Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.275 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 1 Preface
Ali N, De Hosson JTM
2 - 6 1-Dimensional nanoparticles - A brief critical review on biological, medical, and toxicological aspects
Popescu BM, Ali N, Basturea G, Comsa GI, Materon LA, Chipara M
7 - 13 Humidity resistant hydrogenated carbon nitride films
Mikmekova E, Polcak J, Sobota J, Mullerova I, Perina V, Caha O
14 - 18 Dependence of the specific features of two PAPVD methods: Impulse Plasma Deposition (IPD) and Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering (PMS) on the structure of Fe-Cu alloy layers
Nowakowska-Langier K, Chodun R, Nietubyc R, Minikayev R, Zdunek K
19 - 22 Analysis of amorphous-nanocrystalline silicon thin films by time-of-flight elastic recoil detection analysis and high-resolution electron microscopy
Gracin D, Siketic Z, Juraic K, Ceh M
23 - 27 Raman spectroscopy of polystyrene nanofibers-Multiwalled carbon nanotubes composites
Chipara DM, Macossay J, Ybarra AVR, Chipara AC, Eubanks TM, Chipara M
28 - 35 Sensing performance of palladium-functionalized WO3 nanowires by a drop-casting method
Chavez F, Perez-Sanchez GF, Goiz O, Zaca-Moran P, Pena-Sierra R, Morales-Acevedo A, Felipe C, Soledad-Priego M
36 - 42 Visible-light self-cleaning cotton by metalloporphyrin-sensitized photocatalysis
Afzal S, Daoud WA, Langford SJ
43 - 48 Carbon coatings on polymers and their biocompatibility
Hubacek T, Siegel J, Khalili R, Slepickova-Kasalkova N, Svorcik V
49 - 53 Detection of FRET signals with a wavelength sensitive device based on a-SiC:H
Louro P, Vieira M, Costa J, Silva V, Patriarca J, Karmali A
54 - 59 Thermoluminescence in gamma irradiated iPP-VGVGCNF
Cherestes M, Constantinescu LM, Chipara DM, Cherestes C, Chipara M
60 - 64 Position dependant critical thickness in finite epitaxial systems
Kumar A, Subramaniam A
65 - 70 Electromagnetic simulation studies of microwave assisted heating for the processing of nanostructured iron oxide for solar driven water splitting
Saremi-Yarahmadi S, Whittow W, Vaidhyanathan B
71 - 74 Size selected synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles in chitosan matrix
Morales MA, Rodrigues ECD, de Amorim ASCM, Soares JM, Galembeck F
75 - 83 A novel fabrication of MEH-PPV/Al:ZnO nanorod arrays based ordered bulk heterojunction hybrid solar cells
Malek MF, Sahdan MZ, Mamat MH, Musa MZ, Khusaimi Z, Husairi SS, Sin NDM, Rusop M
84 - 87 Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles by high energy ball milling
de Carvalho JF, de Medeiros SN, Morales MA, Dantas AL, Carrico AS
88 - 93 Plasma-polymerized acetylene nanofilms modified by nitrogen ion implantation
Santos DCR, Mota RP, Honda RY, Cruz NC, Rangel EC
94 - 101 Surface plasmon resonance as an innovative method for filling defects monitoring in nanoimprint lithography
Hsu WH, Hong HC, Shy JT
102 - 109 Nanoscale multilayered and porous carbide interphases prepared by pressure-pulsed reactive chemical vapor deposition for ceramic matrix composites
Jacques S, Jouanny I, Ledain O, Maille L, Weisbecker P
110 - 120 Influence of the clay content and the polysulfone molar mass on nanocomposite membrane properties
Anadao P, Montes RR, Larocca NM, Pessan LA
121 - 126 Exploring the benefits of depositing hard TiN thin films by non-reactive magnetron sputtering
Martinez-Martinez D, Lopez-Cartes C, Fernandez A, Sanchez-Lopez JC
