, Yu JY, Wang J, Raza A
756 - 760 Using SiOx nano-films to enhance GZO Thin films properties as front electrodes of a-Si solar cells
Chang KM, Ho PC, Yu SH, Hsu JM, Yang KH, Wu CJ, Chang CC
761 - 768 Surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles and its effect on the properties of fluoropolymer/TiO2 nanocomposite coatings
Li XW, Song RG, Jiang Y, Wang C, Jiang D
769 - 775 Cationic poly(epsilon-caprolactone) surface functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles and their application in drug delivery
Zhang Y, Wang ZJ, Zhou WM, Min GQ, Lang MD
776 - 781 Performance of columnar CsI(Tl) scintillation films prepared on special pre-deposited layers
Yao DL, Gu M, Liu XL, Huang SM, Liu B, Ni C
782 - 786 Realization of wide size range 1D ZnO micro/nano rods for versatile micro/nano devices by controlled seed layer thickness
Sun JC, Bian JM, Chen LS, Wang YX, Gong Y, Li Y, Liu KC, Chang C, Li M, Du GT
787 - 795 Synthesis and catalytic properties of highly ordered mesostructured silica-pillared alpha-zirconium phosphate: Self-assembly via interlayered templating method
Mao HH, Lu XH, Li MS, Yang JH, Li BS
796 - 801 Effects of modifiers on the hydrophobicity of SiO2 films from nano-husk ash
Xu KJ, Sun QW, Guo YQ, Dong SH
802 - 809 Structural features of ZnxOy/nanosilica composites
Gun'ko VM, Bogatyrov VM, Oranska OI, Borysenko I, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Ksiazek A, Leboda R
810 - 816 Anticorrosion efficiency of ultrasonically deposited silica coatings on titanium
Ertas FS, Kas R, Miko A, Birer O
817 - 822 Development of alloy-film coated dispenser cathode for terahertz vacuum electron devices application
Barik RK, Bera A, Raju RS, Tanwar AK, Baek IK, Min SH, Kwon OJ, Sattorov MA, Lee KW, Park GS
823 - 831 Enhanced visible-light-responsive photocatalytic property of PbS-sensitized K4Nb6O17 nanocomposite photocatalysts
Cui WQ, Shao MY, Liu L, Liang YH, Rana D
832 - 837 Hexagonally-arranged-nanoporous and continuous NiO films with varying electrical conductivity
Gutierrez A, Dominguez-Canizares G, Jimenez JA, Preda I, Diaz-Fernandez D, Jimenez-Villacorta F, Castro GR, Chaboy J, Soriano L
838 - 842 Removal of nitrate ions from water by activated carbons (ACs)-Influence of surface chemistry of ACs and coexisting chloride and sulfate ions
Ota K, Amano Y, Aikawa M, Machida M