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Applied Surface Science, Vol.274 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 6 Theoretical study on the reactivity of the surface of pure oxides: The Influence of the support and oxygen vacancies
Reimers WG, Baltanas MA, Branda MM
7 - 14 Synthesis and characterization of cesium molybdo vanado phosphate immobilized on platelet SBA-15: An efficient inorganic composite ion-exchanger for gadolinium ion sorption
Aghayan H, Khanchi AR, Mahjoub AR
15 - 21 Characterization of Nb SRF cavity materials by white light interferometry and replica techniques
Xu C, Reece C, Kelley M
22 - 26 Orientation dependence of subsurface deformation in dry sliding wear of Cu single crystals
Tarasov SY, Lychagin DV, Chumaevskii AV
27 - 32 Solid-liquid-solid process for forming free-standing gold nanowhisker superlattice by interfering femtosecond laser irradiation
Nakata Y, Miyanaga N, Momoo K, Hiromoto T
33 - 38 Chitosan polymer as support to IgG immobilization for piezoelectric applications
de Araujo RFF, Martinez CR, Luna KPD, Souza RMC, Bruneska D, Dutra RF, de Lima JL
39 - 44 Synthesis of ZnO/CdSe hierarchical heterostructure with improved visible photocatalytic efficiency
Wu Y, Xu F, Guo DF, Gao ZY, Wu DP, Jiang K
45 - 52 Effect of calcination temperature on the H2O2 decomposition activity of nano-crystalline Co3O4 prepared by combustion method
Makhlouf MT, Abu-Zied BM, Mansoure TH
53 - 59 Interaction of 157 nm excimer laser on pristine and radiation exposed CR39 polymer
Zakaria R, Scott RM
60 - 63 Enhancement of up-conversion emissions in ZnO: Er3+-Yb3+ after Gd2O3 surface modification
Han C, Du YB, Meng XQ, Wu FM, Fang YZ
64 - 70 Influence of growth ambient on the surface and structural properties of vanadium oxide nanorods
Tien LC, Chen YJ
71 - 78 Wettability and XPS analyses of nickel-phosphorus surfaces after plasma treatment: An efficient approach for surface qualification in mechatronic processes
Vivet L, Joudrier AL, Bouttemy M, Vigneron J, Tan KL, Morelle JM, Etcheberry A, Chalumeau L
79 - 84 Selectively grown vertical silicon nanowire p-n(+) photodiodes via aqueous electroless etching
Lee H, Hong J, Lee S, Kim SD, Kim YW, Lee T
85 - 88 Complementary resistive switching mechanism in Ti-based triple TiOx/TiN/TiOx and TiOx/TiOxNy/TiOx matrix
Lee AR, Bae YC, Im HS, Hong JP
89 - 94 Influence of thermal treatment on thermo-mechanical stability and surface composition of carbon fiber
Sha JJ, Dai JX, Li J, Wei ZQ, Hausherr JM, Krenkel W
95 - 100 Microstructure and physical properties of sol gel derived SnO2:Sb thin films for optoelectronic applications
Lekshmy SS, Daniel GP, Joy K
101 - 104 Antibacterial characteristics of electroless plating Ni-P-TiO2 coatings
Zhao Q, Liu C, Su XJ, Zhang S, Song W, Wang S, Ning GL, Ye JW, Lin Y, Gong WT
105 - 109 Processing condition influence on the characteristics of gold nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation in liquids
Nikov RG, Nikolov AS, Nedyalkov NN, Atanasov PA, Alexandrov MT, Karashanova DB
110 - 116 Bio-template-assisted synthesis of hierarchically hollow SiO2 microtubes and their enhanced formaldehyde adsorption performance
Le Y, Guo DP, Cheng B, Yu JG
117 - 123 Anatase TiO2 single crystals with dominant {001} facets: Facile fabrication from Ti powders and enhanced photocatalytical activity
Liu M, Li HM, Zeng YS, Huang TC
124 - 130 Reactive wetting in liquid magnesium/silica and magnesium/silicon systems
Shi LX, Shen P, Zhang D, Dong ET, Jiang QC