127 - 135 Solar absorptance of copper-cobalt oxide thin film coatings with nano-size, grain-like morphology: Optimization and synchrotron radiation XPS studies
Amri A, Duan XF, Yin CY, Jiang ZT, Rahman MM, Pryor T
136 - 141 Nano-ranged low-energy ion-beam-induced DNA transfer in biological cells
Yu LD, Wongkham W, Prakrajang K, Sangwijit K, Inthanon K, Thongkumkoon P, Wanichapichart P, Anuntalabhochai S
142 - 147 Structural and tribological properties of supersonic sprayed Fe-Cu-Al-Al2O3 nanostructured cermets
Georgiou EP, Achanta S, Dosta S, Fernandez J, Matteazzi P, Kusinski J, Piticescu RR, Celis JP
148 - 155 Effect of mechanical activation on jell boronizing treatment of the AISI 4140
Yilmaz SO, Karatas S
156 - 159 Implantation of xenon in amorphous carbon and silicon for brachytherapy application
Marques FC, Barbieri PF, Viana GA, da Silva DS
160 - 167 Sol-gel preparation and electrochemical characterization of SnO2/MWCNTs anode materials for Li-ion batteries
Kose H, Aydin AO, Akbulut H
168 - 177 Noncovalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with porphyrins
Bassiouk M, Basiuk VA, Basiuk EV, Alvarez-Zauco E, Martinez-Herrera M, Rojas-Aguilar A, Puente-Lee I
178 - 184 Extremely environment-hard and low work function transfer-mold field emitter arrays
Nakamoto M, Moon J
185 - 192 Integrated photonic filters based on SiC multilayer structures
Vieira MA, Vieira M, Louro P, Silva V, Fantoni A
193 - 200 Self-assembled Ge islands and nanocrystals by RF magnetron sputtering and rapid thermal processing: The role of annealing temperature
Abd Rahim AF, Hashim MR, Ali NK, Rusop M, Ooi MDJ, Yusoff MZM
201 - 207 Application of fluorinated compounds to cotton fabrics via sol-gel
Ferrero F, Periolatto M
208 - 216 Investigation on relationship between mechanical properties and microstructural characteristics of metal matrix composites fabricated by cold spraying technique
Bashirzadeh M, Azarmi F, Leither CP, Karami G
217 - 221 Synthesis and electroconductivity of epoxy/aligned CNTs composites
Chechenin NG, Chernykh PN, Vorobyeva EA, Timofeev OS
222 - 226 Effect of the compact Ti layer on the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells assembled using stainless steel sheets
Meng LJ, Wu MX, Wang YM, Guo W, Ma CY, Ma TL, Silva R
227 - 232 Structural and electrical properties of sputtering power and gas pressure on Ti-dope In2O3 transparent conductive films by RF magnetron sputtering
Chaoumead A, Joo BH, Kwak DJ, Sung YM
233 - 238 Nanolabel for TNF-alpha determination
Say R, Diltemiz SE, Celik S, Ersoz A
239 - 243 Influence of hydrophobic substance on enhancing washing durability of water soluble flame-retardant coating
Jindasuwan S, Sukmanee N, Supanpong C, Suwan M, Nimittrakoolchai OU, Supothina S
244 - 251 Electrochemical properties of free-standing Sn/SnO2/multi-walled carbon nano tube anode papers for Li-ion batteries
Alaf M, Gultekin D, Akbulut H
252 - 257 Photoelectrode thin film of dye-sensitized solar cell fabricated by anodizing method and spin coating and electrochemical impedance properties of DSSC
Chang H, Chen CH, Kao MJ, Chien SH, Chou CY
258 - 263 Morphological analysis and cell viability on diamond-like carbon films containing nanocrystalline diamond particles
Almeida CN, Ramos BC, Da-Silva NS, Pacheco-Soares C, Trava-Airoldi VJ, Lobo AO, Marciano FR
264 - 268 Optimizing the plasmonic sensing of RNA folding based on local refractive index change of gold nanorod
Zhu J, Li JJ, Zhao JW
269 - 272 Photodetectors with an HIT structure on p-type crystalline Si wafers
Lin CH, Tsai TH, Wang CM, Yeh WT
273 - 277 Modification of optical and electrical properties of chemical bath deposited SnS using O-2 plasma treatments
Gomez A, Martinez H, Calixto-Rodriguez M, Avellaneda D, Reyes PG, Flores O
278 - 281 Electrical conductivity and optical properties of thin carbon films grown by pyrolysis of ethanol-water mixture vapor
Sedlovets DM, Redkin AN, Korepanov VI
282 - 288 Enhancement of electrochemical hydrogen storage in NiCl2-FeCl3-PdCl2-graphite intercalation compound effected by chemical exfoliation
Skowronski JM, Rozmanowski T, Krawczyk P
289 - 294 Achieving enhanced DSSC performance by microwave plasma incorporation of carbon into TiO2 photoelectrodes
Dang BHQ, MacElroy D, Dowling DP
295 - 302 An experimental study of dynamic behaviour of graphite-polycarbonatediol polyurethane composites for protective coatings
Gomez CM, Culebras M, Cantarero A, Redondo-Foj B, Ortiz-Serna P, Carsi M, Sanchis MJ
303 - 310 Gradient titanium and silver based carbon coatings deposited on AISI316L
Batory D, Czerniak-Reczulska M, Kolodziejczyk L, Szymanski W
311 - 315 The characterization of PEEK, PET and PI implanted with Co ions to high fluences
Mackova A, Malinsky P, Miksova R, Khaibullin RI, Valeev VF, Svorcik V, Slepicka P, Slouf M
316 - 323 Fabrication of nano-structured TiO2 coatings using a microblast deposition technique
McDonnell KA, English NJ, Stallard CP, Rahman M, Dowling DP
324 - 334 Solvent-free covalent functionalization of nanodiamond with amines
Basiuk EV, Santamaria-Bonfil A, Meza-Laguna V, Gromovoy TY, Alvares-Zauco E, Contreras-Torres FF, Rizo J, Zavala G, Basiuk VA
335 - 341 Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic performance of Ce2S3 for nitrobenzene reduction
Chen SF, Zhang HY, Fu XL, Hu YF
342 - 346 Hybridization of conductive few-layer graphene with well-dispersed Pd nanocrystals
Qian W, Cottingham S, Jiao J
347 - 360 Chemical functionalization of surfaces for building three-dimensional engineered biosensors
Marques ME, Mansur AAP, Mansur HS
361 - 368 Graphene oxide-P25 photocatalysts for degradation of diphenhydramine pharmaceutical and methyl orange dye
Morales-Torres S, Pastrana-Martinez LM, Figueiredo JL, Faria JL, Silva AMT
369 - 373 Photocatalytic reactions of nanocomposite of ZnS nanoparticles and montmorillonite
Praus P, Reli M, Koci K, Obalova L
374 - 383 Adsorption of meso-tetraphenylporphines on thin films of C-60 fullerene
Bassiouk M, Alvarez-Zauco E, Basiuk VA
384 - 388 About the influence of temperature in single-walled carbon nanotubes: Details from a new Drude-Lorentz-like model
Di Sia P
389 - 396 A novel TiO2-SiO2 nanocomposite converts a very friable stone into a self-cleaning building material
Pinho L, Elhaddad F, Facio DS, Mosquera MJ
397 - 402 Self-cleaning and superhydrophilic wool by TiO2/SiO2 nanocomposite
Pakdel E, Daoud WA, Wang XG
403 - 408 Microstructure of X210Cr12 steel after the forming in semi-solid state visualized by very low energy SEM in ultra high vacuum
Mikmekova S, Masek B, Jirkova H, Aisman D, Mullerova I, Frank L
409 - 412 Structural analysis of nano structured carbon by transmission electron microscopy and image processing
Oshida K, Murata M, Fujiwara K, Itaya T, Yanagisawa T, Kimura K, Nakazawa T, Kim YA, Endo M, Kim BH, Yang KS