131 - 137 Simple synthesis of layered CeO2-graphene hybrid and their superior catalytic performance in dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene
Ling Q, Yang M, Rao RC, Yang HX, Zhang QY, Liu HD, Zhang AM
138 - 143 Enhanced activity of Pd nanoparticles supported on Vulcan XC72R carbon pretreated via a modified Hummers method for formic acid electrooxidation
Cao JY, Song LZ, Tang JL, Xu J, Wang WC, Chen ZD
144 - 150 Microstructural, mechanical and oxidation features of NiCoCrAlY coating produced by plasma activated EB-PVD
He J, Guo HB, Peng H, Gong SK
151 - 157 Surface modification of calcium hydroxyapatite by grafting of etidronic acid
Othmani M, Aissa A, Bac CG, Rachdi F, Debbabi M
158 - 163 Mechanochemical approach for synthesis of layered double hydroxides
Zhang XQ, Li SP
164 - 170 Molecular dynamic simulation of binary ZrxCu100-x metallic glass thin film growth
Xie L, Brault P, Thomann AL, Bedra L
171 - 175 Effect of hydrogen plasma treatment on nano-structured TiO2 films for the enhanced performance of dye-sensitized solar cell
Kim HJ, Kim J, Hong B
176 - 180 Modification of SrTiO3 surface by nitrogen ion bombardment for enhanced photocatalysis
Sun T, Lu M
181 - 187 Fabrication of bioactive titania coating on nitinol by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Siu HT, Man HC
188 - 194 Preparation of photoluminescent single crystalline MgO nanobelts by DC arc plasma jet CVD
Li MJ, Wang XF, Li HJ, Di HR, Wu XG, Fang CR, Yang BH
195 - 202 Characterization of atomic structure of oxide films on carbon steel in simulated concrete pore solutions using EELS
Gunay HB, Ghods P, Isgor OB, Carpenter GJC, Wu XH
203 - 209 Nanocrystalline biphasic resorbable calcium phosphate (HAp/beta-TCP) thin film prepared by electron beam evaporation technique
Elayaraja K, Chandra VS, Joshy MIA, Suganthi RV, Asokan K, Kalkura SN
210 - 216 Effect of fiber surface on flexural strength in carbon fabric reinforced epoxy composites
Brocks T, Cioffi MOH, Voorwald HJC
217 - 220 NO2 detection by nanosized AlN sheet in the presence of NH3: DFT studies
Rastegar SF, Peyghan AA, Ghenaatian HR, Hadipour NL
221 - 230 Fluorinated saccharides on the Si(001) surface
Szwajca A, Rapp M, Bilska M, Krzywiecki M, Koroniak H
231 - 236 Microstructure, mechanical and tribological behavior of MoNx/SiNx multilayer coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering
Zhang GJ, Fan TX, Wang T, Chen HL
237 - 240 Effect of the surface topographic modification on cytocompatibility of hardened calcium phosphate cement
Li JY, He FP, Ye JD
241 - 247 Polymer grafting surface as templates for the site-selective metallization
Yang F, Li PY, Li XC, Huo LN, Chen JH, Chen R, Na W, Tang WN, Liang LF, Su W
248 - 254 Effect of surface modification of fiber post using dopamine polymerization on interfacial adhesion with core resin
Li Y, Chen Q, Yi M, Zhou XG, Wang XZ, Cai Q, Yang XP
255 - 257 Light induced enhancement of minority carrier lifetime of chemically passivated crystalline silicon
Aouida S, Bachtouli N, Bessais B
258 - 265 High-temperature oxidation behavior of hot-dipped aluminide mild steel with various silicon contents
Cheng WJ, Wang CJ
266 - 272 Effect of aging treatment on the in vitro nickel release from porous oxide layers on NiTi
Huan Z, Fratila-Apachitei LE, Apachitei I, Duszczyk J
273 - 281 A facile one-step approach to synthesizing ZnO/graphene composites for enhanced degradation of methylene blue under visible light
Ahmad M, Ahmed E, Hong ZL, Xu JF, Khalid NR, Elhissi A, Ahmed W
282 - 287 Role of base pressure on the structural and nano-mechanical properties of metal/diamond-like carbon bilayers
Dwivedi N, Kumar S, Malik HK
288 - 294 Hydrophilic polysulfone film prepared from polyethylene glycol monomethylether via coupling graft
Du RK, Gao BJ, Li YB
295 - 305 Removal of hardness agents, calcium and magnesium, by natural and alkaline modified pumice stones in single and binary systems
Sepehr MN, Zarrabi M, Kazemian H, Amrane A, Yaghmaian K, Ghaffari HR
306 - 313 On the properties of aluminium doped zinc oxide thin films deposited on plastic substrates from ceramic targets
Girtan M, Vlad A, Mallet R, Bodea MA, Pedarnig JD, Stanculescu A, Mardare D, Leontie L, Antohe S
314 - 320 Thermal decomposition behaviors and kinetic properties of 1,8-naphthalic anhydride loaded dense nano-silica hybrids
Wang JP, Sun JH, Wang F, Ren B
321 - 327 Preparation and photocatalyic properties of TiO2-P25 film prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Dostanic J, Grbic B, Radic N, Stojadinovic S, Vasilic R, Vukovic Z
328 - 333 Preparation of Cu-loaded SrTiO3 nanoparticles and their photocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution from methanol aqueous solution
Bui DN, Mu J, Wang L, Kang SZ, Li XQ
334 - 340 Microstructure and wear properties of WC particle reinforced composite coating on Ti6Al4V alloy produced by the plasma transferred arc method
Celik ON
341 - 344 Structure and optical properties of ternary alloy BeZnO and quaternary alloy BeMgZnO films growth by molecular beam epitaxy
Su LX, Zhu Y, Zhang QL, Chen MM, Wu TZ, Gui XC, Pan BC, Xiang R, Tang ZK
345 - 355 The passive film characterization and anodic polarization behavior of 11% Cr ferritic/martensitic and 15% Cr oxide dispersion strengthened steels in different electrolytic solutions
Ningshen S, Sakairi M, Suzuki K, Ukai S
356 - 364 Surface nitriding on Ti-6Al-4V alloy via friction stir processing method under nitrogen atmosphere
Li B, Shen YF, Hu WY
365 - 370 Structural, optical and electrical properties of cerium and gadolinium doped CdO thin films
Pan LL, Li GY, Lian JS
371 - 377 Temperature-dependent growth and properties of W-doped ZnO thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Zhang C, Chen XL, Geng XH, Tian CS, Huang Q, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
378 - 391 Interaction of micro-discharges in heptane with metallic multi-layers
Hamdan A, Audinot JN, Noel C, Kosior F, Henrion G, Belmonte T
392 - 396 Nanometer scale chemistry and microstructure of CrN/AlN multilayer films
Lin JL, Henderson HB, Manuel MV, Sproul WD
397 - 400 Preparation of the photosensitive copper complex and CuO film pattern
Zhang HL, Zhao GY, Xu LZ
401 - 404 Status report of the Thomson spectrometer for LILIA experiment
Maggiore M, Cirrone GAP, Romano F, Caruso A, Caruso G, Longhitano A, Messina G, Passarello S, Rizzo D, Salomone S, Zappala E
405 - 417 Characterization of critically cleaned sapphire single-crystal substrates by atomic force microscopy, XPS and contact angle measurements
Zhang D, Wang Y, Gan Y
418 - 424 Determination of functionalized gold nanoparticles incorporated in hydrophilic and hydrophobic microenvironments by surface modification of quartz crystal microbalance
Wu TH, Liao SC, Chen YF, Huang YY, Wei YS, Tu SJ, Chen KS
425 - 425 Study on the electron structure and optical properties of Ga0.5Al0.5As(1 0 0) beta(2)(2 x 4) reconstruction surface (vol 266, pg 380, 2013)
Yu XH, Chang BK
426 - 426 Effect of strontium ions on the early formation of biomimetic apatite on single crystalline rutile (vol 266, pg 199, 2013)
Lindahl C, Engqvist H, Xia W